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    Rogue by SBAllen

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2: Rogue FAQ
    v.1.55 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
    12 May 2000
    Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
    email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
    with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
    MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
    2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
    characters contained within the game. This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen
    "Sailor Bacon" Tyner. Rogue is copyright Marvel.
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
    Revision History
    v.1.55 Added Snapback info and solved the "Secret Super" problem.
    v.1.45 Killed the typo demon..
    v.1.4  Added even more Power Drains!!
    v.1.3  Added a little info to the Gamma Assist Type to silence the
           masses, added info on the Taunt and the Rising Repeating Punch.
    v.1.25 Added Spiral Power Drains and a little more strategy.
    v.1.2  Fixed info in the colors section, major updates to the Power Drain
    v.1.1  Fixed up a few things, added a few things..
    v.1.0  Um... everything.
    Table of Contents
    -Character History
    -Opening Animation
    -Winning Poses
    -Assist Types
    -Normal Moves
    -Moves Legend
    -Special Moves
    -Super Moves
    -Power Drain Attributes
    -Abyss Strategy
    -Final Words
    Rogue Character History
    Rogue is a sexy southern woman with a bad attitude and a dangerous kiss.
    Her basic background is that Rogue developed the power to steal the powers
    and memories of others by making flesh to flesh contact with them. Mystique
    discovered her and raised her to become a member of the Brotherhood of Evil
    Mutants. During a fight with Ms. Marvel, she accidently permanently absorbed
    both her powers and her memories. She began to question her own identity
    from that of Ms. Marvel and came to Professor Xavier for help. He recruited
    her for the X-Men where she denounces Mystique and uses for powers for the
    good of humanity.
    Rogue Colors
    To get Rogue's different colors, select her with the following
    A Button: Green jacket, green and yellow bodysuit, yellow gloves and
              boots, green headband.
    B Button: Brown jacket, brown and yellow bodysuit, yellow gloves and
              boots, brown headband.
    X Button: Aqua blue jacket, aqua blue and light blue bodysuit, light
              blue gloves and boots, green headband.
    Y Button: Black jacket, black and white bodysuit, white gloves and
              boots, black headband.
    L Button: Blue jacket, blue and yellow bodysuit, yellow gloves and
              boots, blue headband.
    R Button: Light blue jacket, light blue and yellow bodysuit, yellow
              gloves and boots, light blue headband.
    Rogue Opening Animation
    Rogue jumps onto the screen, wipes off her boots while saying "Get ready",
    then prepares for battle.
    Rogue Winning Poses
    -Rogue backflips and changes into a sexy little outfit with a halter top
    and short jean shorts.
    -Rogue spins around and says "Ta-da!" while striking a pose.
    -Rogue points towards the opponent and says "Bye bye".
    -Rogue lifts her fists triumphantly and shouts "I did it!"
    Rogue Assist Types
    Alpha: Assist Move: Rising Repeating Punch
           Tag Team Super: Good Night, Sugar (1st half only)
    This is a pretty fun assist type to use and arguably the best one. Granted,
    you have to be pretty close for it to hit but if it does you can set up
    some wacky combos. Plus, the disadvantage of positioning with the Beta type
    is nonexistant.
    Beta:  Assist Move: Repeating Punch
           Tag Team Super: Good Night, Sugar (1st half only)
    This is arguably the best assist type to use with Rogue though I personally
    prefer Alpha type. The main problem with this assist type is that it comes
    out from the far edge of the screen and goes about 2/3 of the screen. It's
    easy to see coming and easy to block if blocking is even necessary due to
    the short range of the move.
    Gamma: Assist Move: Power Drain
           Tag Team Super: Good Night, Sugar (1st half only)
    Yes Power Drain is unblockable and yes you can combo from it, but for my
    money this still isn't a very useful assist type. There, now will all you
    people quit emailing me telling me something I already know??
    Rogue Normal Moves
    (Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
    the second hit in a combo)
    Standing Jab Punch: Nothing special, just a quick little punch.
    Standing Strong Punch: A forceful side punch to the gut.
    Standing Fierce Punch: A very forceful side punch that knocks the opponent
    across the screen. It's a little slow coming out to save it for combos.
    Standing Short Kick: A rather high kick that isn't overly useful on its own.
    Standing Forward Kick: Another quick high kick..
    Standing Roundhouse Kick: Your launcher. Rogue backflips and kicks the
    opponent, throwing them into the air. It's a quick move that can catch an
    opponent jumping in at you. Use it then follow them up for a quick Aerial
    Rave into a Power Drain.
    Ducking Jab Punch: Your standard jabbing punch. Nothing of note here.
