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    Hulk by MaXeEmOe

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    The Incredible Hulk Guide Ver 1.5
    Author: MaXeEmOe <wizard1980@yahoo.com>
    Last updated: May 30, 2000
    NOTE: This FAQ was created for the sole purpose in providing players with information, 
          techniques and strategies in order to optimize their skill level and heighten
          interest in the game. Feedback is more than welcome. However, I do not in any
          way, shape, or form tolerate people stealing information from sources and claim-
          ing that it is their own work. Please give credit where credit is due. If you
          wish to use something on my FAQ for your own intentions, please request for my
          permission in doing so!! This FAQ was created by Maximo Tan, aka MaXeEmOe
          -[wizard1980@yahoo.com]-. You can also contact me on icq -[6537023]- or AIM
          -[SN: MaXeEmOe]- regarding to anything on this FAQ.
    A. Updates
    B. Author biography
    C. Character information      
    D. Legend
    E. Special moves
    F. Combos
    G. Strategies
    H. Credits/Shoutouts
    -[A. UPDATES]-
    May 29, 2000: This is the official release of my long-awaited FAQ. haha, yeah 
    May 30, 2000: Completely changed descriptions on regular and super moves under 
                  special moves section, added new combos under combo section,
                  fixed MAJOR typo for Gamma Charge (hehe, thanks Pat!), fixed
                  another typo under strategy section, and added medium level
                  combos section.
    I've been a fan of Street Fighter for some time now. I've played every
    series, from SF II to MvC2, and I must say that I've "enjoyed the ride."
    Honestly, I don't really click with the Alpha series because in comparison
    to the VS. series, they are just way too slow. The pace is a lot faster in
    the VS. series and you have to keep up with what's going on, and that's why
    I've been a fan of these types of games to this very day. My dream is to
    someday participate in a SF tournament (preferable a MvC2), and become
    recognized as a great SF player. Too bad that won't happen since I don't
    live in Cali. Anyways, if you're ever in the Va Beach, VA area, email me
    for some friendly competition.
    -[C. Character Information]-
    A rampaging man-monster with incredible strength, the Hulk will smash all who
    oppose him. The Incredible Hulk made his first debute in I believe the Marvel
    Super Heroes game. He then moved on to MvSF, MvC, and MvC2. I have no idea on
    how he played in the past two games, but I feel that he has powered up during
    the Capcom series. One thing should clearly stick into a player's mind when you
    see the Hulk and that's his POWER!! I feel that the best attribute about this
    character is his power chipping ability. Even if you play against an opponent who
    blocks exceptionally well, you are slowly draining away power and that's a good
    thing. The downside about him is fairly obvious. His mobility and his recovery
    time after certain attacks is slow, leaving him open to be punished. Overall, the
    Hulk, under the control of a very skilled player, can be a very dangerous character
    to oppose.
    -[D. Legend]-
    Illustrated (poorly) below are the controls. I'm sure everyone knows that the
    system has totally changed. You simply tap Jab twice to dish out the Strong, and
    the Short twice to get the Forward. Keep in mind that the arcade stick legend
    presented here is when your player is facing to the RIGHT. The legend simply
    reverses when he/she faces to the left of the screen.
       JB   JU   JF 
         \   |   /  
            ___                _          _         _ 
      B -  (   )  - F         (_)        (_)       (_)          
            | |               JP         FP        A1          
         /  | |  \             _          _         _
       DB  _| |_  DF          (_)        (_)       (_)
             |                SK         RK        A2
    ===================           ==============                 
    ===================           ==============
    JB = Jump Backwards           JP = Jab Punch
    JU = Jump Up                  SK = Short Kick
    JF = Jump Forward             FP = Fierce Punch
    B  = Walk Backward            RK = Roundhouse Kick
    F  = Walk Forward             A1 = Assist 1
    DB = Down Back                A2 = Assist 2
    DF = Down Forward
    D = Down  
    P = Any Punch Button (JP or FP)
    K = Any Kick Button (SK or RK)
    PP = JP and FP pressed at same time
    KK = SK and RK pressed at same time
    QCB = Quarter Circle Back (Do the following as one smooth motion: D, DB, B)
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forward (Do the following as one smooth motion: D, DF, F)
    HCB = Half Circle Back (Do the following as one smooth motion: F, DF, D, DB, B)
    HCF = Halk Circle Forward (Do the following as one smooth motion: B, DB, D, DF, F)
     1) Gamma Tornado - HCB + P
        *This will swing the opponents to the other side of him and do incredible damage but
         watch for the recovery time because he is KORT (King of Recovery Time) and will get
         countered alot so be careful when playing him. This is blockable as well.
