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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Kelly R Flewin

    Version: 3.55 | Updated: 02/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wizardry 1 - Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overlord
    Version 3.55
    Walkthrough by Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
    E-Mail: K_Flewin@Yahoo.Ca
    This Guide is for private use only, and may not be reproduced or
    altered in anyway. This may not be sold or used in anyway
    to earn a profit, such as putting it on a CD and selling it
    that way, or ANY Such manner not listed here. I am not associated
    nor affiliated with the creators of this game and system. This 
    Guide was written by me, K. Flewin. I am not associated nor 
    affiliated with any copyrights not mentioned in this Guide.
    This guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly R. Flewin, 1999-2005
                  Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 1999-2005
    Revision History
    3.55 - Corrected a typo, fixed a little fact and changed the email.
    3.50 - Wow! Just fresh for the new Millenium, here's this years newest
           Update :) Thanks to John Anderson [JAnderson@kz.net] for his cool
           experience tables and Smithy [smithy@programmer.net] for his
           helpful hints. Happy New Year's People :) Oh yeah... a few
           new links added... and a tiny spelling error fixed.
    3.00 - Added a disclaimer and new instructions on distribution! Please
           make note of both. Also added some websites where it is to be
           found. :) Thanks to those who emailed me with links and such.
         - Also added a small FAQ section due to the overwhelming amount
           of questions I have recieved.
    2.05 - This is only merely just a website update. From my quick look
           on the net, I found my solve to be on a website... now although
           it would've been nice to have been notified... I found it easy
           enough and I wish to let you fans know. I will be asking for
           them to host my game maps as well. For futher information, see
           the ending... and to those whom have been asking for me to mail
           my maps, I'm getting right on it, sorry for the delay.
    2.00 - Scanned Maps are now available! I've mapped the game as best I could
           and detailed them as accurately as I could. B&W though...
         - Several silly spelling errors I overlooked by mistake... 
         - There's now an item list for the game that is virtually complete.
           The maps should be available where you got this walkthru.
    1.55 - Starting to make maps and find someone to scan them for me.
         - Corrected two minor errors concerning how to get to Werdna. (I've
           played this game so much, it completely escaped me that there WAS
           an error in direction until I followed the guide to the direction
           and noticed I was off a bit. Sorry!)
         - Expanded, more detail to the directions and surroundings.
    1.00 - First edition, very rough release, but with the basics.
    Part 1 - The Beginning
    Part 2 - The Maze!
    Part 3 - Item List :)
    Part 4 - Experience Charts :)
    Part 5 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Part 6 - End Credits and Stuffage
     This is generally somewhat of a walkthrough. I really want to call it a
    solve, but basicly every time I play, I ignore most of the puzzles involving
    the statues and various keys... if I detailed all of that as well, then I'd
    consider this a solve... but... this is everything you DO NEED to do to beat
    the game. If you want to do things the hard way, consult the maps that should
    also be available where you got this as well as the Item list. (Which contains
    locations of the Major Quest Items for the puzzles and such)
     This applies to the PC classic AND The NES version as, other then the
    opening music, dungeon music and slightly better graphics, (Slight improvement)
    they're virtualy identical.
    Part 1 - The Beginning
     In the beginning, there was darkness, suddenly a burst of light, and poof!
    Whoops... wrong beginning!
     To start off, I can not stress this enough! READ THE MANUAL! I MEAN IT!
    Get off your butt NOW! And read the whole thing! This is the most valuable
    asset a Wizardry Player has at the beginning of a long journey. Now, if you've
    already played this game before and know what you're doing... then hurray!
    Remember to have the manual nearby though, especially for the spells! [In the
    PC Version you have to often type them out! Type the first letter and hit enter
    to make the game bring up a list... the manual helps you by detailing what
    each spell does.
     I am NOT going to print out the spells here for you... you can consult your
    manuals for that! For shame if you pirated this game! You deserve to suffer!
    If you've honestly lost your manual... then your S.O.L.... Interplay has no
    tech support for any Wizardry game and the old Sir-Tech lines don't work.
    Heck the newer ones don't work either :(
     Anyways, time to go off to the training grounds and make some characters!
    I will warn you now... unless you could frankly care less about what you get,
    you may be here for hours rolling for a PERFECT bonus. Depending on the race,
    it is between 16-21 Bonus Points. You'll not regret the wait later on...
    especially if you can turn into a Ninja! ;) The specifics for making good
    characters are in the manual as well.
     Once you have your characters, go off to Boltac's Trading Post and stock
    up on goodies for your gang. I would suggest, 2 Fighters, A Thief (For chests
    and becoming a Ninja), a Priest (Duh!), Mage (Can you say Tiltowait boys and
    girls? I knew you could) and a Bishop (In the Nes version it's a Wizard... you
    should have one for identifying ? items.)
