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    Spider-Man by Ryu

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    by Ryu
    Table of Contents
    1.  Intro
    2.  Update Info
    3.  Misc. Info
    4.  Legend
    5.  Moves
    6.  Combos
    7.  Tips
    8.  Strategies
    9.  Best Partners
    10.  Acknowledgment and Thanx
    11.  Disclaimer
    Welcome to my Spider-Man FAQ! This guide has Spidey's moves, combos, and
    strategies for fighting every character! I hope you find this guide very 
    1.  Added this updates section!
    2.  Made TONS of changes.
    3.  Did a bit of combo editing.
    4.  I changed my FAQ from a .doc file to .txt file!
    Regular Color: Red and Blue
    Alternate Color:  Red and Black
    Air Dash: F, F in air
    Wall Cling: tap opposite direction when meeting screen side in mid-air
    Team Counter Attack: Spider Sting
    Team Super Attack: Crawler Assault
    Taunt: "Do Your Job!"
    First Comic Book Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962
    First Fighting Game Appearance: Marvel Superheroes
    Origin: While attending a demonstration on radiology, high school student Peter
     Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. He gained the proportionate speed,
    strength, and agility of a spider. At first, Parker used his powers for show. 
    He donned a costume, made web-shooters, and called himself Spider-Man. After a
    performance on TV, he let a crook run right past him in the dressing room. He 
    didn't even think of helping to catch him. A couple of days later, after 
    another performance, he came home and found out that his Uncle Ben was killed 
    by a crook. He donned his costume followed the police to a warehouse. Inside, 
    Spidey clobbered and unmasked the crook. It was the same crook he let get 
    away! Uncle Ben's death was one Parker could've prevented. He realized that 
    with great power comes great responsibility. He decided used his powers to 
    fight evil, and on that day, a true hero was born!
    QCF-Quarter Circle Forward (from down to forward)
    QCB-Quarter Circle Back (from down to back)
    HCB-Half Circle Back (from forward to down to back)
    DP-Dragon Punch Motion (forward, down, down-forward)
    P-any punch button
    K-any kick button
    3P- all 3 punch buttons
    3K- all 3 kick buttons
    The Button Layout:
                                         (  )      (  )      (  )
                                         Jab      Strong    Fierce
                                         (  )      (  )      (  )
                                         Short   Forward  Roundhouse
    C.- Crouching (or Ducking)
    S.- Standing
    J.- Jumping
    SJ.- Super Jumping
    D.- Dashing (F, F)
    \/- land
    /\- jump
    Web Ball: QCF+P
    Spidey shoots out a glob of web fluid that traps his opponents in a web cocoon.
     Once they're trapped, they are unable to move or block. Follow up with a combo
     or Super. The strength of the punch determines how long the web ball will hold
    Spider Sting: DP+P
    Spidey does a Dragon Punch that hits both on the way up and on the way down! 
    Press P after the first hit to knock 'em downward! Great anti-air move.
    Web Throw: HCB+P
    Spidey shoots out a web line and if it connects, he'll spin the opponents 
    around his head before hurling them towards the wall! Spin the joystick and 
    ram on the buttons and Spidey will spin them around a few more times for added
    damage!  The strength of the punch determines the direction of the web line. 
    Jab goes straight forward, Strong goes diagonally upward, and Fierce goes 
    straight up.
    Web Swing: QCB+K
    Spidey shoots a web line towards the ceiling and swings towards his opponent 
    feet first! This move does excellent damage. It can be done in the air.
    MAXIMUM SPIDER: QCF+3P (Level 1)
    Spidey jumps towards the wall and does a five-hit juggle combo that does 
    incredible damage! However, Spidey jumping to the wall is a dead giveaway and 
    this move is often blocked. Use it after a Fierce Web Ball.
    Spidey does a rushing combo across the screen. Use it to punish mistakes. Tap K
    for more hits.
