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    Strider by JNguyen

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                         Copyright 1999 by Johnny Nguyen
    This faq was meant only to help people and nothing else. In other words, 
    don't even think of selling this for money. If you want, you can copy this 
    to read it but nothing else. You are not allowed to take credit for writing 
    this, sell this, or change this. If you think I'm missing something or I 
    made a mistake, you can send it to me at skatehacker4@angelfire.com and I 
    will test it out. If it works, I will add it to my faq and give you 
    co-author credit for it.           
    Table of Contents
    1. Updates
    2. Introduction
    3. Why should you pick Strider?
    4. Strider's moves
    5. How to use Strider effectively
    6. Strider's comboes and little tactics
    7. Strategies using Strider
    8. Who should be Strider's partner and why
    9. Helper's that could benefit Strider and how
    10.How to fight certain characters 
    9/26/99 Started my first faq for Strider-Hiryu
    9/27/99 Added Chapter 5 and the Bomb Drop special move. Started Chapter 6.
    9/28/99 Added more comboes and little tactics.
    9/29/99 Added more little tactics, finished Chapter 6 and updated the table 
    of contents. Started and finished Chapter 7 and Chapter 8. Also started
    Chapter 9.
    10/4/99 Added more to Chapter 9.
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    11/24/99 Added more to Chapter 10.
    Thank you for reading my faq. Sorry, but I don't know much about Strider's 
    history or where he came from or anything like that. You can find that 
    stuff on another faq. This faq is not written for beginners. It is written 
    for people who use manual mode and not auto mode. I assume that you already 
    know the basics of the game before reading this faq. This faq is only 
    dedicated to making better Strider players out there.
    You should pick Strider because he has power, range, and speed on his side. 
    He also looks cool too. Strider is a complicated player who requires skill 
    to master. A lot of people play him cheaply and are still very hard players
    to beat but this faq will teach you to play better than that. Plus, you'll 
    also have a lot of fun showing your new skills at the local arcade....unless 
    I'm around.
    These are Strider's special moves. Know that all of his moves have a 
    specific use at a certain time. Don't just do them randomly or else you'll 
    get killed.
    Legion Attack = down, down + forward, forward + any kick button
    Strider makes a leopard fly out and go running across the screen.
    Ghram = forward, down, down + forward + any button 
    Strider takes his sword and does a slash that reaches almost all the way 
    across the screen. Punches make it slash high, kicks make it slash low.
    Ame No Murakamo = down, down + forward, forward + any punch button
    Strider runs across the screen and takes a slash with his sword. The punch
    button used will determine how far he runs before taking a slash with his
    Vagula = down, down + back, back + any kick button
    Strider disappears and reappears and does a kick downwards. The kick
    button used determines where on the screen Strider will reappear.
    Teleport = back, down, down + back + any button
    Strider teleports. Kind of like Vagula but without the kick. The button 
    used determines where Strider will reappear. 
    Ragnorak = down, down + forward, forward + any button
    Strider does an air dash and attacks with his sword while dashing. The 
    button used determines where Strider will dash. (This move can only be used
    in the air.)
    Bomb Drop = hold back for 2 seconds and then push forward + any kick button
    Strider calls out an eagle that flies across the screen and drops a bomb. 
    This move causes very good damage and cannot be blocked in a crouched 
    position. The button used determines how far the eagle flies before 
    dropping the bomb.
    Slide = down + forward + HK
    Strider does a quick little slide on his side. (This move goes under 
    projectiles and other stuff.)
    Note: I may have forgotten some other special moves.
    These are Strider's super moves.
    Ouroboros = down, down + forward, forward + 3 punches
    Strider makes these two little things that revolve around him and protect 
    him from attacks. Slam on the punch buttons to make rings shoot out. Or go 
    near the opponent and slam on all the buttons to hit the opponent and have 
    the little things hit him at the same time. If your opponent keeps blocking
    try to trip him to open him up and if he blocks low, then jump a little to
    hit his head. Or you can also open him up by doing a small jump over him.
    Legion = down, down + forward, forward + 3 kicks
    Strider calls out a whole bunch of birds and leopards that attack the 
    opponent. Nice chipping damage. (Hold up to make the birds fly higher.)
    Ragnorak = forward, down, down + forward + 3 punches
    Strider runs about halfway across the screen and if the opponent is open, 
    Strider will grab him and bring up into the air. In the air, Strider will 
    slash him a couple times. (This move has great damage potential but is very 
    hard to connect.)
    The first step to using Strider effectively is to use his comboes. His 
    comboes cause great damage and are not very hard to learn. The second step 
    to using Strider effectively is to learn how to block. Never let Strider 
    get hit because he has low stamina and will die in two big comboes. Also 
    learn how to make use of Strider's speed, double jump, and wall cling. Dash 
    in more, double jump around in the air to avoid beam supers, and cling on 
    the wall so you can jump some more. Some ways to use Strider's speed is to 
    wait for Wolverine players who jump high in the air and come down at you. 
    These players like to cross you up and have you blocking the wrong way. 
    This is when you use your speed and dash out to the side so they can't 
    cross you up. Use your double jump to trick people who are launcher happy. 
    Jump down at them and right before you get into their launching range, just 
    double jump to their other side and hit them. Use your wall cling so that 
    you can jump around some more. Also remember that Strider's Legion super 
    can chip people to death. If it's a close game and your opponent has very 
    little life, wait for him to jump and then do your Legion super. You want 
    him to jump so that 1)you know he isn't gonna use any of his supers unless 
    it's Chunli, Spiderman or Wolverine or anybody with an air super. 2)this 
    way, if he's jumping, he won't be able to super jump over your Legion super.
    Another thing is to remember that Strider can teleport. Whenever you get 
    stuck with someone who likes to corner you, just teleport out of the way. 
    Also don't forget to learn how to roll and tech-hit. You can roll by doing 
    down, down + forward, forward + any punch button (the button used 
    determines how far you roll before getting up). You should roll right after 
    every time you get knocked down. Also roll so that you can get up right 
    behind your opponent and get some revenge on them for knocking you down. 
    Use the jab punch roll so that you don't roll too far. Rolling is also a 
    must for playing Zangief players because they like to trip you and then do 
    their super(this also applies to Spiderman, Gambit, Ryu, Captain America, 
    and Megaman players). Learn how to tech-hit so that you can anger those 
    grabbers at your arcades. Whenever somebody throws you just keep pushing 
    the joystick forward and slaming on the MP and the HP buttons at the same 
    time. The final thing to using Strider effectively is to learn how to OTG. 
