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    Shadow Lady by Ice Cream Man

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                        Shadow Lady FAQ
                        by the Ice Cream Man
    This FAQ will be an in-depth one about a character that nobody has written an 
    FAQ about: Shadow Lady. To understand this, you have to know about the 
    aspects of the game, like Super Jumping, Dashing, and Pushing, to name just a 
    few. I will not waste my time by telling you all that stuff, because you 
    should know them, since you wouldn't even what game she is in, if you had
    not played Marvel vs Capcom at least once. Now, on with the FAQ!
    How to get her: First of all, if you want her to be one of your characters 
    and you want the other one to be a regular character, you have to pick Shadow 
    Lady first. You may pick her second if your first character is also a secret 
    character, but you may not have two Shadow Ladies on the same team. To get 
    her, move to Morrigan, then press: U, R, R, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, 
    R, D, D, L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, R, R, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, 
    and press Down again to be on Shadow Lady's box. That is kind of hard, since 
    the character select screen automatically select the character you are on if 
    you take too long to select a character, but you have longer than you may 
    think. This is the hardest secret character code, but I have done it.
    M. Bison was delighted because he had made Guile's comrade Charlie into an 
    instrument of destruction he called Shadow. This was the same Shadow that was 
    a secret character in Marvel Superheroes Vs Street Fighter. But although 
    delighted, M. Bison was not satisfied. He needed more people like Shadow. So 
    he captured Chun-Li and changed her into someone called Shadow
    Lady. I do not know why Chun-Li is a separate character in the tournament if 
    she was made into Shadow. Help would be appreciated.
    Special Moves:
    Drill Palm: D, DF, F (from now on, I'll use QCF)+any punch. Shadow Lady 
    glides forward with a drill in her palms. This is a very fast move.
    Electricity: F, D, DF+any punch. Shadow Lady will surround herself with 
    electricity. This is a good way to knock an opponent out of the air. However, 
    she is vulnerable to a projectile, or worse---a beam super.
    Missile Shot: QCF+any kick. Shadow Lady fires a missile from her back. The 
    computer will usually block it, and only the dumbest human players will at 
    most be surprised. However, do not write this off from your strategy. It is 
    good for keeping an opponent at bay. Just make sure that the opponent does 
    not have a super with which they can hit you, and if he or she does, do not 
    use this move unless they do not have it charged.
    Lightning Kick: Repeatedly tap any kick. This is the same move as Chun-Li's 
    move. Shadow Lady rapidly kicks, with energy at her legs. This will do good 
    block damage, but she is vulnerable after she finishes the kicks.
    Super Moves:
    Big Bang Laser: QCF+all three punches. Shadow Lady will fire a HUGE laser 
    from her hands. This has to be the best super in the game! This has no 
    recovery time, no delay in starting it, it does great damage whether it is 
    blocked or not, does a lot of hits, is not one of the supers that will not do 
    jack against Onslaught, and it cannot, I repeat, cannot be pushed! Another
    note in its favor is that this is Shadow Lady's team super. There is only one 
    minor flaw in this move. It is impossible to combo into this or after it. 
    Galaxy Missile: QCF+all three kicks. Shadow Lady bows, and missiles fly from 
    her pack. This is the second worst super in the game (which is ironic, since 
    she also has the best). The missiles come out too slow, meaning that 
    therefore, it can be seen coming a mile away. It does not even do damage if 
    blocked! Three things prevent this thing from being the worst super. It can 
    hit an opponent off the ground, it may surprise the opponent if done up 
    close, and will work on Onslaught. Otherwise, consider this super move 
    absolutely useless.
    Final Mission (Level 3 only): Charge B, F, B, F+all three kicks. Shadow Lady 
    rushes toward the opponent, kicking several times. I am not sure if this can 
    be blocked or not, but I do know that if you hit a non-blocking opponent, he 
    or she is knocked into the air, and the screen turns white. Hit marks appear 
    all over the screen, and then the screen returns to normal, with Shadow Lady 
    bowing and the opponent crashing to the ground with an explosion. This does 
    good damage and looks cool, so this can be a real crowd-pleaser. However, if 
    you miss, you are vulnerable to an attack of some sort, so use it wisely. 
