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    Sarah by Majin Cloud

    Version: 6.0 | Updated: 04/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ((›‹-=Virtua Fighter 4 - Sarah Bryant FAQ=-›‹))
    ((›‹-=created by Majin Cloud=-›‹))
    ((›‹-=Version 6.0 - April 15, 2002=-›‹)}
    Update Revisions: Check Section 8 in Update History
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Background of Sarah Bryant
    3. List of Moves
    4. Fighting With and Against Sarah
    5. Secrets
    6. Accessories Guide
    7. Wrap Up
    8. Update History
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction
      Well for those of you VF veterans, this is a VF unlike any VF made. No
    more button mashing fighters, Virtua Fighter 4 actually takes some skill
    to pull off these tasks. No more floating jumps, but just awesome all
    out gameplay. You have to have precise timing and the right button
    combination to pull off a devastating move, and these moves are quite
    fancy. Having played this game and in the practice modes, there seems to
    be an endless number of moves you can do, i can safely say that there is
    at least 10,000 moves or more in VF4. If you find yourself having
    trouble simply try your moves on the practice mode, commands section.
    You'll get the hang of it after a while. So without further ado, here is
    the character FAQ of Sarah Bryant.
    2. Background of Sarah Bryant
    Sarah Bryant
    Country of Origin: USA
    Sex: Female
    Blood Type: AB
    Job: College Student
    Hobby: Sky Diving
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    Bust/Waist/Hips: 35/22/35
    Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
    Past VF Games: VF, VF2, VF3
    Relations in VF4: Jacky Bryant (brother), Vanessa Lewis (???)
    Stage in VF4: What seems to be a resemblence of Rome, fighters fight on
    a slab of stone surrounded by stone gaurd railings, that can be broken
    when a character is slammed into it, lightning strikes statues and
    stractures as you fight
      After regaining her memory and returning home to a normal life, Sarah
    still had lingering doubts. Although her brainwashing had been
    incomplete, her desire to defeat Jacky had been overwhelming. Was there
    some part of her, then, that also wanted to fight her brother? Before
    long she received a call from her brother informing her that he planned
    to enter the Fourth Tournament. Hoping to regain her former life back
    completely, Sarah entered the tournament as well, determined to defeat
    her brother and put the past behind her.
      Her brother, Jacky, had no means in entering the Tournament in the
    first place, He wanted to continue his life as a Indy Race Car Driver.
    After a series of attacks on his crew, he was forced to enter the Fourth
    World Tournament, so that these attacks will stop, thus calling his
    sister stating he was going to join.
      A new face has appeared in the 4th World Fighting Tournament, that of
    Vanessa Lewis. Vanessa got word that J6 (Judgment 6) was going after a
    woman named Sarah Bryant and entered the Tournament to protect her from
    harm. Vanessa was previously raised in J6 and knows what they are
    capable of doing harm.
    J6's intentions were that to, take Sarah Bryant and transform her into a
    new, complete, form of Dural...
      Sarah is a student of Jeet Kune Do, she fights with quickness but not
    a lot of power and relies on swift movement in taking down her opponent
    with punishing kicks, her most devastating stance is the flamingo,
    capable of pulling off numerous of attack and throws. Sarah Bryant is
    suitable for begineers in VF4.