    OTG means "on the ground". OTGing means hitting somebody while they're on 
    the ground. Strider's only OTG move is his Ame No Murakamo. Right after 
    every time you trip somebody, just do a jab punch Ame No Murakamo. Imagine 
    hitting everybody an extra time right after tripping them. Throughout the 
    whole match all the extra hits add up.
    Strider's launcher is down + HP
    Right after you do the launcher, just push the joystick up and when Strider
    is right next to his opponent in the air, just start pressing the rest of 
    the buttons in the combo.
    D. = Dash in
    J. = Jump in
    C. = While crouching or holding down on the joystick
    S. = While just standing still (sometimes I may not put a "S.")
    () = Anything between these is to be done while you're still in the air
    Pause = wait a half a second before going on to the next step
    SJ = means super jump(push all 3 kick buttons or moving the joystick down, 
            up quickly)
    d  = down
    df = down + forward
    f  = forward
    b  = back 
    db = down + back
    WP = weak punch a.k.a. jab
    MP = medium punch a.k.a. strong
    HP = hard punch a.k.a. fierce
    WK = weak kick a.k.a. short
    MK = medium kick a.k.a. forward
    HK = hard kick a.k.a. roundhouse
    3P = 3 punches
    3K = 3 kicks
    OTG= means the move hits them while they're still on the ground
    CHB= means charge back for 2 seconds
    1) D.C.WK, C.MK, C.HK, d,df,f+WP (jab punch Ame No Murakamo)
        Note: Don't do the jab punch Ame No Murakamo if they block!
    2) D.S.WP, WK, MP, MK, HP, HK, d,df,f+WP (jab punch Ame No Murakamo)
        Note: Don't do the jab punch Ame No Murakamo if they block!
    3) D.S.MP, MK, HP, HK, d,df,f+WP (jab punch Ame No Murakamo)
        Note: Don't do the jab punch Ame No Murakamo if they block! This combo
              takes more than the one listed above!
    4) D.C.WK, C.HP, SJ(WK, MK, HK)
        Note: This should be the first air combo you learn.
    5) D.C.WK, C.MK, C.HP, SJ(WP, WK, MP, MK, HK)
    6) D.S.WP, WK, C.MK, C.HP, SJ(WP, WK, MP, MK, d,df,f+WP)
    7) J.C.WP, C.MP, C.HP, SJ(WP, WK, MP, MK, d,df,f+WP)
    8) D.S.WP, WK, C.MK, C.HP, SJ(WP, MP, MK, HP, HK)
        Note: I think this combo might take more life than the one listed above.
    9) D.S.WP, WK, C.MK, C.HP, SJ(WP, WK, MP, MK, MK, WK, MK, d,df,f+WP)
        Note: In the air, you might have to wait a split second between the 
              second MK and the second WK for the combo to work.
    10) D.S.WP, WK, C.MK, C.HP, SJ(WP, WK, MP, MK, pause, WK, MP, MK), land,
        push joystick up, and (WP, WK, MP, MK, HK)
        Note: Pausing takes a while to get used to. Wait too little and your 
              hits will miss. Wait too long and your opponent will be able to 
    11) d, df, f+3P, your opponent will now run into a corner and block, just 
        run to the opposite corner and teleport to your opponent. In other 
        words: activate the Ouroboros super and then when your opponent runs 
        into the corner, proceed to b, d, db+WP if they are in the left corner 
        and b, d, db+HP if they are in the right corner. From here you just 
        slam on all the buttons.
        Note: Requires 1 level of energy charged up.
    12) jump in and right when you're right outside your opponent's launching
         range, do d, df, f+WK
         Note: Do this only on people who are trigger happy (Chun-li, Megaman, 
               Ryu, Spiderman, Strider, etc.). Don't do this trick too much or
               else your opponent will block when you do it and get revenge on 
    13) anytime when your opponent is around half the screen away and he isn't
        guarding his feet, do f, d, df+HK (roundhouse Ghram)
         Note: This does excellent damage and works often. Also try finishing 
               your ground comboes with the short version of this move.
    14) d, df, f+3P, now go next to your opponent and do a low kick so that you
        can open him up if he blocks. If he is blocking low then try to do a 
        very small jump just high enough to jump over him. Once you reach his 
        other side he should be getting hit. If he is still blocking, then jump 
        over him again but this time once you get over, quickly do low kicks. 
        If he is blocking all your attempts to open him up then keep repeating 
        the steps above but mix them around and soon, you will open him up. If 
        he still retains his blocking, try jumping straight up sometimes 
        instead of jumping over him. This makes him block the wrong way and 
        when you come down, you'll start hitting him.
         Note: Requires 1 level of energy charged up.
    15) CHB, f+the kick button that corresponds to where your opponent is. If 
        your opponent is in the left corner, use WK and if he's in the right 
        corner, use HK and if he's in the middle, use MK. Once the eagle flies
        out, start dashing at your opponent and when you get close, start doing 
        low kicks. If you opponent blocks your low attacks then the bomb 
        dropped by the eagle will hit his head. If he blocks the bomb, then 
        your low kicks will open him up and he will be vulnerable to a combo. 
         Note: This works great on turtle players!(turtle players are players 
              who like to just wait in the corner and wait for you to come and 
              attack them, these players often use Captain Commando so that 
              they can keep doing Ground Sparks and Captain Fires once you get 
    16) d, df, f+3P and use the tactics from 9) and 12) to open up your 
        opponent. Once you have opened up your opponent, do f, d, df+3P. This 
        takes lots of life but you lose 2 levels of energy for your supers.
         Note: Requires 2 levels of energy charged up.
    17) anytime your opponent is half the screen away and isn't guarding his
        feet, do df+HK(Slide)
         Note: This is like 11) but instead of the Ghram which leaves you more 
               safer, you do the Slide which is easier and faster to do but if 
               your opponent blocks it, you may get counter attacked.
    18) anytime whenever your opponent jumps over you and is on your other side,
        quickly before Strider turns around so that he the opponent, do d, df,
        f+3K(Legion Super). What's supposed to happen is that when Strider does
        the super, your opponent is caught between Strider and the army of 
        leopards and birds. now you opponent is confused and wont know which 
        way to block. If your opponent is on the ground right behind you, you 
        can quickly turn around and attack him once you gain control of Strider. 
