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    Strider by Psyduck228

    Updated: 05/21/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 17:17:00 PDT
    By: Psyduck228
    MY E-Mail: psyduck228@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
         1.   Introduction
         2.   Moves
         3.   Combos
         4.   Helpers
         5.   Strategies
         6.   Cheap tactics
         7.   How to fight other characters
         8.   Partners
         9.   Awards
         10. Special Thanks
         11. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
         This is my first FAQ, so please excuse all the mistakes. I wrote this 
    because there is
    just not enough information on Strider on the Internet or anywhere. This FAQ 
    is written in
    a way that it assumes that you already know all the basics of the game, and 
    know the
    combo system. (you should know it very well to play Strider.) This was 
    written with a
    sense of humor as well, so don’t take offense for anything on here. After 
    all the point of
    playing a game is to have fun right? None of the things written on this FAQ 
    was meant
    hurt anybody's feelings, please don't take insults seriously. Oh yeah, 
    please don't sell this
    FAQ for profit.
    2. Moves
    SJ=super jump
    DPB=dragonpunch backwards
    QCF=quarter circle forward
    HCB=half circle back
    AP=any punch
    AK=any kick
    SJ=super jump
    Lets start with strider's basic commands:
    standing 1: basically just a short range attack, not too useful, except for 
    to start dash-in
    combos. There are better choices, if you want to inflict more damage.
    standing 2: a straight sword swipe, great to catch people when they are 
    dashing at you.
    Also very quick and has decent range.
    standing 3: a long sword swipe upwards, and it has great range. Can reach 
    quite far to
    surprise people.
    standing 4: a basic kick, not much use, except maybe in combos.
    standing 5: a sword swipe downwards, also great to catch people while they 
    are dashing.
    Good to hit shorter opponents, such as Megaman, and Wolverine. Also has 
    decent range.
    standing 6: a sword swipe downwards with great range, good to beat sweeps.
    crouching 1: same as standing, but it is crouching.
    Crouching 2: same as standing, but it is crouching.
    crouching 3: a sword swipe upwards, uppercut type of an attack. This is 
    launcher, it has great range. Can be used as an anti-air move if the 
    distance is right. I'll
    explain how to use it as an anti-air move later.
    crouching 4: same as standing, but it is crouching, this is a low hit, so 
    this can surprise
    people when you dash-in.
    crouching 5: same as standing, but it is crouching.
    crouching 6: a swipe at the opponent's legs. This is strider's sweep move. 
    Has good range,
    but has a little bit of a lag time.
    jumping 1: same as standing, but it is jumping.
    jumping 2: same as standing, but it is jumping.
    jumping 3: a slash downwards, has good range and priority. This is the move 
    to use most
    often when in the air.
    jumping 4: same as standing, but it is jumping.
    jumping 5: same as standing, but it is jumping.
    jumping 6: same as standing, but it is jumping, this also has good range and 
    priority, but I
    rather use jumping 3.
    Now lets move on to the special moves. Strider has many special moves and 
    all of them
    (except maybe that stupid hang on wall move.) have a right moment to use. 
    Which I will
    talk about later. I don't know the names to the moves, so I will just 
    describe them. You
    can send me the names to them, but I probably wouldn't put it in.
    A slash downwards: QCF+AP
    the punch will determine the range. This move Strider goes towards the 
    opponent and
    slashes downwards. Can be used to OTG combo. Has no really good use, can be 
    put into
    combos, but that’s about it. Don't think too hard about this move, it is 
    almost useless.
    Strider flys across the screen: QCF+AP or AK in the air
    Strider flys a certain direction and hits you multiple times. The button you 
    push will
    determine the direction he goes. It is ideal if you want more hits at the 
    end of your air
    combo, just use jab, but your opponent can roll, and hit you before you 
    recover. Use this
    move with caution.
    A slash across the screen: DP+AP or AK
    use kick for low attacks, and punch for high attacks. This is an ideal combo 
    ender, it has
    range, and does great damage. Can also be done in the air. Reach is great 
    for this, so
    maybe you can use it for a projectile type move.
    Bomb drop: Charge B then F+AK
    Strider calls for a bomb that floats across the screen. The kick will 
    determine the length.
    Mainly used if you feel over confident, your opponent is an idiot, or feel 
    it will trade hits.
    Don't use this move much, it leaves you open to many supers.
    Call for a leopard: QCF+AK
    Strider calls for a leopard and it will run and attack the opponent. Has a 
    major delay time,
    and people will almost always see it coming, so use with caution.
    tip: If you call for a leopard from across the screen, and if your opponent 
    jumps then grab
    them for a air throw. Thanks goes to sabre_y@usa.net for this tip.
    Orb ball: Charge B then F+AP
    Strider charges for a Orb ball to rotate behind him. Do this move again to 
    fire the Orb ball.
    This is a better choice for a projectile than calling a leopard, but still 
    use with caution, as
    this move also leaves you open to attacks. Can also be done in the air.
    Disappear then dive kick: HCB+AK
    Strider disappears then reappears to do a dive kick. Maybe use this as a 
    surprise move.
    Not much use.
    Teleport: DPB+AP or AK
    Punch will be higher than kick. The punch or kick you push will determine 
    where you
    teleport to. I'll explain the use of this move later. Has a really bad 
    recovery time when
    your done teleporting.