     If you want to be a little bastard (or bitch), make a bunch of useless
    characters and pool all the gold to one of your characters. Then fry the
    useless ones away and repeat till you're greedy pockets are filled. It's a
    bit cheap... but hey... if you've got the time, the extra gold can come in
     Now that you're stocked up... EQUIP YOUR STUFF! You wouldn't imagine how
    many people fail to equip their stuff and wonder why they just got slaughtered
    for the umpteenth time. When you're ready, go down to the Maze and prepare
    yourself for some action.
     Quick note about the dungeons! Beware what you do! Evil characters will NOT
    stay with Good characters. And vice versa. Neutral characters don't give a
    damn. So... unless your characters are all neutral... If you're good, let
    friendly monsters leave on their own way. If you're evil, ROAST THEM!
    Otherwise, you may find that your good or evil characters just switched
    alignments. Now granted, they will stay with your party, but the second you
    reach the surface, they'll ditch you. There IS a way around it, but it's a
    bit risky. Take the characters still with you, heal them and go into the
    maze. Quit! Then go back into the game and use the character(s) who ditched
    you and go into the maze. (I)nspect and pick up the characters. The one
    downside to leaving any character in the maze (especially further down) is
    that the monsters may rob you.
     One other warning... beware where you Malor... make sure you know the EXACT
    CO-ORDINATES! Otherwise you may teleport into rock.. and trust me people..
    that is the worst thing to happen... well next to your character becoming LOST
    for ever or turning into permanently dead... yes... the Temple of Cant is
    not always 100% perfect.
     Final Thing before the walkthru! I SWEAR! This is something that the manual
    does NOT advise you do (The disk version) and that's suddenly resetting your
    computer or shutting it off due to the fact it usually would happen when the
    game is writing to the disk... hence your characters go byebye! [I must admit,
    I fell prey to the "RESET" spell once or twice and lost my characters once.]
     BUT! Lo and Behold! There is a way around this that ALLOWS you to reset the
    game! No.. not the computer! Go figure Windows 95/98 actually is useful for
    a game! If you see your characters decapitated, drained levels, activate a
    chest trap [Teleporter] or teleporting into rock.. etc. There IS a save!
    This only works with the CD version (Ultimate Wizardry Archives). It installs
    the game into a dir ?:\WIZARD15  , where ? is the drive it's on. If you
    run it from the MS-Dos Prompt and something happens, hit the Win95/98 logo key
    on your Win95/98 Keyboard (104 Key Keyboard if you didn't know) to bring up
    the menu, hit esc and then left click the game in the bar at the bottom and
    close it. From here, you just simply go back and load your game, and you
    should be at the exact square before the accident happened! The key doesn't
    affect the game in anyway so!!! :) There's your failsafe, and trust me...
     My apologies for all of this rambling and info, but I hope you can benefit
    from it. Anyways, on with the walkthru!
    Part 2 - The Maze!
    The Maze - Floor 1  
     You start at 0E, 0N, 1D. Go East till you get to the door. Open'er up and
    lay waste. Ho-ho-ho! You've found their booty is nice, but that treasure box
    looks nicer! Beware when you open that chest though! Even if you're thief
    knows what it MIGHT be, doesn't mean it's going to be that. So disarm at your
    own risk. If you get posioned, run back to the surface so you'll live. Use
    Dios to heal if you need it. If you survive all this, go back to the stairs,
    and head North till the end. Hit a right and turn right at the first passage
    you find. Go through the door and bust some enemy! Ditto with the passage
    further on down and to the right. At this point, don't go through the door
    straight ahead.
     When you're done this, head back to the surface and rest at the inn if you
    need it. [And you will] Soon enough you will be able to level up and your
    thief will start to get a bit more proficient with figuring out traps. When
    your priest can chant level 2 spells, use Calfo on chests to get a better idea
    of what your thief should do and let your thief check to. Usually the Calfo is
    rather accurate, but you never know. At this point you can dispell dead
    creatures with a fair accuracy. Give your bishop (Wizard) any ? items to
    identify them. Hope the bishop gets it right or it's *CurseD* time... and
    Boltac ain't cheap for uncursing either.
     Once you reach experience level 3 or 4 for most of your characters, head 
    8 North and 8 East, Enter the door at last, Head 2 North , 9 West and voila!
    You're at the stairs to level 2 with minimal hassle! Don't worry about the
    rest of the level, unless you want to roam around right now. The shadowy
    dark area should be avoided at the moment. That will come later on in the
    game though, so note its position. Whenever you need to heal and bring back
    the magic, head back up to the surface by simply reversing these directions.
