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    Guile by Beta

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    ----------------- MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2: NEW AGE OF HEROES -------------------
    -------------------------- GUILE STRATEGY GUIDE ---------------------------
    Guile Strategy Guide Version 1.2 - Last Updated 4 May 2000
    FAQ written by David da Rosa aka Beta (beta@nettaxi.com)
    FAQ (c) 2000 by Beta Productions
    Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, Spiderman, Ryu, Guile, Iceman, etc,
    are (c) to their respective owners.
    Please do not use any part of this guide without prior consent of the
    author. Any suggestions and contributions are welcome and credits will be
    /  Version History   \_____________________________________________________
    0.5 - The first appearance of Guile Strategy Guide. Only finished up to 
          the Hyper Combos section, as well as ripping the first two paragraphs
          of the UCT section from my Spidey FAQ. More too come soon!
    1.0 - A major update to the FAQ to bring it up to the standard of my
          Spidey FAQ. However, since I am not half as good using Guile as I do
          with Spidey, please bear that this may not be as in depth as the last
          one. Nevertheless, I hope this guide can take you over the basics of
          using Guile ^_^.
    1.1 - Corrected something in the FAQ, nothing major.
    1.2 - Added the cross up trick in Ground Game section of the strategies.
    /      Credits       \_____________________________________________________
    Zhen, aka Da-Z (meditate70@hotmail.com) - He is a big help to all my FAQs
    (now only Spidey and Guile, but I would expect more help from him ^_^).
    Very seasoned player indeed, who has taught me the cheesy Air Combo
    finishing with a Jab Web Ball, as well as tactics on crossing up with
    Assists from Spidey and Iceman. Also, he seems to share with me the same
    view on the Ultimate Cheese Team, as he has got 54 straight wins with that
    team is his local arcade (wow). A big thanks to Zhen!
    CJayC of GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - For hosting my FAQs. Any updates of 
    my FAQs can be found there.
    Al Amaloo of Video Game Strategies (vgstrategies.about.com) - Also for
    hosting my FAQs. Updates can also be found there.
    Yang Yang He-bretto (hebretto@hotmail.com) for pointing me out the correct
    input for Guile's Flash Kick Super.
    You - Well, if nobody reads my FAQs and sends me mail, I don't feel like
    writing any more, but I received some positive response from you guys, so
    I hope I can continue to write more useful FAQs!
    ------------------------------ CONTENTS -----------------------------------
    Chapter 1  - Introduction
    Chapter 2  - Basic Attacks
    Chapter 3  - Special Moves
    Chapter 4  - Hyper Combos
    Chapter 5  - Assist Types
    Chapter 6  - Strategies
    Chapter 7  - Ultimate Cheese Team
    Chapter 8  - Vs Human Players
    Chapter 9  - Beating Abyss
    Appendix A - Notations
    Appendix B - Game Basics
    ----------------------------- INTRODUCTION --------------------------------
    First of all, this guide is intended to teach players how to use Guile,
    at least effectively, in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. That's why you will expect to
    find strategies in it rather than irrelevant information such as colours, 
    win poses, quotes, etc. The basics of the game as well as the FAQ notations
    are located at the end of the FAQ (as most people just skip them, but there
    you are for the beginners). If you need more background information of the
    characters, win poses, etc, there are more good quality general FAQs at
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com).
    Guile, in my view, is an above average character, with an above average 
    speed, reach and power. He can easily chain all his supers as well as 
    dishing out some good damage without one. Guile also has a good throw 
    range. However, he should not be played over aggressively, as a more subtle
    approach will, again, gain you more wins. 
    ----------------------------- BASIC ATTACKS -------------------------------
    Guile's powers lie on his vast array of basic attacks. However, though 
    there are many variations of standard moves, I suggest to just stick with
    the most useful ones rather than trying to incorporate everything in your
    combos (unless you are trying to be stylish, of course) 
    /  Standing Attacks  \_____________________________________________________
    Jab - The run-of-the-mill jab which doesn't have much use. Used perhaps for
    catching airborne enemies off-guard, but not that useful at all.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Short - A kick to the leg, fast but not much reach so not useful at all.
    Usefulness [**---]
    B + Short - A hop forwards with the knee, pretty fast and does as much
    damage as a Fierce, but USELESS as it leaves you wide open, although it
    does act as an overhead, but you can just walk up and throw.
    Usefulness [*----]
    Strong - Nothing unusual about this punch. Just a used in combos.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Forward - Exactly like strong in terms of usage.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Fierce - The original Fierce from Street Fighter II (if you don't know, is
    a short range uppercut). Used in a chain, that's all.
    Usefulness [**---]
    B + Fierce - A quick attack that covers around one third of the screen.
    All right speed and range, but I don't know why you should use this at all
    rather than to be flashy.
    Usefulness [**---]
    F + Fierce - Guile extends his right arm as far as possible, hence this
    move has great range, more than a third of the screen width. Use it to
    catch people off guard after a blocked ground chain.
    Usefulness [***--]
    Roundhouse - A high roundhouse kick, which is used mainly in combos.