    Ducking Strong Punch: A dashing elbow attack
    Ducking Fierce Punch: Another launcher, Rogue does a powerful uppercut
    that knocks the opponent up in the air. It's harder to follow up than the
    standing Roundhouse, so immediately press U and start the Aerial Rave or
    you'll most likely whiff. I'd recommend cutting the Rave short as well.
    Ducking Short Kick: A downward little kick..
    Ducking Forward Kick: Opposite of the ducking Short, Rogue kicks upwards
    on this one.
    Ducking Roundhouse Kick: Your standard painful sweep. You can combo the
    opponent immediately afterwards by initiating the Power Dive Punch with
    SK and pounding on SK so she immediately punches downwards.
    Jumping Jab Punch: A jumping version of her standing Jab. Woohoo!!!!
    Jumping Strong Punch: A slightly downward version of the standing Jab.
    Jumping Fierce Punch: Rogue brings her fists down with force onto the poor
    opponent. You can immediately follow this with the Repeating Punch while
    still in the air for more damage.
    Jumping Short Kick: A jumping version of her crouching Short.
    Jumping Forward Kick: A jumping version of her crouching Forward.
    Jumping Roundhouse Kick: A straight-to-the-point painful kick. As with FP,
    you can follow this with the Repeating Punches for extra damage.
    Down + Roundhouse Kick in air: Rogue comes down at a sharp angle at the
    opponent. If you're close enough you can launch into a mini-combo but I'd
    recommend following it with  either the Repeating Punches, Power Drain,
    or Good Night, Sugar.
    Throw: (F or B) + FP: Rogue grabs the opponent, launches into the air,
    informs them that they should "Get ready!" and punches them back to the
    Snapback D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
    Rogue's Snapback is the same as her Fierce Punch.
    Moves Legend
    D = Down
    DF = Down-Forward
    F = Forward
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    P = Any Punch
    JP = Jab (weak) Punch
    FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
    PP = Both Punches
    K = Any Kick
    SK = Short (weak) Kick
    RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
    KK = Both Kicks
    Rogue Special Moves
    Repeating Punch: D, DF, F + P (can also be used in air)
    Rogue runs at the enemy while flailing at them. She ends the move with an
    uppercut (that cannot be followed up for an Aerial Rave). This is one of
    Rogue's better attacks that can easily be worked into combos for nice
    damage. This move can also be done in the air.
    Rising Repeating Punch: F, D, DF + P
    Rogue goes into the air at a 45 degree angle and punches twice, followed
    by a smashing blow to the ground. It's a good anti-air move. Plus, you
    can pound on the P buttons to get extra hits.
    Power Dive Punch: F, D, DF + K (press K to activate)
    Rogue soars straight up into the air and comes down at a 45 degree angle
    with her fist extended. The point where she begins her descent depends
    on when you push K the second time. This is almost guaranteed to go
    full screen so it can be used as a surprise attack.. a few times...
    Power Drain: D, DB, B + K (can also be used in air)
    This is the move that truly defines Rogue and makes her so unique. She
    grabs the opponent and gives them a nice long kiss, gaining a certain
    power-up in the process. This should be used as often as possible to
    attempt to keep the power-up throughout the fight. A list of what
    power-up is given to you by what opponent is listed below. This move can
    be used in the air so use that to your advantage. Oh, and let's not
    forget that the move is unblockable so it's good to ting the enemy with.
    Air Dash: F, F in air
    Fool your opponents by jumping backwards then dashing back towards them
    to nail them with a combo. Just don't get carried away or they won't be
    fooled for long. It's also good for dodging Supers or other moves if you
    are close enough to get over the enemy.
    Taunt: SK + Start
    Rogue blows a kiss at the enemy while taunting them by saying "Bye-bye,
    Darlin'". Oh, and you can launch the opponent across the screen with
    this move. ^_^
    Launcher: RK or D + FP
    Rogue Super Moves
    Good Night Sugar: D, DF, F + PP
    Rogue does an extended version of the Repeating Punch and ends it in the
    air with a Power Drain, only she says "Good night, Sugar" instead of the
    usual "Power drain". Since it is your only Super Move, you've got to get
    used to using it. Luckily, it's insanely easy to work this move into a
    combo and it's yet another way to keep your power up from the opponent.
    "Secret" Super: Assist 1 + Assist 2 with 1 Super Bar
    For some reason, everyone thought that Rogue had a secret Super move
    that no one could figure out. Well, here's how you do it. Rogue goes
    towards the enemy with fists flying. I know it's not really that big of
    a secret, but I'm listing it here so people quit emailing me.
    Rogue Power Drain
    MAJOR props to CJayC from GameFAQs for notating most of the basic Power
    Drains and saving me the time of having to Power Drain from everyone
    myself. Again you prove your coolness.
