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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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            Since this documentation is a "how to win" guide for windwalker, so if
    you want to enjoy this game to the fullest extent, you should really stop 
    reading this. However all you want is the fighting actions and to see the end
    fast, or just getting stuck, this will definitely help.
    The first thing you should do in windwalker is training, get yourself familiar
    with the various moves [especially the ranges and recover time (ie. time to 
    recover from the attack movement) of all the attack forms that you have] and
    the enemies of course.
    This is a pseudo map of the realm: (realtive position only)
            assasin house                   thief hide          isle of Death
                    Medicine Man
                                            Imperial Palace
                            2nd shrine      
                            2nd village
                                    1st shrine              explorer's
                            1st village
                    Medicine man 
    Section 1: ( getting started )
    After "vigorous" training, you can venture forth into the "Real World", the
    first thing you should do is to find some thiefs or assasin and kill them for 
    money and food.  Use the money to buy incense, food ( if necessary ).  Then
    go to the shrine to the north of the village(1st village) and talk to the 
    monk about incense, he will blessed your incense. Then read the scroll in the
    holy shrine.  This scroll will tell you how to use the incense.  
    Note :
    1. When you burn the incense, you will be prompted for the "prayer" to chant
    these prayers are recorded in the scroll in the shrine.
    They are :
            Heal my Body, Restore my Honor, Empower my spirit, Exorcise(fireball)
    their function are self explanatory, and they required blessed incense.
    2. If you are having trouble beating up the thief and assasin, here is an easy
    way to "go about it".  First, when you see an enemy and then save the game,
    after you engage him, and the combat isn't going your way, press <q> and run 
    away. This will get you back to the "overhead" screen. Choose recall game and 
    do the fight again until you win.
    3. You will see a blind man in front of the store, give him the money he asked
    you and ask him about his shoe, buy this shoe, it will come in use later.
    Section 2: (after you feel ready to leave the 1st village, ie. you can take on
                tougher foes.)
    Get a boat near the shore and sail east of the holy shrine(1st shrine) until
    you find the island with a house on it, this is the explorer's house. Go
    inside and get the map in the cabinet, this is the best map available in the
    game.(you will also find a scroll that is a clue to solve the game but it's 
    not important because you have me). After that go to the monastary(mark as
    a walled circular building in the explorer map).  Speak to the older monk 
    inside, he will ask you if you want to join their brotherhood.  You will
    of course join them ( because they will give you the Staff and Robe ).
    1. In order to join the monks, you 'll have to follow the way of life for one
       day and observer the vow of silence.  This mean following the older monk 
       the whole day.  After that you are tested in combat against yourself, if 
       you win, you will get the staff and robe
    2. There are scrolls on the second story of the monastary, the one about 
       Nubia is essential in winning the game.  But read them all anyway.
    3. If you happen to see another boat in the sea hail it. If it is the fisher-
       man, ask him about buying supplies and buy 4 striped turtle shells.
       (the shell is about 10 bucks each)
    4. If you happen to pass an island where the Heron bird is resting (standing)
       on, disembark and run into the Heron, this will gives you some heron feath-
    Section 3: ( getting magical talisman )
            There are four magical talisman in this game, each one requires a 
    special item and a striped turtle shell  for the Shaman ( living in a cave
    on the Northwest corner of the Isle of Dead. [approach the island from 
    the northwest corner] ) to make.  Here are the list and where to find them
    Talisman        Items required                  Comments 
                    (beside the shell)
    Invisibility    Blind man's shoe        buy it from the blind man.
                                            Mantra is : unseen presence
    ŠWaterWalk       water beetle manibles  While invisible attack a Water beetle
                                            The beetles can be found in water in 
                                            the Isle of Dead or a cavern Northeast
                                            of the Imperial Palace.
                                            Mantra is : the solid path
    Invulenbility   Sea dragon's scale      While invisible and water walking, at-
                                            tack a sea dragon. The dragons can be 
                                            found in the water of the Isle of Dead
                                            Mantra is : the armored one
    Levitation      Heron's feather         Heron's feather
                                            Mantra is : on the wing
    After obtaining the require item and a striped turtle,  go to the shaman and
    ask him about "things" and then the name of the talisman.
    Note. while on the Isle of Dead, and it happens to be full moon, go to the 
          cavern which is just southwest of the Shaman's cave where the tree of
          Immortality grows, there the normal Panda guarding the tree will reveal
          his true form as the God of Luck, he will give you the peach seed that
          is required to win the game.