     2) Gamma Wave - QCF + P
        *This is extremely useful because it will nullify projectiles and hit the opponents in
         fireball stun motion. This is a heavy chipper as well and will go screen distance.
     3) Gamma Charge - Horizontal: (Hold B for 2 sec, then F + K)  OR  
                         Vertical: (Hold D for 2 sec, then U + K)
        *Hulk charges at you and will eat fireballs and hit the opponent for good damage, but
         if blocked he will be stuck for a while so use this to your advantage. 
         -[NOTE: Hulk can do 2 of these in a row, after you complete the motion, hit another
                 direction again and push K.]-
     4) Air Combo Launcher - D + FP
     1) Gamma Crush - QCB + PP
        *Hulk goes up and reaches for a comet and crushes it on you doing good damage and heavy
         chip damage. If the opponent is jumping at you they will get hit and drop on the floor
         unable to block, but there is also a down side to this as well. When they get knocked
         they'll either just fall in front of you or half screen distance away from you. If they 
         fall in front of you, you'll completely miss the damage!!! For those of you wondering
         what do you mean where does he get it? He is massively strong and has a giant leaping
         ability surpassing Michael Jordan's (yes this is possible) and will jump so high
         reaching outer space to get a comet or a piece of the moon. Jeez has everyone forgotten
         their astronomy?
     2) Gamma Wave - QCF + PP
        *This is the super version of the ground wave, but does fair damage and good chip damage.
         When you're up close to the opponent, you can get serious damage!!!
     3) Gamma Quake - QCF + KK
        *This is the move that should be used the most because it practically goes screen distance
         except when someone is all the way on the other corner, that causes the opponent to escape
         any damage. Use this on jumping opponents as well. It does good damage and fair chip
         damage as well.
    -[F. COMBOS]-
    The Hulk has very few combos on the ground and in the air as well.
    Here are some combos I picked up from playing, shoryuken.com, and submissions from
    readers via email.
    1) D + SK, D + FP, QCB + PP
    2) D + FP, JU, JP, SK, FP
    3) D + SK, D + FP, QCF + KK
    1) Combo submitted by Patrick Hwang. Thanks!:
       while holding back (Hold DB), do crouch short (D + SK), the crouch forward (D + SK again),
       Gamma Charge (F + K since you're already holding DB on joystick), this will hit them up,
       and aim the second Gamma Charge while the opponent is in the air, (usually this is up-back).
    1) JF towards opponent. While coming down, press SK twice in the air. When you land on the
       ground, hold DB and press JP twice. Then go F + K. If you did the charging correctly, the
       Hulk will perform the Gamma Charge, sending the opponent into the air. Once that's done,
       you have to wait when you're opponent flys over you. When that happens, do QCF + PP. When
       done correctly, the super will juggle your opponent across the screen. By far my favorite
       combo. Thanks shoryuken.com for the movie!
    2) Start off the same way as in combo #1, but after you do the Gamma Charge, instead of doing
       the Gamma Wave, do QCB + PP. Keep in mind that once the Gamma Charge hits the opponent,
       immediately perform the super. If you execute the super too late, he will not connect with
       the comet as he comes down, leaving him vulnerable for any type of attacks your opponent
       will dish out on you. Props to shoryuken.com for the movie!
    3) Start off the same way as in combo #1, but after you press the SK twice in the air, do this:
       D + SK, D + FP, QCF + PP
    4) Start off the same way as in combo #1, but after you press the SK twice in the air, do this:
       D+ SK, D + FP, QCB + PP
    5) Start off the same way as in combo #1, but after you press the SK twice in the air, do this:
       D + SK, D + FP, QCF + KK
    6) This one was submitted by Patrick Hwang. I haven't done it yet, but it sounds coo:
       first the opponent must be in the corner, do crouch short (D + SK), down fierce
       launcher (D + FP), the do an upards gamma charge (Hold D for 2 sec, U + K), then do another
       one straight up (Here I'm confused! But he said "straight up" so I'm assuming Hold D for
       2 sec, U + K), now you should land before the opponent, as soon as you land, do a stand
       fierce (FP) that will hit the opponent OTG (off the ground) and immediately cancel into
       the Gamma Quake super (QCF + KK).
    -[G. Strategies]-
    You would probably think that I have felt comfortable using the Hulk for some time now.
    Strangely, I started to use him seriously in MvC2 ever since I saw that combo from
    shoryuken.com. And plus I was tired of using Ryu and made Chun Li and Charlie all crappy
    now. So I'm still learning how to use him. Some friends of mine say that I use him pretty
    good, and I was able to beat two skilled players using the Hulk as one of my characters.