    Hang on wall: QCB+AP
    Strider will jump back and hang on the wall. You can move up and down. Push 
    down to
    come down. Push punch for a sword swipe, and press kick to dive kick down, 
    the kick
    pushed will determine the range. Has no real purpose. If anybody has any use 
    for this
    please tell me. What kind of moron put this move in the game. It often will 
    get you killed
    in a close match. However by accident I did this move when megaman was doing 
    his beat
    plane super and I avoided the whole super, I am still not sure if the 
    computer was too
    stupid to hit me, or did was this move really meant to be used to avoid that 
    Double Jump: Jump and then Jump again
    Strider has the ability to double jump, this can be very useful so don't 
    forget about it.
    Super moves:
    Now on to the super moves. Strider doesn't have really good super moves, but 
    they can do
    some major block damage.
    Ragnarok: DP+two P
    Strider will grab the opponent and jump into the air and slash them in a X 
    form. Takes
    decent damage, but is really hard to hit somebody with it. Major delay at 
    the start of the
    super, and normally can't be comboed. You can however combo it when you have 
    Uroburos super on, but then that takes 2 bars of super and doesn't do that 
    much damage.
    So it is not really worth it.
    Uroburos: QCF+two P
    Strider charges to get a two orb balls to surround him, the orb balls will 
    hit the opponent
    and shot rings out when you attack with punch buttons. Start this super and 
    jam on the
    punch buttons really fast to get alot of rings coming out, this often 
    catches people off
    guard. Can take a lot of damage when you hit somebody with this super. This 
    super can
    cancel into any other super. You can use this and then the legion for some 
    major blocking
    Legion: QCF+two K
    Strider calls for all his birds and leopards to attack the opponent. You can 
    hold up to
    make the birds fly higher. Use this for block damage. Also watch for when 
    this super will
    end to learn how to combo after it ends. Watch for the last bird, the last 
    hit is always that
    bird, but for some reason sometimes only a few dogs come out, can somebody 
    please tell
    me why?
    3. Combos
    This is where Strider really shines. Strider has many different kinds of 
    combos, so just use
    your imagination to think up some really good ones. I will give you some 
    examples below.
    1. J4,J3,S1,S4,S2,S5,S3,S6,DP+AP or AK(This combo doesn't take that much 
    damage, it
    is strange how you get lower hits and higher damage, with different combos, 
    that involve
    the same moves.)
    2. S2,S5,S3,S6,DP+AP or AK(This combo takes more damage than the above one.)
    3. S1,S4,S2,S5,C3,then just do any air combo, you can end with and special 
    move, do the
    orb ball to look cool.
    4. C3,J1,J4,J2,J5, then double jump and J1,J4,J2,J5, and end it. The key to 
    this combo is
    to do it slowly, and it takes a lot of practice, so have fun. Once you 
    master this combo try
    to do it fast. I have got so good at it now that when I do it, it doesn’t 
    even look like I
    jumped twice. Super jump and keep pushing up to see what I mean. I even got 
    this combo
    to go off screen.
    5. You must have three levels of super charged for this combo. Have opponent 
    in the
    corner, Jump in with 3, dash-in with 1,S3,cancel into the Uroburos(this has 
    to be really,
    really fast.) and jam on the punch buttons really, really fast. now dash in 
    and keep
    attacking with whatever you want. Now as the Uroburos is about over throw a 
    legion out,
    then throw a colossus(do this fast, if you don’t it will still OTG, but then 
    your opponent
    can roll away) and do another Uroburos(the little balls have to have walked 
    off the screen
    already or you can’t do another Uroburos). Keep attacking when it is almost 
    over throw a
    colossus and then by this time you should have another super charged up, you 
    can either
    throw another legion or do a Ragnarok. You can get 99 hits with this combo.
    OK that combo that’s quite a bit of skills and timing so don’t expect to get 
    it right away.
    Here it is again: J3 dash-in S1,S3, Uroburos, jam on the punches, dash-in
    S1,S2,S1,S2,S1,S2,S1,S2, Legion, colossus, Uroburos, 
    Legion, colossus, C3, J1,J4,J2,J5,double jump1,J4,J2,J5, QCF+1 rack up to 99 
    hit with
    this combo.
    Tip: Here is a combo from sabre_y@usa.net
    Uroburos, dash-in with S1,S4,S2,S5, dash-in S1,S4,S2,S5, Michelle heart, 
    teleport and repeat. Also can get 90+ hits with this combo, thanks goes to
    sabre_y@usa.net for this one.
    Now that I got you started just go ahead and think of the rest yourself. I 
    always believed
    that the best combos are your own. feel free to E-mail me about combos.
