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"Jump into an update for crying out loud!"

This was one of the first games I ever played on an Android phone, and it's one of the last games I'll get rid of. Probably the easiest game to pick up, play, and catch onto has got to be PapiJump, or at least the idea of what PapiJump offers (ie, updated knock-offers like Abduction! World Attack!) which is the idea of motion game play on your phone.

The whole point of PapiJump is to simply jump from one bring to another (automatically jumps, all you have to do is move it to the side; left or right) and the higher you get, the more points you get. It also seems as if the more bricks you pass as you jump, the faster your points accumulate.

As simple as this game sounds, it's really that simple. The main character "Papi" has no destination, nor goal except to bounce (or jump) until turned off. And because of that, this game has little replay value. Granted, the option to send your High Scores in publicly (for all Papi users) is given, which will automatically update your score to this weeks highest 100 Users as well as Today's Last 100 Plays.

Unfortunately....You're most likely not going to make the This Weeks Highest 100 Users (usually average around 70,000 points for the #100 spot) but you'll see your name in the other Top 100 bracket. Although it does show your high score, if you submit it until you submit another, you're unable to keep track of your previous high scores so unless you keep a mental note.

Overall, the graphics and visuals in this game is dismal, but great at the same time. Their so basic you can't help but get sick of them but with the idea that because of how simple this game is, you still love it. You're given a Pink Papi as a jumper, with green bricks to land on, with your average blue background with Papi's face plastered all over it..It's PapiMania!

But in all seriousness this game could have added the feature or ability to change your background or bricks to a retro color (or any other color) once you hit a certain amount of points - which would not only increase this game's visibility and graphics rating but the fact you now have something to aim for: new colors. So maybe in time we can see this update to this once loved, and unfortunately out-dated game.

If you've got less than five minutes to kill than this is the game for you. If you want a time waster with some replay, look elsewhere. PapiJump is more-so for those who need something to do while you're in line, but not on a break....there's more out there with a better story to follow.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/03/10

Game Release: PapiJump (US, 01/13/10)

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