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    Gambit by doc

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    And now presenting...........
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    RAGIN' CAJUN MvC FAQ (ver. 0.2)
    "Care To Deal Again"
    This is my first time a writing up a FAQ so please bear with me if it the 
    layout looks a bit unco. :)  Anyways since it is my first faq, I decided to 
    write it up on one of my favourite players. Gambit or Mr. Cool, or even 
    'Gumbo' as Wolverine would call him.
    Table Of Contents
    1. Revision History
    2. Gambit's Moves
         a)Basic Moves
         b)Special Moves
    3. Combos
    4. Strategies
    5. How to Fight Onslaught
    6. Acknowledgement And Thanks
    7. Copyright Info
    - Version 0.2 (released 4/4/98)
    	Added in a section on how to fight Onslaught. This info 
    	was provided by "The Foreigner". Added him in the A&T 
    	section. Added in some strategies in the Strategy section
    	and borrowed some of Migs' combos from his page (Hope 
    	that's okay Migs :) ). 
    - Version 0.1 (released 20/3/98)
    	Started to create the basic structure of the site. Got 
    	the basic, special and super moves down. Added a link 
    	to Migs' MvC site and to Kao's Page in the A&T section. 
    	Combos and other stuff coming soon.
    	a) Basic Moves
    	Jab Punch - 
    	STANDING = Gambit does a quick backfist at the 
    	CROUCHING = Same as above
    	JUMPING  = Same as above
    	Strong Punch - 
    	STANDING = Gambit brings his staff down towards the 
    	ground. Can be used as air defense because it can
    	catch people who usually expect you crouching for the
    	CROUCHING = Gambit takes a short swing, as if he were
    	putting it down (that's the best I can explain it)
    	JUMPING = Gambit takes a semi quick baseball-type 
    	swing. Not very good for jumping in. Best to be used
    	in a combo or when your opponent is above you.
    	Fierce Punch - 
    	STANDING = Gambit swings his staff horizontally. Very
    	good horizontal range, which knocks opponents away. 
    	There is a bit of startup and recovery delay though.
    	CROUCHING = Gambit sort of does an uppercut with his 
    	staff. His launcher. Very powerful and has excellent
    	priority against people jumping in. 
    	JUMPING = Gambit swings his staff down towards the 
    	ground. Very good range and insane priority against 
    	other attacks. Powerful.
    	Short Kick - 
    	Not done yet. Can't be bothered.
    	Forward Kick - 
    	Can't be bothered either (Hey it's Midnight)
    	Roundhouse Kick - 
    	STANDING = Gambit does a forward roundhouse kick
    	CROUCHING = Gambit performs a sweep move. His knockdown
    	manouvere. Good range and can be followed up with and 
    	of his OTG moves
    	JUMPING = Does a roundhouse sweep in the air. A little 
    	short on the range and not useful for jumping in. Best 
    	to stick with the J. FP
    	b) Special Moves
    	Kinetic Card : QCF + any punch
    	Gambit projectile. He charges up a playing card with 
    	kinetic energy and throws it at his opponent. How long he 
    	charges depends on the punch button. If it connects, then
    	his opponent is stunned. Leaving them open to attack.
    	Trick Card : QCB + any punch
    	Gambit's psuedo anti-air move. Basically same as the Kinetic
    	Card, but this time he throws it up. Not that good of an 
    	anti-air becuase it takes so long for him to charge it. If
    	you do connect, you have all the time in the world to hit
    	your opponent.
    	Cajun Strike : DPM + any punch
    	Gambit performs a series of attacks with his trusty staff.
    	Depending on which button you use, Gambit will differ in
    	his strikes. They're listed below : 
    	Jab : Gambit swings his staff once at his opponent. Comes 
    	out very quick and can be used to counter certain combos.
    	I use this if my opponent blocks my launcher to stop him
    	from countering. 
    	Strong : Gambit does a three-hit strike with his staff. 
    	He does a small hop on the first strike so it may be 
    	useful in dodging sweeps.
    	Fierce : Here, Gambit does another 3-hit strike with a
    	couple of interesting differences. First he travels very 
    	far while doing this move. Second of all, this move OTG's.
    	Only the last 2 hits will hit them though. 
    	Cajun Escape : Charge Down then Up with any punch or kick
    	Gambit jumps from wall to wall and then comes down with a 
    	kick or a swing from his staff. It's okay for a surprise 
    	attack but that useful.
    	c) Super Moves
    	Royal Flush : QCF + 2 Punch
    	Gambit throws his staff high into the air and unleashes his
    	whole deck of cards. In essence this is a beam super. Quick 
    	startup and the lag time after the super has been greatly 
    	shortened. OTG's after C.RK so it can be a good setup for a 
    	team super.
