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    Anakaris by EasternPinoy

    Updated: 12/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (finished December 12, 2003, 11:25 US EST time)
    ("final" minor revisions December 4, 2004, 11:00pm)
    (yes, it took a year to finally try submitting from a windows instead 
    of my mac)
    The last time I had updated my Anakaris FAQ (January 13, 2003) was the 
    last time it would look like THAT.  As I have gotten better once again 
    and changed, so does the FAQ.  I present to everyone simpler-looking 
    renovations to my Anakaris FAQ.
    Table of Contents
    "Brian's School of Anakaris"
    Anakaris' Tier Rating
    Standard Attacks
    Anakaris' Special Moves, and How To Use Them Better
    Anakaris' Supers and How To Use Them Better
    Anakaris' Assist Types
    Anakaris' Ideal Partners
    Anakaris vs The Big Four
    Fun Facts
    Contact Me!
    Special Thanks
    !!!.     Copyright info
    I.   Abbreviations
    b- back
    f- forward
    d- down
    u- up
    df- down-forward
    db- down-back
    uf- up-forward
    ub- up-back
    PP- both punches
    KK- both kicks
    DHC- delay hyper combo
    II.  "Brian's School of Anakaris"
    A.  ANAKARIS' tier rating-
    generally, he's consider like a high 3rd-low 2nd tier character, but 
    when the god-tiers came about, he's more like a mid-tier, up to top-
    tier wannabe. he has the tricks to turn the tables on the opponent in 
    an instant, but has craptastic defense. that, and his speed makes 
    people think twice about trying him.
    -ANAKARIS' pros-
    *can cover a good amount of the screen using all of his moves
    *intimidation... it's all in the pharoah's curse and his ultra powerful 
    level one super cobra rush
    *all specials can be done in the air infinitely, coffins can keep away 
    AND build meter (not ultra fast, but gets the job done)
    *confusion and surprise
    *4 supers, 2 are really powerful, but 2 (not necessarily those two) are 
    regularly useful
    *mummy wrap (idle hands, mirror hands) is too good, even if it can be 
    crouched under
    *forward-only airdash
    -ANAKARIS' cons-
    *craptastic defense, as good as akuma and roll!
    *SLOOOooooowwww walking and jumping speed, though they can now be 
    *lag on many normals and specials, thought not THAT bad, can be worked 
    around as well
    *more easily pressured/trapped than he can do himself, but if you know 
    what to do beforehand, you can avoid those situations
    ANAKARIS' pro-cons
    *he's big, so he has great reach with normals, but makes him easier to 
    B.  Standard Attacks
    Lp- straight chop at a slight downward angle.
    Mp- downward chop
    Fp- hands do a cobra bite at arms length
    Lk- shin kick
    Mk- weird straight kick, like his lk, but leans back more.
    Fk- shapes himself into a coffin and attacks with the feet.  Leaves the 
    Lp- bandages poke the enemy
    Mp- arms emerge vertically from the ground in front of him, 2 hits
    Fp- LAUNCHER, arms emerge vertically from the ground around him (can 
    counter cross-ups)
    Lk- hard-to-see foot bandage attack
    Mk- further than lk
    Fk- knockdown attack with good range, but bad lag.
    Lp- similar to his crouching lk, jumping
    Mp- good ranged leg attack, slight downward angle
    Fp- kick downward 60 degrees
    Lk- feet/legs emerge from the ground, kinda slow
    Mk- again, but it's 2 hits
    Fk- both feet strike from below, about a 60 degree angle
    Lp, mp, fp same as jumping
    Lk- like jumping version, but closer to him.  Has a good angle of 
    vertical attack.
    Mk- like his jumping mp, but upwards instead
    Fk- straight kick, half-screen range
    -ANAKARIS' normal moves to use... on the ground-
    *his standing lp has awesome range for a non-dhalsim-or-juggernaut 
    light attack, but more often going for a ground combo or launch combo, 
    you're more likely to use the crouching.
    *i tend to use his lk when i can't dash in close, therefore going for a 
    cobra blow ground combo instead
    *his crouching medium punch is perfect to call assists during, and 
    anakaris can still combo one medium kick and one fierce to bridge in 
    the assist attack
    *his standing fierce punch is a pretty quick cobra hand bite with 
    slight lag. awesome for poking or dashing in, as he slides forward for 
    a moment when using this in a dash
    *his cr. fierce punch (launcher) is pretty darn good covering directly 
    above him, and it has deceptive range... not THAT deceptive, but 
    slightly better than it looks
    *his standing fierce kick lifts him off the ground for half a second. i 
    don't use it much except in a certain double DHC combo i use to wipe 
    out sentinel in training mode (i'll tell it later)
    *his crouching fierce kick has a good range, but leaves him open unless 
    you cancel into a lp-cobra blow
    *walk of the saint (back + lk) is a long range overhead.  Before I 
    didn't use this move much because I consider the pyramid smash a better 
    overhead.  I still hold to that, BUT this overhead will often lead to a 
    Mummy Wrap if you don't get predictable with it.  What I mean is to not 
    use the same patterns of getting into it and using it, and to mix up 
    usage of Mummy Wrap and knockdowns or more axe kick overheads 
    -... in jump-
    NOTE: Many of you will probably think it makes no difference, but when 
    Anakaris normal jumps and whiffs an attack on the way up, his decent 
    will be sooner and faster.  Alone, it probably leads to a near 100% 
    vulnerability, depending on the opponent's ability to retaliate.  But 
    with assists, they can cover anak, and anak can cover for them once he 
    lands, assuming the opponent chooses to stay on the ground
    *jumping backwards, his fk covers him decently, even better with any 
    assist to cover another area.  All of his kick button "jump" attacks 
    appear from below, but I only use this strength.
    *jumping backwards from the corner, his fp I believe comes out faster 
    than his fk, and considering Anakaris' sloowwwwwww jump speed, consider 
    this a reliable overhead that you can fool the opponent into a curse 
    with on anak's recovery, somewhat covering his decent.
    *his pyramid attack diagonal (air only down-forward + any kick) is just 
    about the fastest overhead in the game (I could be wrong?)
    -... in superjump-
    NOTE: airdash rushdown!  Characters with an airdash can often use it in 
    part of their rushdown game.  Although the best example of this is 
    magneto, other characters without 8-way airdashes can still implement 
    the same technique.  Computer rogue is a common example here.  Although 
    Anakaris can't do nearly the same with his normals, his sj fp is 
    perfect for tagging a grounded opponent as long as you're not too close 
    nor you airdash too late
    *superjump lp is nothing special, but for the sake of getting out of 
    airdash in order to block, this is I think his fastest possible way to 
    try to get back into block animation should it be necessary.  