    Spidey jumps into the middle of the screen and release a huge web. It then 
    contracts and Spidey starts spinning, gains speed, and them slams 'em! This 
    move takes off at least 1/4 of your opponent's life if not more. However, this
    move has limited range and won't hit anyone not directly in front of Spidey.
    1.  D.S.Jab, S.Strong, Spider Sting
    2.  C.Roundhouse, Web Swing
    3.  J.Roundhouse \/ C.Forward, S.Roundhouse, Spider Sting
    4.  J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/  C.Jab, C.Strong, C.Fierce
    Cancel into the J.Roundhouse immediately after the J.Fierce.
    5.  Fierce Web Ball, Maximum Spider
    6.  J.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, S.Strong, J.Fierce
    7.  D.S.Short, S.Forward, Jab Web Ball
    After the Web Ball, immediately follow up with any combo for the best effect.
    8.  J.Short, J.Roundhouse \/ S.Strong /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce
    Cancel into the J.Roundhouse immediately after the J.Short.
    9.  J.Roundhouse \/ D.C.Short, C.Strong, C.Roundhouse, Crawler Assault
    Cancel into the Crawler Assault immediately after the C.Roundhouse so the Super
     hits them before they hit the ground.
    10.  J.Jab, J.Strong, J.Fierce \/ D.S.Short, C.Forward, Fierce Spider Sting
    Make sure you connect all the jumping punches in the air. Cancel into the 
    Spider Sting immediately after the C.Forward!
    11.  J.Jab, J.Strong, J.Fierce \/ D.C.Short, C.Forward, S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab,
    SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, Web Swing
    Very big combo. Once again, the first three jumping punches must connect while
    you're in the air! Cancel into the Web Swing immediately after the SJ.Forward!
    1.  After a Fierce Web Ball, you should use the Maximum Spider or a big combo.
    2.  Jump around a lot. Spidey loves the air. But be careful around people with
        good air defense, such as Chun-Li and Ryu.
    3.  Spidey is a combo guy. Combo punches and kicks into special moves and/or 
        Supers. Experiment with different combinations and formulate your own 
        devastating combo!
    4.  Stick in Web Throws whenever possible. They are always great for a laugh.
    5.  Use Spidey's Jumping Roundhouse often. It has great air priority and will 
        usually beat out a laucher.
    6.  Over all, Spidey has somewhat the same strategy against everyone.
    Vs. Chun-Li
    When she does a Kikoken, do a Maximum Spider. If you get the timing right, 
    Spidey will  go right over the Kikoken and hit Chun-Li in her stun animation! 
    Try not to jump in too often and avoid air fights. Chun-Li jumps frequently, 
    so stick in a Strong or Fierce Web Throw whenever possible. The Spider Sting 
    is a great anti-air move, so also use that when Chun-Li jumps in.
    Vs. Ryu
    When he does a Hadoken, do a Maximum Spider. Get the timing right, and Spidey 
    will nail Ryu in his stun animation. Don't jump in too often, or Ryu will 
    counter with a Shoryuken. Also watch out for Shinkuu Hadokens. Ryu will throw 
    them out when you least expect it.
    Vs. Ryu (Ken mode)
    In Ken mode, Ryu will use Shoryukens often. If he misses, immediately execute 
    the Crawler Assault. It will catch Ryu as he is coming down. Use the Maximum 
    Spider Fireball Counter too. Watch out for combos. Ryu will do lots of them in
    Ken mode. He also jumps around a lot in Ken mode. Use Strong or Fierce Web 
    Throws and Spider Stings when he jumps in.
    Vs. Ryu (Akuma mode)
    Don't jump in too often or you'll get nailed by a GouShoryuken. Look out for 
    combos as well. Use the Maximum Spider Fireball counter. If Ryu does Air 
    Fireballs, jump and use the Web Swing. You could try Strong Web Throws, but 
    make sure the web connects and make sure the fireball doesn't hit you. You 
    should try going all-out offensive against Ryu since he takes hits like a wuss
    in this mode.
