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    Tron Bonne by HMuffin

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/20/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: In-depth Tron Bonne FAQ
    Updates and Revisions:
    v. 1.0 by Hoe Muffin, <poontanger@hotmail.com>
    5/21/00 (v. 0.5) Completed Preliminary FAQ.
    6/20/00 (v. 1.0) Changed Tron's Assist info, added section 8, drastic 
    additions to sections 10 and 3. Plus a bunch of other random additions.
    Warning: Everything here has been researched and used by
    Hoe Muffin (Jason Tang). PLEASE don't quote or post any 
    part of this FAQ without e-mailing me first. This FAQ can
    NOT be sold, printed, or be incorporated into another FAQ
    without my expressed permission. Please send any questions,
    suggestions, comments and complaints too:
    Table of Contents:
    1.	Legend
    2.	Purpose of the FAQ
    3.	Why Use Tron?
    4.	Moves you NEED to Know
    5.	Other Moves (Coming Soon)
    6.	Overcoming Tron's Weaknesses
    7.	Tron's Strategies
    8.	Tron's Assists
    9.	Character's That Go Well With Tron
    10.	Tron's Combos
    11.	Upcoming Revision Plans
    12.	Special Thanks
    I am assuming that the reader has some general familiarity
    with the MvC2 game system, so I'll just put down my conventions:
    U-   Up
    UF-  Up-forward
    UB-  Up-back
    D-   Down
    DF-  Down Forward
    DB-  Down Back
    B-   Back
    F-   Forward
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F) in a continuous motion.
    QCB- Quarter Circle Back (D, DB, B) in a continuous motion.
    DP-  Dragon Punch Motion (F, D, DF) in a continuous motion.
    XX-  Cancel into (i.e. interrupt during move)
    OTG- Off the Ground
    Purpose of this FAQ:
    This FAQ is not intended to be a stand-alone Tron Bonne FAQ.
    I won't be teaching you the basics of how to use Tron, Khaotika
    and Sailor Bacon both have EXCELLENT guides on how to use her. 
    I'm going to attempt to teach you folks some more complicated 
    strategies using Tron. I'm assuming basic knowledge of the MvC2 
    system, and basic understanding of Tron's moves. I'm going to 
    break down this FAQ into 3 sections: First, I'll deal with Tron's
    Strengths. Then I'll cover her weaknesses, then I'll finish it all
    off with different playing styles. I might add an appendix later of
    useful combos and characters I think she meshes well with.
    Why Use Tron?
    So, why should anyone ever use Tron? Well, there are a bunch of
    different reasons, and here they are:
    1. She's Unpredictable
    2. She's Tough
    3. She's Mobile
    4. She's got cute little Kobun Workers
    5. She's got great regular/special moves
    6. She is VERY flexible.
    7. She builds your Super Meter FAST.
    8. She's got MUCHO High-Damage Supers.
    Of course, you have to take the good with the bad, and here are 
    some of the problems she faces:
    1. Her supers are not "easy" to connect with, ala Photon Cannon
    2. She doesn't really have any good anti-air.
    3. Like all big guys, she's slow.
    4. She doesn't really have aerial dominance.
    5. Some of her moves have MAD lag time.
    I'm now going to present an in-depth grade for Tron, covering aspects 
    that I find to be absolutely vital in MvC2.
    Offensive Grades:
    Normal Attacks: Tron has a ton of quick, damaging normal moves that 
    have great priority. Her 2 hit links are an important aspect of her 
    game, and they do have LONG stun times to boot. Most people are 
    surprised by how much damage she does… never underestimate her! The 
    only problem she has is her horrendous lag after a good deal of her 
    moves. This can potentially leave her wide open for many painful 
    -Final Grade: B+
    Special Attacks: Let's start off with the bad. The radar guns are, by 
    and large, fairly useless (even in combos, there are just better things 
    you can do). The kobun launcher, while extremely effective, can only be 
    used in situational circumstances, and takes practice to get used to. 