    Otherwise, it's basically a starter of airdash rushdown against tall 
    characters, as it stays out, so the bit of lag still counts as a 
    falling hit.
    *his superjump lk has a great vertical reach. i'm playing around with 
    undercrossing up with it after launching. what i mean is like launch, 
    superjump, airdash immediately and possibly reset for a lil extra 
    damage or whatever.
    *his superjump mp has a slight downward angle, but if the opponent is 
    too thin AND anak is too close, it won't connect unless you straight 
    vertical superjump.
    *his superjump mk has a slight upward angle, but the opponent is 
    shifted down if the mk connects
    *his superjump fp attacks at a steeper angle, the same as his jump-
    version fp.  if you have an opponent pressured in the corner, you can 
    choose to come down with this, followed by a delayed fk to possibly 
    unexpectedly overhead him.
    *his superjump fk has awesome non-dhalsim reach.  on a grounded 
    opponent, this causes less hit stun than his sj fp.
    C.  ANAKARIS' specials, and how to use them better
    First off, his command moves:
    1.Walk of the Saint - hold back, lk (overhead)
    It's an overhead with fair range.  Before, I wouldn't use this often, 
    but seriously, WHORE IT!  Considering what Anakaris can do to anyone 
    after landing this, I actually consider it one of his best moves now.  
    Treat it as a medium kick attack.  You can seriously use this move to 
    force your opponent into a Mummy Wrap.  It's hard to decide if this or 
    the Pyramid smash is a better overhead because the Pyramid leads to 
    rushdown, while the axe kick leads to more Mummy Wraps, which is 
    important in Anakaris' game.
    2.Pyramid Smash - d/df/f any kick (air only)
    His legs take the shape of a pyramid and he attacks a short distance 
    with it.  Holding down makes him attack downward, holding df (or db) 
    makes him attack at a 45 degree angle, holding forward makes him attack 
    straight forward.  I use this as a quicker overhead because Anakaris' 
    normal jump is so slow.  Use this for melee rushdown because it's a 
    faster overhead than his axe kick overhead.  The difference between 
    using them is you have to be up close to reach the opponent with this, 
    as for the axe kick, you can be a little further.
    His actual specials
    3. Mummy Wrap (or idle hands, or miira drop). qcf + p, (air also)
    One of his trademark moves that make him... him.  It's a long range 
    unblockable throw, and his hands appear a either about 1/4 screen or 
    almost 3/4, bypassing any object/character between Anakaris and his 
    hands. Don't try to abuse it, because people nowadays know they can 
    duck under the hands, and it leaves Anakaris wide open if whiffed past 
    the opponent. It grabs ground-ground, air-air, but not ground-air or 
    On the ground, it's best as an unexpected surprise if you find the 
    opponent in either of the spots, and there's a slight margin of 
    distance error possible without whiffing. When connected, Anakaris 
    slams the opponent over to the opposite side, making it possible to 
    follow up after if slamming them into the corner. 
    in the air, preferably superjump or TK'ed (tiger knee, sagat's classic 
    motion for his tiger knee back in the street fighter 2 games), you'd 
    still have to be sure to at least target the general middle part of the 
    body, but other than that, it's not hard to catch an airborne opponent, 
    especially in a short air combo. when it connects in the air, Anakaris 
    slams the opponent down on the opposite side below him.... without the 
    bounce of the ground version. If the opponent doesn't roll, it might 
    just be possible to air dash (if you haven't already) to attempt to 
    cross up with a fierce punch and fierce kick (Anakaris turns around to 
    attack if airdashing over an opponent in superjump state)
    4. Pharaoh's Curse, qcf + k (air only)
    The other move that makes Anakaris strike fear in the opposing player! 
    Even the sight of the curse can pressure opponents the first few times 
    seeing it. Don't throw it out randomly, but make sure it will at least 
    force the opponent to block… or don't make it predictable or obvious 
    that it's onscreen (an assist to distract from it or to shift the 
    screen like an AAA assist helps). The lk version makes the curse fall 
    at a slightly steeper angle. the fk version makes it fall slightly 
    farther.... but it's kinda hard to tell the difference sometimes. the 
    one major difference between the two is that Anakaris recovers in half 
    the time of his fk version. Anakaris has assisted infinites using the 
    dhalsim aaa is a popular choice
    colossus aaa i saw in a video where the anakaris user OCV'd with the 
    colossus aaa curse infinite
    i use zangief ground assist if i catch the opponent in mummy wrap and 
    get them right in the corner
    cyclops aaa is common too, and is the one my friend is trying to 
    persuade me to use.... but i don't have time anymore to learn cyclops
    and many others
    the good thing about the assisted curse infinites is that damage is 
    reset every time, and it's no longer part of the initial combo, so you 
    can call your assist again to curse em again (that's why it's an 
    also, another thing I like doing is if I have an opponent below me and 
    I can coffin him a few times, I like dropping down occasionally and go 
    for a far fierce punch into fierce kick (usually blocked) into a lk 
    pharaoh's curse so I can get one of them out, and sometimes, they tried 
    attacking me when i froze in the air forgetting that's the pose 
    Anakaris takes when he releases a curse. Doesn't work that well, but 
    it's a mixup to add.
    5. Coffin Drop, down down + any attack button (air also)
    Distances from nearest to farthest: lp (next to anak), fp, lk, fk 
    (almost full screen)
    well, on the ground, you can use it to tag down high runaway storms 
    without jumping and getting in the range of a lightning storm. Most of 
    the time, use this in superjump, cuz he can stay in the air infinitely 
    doing all his specials. Superjump coffins are good for brief keepaway, 
    and certain charcacters won't have an easy time gettin past. Plus, it 
    builds meter. Maybe not fast, but it gets the job done while keeping 
    away. take advantage of the coffins' wideness and not go for direct 
    hits everytime, have fun and fake em out a few times just to get em 
    with the next coffin. If you get the opponent cornered, go ahead and 
    superjump and stay about 1/2-3/4 the screen back and start tossing a 
    few. With experience, you'll know if it's okay to continue tossing, 
    like if the opponent has a threatening assist, or if they're a mobile 
    character like most of the top tiers and god tiers. On the ground or 
    superjump, Anakaris can toss a coffin and cancel into a super before 
    the coffin appears if you don't cancel too early.
