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    Amingo by Bantam13

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0
    Created 4/24/00
    Submitted 5/25/00
    BY: Bantam13
    Jason Wilkie <khaotika@earthlink.net>
    Unpublished Work Copyright 2000 Bantam13
    This FAQ can be found at:
    The Street Fighter Grand Archive
    Amingo is Copyright 2000 by Capcom Japan.
    This FAQ was written by myself, for all the Capcom game fanatics out 
    there who are enthralled by the vs. series and their ilk.  This FAQ 
    shall not be copied, reproduced, or borrowed from without express 
    written permission from me.  This also includes all the "Expert Gaming 
    Magazines" out there (and in some cases, I use the term loosely) or any 
    website or any other medium, for that matter.  This includes ANY excerpt 
    or piece of information contained herein.  Plagarism is ILLEGAL, 
    Give credit where it's due, and I will have no beef with you.
    1.  LEGEND
    5.  ASSISTS
    7.  THROWS
    15. NOTES
    17. COMBOS
    18. VS ABYSS
    20. OTHER
    1. LEGEND
    QCF--(down, down-forward, forward)
    QCB--(down, down-back, back)
    A1---Assist 1
    A2---Assist 2
    The new button setup allows Strong and Forward commands by first 
    pressing Jab and Short, respectively.  You can only obtain medium  
    attacks by connecting with either weak attack command.  However, for 
    some medium strength launchers, the command is DF + P or K depending on 
    the character.
    Also, you can now call in both of your partners to assist you in battle 
    by pressing Assist 1 or Assist 2.  The call-in character performs a 
    specific move, taunts, then leaves.  Be careful not to overuse your 
    Assists or you'll end up eating a Hyper Combo or two.
    HISTORY:  Unknown....rumors are he's from a Buster Bros. game, although 
    I've heard otherwise....when his background check is complete, I'll 
    update this info.
    OPENING ANIMATION:  A bulblike plant extends from the earth and opens 
    up, revealing Amingo inside.  He dusts himself off with his sombrero, 
    and states his name before starting the match.  "AMINGO."
    ENDING ANIMATION #1:  Amingo thrusts his arm into the sky, a la his 
    crouching Strong animation, and reveals a flower on the end of his arm, 
    indicating that a new plant is to be born into the world.  He shouts "EL 
    NINO!!" and proudly proclaims his newfound joy.
    ENDING ANIMATION #2:  Amingo reachs under his sombrero and takes out a 
    guitar.  He then begins to play the guitar, squinting his eyes and 
    humming all the while.  
    TAUNT:  Amingo tilts his sombrero up along his forehead, and motions for 
    the opponent to come to him, and again states his name to enrage the 
    enemy.  "A-MIN-GO."
    Read Across as such:
    X---Y---A1 (X=Jab Y=Fierce A1=Assist 1)
    A---B---A2 (A=Short B=Roundhouse A2=Assist 2)
    X--Green Body/Blue Sombrero/Orange Pants
    Y--Faded Green Body/Red Sombrero/Blue Pants
    A1--Dull Green Body/Brown Sombrero--Purple Trim/Yellow Pants
    A--Yellow Green Body/Purple Sombrero/Tan Pants
    B--Deep Green Body/Dark Blue Sombrero/Red-Orange Pants
    A2--Dull Green Body/Olive Green Sombrero--Red Trim/Gold Pants
    5. ASSISTS
    Alpha: Sustinence Vegetable/Life-Up
    Beta:  Stamina Vegetable/Defense-Up 
    Gamma: Kaze No Sakebi
    Alpha: Taiyou No Megumi/Blessing Of The Sun
    Beta:  Taiyou No Megumi/Blessing Of The Sun
    Gamma: Taiyou No Megumi/Blessing Of The Sun
    7. THROWS
    CATCUS THRASH---B or F + Fierce (can be performed in mid-air)
    Amingo's leg transforms into a vine which snakes around the opponent's 
    body and neck, holding them into place.  Then he proceeds to thrash the 
    opponent with his spike-covered hand.
