Review by Sour

Reviewed: 09/16/10

Fun Towers(Pyramids) is well, really fun!

Let me start of by explaining what Fun Towers is...Fun Towers is a recreation of the classic Yahoo Game, Pyramids where you are given three "Towers" of cards (set in rows of 1, then 2, then 3, then 4) - totally 10 cards within each tower(30 cards total). The object is to remove all the cards on the table before you lose all the cards in your deck (which are used to play off of, on your tables). In addition, throughout the game you're given a "time limit" of how long each one should take, which I've noticed is a limit of about 2-3 minutes that might go down further as the levels progress, but I haven't noticed a change. On that same note, each table you finish you advance to the next "level" which from what can be seen and experienced, is no different then the one before with the exception you mentally think it will be harder, so you make it seem harder(which in many many cases, it's not).

It's basically another solo-player game like solitaire, where you are required to use a little strategy and find a way to get rid of all the cards showing on the table. Once the game is starting, you have one card available to "make your move" on, so, For example, if you have a "3 of spades" as your first card you can play your card on either a 2, or a 4. You would do this until all 30 cards (within your towers) are gone, or the deck of cards you "pick up" from is gone - in which case, you've lost the game.

Anyways, the game itself is a great game to download onto your phone. It's completely free (thankfully, since it's so basic it'd be a pain to pay for something like this) which makes this game one of the better card games available to play. Unfortunately, there's no sound, nor animations made when you play (ie, finish a round and you hear some cool chime) - but more or less it's to help kill time.

However, once you're playing the game you have the option to choose the "style" of your cards (choices being "Modern" and "Classic"). Classic style offers the face card pictures, and has the exact amount of icons on the card that's needed (for example, a 9 has 9 things on it). - Where as with the Modern style, face cards only show their respective initial and their suit. So now, a King will just show as "K" with a heart (if it's hearts) - and number cards will just show the Number, and the suit. It's basically a minimalistic version of the classic style, and out of the two I prefer Modern because when selecting Classic, the text and numbers on the card gets extremely small since you have to fit so much more detail on it.

All in all, this game is a great game for any amount of time you'd want to kill. I'm not a huge card game fan, but I won't be removing this game from my phone any time soon. I highly suggest downloading this game and if you need to, use the Help files given within the options. Don't waste your time anymore playing games that make you cringe~

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Fun Towers (US, 01/19/10)

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