    6. Cobra Blow, back forward + p (air also)
    lp hits half screen. it's usable in air combos, and cancels into the 
    sarcophagus holocaust, but depending on the character box of the 
    opponent (not necessarily size) you can get between 1 and 5 coffins. or 
    you can cancel it into the pharoah's wrath super if you're FAST enough. 
    the fp version, hits about 3/4 screen, but takes longer to actually 
    "hit". it's better for ground combos ending with a fp or fk. it covers 
    a good amount of the ground area when the hand bites. in his ground 
    combo in the corner ending with this version cobra blow, you can cancel 
    into a sarcophagus holocaust for one coffin and dhc into another super.
    D.  ANAKARIS' supers, and how to use them better
    1.  Pharaoh's Wrath (fk, lp, down, lk, fp)
    Okay, a lil harder to do than the raging demon tap sequence... and less 
    useful too. practically, you can only really connect it if you have an 
    assist to keep the enemy in hitstun, and it's his weakest super. the 
    only plus sides are that if it connects, you get the guaranteed 59 
    damage on cable defense characters. also, i've connected it on its own 
    by jumping to get hit indirectly by Akuma's dragon punch super (jumped, 
    got hit, but got hit back to the ground in a way that i could then 
    block), pushblocked after the second spin, let Akuma go up whiffing, 
    and unleashed the wrath and killed him. 
    in a launch air combo, if you superjump forward and do lp lk > lp-cobra 
    blow >> pharaoh's wrath, you can connect, but i find it to hard to pull 
    off in such a small period of time. if you cancel into it too late, 
    it'll either be blocked or the opponent will fall before it even gets 
    blocked. if you cancel into it too early, it'll get blocked cuz the 
    opponent is slightly above it and has room to fall down.
    if you do manage to connect it and the opponent doesn't mash to 
    roll/get up sooner, you can OTG and go for whatever you wish. 
    don't expect to connect with this in a real match UNLESS YOU HAVE THEM 
    2. Super Cobra Rush (or as anakaris curse calls it, hyper...viper 
    hordes!) (back, forward + pp.)
    his best super overall by a landslide. control the snakes by height:
    Basically, half of each snake overlaps into the one above and below it. 
    it has better potential for maxiumum damage the further away you and 
    the opponent are from the corner, so that the snakes have more room to 
    come out. Practice and experience make perfect, as you'll never be at 
    the same spot every time you connect it, especially in the air where 
    most of the time you'll be doing it.
    On the ground, the head of the snakes seem to do more hitstun than the 
    snake bodies stretchin, but I could just be makin that up.  Also you 
    won't get as many hits on the ground because of the various sizes of 
    the characters may prevent the lp snake from hitting normal sized 
    characters. It is easily combo-able from any medium or fierce attack on 
    the ground in case you get a minor critical mistake when trying for it 
    in the air combo.
    In launch air combos, if Anakaris jumps straight up, you can do lp lk 
    mp >> cobra super, but for the sake of consistency, I started omitting 
    the mp like the first two anakaris faqs by Lemur X and Mysterious M, 
    however long ago they were here. in the air, on pretty much all 
    characters except servbot and roll, all snakes should be able to hit as 
    long as you're at roughly the same height as the opponent in the air. 
    Remember, the closer you are to the opposite corner (if Anak faces 
    right in this instance, i'm talking about the right side of the fight 
    stage), the faster you have to dial through the buttons. in the corner, 
    i tend to use my middle and index fingers... umm, the two fingers used 
    to form the scissors in rock-paper-scissors, from both hands, using my 
    left to hit the lp and lk, and my right to hit the fp and fk. should 
    you choose to do it this way, practice at not hitting two buttons 
    simultaneously to get the most out of it. 
    at maximum distance, you should get between 50-70 hits
    at the corner, at least 40 should be your goal
    and just like all his specials and supers in his superjump state, he 
    can still attack while falling after the super ends
    3. Sarcophagus Holocaust (down down pp)
    well, if connected fully, it's the strongest single lv 1 super in the 
    game hit-damage at 7 hits 99 damage on cable. unfortunately in a real 
    match, i believe this would rather be a super to keep the opponent away 
    from you than to connect the full damage. still, you can use it in the 
    following air combo in a real match:
    cr. lp, cr. fp ^ lp lk mp > lp cobra blow >> sarcophagus holocaust
    like anakaris curse said earlier, on cable, this will do 4 coffins. 
    i think the majority will get 3. 
    those generally "thin" will probably get two.
    iron man and war machine i believe only the first will hit. 
    strider 4 coffins i think
    hulk takes 5 coffins
    juggernaut i thik is 3 or 4
    sentinel i think is only dented by 2, maybe blackheart's the same
    if you know how many coffins will hit, either 
    A) DHC into another super, the default is the hail storm
    B) wait it out if the opponent can't do anything to get past or beyond 
    the range of the coffins to punish you. this depends on the opponent's 
    character and location. best if done near corner so the opponent can't 
    run back beyond the coffins' reach.
    if you use this on a cornered opponent, make sure you take to the skies 
    first and activate it from no further than half screen
    4. Pharaoh's Illusion (lp, lp, forward, lk, fp)
    Yurp. It's the raging demon tap motion. the initial hit can launch the 
    opponent up to fall into Anakaris' hands if you know how to use it. it 
    also really helps that anak can do a ground combo cr. lp, c. lk, cr. fp 
    to give you more time to pull off the pharaoh illusion.
    lp makes left hand swat to the right
    - can also hold down or up to change direction of the slap
    fp makes right hand swat to the left
    - look at above sidenote
    lk makes left hand rise the opponent
    - can also hold the right to rise the opponent to the oppsoite side
    fk makes right hand rise the opponent
    - can also hold left to rise the opponent to the opposite side
    what i like to do is start with whichever kick that best matches the 
    position of the opponent, and rise them to the opposite side. then i 
    use the punches to volley them back n forth. the time gap between the 
    rise and slap is a lil smaller than if you rose the opponent 
    vertically, so you can usually get in one more hit than usual.
    the super starts off pretty instantly, though you must wait almost half 
    a second before you can start slapping. anak recovers almost instantly 
    after touching the ground again in his coffin, and often this can throw 
    off opponents attempting to close quarters combo you and you just combo 
    them back.
    his supers in potential strength: 
    1.super cobra rush (70 hits at over 100)
    2. pharaoh illusion (see if you can get 12 on cable, it does 100)
    3. sarcophagus holocaust (all 7 = 99 damage on cable)
    4. pharaoh's wrath >_<
    his supers in average strength
    1. super cobra rush (45-60 hits, about 65-80ish damage on cable)
    2. pharaoh illusion (plan for 8 hits, 70-80 damage on cable)
    3. pharaoh's wrath, 59 damage on Cable >_< wobb!!!
