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    Zangief by Sir 0rion

    Version: 6.0b | Updated: 08/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sir "O" Presents: The second Zangief FAQ
    by Sir0rion@aol.com 
    If or when you e-mail me with questions or comments
    about this FAQ, make the subject Zangief2, or
    I'll delete it. By the way, if you want
    to IM me, (assuming you have AIM,) it's just
    Sir 0rion. Both are spelled with a zero,
    not an O. My e-mail address has no space in
    it. Feel free to e-mail me anytime and I'll
    try my best to respond quickly.
    Copyright info:
    Let's make this simple. Anything Marvel is copyrighted
    Marvel, anything Capcom is copyrighted Capcom and I
    have no affiliation with either of them. I take credit only
    for the effort I put into this FAQ. I PERSONALLY own
    the sole legal rights to usage of the name "Sir 0rion",
    meaning noone but me is allowed to publish ANYTHING under
    this name without my expressed consent (but then again,
    that goes with any FAQ, so it doesn't really matter).
    This FAQ assumes you have at least a general knowledge of
    this game. If you have a hard time grasping some of the concepts
    listed here, please refer to CJayC's guide near the top of this FAQ 
    5/7/00; 0.5: "first version"
    5/18/00 1.0: The TRUE first version. Added some decent info, 
                 corrected some mistakes like not putting the RBG or
                 FPB in the FAQ (I KNEW they must be in the game!).
                 Added Zangief's tag moves.
    5/21/00 2.0: Listed even MORE moves I'd forgotten, added a new 
                 chapter, edited some grammatical and spelling errors.
    5/24/00 2.2: Ag... it figures that I screwed up a move's input
                 command... thank you to all the people who pointed
                 it out politely (and one unnamed person, who was 
                 pretty mean about it). I did a LOT of editing,
    	     adding two new charts, one contrasting Zangief to 
    	     Mech Zangief, and the other pointing out Zangief's
    	     pros and cons. Extended a few sections- a big update,
    	     but probably not the biggest (yet).
    5/28/00 2.5: Very big update (still most likely not the biggest),
                        and just about every chapter got changed. A lot more
                       editing and added a LOT to Zangief's main chapter (3). 
    6/21/00 3.0: Whoa!! I had a whole TON of spelling errors! I           
                        corrected  several of those mistakes and added some 
                        more Zangief strategy info. 
    6/22/00 5.0: THIS is the biggest update. I corrected some 
                        grammatical and spelling errors, and I added a whole
                        TON of characters in the "Vs." section
    7/11/00  5.2: Added about 10 more characters to the "Vs." section,
                        and "fixed" chapter 9.
    8/12/00  6.0: I finally finished my Vs. Section, and changed a few 
                           strategies. This will be pretty close to the final 
                           unless I find out something very important I missed.
    8/13/00 6.0b: No strategy update, but I implemented Mech-Zangief's 
                          back story and added a tiny bit to his normal form's 
    Some important notes:
    1: I use some naughty words in here, and if you're the type that gets 
     offended by that kind of thing, first, you might as well not play this 
     game, because it has "violence" in it; and second, close this FAQ, 
     because I don't want to hear any complaints.
    2: If you're one of those pitiful FOOLS (see? I'm swearing already, tsk, tsk…) 
    that thinks throws are cheap, this is it. Zangief's the lightening rod, man. 
    If you're going to play a good Zangief, you're gonna throw. I mean, he's a 
    friggin' (! Another bad word!!!) WRESTLER for crying out loud!
    3: I express several editorial opinions in this FAQ (as seen in note #2), and 
    none of them should be taken personally. I'm sorry if I offend anyone here.
    4: My FAQ is on a specific STYLE of Zangief playing. I explain using some 
    moves more often than others in this FAQ, and some moves I don't really go 
    into at all other than in the moves section. If you want to play using my 
    advice, then go ahead and try to emulate my Vs strategies and other moves 
    described here. If you think your style is better, then all the more power to 
    you. In such a case, just use this as a refresher course ("I haven't done that 
    move in awhile"), and skip my Vs section. 
    5: As an extension to 4; I don't pretend that this is a play-by-play guide, 
    and even if you DO follow my Vs. strategies, you WILL have to make your own 
    tactics to stay ahead in this game. PLEASE don't pretend that this is a play-
    by-play guide.
    6: Read my legal information, please. It's there for good reason.
    7: Foley is GOD!!! Okay, that has nothing to do with my FAQ, but I'm glad Mick 
    Foley is back, even though he's no longer active. (If you don't watch the 
    show, then you don't know what I'm talking about, so just move on.)
    8: As you've probably seen already, I don't have a lot of fancy Ascii art pics 
    and stuff… just text and my section dividers. Don't get me wrong, Ascii art 
    kicks butt (again, my horrible language)! I just don't want to make any.
    9: Darn it, throws are NOT CHEAP!!!
    (1: From the mouth of Sir 0rion
    (2: To all newcomers (The story of MvC2)
    (3: Zangief, his enemies, and his followers
       -Zangief as a person
       -Zangief as a fighter
    (4: Abbvs
    (5: What are Zangief's moves?
    (5.5: Zangief's general strategies
    (6: Mech Zangief
    (7: Vs. Strategies
    (8: Other Cool Stuff
    (9: The Ending
    (10: Thanks
    Chapter 1: From the mouth of Sir 0rion
    Man, oh man; Zangief is a hard person to write an FAQ for.
    Constant updates have been required on my part, even though
    my time and money are short. Another thing that bugs me are people that e-mail 
    or IM me saying that "Zangief can't hold his own in a REAL battle", or "He's 
    too slow to do anything good against guys in LA/China Town" (I'm not gonna 
    name names, let's leave it at that having been said). Well, I say (and I 
    always will) that he's a force to be reckoned with if you know how to use him 
    PROPERLY, and anyone who says otherwise just hasn't spent enough time (and 
    *sigh* money) getting good with him and just stopped trying. To those people I 
    say this: Pick someone else. Zangief requires actual SKILL to use! He's not a 
    shotgun-you-to-death Cable, he's not a sho-ryu-ken shoto, he's not a pixie 
    like Spidey; he's not even really a massive giant like Juggernaut! What he IS 
    is a wrestler that has to get in and trick a person into his arms. He's a big 
    guy that has to show the world that he's not the snail he once was, and that 
    he can get in there and combo people to kingdom-come. He's a person with two 
    modes that completely change his style, and he has to time each and every move 
    to precision in order to win. If you can't play as an expert's character, then 
    close this FAQ and give up. If you want to learn his moves and similarly learn 
    how to kick the royal cr*p out of an opponent, then read on.
    In a certain e-mail I received from a person (out of diplomacy, I won't say 
    who he is) who obviously hasn't spent much time playing as Zangief, I heard 
    him state some things that really made my blood boil. Among these are "Zangief 
    can't do anything against beamers, so just switch out anytime someone uses a 
    beamer,". He then goes on to say almost the EXACT same thing 
    about big guys! He then goes on and berates my Vs. Strategies, saying that 
    basicly nothing you can do as Zangief will get you a win. Last, but certainly 
    not least (actually, it's probably MOST important), he said that there is no 
    such thing as cheap tactics. By the end of said e-mail, I was thoroughly 
    disgusted. I'm going to clear things up so I don't (yeah, right) get this kind 
    of e-mail again. First of all, there NO CHARACTERS IN THE GAME THAT ARE 
    IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT!!! Some characters may be harder than others to fight, but 
    if you actually use STRATEGY and GET IN on them, you can win the fight. 
    Secondly, and I've said this time and time again on my FAQs, the Vs. 
    Strategies are NOT 100 percent accurate in all situations!!! The fun of 
    playing this great game is learning new things to do. New ways to win a match 
    against a person. This is an INCREDIBLY open-ended game, and Zangief is an 
    incredibly open-ended character. Last, and I'm hoping the guy's reading this: 
    if you can play as a character who can pull off five projectiles with a simple 
    push of a button (Cable); if you can find a guy with a nearly impossible to 
    stop assist attack (Juggernaut); if you can find someone who can do 80% damage 
    in a single air combo (Cammy and probably still Chun Li); and not call things 
    like that cheap, then I don't know what the hell cheap is!!! What is it – 
    "skill"? "Good strategy"? Give me a break. Am I alone, people?? Maybe I'm just 
    crazy, huh? Well regardless of that, here's the FAQ (and sorry to take up your 
    Chapter 2: To all newcomers (The story of MvC2)
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is full of surprises. 
    My first experience with this game was an ackward 
    one. It was at an arcade at an amusement
    park that has just re-opened. I put my money in, and I saw the 
    massive amount of characters... their faces were a tad blurred
    in resolution (30" diagonal screen), and I had one heck of a time
    deciding on some characters. Next, the player modes were VERY 
    confusing at first glance. Probably the biggest shock, and quite
    frankly a disappointment, was the 4-attack button gameplay
    that, while undeniably Capcom in every way, had me asking the
    arcade manager if he'd put the game on simple mode(if you're not
    familiar with arcade options, it's a mode in MvC1 that had
    the game always on easy mode). The switching options
    were also confusing, and I found myself pressing 1PK and 2PK
    back and forth trying to learn which buttons selected which
    guy to do what... not a pleasant experience... 