    Vs. Zangief
    Trap Zangief with Web Balls and use a combo or Super. Whatever you do, try to 
    keep Zangief away from you.
    Vs. Zangief (Mega Zangief mode)
    Just use hit-and-run tactics. This is slower but you'll more than likely win.
    Vs. Morrigan/Lilith
    Use the Maximum Spider Fireball Counter when Morrigan does her Soul Fist. 
    Morrigan combos a lot, so block and jump around. Use the Web Swing every so 
    Vs. Captain Commando
    CapCom uses his Captain Fire frequently, usually shooting it 2-3 times in a
    row. Don't jump over it or jump in or you'll get a Captain Corridor. Just 
    block. CapCom likes to call in his commandos. Watch out for them. When one 
    attacks, execute the Maximum Spider. Use this Super whenever you can. It will 
    usually hit him. Jab Web Throws and Web Swings are excellent against CapCom. 
    If he gets close, combo him and stay on him. Like Strider, he doesn't take 
    hits that well. Use combos ending in Supers for a quick victory.
    Vs. Megaman
    Use the Maximum Spider Fireball Counter when MM does his Mega Buster. The Mega
    Buster is practically the only move MM uses. Jab Web Throws and Web Swings are
    excellent against MM.
    Vs. Strider Hiryu
    Strider will usually hit you with a Standing Fierce two times and cancel into a
    Ame No Murakamo. Watch out for this one. Strider jumps around a lot, so stick
    in Spider Stings and Strong or Fierce Web Throws if he jumps. Web Ball and 
    combo him on the ground. Try to use big combos since Strider takes hits like a
    wuss. Strider likes to come in close, so when he's directly in front of you, 
    execute the Ultimate Web Throw. Web Swing when Strider is open.
    Vs. Jin
    Web Swings are good against Jin. Watch out for Jin's Screaming Punch and 
    Tornado Drill. He will use these attacks often. Block his Screaming Punch and 
    immediately counter. When Jin uses the Saotome Power-Up, he gets tough. Use 
    the Web Ball. If it connects, use a combo of Fierces and Roundhouses. The best
    thing to do is stay on him.
    Vs. Roll
    Again, use the Maximum Spider Fireball Counter when Roll does a Mega Buster.
    She should be easy, since she is totally weak and has bad lag time. Throw in 
    attacks here and there. Fight her as if you were fighting Megaman. She is very
    small however, and might walk right under some of your attacks. Use the 
    C.Fierce if she gets close.
    Vs. Shadow Lady
    From what I've heard, Shadow Lady shoots lots of her missiles. So many that no
    one can get in close. Try the Jab Web Throw. She might nail you with the 
    Electro-Shock if you jump in. Her Shadow Drill has just enough lag time for 
    you to combo her.
    Vs. Captain America
    Cap uses his Shield Slash often. Watch out for it. Block Cap's Hyper Stars 'n'
    Stripes. When he rises into the air after the last hit, hit him with a Standing
    Strong, Standing Roundhouse, Spider Sting, or Fierce Web Throw. Most of all, 
    stay on him. If you don't, he gets tough. Use combos, but don't let him combo 
    Vs. Venom/Hyper Venom
    Venom uses combos a lot. Watch out for them. Block and counter. Venom is a 
    sucker for Web Balls. Use them often and combo him when he's trapped or 
    execute the Maximum Spider. Against Hyper Venom, be very aggressive and be on 
    the offensive since he is a big wuss.
    Vs. Hulk/Orange Hulk
    Hulk loves to use his Standing Fierce and Jumping Roundhouse. Watch out. Don't
    jump in or he'll nail you with the Gamma Crush. Don't jump in when he's 
    crouching or you'll get hit by his Vertical Gamma Charge. When he's crouching,
    Web Swing. Definitely use Web Ball-Maximum Spider combo. You should never use 
    Jab or Strong Web Balls though. Don't even try a Web Throw or you will get a 
    fist in the face.