    However, Tron has one of THE best moves in the game: The dreaded Bonne 
    Strike. You'll see why later…
    -Final Grade: A (C+ w/o the Bonne Strike. Its that good)
    Super Attacks: Welcome to a world of pain. Tron's supers aren't quite 
    as abuseable as Cable's, but they do a TON of damage and are fairly 
    easy to combo into. Hideous lag if you blow it though…
    -Final Grade: B+
    Predictability: Yeah right… As I mentioned in her strengths, Tron is an 
    absolute nightmare to defensive players and pixies. In the hands of a 
    good player, your opponent will have no CLUE what's going on. Learn to 
    love it ^_^.
    -Final Grade: A
    Versatility: Tron can handle just about everything thrown at her. The 
    speed of the Bonne Strike and Tron's general agility (thanks to the air 
    dash) helps her to take on pixies and beamers. The fact that she takes 
    90% damage AND does a ton of damage in quick several hit combos makes 
    her a nightmare for big guys (Kiss that super armor goodbye!). 
    -Final Grade: A
    Defensive Grade:
    Ground Defense: Very good, thanks mainly to the handy dandy Bonne 
    Strike. It punishes helpers, and it comes out almost instantaneously. 
    Fun for the whole family. Tron's got a good launcher, and a useful 
    projectile to keep people away. Just watch out for the lag after her 
    -Final Grade: A-
    Air Defense: Yuck… this is Tron's weak point. Her launcher is a pretty 
    shoddy anti-air (Lots of horizontal range, but it seems to have crap 
    vertical/air priority). Her flame-thrower is a medium, so it doesn't 
    help. Her standing fierce is going to get you mauled if you miss. The 
    standing roundhouse is handy enough, but only if the opponent is at a 
    distance. I'll go over ways to deal with this later.
    -Final Grade: C+
    Stamina: By Stamina, I don't just mean damage tier, but also how often 
    Tron takes hits. If you look at a character like Doom, he's "bitch 
    size", meaning pretty much any combo will work on him. Tron has the 
    interesting property of being VERY heavy and pretty small at the same 
    time (vertically, she's big horizontally). Which is handy. Tron is one 
    tough cookie, due to her unpredictability, she's pretty darned hard to 
    hit. If you're a moron and use her standing fierce when your opponents 
    a million miles away from you, you're screwed anyways. Play her smart, 
    and you'll find that she can last a LONG time.
    -Final Grade: C (if you're an idiot) A (if you know what you're doing)
    Assist: Her beta assist sorta blows chunks unless you REALLY need anti-
    air, but her gamma and alpha assists are very useful. If you've got 
    defensive characters on your team, use the alpha. If you've got an 
    offensive minded team, gamma works wonders for dialers, and alpha 
    abuses turtlers. Just remember: Tron's going to be out there for a LONG 
    time, so cover her. You've got to be intelligent using her assists… 
    sorry boys and girls, no icebeam assists here.
    -Final Grade: B
    Moves You NEED to Master to Beat Ass:
    Tron has several bread and butter moves that you MUST master if 
    you want to use her well at all (and you do, don't you?).
    Bonne Strike (QCF+K)
    This is, without a doubt, the best move in Tron's many and varied 
    arsenal. This move should be your bread and butter, for many different 
    reasons. First off, its fast and does good damage. Secondly, it can do 
    good block damage. Thirdly, it gets you places in a hurry. Great 
    priority too... only bad point? The lag at the end of the move. Tron 
    has a slow walk, and a fairly pitiful ground dash, so the strike makes 
    up for it. In general, use the short strike as a method of transport, 
    quick strikes out of nowhere, and use the roundhouse strike in combos. 
    In fact, NONE of your combos (at least, none of your non-hyper linked 
    combos) should end WITHOUT a Bonne Strike. If they do, then find a way 
    to tag this baby on. One of the lesser-known functions of this move is 
    its use as a helper killer. Thankfully, it drills "past" the block and 
    hits those irritating helpers that try to nail ya. Also, it's fast 
    enough that you can catch certain helpers before they prance off into 
    the distance. It can be done in the air, and when done in the air, the 
    Bonne Strike has an interesting little property: after lag lag is 
    reduced to virtually zilch. What does this mean? Learn to hop/cancel 
    into the strike, and you're going to be a royal pain in the ass. The 
    Aerial Bonne Strike is just a great move, and serves as a good mix up 
    to her....
