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    War Machine by SBAllen

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2: War Machine FAQ
    v.1.15 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
    12 May 2000
    Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
    email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
    with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
    MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
    2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
    characters contained within the game. War Machine is copyright Marvel. This
    FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner.
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
    Revision History
    v.1.15 Added Snapback info and a disclaimer to the Final Words
    v.1.05 Killed the typo demon...
    v.1.0  Um... everything.
    Table of Contents
    -Character History
    -Opening Animation
    -Winning Poses
    -Assist Types
    -Normal Moves
    -Moves Legend
    -Special Moves
    -Super Moves
    -Abyss Strategy
    -Final Words
    War Machine Character History
    A man named James Rhodes wears the almighty battle armor known as War
    Machine. The armor was created by Tony Starks (aka Iron Man) so that the
    legacy of Iron Man could always live on. Of course, War Machine is so much
    better that he ends the friendship and keeps the armor for his own fun. He
    helps save a freedom fighter named Vincent Cetawayo from an evil dictator.
    He becomes famous and leads the WorldWatch International, Cetawayo's group.
    War Machine Colors
    To get War Machine's different colors, select him with the following
    A Button: Blue and light blue.
    B Button: Navy blue and light blue.
    X Button: Black and light blue.
    Y Button: Greenish-gray and light blue.
    L Button: Navy blue and light orange.
    R Button: Black and white.
    War Machine Opening Animation
    War Machine flies down on his jetpack and prepares for battle.
    War Machine Winning Poses
    -War Machine holds a shiny fist in the air and says "Piece of cake!"
    -War Machine holds a normal fist in the air with his jetpack behind
    him and says "Piece of cake!"
    War Machine Assist Types
    Alpha: Assist Move: Shoulder Cannon
           Tag Team Super: Proton Cannon
    Use this assist type if you want a beam super for tag team combos. Shoulder
    Cannon is a no-brainer, it's your standard fireball assist type. Proton
    Cannon is fun to have though if a beam super makes your life happy.
    Beta:  Assist Move: Repulsor Blast
           Tag Team Super: War Destroyer
    I don't care for this assist type because you've gotta be close to connect
    and then if it does hit it knocks the opponent away from you and out of
    harm's way from any combos you may have planned...
    Gamma: Assist Move: Smart Bomb
           Tag Team Super: War Destroyer
    Use this assist type if having a beam super is going to screw up your tag
    team combos. Smart Bomb doesn't quite have the reach of the Shoulder Cannon,
    but War Destroyer can be lethal if used with the proper tag team moves...
    War Machine Normal Moves
    (Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
    the second hit in a combo)
    Standing Jab Punch: A wussy little punch..
    Standing Strong Punch: A slightly stronger punch.
    Standing Fierce Punch: War Machine makes a pretty light show that knocks the
    opponent across the screen. It's hard to combo into it but it's still a
    useful move in War Machine's arsenal since he isn't really a combo based
    Standing Short Kick: Much like a baseball player kicks dust at an umpire,
    War Machine does a girly little kick to the shins.
    Standing Forward Kick: A much more impressive looking straight kick.
    Standing Roundhouse Kick: A ferocious upward kick that launches the opponent
    into the air for some Aerial Rave action. It's also good for catching
    opponents who jump at you too often.
    Ducking Jab Punch: A generic ducking punch.
    Ducking Strong Punch: An uppercut that barely gets the opponent off their
    feet. It's just enough to combo into the standing Fierce though. ^_^
    Ducking Fierce Punch: Yet another fireball move for War Machine. It doesn't
    hit quite as well as it looks like it would though so be careful.
    Ducking Short Kick: A nice little sweep kick.
    Ducking Forward Kick: A much stronger sweep that knocks down the opponent.
    Ducking Roundhouse Kick: A two-hit power kick that knocks the opponent
    across the screen. It has pretty good range as well.
    Jumping Jab Punch: A cool looking flaming fist type thing that is a lot
    cooler to look at and perhaps to intimidate the opponent with than it is
    to actually use.
    Jumping Strong Punch: Another pretty light show.
    Jumping Fierce Punch: War Machine shots out a little beam from his arms
    a la Space Ghost. If you hold Up while doing it he'll shoot his beam
    upwards. If you hold Down he'll shoot his beam downwards.
    Jumping Short Kick: Kinda weird looking mini-kick thing.
    Jumping Forward Kick: Another weird looking kick thing.
    Jumping Roundhouse Kick: A straight down needle kick of death. If you
    hold Up while doing it, you get a striaght up needle kick of death.
    Down + Roundhouse Kick in air: War Machine comes down at a sharp angle
    with his knees of death. This move might be more useful if you didn't
    bounce halfway across the screen when it connects.
    (F or B) + FP: Grabs the opponent, holds them, and blasts them across the
    (F or B) + RK: Grabs the opponent, runs them over to the other side of the
    screen and blasts them
    Snapback: D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
    War Machine's Snapback is the same attack as his Fierce Punch.