    The Maze - Floor 2
     Welcome to maze level 2! Hopefully you're starting to get the general feel
    of the game and have an idea of what to do. I must warn you, please take my
    advice and level up to about level 3 or 4. You're going to need the HP and
    spells for the bad boys down here. There's alot of enemies on this floor and
    they're rougher then before. Beware the Men in chains and Kimonoed men! They
    mean trouble. You have a chance of being posioned and/or paralyzed and for
    this, until you got the spells, you're going to have to rely on the Temple of
    Cant. But for now, don't worry and let's just follow a general path to a fairly
    decent patch to go fighting in. You start at 12E, 7N, 2D. 
     From here go, 1 North, 1 West, 3 North, 3 West, 1 South, 9 West (Ignore the
    door, you can't break it down), 3 South and from here go 1 West through the
    door and get ready for a fight. At this point, take on what you would like,
    but I would suggest that you run from things until you encounter a group
    of Creeping Coins. Trust me, you WANT TO fight Creeping Coins. A quick KATINO
    will make most of them sleep and they don't do much damage. They attack for
    1 damage a piece, and they occasionally breath on your party members for 1
    damage per breath. Before you get daunted at the possibility of 27 Damage
    per round, they have like.. oh maybe 2 Hitpoints each and with a Katino,
    well, they're more manageable. Oh yeah... they have this tendancy to miss
    alot as well. :) They will give you a whopping 2900 exp. and even more when
    they call for friends. Mahalito can slaughter a group instantly! After this
    battle, you might wish to heal. If you need to, go back to the surface by
    reversing these directions.
     From here, go 1 East, 4 South and 1 West through the next door. Fight the
    battle and go 3 East and 1 North through the door and to the next battle.
    Continue 4 North and 1 East through the door. Fight and go 1 more East. Head
    1 South, 1 West, 1 South, 2 East and then head 4 North and voila! You're back
    at the door you couldn't break down. Quit the maze and immediately start again
    to revive the monsters and go back in the loop for another kill spree. At
    anytime, reverse ho and go to the surface if you need it.
     When you've gotten your experience level up to about 6 or so, maybe make it
    7 or 8. Here's what you may want to try next.
    The Maze - Floor 1 Revisited!
     You're now most likely more buff and you've got more cool stuff to attack
    and defend with. You can go back to level 2 and fight more Creeping Coins,
    if you want to build up a bit more that is. Or we can keep on going. If you
    choose to do so, from 0E, 0N, 1D, go 8 North and 9 East, 4 North to the sign.
    It warns you that this is out of bounds. Don't worry. From the sign, continue
    1 North, 1 East and 15 North to the hidden away Elevator. The lettered buttons
    correspond with each floor. A = Floor 1, B = Floor 2... etc. If you want to
    go exploring, be my guest and explore B or C. Otherwise, press D and you'll
    be whisked away to Level 4. 
    The Maze - Floor 4
     Welcome to what I like to call the halfway point. What? It didn't seem to
    take that long to get here? Oh don't worry... it gets much more challenging
    from this point on. You're in the real proving grounds now! From this new
    point at 10E, 8N, 4D. Go 6 North, through 2 doors until you reach the sign.
    Go 1 more North and you will trigger the alarm bells. This can't be helped,
    so don't worry. If you go 1 North from here, you'll encounter a group of
    tough monsters. Use your spells as you need them, finding some comfort in the
    fact you can just run and boot it South back to the elevator, go to Floor 1
    and go back to the surface. Going 2 West takes you to the Treasure centre.
    Nothing here but a battle or so. Going 2 East brings you to the cheery Monster
    Allocation Centre. Go 1 South and get ready for the fight of your life.
    2 Level 7 Fighters, 2 Level 7 Mages, 2 High Priests and 1 High Ninja await you.
    And yes, Mr. Ninja loves to decapitate party members.
     My suggestions for this battle are as follows. If you surprise them, take out
    the 2 Mages first. Then go for the Ninja and Priests, leaving the Fighters for
    last. If it's a regular battle, take out the 2 Mages with your fighters, your
    thief attacks the High Ninja, your priest chants Montino on the Priests (To
    prevent them from chanting BADI and killing a character instantly if it
    connects) your Mage(s) chant DALTO on the High Ninja and you put the High Ninja
    or Level 7 Fighters to sleep. From there you can just waste the Priests and
    Ninja and then the Fighters. Remember, this is my suggestion and you can go
    about this battle as you wish.
     When you eventually win this battle, (And it is tough so don't get discouraged
    if you lose. Build up your levels and use your higher level spells as you get
    them.) you will reap the rewards a mighty. Open the chest and you will recieve
    an assortment of goodies including a ? Ring. (This is not all the time, so if
    you get nothing, don't worry) Identify this ring CAREFULLY! It's the Ring of
    Death! And yes, its name says it all. Sell it at Boltac's for cash. From here,
    Go 2 North, 1 East and 1 North through the door. Read and Move on 1 East.