    4. sarcophagus holocaust (3-4 coffins in the specified air combo, 
    buffered from 45-55ish damage.)
    his supers in practical use in a real match
    1. super cobra rush
    2. pharaoh illusion
    3. sarcophagus holocaust
    4. pharaoh's wrath (*does akuma grunt)
    E.  ANAKARIS' assist types
    alpha: ground 
    assist- hp Cobra Blow
    this is okay as an assist. Anakaris pops in behind you and does said 
    attack. sometimes, it can be annoying as all parts of the cobra arm can 
    hit once it reaches full length. if i learned something from the 
    computer, make sure the opponent is far from your corner to reduce the 
    chance of him gettin whooped
    counter: same
    not really a good counter. even if you do decide to use it, he'll get 
    hit from an air chain, and it's probably too slow to hit other 
    characters because there's so many different options of cancelling that 
    those moves would probably beat out this counter
    team super: SUPER COBRA RUSH
    well, i consider this his best team super. but the snakes come out at 
    random, makin it less useful as a solo team super. it would help hold 
    the enemy in place for the other supers to connect if those need 
    slightly more time to reach the opponent. bah, i don't use alpha type
    beta: throw
    assist: hp mummy wrap
    the hardest of his assists to use, for you might not be able to 
    consistently place the opponent in the corrects area to be grabbed. 
    when it does connect, he swings the opponent around twice instead of 4x 
    before slamming them to the opposite side. best if used near the conrer
    counter: same (i think)
    probably easier to connect under certain circumstances, for it's faster 
    than the cobra counter. let's say.... possibly you block sentinel's 
    rocket punch with your current point character, i think this would work 
    from the correct distance. possibly even hyper sentinel force before 
    countering after the 1st or 2nd set of drones.
    team super: PHARAOH ILLUSION
    meh, the worst of his team supers. it's auto random. simply, don't pick 
    this assist if you still incorporate team supers in your game.
    gamma: variety
    assist: lk coffin drop. maybe it's the hp version
    the best of his assists. it's more useful than the other two, and it's 
    the closest he gets to an AAA assist. if you don't use 
    commando/blackheart assists that reach all the way to the top, this one 
    attacks from the top of the screen instead. it attacks further than the 
    commando assist (if he does the one where the spark appears where he 
    is, if it's the other version, nevermind the lil bit before these 
    parenthesis), but isn't homing like that blackheart inferno assist. 
    best used to for tagging down characters who like to go to the skies 
    and runaway, but not sentinels who take to the skies and stomp the 
    living flowers out of you. why i chose flowers to say, i don't know!
    counter: same
    his worst counter. i really have nothing to say about it
    still not really the team super of choice, but it is consistent. but it 
    does have the most recovery time, making your point character wait 
    until he starts to jump out, leaving yur point character and anakaris 
    open to a combo, or AHVB.
    overall best assist: COFFIN DROP
    F.  ANAKARIS' ideal partners
    to play him at his best, you need:
    a) a reliable, if not invincible AAA
    b) or an assist that keeps the opponent in blockstun
    c) both
    d) an assist for using the assisted curse infinite
    a) the best ideas that come to mind would be doom's rocks, cyclops AAA, 
    or colossus AAA. dhalsim AAA is more for attempting the assisted curse 
    infinite i think, but the others i said are better all around for 
    multi-purpose. SonSon's AAA really works well too.  I use SonSon's AAA 
    because, she's a staple to MY team, it sets up a superjump mummy wrap, 
    it OTGs, and helps set up a guard break for incoming characters at the 
    corner. Anakaris Curse also uses SonSon's AAA with Anak on his fun? 
    I use zangief's lariat because he's a staple to MY team, he adds needed 
    defense to my team where Shuma didn't help before.  People panic when 
    he gets close, and he only wears tights and he has magenta tights with 
    fp color. in the corner it can set up the curse infinite too, though 
    not nearly as consistent as others.
    b) the best ideas that come to mind at the moment are doom's rocks 
    (they really are too good, grrrrrr), sent's drones, and spiral's fp 
    assist. they'll help anakaris' ground pyramid rushdown. anak's cr. mp 
    (two hit shifting vertical pillar thingie) is perfect for bridging the 
    assist in to help connect the pharaoh's illusion without the aid of a 
    launcher or mistake. even doom's rock's will slightly pop em up, giving 
    you time to illusionize and start chip-slapping away. then it's a 
    matter of your opponent knowing when the super ends, cuz anak can 
    pretty much attack the instant he touches the ground in his coffin.
    c) really the only assist that falls into this is doom's rocks.
    d) Cyclops AAA, Psylocke AAA, Dhalsim AAA, Zangief ground, many others.  
    Also a reason why I choose Zangief for this purpose is because in mech-
    mode, should I already have him meched, is one of the best close 
    quarters AAA's.  That and I'm not a top tier person, haha.  I never 
    said I was a serious tournament player.
    G.  ANAKARIS vs the Big Four
    well, these are not easy matches for him, obviously. he's at a serious 
    disadvantage in rushdown, keepaway, pressure, comboability, mixup, 
    everything including flowers (don't mind that). But remember, Anakaris 
    has the moves to take them on.  First, here's OSMBV Tiger's take on it
    OSMBV Tiger's "Cliff's Notes" version
    *If she tries to runaway, predict her next move and counter with 
    coffins. Or, if you need the meter, meet her up there and use Idle 
    *Don't let her start rushing you, especially if you don't have a good 
    AAA. Anakaris doesn't have too much he can do to stop her. About his 
    only real tool here is his launcher, which has excellent vertical range 
    and deceptively good horizontal range; remember though that like nearly 
    all of his attacks, if you miss it you're screwed. 
    *Don't try coffin runaway... that's just begging for hail.
    *Rush her down before she rushes you. That's really all you can do to 
    stop her. Keep in mind that with her defense, one good PCB combo DHCd 
    into something else will kill her.
    *Everything I said for Storm, minus the runaway part. Mags doesn't do 
    runaway. Honestly I have no real character-specific strategy here. Just 
    find a way to land that curse infinite!