    Also, as the Capcom veteran that I am, I had beaten the 
    game around the 3rd or 4th time around; and then I
    get the misfortune to see that there are NO personal
    character endings to be seen! Lastly, my final
    (and most devastating, for that matter) shock was that Roll,
    my favorite character in the ENTIRE Capcom world was not only
    time-release, but she's supposedly one of the LAST ones that 
    become released!!! Not all these surprises were bad, however, as 
    I state firmly that the cinematic graphics (not that I
    play only for eye candy) are second to none in the Capcom
    world, with what they call "perspective 3-D" graphics, meaning
    that depending on were the "camera" is, it looks like it's 
    looking at the level (or on a team victory scene, the characters)
    from the angle of the camera. All of the characters are fully
    compatible and have just about every option you could really
    want or expect from Capcom. Just about EVERYONE who was
    in a crossover game, plus 20+ others made it into the final
    draft of this game. The 4-ab (attack button) gameplay WAS
    tragic, but since middle-level punches and kicks are/were
    rarely used in the series other than to call out partners for 
    quick shots or in combos, it wasn't all that much of a 
    change for me. All-in-all, I think Capcom has a keeper here.
    (By the way, keep an eye out for my "Tactics" FAQ for this game,
    describing various fighting styles.)
    Chapter 3: Zangief, his enemies, and his followers
    (Your eyes will hurt by the end of this chapter... unless
     you're into history lessons, skip to the next section.)
    Zangief's been given a bad rap over the years. There's a
    good reason behind this, however: he SUCKED in his first
    appearance. Classic gamers, remember if you will a bad
    Mr. T knockoff in the early 1990's (SF2). A slow nobody
    who had only two special moves and no ground OR air game.
    Little changed through the next few years- in SF Turbo
    (Hyper Fighting), he got a kick lariat that dodged fireballs...
    and his attack power went kerplop. Nothing changed in Super
    SF2, either. In Super SF2 Turbo, he got a new attack- the Green 
    glove... an attack that did NOTHING good.
    After SSFTT came SF Alpha (Zero)2 (he wasn't in SFA1), 
    where he was "rebuffed"(no pun intended) to look (and be) stronger. Not only 
    that, but they remade his Green Glove into the attack more commonly known as 
    the Banishing Fist! People were
    somewhat surprised to see Zangief with a FIREBALL attack 
    (such as it is...); thus his underground fan club started to grow.
    The only problem was, even with this improvement, he still
    lacked the certain something to push him over the top. Next,
    came the crossover series; starting with XMvsSF! In it, the
    addition of super jumps, crossover-counters, and more visually
    impressive super moves (now renamed "hyper-combos") brought Zangief players to 
    a new level!!! He still had a couple problems though; for one thing, they 
    still had the hard-to-initiate supers.
    Zangief players had to do two 360s on the joystick to pull off
    a Final Atomic Buster; which sucked because it was hard enough
    for players to get used to super-jumping, Ryu's Shinku
    hadoken, and X-men players, because some people never played 
    X-men; children of the atom, or MSH: the gem wars. To make a 
    (REALLY) long story short, he once again failed to meet 
    expectations. Next came a great game; MvsSF! In it, all the
    HCs were made infinitely easier, and Zang was at an all-time high;
    that is he would have been, except he still only had one HC,
    he was still relatively slow, and he didn't *quite* have all his 
    power, so the other muscle-giants (Hulk and Blackheart) stole the 
    show. Next, in MvsC, where he got a Lvl 3 HC, and the ability to 
    TRANSFORM! His grabs (although a little weaker) were MUCH easier to do and had 
    better range, his normal attacks and BF did MORE (yes, more) damage, and he 
    could do MANY more combos. However, I was wrong in saying he was at his
    peak at MvC1. Due to popular (and my) demand, Zangief
    has gotten ALL his throws back to full strength. His FAB
    is even MORE usable, and he got a tad more speed, even
    in MZ mode. Scapegoat to scrubs everywhere, (which fully
    describes his relationship to the gaming community) he
    is one of the lesser-played Capcom guys, but he's got a 
    whole ton of tricks to work with, and if you take the 
    time to like him, you'll see the improvements on your
    win/loss record. 
    Zangief as a person
    Zangief is often considered stupid (literally) because A, he's 
    a wrestler (isn't that enough?) and B, because of his manner 
    towards people. He's far from it, though. Although a tad 
    overzealous, he's a respected Russian diplomat and tactician. None
    of this, however appears on MvC1 or 2 for some reason, but does come up from 
    time to time on games like the SF Alpha series, Gem/Pocket
    Fighter, and one of the rare Street Fighter EX games (I forgot which, it 
    wasn't SFEX+a). In this game, he's the arrogant, but slightly funloving guy he 
    almost always is: confident in his about his abilities, and why shouldn't he 
    be? He used to wrestle bears just 
    for the heck of it (note the scars)! He was once in the mountains
    of Tibet (?) on a small mission, when he got enveloped alone in a
    tornado! It spun him around and slammed him into the ground; and
    when it seems any normal man would've DIED from it, Zangief merely arose and 
    laughed into the heavens, having found his inspiration for the all-powerful 
    SPINNING PILEDRIVER!!! Imagine a man so mighty that his fists will actually 
    stun the Hulk on their own. One of the most powerful men in the world.
    Zangief as a fighter [pros and cons]
    +He has power. His attacks do a lot of damage.
    +He's around average speed (unexpected but true)
    +His special throws can easily set other moves up
    +He can combo into some throws
    +His throws (except the launcher) do a great deal of damage
    +He has two modes (Zangief and Mech Zangief)
    -He can still be outsped by pixies
    -His launcher (punch, not throw) is harder to access
    -He has no true projectiles
    -He has no beam (like Mega Optic Blast) or "spaz" 
     (like Final Justice) supers.
    +/-: He can't dash, instead he slides forward slowly. However,
          Zangief's dash is a special move which I list down further into
          my FAQ.
    +/-: You can't "dash" by PP, you have to tap forward twice. PP does a special 
    The run-down:
    # of command moves: 7
    # of special moves: 9
    # of supers: 4
    Air combo finishers: KK SL, 2P, 2K
    Attack Power (overall): 8.75 [+ 1.25 as MZ]
    -Attack power based on a scale, Servbot being at the bottom (around 
    1/10), Sentinel on top (10/10)-
    Zangief's attacks (averaged out) are very decent. As far as damage
    is concerned, he can really dish it out. His throws do 
    anywhere from 1/8 lifebar to 1/3 (which, if you think about it,
    is pretty damned good)- SPD and special throws included. FAB
    and UAB also dish out some massive damage. [Add about 1/10
    a lifebar's damage to Zangief's 2P/K, Specials, and throws
    as Mech Zangief. He has power to match Juggy's "Power UP!"
    mode as MZ]
    Defense power: 8.5 [+ 1.25/-6.0 as MZ]
    -Based again on a sliding scale, Strider/Akuma[Gouki] on bottom,
    War Machine on top-
    I've recently changed my tune about Zangief's defense because of a battle I 
    had with a Shuma Gotrath player. He managed to hit the Chaos Dimension on me, 
    and to my surprise, it did LESS than 1/3 of a lifebar damage on me!! Ever 
    since I've realized that he can take a beating and still easily come out of 
    [As Mech-Zangief, his defense sky-rockets (First score), and he 
    can stop a comboer halfway through a serious combo and have only lost a tenth 
    of his life, the comboer having lost around 2/5, 
    however (second score), if someone gets a chance to whack him
    with a beam super, it will cut through him like a knife]
    Speed: 7.0 [- 3.0 as MZ]
    -Juggernaut on bottom, Spiderman on top-
    Contrary to (very) popular belief, Zangief is actually pretty fast in
    terms of walking, jumping and normal/command move speed. He's just about Ryu's 
    speed (not too fast, not too slow), which is slow for a shotokan, but pretty 
    damned quick for a big guy. A lack of a true dash keeps Zangief from achieving 
    a higher score.
    [His speed does a nose-dive as Mech Zangief]
    Comboability: 8.0 [- 6.0 as MZ]
    -Juggernaut again on bottom, Wolverine (1) on top.-
    Yay! I found out how to do Zangief's lauchers without comboing into it! As I 
    said before Zangief can be VERY fast if used right, and he can do great  
    aerial raves, just don't forget he's a grappler! [As Mech-Zangief, he can now 
    do VERY basic(we're talking in the field of 2-hit) air combos, however he 
    can't end it via Spinning Lariat]
    Zangief's MvC1-MvC2 conversion chart
     -What he's (in some cases re)gained:-
    1.His power from XvSF!!! 
    2.The juggling Spinning Lariat
    3.The projectile-dodging lariat
    4.The ability to catch enemies that are a little bit in the air with
      an FAB
    5.A little more speed and agility (something he REALLY needs)
     -What he's lost...-
    1. The "Nngh" sound of his taunt (replaced by a "heeyah!" sound)
    2. A pop-up spinning lariat
    3. His cheap triple option (yes, it IS cheap!)
    4: Abbvs
    C = turn 
    360 = A full circle on the arcade pad
    270 = 3/4 of a turn on the arcade pad
    AC = Air Combo
    MvSF = Marvel vs. Street Fighter
    XMvsSF = X-men vs. Street Fighter
    MvC1 = Marvel vs Capcom 1
    MvC2 = "      "    "    2
    SPD = Spinning Piledriver
    RBG = Running Bear Grab
    FPB = Flying Powerbomb
    P/KSPL = Punch/Kick Spinning Lariat
    U/FAB = Ultra/Final Atomic Buster
    Mph = Mech-Zangief morph
    MZ = Mech-Zangief
    SWF = Siberian Wild Fire
    SB = Siberian Blizzard
    1/4 & 1/2 = well, what do YOU think?