    4. Helpers
    Helpers can change the whole outcome of the game. You can pick which one 
    suites you
    the best. Way too many people pick Psylocke, Colossus, and Lou. Try to break 
    away from
    these helpers to be more respected. Here is how to pick certain helpers:
    you'll have to hold start and the specific buttons until you get the helper 
    you wanted
    Colossus: 2,3,6
    Lou: 2
    Psylocke: 5
    Unknown soldier: 1
    Storm: 1,3,4
    Saki: 3
    Devilot: 2,3
    Pure and Fur: 4
    Jubille: 2,3,4
    Michelle Heart: 1,4
    Cyclops: 1,2,4
    Iceman: 2,5
    Thor: 2,4
    Magneto: 3,4
    Arthur: 1,2
    Anita: 1,2,3
    U.S. Agent: 2,3,6
    Rogue: 1,2,3,4
    Ton-Pooh: 1,3
    Juggernaut: 1,5
    Shadow (hidden)    1,5,3
    Sentinel (hidden)  2,5,3
    If you don’t want to remember all those buttons just remember that jab will 
    equal 1,
    strong will equal 2, fierce will equal 4, short will equal 8, forward will 
    equal 16, and
    roundhouse is not used. See how the numbers double. So if you want lou he is 
    number 2
    so just hold strong, if you want colossus he is number nineteen, so hold 
    jab, strong, and
    forward. 1+2+16=19, so do you basically get it, hope I didn’t confuse you.
    5. Strategies
    Well here comes the good stuff. The ways of winning (not being cheap, that’s 
    covered in
    the next section.) Some strategies you may not understand until you actually 
    go to the
    arcade and play Strider for a while. Well here goes.
    The importance of knowing when to push the right attacks are very important. 
    wolverine is dashing at you from a distance with a ducking 1 or something. 
    Use a standing
    5 to counter it, and continue on with the combo of standing 3, standing 6, 
    and some kind
    of ender. I usually like to end it with the slash across the screen. That 
    takes the most life,
    so why not?
    Keep attacking with Strider, don't play defensive with Strider, or you'll be 
    killed. Strider
    was never meant for turtle players. Constantly dash in with attacks, jump 
    Sometimes jump in and block if you know they will do some kind of anti-air 
    attack. Use
    the double jump to confuse the opponent, so they wouldn't know when to do an 
    That works well with captain commando when he uses that helicopter helper on 
    So your asking how to use the crouching 3 as an anti-air move. Well I'll 
    tell you...... now.
    If the opponent jumps in at you from a distance, just throw a crouching 3 at 
    him. It usually
    will hit them, and they wouldn't touch you. Since it has a long distance 
    from the sword and
    Strider. You'll have to try it to see what I mean.
    Jump in with a weaker attack and while your still in the air continue with a 
    heavier hit.
    Let's say you jump in with 4, then you can push 3, and people sometimes will 
    confused, because they are used to blocking down after they block a jump in 
    attack, but
    when you are pushing the 3 it is still be an air attack. This works well 
    when you end a air
    combo with 3, and your opponent will drop first, and you'll be dropping in 
    after them.
    When you are dropping down you can push 4, then 3, and then continue with 
    your combo.
    This a lot of times will screw people up.
    Whenever you start the Uroburos always jam on the punch buttons, even though 
    don’t actually attack, a bunch of rings will come flying out, and if your 
    close your
    opponent is usually forced to block, or get hit. If your far away have the 
    rings fly out and
    teleport towards them. Also you can connect the Uroburos after a standing 3 
    and keep on
    jamming on the punch buttons. I can only do it if I have my opponent in the 
    corner, but I
    can’t seem to get it to work in the middle of the screen, can anybody 
    confirm that it works
    from anywhere?
    Picking a good help can mean a lot. I find Strider can use just about any 
    helper. Heres
    some tricks with them.
    Lou: A very popular helper among the Strider crowd. Use Lou and then jump 
    across your
    opponent to get them confused. When you kill one guy, throw Lou out before 
    the other
    guy jumps out, and then dash behind your opponent, and they wouldn't know 
    which way
    to block. Lou can also be used defensively, but I don't like using him like 
    that. Heres
    something neat, use do Uroburos and keep pushing the punch buttons and send 
    out Lou,
    Strider doesn’t have to move and he can get 30+ hits with this if the 
    opponent doesn’t
    tip: Throw out Lou, and then teleport. You want to get it so you overlap 
    them, so they
    will not know which way to block. Then before they know it attack them, and 
    there you
    go you get a free combo. This trick also comes from sabre_y@usa.net.
    Devilot: Well, not too much use for Devilot, but I did find one useful thing 
    with her. When
    you kill off one of your opponents, put Devilot out, and then throw legion 
    out. Your
    opponent is forced to block and if they block Devilot will him them, because 
    Devilot can't
    be blocked. If they try to hit Devilot away, then they get hit by legion. 
    After they get hit by
    the legion use D3 to launch them and continue with a air combo. Some 
    consider this
    cheap, but I don't since you can only do this once. Well it's really up to 
    you. Another thing
    to do is when your opponent is in the corner, use Uroburos they dash up to 
    them and if
    they block throw a Delvilot out, and then theres nothing they can do to keep 
    from getting
    Colossus: The most popular help among everybody. I don't use him much 
    because he is somewhat cheap. You can think up your own strategies with him, 
    but one
    interesting thing you can do is, when you hit Colossus, throw legion, and 
    then keep
    tapping 3 and 6 to switch characters. Your partner will fly out and hit your 
    opponent as
    part of the combo. One of the most useful ways to change out. This also 
    works with
    Well, I can't sit here and explain all the helpers so you'll have to think 
    of somethings
    yourself. That’s right use your brain.