    Crouching Strong
    ---Jab to Strong
    ---DF + Fierce
    Crouching Forward
    ---Short to Forward
    ---DF + Roundhouse
    ---QCF + A1 or A2
    ---(standing Fierce animation)
    Variable Counter
    ---Start by blocking opponent's attack/then quickly perform command
    ---Utilized by first character to counter opp. w/2nd or 3rd character
    ---B, BD, D + A1 or A2 depending on char. order
    ---Uses 1 Hyper Combo Bar
    VC Alpha---Midori No Kanki
    VC Beta----Kaze No Sakebi
    VC Gamma---Midori No Kanki
    Standing Jab-----Prickly Tap
    Crouching Jab----Quick Needle Jab
    Jumping Jab------Flailing Burr
    Standing Strong---Spiked Handslap
    Crouching Strong--Cactus Uppercut
    Jumping Strong----Flying Cactus Upper
    Standing Fierce---Twisting Desert Flower
    Crouching Fierce--Snaking Vine Traps
    Jumping Fierce----Double Thorned Bulbs
    Standing Short----Needled Foot Tap
    Crouching Short---Lunging Barbed Tap
    Jumping Short-----Prickly Toe Tap
    Standing Forward---Clamping Trap
    Crouching Forward--Root Thrust
    Jumping Forward----Spinning Spiky Cactus
    Standing Roundhouse---Cactus Burr Flip
    Crouching Roundhouse--Spinning Cactus Blades
    Jumping Roundhouse----Triple Drill Vegetable
    N/A  Amingo has NO extra attacks/commands whatsoever.
    Amingo can go from Weak attacks to Stronger attacks, but he cannot chain 
    all 3 punches or kicks in a row, unless under special conditions.  (SEE 
    E.G.---Jab to Strong
    -------Jab to Forward
    -------Short to Fierce
    -------Short to Roundhouse
    However, Amingo CAN chain all of his attacks in an air combo, save the 
    Fierce and Roundhouse attacks.  (see below)
    Jumping Fierce
    Jumping Roundhouse
    KAZE NO SAKEBI----Shouting Of The Wind
    QCF + P
    Amingo turns himself into a vegetable-like form and launches his 
    spinning body across the screen for an armor piercing attack.  Works 
    well as a speedy traveling/evasion move, but it's primary use is for 
    counterattacking a whiffed special/super and to chip away while keeping 
    relatively safe.  Use liberally in combos....see below.
    MIDORI NO KANKI----Delight Of Green
    QCB + P
    Once again Amingo transforms his body to suit his attacking style, only 
    this time he turns into a big jumping spiked ball, launching himself up 
    off the ground with a BOING! sound effect for good measure.  Use as 
    anti-air, but with caution, as it has decent priority.  Your best bet is 
    to use it in an extensive ground combo.
    DAITI NO KODOMO----Child Of The Earth (punch)
    QCF + Short Kick
    Amingo drops a seedling into the ground, and out of nowhere a small baby 
    cactus pops out of the Earth, hopping and bounding towards the opponent, 
    striking them with a punch before burrowing back into the dirt.  The 
    baby cactus can be struck down before it finishes its attack.
    DAITI NO KODOMO----Child Of The Earth (kick)
    QCF + Roundhouse Kick
    Amingo drops a seedling into the ground, and out of nowhere a small baby 
    cactus pops out of the Earth, hopping and bounding towards the opponent, 
    striking them with a kick before burrowing back into the dirt.  The baby 
    cactus can be struck down before it finishes its attack.
    DAITI NO KODOMO----Child Of The Earth (grab)
    QCB + K
    Amingo drops a seedling into the ground, and out of nowhere a small baby 
    cactus pops out of the Earth, hopping and bounding towards the opponent, 
    grabbing and holding them in place while you set up an attack.  This 
    move is UNBLOCKABLE, but like the other Daiti No Kodomo, it can be 
    struck down before it finishes its attack.