    Fwd, Bck, DBck, DFwd = Forward, Back, Diagonal Back and Forth
    DPM = Dragon punch Motion
    a-o = air only
    g-o = ground only
    g/a = ground or air
    The Buttons-
    Picture the arcade pad.
    O     O     O
    1P    2P    A1
    O     O     O
    1K    2K   A2
    P = Either punch button
    K = Either kick button
    PP = both punch buttons
    KK = "    kick   "
    1PK/2PK = the switch outs, 1P+1K/2P+2K
    Chapter 5: What are Zangief's moves?
    I won't go into his normal moves, because it's easy to figure them
    out. Anyway:
    -Team moves-
    These are Zangief's assist modes. Following in a long line of
    FAQ writers for MvC2, I'll add my opinions of each assist.
    a: SL/Mega Lariat*
    This is his worst assist. That doesn't mean it's bad, mind you;
    but in order for there to be a best, there had to be a worst
    by default. The lariat is a fair anti-air, but that's about it.
    b: Running Bear Grab/Mega Lariat*
    This is my personal favorite. The best use of this move is to screw over 
    people that try as often as possible to run in and do ground combos. Abuse 
    this assist, especially as MZ.
    y: Flying Powerbomb/Mega Lariat*
    This is decent for anti-air if nothing else. You can fight jumpers
    with this assist.
    * The mega lariat is Zangief's team super move. The does an SL
      all the way across the screen. You can use it on it's own by performing a 
    team super while he's only at level one, but due to the recovery (he taunts 
    afterwards as if he were tagging out) and the lack of damage it does, I don't 
    recommend doing it that way. It's much better to have some sort of backup 
    super at the same time.
    Snapback "Hey! I ain't done with you yet!!!"
    QCF, A1/A2 (A1 gets second opponent down, A2 gets
     Third one down. Takes one super level)
    A common (and intelligent) tactic in any crossover game, including and 
    especially this one, is to switch out when you're weak and have a lot of 
    recoverable (red) life. To combat this, Capcom implemented a universal move 
    for every character called the "Snapback". Here's how to use it effectively. 
    When the aforementioned tactic is used, and your new opponent, possibly 
    overaggressive due to the amount of life he's got in comparison, starts coming 
    after you, do a mock-defensive game, and when you see and opening (if you do), 
    do the snapback, using the Assist button that they're in now. They lose all 
    chance to recover, and now have to fight you, because the one that was hit by 
    the move is too dazed to come back out for anything (there's even an "X" over 
    his name) until his life bar says "Assist okay" after a few seconds. Does 
    fantastic for finishing someone off, and Zangief's has relatively good range. 
    Two notes on this: first, it's blockable (and a tad slow). Second, remember 
    that it takes a super level to do the move. Zangief's snapback is his standing 
    Outward punch (in the air) FwD + 2P
    I'm a fool for not listing this earlier. Instead of doing a body splash or 
    punching straight down, Zangief throws his whole body into an outward punch . 
    This is good to add range to his incoming jump attacks.
    Launcher: D/FwD + 2P
    Yay! I found out how to do his normal launcher punch without comboing into it! 
    This is Zangief's uppercut launcher. It's got good priority and damage.
    Body Splash: D + 2P (a-o)
    Zangief's main air offensive. Looks low on priority, but it's 
    actually fairly decent. Not much on it's own, but... well 
    I'll give more on this in the SPD section.
    Elbow Drop: D + 1P (a-o)
    His secondary air move. It can be used for two purposes: first,
    if you see a Ryu or mock-Ryu (Morrigan, anyone?), and you're
    seeing a shinku hadoken (or the like) coming (ESPECIALLY in
    Mech-Zangief mode), coming, super jump and elbow drop on him!
    Looks of suprise and laughter on your part are imminent,
    and rightfully so.
    Knee Drop D + 1K (a-o)
    Hmmm... this move doesn't have the priority of the body
    splash, nor the speed and power of the elbow drop. It
    can still knock out some specials, but not nearly as much
    as elbow/splash. Use the other air moves instead.
    Ground Elbow Drop B + P (g-o)
    Basicly the same as the air elbow drop, except not really that 
    Rushing throw attempt Forward x 2 (quickly), if grabbed, 2P/2K
    Zangief's dash is an odd one. People have made the mistake of calling it a bad 
    dash because they don't know it's true purpose. If Zangief touches an opponent 
    during his dash, he grabs and holds them for awhile. If you press 2P, Zangief 
    slams his opponent. If he presses 2K, he bites them repeatedly for a few 
    seconds. This is a very good move to surprise an over-offensive opponent. 
    Zangief IS the supreme grappler, after all!
    Launcher Throw[tentative name] QCB + P (g-o)
    Zangief grabs an opponent (the grab damage is VERY minimal), 
    and throws them into the air. Acts just like a launcher.
    Spinning Piledriver: 360 + P (g/a)
    Yes! SPD has gotten it's full power back!!! You can use the 
    body splash to combo into it (if they block), and it'll confuse
    them to no end! Use this move to counter anything short range
    (e.g. blocked combos, dragon punch clones, etc), or just as
    a wake up call. Easily does at least 1/5 of a life bar
    Banishing Fist(or flat, it doesn't matter): dpm + punch (g-o)
    This is normal Zangief's fireball, of sorts. Basically, he
    spins and throws a flaming punch. It does fantastically
    in ground combos, but Zangief doesn't want to play a
    100% ground game, so don't overuse this move. 
    Spinning lariat: PP/KK (g/a)
    This is another Zangief original. Basically, he spins around, arms extended, 
    and tries to hit the moron who'd jump in on him.
    KK is quicker, but PP is stronger. The good thing is
    that now it juggles for 3-5 hits(!), AND it cancels/combos into
    an FAB (very easily, I might add)!! One more thing that will
    please classic Zangief users (like me) to no possible end, the
    Lariat DODGES PROJECTILES again!!! The only clause is that 
    the projectile contact time must be shorter than the time he spins,
    or he'll get hit at the very end of the move (ex: War Machine's
    2K/P shoulder cannon).
    Running Bear Grab 
    (Atomic Suplex alternate): 1/2 C FwD + k (g-o)
    Not exactly his cup of tea, but he can do okay with
    this. First of all, this can be one of two moves, if
    you are right next to the opponent (Atomic 
    suplex), you start to pull of the UAB, but stop before the SPD
    kicks in. It's okay, but I'd do a SPD any day. If you catch
    them when Zangief's running, he leaps into the air with them and 
    slams them into the ground (Running Bear Grab).
    Flying Powerbomb: dpm + k (g-o)
    This would be pretty good if it wasn't so F*CKING SLOW! It's his basic flying-
    uppercut type move, but you simply can't DO anything with it! Some people use 
    it as a mode of transportation...
    I never found that any good; especially compared to his
    super jump.
    Final Atomic Buster: 270 C PP !HYPER! (g-o)
    What can I say? This is an AMAZING hyper! People KNOW 
    when you catch them with this that they're in for a wild ride
    with devastating results. Zang walks
    forward with a little super armor and if he grabs the opponent
    (which now can be caught in the AIR!),he does two
    back-breakers and two SPDs. One last note; to do any damage
    more than a 2P SPD, you HAVE to do the Red Spinning FAB,
    which is listed directly below.
    Red Spinning Final Atomic Buster (follow up to SPD, FAB, or UAB)
    By doing continual 360's rapidly, Zangief turns red on the
    final SPD of the move, and he adds an explosion and damage.
    It will add about an additional 10% damage. This is important, because  it can 
    mean the difference between the enemy losing in 
    obscurity and switching out to recover after the move is over.
    When done with an SPD, he won't turn red or make an explosion, but he does 
    spin faster and do more damage.
    Ultra Atomic Buster: 270 + KK !!!Level 3 HYPER!!!(g-o)
    Hell yeah! This is what it should have been in MvC1! Yeah, it
    looks exactly the same and it's still hard to connect, but it's
    SO much better now! Why, you ask? First of all, instead of the
    measly 40% it did in MvC1, it has become the (and yes, I HAVE
    checked my sources) strongest move in the game (don't talk to me
    about Otoko Michi, because that damages Dan too, so it's more of an equalizer 
    than a power move). The move does 75-80% lifebar damage, making it 
    approximately DOUBLE the damage of Chaos Dimension (Shuma Players, don't get 
    mad, don't forget CD's a lot easier to connect than UAB, so it balances out) 
    and can do even more damage than a double... nay even a TRIPLE team super!!! 
    Second, it's a tad(I emphasize a TAD) more versatile (you can catch them if 
    they're up to your waist, but not any higher). Third, now that the max level 
    of hyper stocks is 5 instead of 3, you can afford to whiff one. Okay, that was 
    the good news; here's the bad. You absolutely, positively, can NOT combo into 
    it! Blocked hits, 
    launchers, lariats, it doesn't matter, you HAVE to do the move 
    _on_it's_own_! The range (although improved) also kinda sucks,
    (still) being less than an SPD. The move itself is as follows:
    if Zangief grabs his opponent, he does a power bomb, a suplex, a
    HIGH suplex, then he tosses the opponent ABOVE the top of the 
    level(!), and does an SPD from all the way up there, resulting in
    an explosion. 
    Mech-Zangief Change: Backwards dpm + KK !HYPER!(g-o)
    He becomes Mech-Zangief. For more info, refer to next chapter.
    Siberian Wildfire: 1/2 C FwD, P (MZ only)(g-o)
    Mech-Zangief taunts and lets out a large flame (mocking Dhalsim).