    *Coffin runaway is more effective on Magneto than it is on Storm, but 
    still watch out, as he's more than fast enough to get around it if 
    youre predictable.
    *Personally, I play coffin runaway to stall and build meter for a 
    better character. As always, watch for AAAs. 
    *He's a big target, so if he tries anything from outside stomping 
    range, you can grab him with IH or TKIH easily.
    *If you stay at peak superjump height, you're pretty much safe from any 
    big damage. If he tries to shoot you down, catch him with IH, and 
    otherwise keep him busy with coffins. Watch out for Scimitar, and of 
    course any AAA he has.
    *Rushdown against Cable is your best bet, if he's alone (remember that 
    debate?). In fact, if you're good with his rushing, it's probably your 
    best bet even if he does have an assist. However, given that Anakaris's 
    rushdown does have some holes, watch out for anything (such as Scimitar 
    or AAA) that can lead to AHVB.
    vs Magneto
    Magneto will more often than not, rush you down like..... a speeding 
    bullet, no..... more like an old geezer with a crapload of caffeine. In 
    reality, I think this is the least hard match against the big four, 
    since he actually needs to come to you. He's most annoying with the 
    psylocke AAA, and most of you most likely know why. In case newer faces 
    are reading this, Psylocke AAA hits up the opponent a lil bit and they 
    land on their back on the ground. That, and it's invincible. It easily 
    sets up magneto's many combo options whether it be infinites or slide 
    tricks, or resets. By then, Magneto is likely to have 2 meters, meaning 
    a double tempest air combo, meaning an annihilated Anakaris. 
    power- MAGNETO and ANAKARIS are about the same hit for hit combo by 
    combo. one tempest combo does roughly the same amount on Anakaris as 
    one air cobra super would on magneto. the only difference is that 
    magneto can do more tempests. this goes hand in hand with the defense 
    defense- MAGNETO's one of the under-average defense characters. 
    ANAKARIS has defense like a flower on steriods. this kinda goes hand in 
    hand with the power comparison.  But because Anakaris can keep away and 
    Magneto has to get in close or use an assist to best get Anak out of 
    the air, Anakaris takes this 6-4.
    comboability- MAGNETO wins this hands down, but he has to go all over 
    the place to do his non-basic-tempest-combo comboes. ANAKARIS only has 
    two options, pyramid overhead into ground combo, or launcher (to 
    counter magneto's rushdown attempts) into air super cobras. also, look 
    at power comparison.  Magneto wins 8-2.
    priority- MAGNETO is faster, and the hyper grav is super annoying. his 
    best priority single move is his standing fierce... but i don't see any 
    magneto players use it because he doesn't need to hit the opponent far 
    away. ANAKARIS has the launcher to counter tri-jump signs, his mummy 
    wrap when you find him in the right place, his superjump fk (straight 
    far kick attack).  I say this category goes either way 5-5.
    speed- MAGNETO is the fastest all around character in all areas, with 
    the moves to compliment it. ANAKARIS is a slow walker on the ground. 
    sometimes, you can use anakaris' lack of walking speed to make magneto 
    come to you instead of you chasing him down and eating a psylocke AAA 
    or captain corridor AAA.  Magneto wins 7-3.
    ground battle- MAGNETO has the rushdown tri-jump, hyper grav for 
    blocking, the fastest dash in the game. ANAKARIS has laggy (but 
    overlookable) ground moves, and can do a 5 button (6 hits) ground 
    chain. he does have the pyramid though for one of the fastest overheads 
    in the game I guess. use both ground battle and air battle against 
    Magneto.  This is probably more ideal because Anakaris has an easier 
    time mixing up his high-low game once Anak and Mags are in close 
    quarters.  Magneto takes this 6-4
    AIR battle (superjump heights)- MAGNETO has the 8-way airdash, tempest 
    combo that can surprise you because there was no launcher. this is 
    where ANAKARIS has the advantage, being able to stay in the air 
    infinitely with special moves. plus he can only do the pharaoh curse in 
    the air. not that it works well, but Anakaris can fill the screen with 
    a lk curse and coffins.  Anakaris has better usage and priority in the 
    air with projectiles from above and a curse that moves slow enough to 
    add crap on the screen.  I use both ground and air battles against 
    magneto.  5-5.
    to put up a fight against him with Anakaris, don't stay on the ground 
    too much, but still make it part of your gameplan, because if all you 
    do is superjump and stall with coffins, Magneto will get past em after 
    the 2nd coffin at earliest. one of the best moves for this matchup is 
    his LAUNCHER!!! you can't throw it out at random of course, but when 
    Magneto shows signs of tri-jump rushdown, throw this out he can often 
    run right into it cuz it has a nice vertical reach above Anakaris' 
    crouching body. As soon as you launch him out of his rushdown assault, 
    simply go for Anakaris' super cobra rush air combo and know the timings 
    for the mashing.
    More random thoughts...
    -Watch out for Mags if he's armed with two meters. While you're 
    thinking about how to keep him away, he can frame-kill DHC into Hail or 
    Captain Sword or Armageddon or something.
    -Against Sentinel, stay on the same horizontal plane as him, as he'll 
    have a harder time hitting you, and also because this is the only way 
    to connect Idle Hands. Stay just out of stomping/panning range .  If 
    you're out of range of the frying pan, chances are you're in perfect 
    range for HP Idle Hands. Sentinel's so big that you can't miss the 
    vs Cable
    this could go either way one on one, because Anakaris has way more goin 
    for him.  
    power- CABLE's real power is in punishing with TK AHVB (tiger knee'd 
    air hyper viper beam). ANAKARIS is just as strong hit for hit, but 
    combos a lot more than 3 buttons for normal chain hits. Anakaris' power 
    in this matchup comes in his air super cobras. Assuming one on one, a 
    launcher shouldn't be hard to land, seeing how anakaris can pyramid 
    rushdown surprise from HFIL (darn computer does that better than me, 
    lol). also, look at defense and comboability.  5-5 one on one, 6-4 
    Cable assuming both have assists.
    defense- CABLE's the default example of normal damage stamina, meaning 
    he takes no more or less than 100% damage from all attacks. ANAKARIS 
    takes damage like a wet noodle. An air combo with the super cobras on 
    Cable is almost equal to two AHVB's on anakaris. also, look at power.  
