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    Ruby Heart by Swift

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    Swift's Marvel vs. Capcom 2(American arcade) Ruby Heart detailed character FAQ 
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    Yes, I have decided to do a FAQ for MVC2, and since there seems to be a lack of 
    Ruby Heart on gamefaqs at this moment, she's my choice. This is a short FAQ so 
    no table of contents or story or anything silly and pointless like that just why 
    you should play her, what she has to offer and some strategies I have developed.
    Chapter 1: Why should you play Ruby?
    1) She's female(you'll see a very feminine pattern developing along the way)
    2) She's a pirate(no better reason that a nautical one)
    3) She has a very damaging-easily comboed super
    4) She has suprising low damage range
    5) Her HC assists are good
    6) She has an "embarrasing" super
    Why you shouldn't play Ruby:
    1) Her normal assists are horrible
    2) Her launcher really sucks(low range)
    3) Her anti-air moves leave her horribly open and have poor set-up time
    Chapter 2: Ruby's moves
    Everyone does this breakdown, so I will too(ooh the peer pressure).
    Regular moves of note:
     Crouching Hp: Well, it's her main launcher, and it sucks. It has zero range, I 
    rarely try to  launch with her anyways.
     Jumping Hp: She slashes with the anchor. It has semi-good priority, I use it 
    mid-air to catch comboers.
     Standing Hk: Her other launcher, also low prio.
     Crouching Hk: This is the suprising low damage range thing. She cracks her whip 
    at the  opponent's feet. The whip almost covers half the screen, so it's really 
    easy to suprise someone with this, I pull it all the time on beam people like 
    Cable, and they never figure it out. Be warned, however, this move leaves you 
    wide open if they are in the air, it has horrible lag afterwards.
    Super moves:
    Cheval Seller 		qcf + P, then dir. + P x2 (air)
    This is easily her best move and should be used all the time. It has zero to no 
    set-up time. Her Hp version will send you up at an angle forward for the first 
    hit, then just hit a direction and punch after three hits two more times. 
    Usually I get 6 hits and the third one just goes somewhere. You can combo this 
    with just about anything. Try not to use this as an anti-air against comboers 
    like wolverine, they'll most likely learn the timing and just hit you. Although, 
    going under them then doubling back usually works if you mix up the direction.
    Suprmation 		qcf + K
    First, she whips out a book, says the words and a column of water shoots up for 
    a few seconds. The Hk appears about 75% away from you, the Lk one hits very 
    close, but not right at your feet. This is really good for punishing dashing 
    assists, they will run right into the water, getting hurt. Unfortunatly this has 
    a rather lengthy set-up time, so it's rather ineffective as an anti-air. It is 
    really good against Cammy/Akuma people who do that mid-air diving kick thing, 
    they always run right into it. It WONT hit someone knocked on the ground, and is 
    poor for combos, although you can be cheesy and use it to do block damage when 
    someone is just waking up, and it can keep the more timid, or large character 
    using, people in a corner. I use it to start combos, I just treat it like a 
    launcher and add in 4-10 hits with an air-combo if it hits. 
    Fantome 		qcb + K
    Ghosties. You drop a big treasure chest and a ghost comes out. The ghost has 
    minimal tracking abilities, and if it hits latches on and drains the victim's HC 
    gauge. It's rather silly IMOO. It has really really long set-up delay, and I 
    only use it as intimidation.
    Rafale Canon		hcb + P
    As an Lp, she throws out a chained anchor that covers 85% of the screen 
    horizontally. If hit, the enemy is dragged back and she shoots a little cannon 
    at them, knocking them back. If as an Hp, she winds up the anchor and throws it 
    at an angle up and forward. If hit, the opp will become immobilized for a short 
    period. This move, like most of Ruby's has major set-up time. The Lp one is 
    rather useless, although I have comboed it, but when you could do the Cheval to 
    end the combo, why bother with the Rafale? As an Hp, I use it occasionally, but 
    it's angle makes it useless against a super-jump, and most people can avoid it 
    as a normal jump. It is good, however, against big people like Doom, since they 
    are tall enough to get hit anyways.