    SHOKOBUTSU NO OKITE----Plants' Commandment
    QCB + 2P
    With a motion of his hand, Amingo casts forth a bulb-like plant across 
    the terrain headed on a collision course with the enemy.  When it makes 
    contact, it hurls the opponent backwards into Amingo's waiting cluches.  
    Amingo's body reforms into that of a pinata-esque form and begins to 
    shake the enemy around inside himself while proudly dancing and shaking 
    maracas.  He then tosses the rattled opponent by the wayside and chants 
    his name yet again in a taunting manner.  "A-MIN-GO!!"
    TAIYOU NO MEGUMI----Blessing Of The Sun
    QCF + 2K
    Amingo roots himself down into the earth, and begins twisting his body 
    into a vine, growing and stretching towards the heavens.  Strengthened 
    by the sun's energy Amingo's entwined form grows and grows until his 
    body gives out from the exhaustion of beating down his opponent.  Amingo 
    then lands, adjusts his sombrero, and backs slowly away.
    15. NOTES
    DAITI NO KODOMO can be utilized to extend certain combo chains, such as 
    the break between the Jab to Fierce combo, therefore adding an extra hit 
    and continuing the chain.  I've yet to experiment fully into the 
    combos/strategies purpose of these moves, but performing Daiti No Kodomo 
    (Grab) and crossing them up works pretty well.
    For jump in purposes, nothing beats Amingo's jumping Roundhouse.  It has 
    AMAZING priority, and hits not once, not twice, but THRICE!!!  This 
    attack keeps Amingo both protected from most counter-attacks and is a 
    WONDERFUL combo starter!!  His standing/crouching Fierce are both great 
    distance attacks/keep-away moves, and will allow you to set up either 
    the Midori No Kanki or Taiyou No Megumi if the opponent jumps over 
    either attack and attempts to strike you.  His Jab and Short attacks 
    come out VERY quickly and will stop most head on charges your opponent 
    makes.  Crouching Roundhouse is Amingo's knockdown move, and it is 
    actually one of the faster trips in the game!!
    17. COMBOS
    ALL of these combos were tested out multiple times against the practice, 
    arcade, and versus modes, so they ALL will work.  Don't email me saying 
    they will not, because I'll know you haven't tried your best and just 
    gave up.  -_-  
    Remember that pressing Jab twice yields Jab then Strong and pressing 
    Short twice gives you Short then Forward!!!  I use the old school method 
    because the whole "jab, short, jab, short" thing just confuses the hell 
    out of me.  ^_^
    ji---jumping in
    sj---super jump
    OTG--on the ground
    1) ji Jab, ji Forward XX Jab Kaze No Sakebi  (5 hits)
    2) ji Roundhouse(all hits), st Jab, st Fierce  (8 hits)
    3) ji Fierce, st Jab, st Strong XX Plants' Commandment  (4 hits)
    4) ji Roundhouse(all hits), st Short, st Forward XX Fierce Midori No 
    Kanki  (6-7 hits)
    5) ji Jab, ji Forward, st Short, st Forward XX Plants' Commandment  (5 
    6) ji Short, ji Strong, cr Short, cr Roundhouse XX Jab Kaze No Sakebi(1 
    hit) XX Plants' Commandment  (6 hits)
    7) ji Short, ji Forward, st Short, cr Forward, sj Short, sj Forward, sj 
    Short, sj Forward, sj Fierce  (9 hits)
    8) ji Short, ji Strong XX Jab Midori No Kanki  (5 hits)
    9) (dash)st Jab, st Forward XX Jab Kaze No Sakebi(1 hit) XX Plants' 
    Commandment  (4 hits)
    10) ji Short, ji Forward,(dash)st Short, st Roundhouse XX Midori No 
    Kanki  (5-6 hits)