    Both characters can keep the other at bay if needed.  5-5.
    comboability- CABLE can only do three buttons on the ground, and all 6 
    in superjump. most often, Cable will just go for lk mk fk >> (superjump 
    cancelled) AHVB. ANAKARIS can build meter with his combos, air or 
    ground. Anakaris also has his axe kick overhead and pyramid overhead to 
    try n get the combos started. Combowise, anakaris wins, but results-
    wise, cable does with AHVBx (number goes here).  6-4 Anakaris
    priority- CABLE has his hp guns, which are fast and multi hitting and 
    keeps the opponent in blockstun. Of course they'll beat out all of 
    Anakaris's moves. cable probably could use his cr. hp to shoot anak out 
    full screen superjump heights. grenades can pressure Anak pretty good. 
    ANAKARIS can use his mummy wrap to punish cable and other things.  When 
    Anakaris gets close, mind games kick in and priority really goes in 
    Anak's favor.  Overall, I'd say Anakaris takes this category 5.5-4.5.
    speed- CABLE used to stay back all day and throw out hpx4 > viper beam 
    and never walk forward. cable now walks forward much much more, but 
    he's still kinda slightly average in the speed area overall, except for 
    AHVB. ANAKARIS has slow walking and jump speed, but the better and much 
    more experienced anakaris players, are pretty fast in their assault, 
    especially when they mix up pyramids, axe kick overhead, ground combo, 
    fast blockstun lp mummy wrap followup, mummy wraps out of nowhere. 
    general speed-wise, cable wins, but speed in depth.... anakaris 
    actually wins this category 7-3.
    ground battle- CABLE will often keep away with assists and grenades, 
    and some viper beams. and of course, there's punishing with AHVBx #, or 
    combos with superjump cancelled AHVB. ANAKARIS' ideal positions would 
    be either (A) superjump heights right above cable if cable has no full 
    vertical AAA like commando or blackheart, or (B) up up up up close and 
    personal rushdown mixup from HFIL.  Even if Anakaris is totally right 
    next to cable and cable pulls off a ground HVB instead, the gun itself 
    makes the beam shoot past Anakaris = free combo. then again, when is a 
    cable ever gonna let you constantly rush him down when he has assists 
    waiting in the background to interrupt. it goes either way for the most 
    part, but I'd still give a slight edge to Anakaris.  5.5-4.5
    AIR battle- well, encounterig CABLE in the air isn't terribly bad cuz 
    cable isn't exactly mobile in the air. he can manipulate himself by 
    dropping sooner while jumping by pressing fp (jump gun shot), and for 
    air priority ownage, or throwing grenades to pause, or viper beams to 
    slow his decent. really the only thing to watch out for in the high 
    skies is yurself being AHVB dinner, although at those heights he can 
    only use one AHVB if he so chooses. ANAKARIS can only really toss a few 
    coffins before cable might go for a high AHVB. watch out for cable 
    doing a psimitar, the shot is much bigger than it seems.   Anakaris 
    almost takes this, but because in the air Cable has a full screen beam 
    to limit Anak's superjump about 50% of the time, I'd consider it either 
    way, 5-5.
    important, from Tiger in an aim conversation
    Tiger: his j. fp owns you, unless you just happen to be at the right 
    usually, you'll be able to airdash into range for idle hands
    but if the cable player knows a thing about anakaris, he wont let u
    I'm a cable player too, and i know how anakaris beats cable
    therefore i know how to counter anakaris
    in short, fighting cable isn't HARD, but generally don't do anything 
    that will make you eat 2 AHVB. you have to work a lil harder than he 
    does for quick damage, but it's still very possible, unlike against 
    storm and sentinel. against cable, it's ultra important to know your 
    gameplan before the fight by knowing the purpose of all 6 characters in 
    the fight, because it's a very possible winnable fight. just don't get 
    (*readys Geese's CvS2 voice) PREDICTABLE!!!!!!
    *If you stay in the air, you're pretty safe from AHVB. Even a loaded 
    Cable will probably hesitate to unleash that high up, since he can only 
    get one AHVB in and that won't kill you. So don't worry about being 
    vulnerable while in the air. And if he does try it, you'll see him 
    coming a mile away, so airdash to wherever he is and give him snake in 
    the face, or just let him jump into your waiting hands.
    "Well, that's definitely right, that anakaris owns cable in a one on 
    one match, you can surely win this match only if you are an anakaris 
    expert or maybe an anakaris average player will do i think,some people 
    really insist that cable will surely win this match but they are wrong, 
    for sure,they are saying that because they didnt see some matches of an 
    anakaris expert player,in other words,they really haven't seen yet the 
    REAL play and POWER of anakaris."
    Vs Storm
    this is one of anakaris' harder matches against the big four, IMO. 
    storm can hit and run, runaway, chip, keepaway a lil, rushdown, 
    power- STORM doesn't hit too hard hit for hit, but considering all her 
    combo options, it more then makes up for it in the case against 
    Anakaris. both of her supers are practically full screen, which sucks 
    for the mummy. ANAKARIS needs to outsmart her on the ground when storm 
    needs to come down and pull off his BnB air combo using his launch to 
    counter tri-jump attempts. i say this goes either way, because for the 
    sake of chipping with storms super, anakaris can still block random 
    chip.  5-5
    defense- STORM takes slightly less damage than Anakaris. plus, she can 
    runaway and keepaway with homing vertical typhoons.  Just about all of 
    her moves are safe.  ANAKARIS is.... really his only defense is his 
    launcher if storm goes for tri jump rushdown. even if you whiff, you 
    can always cancel into pharaoh Illusion and throw her off with the 
    surprisingly fast recovery.  Storm takes this category 7-3
    comboability- STORM has more combo options than the sweat i've produced 
    during hardcore ddr sessions. she can attack high, low, unexpectedly, 
    to infinity, and everything magneto can do i guess. ANAKARIS can only 
    use the tried and true practical BnB air cobra super air combo, or 
    pyramid rushdown combos on the ground. no contest here, Storm wins 7-3
    priority- STORM's wind-covered normals are too effin good (grrrrr). 
    typhoons are indestructible, full screen hail storm that will always 
    come out in the worst random times. ANAKARIS only has his launcher, but 
    it's a damn good one. don't expect to land mummy wraps too much against 
    her, even with assists. Pharaoh's Curse at random actually seems like a 
    good idea as long as you aren't in close range or at full distance.  