    Remember to roll often, or be prepared to be OTG quite often. If you are 
    somebody that rolls alot, try sweeping them and then throw legion, most 
    likely they will
    not know which way to block when they get up, or throw Lou our and they will 
    roll right
    into him.
    Well that’s about it for the fair strategies. Just remember if you want to 
    be an honorable
    player, (if there still are any of these.) then prepare to lose often, as 
    there are just too
    many scrubs, and cheap players out there.
    6. Cheap tactics
    OK this sections is for all the people that just doesn't care about honor. 
    That all they want
    is to win. (these people should know that they suck) Or are just feed up 
    with cheap players
    and want to fight back. (which still doesn't make you an honorable player, 
    because your
    going to be doing cheap things.) Well here goes, on with the cheese.
    Throwing...this may not be cheap when used mildly, but when abused, this can 
    be the
    cheapest thing in the game. Walk up and throw your opponents a few times. 
    For some
    reason I notice people get pretty pissed off when you do this. Now they try 
    to be get you
    back for throwing them. Now that you have thrown them off their game, stay 
    on yours
    and you'll do just fine. Forget about throwing, go after them with combos, 
    dash into to
    them with 2 or some kind of long range attack, so they are not in range to 
    throw you.
    Heres a major thing about this game that bothers me, block damage. I have 
    never seen a
    game where you can take so much block damage. You can be kill just from 
    blocking. This
    does put Strider at an advantage though. His legion super takes a grip of 
    block damage.
    Pick Psylocke for a helper, use Psylocke, throw legion and keep repeating 
    until you are
    out of supers. This can be jumped out of, but is quite hard for the bigger 
    characters in this
    2on1 are the cheapest thing in this game. Especially when you have Strider. 
    Just about
    anybody with a kick super will make this work. Say you have Gambit and 
    Strider just keep
    doing QCF with two kicks, and even if they block they will lose a lot of 
    block damage. No
    other combination is worst than a Strider and War Machine, there is no way 
    to jump from
    it, and blocking will at least take half life away, you just die or block, 
    your choice.(insert
    evil laugh here, waa, hahaha.)
    Well now that I have thought about it, I am not going to tell you much more 
    of these
    cheap strategies. These cheap strategies will piss people off, so use at 
    your own risk, and
    watch out for your health and well being.
    7. How to fight other characters
    Here is where I explain how to destroy the competition. Usually Strider has 
    a speed and
    priority advantage, so use this to your wisdom. Remember Strider takes in a 
    lot of
    damage, so don't trade hits. However his combos do take off quite a bit of 
    damage. I will
    cover every character in this section, and character that have different 
    forms of themselves
    will have a different section for them. I will use all strategies in this 
    section, including
    cheap ones. After all this is to teach you how to win. It's obvious that the 
    2on1 will work
    on every single character, so I will not mention them. Well lets get 
    Ryu: Well Ryu in his basic mode is not to hard to handle. Constantly dash in 
    with combos.
    Ryu players like to use there uppercut for an anti-air move, so remember to 
    block, and to
    double jump. Watch out for players that like to combo Ryu's super fireball, 
    that combo
    takes half life away, so two times and Strider is done for. A defensive Ryu 
    player likes to
    throw fireballs a lot, and these players are the easiest to beat. Constantly 
    keep jumping and
    double jumping to confuse them and once you have a chance combo them. An 
    Ryu player is even easier, because you are better at it than he is. Keep 
    yourself from a bit
    of a distance from him, and use this to your advantage, because your sword 
    will reach
    him, and he can't reach you with his attacks. Also watch out for Ryu players 
    who like to
    throw, for some reason he has good throwing priority. A good helper to use 
    would be
    Ryu in ken mode: Wow this guy will give Strider problems. Watch out for his 
    hurricane kick, because this takes so much damage. His air combo also takes 
    a lot. Most
    players keep on the offense with this mode. They will constantly attack you. 
    So just follow
    what I said about a offensive Ryu. Remember to watch out for the super 
    super, it can catch anybody off guard, because it has so much speed, and at 
    the start up it
    is invincible. A defensive player is a different story. (why the hell would 
    anybody want to
    play defensive in this mode?) Just go ahead and attack them, his fireball is 
    a joke, and they
    are just sitting ducks for you to kill. Just beware of his super 
    dragonpunch. A good helper
    to use is Lou.
    Evil Ryu: Although now as dangerous as in Ken mode, this is still a 
    character to be reckon
    with. His hurricane kick is nothing to worry about, but he has a full screen 
    fireball, and a
    diagonal direction air fireball. He can combo his air super fireball so 
    watch out. Also
    watch out for the people that like to rain on you with the air fireball 
    super. Most of the
    times they like to jump do it once, and then again to catch you off guard 
    when you try to
    attack them. Also watch out for the super dragonpunch as you would with Ken. 
    He can
    also combo his ground super fireball. This mode is not to be taken lightly. 
    A offensive and
    defensive player is hard to go against, and a mix is even worst. Just 
    remember you have
    speed, priority, and range on your side. A good helper to use is Lou.
