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"Ben, you're a genius."

Coloroid is by far one of the funnest Puzzle games available on the Android. With this Puzzle game the object is to completely fill the box with one color, while starting out with several smaller boxers of different colors. As you change your color accordingly to the boxes near you, your area grows and grows. You're supposed to complete the puzzles in a specific amount of moves which helps create a level of difficulty, rather than being able to just move pieces around forever. Granted you keep capturing more areas until you've completed the Puzzle, but you can go over par (so your game doesn't stop, if you don't get it in enough moves).

You first start off with a 4x4 Box which is a Par 7 (finish in 7 moves) and from 3-6 colors (change the amount of colors within the options on the main screen) and on the main screen itself you can change the size of the puzzle by two, all the way up to 35x35 which is a Par 66...and if you saw this puzzle you're eyes would nearly bug out!

On the topic of colors, the designer took into ....... that some colorblind users might like this game and therefore incorporated a Color Blind Mode that helps define the colors, but makes them dull. However, the default colors themselves are pretty bright and eye catching. Unfortunately this game does not offer any sort of sound which could have been a simple addition of a congratulatory horn once you finish a puzzle.

This game offers a great amount of replay value in many aspects. Not only does it offer levels from 4x4 up to 35x35 (over a dozen) and the ability to choose several colors offer a variety of difficulties and games to play. This game also has implemented within it a "Reset Board" option that allows you to reset the board to a new puzzle, which is where the true replay value comes in. If you get stuck on a certain size of the board, or you constantly keep going over par - feel free to use the Reset Board option and you get a fresh new game that doesn't hurt your wins. Most Puzzle games don't offer the ability to keep track of your wins and losses but this game offers that too! ....As a tip, you can reset the board before you finish a puzzle over par to save yourself from receiving a loss on your record.

Overall, if you're a puzzle fan this game a is must try. After giving this a shot I know I won't be un-installing it even if I find others. The replay value that's offer is immense for the simplicity and the ability to quickly be able to pick up and play this game anytime (your current progress saves once you exit). Anyone who's looking for something to pass a quick five or ten minutes, give this a shot.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/24/10

Game Release: Coloroid (US, 01/20/10)

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