        If your opponent is in the air right behind you, don't turn around be 
        cause the leopards and the birds will push so that he will end up in 
        front of you(this is if he somehow manages to block all the leopards 
        and birds). If this happens, now he will be blocking the wrong way so 
        attack him. Sometimes if your opponent doesn't jump over you but just 
        goes high into the air, you can quickly dash under them and before 
        Strider turns around, just do the Legion Super. 
         Note: This works well against Wolverine players who like to super jump
               and go way above your head and then do a kick going straight 
    19) whenever you need to switch out desperately, try this: D.C.WK, C.MK, 
        C.HP, HP+HK
         Note: This an excellent way to switch out safely. Always remember this
               and use it when you need to switch.
    Strider has strategies for every situation. To be a master Strider player, 
    you should know them and use them well. If someone trips you, always 
    remember to roll with the jab punch version and when you get up right 
    behind your opponent, do a trip and immediately do a jab punch Ame No 
    Murakamo. Always remember to use the Teleport whenever you're stuck in the 
    corner. Another good player especially Chun-Li and Wolverine players will 
    always open you up if all you do is sit in the corner and block. Teleport 
    out of there and do some offense, not defense! Always use your supers when 
    you have the chance! I know that most of you would rather combo then super 
    when your opponent misses a Dragon Punch or a super. I know that when your 
    opponent misses a Dragon Punch you think,"Alright let's combo the hell out 
    of him, I'll save my supers for another use because I don't want to waste 
    them." What are you saving your supers for?! Use them! I know you'd rather 
    combo but you can combo some other time! Use your supers because: one, 
    supers take more than most of your comboes. two, so you can charge up more 
    supers. three, so that you can kill your opponent faster. and four, what 
    the hell are you saving them for?! These are the perfect times to use them! 
    Another thing is to try and use the Ragnorak Super every time you get the 
    chance. This is Strider's most damaging and coolest looking super. Plus I 
    think it come out faster than the other two supers. Use the Ragnorak Super 
    after your opponent misses a Dragon Punch, super, or anything like that. If 
    your opponent blocks too much, grab him! Let's say your opponent is in the 
    corner and every time you get close he knocks you away with a special move, 
    do this: dash in and right before your opponent gets to do anything do C.WK, 
    C.MK, f+HP. Your opponent will block the C.WK and the C.MK and will think 
    you will do the trip. This is when you just grab him because he is doing 
    nothing but blocking. Another way you can fight these kind of players is to 
    do a Ghram or a Slide when you're close enough and they're not blocking low. 
    Sometimes you may be caught in a close game and you're opponent has more 
    life than you do, you can: 1) Chip him down by using all of your supers and 
    keep doing the Legion Super. If you're lucky, your opponent may accidently 
    let go of a block and will get hit by the Legion Super. 2) He will mostly 
    be blocking in the corner so just walk over and grab him. Keep doing this 
    until he is very cautious of your grabbing and starts trying to jump away. 
    Now you can just try to combo him or when he is in the air, run under him 
    and do the Legion Super like in tactic 18). 3) If he's just jumping away 
    from you every time you get close, just use tactic 18). 4) Don't get into 
    that situation in the first place. Here's some more strategy: Whenever 
    you're jumping away from your opponent, sometimes they like to follow you 
    and walk after you. These players are usually Chun-Li and Wolverine players. 
    Now right when they start following you and you're in the air and jumping 
    away at the same time, press HK. That's right. The moment they walk close 
    enough and get into range, press HK. Most players fall for this because 
    they don't think you're gonna attack them. After all, you are jumping away. 
    I don't think this tactic should be planned but when you see a chance for 
    it, do it. You'll get the chance mostly in the final seconds of a match and 
    your opponent's constantly comin'after you because you have more life than 
    they do. Another thing to consider while playing the game is your opponent. 
    Watch them play before you stick in your quarter and challenge them. Always 
    pay attection to your opponent and learn his pattern. Some players like 
    Chun-Li will always try to launch you so that they can do their 
    high-damaging super on you. If this happens, use the Ouroboros often. Other
    players like Hulk like to go on full offense. What happens is they keep 
    coming after you and trying to attack you and trade hits with you. Just 
    keep running away by super jumping above them and when they come into the 
    air, attack them before they are at the same height with you. You will also 
    meet players who constantly dash at you so that they can open you up and 
    combo you. Keep jumping around so that they have a hard time getting to you. 
    Once, they stop trying to get to you, go attack them. The same applies to 
    people who like to trip you and then do a super. Here's some strategy for 
    cheap players: if you ever come across someone who likes to launch you up 
    and then step over to your other side and relaunch, this is how you get 
    back at them-do to them what they did to you! Here's a pattern I use for 
    those type of players so that they have a hard time finding out which way 
    to block. Launch, switch, launch, switch, launch, launch again, launch 
    again, switch, launch, launch again, switch and then go up and air combo! 
    Here's the abbreviated form:l,s,l,s,l,l,l,s,l,l,s,Air Combo. This works 
    because the pattern never stays the same! You see, once your opponent finds 
    out your pattern, just change it. If your opponent stops using the cheap 
    tactic, then you should stop too. For people who like to keep using the 
    same combo on you and the combo is huge, really life-taking, do this: Show 
    them that a little variety is better. Do your air comboes but end each one 
    differently. Instead of using HK, you can always use HP, jab punch Ragnorak,
    or a jab punch Ghram. Jab punch Ghrams are kind of hard to do though 
    especially as an air combo ender but they are life-taking and impressive. 
    Another way to fight is to listen to your opponent pressing the buttons. 
    Sometimes when you play, glance over at your opponent hands and see what 
    he's doing. If he's slamming on the switch buttons, get ready to block and 
    hit the character coming out. If you hear him slamming on the buttons 
    really hard and he's only hitting the top three or the bottom three, that 
    means he's going to do a super. If you trip him and you hear him rotating 
    his joystick, that means he's going to roll so don't try to OTG him(hit him 
    while he's on the ground). The final strategy to using Strider or any other 
    player effectively is to not keep playing in the same way. This way, your 
    opponent will never figure out your pattern because you don't have one! 
    Also remember to play smart and that you have helpers and energy levels for 
    supers! Oh yeah, hit the switch button when Strider has a lot of red life! 
    It can be regained and Strider can't fight alone so use your other 
    Wolverine- and have the two combo kings as teammates! Remember that you 
               don't have any power characters so make sure you learn big 
               comboes for the both of them! These will also be a fast couple. 
               Wolverine doesn't have any projectiles to protect himself so use 
               your helpers to protect him. Also remember never to play defense 
               with these two! Doing this totally rules out the reason why you 
               picked them and remember that Strider has bad stamina and 
               Wolverine was meant for close up offense!