    Usefulness [**---]
    B + Roundhouse - Guile hopes a bit forward and does a kick. Good range, but
    again, why will you bother with it?
    Usefulness [**---]
    F + Roundhouse - Another great move from the original SFII, this time the
    upside down kick! Useful to counter sweeps as Guile is above ground when
    doing this move, so use it against scrubby Shotos!
    Usefulness [**/--]
    / Crouching Attacks  \_____________________________________________________
    Jab - The crouching version of the S.Jab. What else will you want?
    Usefulness [**---]
    Short - Haha! This move rocks! Although it is only a short and doesn't do
    much damage, this move has the same reach of the C.Roundhouse! Certainly a
    great poke and you can be almost sure to connect the C.Foward afterwards.
    However, if using this move at the maximum distance, it is hard to combo 
    after the C.Foward.
    Usefulness [****-]
    Strong - Again, nothing exciting besides used in combos.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Forward - The move to follow the C.Short. Get into the habit in tapping the
    short button twice because this move has almost no lag and you can always
    cancel this into a Sonic Boom.
    Usefulness [****-] 
    Fierce - An uppercut with decent anti air properties and his launcher. Has
    some lag after the move so try to cancel it into a Sonic Boom whenever
    possible if it gets blocked.
    Usefulness [***--]
    Roundhouse - Basically a C.Short and a C.Forward. The first kick sweeps your 
    opponent, which can be rolled and the second hit automatically makes 
    the enemy rolling away. Not very useful in combos as I recommend cancelling
    into a Super straight after the Short and Forward. If it gets blocked,
    remember to cancel it into something as it has horrible lag at the end.
    Usefulness [**---]
    /  Jumping Attacks   \_____________________________________________________
    Jab - A diagonally down punch from the air. Useful as a starter for both 
    Air Combos or multi-hit jump ins but not really recommended unless your
    enemy blocks seamlessly all your single hit jump ins.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Short - Similar in properties to Jumping Jab. 
    Usefulness [**---]
    U + Short - Guile does a straight kick upwards, which helps to kick the
    enemy up a bit in air combos.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Strong - Same as above.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Forward - Same as above...
    Usefulness [**---]
    Fierce - More useful in air battles or if you block until the last second
    in your jump in attempts, as this move is quite fast to come out. In air 
    battles, always hold down when you use this move so that you mat actually
    throw your opponent if he is in the throwing range, but I still recommend
    the Roundhouse.
    Usefulness [**/--]
    U + Fierce - Well, like the other Fierce, but this one is more diagonally
    downwards. Can be used to vary the jump in, but again, not much to say.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Roundhouse - The best air attack in Guile's arsenal, as he really sticks
    out his leg. Use this in air battles instead of the J.Fierce if your enemy 
    is out of the Fierce range or has a longer ranged move than your Fierce. 
    Again, try to hold down the so that you may actually do a throw, which can
    be used to set up an OTG (more on this later)
    Usefulness [****-]
    /       Throws       \_____________________________________________________
    F or B + Fierce
    Guile grabs his opponent and throws him away in the direction he is facing.
    Useful to give yourself some room to breath.
    Usefulness [***--]
    F or B + Roundhouse
    This time Guile grabs his opponent and does a suplex, thus sending behind
    him. The enemy can recover from this throw, so it is less useful compared
    to the Fierce one.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Any Direction except U or UB or UF + Fierce in the air
    Guile grabs his enemy in mid air with one hand and sends him back to 
    ground, however, its less useful comparing to his Roundhouse air throw.
    Usefulness [**---]
    Any Direction except U or UB or UF + Roundhouse in the air
    Guile grabs his enemy in mid air with both arms and both comes down to 
    earth. However, this time the enemy lands next to Guile, which can quickly
    do an OTG combo with a C.Short -> Summersault Strike. Of course, only do
    super if you see the C.Short connect, as your enemy can always roll out of
    the throw, but who ever really remembers to roll after an airthrow ^_^? 
    You can also set up for an Air Combo with C.Short -> C.Fierce if you don't
    have the Super available.
    Usefulness [****-]
    ----------------------------- SPECIAL MOVES -------------------------------
    Guile is actually quite scant with special moves, as he basically has only
    2, from the original SFII, but nevertheless, they are 2 solid moves which
    are very reliable.
    /     Sonic Boom     \_____________________________________________________
    Charge B, F + Jab or Fierce
    I think this is a good projectile move, especially the Jab version. If you
    plan to dash in or dash and jump in, do a Jab Sonic Boom first, as it acts
    as a shield if you get blocked as well as people who get hit will also get
    hit by the Sonic Boom. It travels so slowly you can actually walk behind it
    as use it as a decoy. The fierce travels faster and I don't really 
    recommend it unless used in combos.
    Usefulness [****-] for the Jab version 
               [**---] for the Fierce version.
