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    Dr. Doom by Lemur-X

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --------========Marvel Vs Capcom FAQ : Dr. Doom v1.3=========-------
    ---------======== Compiled by Lemur-X, 6-1-2000 ========----------
    --------=====Mail my happy-ass at lemurx@drunkenlemur.com=====-----
    Index :   1:  Intro/disclaimer/other BS.
              2:  Legend of keys
              3:  Overview of character 
              4:  Normal attacks (standing & flying)
              5:  Special attacks 
              6:  Supers
              7:  Combos
              8:  Assist Types
              9:  Strategy
    This faq was written for personal and private use. Feel free to 
    distribute if desired, just make sure to give credit where credit is 
    due.   You may not alter the following and claim it as your own, or 
    your knees belong to Guido……
    Revision History : 4-7 - Original FAQ completed 
    			 5-25 - Added new combos, detailed uses for specials.  
                       6-1 - Overhauled the * entire * shebang. Detailed 
                              both 'Normal' and 'Special' moves; improved 
            the indexing; 
    This and other FAQS are hosted by the lost-gamers bestfriend, CJAYC at 
    www.gamefaqs.com and www.drunkenlemur.com
    ---------================ 1: Introduction =================-----------
        I first started playing the VS series w/ the advent of "X-Men vs 
    Street Fighter"'s release on the Sega Saturn.  Good Lord…….Now there 
    was a game….And none of the followups have really shined as it did 
    (IMO) up until "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2".
        The series of FAQs I'll be putting out will be related to all the 
    funky, freakish, or 'Darkhorse' characters of the game. Characters 
    people rarely use….and when they do use, use ineffectively at best.
         I'm doing this due to the fact that * every * single character in 
    this game is very playable…..very…….And knowing this can give you quite 
    an edge over people that would underestimate them….
    ---------=================== 2: Legend ===================------------
    Here's the legend of keys and terms used in the following FAQ.
    Attacks : Jab = Light Punch
              Fierce = Hard Punch
              Short = Light Kick
              Roundhouse = Hard Kick
              b = Back
              f = Forward
              d = Down 
              u = Up
              B = Charge back for 2 seconds
              D = Charge Down for 2 seconds
              P = Punch
              K = Kick
              PP = Both punches
              KK = Both kicks
              HCB = Half Circle Back (Roll controller from forward, to          
                    down, to back.)
              HCF = Half Circle Forward (Roll controller from back, to                                        
                    down, to forward)
              QCF = Quarter circle forward (Roll from down to forward)
              QCB = Quarter circle back (Roll from down to back )
              OTG = Off the ground. Getting your licks in whilest they be  
                    Down for the count. 
              Launcher = Any move which sends your opponent to the heavens.
    NOTE : All percentages given are from damage taken by Cable (a fairly 
    balanced character). Your mileage may vary.
    ---------==================3: Dr. Doom ====================-----------
    	Now here's a character that I'm quickly finding fun to use.  He 
    has the ability to inflict Hellacious damage with very few hits, has a 
    wide variety of projectiles, and has very comboable Supers. His keep 
    away game can rival that of IceMan if played cheaply (boo) or you can 
    charge into battle and take out the likes of Juggernaut in 5 moves 
    (yay). That and he carries that spiffy sense of style into battle like 
    only a true super villain could.   
         Here are a few of his main strengths.
    1 :   Powerful Supers : Doom possesses 4 Supers, all of which inflict 
    more than 40% damage apiece.  On top of that, they're fairly versatile.
    2 :    Variety : With 3 completely different projectiles that are 
    ground based alone, it'll be a while before you run out of patterns and 
    traps once you become accustomed to playing with Doom.  Factor in a 
    nice dving kick from the air, and 2 completely different projectiles in 
    the air, and you've go a fairly well rounded turtling machine. Which 
    leads us to….