    Also, this will not work on Onslaught.  You will do the super, but if you hit 
    him, Shadow Lady just stops, doing no damage. I would rather do three Big 
    Bang Lasers, unless I was absolutely sure I could connect with the Final
    Combo 1: Do a crouching Short, then do a crouching Roundhouse. As soon as you 
    knock 'em down, ram on the Roundhouse button to break into the Lightning 
    Combo 2: Just do a jumping Roundhouse, then do a Roundhouse Lightning kick as 
    soon as you connect.
    Combo 3: Dash towards your opponent, then, while dashing, do a standing Jab. 
    Then, do a standing Strong, followed by a standing Fierce, finishing off with 
    a Drill Palm.
    Combo 4: Do a jumping Fierce, land, do a dashing and standing Jab, and do a 
    standing Roundhouse. As soon as it connects, cancel it with a super jumping 
    Jab, then while still in the air, do a Jab, then a Short, and do two Stomps 
    (D+Forward) into a Lightning Kick.
    Onslaught Strategies:
    First Form:
    When you face Onslaught in his first form, watch out. He loves to use his 
    Hyper Gravitation, or Hyper Gravs (in which he shoots out unblockable balls 
    of energy that pull you to him if they connect. You will need to super jump 
    over these, then hit him in the face before he can retaliate. If he uses a 
    Mega Optic Blast, crouch block it, and attack when or if you can. If you try 
    a combo that hits a certain amount of times, Onslaught will teleport out of 
    it. Watch out for his Juggernaut Headcrush (a super headbutt). Just block it 
    and hit him when he stops.  If he flies, jump or super jump to hit him, but 
    not while he is attacking you! He takes off more damage from you than you can 
    take off damage from him, so don't try trading hits. You'll always come out 
    the loser. If he teleports out and sends someone else in, defeat that person
    quickly, since he/she will only start out with a third of a life bar anyway, 
    and while you're fighting him/her, Onslaught will begin to heal. Block any 
    Sentinels he sends, too, and hit him when there is an opportunity. You will 
    have an advantage if the computer selects Magneto as your helper character 
    (the one you summon by pressing Strong+Forward). His blast will stun him,
    leaving you an opportunity for an attack.
    Second Form:
    If you can defeat Onslaught in his first form, he'll grow to a huge size, and 
    he cannot be damaged on any part of his body except his head. That is his 
    weak spot, but unfortunately, there are not a lot of chances to hit it 
    without taking hits yourself. He still has the Hyper Gravs, so super jump 
    when you see them. He can still fly, so if you want to hit him while he is
    doing so, you'll have to do it from the air. He also hasn't lost the ability 
    to fling Sentinels at you. Block these, then attack his head. Fortunately, he 
    has lost his Mega Optic Blast, his Juggernaut Headcrush, and the ability to 
    teleport. However, he has gained an Eye Beam which he shoots to the ground, 
    erupting in a pillar of energy. Block it if he shoots one, and dodge it only 
    if you are sure you can. This is one of his most damaging attacks. In fact, 
    only one attack does more damage then the Eye Beam---the Mighty Hand. When 
    Onslaught uses this attack, he backs up off the screen, then suddenly rushes 
    at you, his hand acting like a drill. This does a TON of damage. It once took 
    half a life bar from me! Don't block it, since it does only a little less 
    damage if it is blocked, and is not worth blocking. Super jump over it 
    instead.  You have to be patient, but eventually, you will triumph.
    I hope you enjoyed this FAQ. I certainly enjoyed creating it! I wonder why 
    Shadow Lady is such a good character overall, but nobody else has written 
    about her? Anyway, so long and good luck!

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