    Read the message and recieve the ? Ribbon. DO NOT LOSE THIS! This is single-
    handedly one of the most important items in the game other then the Amulet!
    This is the Blue Ribbon and the key to getting to Werdna's Lair with very
    little difficulty. [Unless you like to explore so much that you want to
    manually go to the 9th floor.] Go through the door and you will be right
    beside the elevator. Take it back home to the surface and go to the Inn for
    some R&R. Heal everyone complete and then go to the maze. 
    The Maze - Floor 4 Revisted!
     From 0E, 0N, 1D go 8 North and then 9 North. By now this is becoming second
    nature to you :). Head North to the sign and go on in. Head 1 North, 1 East
    and 15 North to the elevator once more. Push button D, but instead of going
    North, turn around and go 6 South to the sign. It says authorized users only!
    But wait! You've got the Ribbon! You're an authorized user! Go 2 more South
    and you will be at the Godly elevator. This can whisk you all the way to
    Floor 8! Unless you want to explore the other levels and build up a bit more
    levels, hit button F and you'll be transported to Floor 9.
    The Maze - Floor 9 (The Second Quickest Floor!)
     Trust me when I say this. This is the second quickest floor you will encounter
    in the game... as long as you used the elevator. There's a chute right nearby
    that will shoot you down to Werdna's Lair. Get ready to get your ass kicked
    or to kick some ass because these monsters don't play nice. You will arrive
    at 10E, 0N, 9D. Turn around and go 1 North. Get ready for the pain! Go 1 West
    through the door and right into a battle. You may want to get into the habit
    of chanting LATUMAPIC at this point in the game. Trolls aren't bad, just a bit
    high in the HP. AVOID VAMPIRES! Lifestealers! Ninja's! The first 2 can drain
    you 1-2 levels as well as Paralyze you. And when they drain you... it's
    permanent. You retain the experience points, but your down 1-2 levels and
    have to raise them again... BUT! You go up levels like you would normally,
    making this a real pain to deal with. Avoid the giants for the moment... you
    may find yourself in a world of pain as well. When you've battled past the
    creatures, go 1 West and 1 North and POOF! You'll disappear down the chute
    to Level 10, Werdna's Lair level.
    Werdna's Lair - Floor 10 (The QUICKEST Floor!)
     When you land, you will be greeted with a personal sign/message from Werdna
    himself. After reading it (BTW: Here's a major answer for Wizardry 4 - The
    Return of Werdna... a standalone Wizardry which is a direct sequel to this
    game. (5 Minutes after the game's end to be exact) Late in the game when you're
    asked by a castle guard for the password... remember what Werdna says in his
    P.S. :) That's the Castle PW! Well... minus the exclamation point.) you will
    now find out why this is the quickest floor.
     Go 1 East. Seriously! 1 East and you will INSTANTLY be transported back to
    the surface, making this floor the quickest to finish! I also might add, its
    REALLY Convienient. Get ready for the final stretch of the game. This is
    going to take a while, so hang on in there. This is level building heaven!
    It's also treasure heaven! You can get the best armor and weapons down here!
     Some of the goodies are, Dagger of Thieves (If its power works, your thief can
    become a Ninja :) The Helm of Malor which can be used to chant Malor, or your
    Mage can actually wear it :) The Muramasa Blade is only good for Samurai's...
    otherwise, sell it for about $500,000 :) And finally, the ultimate find. The
    Blade of Cusinart! This is THE weapon for your fighters. You will start hitting
    3+ Hits almost every time and for some serious damage! Your Ninja can use it
    to, but the Ninja is better off barehanded.. even if they seem to hit for crap
    at first. Then of course there's other assorted goodies, but I'll let you find
    them :) Also, something of interest :) If you happen to FIND a Dagger of
    Thieves, you may want to hold off its use. Maybe transform your Mage with
    6-9 Tiltowait spells into a thief and then into a Ninja... after all.. a Ninja
    that can both decapitate AND chant Tiltowait is a force to be reckoned with!
    Just remember, only a THIEF! May equip and invoke this dagger so if you want
    another character, other then your thief to be a Ninja, you must make them
    into thieves first, then you can turn to a Ninja. Remember, unequip EVERYTHING,
    when you become a Ninja. Your AC will constantly lower on its own and Weapons
    and Armor prevent that from being its lowest.
     Since Dumapic fizzles if you use it on this level, mapping this level is a
    bitch. I will try and guide you as best I can, making the assumption that
    you face North when you land and East is the Teleporter to the Surface. Also,
    this maze has alot of 1 way passages and other assorted wall traps, so do
    becareful of where you step if you go off the beaten path. One other thing...
    AVOID TELEPORTER TRAPS! Trust me! Your thief may be good and all by now, but
    if he/she screws up... god only knows where you're going to be teleported!