    Captain America- boy, this is a great team! Captain America has stamina, 
                     power, and speed if you lose the shield! Captain America 
                     is a great player to use while Strider is regaining his 
                     red life! Captain America is also a complicated character 
                     and mastering him and Strider could make you the best 
                     player at your arcades(this is, if I'm not around in the 
    Jin- Whoa! Now you got a power partner! Jin is great fun to use but 
         sometimes you might notice that your opponents are dying too fast and 
         that isn't fun. Jin is kind of slow and his recovery time on some of 
         his moves is horrible but if you play carefully with him as you play 
         with Strider,you will find out that people will stop their quarters 
         from going into the slot once they see that you know how to use Jin. 
         I'm sure why but the way the computer plays Jin, it scares people 
         every time they see Jin so you might be intimidating a lot of 
         challengers without even noticing it!
    Spiderman- Here's the speed team! Spiderman is very fast and if you master 
               him, you will see him eat your opponents' life away very,very 
               fast. Spiderman's HK has great range and will come in very handy
               when you're stalling the game so that Strider can regain his red
               life. Spiderman and Strider also have different styles of 
               playing so whenever your opponent is used to fighting one of 
               them, just switch and pound your opponent down while he's 
               getting use to fighting your other character.
    Colossus- (just press and hold "Start button,WP ,MP, and MK" right after 
              you pick your two fighters) Colossus is a great helper. When you 
              call him out, he goes charging across the screen and will hit 
              your opponent several times. Right after you send him out, just 
              wait to see if he hits your opponent. While Colossus is hitting 
              your opponent, quickly do the Legion Super. A great time to send 
              out Colossus is when you are in the corner and your opponent is 
              jumping in at you. Another trick with Colossus is when you're 
              hitting your opponent with the Ouroboros Soper and the Ouroboros 
              is about to end send out Colossus. While Colossus is hitting your 
              opponent, activate another Ouroboros Super, and attack. Keep 
              repeating this until all your supers run out. If you have three 
              supers, don't do Ouroboros the third time. This makes you look 
              cheap. Instead, do the Ragnorak Super. This also takes more 
              damage. Beware, Colossus can cover you from overhead attacks when 
              he comes out but if you look carefully, when he first comes out, 
              small players like Wolverine can duck under him and attack you. 
              This creates a big problem if you play against a Wolverine player 
              who knows this.
              Note: Colossus can only be used 5 times.
    Psylocke- (just press and hold "Start button and MP" right after you pick 
              your two fighters) Psylocke is a great helper. Right after you 
              call out Psylocke, she comes out dashing across the screen and 
              will hit your opponent several times like Colossus but she comes 
              straight out and will not protect you from jump in attacks but 
              will trade hits with your opponent. She can also be used like 
              Colossus on some ways. 
              Note: Psylocke can only be used 6 times.
    Devilot- (just press and hold "Start button, MP, and HP" right after you 
             pick your two fighters) Devilot and her friends pop up right on 
             the screen where you're standing. Her team stays there for a 
             little while before blowing up. The explosion cannot be blocked so 
             if your opponent is close to Devilot, he will get hit and this 
             takes a lot of damage! Use Devilot on people who keep jumping in 
             or try this: 1) Activate Ouroboros and walk into your opponent if 
             your opponent keeps hanging in the corner or if you killed one of 
             his fighters and the other fighter popped out. 2) What usually 
             happens is that your opponent blocks and is being forced into the 
             corner at the same time. 3) Once your opponent is forced into the 
             corner and blocking, call out Devilot. 4) This is so beautiful 
             because your opponent is stuck blocking your Ouroboros and can do 
             nothing about Devilot blowing up in his face. 5) If you don't want 
             to use Ouroboros, you can just keep pressing WP in your opponent's 
             face instead.
             Note: Devilot can only be used 5 times.
    Ton Pooh- (just press and hold "Start button, WP, and HP" right after you 
              pick your two fighters) Ton Pooh does some sort or jump kick 
              slash that does incredible damage. She also has 9 uses too! The 
              only thing with Ton Pooh is that she can be seen from a mile away 
              coming out. Call out Ton Pooh when your opponent keeps pressuring 
              you or when he's far away and throwing projectiles or just not 
              Note: Ton Pooh has up to 9 uses. Don't forget to use them all!
    This chapter will teach you how to fight against different characters and 
    most of the styles that people use for them. I put the characters in the 
    order I think is most used to the least used.
    RYU: This guy is one of your typical cheapo fighters but then there are the
    masters who aren't cheap and will pound the hell out of you. Let's look at 
    Ryu's strenths and weaknesses one form at a time. 
    Akuma- 2 of his supers can be easily comboed. Has the strongest comboes of 
    all three forms of Ryu. Has an overhead move for turtle players. And he 
    also has the annoying Diving Kick. These are Akuma's strengths. Avoid them. 
    To fight Akuma, don't let him combo you. Two of Akuma's comboes with a 
    super at the end will kill Strider. The range of his launcher sucks so
    whenever you jump in, you can use HK whichout worrying too much about get
    launched up. Always watch your feet when Akuma dashes at you because that
    means he's going to do a low attack and then launch you. Don't stay in the 
    corner too much or else Akuma will start doing his overhead move and then a 
    trip and then a grab a then the move again and then whatever. Lots of Ryu 
    players like to keep doing lots of different attacks in your face that 
    attack high, and then low, and then a grab or whatever. Never ever get 
    stuck trying to block all the hits! If you get tripped, roll out of there! 
    Also, when Akuma is in the air and throwing fireballs, don't try to walk 
    under them because most Akuma's will stop throwing fireballs and will do 
    the annoying Diving Kick on you. Instead, you can do the Legion Super. When 
    you do this, it protects you and chips him down. Or, you can dash under his 
    fireballs and activate Ouroboros. Now, just jump straight up into him or 
    wait for him to attack you. By the way, don't get caught in Akuma's 
    Now it's time to finish Akuma. He has no double jump. He has bad stamina 
    and doesn't take hits to well. Also has a launcher with low priority. And 
    has no decent air attacks. These are Akuma's weaknesses. Exploit them and 
    use them against him.
    Akuma doesn't have a doublejump. Jump around a lot to run away from him and
    when he meets you in the air, combo him with WK, MK, and HK. Also jump away
    from him alot so that he never gets the chance to launch you and combo you. 
