Get ready for the fast-paced Word Muncher challenge!
"Eat your words" and outwit those sneaky Troggles.
Word Munchers is an entertaining software package that makes word practice fun and easy. You will learn to quickly recognize vowel sounds as you race your word-chomping Munchers around the game board. When you find words with the vowel sounds you're looking for, you direct your Munchers to gobble those words. But you have to think fast! Hungry Troggles are always right behind you--and they like to snack on Munchers. Word practice has never been so exciting!
Be word-wise in a flash!
As your skill at spotting identical vowel sounds improves, your score will increase. But if you make a wrong choice, you lose a turn and one of your Munchers. You can keep the game challenging by moving up the levels of difficulty and raising your score--maybe all the way to the Muncher Hall of Fame!
Amusing graphics and sounds make this award-winning game fun and lively. With Word Munchers, word practice is easy to swallow!
Look for more fun-filled antics from the Munchers and Troggles in two other exciting software packages, Number Munchers and Fraction Munchers.
The fun way to learn.
For more than 15 years, children and adults all over the world have enjoyed using MECC educational software to develop essential learning skills, sharpen their thinking, and embark on exciting adventures. You too will find MECC software challenging and fun--the way learning ought to be.

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