    Air Dash (F,F, in the air)
    Learn to love this move... for an air dash, it moves Tron pretty far 
    and pretty fast, great for getting yourself out of corners or tricking 
    people who try to nail you with an anti-air. Also, VERY good for 
    crossup helper assists. For example, let's say you have venom as a 
    helper. Summon Venom, leap towards your opponent, then instead of 
    attacking AIR DASH so that you are behind your opponent, then hit 
    fierce. You'll do Tron's spinning arm thingy, which is usually enough 
    to trick your opponent (he'll probably still be blocking venom). He'll 
    eat your fierce and Venom, which is pretty damned irritating :). This 
    move, if done correctly, will drive your opponent up the wall. There 
    are numerous times I've had Iceman players call me a cheap bitch with 
    this handy move... don't forget, you can interrupt this with a Bonne 
    Strike for even MORE unpredictable fun.
    Standing Roundhouse:
    Tron picks up a rock, and chucks it at your opponent. At close range, 
    it's a two-hitter. At long range, it's similar to Cody's rocks in SFA3. 
    This projectile comes out fast, and does pretty decent damage. More 
    importantly, it helps punish characters that try to jump in and attack 
    you from too far away. This is a perfect attack for Tron's keep-away 
    game, which I will detail later. The greatest thing about this move, 
    however, is the fact that it can be cancelled. What does this mean? 
    Most people will either dash at you or try to beam you when you're 
    picking up the rock. If you're in the "Tron Zone" (I'll go into that 
    later too), interrupt it with the Bonne Strike... they fall for it 
    almost EVERY time. Don't abuse it too much though, most good players 
    will only get hit by it once or twice before making you eat a super.
    Two-Hit Chains:
    Basically, Tron has the greatest two hit chains in the game. Short, 
    Short, Jab, Jab, Short, Jab, etc. These moves do a good amount of 
    damage, have decent priority, and all have a "stun" property to them, 
    similar to Jin's fire. This makes our favorite megalomaniac fairly safe 
    from retaliation, AND gives you plenty of time to chain into your 
    supers. These attacks are what make Tron unpredictable, they all have 
    different "timings" and other miscellaneous quirks, check out SBacon's 
    FAQ for more data on that. However, their most important use is for 
    setting up Tron's BEST super:
    The Lunch Rush (QCF+PP):
    Ok, first some interesting facts. From what I can gather, when you use 
    the lunch rush, the chef Kobun wearing his hat determines its maximum 
    range. This move is an auto-combo, which makes it very easy to DHC from 
    once it connects. More importantly, it does a TON of damage, and leaves 
    very little recoverable damage. So what's wrong with it? If you've read 
    Khaotika's and SBacon's FAQ, you'll know that IF you miss, you're going 
    to be hurtin'. So, how do you solve this problem? The two hit chains 
    mentioned above. During the stun period, interrupt to the lunch rush 
    and laugh. 
    Crouching Fierce:
    Tron's all-purpose anti-air/launcher. As far as anti-air is concerned, 
    its pretty shoddy, at least compared to some other characters. Although 
    it looks similar to Doom's crouching fierce, it seems to me (not 
    entirely certain, got to check it out) that its hit effect is much more 
    closely related to Captain Corridor. It does not have a whole lot of 
    horizontal range, but you'd be surprised at how far up it reaches. Get 
    the timing AND range down for this, and you'll have an almost decent 
    anti-air defense for Tron. Also, as I've mentioned earlier, use this as 
    a launcher to start off her aerial rave.
    Kobun Launch (DP+P):
    This is one hell of an underrated move. With that being said, there are 
    some darned good reasons why it IS underrated. Its slow and it's pretty 
    darned hard to use as an anti-air. So why use it? Two reasons: Tron's 
    Keepaway game and the Tron Zone. I'll go into much greater depth on how 
    to use this little gem later.
    Other Moves:
    (Coming Soon)
    Overcoming Tron's Weaknesses:
    I'll deal with these in the same order I've listed them in above.