    Reason?  IT GOES THROUGH HAIL STORM!!!  Also, Storm might be too speed-
    crazy to think there's a curse on screen.  Storm takes this category 6-
    4, ONLY because one cursed Storm often will lead to a dead Storm.
    speed- STORM has one of the best rushdowns in the game, where i 
    consider magneto's rushdown the best hands down. and lightning attack 
    is really fast too. ANAKARIS.... no comment unless he can battle storm 
    on the ground in close quarters. Storm wins
    ground battle- STORM has indestructible typhoons, wind-covered limbs, a 
    launcher with insane frontal priority, hail storm. ANAKARIS has pyramid 
    rushdown again, and the occasional mummy wrap if the opportuntiy 
    presents itself. However, this is where you'd wanna be against storm 
    mostly, so she doesn't get you out of the air with a Hail Storm.  Also 
    remember the use of assists that Anakaris can retaliate upon.  Storm 
    wins 8-2
    air battle- STORM has the 8-way airdash, lightning attacks to 
    manipulate her direction, slow falling, specials on ground and air, 
    that lightning attack air combo. ANAKARIS has his sj fk, coffins, lk 
    curses, and several attack angles with his normals in superjump. as 
    long as you meet storm in the air, you have no hail to worry about. if 
    storm is running away high above the top stage perimeter, toss a coffin 
    to smack her back down if you know when to do it, and which coffin. if 
    she's on the ground and you're in the air..... don't stay up there for 
    long unless you wanna bait out a hail for you to block. Storm wins 8-2
    well, i made it look like Storm completely overpowers anakaris, but 
    only knowing how anakaris can take down storm takes personal 
    experience. it's definately far from impossible, but it's also farther 
    from an easy win. 
    Vs Sentinel
    Ack!, I consider Sentinel the other hardest matchup for Anakaris, where 
    I previously considered magneto to be. Sure, Sentinel is a big... 
    thing, but he's still got the speed tricks figured out over time to 
    work around his land speed. Keep in mind that basically one combo will 
    almost always do Anakaris in...... which is why I like it ^_^
    power- SENTINEL has the best physical strength in the game, as well as 
    defense, and high comboability exploited by the players. ANAKARIS' 
    physical strength won't do any good head on here unless you play mind 
    games first. Sentinel get's this 9-1, possibly 8.5-1.5
    defense- SENTINEL's best defense lets him survive many of the best 
    practical combos a numerous times, and his drone bombers can be a 
    surprising anti air if the opponent super jumps. there's the j.FP Wok 
    to protect from near above, and the air kicks to kick down jumpers from 
    below when Sent's flying. ANAKARIS dies in 1.25-1.5 sentinel combos, 
    seriously. He does have better usage of the curse and coffins from 
    superjump heights to keepaway, and his sj fk for a possible offensive 
    or defensive poke cuz it has a long reach. but still, sentinel wins 
    this 9-1 because of Sent's ability to constantly hit Anak's weak 
    defense stat.
    comboability- SENTINEL has his drones super multilinks, short ground 
    combos that do like 50% on anakaris, devastating SIMPLE air combos 
    that'll do like 60-65% on Anakaris, unfly combos, air throw corner 
    reset combos that would probably kill Anakaris, corner TK hard drive 
    dash super that is otg'able right after. ANAKARIS won't be able to get 
    of his ground BnB combo unless he can catch sent with a pyramid smash 
    overhead. Sent will play midscreen-full screen distance to prevent 
    anakaris from being able to launch him more than once. smart anakaris 
    vs sentinel won't go for the quick kill and instead work hit by hit by 
    whatever means without putting himself in big danger for retaliation, 
    while smart sentinel vs anakaris will be able to counter most of 
    Anakaris' attempts to land a single hit when Sent is supposedly open. 
    Sentinel wins 8.5-1.5
    priority- just about all of SENTINEL's normals and specials will beat 
    out everything anakaris has. but ANAKARIS shouldn't get in close 
    quarters to battle head on. anakaris does have the coffins to keep 
    sentinel at bay as long as he doesn't have a proper assist to get 
    anakaris down. the mummy wrap is great against sent.... if sent's not 
    flying. sent will in that case swat down Anak every time with the wok 
    from HFIL or pin Anak down with close quarters flying lk or fk. 
    Sentinel wins 8-2.  I say Anakaris gets 2 points because once Anakaris 
    can get close via mind games or a successful curse, he should even up 
    the match.
    speed- SENTINEL's land walking speed matches Anakaris, but is faster in 
    every other aspect. He attacks fast now that he's no longer a 
    destruction robot. Seriously, he's a Dhalsim kung-fu robot who can call 
    drones to do his bidding if he desires. That, and his recovery on most 
    moves are covered or can be cancelled into HSF. ANAKARIS shouldn't rush 
    sent with his melee speed too long, if at all, but do include it to mix 
    up his game and the psychology of the match. I think his pharaoh 
    illusion super will also allow him the fastest way of attacking from 
    one end of the screen to the other end, it has excellent startup. 
    Sentinel wins 7.5-2.5
    ground battle- SENTINEL can call drones to cover him, one button 
    projectile beams which can be unblockable, (Team) Rocket punch is fast 
    to reach the other end of the screen, and he has super armor that can't 
    be penetrated by Anakaris easily. ANAKARIS is at the big disadvantage 
    on the ground, and really his mummy wrap can produce any results as 
    long as sent hasn't started flying.  However, a low level curse is 
    always good to throw out, even if it's random or desperate.  As long as 
    you're not predictable with it, the curse will save you and turn the 
    momentum of the match in your favor.  Sentinel wins 8-2.  
    air battle- SENTINEL has the fp wok of doom to swat down near jumpers, 
    his kick stomps to pin anakaris down, the fastest fly mode in the game. 
    however.... ANAKARIS can use his coffins and curses better at superjump 
    heights to somewhat limit sentinel. Sentinel's a big character, and 
    can't do any fancy fast 8-way airdashing the way magneto and storm and 
    cable (just kidding) can. Seriously, an air keepaway game against a 
    Sentinel without Commando or Blackheart or maybe Cammy AAA assists is a 
    smart gameplan. Also, if Sentinel happens to be cornered, if you stay 
    somewhat above sent and toss coffins and occasionally coming down for a 
    dropping fp fk, and sent doesn't have the above assists, sent won't be 
    able to cleanly hit Anakaris without getting a coffin at some point. 