    3 :     Turtling : You can easily keep an opponent at bay for nearly an 
    entire round if you wish (wuss).   He not only has a beam attack that 
    takes up a good portion of the screen, but also a nice wind-up 
    projectile (Molecular Shield) and a great push-back maneuver(Photon 
    4 :     Normal strikes : Doom can easily take an average character from 
    100% to 70% with 4 normal attacks.  Many of his attacks shove an 
    opponent clear across the screen, in preparation for a projectile trap, 
    and he has one of the best Roundhouse kicks in the entire game.
    Of course you must take the good with the bad. =(
    1:    Combo Magnet : Dr. Doom is extremely easy to combo. He's the 
    perfect width and weight for nearly anyone to pull of ludicrous juggles 
    with.  Fear corners.
    2:    Air Inferiority : I have yet to learn to utilize Doom well in the 
    air. Aside from his diving kick, he's pretty much a sitting duck. Many 
    of his attacks hit high, and have a long windup, and his projectiles 
    travel nearly Directly downward once airborne! =(
    ----------===============4: Normal Attacks================-------------
    Standing Jab - Decent range. Hits fairly high. Second variation is a 
                     short ranged uppercut that does not launch. Odd.
    Ducking Jab - Shorter range than his standing Jab, but faster 
                   recovery. No second variation.
    Jumping Jab - Fair range. Lame hit raidus. Hits high. Second version is 
    an overhead smash which launches opponent to the ground.
    Standing Short - Shortranged, but hits from just above the waist on 
                      down. Second connection is a nice diagonal launcher. 
    Ducking Short - Ok range for a Short. No second variation. Very quick.
    Jumping short -  Good range. Good speed. Second hit is a short range 
                     axe kick.  Use as your main Jumpin opener.
    Standing Fierce -  Medium windup. Good range. Knocks opponent clear 
                       across the screen. NICE hit range. 
    Ducking Fierce - Long windup. INCREDIBLE range. Launches upon a clean 
                      hit. Decent damage and covers both sides of Doom!
    Jumping Fierce -  Incredible range, but it's windup is seriously 
                      SHITTY. Best used in flight since a FULL connection 
                      means 5 hits and about 25% damage! Even the sound 
                      effect is cool! Hilarious to bust out when Ryu or the 
                      likes decided to take to the air with you.
    Standing Roundhouse - Insane coverage. The range isn't the greatest, 
                          but the move starts above his head and travels 
                          clear to the ground. Nasty for nailing jumpers, 
                          and it hits twice.
    Ducking Roundhouse -  Passable range. Single hit knockdown. Good for 
                          starting OTG games.
    Jumping Roundhouse - Fun little move. Decent damage. Good speed. Sends 
                         Doom flying towards his opponent ala Akuma's 
                         diving kick. Good for finishing off 'Aerial 
                         Raves'. Tap Down on the controller to make him 
                         land at a steeper angle. Must be blocked high. =)
    F + FIERCE – Doom grabs the enemy by the neck, and sends them careening 
                 to the opposite side of the screen with a point-blank 
                 'Plasma Beam'.  Funny. Great priority in the air.
    F + ROUNDHOUSE – Doom choke-slams the enemy to the ground, sending them 
                     bouncing vertically.  Can be followed up with an 
                     Aerial Rave or 'Rising Flame' if done quickly enough.
    ---------=================5: Special Moves ===================---------
    Plasma Beam - QCF, P (in air)-
     	Very quick windup. Very quick recovery. Nice coverage. The aerial 
    version travels at a 45 degree angle downwards.
    Photon Shot - HCB, P (in air)-
      	Fairly slow windup. Spreads across the ENTIRE screen. Knocks 
    opponents backwards regardless of if they're blocking or not. Awesome 
    for annoying jumpers. Aerial version fires downwards.
    Molecular Shield - HCB, K –
         Surprisingly fast windup. Good for stalling rushers. Good for 
    stalling jumpers. Great damage. Hurts a blocking Iceman, and has 
    excellent priority!!