    1. Well... King Kobun can be done to do chip, and Khaotika has written 
    up quite a bit on how to use this bad boy. I've given tips on how to 
    connect with the lunch rush, so that shouldn't be a problem. Just 
    remember this: Tron does NOT need her supers to be effective. Don't try 
    to force supers in just to look flashy/do damage. She does enough 
    damage as it is. If you have a super hungry user (Shuma Gorath, Silver 
    Samurai), then save it for them. Obviously, if the opportunity presents 
    itself, go for it, but if not, just save it up for the other 
    characters. Ideally, you should have an almost 100% connect rate with 
    her lunch rush super, if you're not ABSOLUTELY sure you're going to 
    connect, don't do it. Any skilled opponent will make you hurt big time 
    if you miss.
    2. Errr... honestly, the easiest way to deal with this is to get a 
    helper with a good anti-air assist. It'll save you a lot of headaches 
    in the long run. If you don't feel like it, in addition to the moves 
    listed in the vital moves section, use the Bonne Strike. Just hop back, 
    then cancel into the Bonne Strike (I prefer the Short), that usually 
    nails jumpers a good deal of the time. Or just dash underneath them if 
    they're super-jumping. Actually, that IS the best anti-air... if you're 
    not there when they land, they can't hit you :).
    3. Use the air dash, use the Bonne Strike, and use her ground dash 
    SPARINGLY. Do this, and you'll basically cover most of her speed 
    4. If you're going to jump in, try for a crossover over using her J. 
    short--> J. roundhouse air link. Try getting a helper assist to allow 
    you to jump in freely, such as Venom Fang or Viper Beam or what have 
    you. NEVER try to duke it out with people in the sky using your normal 
    attacks. Either use your Bonne Strike or just block. 
    5. Not much to say here... Tron needs to be played intelligently. If 
    you mash buttons, you're going to die, and die horribly at that. I'll 
    provide more tips on this at the end of this FAQ.
    Tron Strategies:
    A WORD TO THE WISE: This section is currently SERIOUSLY under work. 
    Most of this stuff is stream-of-conscience type things, and I have to 
    go back to the DC and Arcade to SERIOUSLY test these out. I'm 
    presenting them to you in a sort of "how-to" way, but I really want to 
    stress that some of the stuff I'm saying here may not be 100% accurate, 
    and severely fluctuates with your opponent. Once I get a more solid 
    idea with what exactly I want to do with this section, I'll modify it 
    as such.
    Tron Up-Close and Personal:
    Fairly self-explanatory. With Tron's weird-ass assortment of moves, you 
    want to force your opponent back into the corner, then proceed to chip 
    his or her sorry ass to death. This strat requires at LEAST one type of 
    pressure helper to be used at optimal efficiency (i.e. Venom Fang, Ice 
    Beam). In this case, you'll want to stick with Tron's two hit links to 
    start pushing them back. If any of your hits connect, then interrupt 
    into a Bonne Strike. If your opponent push blocks, summon your helper 
    to STOP your opponent from moving, then Bonne Strike to get close 
    again. You pretty much want to be summoning your helpers non-stop. Work 
    in a throw every now and then if your opponent becomes TOO much of a 
    turtle. This strat works best against Turtlers and Keep-Away folk, it 
    generally gets them very agitated. Your helper's purpose is two-fold: 
    Keep your opponent from retaliating, and nail his helpers if he tries 
    to get some help. This is NOT a strategy you can carry for an entire 
    match, its good in spurts here and then, and is a great confusion 
    tactic. It works well to start off a match as it can really agitate 
    your opponent and prevent him from playing well for the rest of the 
    match. Ideally, you'll be able to pull of one lunch rush super, but the 
    MAIN goal for this strat is NOT to kill your opponent, but to force 
    them to be on the defensive. This is NOT a strat that I would build 
    Tron around, its more of a scrub-cleaner upper, as often times, its 
    just a little too predictable (which is DEFINITELY NOT what you want 
    with Tron).