    This is good for a few reasons: one, it juggles; two, it's an 
    actual projectile (or as close as Zangief's gonna get to one);
    three, it's highly prioritized because of his mega-armor.
    Not too bad. Use against jump-ins.
    Siberian Blizzard: 270 C, KK !HYPER! (MZ Only)(g-o)
    The move that replaced UAB, although it's not too good.
    Think of Ken's Shin ryu ken with less anti-air ability, and 
    you got it. FAB and UAB are better.
    Chapter 5.5: Zangief's General Strategies
    - (Most important) Super jump VERY often!!! The absolute 
       BEST way
       to get in, with little room for argument, is a super jump,
       often followed by a splash or an elbow drop. 
    - Follow a successful PP Lariat (before the last hit of the lariat) or BF with 
    FAB. Simple, but useful. If you can catch them with said lariat or special, it 
    will get you a good 1/3 to almost 1/2 a  lifebar damage easily.
    -Use your spinning piledriver just about all the time when you're close up.
    - Counter beams with a super jump to elbow drop! This is very 
        important because it will always throw off even the most 
        experienced opponents. As normal Zangief, the following 
        exceptions to this rule apply:
    -Hyper Megaman (Megaman)
    -Hyper Roll (Roll)
    -Soul Destroyer (Morrigan)
    -Proton Cannon (War Machine)
    -Photon Cannon (Iron Man)
    - If an elbow drop isn't applicable in a situation (dual team supers, 
    exceptions, etc.), jump all the way BEHIND the opponent and throw him or 
    lariat him out of the move.
    -Block and counter. Zangief shouldn't be 100% pure offensive. He should be 50% 
    offense and 50% defense. My personal suggestion is to start with a quick time 
    of offense, avoid and/or block any retaliations, then let the opponent have it 
    when they make a mistake. Repeat.
    - Always be careful. Zangief isn't the fastest guy in the world, and a well-
    placed attack could waste him.
    Things Zangief shouldn't do:
    - Use high-recovery time moves without thinking. He can't afford 
        to be punished by a well-placed counter. Combo into is specials. 
        That's the key to victory.
    - Abuse the super armor of is running throws. 99.9 percent of the 
        time you use his super armor, the throw won't connect.
    Chapter 6:Mech-Zangief
    Here's the story of Mech Zangief as far as I can tell. This is part storyline, 
    part fanfic and all 0rion. As all the storylines I write go, this one is 
    pretty long.
    After toppling the best – Juggernaut, Bison, and Ryu (X-men vs. Street 
    Fighter), Zangief thought he could go alone against the almighty Apocalypse. 
    Battling harshly and with all his might, Zangief slammed him with his Spinning 
    piledriver. He thought he had the fight under control, but Apocalypse captured 
    Zangief and imprisoned him in a glass cage. After his experiment in making 
    Akuma a cybernetic robot, Apocalypse tried to perform the same operation on 
    Zangief, thinking that his body could also stand the process (remember, this 
    guy has walked away from being caught up in a tornado, taking a beating from 
    Juggernaut, and taking on several bears at once under his own power, among 
    other, even worse situations) whereas a normal man could not. Apocalypse 
    implanted Zangief's skin with an unbreakable an VERY… no EXTREMELY heavy metal 
    (I don't think it's adamantium, though), making him the approximate weight of 
    3,500 pounds! His muscles were powerful enough to hold this weight, however 
    even he got weighed down by the sheer mass of his skin. Apocalypse then 
    attempted to erase Zangief's mind as he did with Akuma. However, proving that 
    his willpower is as powerful as his body, Zangief's loyalty to his country and 
    to his race became a tangible force, taking the form of a purple flame. Coming 
    to his senses, Zangief became outraged at  Apocalypse's attempt to enslave 
    him, and he destroyed several of the containment chambers, releasing Captain 
    America, his American comrade, Shuma Gorath, Blackheart, Sakura, Dan, and 
    several others. Zangief exhausted himself, reverting to his normal form. He 
    could not change into his Mech form at will, but he could stay in that form 
    whenever he could manage to transform (to sum up, we're at Marvel vs. Street 
    Fighter now, and in that game, Mech-Zangief's a secret character). After 
    taking part in Apocalypse's downfall, Zangief trained to perfect his Final 
    Atomic Buster, and in his training, learned to concentrate his strength and 
    intentionally become his Mech form (both Marvel vs. Capcom games)! 
    When you become Mech-Zangief (as described above), Zangief will
    go into his taunting stance, and let out a roar (assuming he's
    not hit out of it), and become an alternately colored monster.
    He can't block, and is slower, but he can't be phased by ANY
    non-throw attacks (this means that he won't reel back, but he'll
    instead just pause for a slight second. If Zangief was hard to
    use, this guy is EXTREMELY difficult. If he gets beamed (a la 
    Shinku Ha Do Ken, or something similar) and doesn't super-jump
    above it on time (a tactic you HAVE to get used to with him),
    he'll suck up the damage and get hurt REALLY bad. He gains a few attacks, 
    loses a few attacks, and changes styles. When in this form, his body is so 
    mighty than Spider Man's webbing is like a moist tissue in his hands. His body 
    is so heavy that a snapback will only knock him back a couple steps. He 
    becomes a monster, and you must play like a monster – aggressive and evasive. 
    Deadly, and very tricky. That's how to win with Mech Zangief.
    Gained upon transformation:
    +Mega Armor (explained above)
    +More power
    +A flashier explosion at the end of a red spinning FAB
    +Siberian Wildfire 
    +Siberian Blizzard
    Lost upon transformation:
    -A LOT of speed
    -ANY AC ability (CAN'T do air combos!)
    -All blocking ability
    -The BF
    -The UAB
    -The aerial spinning lariat
    -The projectile dodging lariat (gained again, lost again… sigh…)
    Mech Zangief's Do's and Don'ts 
    1: Stay on the offensive!!! 
    2: Counter comboers with throws. They never seem to learn.
    3: Throw out the exceptions in the elbow drop tactic. He can 
        and SHOULD do the elbow drop on EVERY beam super,
        except dual team supers
    4: Avoid beams of all kinds at all cost. They hurt.
    1: Turtle!!! For the love of Pete, the man can't block! This
        should be the most obvious thing in this FAQ. 
    2: Forget rule #1.
    Chapter 7a: Teammates
    I'm not going to list every last character, but I'll give you a little advice. 
    The way I see it, you should compensate for his weaknesses. For his first 
    partner, pick someone with a lot of speed, and for his second partner, pick 
    someone with projectile ability. However, if you already have a partner or two 
    in mind that you're very good with, but don't quite meet the bill, use them. 
    Experience beats balance any day.
    My favorite partners? I'm a very variable guy and I never stick with the same 
    team all the time, but I tend to enjoy using these guys:
    Zangief (duh)
    Roll – I gotta keep the faith, man. Always gotta keep the faith!
    Megaman – I'm no traitor to Roll, but I might as well play as him, since he 
    has what Roll SHOULD have.
    Sakura (never EVER Dark Sakura) – She's far cooler (IMO) than Ryu
    Iron Man – No, not for his assist, only lame wussies pick someone just for his 
    assists. He's a cool and balanced fighter.
    Servbot – Hey, SOMEONE'S gotta use him!
    Chapter 7b: Vs. Strategies
    I've eliminated Zangief's combos for awhile, due to complaints
    about them. I never said they were irreversible, but too many
    people jump to conclusions, so I took them out.
    This is a section denoting some of the things Zangief should do against 
    certain people. The section is NOT a play-by-play guide, and you must 
    eventually think up your own strategies to become a master. Think of this as a 
    stepping stone of sorts. 
    *New* Mech Zangief notes, plus things to notice in MZ form, as well as how to 
    avoid them or take as little damage as possible.
    -Vs. Cable-
    People are usually pissed off to no end by Cable's 2Px5, beam, beam, super 
    combo, but Zangief can be Cable's worst NIGHTMARE! Super jump over ANY AND 
    EVERY projectile
    and drop the elbow on his candy ass, then slam him around like
    there's no tomorrow! Up yours, you wussies! HAHAHAHAHA!!!...*ahem* you'll have 
    to forgive me; but any people who know about Cable's cheap tricks know why 
    it's a relief to have one zoner that can kick the crap outta him.
    MZ notes: Only the most cocky and confident Zangief players would DARE try 
    Mech-Zangief against Cable. If you think you have the skills and the BALLS to 
    do it, stick to this guy like GLUE! Throw him out of every single attack he 
    Notice: Anything with his guns.
    -Vs. Captain America-
    Good ol' cap. Always down, but never out. The only people that use him are 
    experienced players, so expect cartwheel cross-ups and launcher attempts 
    throughout the entire fight. Always, ALWAYS be ready to SPD/FAB a cartwheel. 
    Captain America users started the *FALSE* rumor that throws are cheap, and 
    that's why. 99% of the time, you can throw him as he finishes the cartwheel. 
    If he gets rid of the shield, don't be happy. A not-so-well known fact about 
    our dear friend Cap is that he gains a LOT of speed and comboability without 
    the shield. In this case, play him like the smart Ryu types, until the shield 
    forces itself back.
    MZ notes: MZ works well against Cap. You can throw him out of Charging Star 
    and Stars&Stripes (both normal and Hyper), and merely jump over his 
    projectiles. Interrupt him mid-combo with your throws.
    Nothing really.
    -Vs. Captain Commando-
    The two words I GUARENTEE you'll hear in this fight (unless the sound is down, 
    or your opponent has some sort of mental problem) are "Captain Corridor!!!". 
