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"Well, at least it's good for learning."

This Chess game like it's brother, Checkers for Android is as well a program that you play against. This is a written on Android by Aart Bik, but was originally a Checker/Chess program for the called Sage Drought...which is one of the best chess programs out there. However, Aart has added a "Random Mode" which will allow the computer to make completely irrational moves that just make you go "Um, thanks for the win?". Once under any pressure, or maybe just random as it states the AI will often give up pieces that are critical pieces in the current match. For example, the AI often refuses to capture your pieces (which is good for you), but removes the skill out of playing if they aren't gonna even try, or when they move a queen for example, right next to your pawn, allowing that pawn to take it.

But then there's the Program side. The Level options state there are several "Skill Levels" in which to play from...when in all honesty all the difference is, is a slower move time on the AI's part. You can go from Level 1-5 (fast-30 seconds) and each time you can "undo" the AI's move and change'll be the same move. However, unlike the Checker version created by Aart, Chess does offer the ability to view the history of your match, but only to a certain amount of moves (since it shows on the bottom of the screen, until it fills up and removes the oldest).

Unfortunately as simple as Chess is, the graphics are basic in the aspect that the chess pieces literally seem drawn on Paint, and transferred over. The game offers "Alternate Piece Set" which shows a more defined line on the pieces and therefore makes them skinner themselves...However it does cause a dramatic change to the Pawns.

The two types of boards you can choose to play on are; Wooden Board and the Basic board, which will show up if you only by disabling the wooden board that is the default board. Within the Wooden board you have tan squares and wooden grain brown squares and with the Basic board you only have white and blue squares.

Overall, this game is a decent game to play if you really need your chess fix, or you wanna learn how to play. The inability to play with other people (outside of "free play") really makes this game boring. Add that and the either incredibly dumb AI, or the incredibly smart AI and you've got a game that's set for very very little replay value. No one likes to crush someone dozens of times in a row, nor do they like to be crushed just as bad. However, given that this is chess this is a good game to download to learn and hone your skills on.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/24/10

Game Release: Chess (US, 01/13/10)

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