    Keep-Away Tron:
    Basically this move revolves around Tron's Standing Roundhouse and an 
    anti-air helper. You'll be using the standing roundhouse to pelt your 
    opponent form afar, your anti-air helper should prevent them from 
    jumping in. Don't forget to mix up the roundhouse with the Bonne Strike 
    every now and then, plus jump back and use the Bonne Strike to surprise 
    some silly jumper. Keep in mind that Tron's keepaway is a LOT different 
    from Iceman's standard Icebeam until the speakers break "strategy". Let 
    me lay it out to you right now, you aren't going to beat any "real" 
    projectile character using this strat. However, you can cause pixies 
    and combo-mongers a lot of grief. Like the first strat, this is an 
    ANNOYANCE strategy, used to piss of your opponent. Use your Kobun 
    Launcher every now and then to stop folks from just dashing into you. 
    More importantly, if your opponent decides to superjump over you, just 
    dash under him, stop launch a Kobun, then start chucking rocks again. 
    The descending Kobun does a surprising amount of damage, and more 
    importantly, either forces your opponent to super jump again, or stop 
    while you chuck some rocks at him :). Do this a couple of times, and 
    your opponent's going to go berserk and do something REALLY stupid. 
    Which brings us too...
    The TRON ZONE:
    Here it is, the secret little strategy that has one me almost ALL of my 
    games with Tron. Where exactly is the Tron Zone? Basically, it starts 
    from midscreen (with the front of Tron's mech being at midscreen) to 
    the range of the Lunch Rush with the back of Tron's mech at midscreen. 
    From here, you're effectively out of the range of most normal attacks, 
    and you can punish anyone who tries to hit you with a Bonne Strike. Now 
    you can finally discover the true power of the Kobun Launcher... Launch 
    those suckers by the dozen, and basically prevent your opponent from 
    either getting to close to you or running away. The main secret to this 
    strat is to basically pressure with a good anti-air/anti-helper assist, 
    with the Kobun launcher, and Tron's various long-range attacks and 
    semi-long range attacks. Obviously, be wary of beam characters, but if 
    you stay a little closer (i.e. out of range of sweeps), the Bonne 
    Strike is often good enough to cover you. Basically, in this zone, your 
    variety of options open tremendously. You can do nasty helper mind 
    tricks, go on a full-scale offensive thanks to Tron's excellent range, 
    play a pseudo-keep away, or just irritate the hell out of your 
    opponent. The Kobun Launcher does good chip, and it is out for a LONG
    time, so if your opponent gets to jumpy, he'll either get hit, block it 
    (allowing you to punish him/her) or get out of its range, keeping them 
    in the Tron Zone. The most important part of this zone is that YOU have 
    to keep the opponent guessing, preferably by being incredibly 
    aggressive... most players automatically turtle up when they're 
    confused... and you have to exploit that. Even if all you do is chip, 
    your goal is to f**k with your opponent's mind. Keep them edgy and 
    irritated, and NEVER let them get comfortable. 
    Tron's Assists:
    Alpha/Throw Assist (Lunch Rush Super):
    Tron jumps in, and throws your opponent. This is my personal favorite, 
    due to its incredible priority and the fact that it can set up some 
    pretty mean combos. Also quite useful versus Turtlers, and also quite 
    useful against hyper-aggressive combo freaks. She's invincible up to 
    the point of the throw, and her throw is great for surprising people. 
    Just don't overuse it... Tron is left VERY vulnerable if you miss. Note 
    that the Lunch Rush sends out Kobun's regardless of whether you connect 
    or not.
    Beta (King Kobun Super): 
    Flame Thrower, "freezes" your opponent, good for setting up combos. 
    Don't really like this one all that much, though it has its uses as an 
    anti-air. King Kobun IMO doesn't work quite as well in a team super as 
    Tron's Lunch Rush. Still, it has fairly decent range.
    Gamma (King Kobun Super):
    Tron jumps out and uses a wierd ass sonic attack. Also has a stun 
    property, though it lasts longer then the flame-thrower. Not too bad, 
    good for confusion tactics and setting up hard to connect supers. 
    Surprisingly useful as a crossover, since it usually goes "past" the 
    block, and can be used to help set up things for dialers. OK, in an 
    earlier incarnation of this FAQ, I said that Tron's assists weren't 
    that hot… I was wrong. Her Gamma assist is MEAN, it's basically a short 
    range molecular shield. With some practice, you'll be able to use it to 
    "combo into" supers…
    Characters that Go Well With Tron:
    In order to determine which character's go well with Tron, we'll take a 
    look at what we're trying to accomplish with her. Before we begin, I'm 
    going to point out that this is all personal opinion, these are just 
    combinations that I find work well with our favorite little mechanic 
    1. We like Tron to be unpredictable. That implies that we like Tron to 
    be confusing… so what should we do? Well, having a bunch of things 
    happening on the screen at the same time is a great way to make your 
    opponent lose track of what's happening.