    Gambit: OK heres one thing you don't want to do is mess with, this guy's 
    anti-air move. It
    will beat any attack you have. So don't jump too often, instead dash at him, 
    pressure him
    into making mistakes. Run up and throw him. A defensive gambit is more 
    dangerous than
    a offensive one. So use Psylocke, throw legion, and uroburos to take block 
    damage. Sure
    you play like a bitch, but hey you win. Watch out when somebody picks Gambit 
    and use
    Colossus for a helper. If they decide to play offense, then show them what 
    Strider is made
    of. A good helper to use is Psylocke.
    War Machine: Oh my god, this is the ultimate keep away character. Smart 
    bomb, smart
    bomb, smart bomb, smart bomb....oh sorry I was having one of bad memories 
    again. Well
    anyways, go attack War Machine, don't let up on it. Throw him. Don't let him 
    get away.
    An offensive War Machine is different. If he wants to come attack you let 
    him, anything to
    keep him from running away. Watch out for his 6 when he jumps on top of you, 
    it is hard
    to tell if it is a cross-up or not, so watch out. Do block damage, and stay 
    on War Machine
    if you want to win. Watch out for players who like to use his flight move to 
    run away and
    to use his diving knee. Those are the dangerous War Machine players, they 
    can really mess
    with you in the air.  He doesn’t take damage all that well. A good helper to 
    use is
    Zangief: The throwing machine Zangief. Stay a distance away from Zangief, 
    and play keep
    away. Your sword will have the range you want. Keep this up and you'll win. 
    Here a trick
    you can do, jump in and use 3, then 6, and hold back and constantly tap 2. 
    Most Zangief
    players will try to throw you when you land, but they will get thrown 
    instead. Strider
    majorly overpowers Zangief in this game. You can't really lose if you play 
    right, so don't
    screw up. You'll make yourself look bad. A good Helper would be Lou.
    Armor Zangief: Just play keep away from this guy. Stay a distance away from 
    him and use
    S3,S6 and repeat doing this until he is dead. Use legion to hit him, he 
    really can't do
    anything about it. A good helper to use would be Psylocke.
    Spiderman: Heres a guy that will give Strider problems. He's short, so when 
    he dashes in
    use a 5 to hit him, and not 2. His attacks have priority over yours, so 
    don't go at him to
    often. Instead your going to have to play this one keep away style. Do a 
    little hit and run.
    If he throw spider webs at you then super jump. Watch out for his anti-air, 
    it has extreme
    priority. A Defensive or Offensive Spiderman is the same to me. play 
    cheaply. Use block
    damage, throw him, do whatever. You can almost call Spiderman the 
    anti-Strider of this
    game. A good helper to use is Colossus.
    Wolverine: Somebody that can match the combo abilities of Strider, this is 
    certainly not a
    good thing. Wolverine players like to dash often, so use you 5 to stop them 
    dead on there
    tracks. Don't let him get too close to you. His combo's kill Strider 
    extremely fast. Well
    most Wolverines are offensive, so just one strategy will work here. Keep a 
    safe distance,
    don't let him cross you up. remember just a simple 4 can mean death. Use all 
    the tricks you
    got to beat him. Throw him, block damage, whatever. If you ever fight a 
    wolverine player, then you'll have an easy time, because wolverine like 
    Strider, was meant
    to attack. Don't use Colossus on Wolverine, because when he dash at you with 
    crouching 1, Colossus will miss him. For some reason he has really good 
    throwing range,
    almost as good as Zangief, anyways just watch out for this. A good helper to 
    use is
    Chun-Li: They certainly improved Chun-Li in this game. She has a lot of 
    priority in most
    of her moves. Her new air super takes way too much and can be comboed. So 
    watch out
    and don't get hit in the air. When you get swept always roll. When she 
    combos her super
    lighting kick, and the player keeps pounding on the buttons, it take a lot 
    of damage. Well
    as you can tell Chun-Li is a dangerous character. Keep on the offense and 
    you should be
    O.K., and go throw her a few times. Most Chun-Li players have a pattern, so 
    watch for it.
    She has a triple jump, so it can be quite confusing. Stay close to Chun-Li 
    to get put more
    pressure on. A offensive and defensive Chun-Li are the same really. Just go 
    and attack
    them before they attack you. A good helper to use is Michelle Heart.
    Captain Commando: Another keep away character. His hits take quite a bit of 
    and so does his special moves and supers. Try to stay close to him, watch 
    out for players
    that pick Colossus as a helper. Use your double jump often to confuse them 
    on when to
    use their moves, and try to be alert. His moves come out quite fast, and if 
    he has Colossus,
    it's even more dangerous. Go and throw him a few times, use block damage, he 
    damage almost as bad as Strider does, so keep that in mind. A good helper to 
    use is Lou.
    Morrigan: This is who every turtler uses. Talk about playing like a bitch. 
    Her air fireballs
    are as annoying as hell. Try to stay close and don’t let her run away. Watch 
    out for
    Colossus, that’s just about who every Morrigan player picks for a helper. If 
    they hit you
    with Colossus then a super fireball, that takes a little more than half of 
    your life bar, so
    you should really watch out. Double jump to avoid the Colossus. This is one 
    where I like to throw. Just don’t let up and keep the pressure on. Use the 
    Uroburos super
    often. A good helper to use would be Michelle Heart.