    To combat this, super jump in, and block as he does the move. As he does this, 
    you should a have a little more hang time, so IMMEDIATELY elbow drop him. The 
    rest are standard Zangief tactics. 
    MZ notes: Because of Captain Sword, a lot of Zangief players don't change 
    against him. I say this: don't be cowards. Look at my "Things to notice" to 
    see the best position to avoid it. Even when hit via Captain Corridor, Zangief 
    with drop like a rock. SPD/FAB him when you land, and don't be afraid to take 
    the hit.
    Captain Sword – As far up and away as possible. Believe it or not, if you 
    master this you can take a mere couple pixels of damage.
    -Vs. Silver Samurai-
    Truth be told, I actually LIKE playing as him for some reason. He's very slow, 
    unless he uses his lightening sword power; he's pretty low in defense unless 
    he uses his ice sword power, and low in attack power unless he uses his fire 
    sword power. Keep in very close on him, because his shuriken is like a 
    compressed beam and does a pretty good deal of damage.
    MZ notes: Shuriken is dangerous to Mech Zangief. Triple Shuriken is even 
    worse. Look out for his repeating slash, and use Siberian Wildfire against him 
    if he tries it.
    Shuriken/Triple Shuriken – Jump over and throw him out of it.
    Reimaiken (lightening bolts) – The other side of the screen
    -Vs. Ryu-
    There are two main Ryu types. First, the ha-do-ken-you-until-I-get-a-super-
    level-then-try-my-pretty-blue-beam-thingy type. This is a 
    very easy battle. Like Cable, super jump, then elbow drop him when he goes for 
    shinku hadoken. Follow with an FAB, and you can do whatever you want from then 
    on. The second is the rush-in and combo type. This one's much trickier, 
    because it's a sign of experience on the enemy's part. As he dashes in, hit 
    him with some move (e.g. a lariat). He'll probably dash back out, throw a 
    couple of fireballs (all the while thinking of another strategy). He'll dash 
    in again (he might jump in, and in that case you should anti-air him via a 
    lariat, and FAB him), so hit him with another move (e.g. Atomic Suplex). Keep 
    alternating between close range moves and be sure to block his supers. One 
    last note, don't let him trip you! He can cancel a trip into a shinku tatsu-
    maki-senpu-kyaku, and from there cancel into teamates' supers.
    MZ notes: A long, grueling argument in the Zangief world has been if MZ mode 
    is a smart move against Ryu. Either way, your strategies will be the same. Get 
    in and watch out for his beams. If he's dumb enough to combo you, throw him 
    out of it.
    Shinku ha do ken – SJump over and either elbow him out of it or land behind 
    him and throw him.
    Shinku Tatsu maki – If you're hit, go immediately for a throw, if not, SWF him 
    out of it.
    -Vs. Morrigan-
    For all intensive purposes, she's Ryu with more dash power. There's nearly 
    nothing that sets them apart in playing style.
    (MZ) Notice:
    Soul Eraser – See Shinku ha do ken
    -Vs. Shuma Gorath-
    Keep in close on this one. Shuma players often need to grapple, and they have 
    only a mild keep-away game, but you really want to keep close anyway because 
    Zangief has throw and damage priority. 
    MZ notes: I don't think Chaos Dimension works on MZ (does it?), because no 
    Shuma Players have tried it. Multi-Mystic Smash (if any Shuma players are 
    reading this, THAT'S what the super version's called, so we can end this 
    argument) sure does, though, so be careful. Those eyes WILL stick to you and 
    explode like normal, so avoid them too.
    Multi-Mystic Smash – Get as far up and away as possible. Done properly, only 
    one of those balls should be able to hit you.
    Normal Mystic Smash – Take the hit and SPD him. He'll take about 3 times the 
    -Vs. War Machine-
    A beginner: "Shoulder cannon, shoulder cannon, shoulder cannon, shoulder 
    cannon, shoulder cannon, PROTON CANNON!!!", repeat. Just get in there and beat 
    the living h*ll outta him. An expert is much trickier, rushing in, doing air 
    combos into his shoulder cannon, or
    comboing his launcher directly into War Destroyer. Again, your best bet is to 
    stay close, because his attacks were meant to be long range, and they have bad 
    MZ notes: Like Cable, it takes one gutsy son of a bitch to try and take War 
    Machine on as Mech-Zangief. That's why I do it ^_^. Obviously, stay up close 
    and personal. 
    War Destroyer – Dear Lord, this is dangerous as all heck to MZ. Arguably one 
    of the hardest moves to avoid. You HAVE to throw War Machine out of it, 
    because the move will still go on, but it won't hit Zangief. 
    Payload "Shoulder" Cannon – Same as any projectile.
    Proton Cannon – Same as Payload cannon, but keep an eye out for his gun, it'll 
    still knock him into the blast.
    -Vs. Iron Man-
    A beginner will play like War Machine, replacing Shoulder Cannon with Uni-
    Beam, and Proton Cannon with Photon Cannon (IMO a much cooler name, and it 
    only changed by one letter). No matter what skill level, you tactics against 
    Iron Man will be about the same as they would against War Machine; keep close. 
    Iron Man has less lag & recovery, especially on Phonton Cannon, but he doesn't 
    have the War Destroyer or a crouching beam attack. 
    MZ notes: Not even close to as hard as War Mach. If he tries Photon 
    Cannon/Shoulder cannon either punch/lariat him out of it, or jump over him and 
    throw him out of it.
    -Vs. Magneto-
    I guess, well, he's a beam master two, and even though his beam (what is it, 
    E.M. Disrupter, or something?) only does one hit, it's quite formidable. You 
    should get in close on him, because his defense is crap.
    MZ notes: Not too hard to fight, but he's got a few moves to be careful of.
    Hyper Grav – Don't worry. It doesn't effect him.
    Magnetic Shockwave – Stand still. Wave supers don't do too much damage if he 
    doesn't get carried.
    His normal beam attack – 1P Siberian Wildfire. They'll cancel each other out. 
    Don't start a fireball war, though, because even 1P has a big recovery time.
    -Vs. Cyclops
    Again, he's a beamer, and this guys a cross between War Machine and Ryu. Optic 
    Blast is the quickest beam in the game, so you can do a KK lariat to avoid it 
    (PP has too much recovery time). If he does his charge throw (he gets on one 
    knee, then runs like hell towards you), IMMEDIATELY go for a lariat into a 
    Final Atomic Buster. Remember, Cyclone Kick (Cyclops' version of the hurricane 
    kick should be block high, then low. I'm not sure if the second hit is a trip, 
    but why take chances? Up close, play against him the same way you would 
    against Ryu.
    MZ notes: Another person that requires guts to use Mech-Zangief on.
    He's can do some mean combos… unless you stop him. Try to stay directly above 
    him, so you don't get hit by his optic attacks. 
    Super (NOT Mega) Optic Blast – Jump up and down rapidly like an idiot. You 
    think I'm joking?! He can aim his beam, so make it so he doesn't know where to 
    -Vs. Iceman-
    Man, ANOTHER beam abuser! We all know that projectiles won't phase a blocking 
    Iceman (no chipping damage), but since Zangief HAS no true projectiles, this 
    point is moot. Get in on him, even if he's using that overgrown boxing glove 
    of his, because you're at an ASTOUNDING strength advantage either way.
    MZ notes: This guy is tricky for Mech-Zangief, but can be toppled. Try to stay 
    behind him and throw him as much as possible.
    His block – It WILL deflect Siberian Wildfire
    Arctic Blast – The same as a any beam super
    -Vs. Dr. Doom-
    Okay, that's quite enough beamers, Capcom! He's been drastically toned down 
    since Marvel Super Heroes, but he's still VERY strong. Again, staying up close 
    and personal is your best bet for victory. 
    MZ notes: Kind of a pain for MZ, but not the hardest. Don't super jump in on 
    him unless he's flying, or you'll get hit by his anti-air super. 
    His beam – Very fast and powerful. Try to avoid it, or at least counter it.
    His pink lasers – Either be close enough to throw him out of it, or be far 
    enough to duck between them.
    -Vs. Gambit-
    Hmmm… does he have his eternity combo anymore? E-mail me if you know. He'll 
    usually try to keep you at bay for awhile with Kinetic/Trick Card attacks, 
    then rush in with Cajun Slash/Strike. Hmm… actually, against him, I recommend 
    countering Kinetic Card with the Banishing Fist over and over, because that 
    gradually moves Zangief in on him. After Zangief gets in, do some major throw 
    damage. True enough, this Cajun is one tough customer, but this tactic should 
    get you a fair victory.
    MZ notes: A standard fight.
    Kinetic Card – A basic projectile, but for some reason it hurts Zangief kind 
    of bad. Try not to get hit by it.
    Cajun Slash – Throw him out of it.
    Cajun Explosion – Like many wave supers, just stand still. You'll only take 
    about a fireball's worth damage.
    Royal Flush – Use normal beam super tactics. Don't worry, the rod won't hit 
    you down, and you'll only take about a pixel of damage from it.
    -Vs. Dhalsim-
    "Make peace, not war,", huh? Yeah right. Dhalsim's not much different then he 
    was in Marvel vs. Street Fighter, and he didn't pose much of a threat to 
    Zangief then, either. Block his drills and counter via SPD. Keep in close with 
    a lariat-and-throw game.
    MZ notes: Nothing big here.