    3. List of Moves
    Button Legend:
          back up    forward up
                 \ ^ /
            back ‹ o › forward
                 / v \
        back down    forward down
    > - Forward
    < - Back
    ^ - Up
    v - Down
    FU - Forward Up
    BU - Back Up
    BD - Back Down
    FD - Forward Down
    Guard G - Sqaure Button
    Punch P - Triangle or X Button
    Kick K - Circle Button
    + - Press coorisponding buttons simutenously
    Basic Commands
    Running - Tap >,> hold - to run
    Dash - Tap >,> to dash forward or Tap <,< to dash back
    Crouching Dash - Tap FD,FD to dash forward or Tap BD,BD to dash back
    Jumping - Press and hold ^+P or ^+K
    All Range Movement (AVM) - Move any direction such for evading attacks
    or getting yourself in position to attack, to move downward tap v,v to
    move that way
    Escaping Throws - To avoid an oppenents throw move simply press P+G and
    any directional movement to move out of it
    Recovery - When you are hit and just as you are going to hit the ground
    simutaneosly press P+K+G to handspring back up quickly
    Evading Attacks - During an evade, either by pressing v,v or ^,^ -
    during that movement press P+G+K to attack while evading
    Reversals - High Attack Reversal = <, P+K
                Mid Range Reversal = BD, P+K
                Low Attack Reversal = v, P+K
    Off the Wall Attacks - Most characters have attacks that you can perform
    from off the wall. Mostly just a reverse and jump on wall and kick
    moves, to pull these off you must first be facing the wall by either
    pressing <,<,P or <,<,K once you are facing the wall and close enough to
    it you can either press <,P+K+G to attack ot FU,P+K+G to run up the wall
    and end up behind your opponent. Like i said only SOME characters can
    perform this move, not all.
    Shoulder Buttons = The L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons also pose as attacks,
    try each one to figure out which sort of attacks are inputed in these
    Normal Stance
    * - Indicates that moves go into flamingo stance
    Flash Piston Punch<1>: P,P,<,P                    |Damage: 30
    Flash Piston Punch<2>: P,P,^,P                    |Damage: 30
    Combo Rising Knee: P,P,P,K                        |Damage: 54
    Combo Somersault Kick: P,P,P,BU or P,P,P,<,K      |Damage: 58
    Combo Rising Kick: P,P,P,^,K                      |Damage: 54
    Punch High Kick: P,K                              |Damage: 30
    Punch Side Kick: P,v,K                            |Damage: 20
    Squat Straight: v,P                               |Damage: 9
    Elbow Side Chop: >,P,FD,P                         |Damage: 29
    *Setup Combination: FD,P,K                        |Damage: 32
    High Kick Straight: K,P                           |Damage: 30
    Double Thrust Kick: K,K                           |Damage: 37
    Jackknife Side Kick: D,K,K                        |Damage: 40
    Double Step Knee: >,K,FD,K                        |Damage: 65
    Dash Knee: >,>,K                                  |Damage: 30
    *Switch Kick: <,K                                 |Damage: 15
    Full Spin Heel Kick: ^,K or FU,K                  |Damage: 25
    Mirage Kick: FD,K,K,K                             |Damage: 44
    Illusion Jackknife: FD,K,K,>,K                    |Damage: 44
    Illusion Low Kick: FD,K,K,<,K                     |Damage: 44
    Dragon Smash Cannon: BD,K                         |Damage: 30
    Somersault Kick: BU,K                             |Damage: 38
    Double Low Kick: Hold D,K,K                       |Damage: 22
    Rising Knee Double: Hold D,>,K,K                  |Damage: 45
    Rising Knee Combo: Hold D,>,K pause K             |Damage: 52
    *High Side Kick: P+K - deflect attacks            |Damage: 20
    Toe Kick Jackknife: v,P+K,K                       |Damage: 35
    *Double Rise Kick: <,P+K                          |Damage: 27
    Spin Kick: K+G                                    |Damage: 20
    Crush Tornado: rise form crouch K+G (charges)     |Damage: 42
    Leg Slicer: v,K+G                                 |Damage: 20
    Step Round Kick: >,K+G                            |Damage: 25
    Spin Edge Kick: <,K+G                             |Damage: 25
    Round Kick: ^,K+G                                 |Damage: 25
    Low Spin Kick: FD,K+G                             |Damage: 20
    Side Hook Kick: BD,K+G                            |Damage: 22
    Tornado Kick: FU,K+G                              |Damage: 20
    Spin Heel Sword: BU,K+G                           |Damage: 30
    Right Side Kick: While evading Downwards, P+K+G   |Damage: 25
    Left Side Kick: While evading Upwards, P+K+G      |Damage: 25
    From Flamingo Stance