    Use Legions against him to chip him down when he keeps throwing fireballs. 
    He has bad stamina so use every opportunity to make him eat super. When you 
    don't have a super, do your highest damaging comboes. One good way to kill
    Akuma is to jump in at him but to not be on top of him and press HK. If the 
    HK connects, then start comboeing. If he uppercuts you, then the next time 
    you jump in, block and then counter attack. 
    Ken- is one of the faster players in the game. Has a powerful uppercut that
    also works in the air. All of his supers can be comboed. Also an overhead 
    move. Also has the deadly anti-air super.
    Out of all the three forms of Ryu, Ken will probably be the one you'll see
    the least. The reason why is because his only real advantage is speed. Even
    though, you must play against him carefully. First, of all: Keep jump-ins 
    to a minimum. The reasons why is because he has a strong uppercut and that 
    super where he uppercuts straight up and takes a lot of life off of you. 
    Now this creates a problem for you because you can't attack him from the 
    air. Now you have to attack from the ground and that's bad because he could
    combo 2 of his supers from the ground easily. Don't try to trip Ken because
    if you miss, he'll make you eat the super where goes uppercutting several
    times across the screen. Like Akuma, you shouldn't just sit in the corner 
    because Ken has his own overhead move and he's going to do that stuff where
    he keeps attacking you high and low and somehow, he's going to break 
    through your blocking and hurt you bad.
    Ken doesn't really have a weakness so listen carefully. Always try to make 
    Ken do a super or a hurricane kick. Those moves have a huge recovery time.
    Those are your chances to kill him. Don't waste them! Do the Ragnorak 
    Super! Keep pressure on Ken by attacking him repeatedly when he doesn't 
    have a super. If he has a super, play keepaway and make him come to you. 
    If you ever get caught blocking one of his supers don't push block them
    unless you don't have much life left! Wait for them to finish and then 
    attack him! This may be a tough fight but remember that you have a partner 
    so use him! 
    Ryu- has 2 comboeable supers. Has overhead move as well as the other 2 
    forms. Also has strong comboes. Has a super that is a real life-chipper!
    Most Ryu players that you're going to see don't know how to use him 
    correctly. You might not ever see a master Ryu player! There are many 
    things to watch out for when you're playing Ryu. First of all, pay 
    attention to Ryu's energy meter. Ryu is the most dangerous when he has a 
    level. Watch your feet and don't get tripped by Ryu because right after he 
    trips you, he could that life-taking hurricane kick super where he stays in 
    one place and does a long hurricane kick. Watch out for Ryu's S.HP because 
    right after it, he could do the Shinkuu Hadouken. Don't sit in the corner 
    too long or else Ryu's going to do that high-attack, low-attack stuff. Somw
    Ryu's like to keep doing fireballs in the air and when you're not paying 
    attention, they like to come down and jumpkick you. Then if you block the
    jumpkick, then they'll grab you. These players are annoying. If you see a
    Ryu player who keeps doing fireballs in the air, either do the Legion Super
    or activate Ouroboros and attack them.
    Ryu is also the slowest of the three Shotokan characters. His air fireball 
    goes straight forward so you can easily jump up and attack him. Pushblock 
    his Shinkuu Hadouken so that you take less block damage(while blocking, 
    press all 3 punch buttons). Don't try to push block more than twice or else 
    you might end up opening your blocking and get hit. If you get caught in 
    his hurricane kick super and you're blocking, pushblock so that you can 
    push him away from you. Now that you're free and he's still doing the super,
    do the Legion Super or if you don't have any levels, do the HP Ghram. One 
    good way to play against Ryu players who like to trip into the hurricane 
    kick super is to keep jumping all over Ryu. He won't be able to trip you 
    and this will also make him mad and when he starts chasing around the 
    screen, kill him. Another way to kill Ryu is to take advantage of his 
    hurricane kick. Every time does he does the hurricane kick, duck under it 
    and launch him up and then air combo him. If you ever meet a Ryu who just
    likes to float in the air and do nothing but fireballs just do your Legion
    Wolverine: Meet the king of all button smashers. Almost every beginner 
    player has started out with Wolverine and Ryu or whoever. Wolverine has low
    recovery time on all his moves so all you got to do slam on all the buttons
    and a combo will come out. That's the reason why most beginners like him. 
    He's so easy to use and requires almost no skill. Most people who use 
    Wolverine are cheap players. This section of the chapter will teach you how
    to deal with the cheap Wolverine players and the master Wolverine players 
    who are very deadly and skillful.
    Cheap Wolverine's- These guys are annoying aren't they? They just keep doing
    the same annoying combo over and over again. The combo takes so much life 
    and requires almost no skill while you're trying so hard to do your combos
    which barely scratches him and are so hard to do. Well, let's teach these
    guys to not mess with you.
    First of all, you have to scare these guys from doing the same stuff over 
    and over again. If they keep super jumping above your head and then they do
    that annoying straight kick down at you, you should be happy. Activate 
    Ouroboros and then step to the side a little. When he comes down, keep 
    attacking him. If he keeps cornering you and keeps putting pressure on you,
    you have to keep jumping all over the place. Use your doublejumps and 
    wallclings to get him mad. Once he starts coming after you, activate 
    Ouroboros right when he's jumping in at you. Always remember to roll if you
    get tripped by Wolverine or else he could OTG you and you could lose a lot
    of life. Never pushblock Wolverine's supers. Always wait for him to finish
    and then counterattack him. The only time you should ever pushblock his 
    supers is when you have very little life left. Always try to keep jumping in
    at Wolverine so that: 1) He can't get on top of you. 2) So that you don't 
    have to watch your feet because if all you do is stay on the ground, 
    Wolverine will do a low attack and then do one of his huge comboes on you.
    Master Wolverine's- Whoa, these guys could give you some major problems. 
    You're going to have play smart against these guys. They know major comboes
    that end with a super and could probably give a really hard time fighting 
    them. We're going to look at their advantges first. Then we're going to look 
    at their weaknesses. Lastly, I going to show you how to beat them. 
    They have speed, power, range, and priority. The first way to defend against
    master Wolverine players is to know where you should be on the screen. If 
    you hang around the middle of the screen too much, they could superjump high
    above you and then come down in a zigzag pattern to confuse you and mess up
    your blocking. If this happens, either activate Ouroboros and attack, use 
    tactic 16), or just keep dashing to one side until you're in the corner and
    he can only come down on one side. Now, you're stuck in the corner. This is
    bad because he could do some massive comboes if you're stuck in the corner.