    2. Tron just doesn't have any ultra reliable anti-airs… so lets give 
    her something that will help her out. 
    3. Tron can have trouble against dedicated beamers… since we don't want 
    her to die horribly, some help might be required to take care of those 
    annoying Icebastards. Not that she sucks against them, but if you've 
    got Omega Red in your party, why not use him?
    4. Well, Tron is unpredictable and irritating, so why not throw in 
    another person that just mixes up your game plan? Somebody to slow down 
    the game, somebody that allows you to dictate what your opponent is 
    5. Lets face it, Tron's supers aren't always going to cut it, so you 
    might want to try to grab someone who can just use and abuse those damn 
    6. Tron isn't exactly a combo god, so why not consider adding one of 
    these bad boys (or girls, as fate might have it) to your team? Of 
    course, somebody who is ridiculously strong will do just as well!
    With those 6 guidelines in mind, I will now present my list of 
    characters that (I think) go remarkably well with Tron:
    Jin: He covers 1 and 2 with his handy-dandy dynamite assist. He also 
    covers 4 and 5 well since he has AWESOME supers plus a ridiculously 
    powerful defensive game.
    Strider: He covers 3 and 6 very well, and if played correctly, deals 
    with 4 quite nicely. 
    Sentinel: Ahh yes, a nice big guy. His drone swarm assist gives Tron 
    pretty decent anti-air and causes LOTS of confusion. Check 1 and 2. 
    He's got great anti-beamer qualities (namely ridiculous range, ungodly 
    damage, and super armor), so that covers 3. His supers are so-so, but 
    his power makes up for the rest. His weird (and fast) moves help make 
    him a perfect fit for 4. 
    Venom: 2 words: Venom Fang. That basically covers 1-4… and Venom IS a 
    combo machine if played correctly. Course, his supers are hurtin…
    Dr. Doom: Well, Molecular shield is irritating, and can provide semi-
    decent anti-air. Doom is great against beamers, and he's got good 
    supers to boot. Watch out for pixies though! 
    Colossus: He'll add confusion, he'll add pain, and he'll wipe Iceman's 
    scrubby little ass all across the floor. His hyper armor is also pretty 
    Shuma-Gorath: Can help against beamers, but is great for combos and 
    wasting that super (Chaos Dimension, anyone?)
    Silver Samurai: Ahh yes, the man himself. He can provide confusion with 
    his assist, and he'll waste those supers while wasting your opponents. 
    Too bad he doesn't do so hot against beamers, and his anti-air is even 
    worse then Tron's.
    Captain Commando: What a godsend… Captain Corridor DEFINES anti-air, 
    with him corridoring all day, you're bound to piss off and confuse your 
    opponent. He can help waste beamers with well-timed captain swords, 
    he's a combo demon, and Captain Sword is one of the most useful supers 
    EVER. Too bad he's the most predictable sucker in the world.
    Well, that's my list (so far). Other characters work well, but IMO 
    these are the best ones out there. Of course, don't let this discourage 
    you from trying out other combinations! Also, feel free to send me your 
    own opinions about who goes well with Tron. BTW, I know the Shotos and 
    Iceman would go well with Tron, but I REFUSE to play them. Matter of 
    principle, that's all :D.
    Ok, a little change in my plans. Now that I've gotten permission to use 
    Khaotika's combos (Thanks!), I'll add them to my FAQ. Here are some of 
    them, with little comments by yours truly:
    1.	Jump in R.house, XX into air Drill Strike 
    -This should be a bread-and-butter combo… I use this one a LOT! This    
    can be quite confusing for your opponent. 