    Hyper Moves:
    Flan Mer		qcf + PP, then dir. + P x4 (air)
    It's the hyper version of the Cheval. Very VERY VERY VERY VERY useful. You can 
    combo it just like the Cheval, and it hits for many more hits. Here's the trick, 
    once you hit, aim up-right, then up, then up-left, then up-right/up, then up-
    left/up-right. You should be able to clock 14-18 hits, I've gotten 18 once, 16 
    is my average. If you hit that many times, in addition to comboing into it, you 
    can do much damage, much more than people think Ruby can do. It's just too 
    damned good not to use. Practice with this move to get the angle right. In 
    addition to mass damage, I also use this to escape stuff like the head crush, 
    since you can do it in the air and you can aim it up quickly.
    Pare-tonnre qcf + KK
    This is the big boat HC. Her ship comes from behind her, the start-up animation 
    hits 3 times with a large blade at the head of the ship. After that, mash the 
    buttons and you can nail someone for probably 21-30 hits with the ships cannons. 
    It doesn't do as much damage as it looks like it does, but it can hit multiple 
    people easily, and it's start-up is very quick. Don't try to do a beam-dual with 
    this HC, it is too slow to counter stuff like Cool Hunting or a beam.
    Milles Fantomes qcb + KK
    The hyper version of the ghosties. A large chest drops, releasing many many 
    ghosts. The ghosts can juggle, eash hitting once with flaming damage. It does 
    decent damage, but the start up animation is slow. What is good about this HC is 
    that stuff like beams and projectiles can't go through the ghosts, but the 
    ghosts still hit the opponent, making it a good shield if you need to play keep-
    away. Also, in a delayed HC, or in a team HC session, the ghosts move slowly, so 
    usually the opp lands on them, taking 3-6 extra hits.
    Tour de Magie HK,LP,d,LK,HP
    The Barrel game. NOTE: This super sucks. You WONT win the game, so don't go 
    trying unless you know you have the match in the bag. Basically a barrel drops 
    from over head hitting the opponent. If the opp is on the ground and isn't 
    blocking, you'll enter the barrel game where one of your swabbies will assist 
    you. You toss a knife at a slot in the barrel using Lp(for high) or Lk(for low). 
    One is correct, hit the good slot and you get to throw another knife, if you hit 
    the wrong slot, the barrel explodes ending the game. Every knife adds more 
    damage, but it is very hard to get far in the game. I've gotten three, and trust 
    me I use this HC all the time.
    Chapter Three: Assist types and uses
    a: Anti-Air
    Normal assist type:	Lk Supr^mation
    Counter assist type:	Lk Supr^mation
    Hyper assist type:	Pare-tonnre
    This is probably the best choice for a normal assist type, but still it stinks. 
    The Pare is good as an HC assist as well.
    B: Capture
    Normal assist type:	HP Rafale Canon
    Counter assist type:	HP Cheval Seller 
    Hyper assist type:	Milles Fantomes
    I told you the Hp Rafale angle sucks, but it is worth it to have the Fant"mes HC 
    assist, and the Cheval for a counter(if you use them mind you) is much better 
    than the Supr^mation.
    y: Enhancement
    Normal assist type:	Power up orb
    Counter assist type:	Lk Supr^mation
    Hyper assist type:	Flan Mer
    Well, the power up orb really stinks, and so does the counter assist. Despite 
    that, if you're needing a dash-type HC assist, this is your choice. You can't 
    control the Flan Mer during a team super, so I find it rather useless.
    Chapter Four: General fighting strategies
    Unfortunatly, the standard Lp->Lp->launcher doesn't really work unless you're in 
    a corner because, as I stated before, her launchers suck. Although, you can Lp-
    >launcher, but don't do that, I have better things.
    Lp->Lp->standing Lk->standing Lk->Lp Cheval Seller
    This will clock in around 7 or 8 hits if you can continue the Cheval a second 
    run, then use the third run to fly away. If you want, link this into a cheesy 
    Supr^mation while their on the ground so they wake up to block damage, but 
    beware of rollers.