    Vs. Gambit
    Watch out for that Cajun Slash. Block and counter with a Web Swing. Trap him 
    with a Web Ball and release large combos. Watch out for Gambit's most damaging
    combo: he'll use a Fierce Cajun Slash to OTG you, then he'll cancel into a Royal
    Flush. You won't be able to block because you'll be on the ground. Never, ever
    get hit by this one.
    Vs. War Machine/Mega War Machine
    WM uses his Shoulder Cannon often. Never block it. It does lots of chipping 
    damage. Just jump over it. Better yet, Air Dash over it. Trap him with Air Web
    Balls and clobber him. Use combos that cancel into Supers. Also clobber him 
    afterhe fires the Proton Cannon. It takes time to disappear, so use it to your
    advantage! War Machine also uses Fierce Repulsor Blasts. The lag time on it is
    justlong enough for you to execute the Ultimate Web Throw. Use hit-and-run 
    tactics against Mega WM.
    Vs. Wolverine
    Wolvie loves to use his Drill Claw, Tornado Claw, and Berserker Slash. He also
    loves cheap combos. Jab Web Throw when possible. Web Swing when Wolverine is 
    open. Definitely Web Ball and combo.
    Vs. Spider-Man
    Web Swing and Jab Web Throw. Web Ball and combo. Spidey is easy to beat with 
    Spidey.  Also use jumping attacks into combos and Supers. Watch out for 
    Spidey's combos, however. Just block or crouch block and counter. Spidey will 
    most likely start his combos with a J.Roundhouse. If he jumps in, let him have
    it with a Spider Sting.
    Vs. Onslaught
    First Form: Let's see.....Use a helper that can neutralize his unblockable 
    Hyper Gravs. I recommend Psylocke. When you see the Hyper Gravs, call in 
    Psylocke, then execute a combo cancelling into a Crawler Assault or Web Swing.
    If you happen to land behind Onslaught, quickly use either of these combos: 
    S.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce, or S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse. Watch out for 
    his Onslaught Headcrush. Block and counter. When he does his Mega Optic Blast,
    duck into that hole just under the Blast. Use this combo while in the hole:
    C.Jab, C.Strong, C.Fierce. Repeat until the blast ends.
    Second Form: Block, block, block! When he charges, jump up and smack his ugly 
    mug with this combo: J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse. If you can get in any other hits, 
    do so. Repeat until he's dead.
    Chun-Li: An excellent partner! Both have great air dominance. They also have 
    great speed.
    Ryu: Great partner! Both characters are among the easiest to master, and both 
    have good speed and strength. This is my best team!
    Strider Hiryu: Good partner. Both are combo crazy characters and are two of the
    best characters in the game.
    Hyper Venom: Excellent! Both are great dialers and very fast.
    Wolverine: One of the best teams. Great speed and strength. The ultimate combo
    At this time, I'd like to thank:
    Miguel Raya (foreignermiguel@hotmail.com)
    He helped me out with Strategies.
    Poln (psu19257@odin.cc.pdx.edu)
    He helped me out with Spidey's best partners.
    Migs Rustia, the webmaster of Capcom Crossovers: The Site!
    Got some combos off of his page. Also copied the move descriptions off his 
    page. Without his site, this FAQ wouldn't be here.
    I worked very hard on this FAQ, so listen up:
    c. 1998 by RYU.  No rip-offs and no making money off this FAQ. If you take 
    anything from this FAQ, at least give me credit!  This is for personal use 
    only.  This FAQ has no affiliation with Capcom whatsoever.  Ryu and Capcom 
    characters are trademarks of Capcom.  Spidey and the Marvel characters are 
    trademarks of  Marvel Comics.
    Thanx for reading my FAQ! I hope you found this guide very informative and fun.
    Good luck and happy gaming!
    Please send all your questions, comments, flames, and any tips or combos I've 
    missed to:
    While you're here in the Submission Archives, check out my Chun-Li FAQ and my 
    Morrigan FAQ. I'm constantly updating all three of my FAQs, so please check 
    back soon!

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