    2.	Stand jab, stand strong, XX into Drill Strike 
    3. Stand jab, stand forward, XX into Drill Strike 
    4. Stand jab, stand strong, XX into Lunch Rush 
    5. Stand jab, stand forward, XX into Lunch Rush 
    -All these combos are based on Tron's simple two-hit combos I mentioned 
    above… I'd like to add that these can usually be complemented by a 
    jump-in short, jump-in Roundhouse. As always, try dashing to increase 
    the hits/success rate of these combos. Also, thanks to Tron's stun 
    ability, you have a little more time to decide whether or not to go 
    into the Lunch Strike or the Drill Strike. Also, sometimes, even if you 
    do connect with the two-hit chain, it might be better not to do 
    anything, just to screw with your opponent some more :D. These are the 
    combos you're going to be using the most. Trust me on this.
    7. Jump in short, jumpin r.house, crouch short, XX into Drill Strike 
    8. Jump in short, jumpin forward, stand jab, crouch strong, XX into 
    Lunch Rush 
    9. Crouching short (3 hits), XX into stand forward, XX into Lunch Rush 
    10. Jump in short, jumpin forward, stand jab, stand strong, XX into 
    Lunch Rush 
    11. Jump in short, jump in forward, stand forward, crouch r.house, XX 
    into Kobun Hammer 
    13. Jump in short, jumpin r.house, crouch fierce, sjump, jab, short, 
    strong, air Drill Strike. (Best air to ground to air combo) 
    -I find that the timing for the last Drill Strike (Bonne Strike) to be 
    a little bit strange. I often find that I have a little more success 
    using the short Bonne Strike as opposed to the Roundhouse Bonne Strike. 
    It varies upon the size of the character, big ones you want to do it 
    right away, while smaller guys you might want to wait for a split 
    15. Stand R.house, XX into Lunch Rush (has to be in close)
    16. Stand short - 2 hits, XX into Kobun Hammer
    17. Throw enemy into corner, r.house Drill Strike, XX into Lunch Rush
    18. (in corner) Jump in short, ju r.house, crouch r.house, r.house 
    Drill Strike, XX into Lunch Rush
    19. Jump in short, short, stand jab, stand fierce, XX into Lunch Rush
    Misc. Notes:
    For all the combos involving a sweep like maneuver XX Kobun Hammer, 
    don't do them if you KNOW your opponent likes to roll. You may get it 
    off, but IMO it leaves Tron to wide-open if you miss. If you're having 
    trouble connecting with the jump in short, jump in roundhouse, usually 
    the jump-in short, jump-in short will do just as well (though it will 
    obviously do less damage). Combos play a moderately important role in 
    Tron's game, as I mentioned earlier, stick to the easy two-string xx 
    Bonne Strike combos. Never forget to mash AFTER the Bonne Strike, extra 
    hits and damage are always good. Tron's regular attacks do ungodly 
    amounts of damage, as I've mentioned earlier, and even though it might 
    not seem like much, after one or two of those basic combos, your 
    opponent is going to wonder where the hell all their life has gone. 
    Also, a mean trick you can sometimes use is to NOT finish a combo. That 
    can sometimes screw your opponent up, allowing you to walk in and chuck 
    them, or if they counter attack, allow you to block then punish them.
    Upcoming Revision Plans:
    1. Grammar/Spelling/Typo problems
    2. Reformat the FAQ
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Create a clearer purpose for the Strategy Section
    5. Add Characters that go well with Tron.
    6. Add more depth to dealing with weaknesses.
    7. Adjust any factual problems, or modify any information that I 
    discover to be erroneous.
    Special Thanks:
    Khaotika, the man who introduced me to Tron. None of this would have 
    happened without your help. Before I read your FAQ, I thought she 
    sucked :). Brrrrrrrrr...
    S.Bacon, for creating a FAQ accessible to beginners and experts alike.
    CJayC, for starting up Gamefaqs. After years of leaching off, I figure 
    it's about time I got off my ass and contributed something.
    Fighters.net Forum Folk, for giving me a place to call home after I 
    finally gave up on Starcraft. 
    Ricky Lai, for generously allowing the dorm use of his DC for MvC2. You 
    da MAN! And DAMN YOU and your Morrigan keep away game!
    Caffeine, for giving me the power to finish this darned thing.
    (C) 5/21/2000 Hoe Muffin (AKA Jason Tang), Poontanger@hotmail.com

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