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    Endings FAQ by SFox

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    	Version 1.0
    	Researched and presented by Sylvester Fox.
    	All characters appearing are owned by either Marvel or Capcom,
    		and appear without permission.
    	This writing (C) 1998 Sylvester Fox.
    Greetings.  This document is intended to compile the various 'endings'
     for the characters of 'Marvel Vs Capcom'.  This listing is as complete
     as my research permits, the extent of which is noticable by the version
    Version history:
    1.0:  This one.  All data from memory, with several empty places.
    This document contains 'spoilers':  the endings are shown only if you
     get a clear win against Onslaught form 2 (either by draining his life
     or by time over).  While you may see his loss animation for a draw,
     it is not counted as a win.  If I remember rightly, your characters
     appear with a victory quote, but the game ends (this learned via a
     conflict between Beat Plane and Eye Beam).
    Finally, the content.  Note that material in quotation marks are reason-
     ably accurate quotes; questionable text is described instead.  Script
     format is used.
    <Interior:  Avengers' HQ>
    [Captain America is addressing the group of Capcom fighters, including
     Lillith (leaning on Morrigan cutely) and Roll (by Mega Man).]
    Captain America mentions how Professor Xavier's psyche/spirit/whatever,
     even trapped in Onslaught, managed to call for help--and getting allies
     from the Capcom universe.  The deed done, he says, they can now go back.
    [After this, the Capcom lot fades out as if teleported.]
    <Interior:  Avengers' HQ, main screen>
    [An Avenger 'grunt' is monitoring a console in front of the main screen,
     and points at it.]
    The grunt mentions how Onslaught seems to have disappeared from the area.
    [After this, Captain Commando appears on the screen.]
    C. COMMANDO:  'Onslaught has been defeated.  All is clear.'
    GRUNT:  'Who are you?'
    C. COMMANDO:  'I am Captain Commando.'
    CHUN LI:
    <Exterior:  Onslaught's burning city backdrop>
    [The psychic sparkles that appear when Onslaught is defeated float in
     the centre.  Xavier's body is not there.]
    Onslaught goes on about how he cannot be defeated.
    [Captain America jumps in from the left.]
    The Captain says something heroic.
    [Cap performs a Charging Star into the sparkles.  The screen flashes,
     then reverts back to the Marvel lot standing around Cap's shield, with
     Xavier on his floating chair.]
    Xavier mentions the Captain's sacrifice, and the Hulk notes that that's
     how the good Captain would have wanted to go out.
    Unknown, possibly like regular Hulk's.
    <Exterior:  Onslaught's burning city>
    [A little atom-like glowing thing sits in the centre of the ground.  Mega
     Man runs in from the left, reaches it, and is beamed up.  Change to:]
    <Weird background:  themed after Big Bang Laser or Proton Cannon>
    [Megaman stands on the left, facing right, and demonstrates his new item
     weapon, which a caption below describes:  'You now have Electromagnetic
     Shockwave'.  Pity you don't get to try it yourself.]
    <Interior:  Zombie rock bar>
    [Morrigan stands just to the left, facing right.]
    Morrigan laments the lack of strong souls for her to challenge.
    [Ryu jumps in from the right and assumes a fighting stance.]
    Ryu then challenges Morrigan.
    'READY' ... 'FIGHT!'
    [The screen then transforms into a Puzzle Fighter setup, and you even have
     some control over the blocks on Morrigan's side.]
    <Exterior:  Onslaught's stage>
    [Rush sits waiting on the right for Roll as she runs in from the left.
     Roll goes into her 'flexing' victory pose as she talks with Dr Light,
     projected from Rush.]
    ROLL:  'I did it!  I finished the stage before Mega Man!'
    DR LIGHT:  'Wow ... that's amazing, roll!'
    	   'Dr Wiley's evil ambition must be stopped.'
    	   'I'm gonna enhance your power!  Now get going!' (?)
    [Fliptop beams down and flings out an item that is exactly like what Mega
     Man picks up in his ending.  Roll catches this and transforms into Hyper
    ROLL:  'Yes!  I'm ready to save the world!'  Let's do it!'
    [Roll blasts off to the right as Rush and Fliptop beam out.  Mega Man then
     runs in from the left and looks back and forth a few times.  Presumably
     he sees his sister blasting off for battle, and he drops to a knee and
     sheds a tear, probably seeing a long career in the cleaning field ahead
     of him.]
    <Exterior:  Moon base (?) stage>
    [Ken and 'Sean' (the other guy that looks like he's either always got a
     bubble, or had his mouth taped) watch as Ryu goes through another
    Sean comments on how Ryu, even after beating Onslaught, keeps on training.
     Ken agrees in admiration.  He then gets Sean to ask Ryu to train him.
     Ryu agrees, and Ken takes off for a night with Eliza.
    Unknown, but rumoured to involve 'Shadow Jin'.
    <Exterior:  Onslaught's stage> (?)
    Strider stands and mentions the fight is over.
    [Strider hops on an eagle hang glider and flies off.  Cut to:]
    <Exterior:  Ocean>
    [A whale's outline is seen in the water.  It surfaces slowly, then Strider
     sails in and lands on its back, facing its 'front'.]
    <Exterior:  Onslaught's Stage>
    Venom talks to their partner about how good a partner he/she is and asks
     him/her to join them to fight for good, with the cheerful cohort of:
    VENOM:  'We'll crush their skulls and eat their brains!'
    [The partner seems to go into their 'time loss' stance--Wolverine holds
     his hand over his eyes, Roll would probably drop and bawl, Strider would
    Unknown, probably similar to Venom's.
    Unknown, probably similar to War Machine's.
    <Exterior:  somewhere>
    [Bloodia sits idle to the right; Zangief faces it from the left.]
    ZANGIEF:  'Hey!  Robot!  Come here and fight!'
    [Zangief growls and turns into Mega Zangief.]
    ZANGIEF:  'Grrr!  I'm the Red Cyclone!'
    [Zangief lumbers forward as per Flying Bear Grab or Final Atomic Buster.
     Cut to:]
    <Exterior:  Space, planet Earth>
    [A skull-shaped mushroom cloud arises from the southwestern part of the
     visible globe.  I guess that's why it's called 'Atomic' ... ]
    This file is obviously incomplete.  Any who wish to help may send notes
     to:  'sfox@pinky.wtower.com'.  Future installments may include:
    -More endings
    -Ratings of endings (right now Strider and Hulk are in the running for
    	last place)
    Again, feel free to send information.  Not rumours, but information.
     Please note that all endings here have been personally witnessed (and
     in almost all cases, reached) by me, although as you can see I may
     have erred on direct quotes.
    All endings are really the property of Capcom; these are attempts at
     transcription.  However, use of the descriptions as I used them is 
     covered by copyright law.
    Thank you,
    Sylvester Xavier Fox
    16 August 1998.

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