    Flight - HCB + KK –
    Doom flies. Fairly slowly I might add.
    Air-Dash - Any direction + PP – 
    Mid-air dash. Short range, but works in a pinch.
    ---------================6: Super Attacks ==================---------
    Plasma Bomb- HCF, PP –
      	Good startup. Rivaling some of the faster beam Supers in the 
    game. Can be easily combo'd into. Does about 40%  damage with a 
    clean/FULL hit. This is what you want to end your combos with if 
    Photon Array - HCB, PP (in air ) –
     	Slight delay. Lethal in the air, and  only ok on the ground. 
    Ground version can be OTG'd and absolutely murders assistants since it 
    covers both sides of Doom. Air version can be combo'd into. 40% on full 
    hit. 70% if the aerial version fully connects with Juggernaut. THE 
    anti-rushing move for Doom's game!!!
    Rising Flame - HCF, KK  -
    Fast startup, can be combo'd into from his Roundhouse throw and 
    his standing short(!). About 30% damage. Deceptive range, and good for 
    fliers. Use this as an alternative to his slower Supers if you face a 
    rusher (Spiderman? Anyone?) if your confidence is high enough in 
    -------------================7: Combos================----------------
        These combos range from super-simple, to damn hard, but they all 
    work.  Have fun.
    35% 9-hitter - Ducking Short, Ducking Roundhouse buffered into 
                   Roundhouse 'Molecular Shield'. You may get 10 hits off 
                   this if your timing is exact. The 9-hitter is much more 
    40% 12-hitter - Roundhouse throw, into 'Rising Flame' Super. Timing 
                    must be impeccable.
    Variable combo - Jump-in Short buffered into aerial "Photon Array". Up 
                     to 55% damage! 
    30% 15-hitter - (very close) Standing Roundhouse buffered into 'Photon 
                                 Bomb' Super.
    50% 28-hitter - Standing Jab, Standing Short, Jumping Jab, Jumping 
                    Short, Jumping Jab, Jumping Short, Photon Shot buffered 
                    into Photon Array. (note : The Shot and Array must be 
                    executed perfectly. Timing is extremely difficult with 
                    this one!) You do not have to be in a corner to catch 
                    this one either.
    Submitted Combos –- The following combos were sent in by 
    Ground Combos 
    Dashing Jab, Jab, Roundhouse, Plasma Bomb 
    Air Combos 
    Dashing Crouching Jab, Crouching Short, Crouching Fierce, S.J. Jab, 
    Short, S.J. Jab, S.J. Short, S.J. Roundhouse 
    Dashing Crouching Jab, Crouching Short, Crouching Fierce, S.J. Jab, 
    Short, S.J. Jab, S.J. Short, Proton Field 
    Dashing Crouching Jab, Crouching Short, Crouching Fierce, S.J. Jab, 
    Short, S.J. Jab, S.J. Short, S.J. Roundhouse, Proton Shot(must be in 
    Dashing Crouching Jab, Crouching Short, Crouching Fierce, S.J. Jab, 
    Short, S.J. Jab, S.J. Short, S.J. Roundhouse, Proton Array(must be in  
    Dashing Crouching Jab, Crouching Short, Crouching Fierce, S.J. Jab, 
    Short, S.J. Jab, S.J. Short, S.J. Roundhouse, Proton Field(must be in 
    and wait a split second after the Roundhouse to do the Super)
    ---------=================8: Assist Modes ==================-----------
    Assist Mode A - Doom  executes a 'Photon Shot'. Useful. Very useful. An      
        assistant killer and cross-up nullifier.
    Assist Mode B - Jumps in with a 'Molecular Shield'. Nasty for OTG games 
                    and setting up juggling Supers!
    Assist Mode C - Jumps in with a 'Plasma Beam'. Very quick. Pushes back.
