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    Captain America by CMEYERS752

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/30/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Marvel Vs. Capcom
             Captain America FAQ V. 1.0
    1.) Why to Pick Captain America
    2.) Special Moves
    3.) Hyper Combos
    4.) Strategies
    5.) Combos
    6.) Comboing Hyper Combos
    7.) Best Helpers
    8.) Best Partners
    9.) Credits
    B=      Back
    F=      Forward
    C=      Crouch
    QCF= Quater Circle Forward
    QCB= Quater Circle Backwards
    HCF= Half Circle Forward
    HCB= Half Circle Backwards
    SJ=    Super Jump
    WP=  Weak Punch
    MP=  Medium Punch
    FP=   Fierce Punch
    WK=  Weak Kick
    MK=  Medium Kick
    FK=   Fierce Kick
    DP=   Dragon Punch Motion (Towards-to-down-to-towards.)
    1.) Why to Pick Captain America
    Captain America has the tools to be the best character in the game.
    His weakest strength is speed, but is agility makes up for it.  To
    win with him, you must out smart your opponent and counter off
    misplaced moves.  You must also learn how to combo his Double
    Team-up Hyper off a sweep.  At anytime, Cap can dominate any
    opponent if used correctly.  This FAQ will try to help you improve
    your knowledge on how to use Cap correctly and efficiently.
    2.) Special Moves
    QCF + Any Punch
    Shield Slash- This is a very effective projectile.  It comes out moderately
    fast and loses a lot for a projectile.  It can be thrown in 3 directions
    depending on which punch you use.  
    Using the WP, Cap throws his shield low to the ground.  This can be
    used as an OTG (On The Ground Hit) after a sweep.  Also, if you
    throw this in the air, it will come down in a 45 degree angle.  Can
    be used as an AC Finisher (Air Combo Finisher.)  
    Using the MP, Cap throws the shield shoulder height.  This comes
    out and travels the fastest out of the three.  Use this against slow
    characters like Hulk and Zangief who have trouble avoiding projectiles.
    Using the FP, Cap throws his shield in a 135 degree angle.  Use this
    as an air defender against opponents that constantly jump-in.  This
    loses the most damage of the 3 directions, and can also be used to
    get rid of your shield if you want to.
    DP + Any Punch
    Stars and Stripes- Cap jumps in the air with his shield on his shoulder.
    This is Cap's main air defender.  The stronger the punch button, the
    higher Cap will jump.  This move should be used sparingly.  It has a lot
    of recovery time if blocked or missed.
    HCB + Any Punch
    Cartwheel- Cap will do a cartwheel across 1/4 of the screen.  This is a
    very useful move.  It can go through projectiles and get you out of corners.
    The only drawback with this move is that Cap can be hit when ending the
    cartwheel.  Do not abuse the cartwheel and try not to be predictable when
    using this.
    QCF + Any Kick
    Charging Star- Cap will go charge at the opponent.  If he has shield while
    doing this, it can go through projectiles and hit your opponent.  The different
    kick buttons determine how far Cap will travel.  This moves loses a lot of
    damage and can be used as an OTG hit.  If you miss with this move, or it
    is blocked, chances are that you'll get countered.  Cap has a lot of recovery
    3.) Hyper Combos
    QCF + 2 Punches
    Final Justice- Cap slings his shield over his back and charges at your
    opponent.  He puts his opponent in an 8 hit combo, throws him up,
    catches him, and slams him down with a big explosion.  This has
    startup time and does hardly any chipping damage.  It has very little
    recovery time and can be comboed though.  Cap also does a little hop
    that goes over most projectiles.
    DP + 2 Punches
    Hyper Stars and Stripes- Cap does 2 weak Stars and Stripes and ends
    with a fierce Stars and Stripes.  This moves comes out lightning fast and
    does good chipping damage.  It can be comboed very easily also can be
    used when the opponent is OTG.  Its only drawback is that it has a lot of
    recovery time and should not be used unless it is comboed or to chip an
    opponent to death.
    QCF + 2 Kicks
    Hyper Charging Star- Cap does a Charging Star.  There is a blue aura infront
    of him while he is charging.  This move goes through all projectiles, even beam
    supers.  It loses a ton of damage, can be comboed, and very little recovery 
    but does have some startup time.
    4.) Strategies
    To play with Cap effectively, you need to be calm and patient throughout the 
    Let your opponent make mistakes and counter.  If at anytime you are in the 
    or in trouble, simply cartwheel to trap your opponent.  If you feel you are 
    being out
    matched in speed and quickness, slow the match down.  Learn to push block.
    Let your opponent jump-in with 2-3 air attacks and push block him to the other
    half of the screen.  This will allow you to get some extra space between you and
    your opponent to counter or rethink your next move.
    (1)  If your opponent starts to hurl fireballs constantly, you can either 
    cartwheel and
    get him in a quick Hyper Stars and Stripes, or use the Charging Star move to
    penetrate the fireball and hit your opponent.
    (2)  If you are playing against an opponent that just sits in the corner
    and blocks, throw a C.WP and Cartwheel immediatly.  Your opponent will probably
    block the C.WP, but will not see the Cartwheel coming and you'll be able to 
    him over by following a combo after the Cartwheel.
    (3)  If playing a speedy opponent that constantly dashes, use Cap's FP or C.WP.
    The FP has great range, comes out quickly, and loses a lot of damage from your
    opponent.  The C.WP comes out quickly and can setup an air combo.  Remember,
    Cap has a double jump.  Use it to confuse opponents into wasting hypers and
    misplacing timed fireballs.  Also, use it to buy yourself some extra time to 
    think and
    plan for your next attack.