    Most Wolverine players love it when you're stuck in the corner because all
    they have to do is to keep pressuring you until you open up. You must know
    how to fight in these situations if you want to beat master wolverine 
    players. If you're in the corner and: 
    they superjump; this means they're going to do that straight kick down at
    you. Either use tactic 18), activate Ouroboros, dash out of there, or use 
    the chance to switch when they're about to hit you and regain the 
    if they keep dashing at you and doing low attacks; this means they're 
    trying to open you up either for a really big combo or a super or both. 
    Pushblock when he's close and superjump yourself out of there. Also watch 
    out for getting grabbed when you're stuck in the corner.
    Also, if you're in the air with Wolverine at the same time, keep attacking 
    him with HP or HK because I don't know why but most people see Wolverine in
    the air and all they do is block because they're thinking "Oh, no. He's 
    going to attack me. I better block." Don't block or else Wolverine's going
    to grab you because most Wolverines that get close to people think, "Hurry,
    attack, attack, attack." Whenever you superjump into the air and Wolverines
    coming up after you, hit him with HK before he levels with you. Don't let 
    him get on the same level with you or else he'll do a HP or a HK and those
    have more priority than most of Strider's moves. Also, if you can't stand it
    when he keeps pressuring you, activate Ouroboros and chip him down while 
    it's activated.
    I can't stress how important this is, always remember to watch your feet 
    when you're near Wolverine! He is very fast and can catch off guard if you
    don't block low. Even if you're half a screen away, Wolverine still has a 
    very fast dash and WK to get you. Plus, always be careful when Wolverine
    has a super. His supers are one of the easiest to combo and they do great
    damage to Strider! Also remember never to pushblock Wolverines supers unless
    you have very low life because most of his supers leave him vulnerable
    afterwards and that may be your only chance to hit him in the game. One more
    thing when you're fighting Wolverine: always fight Wolverine offensively! 
    His main advantage is offense. Keep attacking him and make him block. Don't 
    let him get up and fight.
    Captain Commando- "Captain Fire! Captain Fire!" Sheesh, does this guy really
    have to tell us what he's doing all the time? This guy is probably the most
    popular of all the turtlers(people who just sit in the corner and wait for
    you to attack). Most of them are pretty annoying with that Ground Spark. All
    they do is sit in the corner and when you get close they do that Ground 
    Spark which is so horribly damaging especially if they combo it after a 
    trip. Well, in this section you're going to learn how to play against the 
    turtlers and the masters. As well as Ryu, you're probably never going to 
    play against a master Captain Commando player.
    Cheap Captain Commando's- Let's push these guys out of the corners and make 
    then come out and prove themselves as worthy fighters(which they aren't). 
    Just about every single one these cheap Captain Commando's sit in the corner
    all day and do nothing but the Ground Spark.
    The best way to fight these guys is to counterattack. Most of his special
    moves and super moves have a huge recovery time. One tactic to fight against
    them is to jump in and hold block. When they do that annoying Ground Spark
    you're already blocking so it will chip you. Now when you hit the ground, go
    dashing into him and do 3). Keep doing this until Captain Commando grows a 
    brain and craws out of the corner. Once he does this, treat him like a 
    master player.
    Master Captain Commando's- These are the guys who know how to combo supers
    especially that Captain Sword. Every time they trip you they never forget to
    OTG you with Ground Spark. You're really gonna hate these guys because every
    mistake you do while fighting them is gonna make you pay for it.
    Their advantages are power. Avoid getting hit at all costs and you'll be in
    pretty good condition. Don't try to jump into these guy so much unless 
    you're gonna use that tactic in the cheap Captain Commmando's section. Try
    to stay away from him if he keeps dashing at you. This means he desperately
    wants to combo you into a super. Pushblock him. Watch for his J.FP. It's
    when he jumps in and you see him do a punch with electricy on his fist. They
    don't take too much damage but they all add up and if he keeps hitting you 
    with these, you'll die real soon. Always remeber to roll whenever you get 
    tripped by this guy because he could always do that Ground Spark and I don't
    think you want that now, do you? Don't wall cling against this guy because
    he could just pull out his Captain Sword and it would be over for you. 
    Here's another thing. If this guy comboes you into a Captain Sword, don't
    freak out. I know, I know. it took half your life and you really have to 
    switch but don't be a dummy. The moment you switch out, your partner's gonna 
    eat another super! Don't switch out the moment you get hit by something very
    devastating. Wait for him to do a Captain Fire or try 19). If he blocks too
    much and you can't open him then try a team super(d, df, f+HK+HP). Also 
    don't try to dash into this guy too much because his do his Captain Fire and
    that comes out pretty fast.
    To kill Captain Commando fast, always make him pay for making mistakes. 
    Every time he misses a Ground Spark or a Captain Sword, dash in quickly and 
    combo him. If you're close enough, do the Ragnorak super. Oh yeah, here's a
    really cool trick for gutsy players. I discovered this out one day when I 
    was playing this guy. Whenever Captain Commando tries a Captain Storm on 
    you(the super where he dashes in the you and comboes you into a Ground 
    Spark at the end), wait for him to run into you. Now when he gets within 1/3
    of the screen's distance away, do the Ragnorak super! This is so cool 
    because the Ragnorak super has more priority than the Captain Storm and 
    what's going to happen is Strider's going to grab Captain Commando and bring
    him up into the air and proceed with the rest of the super. The only 
    drawback for this tactic is that if you mess up, you're going to lose a lot
    of life.        
    Megaman: "Eh. Eh. Eh." This little guy's really starting to get on your 
    nerves isn't he. I use to play with him but not anymore. He has lots of 
    potential for good comboes, too. Master Megaman players are very annoying 
    and can play a really good keepaway game especially with those stupid 
    fireballs. They're so damn easy to do, too. I remember chasing Megaman 
    around the whole screen one time and I died before I even got to even touch 
    him. You should watch out for Megaman players who play on chip damage. These
    players just relentlessly charge and shoot their megabusters throughout the
    whole match. The thing is that they always charge the megabuster up until 
    it's at least red so that even if you block the shot, you still get block
    damage. They're incredibly annoying and you can't even get close to 
    them because of those stupid fireballs. The only person who could probably 
    beat Megaman in a fireball fight is Ryu especially if he uses his Shinkuu 
    Megaman's main weapon is his megabuster. It allows him to combo a suepr 
    anytime right after the shot if it hits. If you ever come across a Megaman
    player who doesn't charge his megabuster, you should be very happy. Megaman
    is the smallest player in the game. He can easily dodge your attacks so you
    should kind of aim when you fight Megaman. Megaman is only a deadly defender
    when he has a level. When Megaman activates his Hyper Megaman Super, he can
    actually hit you if you're close or if you're attacking so don't jump in 
    when he has a level. When Megaman has no level he's almost helpless. 