     ____________________/  Summersault Kick  \_____________________________________________________
    Charge D, U + Short or Roundhouse
    An anti air move which does decent damage. The energy part of the move does
    very little damage, but travels up to the screen, so you can try to use it
    to surprise annoying people who love to fly around. The Short version goes
    about a screen high and the Roundhouse goes to one and half screen high. As
    an anti air, use the Short one as even your enemy blocks, Guile can mostly
    land safely and block whatever they are up to. In combos use the Roundhouse
    version for most damage.
    Usefulness [***--]
    /AA Summersault Kick \_____________________________________________________
    D, U + Short or Roundhouse in air
    The same as above except that it is done in mid air and does not need to 
    charge. This is mostly used to finish Air Combos as it deals decent damage,
    but don't use it on its own in air battles as you have much better options.
    Usefulness [**---]
    ----------------------------- HYPER COMBOS --------------------------------
    Guile's Supers are quite good in fact, and they came out fast and all of
    them can be easily comboed into, so use them to your advantage!
    /  Sonic Hurricane   \_____________________________________________________
    D, DF, F + Jab + Fierce
    The super that does most damage out of the three. Can be easily comboed on
    the ground with ANY viable ground chain. Not much to say, but if you want
    to look cool, finish the 3 hit ground chain with a Fierce Sonic Boom before
    proceeding with the Hurricane. It also has a sucking ability meaning that
    hitting once with the supper will garnet a nice amount of damage and
    can be used on miscalculated jump ins. Has only a small lag at the end
    of the move, which unless the enemy is VERY near you, it is almost
    impossible to retaliate. The energy actually surrounds Guile and hence it 
    is also possible to hit people who are behind Guile, which are quite useful
    in some situations. Does decent chipping damage as well.
    Usefulness [****-] 
    / Summersault Strike \_____________________________________________________
    D, DB, B + Short + Roundhouse
    A super with no starting time, sort of the uppercut suppers Ken and Akuma.
    Therefore combos off easily after the C.Short -> C.Forward, but if you do
    the ground chain at the maximum distance, the second and third summersaults
    may miss, meaning that you will pay large amounts of the life bar when you 
    land. Try to use the Sonic Hurricane instead, but save this move for
    coolness purposes. Also, as when using Guile, you are mostly going to use
    the Alpha assist type, this becomes his team super and actually it is
    easier to just press Assist 1 + 2 to get this super rather than doing the
    motion for other Supers, so use this when you in a hurry.
    Usefulness [**/--] 
    / Crossfire Assault  \_____________________________________________________
    D, DF, F + Short + Roundhouse in air
    The most damaging air combo finisher, but is not a sure hit thing. To 
    connect on small guys, do the 4 hit chain in air, but cut it back to 2 if
    the guy is large (they fall faster to ground). Against average characters
    it is harder to time, due to many factors (like how you launch, angle,
    etc), but you can try to do 3 to 4 hits before using the Super. Also, it 
    does only slightly more damage than a normal finisher, so use it sparingly.
    However, it looks cool so that you should do it if you are winning! If it 
    misses, you are left open for a short, but I have never got any retaliation
    from it, so I guess it is alright to try this move as air combo finishers.
    If used in low attitude and miss, you CAN and WILL get punished, so save it 
    for combos.
    Usefulness [**/--] 
    ----------------------------- ASSIST TYPES --------------------------------
    Guile's best assist is his anti air type, so basically stick with it!
    /       Alpha        \_____________________________________________________
    Anti-Air Type - Somersault Kick / Somersault Strike
    This assist rocks and makes certainly as one of the best anti air assists
    in this game due to its ample vertical range and decent damage. It can be 
    used both defensively and offensively (when you dash in with other 
    characters and try to confuse your enemy or when you anticipate that he
    will be countering you). However, if you do try to use it offensively,
    remember to continue pressuring your opponent after Guile lands from it as
    he is vulnerable to attacks. You can try to time a Super afterwards, but I 
    personally I don't try. Last word, STICK with this move!!!
    Usefulness [*****] 
    /       Beta         \_____________________________________________________
    Projectile Type - Sonic Boom / Sonic Hurricane
    It is a projectile and travels slow, but it takes time for Guile to come
    out and do the move and it is too small to help much in offence. Therefore,
    don't use it. 
    Usefulness [*----]
    /       Gamma        \_____________________________________________________
    Balance Type - Sonic Boom / Sonic Hurricane
    Same as above, where the only difference is the colour...
    Usefulness [*----]
    ------------------------------- STRATEGY ----------------------------------
    Finally it comes to my favourite part, focused on human matches (computer 
    is boring!). Guile is a versatile character, which can be used both
    offensively and defensively. However, he is not the unstoppable son of the
    something in the block and hence, you should alternate between offences
    and defences.
    /    Combo Theory    \_____________________________________________________
    OK, you will say, fancy title, right? Well, this section explains the
    basics of doing combos in MvC2, which is a big part of the game play.
    Combos in MvC2 are particularly easy to do, as you only press the buttons
    and do simple joystick motions. A full set of combo can be divided in three
    parts (assuming that all moves connects):
    1 - Jump In
    Guile can at the maximum chain 3 hits in the air, but it doesn't mean you
    can do so in a jump in. J.Roundhouse is probably the best, although you
    may vary with J.Short -> J.Forward when your enemy blocks high once and
    immediately block low. However, Guile is not really good at jumping ins
    as his normal moves do not have much air to ground priority.
