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    Hulk Combo Linking by Racewing

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 07/31/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Racewing Productions Presents:
    A Hyper Combo Linking Guide
    Character: Hulk
    Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2--New Age of Heroes
    Version: 0.75 -- 7/31/00
    Author: Geson "Racewing" Hatchett (ghatch@panix.com)
    v. 0.75 (Yes, kiddies, this is the Gamma Crush update.):
            - More in-depth information on Hulk's Gamma Crush and getting it to
            Let them try. Surprise their asses. ;)
            - More Gamma Crush DHC Strats.
            - More typos.  I will never, EEEEEEEEVER use Microsoft Word, man. :)
    Note for this update: Well, I don't have as much access to a Dreamcast as I
            used to, so I wasn't able to do a whole lot of testing this time
            around.  Luckily, some people who read my FAQ decided to step in, so
            this update will contain mostly new reader-feedback tactics,
            accompanied with notes by me.  To everyone who wrote in with their
            strats... YOU RULE!  (Even that one person who never forgave me for
            accidentally replying late to his email, but it's okay, really, it
            is. ^^)
    v. 0.73:
            -Textual cosmetic changes.
            -Fixed spelling errors (and probably added more.  Whee! :))
            -Added Gamma Crush DHC Strategies for 15 characters.
    v. 0.7: None.  This is the FAQ's debut.
    Updates to this guide will always be submitted solely to gamefaqs.com.
    Any other servers to which I've given permssion to host this guide may
    host these updates as well, but it is their resposibility to retrieve them
    from GameFAQs.  I can't keep track of you people. :)
            Marvel vs. Capcom 2 increases the comboability of several returning
    characters, often to a fault.  It's now easier than ever to cancel into a
    Hyper Combo after just one or two simple button-pushes.  My friends and I have
    often joked about how this game has degraded into nothing but
    "tap-tap-super"... it's funny, it holds true for a HELL of a lot of
    situations in that game, but I'm always inclined to believe that it still
    requires a sort of skill, albeit weird and warped in nature.
            However, who says you can't take the easy way out once in a while? :)
    We know what you want.  Screw the flashy multi-hit combos... these days, you
    want to be standing at the end, and the other guy not, as quickly as posible.
    And for this, Hyper Combos are essential. This guide will try to cover as
    many supercancels (moves/mini-combos/DHCs that end with a certain
    character's Hyper Combo, often for mucho damage) as possible.
    THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL COMBO GUIDE.  It is simply here to serve as a
    stepping stone for other combos which you are free to devise yourself.  Mix
    and match these things, and come up with your own playing style.
    It also assumes that you're somewhat familiar with MvC2, and conventional
    button notation.  However, for simplicity's sake, here's a small key:
    QCF = quarter-circle forward
    QCB = quarter-circle back
    jab, short, fierce, roundhouse, Assist 1 and Assist 2 are used as buttons.
    Most other things (such as standing, crouching attacks, etc.) are explained
    For the DHC strategies, I have broken them down into two categories:
            In: Cancelling INTO Hulk's super OUT OF his teammate's super.
            Out: Cancelling OUT of Hulk's super INTO his teammate's super.
    Create your own killer DHC's this way.  Their reliability may vary depending
    on the height of the opponent... many of the DHC's listed were tested on
    Icemans, Cables, BB Hoods, and Ruby Hearts.  Normal-sized characters.
    So... read this guide, then go forth and proceed to give those scrubby Cables
    (aka the Human Gun Turret) an ass-whooping!  :)
                                    The Hulk
            The Hulk was decent before, but now he's graduated into a powerhouse
    character for Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  He is a skill character that is definitely
    not always a safe bet to play with, but he combines general speed with immense
    power AND Super Armor... something even the lauded Juggernaut couldn't
    accomplish.  His quick power strikes, when used correctly, can help mop up
    opponents (especially the frail ones such as Akuma and Strider) with ease.
    He's got problems against certain characters (mostly due to his big size), but
    hey.  It's a matter of picking your fights, ne?
            Hopefully after this guide gets on the 'net, I'll see more people (at
    least around where I game) giving Hulk the attention he deserves.
    Now, let's get down to business.
    I. Gamma Crushing With the Hulk.
    Gamma Crush: QCB+both punch buttons.