    (4)  If you lose your shield, don't panic.  Cap loses some range and strength, 
    gains quickness.  Many opponents will try to prevent you from getting your 
    back, use this to your advantage.  If you want to get your shield back, you can
    Cartwheel to it and be safe, or get near it and do a sweep.
    5.) Combos
    These are not all Cap's combos.  They're are just his most effective ones.  Set
    these up by a jumping WP, MP, then go into a C.WP, C.FP to launch your
    opponent.  Also, use the Cartwheel to set up the C.WP.  Cap's most damaging
    AC Finishers (Air Combo Finishers) are the SJ. FP and the SJ. Shield Slash.
    Cap has the standard sweep combo, (C.WK, C.MK, C.FK.) and two air series
     (1) (SJ. WP, SJ. WK, SJ. MP, SJ. MK, AC Finisher.)
     (2) (SJ. WP, SJ. WP, SJ. WP, Jump again, SJ. WP, SJ. MP, SJ. MK,
    AC Finisher.)  
    Note:  You can use the SJ. WK after the SJ. WP on the second jump against
    some characters.  It can mess up the rest of the combo, so play it safe and
    just go from the SJ. WP to the SJ. MP after the second jump.
    1.) SJ. WP, SJ. MP, C.WP, C.FP, Air Series.
    2.) C.WK, C.MK, C.FK, Shield Slash
    3.) C.WP, C.MP, C.FP, Air Series.
    4.) C.FP, Stars and Stripes
    5.) WK, FK, Charging Star
    6.) Comboing Hyper Combos
    One of the great advantages of Cap is that he can combo all of his hypers.  Use
    the FK to set up any hyper you want.  Also, since Cap does his Hyper Stars
    and Stripes hyper in his double team hyper, it can be comboed very easily.
    (If Cap is not in the match, he will do Hyper Charging Star.)
    1.) C.WK, C.MK, C.FK, Hyper Stars and Stripes or Double Team hyper
    2.) WK, FK, Any Hyper or Double Team hyper
    3.) SJ. WP, SJ. MP, WK, C.FK, Hyper Charging Star  (This combo is very
    difficult to get off.  You need to be very quick about the Hyper Charging Star
    after the FK.)
    4.) WP, FP, Final Justice   (Cap can't have his shield while doing this combo.)
    5.) Helper, Hyper Charging Star
    7.) Best Helpers
    To choose a helper, after each round, hold start and the correct buttons to
    choose your helper.  These two are basically the best two helpers for Cap.
    You shouldn't need to use anyone else.
    1. WP, MP, MK
    Colossus- Colossus comes out a little above Cap and charges across the
    screen carrying your opponent with him for 5 hits.  This is a great defender
    against jump-in attacks and sets up the Hyper Charging Star hyper great.
    2. MK
    Psylocke- Psylocke comes out very fast and carries your opponent across
    the screen.  She doesn't juggle your opponent as well as Colossus, but you
    can get a Hyper Charging Star hyper off.
    8.) Best Partners
    Cap will need a little help.  These are the partners that I think go very good
    with Cap.  If you have any suggestions or comments about who is Caps
    Best Partner, let me know and I may rank them differently if you have a good
    1. Strider- This team is very good.  The one weak point of Cap is his speed,
    Strider is very fast and has very good combos.  He takes hits very poorly,
    but Cap makes up from this loss by taking hits very well.  Both characters
    have a double jump and Strider even has a wall stick.  When tagging with Cap,
    use a sweep and do a Double Team-Up hyper.  This usually catches an
    opponent off guard, loses a lot of damage, and is a safe way to tag.  Go on
    full offensive with Strider.  When Cap comes in, slow the match down and
    counter.  Colossus sets up Legion well, and Strider's Ouroborus sets up his
    Ragnorak well, too.
    2. Spider-Man- This is a very strong team that can inflict damage very fast.
    Spider-Man can't take hits the greatest.  Both characters can combo their
    Double Team-Up hyper very easily by a sweep.  Remember, against a smart
    opponent, use this to tag safely.  Spider-Man has an air dash and a wall stick.
    Go on full offensive with Spidey, and mix things up with Cap by going in the
    defensive, countering mode.  Use Colossus to set up Maximum Spider for a
    lot of damage.
    3. Morrigan- This is a good team if used correctly.  Morrigan can't take
    hits well, but Cap makes up for that.  Morrigan also has an air dash that
    you can take advantage of.  Use Morrigan to play a game of keep-away.
    This will open things up for Cap and you can catch opponents off guard.
    Also, combo thier Double Team-Up hyper and you can send your
    opponent in a world of hurt.
    4. Chun Li- Chun Li can dominate the air with a triple jump and an air dash.
    She is very quick and agile, but she can't deal hits the greatest, and she can't
    take them very good either.  Use her Air Demon combo to knock off a lot of
    power.  Also, confuse your opponent with her quick speed and counter with
    Cap.  Again, when tagging with Cap, use his Double Team hyper to inflict a
    lot of damage and a safe tag.
    9.) Credits
    This FAQ was designed for the Arcade version of Marvel Vs. Capcom.
    All combos, special moves included in this FAQ were done and tested by
    me.  Thanks to Capcom for making another great game, Marvel for their
    great characters, and to GameFAQs.
    Any questions, comments?  Contact me at CMEYERS752@aol.com
    The Capcom characters are (C) Capcom of Japan and (C) Capcom
    of America.  The Marvel characters are (C) Marvel Company.
    This FAQ should not be reproduced, sold, or published in anyway, shape,
    or form.
    (C) CMEYERS752

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