    2 - Ground
    If you want to do an Air Combo, do a C.Short -> C.Fierce as the launcher
    doesn't have much horizontal reach. If you go for a ground chain, do the
    C.Short -> C.Forward into any Super or a Roundhouse Summersault Kick if
    you don't have a Super available. You can extend the ground chain with a
    S.Fierce or S.Roundhouse into a Sonic Boom and finally into a Super, but
    I usually stick with C.Short -> C.Forward as it is easier to do. Remember
    to dash in as soon as you land if your jump in does not leave you in front
    of your opponent.
    3 - Air Combo
    Guile is not the Air Combo king like Spidey, but his Air Combos are at 
    least quite decent. Basically after launching your enemy, tap up and do
    J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward -> one of the following:
       a - J.Fierce or J.Roundhouse 
       They are basically the same in properties and will leave you enemy 
       far away from you when you land, so they are quite safe to do.
       b - Roundhouse Summersault Kick
       This is extremely easy to connect and does good damage. A decent
       c - Throw 
       The timing is a bit harder now, but I it does decent damage. Always
       go for a Roundhouse throw as it opens up an OTG combo, as described
       d - J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse 
       Must be done very fast and you must skip the J.Strong. Does a bit more
       damage and in the corner, you can try landing with a J.Short than a
       C.Fierce, but you can't super jump again or do a Super, but you get a
       couple more hits.
       e - Crossfire Assault
       Does decent damage but to combo it is a bit tricky, as described above.
       As it do not do too much damage over other finishers, use is sparingly
       to amuse to crowd or when you are winning.
       f - Nothing 
       Not to be done too often. Your enemy will fall down first and you just 
       fall a bit after him, with perfect timing for a Fierce which, if 
       connected, leads to another combo. Should not be done in the corner as
       you cannot cross up your enemy after he lands.
    So in short, the most impressive combo you can do with Guile is this:
    J.Jab -> J.Foward -> C.Short -> C.Fierce -> J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> 
    J.Foward -> Crossfire Assault
    I haven't counted the hits, but it should look impressive, so use it to 
    amuse to crowd!
    /    Ground Game     \_____________________________________________________
    The ground game is the most important part of Guile's gameplay, as he has
    a above average walking speed and a good dash. But above of all, his Jab
    Sonic Boom, with its turtle like speed, floats in front of Guile, which
    he can walk, dash or even dash and jump after. It acts as a decoy for
    Guile, as well as something to defend him from oncoming attacks. But,
    although it sounds silly, but NEVER, I repeat, NEVER get into fireball
    wars (yes, this sounds even more silly, but in one of those occasions I
    had my Iceman and my opponent's Cyclops its trying to beam other to death,
    and of course I won, as Iceman takes NO blocking damage from his Optic
    The key in Guile's ground game is charging. No matter what you do, where
    you are or anything, always keep your joystick in DB, the universal
    charging motion which allows you to do the Sonic Boom for offence and
    Summersault Kick when your enemy jumps at you (use SHORT, remember).
    Zoning. Guile is at his best near his opponent, where his normal moves
    can easily nail them. But if you are at the farthest distance away from
    your enemy, before going moving in to the kill, ALWAYS do a Jab Sonic
    Boom, and if you have a beam type Assist, use it after the Sonic Boom and
    move in:
    1 - You can dash in and do a C.Short (enormous range) -> C.Forward and
    if both connects, than Super. If not, your Sonic Boom will provide the 
    cover and you can always cancel the C.Forward into another Sonic Boom.
    2 - If you dash and jump, use the Roundhouse then go to the ground chain,
    but he jumps at you to meet you in air, you can try to Roundhouse Throw
    them, opening up for the OTG combo. If he simply gets hit than he will
    eat the Sonic Boom and when you land, dash in and pressure. If it gets
    blocked, no fear, as again your Sonic Boom will provide the cover.
    After a fully blocked ground chain ended with Sonic Boom, try to use 
    the F + Fierce to catch your opponent off-guard, as it has very good
    After 2 or 3 consecutive dash ins, they will react as follows:
    1 - Push guard 
    You will lose the momentary attacking advantage. I recommend is time to
    switch to the defence at let him come to you. If they jump at you, and
    the angle is correct (so they don't fall behind or over you), use the
    C.Fierce, which blocked can be cancelled into a Jab Sonic Boom. If not,
    use the Short Summersault Kick. After repelling his wave of attack, he
    gets defensive and you can go to the attack again.
    2 - Jump to you - If you did finish the chain with a Sonic Boom, they
    can't even get their feet of the ground, but if they do jump at you,
    Short Summersault Kick.
    3 - Call a helper 
    This is by far the most dangerous situation. You will probably get hit 
    (unless you block in time) and lose the attacking edge. However, you have 
    your helpers too! Next time, dash in, lure him to use his helper, use your 
    helper, and dash in again (since you are probably pushed a bit back) and 
    do the ground chain.