    IMO, I think it's the ideal spot for doing any possible consistant 
    damage, but actually getting to that spot is harder than it seems 
    (obviously). If sent is flying high and Anakaris is high up there too 
    on opposite ends, coffins can keep sent from getting close, but you 
    won't really get damage from it. Still, it's better to let the round 
    last than to go for the fast win. This is Anakaris's ideal spot to slow 
    down the match against sentinel, but Sent also has rocket punch, but 
    Anakaris also has his super cobra rush to stop sentinel from using 
    rocket punch, for I'm thinking the extending of Sent's arm will make 
    him get nicked by a cobra head. For connecting mummy wrap, Tiger gave 
    great advice, to stay in the same air horizontal plane and just out of 
    reach of the frying pan. Air battle goes slightly in favor of Sentinel 
    if it's PURE air battle (I don't mean with the use of an assist or 
    launcher).  6.5-3.5.
    Very refreshing to kill a Sentinel with Anakaris, which is why it's my 
    fave matchup for Anak. Like vs storm, I made it seem sent wins hands 
    down, but the smarter, more experienced anakaris players won't go 
    suicide and get vulnerable to a rocket punch > HSF > launch > air combo 
    or whatever. It makes Anakaris dust rather quickly.
    More thoughts from OSMBV Tiger, on Sentinel
    *It's pretty safe to stay at maximum superjump height and coffin him to 
    death, since Sentinel doesn't really have anything that can bring you 
    down. Just watch out for CapCom AAA and the occasional Blackheart. 
    Also, keep in mind that a smart-flying Sentinel can put a wok in your 
    face if you get carried away with the coffins.
    *If he tries to lock you down on the ground with drones, carefully time 
    a dashing IH so you grab him between the time he sends out the drones 
    (and after any normal move he may have done first such as hp mouth 
    beam) and the time the drones hit you. Or, superjump away at the first 
    opportunity and proceed with the coffins. Guard cancelling is a life-
    saver here.
    From AnAkaRiS CuRsE 
    tip: Do a desperate Son Son's Super Monkey Hyper Move, and when an 
    opponent is close enough, beating Son Son badly like Strider Hiryu DHC 
    with Anak's Pharaoh's Illusion, both the assist and the character will 
    get hit by the Illusion. Then beat both of them until such time that 
    you must do another Hyper Move which will make your opponent angry 
    (i.e. Hail Storm) 
    RANDOM TIP: whenever you defeat a character with anakaris and waiting 
    the next character to come in(corner only), you MAY surprise the next 
    character by dashing in the other side with c. hp then (lp,lk xx Hyper 
    Viper Hordes!!! Unbelievable Damage!!!!!!). 
    If c.hp is blocked.....you may cancel it a lp cobra blow or pyramid 
    rush or Hyper Viper Hordes to get some chip damage....it is SOMETIMES 
    safe..... depending on the familiarity of your opponent with Anakaris' 
    I've been doing this almost every match and success rate is 80%.
    III.  Fun Facts
    !!!Super Jump Canceling!!!
    All characters can do this lil trick to eliminate any lag from certain 
    normals.  The most common example is Cable's AHVB from a standing fk.
    Anakaris can best superjump cancel out of a standing/crouching mp/mk, 
    or a crouching fk.  Finally, after at least a year and a half after 
    seeing Meikyousissui 8 (included an Anak combo on a Colossus), I just 
    now tried exploring superjump canceling.  From his cr. Fk up close, you 
    can sj cancel and go into a DOWN Pyramid Smash and follow up with a 
    combo.  From a grounded opponent, canceling out of a st/cr mp/mk can 
    lead to airdash rushdown/mixup, and juggling an opponent (like in Meik 
    8) with a st. mp, you can sj cancel into an airdash and combo.
    !!!getting under a cornered opponent with the launcher!!!
    Against a cornered opponent, Anak's launcher has the ability to 
    slightly move the opponent away from the corner.  What you can do with 
    this is airdash immediately following the launch superjump, and whiff a 
    light attack to allow Anakaris to fall, and Anak will be on the other 
    side, although it does not look like it.  Now see if the opponent 
    realizes they have to block the other direction now before they are 
    suddenly launched into the best position for the Super Cobra air combo
    !!!the (very unlikely) Dual Super Cobra Rush!!!
    Now, if one air cobra super when cornered didn't hurt enough, it 
    actually is possible to pull off TWO, which very likely means a KO'd 
    opponent.  The trick is tapping in a way that you let out a cobra at 
    the very last possible second before the super background reverts back.  
    IF… and I mean IF you do it right, it is possible to tag on a lp into a 
    second cobra super.  However, the timing is so damn strict to be able 
    to pull it off, and that the timing depends on the player, that it is 
    not worth the trouble to try it in a real match.  A good analogy here 
    is trying to connect with any one-hit KO move in Pokemon while accuracy 
    is down to the minimal, you are confused and paralyzed, and the enemy 
    keeps using possible flinch moves.  Now cut that likelihood in half, 
    and that's how often you'll pull it off in training mode.  Cut it in 
    half again, and you have the likelihood of pulling it off in a real 
    match.  It would make great use in an example vid… if I could even do 
    it again in training mode.  Maybe the opponent's size is a factor.
    IV.  Miscellaneous
    Colors - Lp) blue/yellow helmet/yellow "skirt thing"
             Lk) pink helmet/"skirt thing"
             Fp) green helmet/"skirt thing"
             FK) yellow/red helmet/"skirt thing"
             A1) brown bandages
             A2) "stone" Anakaris (gray) 
    Entrance - Anakaris falls from the ceiling in his coffin.
    Taunt- Like a brief win pose #1
    1) He faces you with arms placed to the side and chants.
    2) Raises his arms and is hailed by a crowd of monkey-looking 
    Time over loss - 
    He faces you and loses composure, and his bandages become really loose.
    Vids, Pics, and more! (not just MvC2) at:
    V.  Contact Me!
    Questions?  Comments?  More Advice?  Am I Missing Anything?  (probably)
    flashflipb@hotmail.com or ugaldebp@vcu.edu
    AIM: BrinN Unlimited, or Bri423248
    VI.  Special Thanks
    OSMBV Tiger- THE first GameFAQs user to AIM me.  You're like a brother 
    to me now.
    AnAkaRiS CuRsE- Also a big Anakaris contributor on the boards.
    EVERYONE (too many to name) who has come to me for advice after seeing 
    some of my match and example vids.
    Gutabo for allowing me to post stuff on his server, MESUIT!!!
    All my VCU DDR Hero friends who keep me motivated to do my work, 
    despite all my suffering from my art classes.
    GameFAQs for posting this.
    This FAQ is written and copyrighted by Brian Ugalde "EasternPinoy".  
    Please… go right ahead and use this info for free!!!  I'd be surprised 
    if anyone actually does.  It's not that I care, I have more important 
    things to worry about.  

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