    * - Indicates that moves from flamingo stance, remain in the flamingo
    Cut In Punch: P                                             |Damage: 8
    Cut In Chop: FD,P                                           |Damage: 10
    *Right High Kick: K                                         |Damage: 12
    *Side Kick Combination: K,K,K                               |Damage: 39
    *Low Cut Combination: K,K,v,K                               |Damage: 35
    *Cannon Combination: K,K,K+G                                |Damage: 39
    *Crush Low: v,K                                             |Damage: 15
    Hand Hold Neck Cut: v,K (if connects) P+G  *awesome move*   |Damage: 45
    *Guard Crush Sword: >,K                                     |Damage: 25
    *Cut-In Middle: FD,K                                        |Damage: 17
    Somersault Kick: ^,K                                        |Damage: 30
    *Fake: P+K (deflects attacks)                               |Damage: 0
    *Side Neck Cut Sword: v,P+K                                 |Damage: 23
    *Side Neck Cut Sword: ^,P+K                                 |Damage: 23
    Heel Sword: K+G                                             |Damage: 20
    *Low Spin Kick: v,K+G                                       |Damage: 20
    Heel Sword Slash: >,K+G                                     |Damage: 30
    Throw Moves
    Front Suplex: P+G                             |Damage: 45
    Lightning Knee Smash: <,P+G                   |Damage: 35
    Rolling Face Crush: FU,P+G *awesome move*     |Damage: 45
    Neckbreaker Drop: >,>,P+G                     |Damage: 40
    Leg Hold Throw: <,>,P+G                       |Damage: 55
    Falling Angel Throw: >,BD,P+G *awesome move*  |Damage: 45
    Throw Moves From Flamingo
    Leg Hook Throw: P+G *awesome move*                        |Damage: 30
    Gatling Kick Beat: ^,<,v,>,P+G or v,<,^,>,P+G *awesome*   |Damage: 60
    Jump Attack
    Elbow: P             |Damage: 25
    Step Hook Kick: K    |Damage: 20
    Down Attack (while opponent is laying down on ground)
    Soccer Ball Kick: FD,K    |Damage: 13
    Jumping Knee Stamp: ^,P   |Damage: 25
    Rising Attack (from laying on ground)
    Rising Back Kick: K,K,K              |Damage: 30
    Slide Low Spin Kick: Hold D, K,K,K   |Damage: 30
    4. Fighting With and Against Sarah Bryant
     As stated earlier, Sarah is known for her lightning fast kicks and
    ability to pull off alot of combos with that talent. She is good against
    slow fights that may use throws alot or are left in the open, key thing
    - don't hesitate while playing as Sarah. Try to be a good fighter (or
    cheap in this case) by never leaving the opponent open for an attack, in
    other words, stay of their ass. If you want to pull off a move such as
    the Gatling Kick Beat, i suggest you stagger the foe for to give you
    enough time to set up the attack.
     Guard her combos when you can, after she is done with her sequence
    attack with your own combos or attacks. Mid and low range reversals work
    well to stop her. Also, alot of power would help out as well, throws are
    a must while facing this brutal fighter. If you fight against another
    human opponent, it may take them time to setup devastating attacks, and
    thats when you can attack, not leave her open. I found myself getting
    frustrated because i wanted to use the Gatling Kick Beat, but i left
    myself open too long to input the command.
    -Fighters to watch out for as Sarah-
    Aoi Umenokouji: vast areas in reversals and grab n' snap moves
    Jeffery McWild: blocks sometimes and then deals alot of damage
    Shun Di: small and may miss some high kicks
    Jacky Bryant: swift kicks and punishing blows
    Akira Yuki: CHEAP! blocks most of the time while pulling off combos,
    once you are done he deals some damage and keeps on hitting you while
    5. Secrets
    Like i have said earlier the are a lot of secrets in VF4 to unlock for
    each character, whether it being a costume or different accessories such
    as, sunglasses or fighting head gear....etc. I will update frequently
    when i know all the secrets to unlock certain things for each character,
    but here is what i know you can unlock for Sarah so far:
    -Play Sarah as a VF1 Polygon Model-
    How to obtain this: Use Sarah in Kumite Mode and achieve the ranking of
    Beginner. To select the VF1 Model in character select highlight Sarah
    and press SELECT to have the statlog window pop up. And hold down P+K to
    select Sarah as a VF1 Model
    -Background Select Screen-
    You can have alternate backgrounds for the Select Screen (with the
    rippling water). To select this option go to Options->Settings->Game.