    ---------==================9: Strategies ================------------
    -When fighting Pixies-( Chun-Li, Strider, Wolverine, etc. )— Distance 
    them by all means possible. You've got the tools in the forms of 4 beam 
    variations and his wicked 'Molecular Shield', so put them to good use.  
    They should offer you little to no problem. In the odd chance that they 
    do slip through your onslaught, simply attempt a Roundhouse 
    Sweep/Molecular Shield combo to shove them back to the other side of 
    the screen.  Super-Jumpers should be handled with an air-dash/flight 
    escape or his 'Rising Flame' Super.
    -When fighting Beamers (IceMan, Cable, Iron Man etc.)- Simply mix it up 
    with his standing/flying projectiles and his 'Molecular Shield' (It can 
    neutralize most beams and still shoot off a damaging rock!) The only 
    person that can compete in a beam-war with Dr. Doom once he's airborne 
    is Iceman.  You will (and I mean WILL) fight against slutty IceMen 
    players.  It's a fact of life.  When this occurs, stay grouned and whip 
    off 'Molecular Shield' after 'Molecular Shield' from as far as 
    possible. It eats up IceBeams and causes block-damage to the frozen 
    pansy.  Keep in mind most IceMen players are cowards or idiots. They 
    get impatient and charge, or wait for the timer to run out. When they 
    lost patience, they rush, expect either an IceBeam or a standing 
    Roundhouse. Again. . . 'Molecular Shield' and assist with a launcher or 
    beamer if possible.  
    -When fighting Big Guys (Hulk Juggernaut, Zangief etc) – Dr. Doom eats 
    these guys for breakfast! Not literally. I'm pretty sure he doesn't 
    swing that way….. But he does beat the shit out of them fairly easily.  
    Fly. Plasma Beam. Fly. Plasma Beam. Fly. Photon Shot.  See a 
    'Headcrush' coming from Juggernaut? Well….if you were airborne like  
    you should be, simply bust out a 'Photon Array'.  Kiss up to 70% of his 
    health goodbye.
    - When fighting 'Guiles and Shotos' (Guile, Nash, Ryu, Akuma etc.) – 
    Expect lots of jump-ins and Roundhouse sweeps from Guile and Ryu/Akuma.  
    You do have the timing of the 'Molecular Shield' down by now….don't 
    you?   Remember. It's the move you want to use to get breathing room. 
    If you see them about to land a tad short of their intended target, 
    bust out a Crouching Fierce. It remains active for a bit on-screen, and 
    covers BOTH sides of Doom as well as launches!  Nullify Hadokens with a 
    'Plasma Beam' due to it's awesome recovery, and try your best not to 
    get caught by a Roundhouse mashing Guile. They are bitces, and treat 
    them as so with a standing Fierce to counter high jump-ins.
     P.S.  Akuma's Diving Kick was made to catch the 'Rising Flame' and 
    'Photon Array'.
    Special thanks to :  Derrick and Chris for playing such a whorish keep 
                         away game with Morrigan and Sakura. Without you I 
                         would not have to resort to using people you don't 
                         know how to anticipate. >=D
                         SuperMonkeyNippleSailor-X : Fire bad! Rogue good!
                         All the slutty Guile players : For getting the 
                         fire under my ass to enlighten the world to not 
                         use slutty characters.
                          Mtn Dew : For filling my veins with enough 
                                    caffeine to kill a small elephant.
    			    ASCII : For the wicked Dreamcast fighting pad I 
                                  use. My thumbs HATE you!
                          My will and determination : To slip the term 
                                                      slutty in a FAQ more 
                                                      than any man to date!
                          Capcom : For advancing the Vs series yet again! 
                                   And making a great home port. (Pay 50 
                                   cents per round at the Space Station…..I 
                                   THINK NOT!) 
    Submissions? Mail em to lemurx@drunkenlemur.com
    This and other FAQs are up for grabs at http://www.drunkenlemur.com

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