    Venom: The ultimate turtler is here. Venom really gets on my nerves. That 
    venom fang
    move really sucks. (this is my opinion, but really it is a good move and 
    beats just about
    every regular and a lot of supers in the game.) Watch out for the venom 
    fang, it has almost
    no recovery. the only time you can really hit Venom after the venom fang is 
    when you are
    in the corner. If you block a venom fang you best bet is to use 3, 6 then 
    swipe across the
    screen. That’s just about all you can do. Watch out for his standing, and 
    crouching 3, it
    reaches almost all the way across the screen. This is one character you 
    should try to kill
    with block damage. This is one character that doesn’t have to move to beat 
    you. A expert
    Venom play is very hard to beat. Good luck with him. A good helper to use 
    would be
    Captain America: Hmmm.... is it just me or does all his hits take too much 
    damage. Watch
    out, three or four simple combos and your dead. Try to stay close to him and 
    constantly. Strider can hit him after any of his supers, so remember that. 
    Just dash in and
    hit fast. Defensive and offensive Captain Americas are the same just keep on 
    pressure on them. If he uses his cartwheel move, just remember to block the 
    other way. A
    good helper to use is Lou.
    Jin: Don’t underestimate Jin. he may seem like a joke character, but he 
    really isn’t. If
    played correctly he can be a very powerful character. I have seen a few good 
    Jin players
    before. Watch out for people that like to combo his super, it takes over 
    half of Strider’s
    life when he hits any kind of combo involving his super. Watch out when they 
    have a
    Michelle Heart, or Lou helper. Try to have Jin on the defense. Remember that 
    all his hit
    take block damage. I will say this for the last time try hard to not 
    underestimate him, even
    though there aren’t all that many good Jin players out there. A good helper 
    to use is Lou.
    Hulk: Hulk is very slow, but not slow to the point were he can’t fight back 
    to Strider. use
    stronger attacks against Hulk, forget about using 1, and 4, because Hulk can 
    trade hits
    with you, and you will always get the worst of it. Watch out for his Gamma 
    Wave super,
    that can take over 60% of your life. Also watch out for Colossus, when you 
    are fighting
    against Hulk, as that can set up for the Gamma Wave. Jump in with 3,6 and 
    continue your
    combo, constantly attack Hulk and you’ll come out on top. A good helper to 
    use is Lou.
    Strider: Well use your imagination, just remember do unto others, what 
    others do unto
    you. (or something like that.) A good helper to use is Michelle Heart.
    Megaman: Hmm...This little guy if played correctly can give Strider some 
    trouble. If
    played incorrectly, you can destroy him. Watch out for players that like to 
    play block
    damage. Watch out for players that send out Lou, kick a rock ball and use 
    the mega
    buster. You can get kill by just block damage. So watch out for it. If they 
    don’t do that
    and like to attack with Megaman then you will have a easy time, he is no 
    match for
    Strider. Strider just destroys him. A good helper to use is Cyclops.
    Roll (hidden): Now heres the joke character, if you can’t beat her you 
    shouldn’t play
    Strider anymore. Why make him look bad right? Use any helper it doesn’t 
    Gold War machine (hidden): Well, do what you would do with armored Zangief. 
    keep away, use you Uroburos super, and remember you can block while you are 
    using this
    super. A good helper to use is Psylocke.
    Red Venom (hidden): Well heres the fastest character in the game. Watch out 
    for his
    throw, and try to attack him before he attacks you. Just do something, he 
    can’t take
    damage. If you can’t hit him then use helpers and legion to kill him by 
    block damage. he
    can’t even take block damage. All I have to say is, you either have a very 
    hard time or a
    very easy time. A good helper to use is Psylocke.
    Orange Hulk (hidden): Well he is quicker, but he has no armor. So whatever 
    you did to
    Hulk will work with him, and he is easier because he has no armor, and he is 
    not nearly as
    quick as Strider. A good Helper to use is Lou.
    Shadow Lady: Hmmm... haven’t seen too many Shadow lady players. She isn’t 
    nearly as
    dangerous as Chun-Li. Well I guess you can use your Chun-Li strategy against 
    her. A
    good helper would be Michelle Heart.
    Lilith: Same damn thing as Morrigan. Except maybe a worst fireball, so 
    overall is even
    worst. Just stick with the same Strategies as Morrigan. Maybe she likes to 
    attack a little
    more, that’s about it. A good helper would be Michelle Heart.
    8. Partners
    In this section I will tell you who are good partners, who aren’t, and what 
    advantages you
    would have. Also remember the 2on1 and what they can do with block damage 
    together. I
    will also give you some good combos with these other characters. With the 
    combos I am
    not going to include jump-in attacks, you can use what ever you want, and if 
    I don’t know
    what the move is called, I will just put the motion for it down.
    I will also rate them. It goes from Poor, O.K., Good, Great, and Excellent.
    Ryu: Well, Ryu and Strider is a not that good of a combination. They both 
    play a different
    style of game. They just don’t seem to mix together. Well maybe somebody can 
    prove me
    wrong, but if I was playing a game I wanted to win I wouldn’t use them.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    1. S4,S3, super fireball (the combo of choice with Ryu, takes really good 
    damage, also
    works with evil Ryu.)
    2. D4,D5, super dragonpunch (a very easy and effective combo to use in ken 
    mode, and
    evil mode.)