    Lp->Lp->Standing Hp-> Lp Cheval Seller/Lp Rafael Canon/Flan Mer
    This is the all-purpose safe combo. No matter what happens, you are either 
    flying away with the Cheval or Flan, or you are pushing them away with the 
    Rafael Canon. This is also the best way to link into the Flan Mer, because if 
    you use a longer combo starter, you're likely to be off target with the second 
    wave of Flan, and you'll lose more than 10 hits that way.
    Team stuff:
    If you want to delay, Ruby is your gal. Both the Pare-tonnre and Milles Fantomes 
    delay well, because with healthy mashing they continue for a while.
    If you want to team super, having her on standby is also good with all of her HC 
    assists, although starting with them may not be the best idea.
    Who she teams well with:
    I feel her and Storm team well, especially with HC assists. She compliments a 
    beamer or a spaz-comboer well, mostly because she has the speed, but fights more 
    like the powerhouses.
    Chapter five: How to beat section:
    There are three types of fighting styles:
    These are your spidermen, wolverines, striders and to a lesser degree SonSon's. 
    They are characterized by comments like, "Oh those assist buttons are so cheesy, 
    this isn't a real fighting game." or, "Stop turtling." or most of the time, "All 
    you know how to use is the HK and HP buttons." This is because all they see to 
    life is 10 hit launcher combos. They rarely use the assist button, mostly 
    because they are too busy trying to launch you. They wont use the HC meter much, 
    but when they do it is usually in a poor manner because all they know how to do 
    is combo. Beware, they choose people with little-to-no delay time, and usually 
    don't use supers, so they have very little stun time.
    To defeat the SC people, simply make them angry. Block low when they are on the 
    ground, and block high when they are in the air. Using an assist person like 
    Cammy(anti-air) or SonSon(anti-air) when they get to close. The more angry they 
    get, the more mistakes they'll make. Ruby isn't perhaps the best choice for this 
    type of conflict, I would call in Cammy, SonSon, or Psylocke(although they can 
    all be spaz characters). Anyone with a vertical HC is good, because Spazers are 
    stupid and if you find an HC with no set-up time that hits vertical, like 
    psylocke's psi-malestrom or her butterfly thing, they have little chance because 
    you've just disabled their main line of attack.
    Beam-keep away:
    These are your Cables, Dr. Dooms, and CapCom's. Yes CapCom too. Cable is the 
    worst of these, he can shoot all day and if you aren't smart, he'll nail you too 
    many times. You NEED to hyper-jump, I'd use Cheval, miss the first two and nail 
    him the third. Supr^mation is a bad move for this conflict unless you know they 
    can't shoot at you, IE they are in the air. Capcom is a strange one, however. 
    Between the assistant moves, Captain fire and captain corridor, it is very hard 
    to move in on CapCom masters. I'd sit back and just let other stuff hit him, 
    like Supr^mation, and that crouching Hk. Ghosts are bad to call out, too slow 
    and they can't block stuff like the fire or the viper beam. Although, set up 
    Milles Fantome up right and it can be your best friend.
    This is me. Quite frankly it annoys the hell out of people. Remember what assist 
    types and who they are using. If they are using someone like SonSon or Cammy, 
    remember that they can always have you getting hit if they are half-the screen 
    away from you, so blocking or staying airborne is key. If they are using Juggy 
    or Sakura, remember that those people can nail you through being hit, so be 
    careful when you are close to their side of the screen, also beware of the 
    double play, IE an assistant coming from the opposite side of the screen that 
    your on-deck opponent is on, that is a scary situation. They can't call assists 
    while super-jumping, use that to your advantage. You'll also have a chance to 
    use the Pare to hit multiple people, just wait for and assistant to come out and 
    nail them.
    Chapter six: Acknowledgements and other stuff
    Everything related to Capcom is registered Capcom, everything Marvel related is 
    registered Marvel. Everything else is registered to me.
    This is my property, the property of Danny Nissenfeld. If you want to use this 
    information, go ahead, but you are banned from charging people for it's 
    contents. If you want permission to post this on a website or print this out, 
    you must request that permission from me, you can reach me at 
    "CJayC" proprietor of Gamefaqs.com
    - For running the site, the largest store of free-information on games anywhere.
    - For making tons of money off of the general gaming populace
    Chris MacDonald
    - For listing the real names, movements and assist types to Ruby's supers and 
    HC's in his general MVC2 faq

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