    11) ji Roundhouse(3 hits), st Jab, st Fierce  (8 hits)
    12) ji Short, Forward, cr Short, cr Forward, sj Jab, sj Short, sj 
    Strong, sj Forward XX Kaze No Sakebi  (15 hits)
    13) ji Roundhouse(3 hits), st Jab, cr Strong, sj Jab, sj Short, sj 
    Strong, sj Forward XX Fierce Kaze No Sakebi  (14 to 16 hits)
    14) ji Short, ji Strong,(dash)st Jab, cr Fierce(1 hit) XX Fierce Kaze No 
    Sakebi(3 hits) XX Blessing Of The Sun  (34-35 hits)
    15) ji Jab, ji Strong,(dash)st Short, cr Fierce(1 hit) XX Fierce Kaze No 
    Sakebi(2-3 hits) XX Plants' Commandment  (7-8 hits)
    ----opponent in corner combos----
    16) ji Short, ji Strong, st Jab, cr Fierce(1 hit) XX Fierce Kaze No 
    Sakebi  (8 hits)
    17) ji Short, ji Forward, cr Short, cr Roundhouse XX Jab Kaze No 
    Sakebi(1 hit) XX Blessing Of The Sun  (30-33 hits)
    18) ji Short, ji Strong XX Jab Kaze No Sakebi(full), OTG cr Short, cr 
    Roundhouse XX Jab Kaze No Sakebi(1 hit) XX Blessing Of The Sun (31-33 
    18. VS ABYSS
    The Armor Of Erosion--at last your quest is complete....or is it??  All 
    of a sudden, you're not so sure anymore, as the armor itself appears to 
    be alive, and even worse--it has your destruction in mind!!!  This is 
    Abyss--your final confrontation in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and your 
    greatest trial of all--or is it really??  In this section I'll give you 
    the lowdown on the many different attacking options you have available 
    to your characters, and what to expect from the _last_ bastion of evil 
    in this, the chaoticly crossed dimensions....until the _next_ sequel, 
    that is!!!  ^_^
    1ST FORM:  Rising from out of nowhere, Abyss seizes control over the 
    Armor Of Erosion to do his evil bidding--the armor is now his to 
    command.  This first of a trio of grueling tests against Abyss' might is 
    perhaps the easiest--if you spot the attacks heading your way.  First 
    and foremost, his primary attack will be that insane body press/charge 
    he's so fond of.  Then he usually follows up with one of his two 
    Unlimited Hyper Combos--either the Slime Shower or the Megaton Blast.  
    Abyss' other attacks in this form include a sharp slime covered arm 
    swing, which is surprisingly quick, and an attack where he makes a slime 
    javelin from one of the helmet's horns.  The only other special move 
    Abyss utilizes in this form is a trio of lightning powered spheres which 
    home in on your character but will dissipate if enough damage is dealt 
    to his armored body.
    2ND FORM:  During this formation, Abyss will remain stationery for most 
    of the battle, shooting flames and lasers out of his gelatinous arm.  
    The flames have an insane range and damage field, rendering most jump-in 
    attempts futile unless they're properly timed.  Ducking under the flames 
    is a viable option, but the window in which to counterattack afterwards 
    is very small, so this should be your last resort.  The lasers he fires 
    will cut into you even if you're crouch blocking, chipping away as he 
    laughs maniacally.  Eventually, like the first form, he will change up 
    his attacks, and start to use this "twisting bodily projectile spray" HC 
    via his unlimited HC bar.  If you inflict enough damage to him, he 
    begins to hide in the green ooze, blowing out three bubble traps to 
    ensnare you long enough to cancel into his HC.  Use an assist to pop the 
    bubbles if necessary, but any Jab or Short attack works fine.