    ----DEFENSE UP----    -----POWER UP-----    -----SPEED UP-----
    C.America (no shield) Amingo                Cammy
    Collossus             Blackheart            Chun-Li
    Doctor Doom           Cable                 Felicia
    Guile                 Captain America       Gambit
    Iceman                Captain Commando      Hayato
    Iron Man              Cyclops               Lost Adamantium Wolverine
    Jin                   Gouki                 Marrow
    Magneto               Hayato (Plasma)       Morrigan
    Omega Red             Juggernaut (PowerUp)  Psylocke
    Roll                  Ken                   Silver Samurai (Ikazuchi)
    Ruby Heart            Nash                  SonSon
    Sakura                RockMan               Spiral (Speed Dance)
    Silver Samurai        Ryu                   Storm
    Spiral                Sabretooth            Strider Hiryu
    Tron Bonne            Sakura (Evil)         Wolverine
    War Machine           Shuma-Gorath (Chaos)
    Zangief               Silver Samurai (Honou)
                          Spiral (Power Dance)
    -----*LIFE UP-----    ----SUPER ARMOR---    -----NOTHING------
    Anakaris              Collossus (Power-Up)  Rogue
    Bulleta               Hulk
    Dan                   Jin (Desperation)
    Dhalsim               Juggernaut
    Jill Valentine        Sentinel
    Kobun                 Silver Samurai (Mizu)
    Shuma-Gorath          **Zangief (Metal)
    *Note: Life Up only works when your life bar has "red life" in it. It
    changes all the red energy back into yellow energy. It's like tagging
    out basically.
    **Note: Rogue also walks and shakes the ground like Metal 'Gief. ^_^
    Rogue Combos
    (Note: To make things easier, I only use the weak punch and kick buttons
    even when the actual attack is medium strength....)
    Aerial Rave Combos:
    JP, SK, JP, SK, FP
    JP, SK, JP, SK, RK
    JP, SK, JP, SK, Power Drain
    JP, SK, JP, SK, Repeating Punches
    Ground Combos:
    -JP, SK, JP, SK, Power Drain
    -JP, SK, JP, SK, Repeating Punches, Good Night, Sugar
    -JP, SK, SK, Rising Repeating Punches
    -JP, SK, JP, SK, RK, U, JP, SK, JP, SK, Power Drain
    -D + JP, D + JP, D + SK, D + RK, Power Dive Punch (with SK), K
    -D + JP, D + JP, D + SK, D + FP, U, JP, JP, Repeating Punches
    -Jump-in, JP (in air), JP (in air), JP, SK, FK, U, JP, SK, JP, SK,
       Power Drain
    Rogue Strategy
    -Power Drain as much as you can! I know I probably don't need to tell you
    this but I cannot emphasize enough how useful this special move is.
    -The Power Dive Punch, Air Dash, and Repeating Punch are all good moves
    that can connect no matter where you are on the screen, change up your
    position to throw off the rhythm of the opponent.
    -The Power Drain is unblockable... use it... a lot...
    -You've got pretty good combos skills so don't be afraid to use them.
    You can almost always finish of a combo with Power Drain.
    Abyss Strategies
    Rogue is NOT good at all for fighting Abyss but if you choose to do so
    here's a decent strategy. And pretend your Super Bar doesn't exist.. and
    Power Drain for that matter..
    Form One: Duck and hit him with little combos. Just try to wear him down
    without eating any moves yourself. Super jump when you're cornered or see
    a Super coming then nail him from behind.
    Form Two: Believe it or not, you've got a pretty good chance against this
    form. Get on the other side of the screen and start a RK Power Dive Punch.
    about halfway up the screen, press K again to nail him and try to time
    your launch to avoid his attacks. Get the hell away from him and repeat.
    The Power Dive Punch goes through his bubbles as well.
    Form Three: All you can do is block a whole lot and nail the core or the
    solid form whenever possible. If you've gotten this far then give him
    hell and pray for luck. It's a tough job to take out Abyss with Rogue so
    feel good about yourself if you can.
    Final Words
    First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
    my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
    characters AND for providing most of the Power Drains. You rule! I'd also
    like to thank myself for spending the time it took to write this FAQ.
    ^_^ I'd like to thank Capcom for making such an awesome game and to
    Marvel for letting their characters appear in this awesome game. Any
    comments, suggestions, flames, dogs, etc can be emailed to me at
    I'd like to thank...
    -J-Boogie for a correction to the Colors section and for pointing out
    that I left off RockMan, Ryu, and Spider-Man in the Power Drain section.
    -KronoVortx for pointing out the Collossus Power-Up Power Drain.
    -Ed! for the Spiral Dance Powers Drains
    -Nicholas Louis Rogal for the CapAm Shieldless Power Drain.
    I'd like to thank the following site for background info on Rogue:
    Rogue (X-Men): Shrine of the Green Goddess

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