    3. S4,S3, change into Ken or Evil Ryu, then super dragonpunch (Now this is a 
    Gambit: Except for the 2on1 there really isn’t too many other good things I 
    can say about
    this team.
    Rating: O.K.
    Combos to use:
    1. Punch Throw, Royal Flush (this works anywhere on screen, and you can’t 
    roll after
    Gambit’s punch throw. If you have your opponent in the corner, you can do a 
    D2,D3 and
    do an air combo instead.)
    2. Colossus, dash-in S3, Throw cards with 3, Royal Flush (you have to hit 
    the S3 before
    Colossus hits for the fifth time, so as he hits the fifth time you cards 
    will connect.)
    War Machine: Say cheese. All I have to say. (insert evil laugh here, waa, 
    Rating: Excellent
    Combos to use:
    1. D2,S6,J1,J4,J2,J5,J+U3, flight,J1,J2,J+U3, shoulder cannon (this combo 
    takes some
    2. D2,S6, war destroyer (easy and takes a lot of damage)
    Note: Remember to 2on1, and watch people get pissed.
    Zangief: Use the 2on1, and have Strider throw legion and Zangief go grab. 
    Zangief has
    power, Strider has speed, so why not add this together. This is a deadly 
    combination if
    used correctly.
    Rating: Great
    Combos to use:
    1. D2,J4,J5, short spinning closeline, as they drop down, do a J5, and then 
    do somekind of
    throw.(you can use 2 to throw them back up and repeat the combo, you can get 
    out of this
    since after the second J5 it is not a combo anymore, but is rather hard if 
    playing against a
    good Zangief player.)
    2. S6, DP+4 to air grab(normally use a Jumping bodypress to hit them first 
    and then use
    this combo.)
    Spiderman: Yes! This is a very good team. Spiderman has so much priority. 
    These two
    just seem to go together, give this combination a try and you’ll know what I 
    mean. The
    2on1 is not too bad either.
    rating: Excellent
    Combos to use:
    1. D4,D5,S6,J1,J4,J2,J5, somekind of finisher (use J3 to finish and you land 
    after your
    opponent, and while your dropping you can either attack or chose to come 
    down then
    attack with a low attack, this confuses people.)
    Wolverine: A team more on offense than anything else. Perhaps that’s a good 
    thing, but
    remember stop attacking, and you die. If you 2on1 do a QCF+two P Wolverine 
    will be
    doing his berserker barrage, while Strider does his Uroburos. Now that your 
    thinks it is safe to hit Wolverine, because Strider is so far away from 
    them, use Strider to
    teleport to catch them off guard. Not too bad if your playing turtles. 
    Didn’t get a excellent
    rating because you hear so much shit from the crowd.
    Rating: Good
    Combos to use:
    1. in or close to corner D1,D4,D5,D3,D6, super jump 1,J4,J2,J5, head stomp, 
    J6 OTG
    with S4,S5,S5,S3,S6 (remember you have to super jump or it this combo will 
    not work.
    Remember to let go of down after the head stomp, and just push 6. When you 
    OTG them,
    they can’t roll away. this combo is a little hard at first, but keep trying, 
    watch for the frame
    of animation when wolverine is about to recover from his D6 and that is when 
    you super
    jump. If you have Wolverines Berserker rage on you can do it anywhere on 
    2. D1,D4,D5,D3,D6, qcb+1 (don’t do this combo if your in or near the corner, 
    because if
    you are fighting some fast character, they will be able to hit you. Also it 
    will not hit
    Megaman, or Roll.)
    3. D1,D4,D5,D3, Berserker Barrage (simple and damaging combo.)
    4. D1,D4,D5,D3,D6, Fatal claw (Yet another simple and damaging combo.)
    5. In corner D1,D4,D2,S6,J1,J4,J2,J5, head stomp, J6, OTG with S4,D2,S3,S6 
    (Also in
    this combo to remember to let go of down after the head stomp.)
    Chun-Li: This can work out, but I couldn’t seem to do anything useful with 
    them. Maybe
    it is because I don’t really use Chun-Li, well if somebody has advice let me 
    Combos to use:
    1. D1,D2,D3, Super lighting kick (jam on the buttons to see the full effect 
    of this combo,
    very damaging with the max amount of hits.)
    2. S6,J1,J4, air demon (also very damaging.)
    Captain Commando: A keep away character and a offensive player? Sure, why 
    not? It
    throws people off every once in awhile.
    Rating: Good
    Combos to use:
    1. D4,S6, Captain Sword
    2. In corner dash-in D1,D3, Captain Storm (this is a very nice combo, 
    remember to
    3. D1,D3, qcb+3 (takes no super and is very damaging.)
    Morrigan: No, no, no. This is not good. I hate this combination. Doesn’t 
    seem to have
    anything good about them.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    1. Colossus, Soul Eraser (this is the only damn thing that is somewhat good 
    with her.)
    To me she is just a keep away character and nothing more, so combo don’t 
    really help her
    Venom: Yes, a good combination. They can be very good together. Have Venom 
    first, then have Strider to come in and take care of the rest. They’ll never 
    know what hit
    them when the whole match they try to come and hit you, then you throw out 
    Strider and
    to bash his head in. A very good team indeed.