    Yoga Inferno – Unless you're in the middle of a super jump, I suggest staying 
    a full screen apart, then countering when he's finished, because he can aim 
    the move and freeze you in the air, making you take full damage.
    Yoga Strike – As far as I've been able to tell, an elbow drop CAN beat out 
    this move.
    -Vs. Cammy-
    I'm sick and tired of her. She's gotten incredibly overpowered since X-Men vs. 
    SF, so watch out for her launchers and watch your feet. Mech Zangief works 
    wonders on her, but either way, remember to keep close.
    MZ notes: This makes for an easier fight, because Cammy won't have any air 
    combo ability, yet she still must stay close. Use regular interruption 
    Cannon Drill (Both normal and super) – Interrupt with a throw.
    -Vs. Hayoto-
    What a dork. With the exception of a cheap knockoff of Magneto's shockwave 
    super, all this guy really has, be it super or special moves, is a stupid 
    sword dash. Block, counter, repeat. Enough said?
    MZ notes: Nothing special about this fight.
    Any dash 'n slash move - Throw him out of it
    His shockwave-type super – Stand still to take as little damage as possible.
    -Vs. Blackheart-
    For some reason, Zangief seems to have an easy time matching power with the 
    big guys that are often more powerful than himself. The biggest thing to look 
    out for is his energy pillar attacks and his VERY powerful supers. Other than 
    that, he should be a pretty easy ride.
    MZ notes: This is a little easier than normal Zangief, but watch for the 
    Armageddon (meteors) – Either stay back, or throw him out of it
    -Vs. Psylocke-
    I'll be honest. I haven't played against very many Psylocke players at all on 
    any of her games (maybe 5-7 times total), but all of them seemed to play the 
    same way, abusing her fireball (insert Ryu player here), and doing the Psy-
    Thrust super. Unless you play an expert, use her for target practice, because 
    she's not all that strong. Better yet, some strategies would be helpful (by 
    the way, switching out is NOT a strategy I'm looking for!)
    MZ notes: Same as Ryu.
    Psi-Thrust – Use 2P.
    Mega Psi-Upper (or whatever it is) – Pretty much ineffective 
    -Vs. Ruby Heart-
    Ar, me mateys! We's gonna have ourselves a bloodbath this evening! Ruby Heart 
    be a one-pilot crew, she does. But her buried treasure be no match fer (insert 
    cute pirate nick name like "Long John" here) Zangief, the roughest, toughest 
    varmint to scroll the high seas! She be a weak'n, indeed. Though her air-dash 
    attack be quite good, a block and response be yer ticket to winnin'. AR!!!
    MZ notes: Nothing really big here.
    Ship super – I don't think this does anything against Zangief.
    Barrel super – Same as the ship super
    Anchor capture – Same as barrel
    -Vs. Guile-
    Boy, everyone likes to play as him now, don't they? Heh, brings back memories. 
    Guile's at a slight disadvantage when up against Zangief, because he charges 
    his moves, and while that's good against fireballers (he's blocking) the 
    charge time gives Zangief enough time to move in for the kill. The biggest 
    threat he has on Zangief is his flash kick and his air combos. For these 
    try to play a ground game on him.
    MZ notes: Fairly easy.
    Sonic Hurricane – If possible, get a full screen apart.
    Aerial Sonic Crossfire Blitz – Ineffective.
    -Vs. Amingo- 
    That fat cactus is very hard to beat, not to mention one of my favorite guys 
    on that game. The lariat does have priority over his… erm… "onion dash" 
    thingy, so you don't need to wonder about that, but the most important thing 
    is to play as much of an air game as possible. His little veggie friends can 
    be a real pain to a grounded character, not to mention his… "drop-me-a-flower" 
    super (something tells me I should REALLY look up the move names).
    MZ notes: Pretty easy, but stay on the ground unless he's trying to jump in.
    Thorn tower super – This is the reason to stay on the ground.
    Flower super – I'm pretty sure this is ineffective.
    Baby cactuses – Don't get hit by this, because your Mega armor doesn't protect 
    you from them.
    -Vs. Strider-
    He's not the cheap-ass comboer he once was, but he still has to try and do 
    run-in combos, so catch him there. Nothing else is needed.
    MZ notes: One of the simpler fights.
    Ouroborus – Not really that effective anymore (YAY!)
    Legion – Not as painful as it looks. Take it like a man, SOLDIER!
    -Vs. Spider Man-
    Become Mech Zangief. 
    MZ notes: His web attacks and air combos will have no effect on you. This 
    eliminates about 80 percent of his arsenal. From then he'll have to try and 
    play a web ball keep away game, or rush in and try to do a ground combo. We 
    all know what to do for ground comboers, so make him eat throws. As far as his 
    so-called keep away game's concerned, Siberian Wildfire will knock him out of 
    the air, and a well timed elbow drop will make him cry on the ground.
    .  .  . there's really nothing to be scared of.
    -Vs. Anakaris-
    The guy can't Tech. Hit, so you'd think this'd be an easier fight for Zangief. 
    His floating jumps make him just a little too high to catch with a ground 
    SPD/FAB. Instead try a lariat or two.
    MZ notes: Keep anti-airing him with SWF.
    Coffin super – Stay a full screen apart.
    -Vs. Spiral-
    I don't see why she's a big deal. Stay VERY close to her, so her body switch 
    move is irrelevant. Watch her knife move, though.
    MZ notes: Same as normal Zangief, but more so.
    Knife attacks – Same as any projectile you've seen a million times.
    -Vs. Tron Bonne-
    Damn drill. She's really bad against air offensives and throws. Make 
    absolutely sure you block against her little gun and her drill. Counter with 
    SPD if you're close enough.
    MZ notes: Same as Zangief.
    Drill – Stop it with just about any attack.
    -Vs. Jill-
    She's a very odd fight. Keep very close on her, because her normal attacks are 
    crap. Her real threat are in her specials. I'll sum them up for you:
    Zombie: Hold
    Tripped Zombie: Ground Hold
    Flame Zombie strong attack
    Raven (I think): High attack
    Doggy: Fast, low attack
    Don't give her a chance to call any of them out. One last note, that bazooka's 
    not as strong as it looks. She's not too tough if you're always close.
    MZ notes: Basically the same as normal Zangief.
    Normal Zombie – This will still hold him, so be careful.
    -Vs. Sakura-
    A well-played Sakura can be a pain in the arse. Don't let her jab you, or you 
    could easily eat a shououken and you'll be at her mercy from then on. If she 
    knows the proper timing of her anti-air hadoken, she can limit you to a ground 
    game. To know if she does, fake a jump-in, then block coming down. If she hits 
    you with a hadoken, then stay low from then on, unless you're close enough to 
    get her with an FAB on her recovery. 
    MZ notes: A kind of easy fight.
    Shououken – Interrupt with 2P.
    Ha do ken – Zangief will still drop like a rock if he takes the hit, so 
    counter with any attack.
    Shinku ha do ken – Same as ha do ken, but more painful, so at least counter 
    with a super.
    -Vs. Dark Sakura-
    Shun goku satsu?!? SHUN GOKU SATSU?!? What about Ultra Final Atomic Buster? If 
    you don't have enough levels or don't trust yourself to time the counter (you 
    must hit her PERFECTLY as she slides forth, or she'll get you), then simply do 
    a lariat-to-FAB. Her hadokens go forward now, but she has a HORRIBLE recovery 
    time (rivaling Roll Buster's). If she tries to hammer you with hadokens, just 
    laugh and super jump in. She's MUCH less of a threat to Zangief than normal 
    MZ notes: An easy fight.
    Shun goku satsu – This will still hit Zangief, so be sure to counter it.
    -Vs. Akuma (Gouki)-
    As far as I'm concerned, he's just about the same as Dark Sakura (against 
    Zangief), only stronger in every way. Play him like you'd play Ryu, but be 
    careful of HIS Shun goku satsu. (For those who don't know by now, it's a level 
    3 super where he slides slowly toward you on one foot, and if he grabs you, 
    sparks will fly… literally. The same goes on Dark Sakura.) Don't try to UAB 
    it. Instead just do a lariat into an FAB.
    MZ notes: Not all that hard, just be careful and don't get overconfident.
    Shun goku satsu – See Dark Sakura's.
    Tenma gou zanku - Get directly under him, then do SB
    -Vs. Ken-
    Good ol' fancy-feet Ken. He's finally back. Counter missed or blocked 
    Hurricane Kicks with a dash, RBG, or an FAB. He's nearly NOTHING like the 
    other shotos (he's MUCH cooler, IMHO), and he plays a REALLY good up-close 
    game, so watch out. 
    MZ notes: Very easy fight.
    Shippu Jenrai Kyaku – Will NOT connect for all hits, and is easy to counter.
    Sho ryu reppa – Kind of damaging, but easy to interrupt.
    -Vs. Sonson-
    Before I go on, let me straighten one thing out. Sonson WAS in a video game 
    before this one. It was in a (VERY) sup-par Nintendo game called, well, Sonson 
    (makes sense). Noone *really* plays as her (IS it a her?) very much, with the 
    exceptions of those that do FAQs for um… it. Well, the only things to really 
    look out for are "her" supers. Treat her transform super like a beam super. 
    The staff super, probably one of the strangest ones there, is basicly just a 
    "block-and-respond" sort of thing. Those having been said, she's a pansy, so 
    grab the monkey by the tail and pop her upside the head.
    MZ notes: Easy, except her growing super.
    King Sonson(umm… "King"?) – Stay very far away against a computer, but human 
    players never use this right. The super has mega armor, so don't attack it 
    dead on.