            Hulk leaps up into the air (which sometimes sets up for the rest of
    this super), and comes down with a big moon rock.  TONS of damage.  This and
    the Gamma Wave are Hulk's two most damaging moves, bar none.  Much like the
    Juggernaut Headcrush or Hyper Viper Beam, this move is quite capable of
    ending a fight much more quickly than anticipated. :)
            However, if it misses or it's blocked, Hulk is in a heapload of
    trouble.  This is where the ol' skill factor comes in. :)
    The Problem:
            Back in MvC, it was relatively easy for Hulk to cancel into this
    Super.  If you launched the enemy (hit them with Hulk's crouching Fierce
    Punch), forget about an aircombo... you had free Gamma Crush, no matter what.
    There were those scant instances where sometimes, the game would glitch or
    the timing would be a little off, and the rock would miss the opponent a
    little bit, and maybe only do half damage.   But that was as bad as it got.
            In MvC2, though, something went horribly, horribly, wrong. :)
            Hulk seems to get dizzy and lose his sense of direction at those
    heights... cause if you try that cool little trick now, Hulk will land
    quite far from the opponent, leaving him even *more* open to counterattack
    when the other guy gets back up.  Whether this is a bug or if Capcom tried to
    tone him down, I dunno.  But it's evil, and it cost me a great many matches
    before I learned how to get my friend, the Gamma Crush, to connect once again.
    A few weeks ago, Michael Carlton (mikecharlton@hotmail.com) thought it
    not robbery to teach me more about the nature of the Gamma Crush:
    "1) The setup knocks the opponent back along a set arc for different heights
    of connection.  Seems perfect height is at to 1.25 times Hulk's height off
    the ground, as if he used it as anti-air.
    2) Despite the falling rock being controllable, there are only 3 (yes there
    are 3; more later) directions it can fall in and the distances moved will
    always be the same.
    So the crush will often miss when the opponent is too high of the ground,
    because they aren't lauched quite as far and Hulk's default falling
    direction (forward) goes too far."
    Yup, like I said.  Freakin' evil, man. Boo, Capcom.  Hiss.  C'mon.
    Well, fear not, Hulkamaniacs, cause we've got ways around this blasted glitch.
    (Yes, damnit.  I'm calling it a glitch.  Problem? ^^)
    Unless otherwise noted, these are my own findings (I don't read FAQs too
    much, especially not the combo sections, cause most of em, I can't do!)...
    these and my other tacitcs are Dreamcast-verified, and for the most part,
    arcade-verified.  But wait.  It's a nigh-perfect port, so... :)
    1) The Classic Way--Off the Launch
            Let me correct myself back up there for a second.  Launching into a
    Crush still works.  However, the trick is that Capcom reduced, by a wide
    margin, the window that you have to do the Gamma Crush in for it to hit.
    Success rate is now inversely proportional to the opponent's launch height.
    That is, the higher the opponent flies after you launch them before you pull
    off the GC, the better your chances are of... whiffing it entirely. :)
    To counteract this, pull off the crush *a split second after* you do the
    crouching Fierce.  It requires cat-like reflexes, but for the least button
    presses, it does the job.
    2) Revamping a Classic--Linking into the Launch
            It's uncanny, but it works.  Just link a simple weak attack
    (crouching works best) into the launch, then pull off the Gamma Crush without
    having to worry about doing it so fast.  So:
    c. jab -> c. fierce -> gamma crush
    will work, as well as
    c. short -> c. fierce -> gamma crush  (this is the method I use.)
    So, to summarize... "weak attack brings your window back." ^^ 
    3) Corner Tactics
            If your opponent is near the corner of the arena, Hulk has no room to
    whiff, therefore if you hit with the setup, or the launch cancel, either will
    hit with no worries whatsoever.  Go wild.
    4) The Gamma Charge
            With the advent of EX combos (being able to cancel specials into
    Supers) it's quickly being found out that hitting an opponent with a
    horizontal Gamma Charge leads to a free super of your choice with Hulk.
    Yummy.  I actually don't recommend this method... crushing after a Gamma
    Charge, at least in my experience, is waaaaaay unreliable.  I'd opt for the
    Gamma Wave instead.  Bit if you choose to use the Gamma Crush after the
    Charge, I suggest that you wait until your opponent is almost directly above
    you.  Vertical Gamma Crushes are no problem for Hulkie in terms of accuracy.
    Mr. Charlton also comes in with his own strategies.  What a guy:
    "...there are a few factors in your favor, if exploited will bring your
    gamma crushin' days back.
    1) The directability of the fall.  Forward (the default), Backward, and(now
    that bit from before)  there is a direction for the gamma crush's rock that
    it seems very few know about. (only I seem to use it at my local arcade)
    That direction is DOWN.  Yes, straight down, activated by holding the stick
    down before Hulk re-enters.