    It may be within the confines of a maze... or 50 floors down in rock. [I say
    that one from experience] and the last thing you want is a kick ass party
    in the rocks. 
     From the sign, Go 3 North, 4 East, 3 North, 3 West and 1 North to the door.
    Heal here and chant Latumapic if you haven't already. If you encounter a
    Flack, Maelific, Hatamoto, Any number of High Ninjas or Greater Demons...
    RUN!! Dear god run! They can seriously make short work of you in a heartbeat.
    Pray for what I call the "Experience" group. 2-4 Poison Giants and 1-2
    Will-O-Wisp's. The Poison Giants can breathe on your part for 20-40 damage
    a breath... so becareful. Will-O-Wisp's have a high AC so chant dilto. To
    kill off the Giants easy, chant a Lakanito or a Makanito if they're 40 HP or
    under. When you defeat this group, you'll get a nice lot of experience...
    around 30,000. :) Will-O-Wisp's aren't too bad alone either, but they don't
    reap you as much for experience. They also have a tendancy to use Alarm traps,
    but mainly stick to Teleporter traps. Anyways, go through the door and fight.
     Anyways, once you've decimated this group, head 1 West and 2 North. Go 1
    East and you will be at a sign and you will be boxed in. Continue on 2 East,
    2 South, 5 West, 4 North, 2 East, 2 North and Heal. Go 1 West through a door
    and fight the next batch of guardians.
     Head 1 North to return to the start of the level and the teleporter. Otherwise
    go 1 West, 1 North and then Turn South. You're now boxed in again. Go 3 South,
    2 West, 3 North, 1 West, 6 South, 1 East and Heal. 1 more East brings you to
    the next encounter. 1 South will take you to the start again.
     Otherwise go 2 more East and you're in again. 2 South, 3 West, 3 North, 1
    West, 4 North, 1 West, Heal! Then go 1 more West to yet another encounter.
    1 North is the start once more.
     If you choose to go on, go 1 South and then face West. You'll note a 1 way
    passage. Go 3 West, 2 South, 2 West, 2 South, 2 East, 4 South, 4 East, 2 South,
    1 East, 2 South and Heal! Then go 1 more South to the encounter. 1 West will
    lead you to the start.
     If you wish to continue on, go 4 South to be boxed in. From here, 2 West,
    3 North and then yet again.. heal if you need it. 1 more North brings you to
    the almost final encounter. 1 East will return you back to the start.
     At this point, I would suggest going back and healing at the inn as well as
    leveling up. If you want to go straight to Werdna, ignore this next part.
    Sell all the stuff you don't want and get ready to go back to Werdna's Lair
    again. Repeat this loop until you're about Level 13-17. Trust me, you'll need
    these levels as well as the spells they bring you. 
     If you HAVE chosen to go kick Werdna's ass, good luck! You'll need it!
    From the last encounter, instead of going 1 East to the start, go 2 West and
    1 South to a dead end. Turn around and proceed to go 2 North, 5 East, 2 North,
    8 West, 3 South and 2 West to Werdna's Doorstep. Go 1 North, through the door
    to fight Werdna and his guests, 1 Vampire Lord and 4 Vampires. Use Zilwan
    against the Vampire Lord and attempt to Dispell the 4 vampires. If they don't
    die, PRAY they don't drain you. Werdna on the other hand is a tougher cookie.
    He has the ability to chant Tiltowait and loves to do it! He also occasionaly
    will chant Katino or Lakanito just to piss you off. When you manage to beat
    Werdna and Guests, you will obtain the Amulet! :) Just DON'T USE IT! Trust me
    when I say that.
     Now just simply Malor back up to the surface. [10 Up] And you will be greeted
    with the ending and all your characters present will now have a symbol by their
    names to represent that you have beaten the game. [I am not sure what happens
    in the NES version. It's been a while.] If you want to go build up more levels
    and find more goodies, then go right ahead. :) If you go down to Werdna's room,
    it will say that he's not In. To the best of my knowledge, if you get rid of
    the amulet, Werdna will come back so you can do it again. :) Now, if this is
    the NES version... hope you had alot of fun, go down and explore all you want
    now, since you're so buff.
     In case you're wondering, the symbol is between 2 " 's. It looks like this
     If this is the PC Version... I would suggest you go back down to Werdna's
    Level and raise some hell until you're about Level 15-18. It will take a while,
    but you'll be glad you did. And if you can make a Ninja for the trip :) Kick
    ass! At points, a Ninja alone can do damage enough to go alone in the level
    and still survive for a while. When you've reached Level 15-18 theres a few
    quick things you may just want to do to make your life a bit easier and any
    future attempts at beating this game a bit easier.