    Talking about helpers, I personally recommend you to team Guile with a 
    character with a beam type such as Iceman, as he really lacks the power to
    attack from far away. Guile should not normally be used as the first guy
    as he requires Supers to dish out big damage, but if none of your
    characters do well without Supers, use Guile in the front as he also makes
    a good lead and his combos without Supers are quite decent. Leave main
    assist character to the third place, so that even when your assist 
    character takes damage and Guile dies, you will not have to lose the red 
    chunk of its life bar.
    If your ground chain is getting predictable, let him come to you as your
    defence is quite decent. Or you can try walking in slowly and block his
    attacks (if he does one). Then do a C.Short and walk in and throw.
    Of course, against an extreme turtle, just taunt to your heart's contents, 
    but not in the case if he has a beam super (Ryu again).
    There is another trick. When you kill one of the opponent's characters or
    use the Snap Back to force him to change characters and if he near a corner
    and you are near him, just dash so that when his character jumps out, you
    just dashed below him and do a C.Short -> etc chain. He might have blocked
    the wrong side and you get a free combo!
    /     Air to Air     \_____________________________________________________
    In normal jumps, just stick with the Roundhouse which is also very good
    used as an Air to Air move. When close, do the Roundhouse throw for the OTG
    If your enemy Super Jumps, wait till he comes down and do the Short 
    Summersault Strike. Of course, if you are in the middle of the screen,
    which makes you particularly vulnerable to cross ups or he is just a scrub
    who blocks all the way up and down, follow his Super Jump and do the
    6 hit chain. If he still blocks, air throw with Roundhouse and you know
    the rest.
    /      Defence       \_____________________________________________________
    Guile's defence is quite easy. As mentioned above, any jump in attempts can
    be neutralised by C.Fierce and Short Summersault Strike. However, if he is
    just jumping over you to use the cross up Assist hitting trick (which is
    to call the assist, jump over you and block. If you block, you CAN'T as
    your opponent is not attacking you and you get hit by the helper. If you 
    do, when he lands, you will also get hit by the helper from behind), try
    the Sonic Hurricane Super which hits him as he may also get the blocking
    wrong and it neutralises the helper's attack as well. Of course, don't try
    it too often as it may really get you screwed.
    There is also a little trick, which is let the opponent jump at you and you 
    WALK under him to avoid his attack and throw him from behind (as a C.Short 
    may get blocked if he is a good player). However, I think this is the 
    scrubbiest tactic to use and I almost never use it.
    Against keep away characters (Iceman, Cyclops, etc), your best hope is to 
    super jump to get near and use your helpers to confuse him.
    /    Tagging Out     \_____________________________________________________
    Changing characters. People tend to change characters when the playing one 
    is nearly dying. In this case, do not continue and rush in in any attempt 
    to pressure him to death, because he can simply switch out when you dash 
    in, hitting you, leading to a possible juggle afterwards. So what do you 
    do? Slow down, wait and crouch down and wait for your opponent, because the 
    slightest move will make him change the character. If he sits there without 
    doing anything and waiting for your dash, than simply walk in and throw 
    (now you understand the importance of throws, right?). As soon as you keep 
    calm, he will make a mistake and change character, which is free for you to
    So how do you change? There are 5 safer ways to change.
    1 - The safest way is to do a counter by inputting B, DB, D + Assist 1 or 2 
    (depending on the character you want to change). It wastes one Super bar
    but you can hit your enemy and safely change.
    2 - Do a safe Delayed Super Combo (one that pushes your enemy away without 
    too much recovery time). Not really recommended, but it is still quite 
    safe, and does some chipping damage.
    3 - Launch and change. Your other character will jump in and kick the 
    launched enemy, but you wasted an air combo and it is quite difficult to 
    do. Not really recommended.
    4 - Let him walk to you and when he is very near, change. Your character 
    will usually land on the other side and unless he has a far reach super, 
    you are pretty much safe.
    5 - When he does a super jump, you change. Nuff said.
    Also, when you change any other character into Spiderman and it hits, 
    sending your enemy high in the skies, just walk your Spiderman near the 
    enemy landing side and do a S.Roundhouse to kick him up for an Air Combo 
    before he can roll. Talking about roll, try to roll every time you get 
    knocked down, which avoids OTG combos and you can nail them back from 
    behind. To roll, when knocked down, immediately do B, DB, F + any punch. 
    There seems to be no difference between Jab and Fierce.
    Oh yeah, by the way, if you see that one of your opponent helpers as got a 
    big chunk of red bar unrecovered, do the D, DF, F + Assist to force that 
    character out and he has can no longer recover the red bar.
    That's pretty much the general strategies I can give you for using Guile. 
    Hope that you will be able to kick ass with him!
    ------------------------- ULTIMATE CHEESE TEAM ----------------------------
    Why is it called the ultimate cheese team? Because using this team 
    guarantees me a 90% winning percentage in my arcade (I usually lose because 
    I am too tired of matches). This team consists of Spidey, Guile and Iceman.
