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"That got intense real quick!"

The object of Light Racer is to race against either one or two computer racers (or someone through multiplayer) and attempt to reach the highest possible speed level. Speed Levels are simply different levels with higher speeds, but with the AI getting increasingly difficult and the speeds growing with the board staying the same size, hard times are a head...believe me.

There's several different game modes available for this game, which is great. Most games now days only offer one or two modes and that's it. With Light Racer you're given a multiplayer option (link via local connection) or several Solo options including; Easy, Medium and Hard Campaigns, 1v1 CPU, 1v2 CPU, and Speed Trials.

The Classic 1v1 CPU and 1v2 CPU you're given the ability to play up to 60 different speeds (starting at one, up to sixty) with an infinite amount of lives, so you can just keep going until you either reach 60, or kill your battery. Speed Trials gives you three lives to use (with no option or ability to gain more) and you race one single racer to see if you're able to make it to the highest speed possible. Unfortunately the difficulty in which this game turns to after so many speeds, it's nearly impossible to achieve anything higher than 30.

Within each game mode you're given small items you can pick up that will enhance or hurt you while you play. Some items include; speeding up, erasing your line, and invincibility (temporary). As well as hazards that are in your way while you play. Some hazards include a laser cannon that sits in the middle of screen and shoots randomly with a single shot destroying you, as well as energy conductors where once turned on they will electrify and kill anything within it's limits and range.

The addition of Achievements (in game goals and tasks to complete) there's more reasons to play this game than to just complete it. Some of the Achievements range from completing a certain amount of Levels through a given game mode, or being completely decimated by your opponent. It's also extremely nice that this game does offer a Leader Board option! Oh my god right!? And it works! The Leader Board shows the statistics for your local server for the Solo Campaign plays as well as your Speed Trials. So if you get tired of just playing for fun, take a turn for the competitive side and try to gain a spot in Light Racer fame!

One of the best things about this game in my eyes is the sounds involved. Why? Simply because the creators took the time to actually incorporate them correctly and everywhere! The entire game is full of sounds! From the beginning of the match where the announcer says "Begin" (just like in Mortal Kombat) to the end where if you die, he states "Game Over" which sounds extremely creepy. The background music itself is in a techno-ish setting which is pretty up-beat and makes you get amped up as you play, especially given the fact that you can hear your racers flying through as you direct them, and even when hitting your items you can hear the boost (if you get the speed boost).

The visual effects on this game are pretty good. The game itself is played on a black grid-like field that depending on the level will have hazards (as mentioned above). When you play, you play as the Blue racer against the Yellow racer and if you play against two CPU's there will be an additional Red racer. It's hard to divulge in the details of the graphics because their pretty basic but for the concept of the game their well done.

All in all, I highly recommend this game if you're any type of racing or bike. With the ability to go for achievements, several difficulties, multiple game modes and the option for multiplayer this game is wreaking of replay value.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/07/10

Game Release: Light Racer (US, 01/18/10)

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