    #1 Make a temp character... name it anything.. I called mine Mr Moneybags
       for reasons that will be come clear in a moment.
    #2 Pool all your gold to this temp character! 
    #3 Make sure you sell all dupe goodies and other treasures you find.
    #4 Make sure your 2 fighters have Blade of Cusinarts. It makes life easier
       if you decide to go level up more.
    #5 Make sure Boltac's has at least 2 Blade of Cusinarts in stock before your
       done. A Dagger of Thieves wouldn't hurt either... if you have 1 to spare.
    #6 Make a back up of the game if you possibly can. If it's from the Wizardry
       Archives CD Collection, then this is easy. Otherwise, do the next step
       with caution.
    #7 If you have Wizardry 2: Knight of Diamonds, now is the time to go to
       the Utilities menu in your Wizardry 1 Game and (M)ove Characters. Follow
       the instructions and you will then import your characters to Wizardry 2.
       Be warned though... you can't import back to part 1, so make sure you
       really want do this! You must beat the game before doing so though, or
       it won't work.
    Note: All your equipment goes BYE BYE! when you port your characters to
          Wizardry 2... BUT! You keep your gold, and Boltac's has a fairly nice
          selection still, so all is not lost. Also.. you may wish to level up
          before the move, since going up levels in this game is a BIT difficult.
          Especially when a Ninja needs 3-4 Million experience per level.
    Part 3 - Item List
     This is virtually complete, but! considering the fact that there's so many
    things, and most just don't pop up terribly often, I think it's as good as they
    come. The quest items will be added as I find them and their use. All "-"
    weapons and armor should obviously be avoided.
    Spell List
    Item                   Effect?                       Rare?         Full Price
    ====                   =======                       =====         ==========
    * Of Latumofis         Cure Poison                    Nope                300
    * Of Dios              Restore 1-8 HP                 Nope                500
    % Of Katino            Put Enemies to Sleep           Nope                500
    % Of Badios            1-8 Dmg Against an Enemy       Nope                500
    % Of Halito            1-8 Fire Dmg Against an Enemy  Nope                500
    * Of Sopic             Caster -4 AC Temp              Nope              1,500
    % Of Lomilwa           Chants Lomilwa                 Nope              2,500
    % Of Dilto             Makes Enemies easier to hit    Nope              2,500
    * Of Dial              Restore 2-16 HP                Nope              5,000
    % Of Badial            2-16 Dmg Against an Enemy   Average              8,000
    Rings & Amulets List
    Item                   Effect?                       Rare?         Full Price
    ====                   =======                       =====         ==========
    Amulet of Jewels       Sell for Money              Sort Of              5,000
    Ring of Porfic         [Use] Casts Porfic          Average             10,000
    Amulet of Monifo       [Use] Casts Monifo         Avg-Rare             15,000
    Amulet of Makanito     [Use] Chants Makanito      Avg-Rare             20,000
    Ring of Death! (C)     Trust me. Don't use it!        Rare            500,000
    Weapons List
    Item                   Effect?                       Rare?         Full Price
    ====                   =======                       =====         ==========
    Dagger                                                Nope                  5
    Staff                                                 Nope                 10
    Short Sword                                           Nope                 15
    Long Sword                                            Nope                 25
    Anointed Mace                                         Nope                 30
    Anointed Flail                                        Nope                150 
    Long Sword -1          You don't want it!          Sort Of              1,000
    Short Sword -1         You don't want it!          Sort Of              1,000
    Mace -1                You don't want it!          Average              1,000
    Staff +2                                              Nope              2,500
    Staff of Mogref        [Use] Chants Mogref            Nope              3,000
    Short Sword +2                                     Sort Of              4,000
    Long Sword +2                                      Sort Of              4,000   
    Mace +2                                            Sort Of              4,000
    Mace -2                You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Staff -2               You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Dagger +2                                          Average              8,000
    Were Slayer                                        Average             10,000
    Mage Masher                                        Average             10,000
    Mace of Poison                                    Avg-Rare             10,000
    Long Sword +1                                         Nope             10,000
    Slayer of Dragons                                  Sort Of             10,000
    Mace +1                                               Nope             12,500
    Short Sword +1                                        Nope             15,000
    Staff of Montino       [Use] Casts Montino         Average             15,000
    Blade Cusinart         Multiple Hits! :)              Rare             15,000
    Rod of Flame               ??????                 Avg-Rare             25,000
    Dagger of Speed                                   Avg-Rare             30,000
    Sword +3 (E)           Evil Characters Only           Rare             50,000