    Superjump high into the air and doublejump all over him to get him confused
    if he tries to launch you. Attack him with a J. HK and then a combo or 
    d,df,f+WK when jumping in. If you do d,df,f+WK, make sure it hits or he 
    could combo you. Don't worry if you get comboed by this midget. They don't 
    take that much life anyways. Don't let it throw off you game. One good way
    to make Megaman waste his level is to jump in and just hold block. Most 
    Megaman's like to do a super when their opponents jump in. After he does the
    super, dash in and attack if you're close enough. Don't pushblock his supers
    unless you're almost dead because whenever you pushblock his supers, you 
    push yourself away from him and that might keep you from attacking him while
    he's recovering from the super. Watch out if Megaman jumps in at you. The
    reason why is because I use to do the trick where I would jump in at  
    somebody with Megaman and then when I get close, I would activate my Beat 
    Plane to attack the person if they were trying to launch me. If they weren't
    trying to launch me and were blocking then I would just move far to the 
    other side of the screen while shooting at the same time so that they 
    couldn't move. It's cool because even though I didn't get to hit them, I at
    least chipped their life a little. Sometimes, you might come across Megaman 
    who likes to keep jumping up and down shooting fireballs in a pattern that 
    forces you to block all the time. To take care of these guys, do your Legion 
    super. If you don't have a level, do the Vagula. You should always watch for
    Megaman players who charge up their megabusters and then come after you.
    These guys are the ones that like to combo into a super or a really big 
    buster shot. Watch for their slide because right after they trip you, they
    can easily combo in a Tornado Hold and then a super or a combo. Whenever you
    want to chip Megaman down as revenge for taking all that chip damage, just 
    activate Ouroboros. Megaman's weakness is air defense. Jump in a lot when he
    doesn't have a level. His launcher and his uppercut is a joke. Both have 
    horrible range so don't worry about jumping when he doesn't has a level!
    Spiderman:"Web Ball. Web Ball. Web Swing." Like Captain Commando, this guy
    also has to tell you what he's doing. I use this guy sometimes and he is one
    of the fastest guys in the game. If you're fighting this guy for a second
    and you take your eyes off the screen for one moment, when you look back
    you'll notice that nearly half your life is missing and Spiderman still 
    hasn't used a level. 
    This guy has range. I'm talking major range and priority, too. Especially
    his J.HK and S.HK. Those two attacks can beat out almost anything. This guy
    also has speed. He also has a super high jump and when he comes down, he 
    goes so fast that it's kind of hard to time your launcher...that is...if you
    wanted to launch him. 
    Fighting a master Spiderman player is going to be hard. Especially if you're
    fighting one who knows how to combo the Maximum Spider and the Crawler 
    Assault. The first thing to playing Spiderman is to avoid getting tripped by
    him. After a trip, Spiderman can do a Web Swing or a Crawler Assault. Most
    master Spiderman's don't trip that much. They would rather do a combo. So 
    remember to guard low and watch out for Spiderman's who like to dash and 
    then do a C.WK. Spiderman's Web Ball is just about the weakest projectile in
    the whole game. It's used more as a stunner. Don't get hit by them because
    Spiderman could do a Maximum Spiderman while you're stuck in the webbing. 
    Whenever you're trying to pushblock a Crawler Assault, do push block the 
    beginning! Pushblock the last jumpkick! That jump makes up half the chip
    damage for the Crawler Assault! Whenever Spiderman jumps in at you, just 
    block! There's nothing you have except a certain helper like Colossus or
    Juggernaut that could beat out Spiderman's J.HK. That move has way too much
    range and priority so don't try to counter attack him when he's doing it! 
    Also jump-ins, try not to jump in because Spiderman's S.HK also has very 
    good range and priority. The only thing you have in the air that beats 
    Spiderman's S.HK is the WK Ragnorak. 
    Spiderman is almost a perfect player except for the fact that he has no 
    doublejump and he can't really fight at a distance. He has to fight close up
    most of the time. Try to run away from Spiderman and make him come to you.
    Let him pressure you and surprise him with your helpers if you have Colossus
    or Psylocke. Use your helpers to set him up for the Legion Super. Use 
    Ouroboros if you need some extra defense or offense advantages. Another cool
    trick is to superjump high into the air and when Spiderman comes jumping up 
    at you, do a Ragnorak using the button that aims for him. Spiderman has good 
    recovery time on most of his regular attacks so don't go charging into him
    if he misses something like a launcher. Attack him when he misses his Web
    Swings. Those have huge recovery time so attack him with the Ragnorak super
    if he misses one. Remember to use your Legion Attacks so that you can keep 
    Spiderman at a distance. Don't keep doing Legion Attacks over and over again 
    because he'll learn and start jumping over them and then he'll attack you! 
    Don't keep dashing in at Spiderman blindly because he could counter attack
    very quickly and you'll get hit by the surprise attack. Also watch out for 
    cheap Spiderman players who just like to launch you up again and again. You
    should already know how to deal with these guys from reading Chapter 7. Just 
    remember that this guy has a very deadly HK whenever you're fighting him.
    Gambit: This guy has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve. Surprise attacks is 
    Gambit's advantage. Most of his moves come up fast and have very little 
    recovery time especially the WP Cajun Slash. His Kinetic Card is pretty hard
    to see and counter. The computer Gambit is pretty annoying because he blocks
    too much but human Gambit's tend to do the attacking rather than the 
    He has a bunch of tricks and powerful attacks but don't worry because you
    have some of your own tricks as well. I'm not saying you should treat Gambit
    like a pushover but I'm just that most fights against Gambit isn't going to 
    be very hard. First of all, don't keep attacking Gambit because he could 
    always surprise you with the WK Cajun Slash and that catches just about 
    everybody off guard. Instead, do the defending and wait for Gambit to do the 
    attacking. Don't try to counter attack his Cajun Slashes because they have
    almost no recovery time and if you attack, he might do another one which 
    will definitely catch you off guard. Watch your feet with this guy too 
    because right after the trip he could OTG you with the Royal Flush super or
    a Cajun Slash. Both of those should be avoided at all costs. If you ever 
    block Gambit's Royal Flush, always dash and combo right after. Also block 
    low when you're blocking the Royal Flush so that you take less chip damage.