    3RD FORM:  After dissolving back into the sea of green, the ooze turns a 
    blood red and coagulates into a GIGANTIC dog-like creature.  This form 
    is surprisingly fast for it's bulk, so don't underestimate his speed, or 
    overextend your attacks, as he can capitalize on ANY move with slow 
    recovery time.  His many attacks include a Venom Fang type move which 
    covers a great deal of the screen, so it's hard to avoid it after the 
    starting frame.  He also deals a good chipping damage game with his HC 
    and his Rising Flames attacks, both involving multiple flame strikes 
    protecting the orb encased within the beast.  The HC version flying 
    across the entire screen, while the orb protection flames will rise from 
    the ground in rapid succession to defend it's weak point.  He will also 
    attempt to lay the smackdown with an enormous magma-laced slapping 
    motion, and if he connects with it, you will get bounced, perhaps into a 
    HC!!!  Ultimately, your goal is the orb in the center of Abyss' body, 
    but when the creature is fully formed, you can strike most any part of 
    it's body, preferably behind the head, so you can be relatively safe 
    from attack.
    1ST FORM:  Interestingly enough, I've found a nauseating simple tactic 
    to use against this lumbering lug's first form!!!  Before the battle, 
    make sure you are right up against Abyss' ugly mug!!  When the battle 
    begins, immediately super jump up and on your way over his body, tap 
    Short kick to hit him in the face!!  Hold the joystick to fall over to 
    his other side of Abyss' body.  Now what will happen is he will either 
    turn and face you, or start a charge in the opposite direction.  If he 
    charges, simply run behind him and attack, but if he turns in your 
    direction, just repeat the first jumping Short tactic previously 
    mentioned.  Using this simple technique will help you dodge his 
    normal/special attacks too.  Best techniques for Amingo will be jumping 
    Roundhouse and standing Fierce when Abyss' back is turned, and using 
    simple Jab, Strong combos when he uses his Megaton Blast will prevent 
    catcus boy from taking damage himself.
    2ND FORM:  Probably the toughest of the three for Amingo, but there are 
    a few ways around that cheesy firethrowing maniac!!  First, if you super 
    jump in at all, it is IMPERATIVE that you gauge your landing via the 
    blue arrow above him, then tap a button accordingly to his attacks.  If 
    he starts up a flame before you land, use Short, but if the animation 
    cycle ends, use Roundhouse.  QUICKLY follow this up with a st Short XX 
    Fierce Kaze No Sakebi to travel through his form, hopefully avoiding the 
    flames Abyss spews forth.  Also, a dash in standing Fierce works pretty 
    well after the flame's animation draws to a close.  Another tactic is to 
    get behind slime boy and use the Blessing Of The Sun before he turns 
    around and counters you.  Pop the bubbles with a helper or use jumping 
    Short when necessary.
    3RD FORM:  This is the final form of Abyss, and in my opinion, he's 
    nothing more than a big target!!  Your primary attack here will be 
    Amingo's jump in Roundhouse alternating with ji Short, ji Forward XX 
    Kaze No Sakebi combos.  For your final tactic you can use his Blessing 
    Of The Sun Hyper Combo when he leaves himself open after a teleport!!  
    Enjoy the typical lackluster Capcom ending!!!  ^_^
    Well, that's about it!!  I would like to thank the good people on the 
    Fighters. Net forums for encouraging me to write this FAQ!!  My thanks 
    also go to CJayC at GameFaqs.com for letting me speak my piece, and for 
    the wonderful VMU save.  Thanks to Ken from the Street Fighter Grand 
    Archive and Al Amaloo at About.com Guide To Video Game Strategies for 
    their support in my FAQs.  Additionally, a BIG double thank you goes out 
    to Kao Megura(Chris MacDonald) for helping me out with the translations 
    of Amingo's specials/supers and for being an all around nice guy when 
    giving me advice on my FAQs!!  ^_^
    20. OTHER
    Amingo can be one ornery little prick if used properly, and can brawl 
    with the best of them!!!  It's a joy seeing a new style of playing 
    incorporated into the Street Fighter legend every now and then, and this 
    "cactus bastard" is one of the quirkier ones!!!  So take this knowledge 
    with you, get to the arcade and hand people their asses with a catcus!!!  
    ^_^  "A-MIN-GOOOO!!"

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