    S-Sword +3 (E)         Evil Characters Only           Rare             50,000
    Dagger of Thieves      Turns a Thief into a Ninja     Rare             50,000
    Shurikens              Gives Ninja +1 HP perm   VERY! Rare             50,000
                           per use                  
    Muramasa Blade!        Gives Samurai's +1
                           Strength per use         ULTRA RARE          1,000,000
    Shields List
    Item                   Effect?                       Rare?         Full Price
    ====                   =======                       =====         ==========
    Small Shield                                          Nope                 20
    Large Shield                                          Nope                 40
    Shield +1                                             Nope              1,500
    Shield -1              You don't want it!          Sort Of              1,500
    Shield -2              You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Shield +3 (E)          Evil Characters Only           Rare             25,000
    Shield +3                                             Rare            250,000
    Armor List
    Item                   Effect?                       Rare?         Full Price
    ====                   =======                       =====         ==========
    Robes                                                 Nope                 15
    Leather Armor                                         Nope                 50
    Chain Mail                                            Nope                 90
    Helm                                                  Nope                100
    Breast Plate                                          Nope                200
    Plate Mail                                            Nope                750
    Breast Plate -1        You don't want it!         Avg-Rare              1,000
    Chain -1               You don't want it!          Average              1,000
    Leather +1                                            Nope              1,500
    Chain Mail +1                                         Nope              1,500
    Plate Mail +1                                         Nope              1,500
    Breast Plate +1                                       Nope              1,500
    Leather -1             You don't want it!          Sort Of              1,500
    Helm +1                                            Sort Of              3,000
    Gloves of Copper                                   Average              6,000
    Leather +2                                            Nope              6,000
    Chain +2                                              Nope              6,000
    Plate Mail +2                                         Nope              6,000
    Leather -2             You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Chain -2               You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Chain Mail -2          You don't want it!          Sort Of              8,000
    Breastplate -2         You don't want it!             Rare              8,000
    Robe of Curses         You REALLY don't want it! Very Rare              8,000
    Helm +2 (E)            Evil Characters Only           Nope              8,000
    Chain +2 (E)           Evil Characters Only       Avg-Rare              8,000
    Plate +2 (N)           Neutral Characters Only    Avg-Rare              8,000
    Breast Plate +2                                    Average             10,000
    Helm of Malor          [Use] Chants Malor,            Rare             25,000
                           Equipable by Mages!
    Helm of Curses         Snicker, Snicker               Rare             50,000
    Gloves of Silver                                      Rare             60,000
    Breast Plate +3                                       Rare            100,000
    Plate +3 (E)           Evil Characters Only           Rare            150,000
    Garb of Lords          [Use] Casts Madi,
                           Lords Only               VERY! Rare          1,000,000
    Quest Items!
    Item                        Use                      Where?       Sell Price?
    ====                        ===                      ======       ===========
    Blue Ribbon          Enter room at 10E, 1N, 4D    11E, 10N, 4D              0
    Key of Bronze        Enter room at 8E, 7N, 2D     13E, 3N, 1D               0
    Silver Key           Enter room at 8E, 12N, 2D    13E, 18N, 1D              0
    Key of Gold                   ???                 4E, 16N, 2D               0
    Statue of Frog                ???                 12E, 4N, 2D               0
    Statue of Bear       Enter room at 17E, 12N, 4D   9E, 18N, 2D               0
    Amulet of Werdna     To Beat The Game!              Werdna!             None!
     A few notes about the final Quest Item, The Amulet of Werdna. First of all,
    becareful if you wish to equip it. It's cursed... but oddly enough takes your
    armor class down 20 points! My Bishop went from Ac = 2 to Ac = -18! If you
    equip it though... you can't give it to the man at 11E, 10N, 4D :( And hence
    you'll require Boltac's uncursing... which ain't cheap! And go back and kill
    Werdna again! When you INVOKE it, it can heal your party!
     The "*" refers to the spell bag thing and the "%" refers to scrolls. Most
    classifications are PURELY from my own gaming experiences. These are from
    literally thousands of hours logged into this game from the first day I played,
    to the time of this writing. Please note, that as such, you will find that
    you may come across items more frequently or infrequently when you play.
    After all, alot of it is purely random.
    Part 4 - Experience Charts
     Below are the charts for experience points to level up for all 8
    classes. Special thanks to John Anderson for these killer tables!