    Now let me explain why this is cheese. All three characters should use the 
    Alpha assist type. Spidey goes first, than Guile and finally Iceman. The 
    reason behind is that Spidey is a character which deals a lot of damage 
    without the need of supers, which is suitable for the first part of the 
    match. As well as it, he does a lot of chain combos which even blocked 
    fills the super bar like no tomorrow. Guile is good for the middle of the 
    match, as he does a fair amount of damage with supers (all of which are 
    comboable). Finally, as Iceman does not take block damage from most energy 
    type moves, and his Icebeam chips block damage like crazy, it is extremely 
    useful in the endgame, when the time bar is running out, as he is the king 
    of keep away ^_^. Besides if you can dish out an air combo with him, it 
    does heck a lot of damage as well. 
    When using Guile, you should use Iceman's Icebeam in almost all occasions
    to assist you in your attack. If used before a dash in and jump attack, the 
    outcome will be one of the following.
    1 - Your enemy rushes at you, he will eat the Icebeam and Sonic Boom if you
    throw one. You can combo away with a J.Roundhouse etc.
    2 - He jumps at you, and you are relatively safe, as when he lands, he 
    has to block or he will eat the Icebeam. If you meet him in mid air, try
    to throw him.
    3 - He will super jump and avoid everything. What you do is to dash to the
    opposite way so that we he lands, you can try to nail him with a dash in 
    C.Short, and if he blocks the wrong side, he will eat the Air Combo, 
    described above. Beware that if he comes down with an attack, you should 
    use the C.Fierce or Short Summersault Kick instead, whichever is 
    4 - He will block like a duck and takes ticking damage from the Icebeam 
    equivalent to Guile's Fierce (unless he is Iceman, of course).
    After this scenario, you should now dash in and do a surprise attack or 
    repeat it again and then dash in. This will make the enemy guessing, until 
    he realises that he has helpers as well. Then dash in, wait for his helper, 
    call your Iceman and than dash in again. Easy.
    Now if he starts to learn the pattern and keeps super jumping over you and 
    successfully blocks your attacks, it is time to be on the defence. Again,
    C.Fierce and Short Summersault Kick will take care of it and you can resume
    your attacks. 
    If your enemy has a good reach beam supper (Cyclops, cough cough), he will 
    wait for you to do the Sonic Boom and call helper and than nail you with 
    his super which is quite bad for health, especially if both of you gets hit
    by the Super. Anticipate it and block everything.
    When attacking, remember to call Iceman before dashing in or jump in, so 
    that even he blocks, there is less chance to retaliate (be careful of enemy 
    helpers though). A nice trick is to stand next your opponent, call Iceman 
    and before he comes out and shoots the Icebeam, jump to the other side of 
    your enemy and block. As you don't attack, your enemy CANNOT block and 
    hence, even he attacks you or not, he will eat the beam and you can combo 
    away. The only exception is when he does a super jump, which you should 
    follow and do a 6 hit air string (Jab, Short, etc) or the throw. Spidey's
    assist also lays the same effects and if they get caught by the Web Ball,
    go for the most damaging combo you can perform.
    With this setup you can win most matches with ONLY Spidey as the active 
    player. But when he gets damaged a lot or dies, Guile fights decently and 
    can easily take the lead when Spidey is in trouble. Save Iceman for the
    endgame, where you chip your enemy to death or wait for the counter to 
    reach 0.
    However, Zhen has a slightly point of view with this team and here I quote
    his tactics:
    "How interesting, Spidey, Iceman, and Guile happen to be the team I got 52 
    wins the other day (then the place closed), however, I prefer to use iceman 
    before Guile for a lots reasons, first of all the weakest part of Iceman is 
    his close game and the fact that he doesn't have an anti air except for the 
    launcher which can hit the wrong way most times and get your self jacked, 
    when u play keep away with Iceman, you should always have a anti air assist 
    keep them on their toes, and once in a while jump in and do the cross over 
    web ball... also even if you do get caught due to your over abuse of 
    Iceman, you can always switch to 3rd char.. I prefer to do alpha counter 
    switch 70% of the times, and 30% of the times I switch with super 
    cancelling... due to the fact that each char have a different assist, it's 
    always better to have more options on your assists, therefore I strongly 
    suggest that you keep every char alive till they all have a sliver of life 
    left since a full bar isn't really that much in this game because of all 
    the crazy super cancelling you can do and the massive damage on air 
    combos... also since guile is strong, it's a good char to make a come back 
    with or keep your lead, if it ever gets to that point.. besides, most of 
    his damaging combo or punishes requires supers, while iceman can live off 
    Wow, well, he has his reasons so judge your actions accordingly.
    If you need more information on using Spidey or Iceman, look no further at
    the guides written by the same author (that's me, of course ^_^).
    ----------------------------- BEATING ABYSS -------------------------------
    Fighting Abyss will be the final stage of a series of human battles, or
    against the sometimes super-intelligent-unbeatable-computer. Abyss, 
    comparing to the previous bosses of the Vs series (with the sole exception
    of Cyber Akuma, which is a monster to fight against), is quite hard to deal
    with, specially in the first few tries. Therefore here are the tips to 
    easily beat him.