    Moves Legend
    D = Down
    DF = Down-Forward
    F = Forward
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    P = Any Punch
    JP = Jab (weak) Punch
    FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
    PP = Both Punches
    K = Any Kick
    SK = Short (weak) Kick
    RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
    KK = Both Kicks
    War Machine Special Moves
    Shoulder Cannon: D, DF, F + P or K (can be done in air with P)
    Shoulder Cannon with P is your standard issue fireball and should be used
    as such. When used in the air, there is a lag similiar to all other air
    fireballs in the game so be careful so as not to eat a Super. Shoulder
    Cannon with K is a low fireball which should be used on occasion for
    opponents who automatically block high at all times against War Machine.
    Repulsor Blast: F, DF, D, DB, B + P
    If this move connects, it pulls the enemy towards you and into the Blast
    to get extra hits. It can actually hit from roughly a third on the screen
    away for one hit if the opponent isn't paying attention. You can't combo
    with this so don't try. It's good for picking opponents out of the air.
    Smart Bomb: FP + SK (can be done in air)
    War Machine throws... smart... bombs.. at the opponent in a downward arc.
    This is probably most useful to nail an opponent on the ground while
    you're jumping towards them. I suppose it's more for variety in your
    fireball moves than anything else.
    Flight: D, DB, B + KK (repeat to end)
    War Machine flies around at your whim. I personally hate it when my
    character starts flying but if you want to use it go right ahead.
    Jet Boost: PP in air
    Hold any direction and press PP for a quick burst in that direction. This
    is really useful to baffle the opponent and unleash your "deadly" combos.
    Taunt: SK + Start
    War Machine holds up an arm, pushes a magic sparkly button on it, and says
    Launcher: RK
    War Machine Super Moves
    Proton Cannon: D, DF, F + PP
    War Machine whips out a giant cannon, proudly proclaims "Here's my Sunday
    vest!", and shoots the hell out of the opponent. It's a lot like your
    typical beam Super, only it's a whole lot cooler since..
    1) It looks cool.
    2) It's amusing watching War Machine shake under the force of the cannon.
    3) He says "Here's my Sunday vest!"
    4) I said so.
    War Destroyer: D, DF, F + KK
    War Machine whips out his giant jetpack gun, points it northward, proudly
    proclaims "Geronimo!", and shoots the hell out of the opponent. The
    stream of bullets goes directly above War Machine and comes down at
    wherever the opponent was when the move was started. If you can catch
    the opponent with the upward blast you'll really do some damage with
    this move.
    War Machine Combos
    Preferred Aerial Rave combo:
    JP, SK, JP, SK, U + FP, U + RK
    Normal Combos:
    (opponent in corner) D + SK, D + SK, War Destroyer
    (opponent in corner) D + JP, D + JP, FP, Shoulder Cannon (with P)
    (opponent in corner) D + JP, D + JP, FP, War Destroyer
    (opponent in corner) D + JP, D + JP, FP, RK, U, JP, SK, U + FP, U + RK
    D + JP, D + SK, D + SK
    JP, SK, JP, D + SK
    JP, SK, JP, SK
    JP, SK, RK, U, JP, SK, JP, SK, U + FP, U + RK
    War Machine Strategy
    -War Machine isn't the greatest combo master in the world so don't try to
    rely solely on combos or you'll be in trouble.
    -You've got a zillion different types of fireball moves so use the variety
    to keep your opponent guessing.
    -Do Proton Cannon at least once and yell at the top of your lungs "Here's
    my Sunday vest! Proton CHEESE!"
    Abyss Strategies
    Form One: You don't have too great of combos to use but since he's got
    Super Armor you can nail most of the corner combos on him as well.
    Whenever possible, show him your Sunday vest and feed him some Proton
    Cheese. As always, jump over him when cornered and he's about to do a
    move then beat on him.
    Form Two: Use your Shoulder Cannon from across the screen like crazy on
    this form to hopefully make short order of him. Let him see your Sunday
    vest as well. When the bubbles come out, do jumping FP to try to get
    rid of them.
    Form Three: War Destroyer is the single best Super move to use against
    this form. When the solid form appears, get under the core and
    immediately do War Destroyer to do a whole lot of damage. You may get
    nailed but he'll feel it worse. When you have no Supers, just do
    air combos on the core and block at appropiate times. Abyss is a piece
    of cake for the almighty War Machine.
    Final Words
    First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
    my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
    characters. You rule! I'd also like to thank myself for spending the
    time it took to write this FAQ. ^_^ I'd like to thank Capcom for making
    such a great game and Marvel for allowing its characters to be in the
    game and more importantly for creating War Machine. I must thank my
    friend Donnie Wells for preaching the coolness of War Machine and the
    Sunday vest to me. I'm a much better person now. Any comments,
    suggestions, flames, toothpaste, etc can be emailed to me at
    In closing, allow me to say..... quit emailing me about the "Sunday
    Vest" thing!!!! Sheesh, some people can't seem to understand that it is
    obviously just a joke and it's not what he's saying. I'm sick of
    getting emails from people trying to "enlighten" me so just stop it!

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