    -Vs. Marrow-
    I'm going to make an editorial remark, and I don't mean to offend anyone, and 
    if I did, please accept my humblest apologies. Marrow is one of the DULLEST 
    new characters in the game! The Bonerang (did I spell that right?) was a nice 
    touch, but nothing she does offers anything in the way of innovation. Do 
    whatever it takes to make her feel the pain of an implemented osteo-arthritis, 
    and show her you're not "spongy". That's the way the skeleton crumbles!
    MZ notes: Easy fight.
    Stinger Bones – Stay a screen apart.
    Bone Darts – Not that painful, despite looks.
    -Vs. Juggernaut-
    Whatever. He's just too easy to grab. I mean, he takes up half the screen, for 
    crying out loud! He's strong, but Zangief can easily match power with him.
    MZ notes: Very, VERY, VERY easy fight.
    Juggernaut Headcrush – Toss him out of it.
    -Vs. Sentinel-
    He's also very easy to throw, but your throws do very little damage on him. 
    MZ notes: Not as easy as Juggernaut.
    His kikosho-type super – try to stay back and avoid it.
    Sentinal bomber super – Try to throw him out of it, but this is hard to avoid.
    -Vs. Venom-
    I really feel sorry for Venom. His biggest saving grace in MvC1 was his 
    incredible attack power, and now that's gone. Play him as you would a weak 
    Juggernaut, and be careful for his Venom Fang.
    MZ notes: VERY easy fight.
    Venom Fang – Oh, please. Counter it like just about any other high-recovery 
    move that's used wrong.
    Venom Web – Ineffective.
    Death Bite – Like every wave super, stand still.
    -Vs. The Incredible Hulk-
    I think the name says it all. As far as I'm concerned, he's like a Juggernaut 
    with more speed, only smaller (don't get me wrong, I've played against and as 
    both of them, and I know the differences between them, but for reference 
    purposes I stand by the sentiment). Counter a Gamma charge with a lariat into 
    an FAB. And block his close-in moves (in this case, you SHOULD turtle). Keep 
    him in check with a few throws. That should get you a victory.
    MZ notes: Easy fight.
    Gamma Crush – Zangief CAN knock Hulk out of this, but you might be better off 
    trying to avoid it, now that it doesn't auto-aim as good as it used to.
    Gamma Quake – Like every wave super, either stand still, or jump over him and 
    do customary counters.
    -Vs. Jin-
    Huh! A small Hulk! Go figure. Anyway, use the same tactics that you would 
    against the Hulk, but keep an eye out for two things: Blodia Vulcan (if covers 
    the entire playing field, so just block it), and his desperation mode 
    (occuring when he's under 1/6 of his life bar), because he gains a lot of 
    power and super armor.
    MZ notes: Not a hard fight.
    Blodia Vulcan – Ineffective? Yep, this won't do cr*p against MZ.
    Blodia Punch – Treat it like a beam super.
    Saotome Cyclone (the really big tornado) – Partially ineffective. You still 
    might take some damage from this, but you won't get swept away in it. Mech-
    Zangief is one of the very few who can attack Jin while he's doing the move 
    (besides fireballs, duh)
    -Vs. Colossus-
    Change into Mech-Zangief right away. You need it in this power battle.
    MZ notes: This is the battle of the grapplers. Like you, He has a mega-armor 
    move. UNlike you, however, he CAN block during it, so don't go for normal 
    attacks. Instead, use all the throw abilities you have. Fortunately, his armor 
    is only temporary, and yours is permanent unless canceled. Advantage, Zangief.
    Dive Bomber(whatever it's called) – I've still yet to see a Colossus player 
    (computer included) who can land this against Mech-Zangief, but who knows? 
    They may be out there.
    -Vs. Thanos-
    He's still overpowered, but he's not too bad of a fight against Zangy.
    Look out for all his supers, block his capture bubble and keep pressuring him. 
    That should be enough.
    MZ notes: Approximately the same as normal Zangief, but relying more on 
    pressuring. However, due to his supers, Mech-Zangief is NOT recommended.
    Power Gem super – Hits hard and fast. Try to super jump over it.
    Space Gem super – Like War Destroyer, this will auto-aim at Zangief, but you 
    can super jump over it and not take any damage.
    Galaxy Gem super – I make it a point to super jump out of the walls before 
    they close in.
    Soul Gem super – I think this is ineffective.
    Capture Bubble – This is ineffective. In fact, it passes right through 
    -Vs. Storm-
    Stupid typhoons. Up close, Storm has zero ground game whatsoever, and she 
    can't block flying, so stay right up in here face. The one thing you should 
    really watch out for is her "Lightening Storm" attack. Don't try to attack her 
    during it, just block (and push-block, so you can stay close), and respond.
    MZ notes: This is a fairly balanced fight. Be very careful of all her typhoon 
    Lightening Storm – Stay a full screen apart and you won't take much damage.
    -Vs. Rogue-
    Don't let her kiss you. Seriously, don't let her do any of her kiss moves, 
    because they power her defense up. She's a grappler, too, so be careful 
    getting in on her.
    MZ notes: Instead of getting her a defense up, she will receive super armor if 
    she manages to kiss you. 
    Nothing really important to look out for.
    -Vs. Omega Blue… err… Red-
    Why does everyone like him? Noone that plays him (that I've seen) is any good, 
    but… oh well. He has a horrid recovery time on any of his capture (coil) 
    attacks, so get in and punish each and every one of them (but be sure to block 
    them first). As in every game with him in it, the only REAL threat is his 
    Omega Destroyer. Block and respond to that, too (monotonous, no?)
    MZ notes: This is your basic fight.
    Omega Destroyer – Get a full screen apart so you don't take much damage.
    Carbonadium Smasher – Ineffective.
    Coil Throw – I think this does effect Zangief, but I'm not sure, because Omega 
    Red players… I'd better correct myself. The Omega Red players I've SEEN aren't 
    all that bright.
    -Vs. B.B. Hood-
    B.B. Hood, Bulleta, I don't care. In the AMERICAN games, she's B.B. Hood, so 
    that's what I call her. She's just sickening and I hate her. She's an insult 
    on a childrens' tale, and she's just dumb looking. Keep in close and lay those 
    fists on her. If you're dumb enough to get hit by cool hunting, you might as 
    well give up on the game altogether. 
    MZ notes: God, I hate her. Mech-Zangief is not a good opponent for her.
    Her auto-combo super – WHAT THE HELL?!? It DOES hit?!? What a crock! 
    Cool Hunting – Very painful. I don't know what to tell you other than to try 
    and super jump over it.
    -Vs. M. Bison-
    Much like B.B. Hood, I'm not gonna call Bison by his Japanese name, Vega. To 
    me, Vega's always gonna be the guy with a mask and a claw, and that's final. 
    Anyway, keep close, because he has a great keep-away game, but is rather weak 
    up close. Counter the scissors-kick or Psycho Crusher with an SPD, a lariat to 
    an FAB, or an RBG. 
    MZ notes: This is a pretty darn easy fight for MZ.
    Psycho Crusher – Lariat into an FAB is your best bet.
    Scissors Kick/Scissors Kick Nightmare – Just hit him out of it.
    Psycho Field – Super jump over it. Not very hard to avoid.
    -Vs. Megaman-
    Yet ANOTHER Japanese name gone astray! Again, I'm not gonna call him Rockman. 
    His Mega Buster seems to have stood the test of time, and a beginner Megaman 
    will play almost EXACTLY the way a beginner Ryu would (in fact most of the 
    time, they use Ryu as one of his partners). An expert will often charge his M. 
    Buster, try to stall you by walking around and doing pointless attacks that 
    aren't meant to hit (for instance, taunting), then try to rush in, combo you, 
    launch you, AIR combo you, then finish with a charged M. Buster shot, saying 
    bye-bye to 9/10ths of your life bar. To combat this, don't let him stall you! 
    Always keep rushing in, because the fact remains that a Megaman player, no 
    matter how good he might be, is ALWAYS at a disadvantage when he's charging 
    his 'buster.
    MZ notes: MZ players are often scared to death of this fight mostly (but not 
    completely) due to two words: Rush Drill. Well fear no more! I've got the 
    solution for that. With the new start-up delays on his supers (including and 
    most importantly, Hyper Megaman), they're very easy to see coming. Be careful 
    of that gun of his, though… it packs a mean punch. Don't listen to the average 
    player. Mech-Zangief can beat the living hell out of MM.
    Mega Buster(uncharged) – Pathetic. Just jump over it and kick the crap out of 
    Mega Buster(charged) – Can be pretty deadly to one unable to block. However, 
    it's fairly easy to see coming, so jump over it if you're far away, and throw 
    him out of it if you're close.
    Leaf Shield(defense) – Any one of Zangief's grabs will instantly destroy the 
    Leaf Shield(attack) – In the hands of an expert (and only advanced to expert 
    players have the intelligence to switch weapons when needed),
    this can be harsh. Treat it like a charged X… err… M. Buster.
    Tornado Hold – This move was pathitefied (pathetify: noun – The act of making 
    something pathetic[hehe]) and now only goes up out of the ground a tiny bit. 
    No worries here.
    Rock Ball – Low damage, low attack ability, low danger level.
    Hyper Megaman – You can try to punch him out of it if you're next to him. If 
    not, take to the sky and elbow drop him out of it or land behind him and throw 
    Rush Drill – The evasion technique is ackward, yet EXTREMELY effective. Super 
    jump and throw out about 3 completely missing SPD attempts. Why? Because 
    Zangief will hover mid-air and Rush will not be able to reach him. Also, now 
    that there's a timer (something I'm both angry and happy about), you can know 
    when to land and put a big hurt on MM.