    Also watch out when you're superjumping over Gambit because he could  do the 
    Royal Flush and the staff will fly straight up and knock you unconsious into
    the cards. Actually, you should always watch for the staff and make sure it
    doesn't hit you when Gambit does his Royal Flush. Remember that Gambit could
    combo his Royal Flush and watch out if he has a level. Another thing for 
    defending against Gambit is to not let him confuse you with his Kinetic 
    Wave. Many Gambit players like to do the super and then they jump across the
    screen to your other side. This shouldn't confuse you but sometimes, it 
    actually gets you so always block the right way. In the air watch out for
    Gambit's J.HP. That move also has a lot of priority and most Gambit's love
    whacking people around in the air so block whenever you're in the at the 
    same time with Gambit.
    If you ever jump in at Gambit you'll notice that his launcher has pretty 
    good priority and could actually counter against jump-ins. The best way to 
    jump in is to jump in diagonally. In other words, don't go straight down at
    him. Try to jump in at his front and top with your J.HK. You're suppose to 
    barely reach him with your sword when you do this. This tactic is useful 
    because it let's you hit him while being out of his launcher's range. Also 
    whenever Gambit jumps in at you just hit him with your launcher and then 
    proceed to a combo or switch if you have to. If Gambit keeps jumping high in
    the air and then doing Kinetic Card, just do your Legion super. Just play 
    smart against this guy and you'll have him beat.
    Chun-Li: Good lord-I hate this girl. Most people who play with her win so 
    many games using barely any skill. And for the people who actually know how 
    to play with her are so hard to beat. Well, you're gonna have to not get 
    launched when you play this girl or else you're gonna eat one of the most
    damaging supers in the game!
    Her launcher has better priority than any of Strider's jump-in attacks 
    except for the WK Ragnorak. Her comboes are life-taking with or without the
    unfair air super. Two of her supers can be easily comboed. She has 
    triplejump, air dash, and a wall cling. One of her supers is one of the very best 
    chippers in the game. This is a tough fight but you still have lots of 
    advantges Chun-Li doesn't have.
    Well the first thing to worry when fighting Chun-Li is to not get launched
    when she has a level. The reason why is obvious- she'll do her new air 
    super! It takes so much life and is not very hard to do so don't count on 
    her to mess up! Chun-Li is sort of like a Wolverine player- she can just 
    keep pressuring you until she overcomes you. This is when she gets through 
    your blocking and you get launched. When playing Chun-Li, keep in mind that
    she has triplejump. So don't do Legion Attacks and don't try to launch her
    when she jumps in at you! What usually happens is she jumps over your attack
    and then comboes you into a super you don't like. Another thing is to not 
    dash into her blindly. Most Chun-Li players have a surprise attack that 
    catches you off guard when you dash in. Then they hit you with a C.HP and
    do the super where she kicks you a whole bunch of times. If you can't stand
    it when Chun-Li keeps pressuring you, do an Ouroboros and chip her down 
    while you have it activated.
    The last paragraph was dedicated to keeping you alive when playing Chun-Li.
    This paragraph is dedicated to beating the crap out of Chun-Li!! For those
    annoying Chun-Li players who like to stay in the air as long as they 
    possibly can by doing triplejumping and wallclinging, do the Legion super or 
    use 18). If it doesn't hit Chun-Li, it'll chip her. Whenever your blocking 
    Chun-Li's Kikoshou super(the big fireball one), pushblock to get out and 
    then do yourLegion super or stay in there and when she's done, do your 
    Ragnorak super. Whenever you're blocking her 'One Thousand Kick' super, hit 
    her with a ground combo when she's done and remember to pushblock her super 
    but not when she's about to finish. Chun-Li also has bad horizontal range on 
    on her launcher. When you jump in at her try not to be on top of her but try
    to jump in at her from her diagonally top and front and J.HK. Try to be out
    of her range but keep her in your range. Her launcher also has a huge 
    recovery time. Whenever she misses you with her launcher, quickly dash in 
    and hit her. Don't slide because if she blocks it, she'll try to launch you
    again and this time, you're gonna get hit! Same goes with jumping in and 
    doing a WK Ragnorak!
    Jin: I don't even know why some people call this guy "Mini-Hulk". I call him
    "Hospital Man". Jin and Zangief are those the type of characters that are 
    more dangerous when used by a computer oppenent rather than a human 
    opponent. The reason why is because the computer is "dumb". It doesn't know
    what losing means therefore it just attacks you over and over without even
    thinking and most of the time, you won't even know when to block and will
    get hit by a random move.  Humans on the other hand, like to play smart 
    wiithout chasing after their opponents around the screen the way computer
    Zangief does. This makes their offensive advantages go to waste. You'll
    probably never ever see a master Jin player in your life that's even close
    to being as dangerous as the computer Jin. I've only seen about 4 good Jin
    players in my life. Even though, I try to prepare you if you ever meet a
    deadly Jin player.
    A good Jin player will eat you alive. They'll create some real problems for
    you. You can't sit in the corner because Jin's just gonna chip your life
    away or he'll grab you and do some devastating slam. You can't attack Jin
    from close range or far range. You can't to close to Jin because that's 
    where you start getting in his range. Being in Jin's range is kinda like
    racing a freight train on the same track. You can run for a while but soon
    you gonna get hit and it's not going to pretty. You can't do your Legion 
    Attack because he'll do that Saotome Dynamite where he blows off his clothes
    and that gets rid of any projectile. This gives you a question. How the hell
    am I suppose to beat this guy? You're gonna have to play smart. Don't jump
    in on him because he'll do that Great Cyclone and that's about half your 
    life saying,"bye,bye". If he doesn't have a level, he can still counter 
    attack you in several different ways. 
    To fight this guy, you're going to have be patient and start playing turtle
    style. Sit in the corner and have him attack you. When he does, counter 
    attack. If you notice, most of his moves and huge recovery time. If he 
    misses a Saotome Dynamite, combo immediately. Don't waste you're chances.
    If you block his Blodia Punch, dash at him and attack. If you need to switch
    out, then switch but watch out. I'm very sorry I didn't put too much up on
    how to fight against master Jin's. It's just that I've never seen too many
    of them. You're gonna have to be kinda be on your own when fighting this
    I'm sorry but I am unable to finish the FAQ has already overwhelmed me and I 
    have school to worry about. Anyone who needs further help can email me at
    Thank you for reading!

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