    But I won't let that get to my head now. Anyways, if you wanna learn how to use the Hulk,
    here are some things you should keep in mind:
                  * The Gamma Crush is the best weapon that the Hulk has to offer. Because of
                    this, players will be on the lookout for it and will be tempted to air block
                    it alot, making it the most difficult super to link as a beginner. I feel
                    the safest way to launch this super is with an air combo: D + FP, Gamma
                    Crush. I know it's so plain, but it's the safest way if you're learning 
                    how to use him for the first time. Instead, use the vertical Gamma Charge.
                    That way, if your opponent blocks it, it won't leave you open unlike the
                    Gamma Crush. But in case you think that your opponent won't block and he 
                    in fact does, be sure to have an extra level on your super bar, so that
                    when he comes down with the comet, you can cancel it with a teammate's
                    super and not leave him open for a whoopin. 
                   * Like I said before, the Hulk is a chippin' character. His standing FP and
                     RK do tremendous chipping damage, so I'd advise you to use them. However,
                     his recovery time after these attacks are SLOW, so after launching the
                     attack, cancel it with a Gamma Wave or a Gamma Charge. Don't stick to one
                     cancel though. For example, if you keep doing the Gamma Wave, players can 
                     easily jump over it and capitalize. But if you do a Gamma Charge instead,
                     that'll knock em up into the air for an easy link to a Gamma Crush or
                     Gamma Quake. In other words, don't be predictable on your gameplay. Mix it up.
                    * It takes A LOT of patience to execute those fancy shmancy combos I was 
                      discussing earlier. It's a known fact that I don't do all of that stuff
                      unless I play scrubs, right Rob and Don? hehe. I just look for the opening.
                      For example, say I'm on the ground and Ryu is not far from the ground and
                      does his Air Fireball Super, thinking that I was gonna jump. While I'm 
                      blocking the super, I charge for his Gamma Charge. When the super is done,
                      I perform the Gamma Charge and hit him, sending him flying into the air,
                      and I now have the choice of waiting for him to fly past me and do the
                      Gamma Wave or quickly executing the Gamma Crush. So in other words, keep
                      it simple and go for the openings.
               4) THE HULK HAS ARMOR
                     * You know, I totally forgot about this dude having armor. Sorry! hehe.
                       Yeah, I think the Hulk can absorb like 2 or 3 hits till he's vulnerable,
                       just like Juggernaut. Say you dash toward your opponent and you try to do
                       a combo on him but he/she does starts his ground combo first. When this
                       first happened to me, I thought that my attack was too late and my opponent
                       had the upperhand. But a second later, their combo was interrupted by a
                       punch from the Hulk. Yes, it was a delay and that's something you'll have
                       to grow accustomed to when using him. USE HULK'S JP ALOT BECAUSE IT'S
                       PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO COUNTER. Wait for him to absorb the hits and
                       when you notice that his punches or kicks come through, continue with
                       your combo. It seems ackward to start a combo, wait for a second to see
                       if it registers, and continue the rest of the combo if it does. It takes
                       some practice, but hey! Practice makes perfect.
    Let me now give credit where credit is due, so here we go!!
    First to GAMEfaqs <http://www.gameFAQS.com> for posting my faq. You're site is the best,
    and keep up the good work!!
    Thanks to shoryuken.com <http://shoryuken.com> for the combo movies of the Hulk.
    Thanks to EChow <ikarishinji5@hotmail.com> for posting up my crappy combo on his Sakura
    faq when other other peeps came up with better ones than mine. =Þ
    Thanks to Patrick Hwang <ph@ucla.edu> for spotting my typo, supplying me with more combos,
    and other contributions.
    Thanks to Dingo's FAQ <bellybutton21@hotmail.com> on Marvel vs. Capcom for the detailed
    descriptions on Hulk's regular and super moves.
    Thanks to the Marvel vs. Capcom instruction manual for the brief description of the Hulk.
    Thanks to the MASTA and Fullflip21 for those 500+ wins I got on you!! haha, j/k. I just had to
    sneak that in there. =) But shoutouts to the MASTA, because only he knows the true order of
    precedence in life. On top is Street Fighter, second is still Street Fighter. *laughs*
    Second shoutie goes to Fullflip 21. Wait a minute, YOU SHOULD BE GIVING ME A SHOUTOUT CUZ
    I HOOKED YOU UP WITH THAT INSANE MAGNETO COMBO. Umm, I guess that's about it. But I just have
    one last thing to say to the masta. YO MASTA, I WROTE AN FAQ ON THE HULK. NOW YOU HAVE TO

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