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    Solution by Anonymous

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    Subject:      solution borrowed time
    open drawer,get check,e,e,e,go behind chair,n,lock door,up,break window,
    get glass,enter window,climb cable,cut cable,enter window,show gun,show gun,
    w,w,s,s,w,w,n,yes,look desk,get bandages,w,look trash,get bone,drop glass,
    n,w,n,break door,untie mavis,get all,look book,get bookmark,drop book,
    s,s,e,e,e,n,w,n,open door,look table,get candle,get matches,light match,
    light candle,burn rope,w,move stove,bandage hands,get all,drop matches,look
    can,get receipt,drop check,e,s,s,w,w,w,n,show gun,drop bone,show gloves and
    cans and receipt and tube and bookmark to the police,get bone,s,w,w,n,say
    hello,s,e,n,say hiyo,n,untie rita,talk to wainwright,wait,wait,e,e,e,e,e,s,
    s,e,e,open box 999,drop key,get poem,read<poem,w,w,s,s,s,enter 6316,get shovel,
    n,dig hole,n,w,w,w,hide in trash,give bone,drop shovel,e,e,e,n,n,n,n,say
    tinplayer,lock door,look fireplace,get paper,e,get candlestick,hide behind door,
    hit rocco with candlestick,e,e,s,s,s,get suitcase,n,e,open suitcase,drop
    candlestick,get folder,arrest farnham,n,show folder ans suitcase and paper
    and report

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