    /     First Form     \_____________________________________________________
    It is so easy. Just let him do an attack, block it, dash in, do a C.Jab -> 
    C.Strong -> S.Fierce, wait for him to attack again and repeat. Be patient 
    and if he uses that charging move when you are in corner, push block ONCE 
    only. You want to know why? try to push block more and you will learn to 
    Recently I have seen a friend using a different method. When he is standing 
    there and not attacking, just combo and jump over him. He will still be 
    facing the other side when attacking and you don't need to take so much 
    chip damage. 
    /    Second Form     \_____________________________________________________
    I don't really recommend using Guile against him, but nevertheless he 
    can still use Fierce Sonic Booms when there is an opening. You can also do
    the Sonic Hurricane when you are next to him. If he uses those big green 
    balls, Super Jump and keep doing Jabs and Shorts, as even you get freeze in
    the air, you will usually get less damage than being freeze in ground.
    /     Final Form     \_____________________________________________________
    Again, patience is your key to beat Abyss. Block everything until he shows
    up in front of you and jump with a J.Jab -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce. Repeat
    until he finally dies.
    --------------------------- VS HUMAN PLAYERS ------------------------------
    As there are so many characters in this game, it is quite impossible for me
    (at least for now), to list tips against every character, and with the
    additions of assists, possibilities are endless. However, I will discuss
    some tactics when both players are involved in an one on one situation.
    /        Ryu         \_____________________________________________________
    Ryu is back (as he is always Capcom's flagship character), and although he
    is as slow as ever, is still a force to reckon. He has above average
    stamina and power and can easily beat your ass if you are not careful. A
    seasoned Ryu player will punish your mistakes with a C.Short -> C.Forward
    -> Hadoken -> Shinku Hadoken, which does quite a lot of damage to poor
    Spidey so watch out! Don't ever let his jump in Roundhouse hitting you or 
    you will be sorry. However, he is bad at defending himself and his launcher
    is really slow and you can quite easily out prioritise him. Just don't get
    too predictable with your jump ins or you will eat a Dragon Punch.
    /       Akuma        \_____________________________________________________
    A very dangerous character which can run fast, hit hard and combo his
    Supers. He is like an speeded up version of Ryu and does a lot of damage.
    But again, he is also bad at defending himself so try to take the lead and
    he will be dead very soon, as he takes damage like a girl. Beware of his
    J.Roundhouse as well, which, like Ryu's, should not be countered with a 
    ground move, as if you lose, you will eat a big combo.
    /      Strider       \_____________________________________________________
    He is fast and does Air Combos which hurts a lot. Do not try to be faster 
    than him, and fight defensively. Attack after a repelling an attack from
    him and after you finish your attack, go to the defence again. However, if 
    you dash in and sees him doing the special move which sets up a bomb, STOP, 
    as even you trade hits with him, his bomb does a lot of damage! If you land 
    a couple of combos on him, he is probably dead as he takes damage as bad as 
    Akuma. Also, he has a Double Jump so he might actually jump at you to fool 
    you with your Summersault Kick, then jump back and dash in. So use the 
    Summersault Kick sparingly.
    /      Iceman        \_____________________________________________________
    Iceman is probably the king of keep away, who is even more effective than 
    Cyclops, for the fact that he takes no chipping damage from energy based 
    special moves. Besides his air combo finishing with a Super does a lot of 
    damage as well, but basically he cannot fight well in close quarters. So if 
    he gets into the pattern of  keeping you away with his Icebeam, do a Super 
    Jump and block. If he misjudged his C.Roundhouse, you can easily punish 
    him, and he takes damage like Akuma. Finally, if he tries to chip you far 
    away with his Super, Super Jump over him and when you land on the other 
    side, go for a S.Short instead of C.Short and combo away, as he is partly 
    invincible to ground attacks.
    /        Jill        \_____________________________________________________
    Quite honestly, I hate her. She is so damn fast and his moves are so
    annoying as his ground dash special seems to have no recovery time at all,
    and she can call her Zombies to annoy you and use as a decoy. Her Air
    Combos does tons of damage as well and if you try to be fast, she will be
    faster. So what to do? Wait patiently and counter. If she does her ground
    chain ending with a dash special, she will probably do the C.Short again,
    repeat the chain until you make a mistake. So push block her and use the
    momentum to dash in and try to attack her. If it fails, switch again to
    defence if you don't want to get caught by her C.Short. Also, ALWAYS roll
    if you are grounded because her dash special really hurts.
    /     Wolverine      \_____________________________________________________
    Either versions of Wolverine are annoying bastards, but he is so toned down
    now that does not really impose a threat. He will always stick into ground
    chains whenever possible and end with a Jab Berserker Barrage. Treat him as
    a toned down Jill and you can win easily, as both of them takes a lot of
    /  Captain Commando  \_____________________________________________________
    Another good keep away character, but basically don't dash in or Super
    Jump, which aren't very effective. If you normal jump over his Captain
    Fire, 99% of time he will do a Captain Corridor which has a huge lag,
    perfect for you to dash in and punish him. Also, always roll from him or be
    prepared to eat a C.Short -> S.Roundhouse -> Captain Sword. By the way, he
    also takes damage like a girl, so you know what to do.