    Beat Plane – Don't let him take off with this, or if he does manage to get it, 
    anti-air it with Siberian Blizzard/Wildfire. SB is your best bet.
    -Vs. Roll-
    'Tis a sad time indeed. No matter how much I liked her in MvC1, she is just 
    plain crappy on this game. She's got bad speed, bad defense, and bad power. 
    Treat her as a crappy Megaman. I wish I didn't have to say that. I'm so sorry, 
    Roll. *sniff* DAMN YOU, CAPCOM!!! 
    MZ notes: I can't stand it. How could they do this to her?!? She's an 
    EXTREMELY easy fight.
    Roll Buster – See Mega Buster(uncharged)
    Leaf Shield, Rock Ball, and Tornado Hold – See Megaman equivalents.
    Rush Drill – Same as Megaman
    Beat Plane – Same as Megaman, but easier to anti-air, because she can't start 
    it in the air (again, DAMN YOU CAPCOM, YOU TWISTED FREAKS!!!)
    Hyper Roll – Duck, and take the jab fireball damage.
    -Vs. Servbot-
    Uhm… okay, you know the deal. Servbot, not Kobun. Anyway, Despite his size, 
    your running grabs WILL hit him, as will SPD/UAB. Obviously, don't go for any 
    high attacks (lariats come to mind). Instead keep throwing out surprise 
    throws, because I can almost guarantee that he'll be blocking low a lot. 
    That's when to get him.
    MZ notes: Not a very hard fight at all. 
    Servbot variable rush – This his everywhere, but isn't that damaging.
    Servbot dinner rush – Servbot's ONLY decent damaging attack. Actually, the 
    Megaman Rush Drill tactic applies here. Super jump, then throw out some 
    missing SPDs. This move has a very high recovery time.
    Servbot aerial drop – Nothing to fear here.
    Super Servbot (AKA King Kobun) – Very weak attack. Keep hammering him with 
    your 2Ps, even though they won't break his armor, because you'll do a lot more 
    damage than he will, guaranteed. 
    -Vs. Charlie-
    Actually, I kinda like HIS Japanese name, Nash, better. Regardless, no matter 
    how I try not to think of it this way, the cold, hard fact remains that he is 
    in every possible way a poor man's Guile. His attacks are weaker, he can't hit 
    as far, and he's slower. Play against him as such.
    MZ notes: See Guile.
    Multi Sonic Boom(I forgot what to call this) – Treat like a beam super and get 
    over it and him. Counter like normal.
    Grounded Sonic Crossfire Blitz - Ineffective
    -Vs. Chun Li-
    She's been toned down a bit, losing her cheapest move, and her cheapest combos 
    (and she deserves it, I might add), but she's still powerful and should be 
    watched. Catch her with surprise SPDs/FABs, and you should be able to win.
    MZ notes: Not a hard fight, except for kikosho. 
    Hyakuretsu… um, lightening kick – just whack her upside the head with any 
    Super lightening kick – Same tactic.
    Kikosho – there's really not much Zangief can do if he's hit by it, so try to 
    avoid being hit by it, or at least give her big payback afterwards, since you 
    don't get thrown back by it.
    -Vs. Wolverine (Adamantium Claws)
    He's a very fast attacker and will almost always go for a ground combo into 
    the Berserker Barrage X. Once again, your lariat will be your best friend in 
    this fight. Keep him at bay with it, and don't forget your RBG/SPD/FAB throws.
    MZ notes: This fight is VERY easy. Why is it that idiot Wolverine players 
    think they're at an ADVANTAGE against the might of MZ?
    Any ground combo – Throw him out of it before he can land any good hits.
    Berserker Barrage – Are you kidding me?
    Weapon X – Give me a break.
    Fatal Claw – The only thing that MIGHT give you trouble. Just don't be where 
    the X might hit. It's easier than it sounds. 
    -Vs. Wolverine (Bone Claws)
    He has much less special moves and defense, but is a tad stronger. That's all 
    you really need to know.
    MZ notes: This is the easiest possible fight for MZ.
    There really isn't crap this guy can do to you.
    -Vs. Sabretooth-
    Use Mech-Zangief.
    MZ notes: Now Berserker Claw and Berserker Claw X have no effect, nor does his 
    version of Weapon X. Now just get in an throw him to death.
    "BIRDIE!" assist – super jump and get behind him or elbow drop him.
    -Vs. Felicia-
    Whether you like it or not, all she is is a cute Wolverine.
    MZ notes: What notes? This is an easy fight.
    What's there to notice? This is an EASY fight! Well, there's one thing.
    Hyper litterbox kick – Super jump. *clicks tongue*
    -Vs. Dan (the man!)-
    Hehe, I've always liked this guy, even though he was made as a joke. He's an 
    insult on those copycat *SSHOLES, SN… a slight pause so I don't get sued for 
    slander… K! I respect REAL Dan players. He's actually quite strong. Don't let 
    him taunt too much, because his taunts raise his super meter. Instead, IF 
    you're close enough, do an FAB when he taunts. I emphasize "if", because, like 
    Captain America, most of the people that play Dan are experts and know how to 
    play keep-away with the best of 'em. Never, EVER underestimate him, or he'll 
    teach you the "Art of Fighting" by going "Mr. Karate" on your arse! Hehehe…
    MZ notes: Nothing all that different about Mech-Zangief mode. It's just a lot 
    Shinku gadoken – Back up or jump over it.
    The beat-the-crap-out-of-you-and-then-if-there's-anything-left-beat-that-too 
    super(Hisshou burai ken) – Punch him or throw him.
    -Vs. Yourself (Zangief)
    We all know what a pain mirror matches are, so go for an all-out offensive. 
    Better yet, let your teammates get in on the action! Do what it takes to tip 
    the odds in your favor.
    I guess I'd better list Zangief vs. Abyss, too.
    -Vs. Abyss1-
    2P, 2P, block, repeat. Serves one victory. Don't try anything
    else, or you'll pay dearly.
    -Vs. Abyss2-
    Switch out or give up. As much as I like Zangief, he can't do
    crap to this form, and Mech-Zangief's too much of a risk (due to
    Abyss' amazing array of projectiles and beams in this form).
    -Vs. Abyss3-
    Jumping 2Ps are pretty much all Zangief brings to the table here.
    They do reasonable damage, but only use Zangief as a distraction
    (by blocking and hitting back via a jumping 2P when he comes back,
    or you get a good shot of that ball-thingy) while your other guys
    are resting. 
    Chapter 8: Other cool stuff
    Zangief has one entrance:
    Garbed in a cape (the color matching that of his boots and
    shorts), he stares menacingly down at his opponent. Then he
    tears off his cape and goes into his fighting stance.
    Zangief has two cheers:
    1: He raises his arms up, pointing to the sky and makes an 
    2: He flexes his muscles twice, saying "Bolishoi, paviada!",
       meaning, as far as I know, "Big victory".
    His time over loss is his second Alpha dizzy frame (he has his hand over his 
    He'll do either of his cheers on a time over victory, he doesn't have a 
    specific one.
    Zangief's taunt (one of the quicker ones) is him with his arms
    down and fist clenched, then he growls. 
    The three most misinterpreted Akuma/Gouki translations
    Shun Goku Satsu = "Instant Hell Murder", NOT "Raging Demon"
    Aku Ma (Akuma) = "Raging Demon" NOT Murderer
    Gou Ki (Gouki) = "Great Ki (even in Japanese, "ki" isn't really a 
                                 word, just a made-up term meaning "inner 
    MAN, I hate when people say "Ooo… he's got three levels! Better look out for 
    his raging demon, hyuk!" Ugh…
    Common incorrect names for Mech-Zangief
    Mega Zangief
    Mecha Zangief
    Evil Zangief
    Zombie Zangief
    Iron Body Zangief (in some uses, that's actually okay)
    Man 'o steel man Zangief (actually, that one's kind of funny, hehe)
    Grey Zangief
    Akuma-mode Zangief (this one makes absolutely NO sense!)
    The spelling of "basicly/basically". It's the strangest thing. I've always 
    thought of basically as b-a-s-i-c-a-l-l-y, but a couple of spell-checkers I've 
    seen spell it b-a-s-i-c-l-y. Other spell checkers (3 of 'em) agree with me! 
    Wait a sec… why am I even talking about a dumb subject? Hang on just a sec. 
    *slaps face* Owww…
    Characters unlocked:
    I'm pleased to announce that I don't have to keep track of them. I'm in the 
    second tier of the unlocking list and halfway through it. To see what I mean, 
    please refer to Kobun's FAQ on character releases. Also, *sound of royal 
    trumpets* I have the Dreamcast version!
    Chapter 9: Zangief's ending
    …There are no character-specific endings…
    Chapter 10: Thanks 
    To the millions... and MILLIONS of 0rion's fans... okay seriously:
    Vulkrum for insisting I become an FAQ writer again,
    and all the people who've e-mailed me about my FAQ so far,
    keeping me on my toes; not to mention anyone who's ever challenged me at a 
    crossover game, win or lose.
    This is for you. 
    Sir "O"
    Goodnight all, and keep gaming!!
    "Have a nice day!"
    -Mankind… And for that matter…
    "Bang bang!"
    -Cactus Jack
    "Owww… have mercy!"
    -Dude Love

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