    	Cajun Explosion : QCF or QCB + any kick
    	Finally a new super!! Gambit jumps onto the wall, and then 
    	throws down a charged card. The card then explodes into a 
    	shockwave of Kinetic. Resembles Hulk's Gamma Wave. Very 
    	good for crossing people up and people also think that Gambit
     	is doing the Cajun Escape so they'll try and counter attack 
    	with an anti-air. Also it does great chipping damage. 
    3. Combos
    Easy Combos
    1) D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Kinetic Card
    2) C.Roundhouse --> Fierce-Cajun Slash or Royal Flush(OTG)
    3) J.Fierce \/ S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Cajun Slash
    4) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ Jab-Cajun Slash
    5) Helper Attack, Royal Flush
    Harder Combos
    1) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Kinetic Card
    2) D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Cajun Slash
    3) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, C.Roundhouse --> Fierce-Cajun Slash 
    4) J.Fierce \/ D.C.Jab, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ. Strong, 
       SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
    5) J.Fierce \/ D.C.Short, C.Strong, C.Roundhouse --> Royal Flush(OTG)
    Gambit's most painful combo so far. Be quick when cancelling into the Royal 
    Flush or it'll miss.
    *NOTE* This info has blatantly been stolen rom Migs' page. Sorry.
    4. Strategies
    	- Gambit is the OTG king of this game. He can cancel his
    	C. Roundhouse into the Royal Flush, or a team super. As
    	well as the SP and FP versions of his Cajun Strike.
    	- Playing as Gambit needs for you to be in the right state
    	of mind. He's not a spazz character like Wolverine or 	
    	Strider. Only patience and perseverence is the key to 
    	mastering this character. 
    	- Gambit's Staff gives him amazing priority!! Just check out 
    	his J.FP and his C.FP
    	- His kicks aren't that really important to his offensive 
    	game. With the exception his C.RK, Gambit's kicks aren't 
    	of the highest priority and his range sucks :)
    5. How to fight Onslaught
    	Beating the big O. is difficult because Gambit is so 
    	tall and he doesn't have any quick air supers. I guess
    	the most important thing for you to have is the helper. 
    	A charging one (Psylocke, Colussus etc.)is preferable, 
    	but I have absolutely decimated Onslaught with Lou. If 
    	you are using Lou, it's best to let Onslaught corner 
    	you, since most of his moves don't do that much damage 
    	in the corner. When you summon Lou, his smoke and arrows
    	will send Onslaught reeling. Plus since he is so small, 
    	he won't be shot away by Onslaught's Mega Beam. While 
    	Onslught is reeling, follow it up with Gambit's Royal 
    	Flush, or a team super if you have enough levels. If
    	you didn't pick Lou, you can still beat him if you follow
    	these directions. When Onslaught is doing his Mega Beam,
    	just crouch and hit Jab into Strong. This will keep him 
    	relatively safe from his beam, as well as taking out his
    	energy with little risk and charging up your meter. When 
    	he's recovering from his beam, just call out your helper 
    	and follow up with Royal Flush. If you wanna feel dangerous
    	, do the Cajun Explosion behind him. This will probably 
    	leave you wide open but it should take 1/3 if his life
    	(I'm not sure about that, since Onslaught doesn't 'surf'
    	along with the shockwave and plus he can teleport out of 
    	With Onslaught's 2nd form, it's deceptively harder. 
    	Because most of Gambit's move rely on close, ground
     	combos and OTG's, it's really hard to damage him. What
    	you could do is either switch in your other teammate or,
    	be brave and jump into the face of Onslaught and hit him
    	with that J. Fierce of yours. This should hopefully charge 
    	your super meter enough to do the Cajun Explosion. Don't be
    	tempted to use the Royal Flush, as Onslught is too high to
    	be hit effectively. The Cajun Explosion will hit, even if
    	Onslaught is at Super Jump height. Hopefully with these 
    	tactics, you'll be able to defeat Onslaught with no sweat!
    6. Acknowledgement and Thanks
    Miguel Raya
    Miguel sent me some info on how to beat Onsluaght. 
    Migs Rustia
    Migs gave me the inspiration to write up this faq. Also most 
    of the info is 'borrowed' from his site.
    Kao Megura
    I just borrowed the 'copyright' bit from Kao's faq
    7. Copyright Info
    Gambit and the rest of the fellers are the property of MARVEL.
    Ryu and the rest of the gang are the property of CAPCOM
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
    reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site,
    may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above 
    copyright noticeappears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used 
    for profitable/promotionalpurposes; this includes being used 
    by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being 
    incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.  This FAQ was 
    created and is owned by me, Christian Llagas <mog@hehe.com>.  All
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not 
    specifically mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit 
    where it is due.
    (Sorry Kao, I just borrowed this bit ^_^ )
    ....doc..... (mog@hehe.com) <http://midgar.erupt.com/jhigh>

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