          After you get the Invulenbility talisman, you have pretty much finished
          the game, because when you use it, you won't take damage from any 
          combat and the talisman only drain your spirit at a slow rate and the
          money from the defeated foes can be use to purchase incense by the
          truck load and replenish your loss spirit.  You can literally start a
          massacre of the Warlord's allies.
    Section 4: (knocking off your arch-enemies , the warlord and the alchemist)
    Once you have the invulenbility talisman, walk into the palace with your monk
    robe on. Go to the building in the back. March up (kill any foolish guards who
    happened to be in your way (or maybe you just hate his face)) the stairs and
    meet the warlord.  With the talisman, this should be no problem.
    On any night of a new moon ( preferably the 1st night), go inside the palace
    (this can be done before obtaining the talisman but you should had the monk
    robe on to pass through the guards at the front door, unless you go inside the
    palace from the secret entrance from the cave where the water beetles are), go
    to the building in the lower right corner. Copy the scroll on the table and
    go upstairs to the astral gate ( you 'll see the alchemist waiting outside the
    gate doing absolutely nothing.) wait until it is midnight ( you can actually
    sleep there), when the alchemist go in the astral gate, cast an "exorcise"
    (fireball) at the gate. (this will sealed up the gate and trap the alchemist
    within.   After that you will have to go back to the two shrines and save it
    from the spirit the Alchemist brought from the Astral Plane. All you have to
    do is cast an "exorcise"(fireball) at the pocessed priest(monk) in the shrine
    Note. Be careful while casting the exorcise, it takes a lot of spirit. You
          need a full spirit to cast it.
    Section 5: ( to save the emperor )
    Assuming you have kicked the Warlord and the Alchemist, you 'll have to save
    the Empreror who is now imprisoned and drugged.  You 'll have to make an 
    antidote to free the emperor from the "Fu Ma Ren" drug. You 'll have to 
    get a copy of the Alchemist scroll to the medicine man in the SW corner of 
    the realm and he will informed you that he has no knowledge of making the
    antidote and refer you to the 2nd medicine man hiding in the cave just NE of
    the Imperial Palace and give you a letter of introduction.  Go to this 2nd 
    medicine man and he 'll give you a key (which open the cabinet in his house)
    and ask you to fetch a copy of the scroll found in the cabinet.  This scroll
    will tell you the 5 ingredients needed for the antidote. They are:
    Rhino horn - in the Warlord's cabinet in his room ( get the keys from the
    Jasimine flower - From the Nubian Princess living in the bottom left corner
                                                    of the Warlord's house ( back building in the Palace )
                                                    The Princess doesn't speak English, so when you are talk-
                                                    ing to her, first say "Salah"(hello), then "dohnteh"(tea)
                                                    and then "pluumfir"(flower the Jasmine flower)
    Seed from the tree of Immortality - from The Isle of Death ( see above
    Gold - given by the explorer when you go to rescue him in the Thief's hideout
    Jade - found underneath the throne in the throne room ( central building in
                     palace )
    Once you have all five of these ingredients, go back to the cave with a copy 
    of the scroll from the 2nd medicine man's cabinet.  The second medicine man
    will then leave the cave and go back to his house to make the antidote, 
    follow him to his place and wait until he is finished to the Antidote.
    Once you have the antidote, go to the jail ( SW corner of Palace, and use
    invisibility to avoid the Jailer ).  Go to the 3rd cell ( counting from
    left to right ) and open the door with the key the Warlord had dropped 
    when he fled. There you will see the emperor and once you give him the 
    antidote and he 'll recover and Moebiuse will elevate you to the level
    of "Windwalker" and End game
    PS : 
            There is a lot of interesting feature in Windwalker, for example
    if you talk to the Nubian Princess while she is bathing, your honor will 
    got deducted, and you can actually go through the Astral gate into the 
    Astral Plane, etc... Try them out, it's fun
            If anyone of you manage to explore the entire Astral Plane, tell
    me about it.
            I have included my own savegame in this solution for those who just want to
    see the ending, all you have to do is load it and talk to the emperor and give 
    hime the antidote.  The filename is end.zip ( character name is Crusader )
    PPS :
            Here are the titles of different levels in the doc. check in level 
    mongoose, badger, boar, wolf, lion, bear
    barracude, manta, octopus, shark, dolphin, whale
    raven, owl, heron, falcon, condor, phoenix
    viper, cobra, crocodile, python, hydra, dragon

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