    While in that window press L1 or R1 to toggle through the backgrounds.
    Select the one you want and it will be your background (if you saved the
    game settings).
    -100 wins item-
     In Kumite Mode, if you win 100 straight wins with Sarah. Sarah's 100
    wins item is Bunny Ears. However, if you have an item equipped and lose
    to a fight to another Wolf of the same level, you'll lose that item.
    -Disgrace Items-
     If you constantly lose in Kumite Mode you'll be rewarded or
    dewarded....if you must with a disgrace item, this could range to a
    possibility of things such as goofy masks and so on, you'll lose that
    item once you win a match.
    -Different Costumes-
     For any character in the game, while choosing a character, simply press
    the START button and toggle between the characters 2 existing costume
    designs. Also, if you press SELECT and use the character you use in
    Kumite Mode, you can change their color codes on the pre-fabricated
    costumes. To change the colors, simply go to Date File->Edit File and
    from there you choose one of your characters used in Kumite Mode and
    then change their look and appaerence. Same applies to accessories.
    -Trainging Stage as a Fighting Level-
    In Kumite Mode, when a certain amount of times (not alot) and you'll be
    awarded to fighting in the training stage in VS. Mode.
    -Unlock Dural-
    Complete Kumite Mode and defeat Dural. After you do so, Dural will be
    playable as a fighter for your own entertainment.
    6. Accessories Guide
    To obtain these items you must play in Kumite Mode:
    -Bunny Ears
    -Purple Sunglasses
    -Crimson Sunglasses
    -Green Sunglasses
    -Gold Sunglasses
    -Matrix Sunglasses
    -Graduation Sunglasses
    -Zipper Earring
    -Hexagon Earring
    -Anchor Earring
    -Gold Earring
    -Amethyest Earring
    -Two Hearts Earring
    -Striped Earring
    -Coin Earring
    -Leather Braclet
    -Bullet Wrist Band
    -Leopard Wrist Band
    -5 Ruby Braclet
    -Pyhton Wrist Band
    -Banka Wrist Band
    -Turquoise Braclet
    -Egyptian Necklace
    -Greenleaf Necklace
    -Secret Choker
    -7 Ball Necklace
    -Anchor Necklace
    -Dual Necklace
    -Rosario Necklace
    -Butterfly Choker
    -Pink Heart Necklace
    -Traditional Necklace
     Each item varies in how you obtain it. I suggest you take a look at
    MWareham's in-depth Item Guide FAQ on how to obtain these accessories.
    7. Wrap Up
      Like i said if you have trouble try the Practice Command mode and
    you'll become a Sarah Bryant fighter quickly, she is pretty easy to
    handle (don't take the out of context). More updates to come soon.
    Thanks for viewing my FAQ =) If you find anything wrong or want to add
    info feel free to e-mail me at majincloud@hotmail.com
    8. Update History
         •      Version 6.0: April 15, 2002 - Major update - Fixed Spelling
    errors and Wolf errors, added Accessories Guide, added to Secrets
         •      Version 2.5: March 28, 2002 - Added Secrets, tips/fighting
    with and against section, added damage amount for moves, fixed spelling,
    ASCII, small legal disclaimer in credits
         •      Version 2.0: March 23, 2002 - Final/First Draft
    9. Credits
      Most of the character background came from the VF4 manual, so thanks
    go to Sega and AM2 for designing the game and manual. Give credit to
    MWareham's Item Guide for the accessories list. And thanks for
    Sony/PlayStation 2 for bringing this great franshise over to a wonderful
    system. ASCII provided by me, Majin Cloud. Thanks for the people
    supporting GameFaqs. And Thanks to GameFaqs.com for supporting this FAQ
    if entered. Anyone else but GameFaqs, please ask me before using my FAQ
    on any site first, majincloud@hotmail.com
    Visit my website at:
    www.8op.com/cloudsrealm or www.cloudsrealm.cjb.net
    Copyright 2002, Majin Cloud (Marc Piniol)
    Virtua Fighter 4 - Sarah Bryant Character FAQ

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