    /  Captain America   \_____________________________________________________
    A strong character who is slow, and in fact a bit like Ryu. He can also
    combo his Hyper Star and Stripes from his ground chain so beware. He has
    superior throwing range, as well as a rock hard shield, and an annoying
    double jump which he uses to his advantage, especially after a air throw,
    where he jumps up again to confuse you and land with a Fierce. Try to Super
    Jump often and block (don't get too near or you will be thrown). After his
    Fierce, he will be open to anything so just proceed with your usual 
    /      Amingo        \_____________________________________________________
    Don't get cornered or stay on ground when he jumps in at you with his
    Roundhouse, and try to meat him in mid air with your Roundhouse, which 
    would mostly beat him. His strength lies on keeping you defending and 
    freeze with his J.Roundhouse, so jump or Super Jump often to meet him in 
    mid air. His minions are sometimes annoying, which gives you one more 
    reason to take the skies, but try not to get vertically above him because 
    his vertical super may cross you up.
    /     Tron Bonne     \_____________________________________________________
    She is another of those with a prioritised jump in, as well as a J.Fierce
    which can cross you up, leading to a chain ending with a super that does
    immense damage. Again, keep to the skies and her drills, radar, minions,
    etc will be less effective. Actually, she is quite unable to defend from
    jump ins so use this to your advantage.
    /     Juggernut      \_____________________________________________________
    Spidey seems to have a bad time against characters with any sort of Super
    Armour, which allows the character to absorb any two weak attacks before
    going into hit stun. Try to keep the combos small and use hit and run
    tactics. Wait for him to miss a big move (Fierce or Roundhouse) and he will
    be in stun long enough for you to dash in and do ground chain anything you
    /     Spiderman      \_____________________________________________________
    This is another of those overpowered bastards, but they do have a pattern.
    Use your J.Roundhouse to beat his air attacks and Summersault Kick to
    counter his jump ins. If you success in blocking all his attacks, he is
    hopeless as he has no real chipping move, but don't try to counter his
    ground chain because he can always cancel it into anything which makes
    you feel unhappy. Push block all his chains or even better, vertically
    jump and do a J.Roundhouse.
    /       Guile        \_____________________________________________________
    You know what to do by now and if you can't beat your enemy, learn from
    your mistakes and observe his tactics.
    ------------------------------- NOTATIONS ---------------------------------
    The following notations are assuming that the player is facing right:
         UB   U   UF
             __          Jab      Fierce    Assist 1        
            /  \         ( )       ( )       ( ) 
         B  \__/  F   
             ||         Short   Roundhouse  Assist 2        
             ||          ( )       ( )       ( ) 
         DB   D   DF
    Due to the new buttons configuration, in order to get Strong you have to 
    tap Jab twice and to get Forward you have to tap Short twice. In order 
    words, Strong and Forward are only used in combos. 
    S. - Standing
    C. - Crouching
    J. - Jumping
    * -> * - Do one thing after another
    *, *   - Do one thing quickly after another
    * + *  - Press both buttons together
    * or * - Press either button
    Usefulness Chart:
    * means 1 grade and / means half a grade.
    [*----] - This move is useless. Avoid.
    [**---] - An OK move. You will have to use it in combos anyway.
    [***--] - A decent move. Should be used a bit more often.
    [****-] - An useful move. Use it whenever situation allows.
    [*****] - This move rocks! Use it and abuse it, but don't get predictable.
    ------------------------------ GAME BASICS --------------------------------
    Dash       - F, F or Jab + Fierce
    Back Dash  - B, B or B + Jab + Fierce
    Super Jump - D, U or Short + Roundhouse or U after a launcher
    Push Block - Jab + Fierce while blocking
    Tag Out    - Jab + Short for first character or Short + Forward for second
    Taunt      - Start (or Start + Short in DC)
    Tech Hit   - F or B + any button when being throw
    Air Combo  - Launch your enemy and tap U, than follow with a combo.
    OTG Combo  - Off The Ground Combo. When your enemy is down to the ground,
                 hit him with a low attack to kick him up and continue to
                 combo. Only 1 OTG allowed per combo.
    Snap Back           - D, DF, F + Assist 1 or 2, depending on who you want 
                          to force out. Uses one level of Super.
    Counter             - B, DB, D + Assist 1 or 2. The chosen character will
                          jump out and do his assist and you will change
                          characters. Uses one level of Super.
    Dual/Triple Super   - Assist 1 + Assist 2. What comes out depends on the 
                          number of characters left and amount of Supers 
    Delayed Hyper Combo - Input the Super motion of the following character
                          when the playing character is doing a Super. Repeat
                          as often as Super meter allows.
    That's about all I have to say about Guile now. Fell free to send me your
    comments, suggestions, etc to beta@nettaxi.com. If you want to use any 
    information found in this FAQ please contact me first.
    FAQ (c) 2000 by Beta Productions
    End of FAQ

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