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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sour

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    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    II. Controls & Settings

    III. Cards & Possibilities

    IV. Pointers & Tips

    V. Credits


    FunTowers is basically a spin-off of the classic game, "Pyramids" where you're given three "towers" of cards (starting with one on the bottom, two in the next row, three in the following, and so on and so forth until you have three towers of 6 cards each, and a last row (face up) of ten cards in which you play off of at the initial start of the game.

    The object of FunTowers is to click on each individual card with a value of 1 higher or 1 lower than the card next to the stack (faced up) to clear all three towers. Click on the stack next to the individual face up card to draw a new card. Once you reach 0 cards in the stack, the game ends if you have not collected all the cards within the Towers. This game does provide a twist in which normal Pyramids does not have, this game is a timed game which is roughly, about 3 minutes long. - So keep an eye on the timer!

    II. Controls & Settings

    For controlling this game you're unable to use the trackball or directional pieces on your phone, you have to tap the screen on the given card to select it and put it into the pile.

    The settings for this game are extremely simple and basic. To bring up the settings menu, within the game hit "menu" and you will be promted with the options to start a new game, pause/unpause your current game, and to choose your settings.

    Card Design - This allows you to select the way the "face side" of the card is seen. By default, the "modern" option is selected which shows the card's initial suit (hearts,spades,diamonds, or clubs icon) and just the single digit or letter from what the card represents. Whereas the "Classic" option allows you to view the cards as a whole, so if you see a "7 of clubs" you will see 7 club icons. This gives a nice old touch to the game, but makes the numbers and icons small, so I recommend the Modern option.

    Shuffle Style - This is where you choose the method for shuffling your cards. You start off on the default "Knuth/Fusher-Yates" and you can select if you'd rather the option for "Random permutations". And to be honest, I have no idea what the difference between the two is. I've played through both and the game plays are the same.

    Enable Vibrator - This option will turn on or off the vibration when you choose an invalid card to select.

    Reset Highscore - With this option, you can delete all high scores on the list and start fresh. There is no way to undo a deletion, so be weary.

    III. Cards & Possibilities

    If there has been any confusion on what cards work with what, hopefully this list will allow you to see what cards can be used together, although most of it's common knowledge...and if not it is now!

    Keep in mind that the suit of each card, has no meaning or relevance in this game. The only thing that matters, is the value of the card.

    A - Can be used with a 2 and a K (King) - so high, and low.

    2 - Can be used with an A (Ace) or a 3

    3 - Can be used with a 2 or a 4

    4 - Can be used with a 3 or a 5

    5 - Can be used with a 4 or a 6

    6 - Can be used with a 5 or a 7

    7 - Can be used with a 6 or a 8

    8 - Can be used with a 7 or a 9

    9 - Can be used with a 8 or a 10

    10 - Can be used with a 9 or a J (Jack)

    J - Can be used with a 10 or a Q (Queen)

    Q - Can be used with a J or a K (King)

    K - Can be used with a Q or a A

    IV. Pointers & Tips

    - If you have two or more cards that are the same on the Towers and you're unsure which one to choose from - Choose the card in which will bring up a new card. And what I mean by this, is select the card that once it's removed from the Tower it will bring the face of the card below it up to be visible. It's pointless to remove a card from the Tower if it will not help you progress (this is, if you choose a card that is in the middle or something, and the card below it is being blocked by another).

    - Keep an eye on the timer!! You don't realize it when you're thinking about where to go, but your time will run out in about 3 minutes, so be weary. If you have any problems or need more time to think, hit the "menu" button on your phone to bring up the in-game menu screen and select the Pause option - this will pause the timer on the game, but still allow you to view the cards so you have more time.

    - It's more important to uncover more cards than it is to completely remove a Tower. And what I mean by that is, if you have one card left in one tower and that card is a 3, and in your other tower you have 4 cards and one of them is a 3, remove the 3 that's on the tower with 4 cards. This will allow other cards to be uncovered before you run out of the cards to draw from. There's nothing worse than having 0 cards to draw from and a partial Tower left.

    V. Credits

    I hope you found this Guide helpful and informative so you can get some high score's going! A special thanks goes out to "Blatter" for developing this game, and SBAllen for hosting this FAQ.

    This guide belongs to Richard Hull (c) 2010 - If you have any questions, comments or would like something to be added to this Guide, please feel free to contact me at SourSkuLLz@Gmail.com

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