    [And I thought I had time on my hands sometimes! :)]
    Lvl     Fighter     Mage       Priest     Thief
     2       1,000      1,100      1,050       900      
     3       1,724      1,896      1,810     1,551    
     4       2,972      3,268      3,120     2,674    
     5       5,124      5,634      5,379     4,610    
     6       8,834      9,713      9,274     7,948    
     7      15,231     16,746     15,989    13,703   
     8      26,260     28,872     27,567    23,625   
     9      45,275     49,779     47,529    40,732   
    10      78,060     85,825     81,946    70,187   
    11     134,586    147,974    141,286   121,081 
    12     232,044    255,127    243,596   208,750 
    13     400,075    439,874    419,993   359,931 
    14+    289,709    318,529    304,132   260,639 
    Lvl    Bishop      Samurai    Lord      Ninja
     2      1,000      1,250      1,300     1,450  
     3      2,105      2,192      2,280     2,543  
     4      3,692      3,845      4,000     4,461  
     5      6,477      6,745      7,017     7,826  
     6     11,363     11,833     12,310    13,729  
     7     19,935     20,759     21,596    24,085  
     8     34,973     36,419     37,887    42,254  
     9     61,136     63,892     66,468    74,129  
    10    107,642    112,091    116,610   130,050  
    11    188,845    196,650    204,578   228,157  
    12    331,370    345,000    358,908   400,275  
    13    581,240    605,263    629,663   702,236  
    14+   438,479    456,601    475,008   529,756  
    Part 5 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: If one of my characters dies in the game right off the bat, is
       there any way to bring them back to life?  If so how?  
    A: Yes there is a way, but you won't like the answer. You get a
       party together, or the remaining party members who didn't die,
       and heal them up. Go to the square where your character died and
       do a search. If you're on the correct square, and the alignment of
       the party members matches the dead character [Or you're all
       Neutral] you can pick them up and take them back to the surface.
       Go to the Temple of Cant and then gawk at the expensive price to
       revive your fallen comrade.
       In all honesty, you're better off pillaging the dead one and then
       making a new character. The Temple can screw up your fallen comrade
       by accident and cost you way more then you need to worry about so
       early in the game.
    Q: Where can I find any of these games?
    A: For the PC Versions, you can go to any good Computer store and pick
       yourself up a copy of the Wizardry Archives cd-rom at a decent price.
       I believe a Macintosh copy does exist, so Mac Fans, rejoice. If you
       want the old school NES Versions, I would recommend online gaming
       stores dealing in ancient games or pawn/used shops in your area.
       You could alternately go online and... no.. you would NEVER do that..
       considering it's illegal, immoral, carries a hefty fine.. etc.
    Q: Where can I find the Roms?
    A: You want to go the illegal route? Find them yourself as I can't
       help you.
    Q: Where can I find maps for the game?
    A: I am fairly sure there is at least a site or 2 on the net that has
       maps for this game. I personally have made maps for the First
       Trilogy, but only have Wizardry 1 scanned. I will be more then happy
       to email people them if requested, unless someone wishes to keep
       them up on their site for me. My connect is crap, so apologies for
       any delay in getting them to you.
    Q: Can I switch my characters from Part 1 NES to Part 2 NES?
    A: Sadly you can't, as there is no way to transfer the data from one
       Cartridge to another that I am aware of.
    Q: Can you send me a copy of the Manual? I lost mine.
    A: I'd honestly like to help you here... but then there's way too
       many people emailing me about this.. and with the roms floating
       around the net, it's virtually impossible for me to tell if the
       person asking me legitimately owns the game or they pirated the
    Part 6 - End Credits and Stuffage
     I hope this has been a great deal of help to anyone who has struggled thru
    this fantastic game. I will update it as I figure out the major purpose of
    the statues and keys and I will also do my best to make maps and scan them
    for the future so you don't have to blindly explore. Happy gaming, and see
    you in Scenario 2...
    If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me at;
    Attn: Wizardry
     Special thanks to my best friend who got me HOOKED on Wizardry when we were
    about 11 and the NES Version he got for his Birthday had a 17+ rating but
    we played and loved it anyways :) Boris. If you're reading this my friend,
    remember, you and this game is what got me started on my huge love for RPG's
    If you want to distro it, be my guest. As long as you don't edit this in
    any way, unless permission is granted. You MUST ALSO Inform me of
    which website you wish to add it to so I may add the link to future
    updates and give my official OK. It MAY be editted to be displayed
    on a web page only if my name is intact and I am notified so I may come
    and marvel. :)
     It may be printed out... not like I could stop you :) Just please keep it
     This solve/walkthrough and any subsequent updates can always [Hopefully]
    be found/available at the following sites: [Updated as often as possible]
    Game Faqs  [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
    Game Winners  [http://www.gamewinners.com]
    The Cheat Empire  [http://home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts] 
    Al Amaloo's Video Game Strategies [http://vgstrategies.about.com]
    Foraker's Page of Wizardry
    RPG Classics  [http://rpgclassics.com]
    Games Domain  [http://www.gamesdomain.com] [and all mirrors]
    Games Over  [http://www.gamesover.com]
    Wizardry Copyright 1981-2001
    Andrew Greenberg, Inc. and Robert Woodhead, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved
    Wizardry is a registered trademark of Sir-Tech Software, Inc.; Reg'd TM Canada
    This Walkthrough/Solve is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 1999-2002
                              Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 1999-2002

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