You four--a warrior, a magician, a priest and a paladin--you tiny band of four must somehow vanquish the evil Uukrul. For he and his depraved followers hold the once-lovely city of Eriosthe in dark dominion. And until he is destroyed, the entire land lies helplessly at his mercy.
More than merely vicious, Uukrul is literally heartless. To free his body from the material plane, he has actually detached his soul--and hidden his heart deep in the mountain city's maze-like passages. But where is his heart, and how is it protected? What are the heart-shaped keys that lie hidden in the far reaches of Eriosthe? And how can you defeat him when you at last capture his dark heart?
In your quest, you'll be armed with magic, prayers, spells and weapons...but you'll need courage and quick wits as well. For you'll be challenged at every step of the way by baffling puzzles and packs of savage monsters...until finally you must face Uukrul himself!

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