    Rating: Great
    Combos to use:
    1. Dash-in D1,D5, Venom bite super (the one with the kicks.)
    2. Punch throw, S1,S5, Venom bite super
    basically just stand in one place and play turtle and you’ll be just fine.
    Captain America: Well, there 2on1 works. This team will also have power and 
    speed, and
    works pretty good.
    Rating: Good
    Combos to use:
    1. In the corner D1,D2,S3, Final Justice or hyper charging star
    2. In the corner D2,S6, Final justice or hyper charging star
    3. D1,D2,D3,J1,J1,J1,double jump, J1,J4,J2,J5,J3
    Jin: Probably should stay away from him. It just doesn’t seem to work out.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    1. Jump in with J+D6,D1,D2, Blodia Punch (I only added the jump in is 
    because most
    people fall for it.)
    2. D1,D3, OTG with Blodia Vulcan (If they roll sometimes they will not know 
    which way
    to block if they roll too far.)
    3. In the corner D1,D3,super jump and cancel into J+D3, Dash-in D1,D3, OTG 
    Colossus, Blodia Vulcan, or Blodia Punch (you have to super jump and cancel 
    it super
    fast, this combo really takes practice, but really pays off, because it’s so 
    damn cool. If you
    don’t want to OTG then you can Super jump after the second D1, and either 
    end with J6,
    or air throw.)
    Hulk: You’ll have some major power on your side. I imagine some people can 
    find some
    good uses with this team.
    Rating: O.K.
    Combos to use:
    1. D4,D3, cancel into a gamma wave
    2. In the corner D1,S3, Gamma crush or Gamma quake
    3. In the corner D1,S3, super jump J1,J4,J3 as you come down OTG with 
    (Mega damaging combo, that takes no super at all, and they can’t roll away. 
    If you want,
    you can air throw instead of the J3, and still continue this combo, but they 
    can roll away,
    but if they don’t roll away, then you can super jump again after the S3 and 
    repeat the
    Strider: Hmmmm.... this is the dream combination.
    Rating: You tell me
    Megaman: Not all that good, you really don’t need any block damage. Strider 
    can take
    care of that by himself, he really doesn’t have anything Strider can use.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    1. S6,J1,J4,Hyper megaman
    2. Charge the mega buster for about 20-30 seconds, S1,S2, Mega buster, 
    taunt, and then
    team super(you can skip the taunt, but it makes this combo look so much 
    Roll (hidden): Worst than Megaman. Stay clear of her.
    Rating: Death
    Combos to use:
    None, don’t bother
    Red Venom (hidden): Super fast, but I would stay with regular Venom. I don’t 
    really like
    this guy, you put this team together and die pretty fast.
    Rating: Good
    Combos to use:
    1. Punch throw, S1,S4,S2,S5,S6, venom bite super (just keep holding forward 
    while you
    are doing this combo.)
    You can pretty much think of your own combos with him, it’s not that hard 
    with this guy.
    Orange Hulk (hidden): Well, just stay with regular Hulk.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    1. D4,D3, Gamma Wave
    2. D1, Gamma Quake (works with regular Hulk too.)
    Shadow Lady (hidden): hmmm... don’t know how to use her either. I feel that 
    she is worst
    than Chun-Li, so I really think you shouldn’t use this team.
    Rating: Poor
    Combos to use:
    Send me some
    Lilith (hidden): Same thing as Morrigan, just read above. Except maybe 
    Rating: Below poor
    Combos to use:
    9. Awards
    Heres a little thing I made up to give characters the credit that they 
    Most overpowered character in the game:
    Strider or Wolverine (can’t decide, they are both really overpowered.)
    Spiderman and Chun-Li (these two have too much priority, don’t know which 
    one is
    Most annoying character:
    Morrigan (the way she plays, not the way she looks.)
    War Machine (the ones that like to run away.)
    Coolest Character:
    Jin (minus the disturbing move where he takes off his clothes, hes just so 
    damn cool.)
    Strider (Need I say anything else.)
    Best super move:
    Jin’s Blodia Vulcan (The first person view makes this one my favorite.)
    Morrigan’s heart super (you just can’t leave this one out.)
    Best Comeback Character:
    Jin (It’s all about the armor.)
    Strider (He can’t take hits, but he sure can give them.)
    Most overpowered team:
    Strider and War Machine (it’s just all about block damage.)
    Strider and Wolverine (If there was no such thing as a 2on1, they would have 
    Most Annoying team:
    Morrigan and War Machine (Sorry people that like to play keep away.)
    Morrigan and Lilith (as if one wasn’t bad enough.)
    10. Special Thanks
    Here are the people that I want to thank:
    shanebadoo@sunbeach.net for reading this FAQ over for me and being a cool 
    sabre_y@usa.net also for reading over my FAQ, giving me some tips, and being 
    a nice
    11. Conclusion
    Well, so what do you think of this FAQ, is it any good. Please give me some 
    feedback, as
    this is my first FAQ. Oh yeah and the legal stuff, Capcom characters are 
    trademarks of
    Capcom, and Marvel Characters are trademarks of Marvel.
    Remember my E-mail is Psyduck228@hotmail.com, E-mail me if you have and 
    or contributions.
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