    2) That's a pretty big rock Hulk is using.  Paticularly pretty WIDE.  This
    means there is a certain window of connection horizontally as well as
    I've tried this myself and it works wonders once you get used to the new
    third direction...
    Also featured are some techniques for people who try to counter your almighty
    Gamma Crush, submitted by... well, shoot.  Mike, maybe you should write your
    own FAQ.  You're making me look like I'm mooching here! (j/k) :)
    "I love using the crush to mess with people's heads.  It seems that there are
    several set reactions to Hulk doing a crush from a distance (not a good
    idea, generally but there are ways to try to avoid countering).
    1) jump back and block, counter upon landing (air blocking reduces hits)
      This one can be frustrating, best dealt with by directing down then
    blocking low.  Jumping back with the timing to air block the crush will
    eliminate many countering options for the opponent, leaving air-dashing into
    a jump-in, air beams, and the like.
    2) dash in (to get under the crush) and counter off the bounce
      I love this one.  Direct down and teach them the ultimate Hulk lesson:
    3) dash in and block (expecting the down version)
      Direct forward to cross up and and teach them the lesson again.
    4) dash in and block forward (expecting the down version)
      Direct backward to cross up.
    5) just block and counter
      Not much to do about this one, DHC into a safe super or just suck it up."
    Well, that about covers everything. Now for what you've been waiting for...
    The DHC's!  Stick a handy-dandy Gamma Crush in your favorite DHC and watch it
    become a 100% combo very quickly.  Also makes some wicked Julienned fries.
    Fun for the whole family! 
    DHC Strategies:
    1-Captain Commando:
            *Captain Sword*
            In: None.
            Out: DHC the Crush into the Captain Sword after the last hit.  Does
            *much* more damage if performed outside of the corner.
            *Captain Storm*
            In: You can DHC the crush while all of CapCom's friends are juggling
            the opponent in the air, which does decent damage.  I've tried
            DHC'ing it after the Storm's last hit, but it seems the final Corridor
            often sends the opponent further than the Hulk can jump, unless you
            are *very* quick in cancelling it.
            Out: DHC the Crush into the Captain Storm *while the rock is hitting
            the opponent*.  This means, of course, that you have a much smaller
            (but still manageable) time window to do this in if you hit the
            opponent with the DC's setup.  The latter method, however, will hurt
            a lot more. :)  Works in and out of corner.
           *Staff Super*
           In: If you hit with the Staff Supers' setup, simply pull off the
           Crush while the Staff juggles the opponent in the air.
           Out: Cancel into the Staff while the rock hits the opponent.  The setup
           should hit.
           *"Saiyan Super" (^_^)*
           Setup for this super doesn't seem to juggle.
           *Fruit (POW) Super*
           In: Cancel this into the crush anytime while the opponent is in
           "fruit" form.  Sometimes, this seems to cause a heck of a lot more
           damage than it should...
           Out: Cancel into the super while the rock it hitting the opponent.
           Watch out though... if you hit with the Gamma Crush's setup (so that
           the opponent is on the ground before the rock hits) you'll often
    3-Tron Bonne:
           *Servbot Rush*
            In: Cancel into the Crush just as the first few Servbots approach
            the opponent.  Not really worth the damage unless done outside of the
            corner, in which case it's *very* much worth the damage.
            Out: Cancel into the Rush while rock hits.  For maximum damage, time
            the cancel for just as the last Crush hit occurs.
           *King Kobun*
            In: Doesn't seem to work.
            Out: Cancel into the Kobun as the rock hits.  This will hit most
            often if done away from the corner.
           *Juggernaut Headcrush*
           In: Doesn't seem to work.
           Out: Cancel into the headcrush while the rock hits.  For maximum
           damage, time it so the Headcrush starts right after the last hit of
           the rock.  This is sometimes enough to finish somebody off.
           *Shinkuu Hadoken*
           In: Doesn't seem to work.
           Out: Cancel into the Hadoken as rock hits.  You know the drill. :)
           *Shinkuu Hadoken (air)*
           In, Out: See Akuma's Air Shinkuu Hadoken.
           *Shin Shoryuken*
           In: Pull off the crush JUST (and I mean JUST) as the last (third) hit
           of the super occurs, and it'll juggle.  Wait too long, and it'll whiff
           because the SS launched the opponent too high.
           Alternatively, with Ryu, you could do his launcher (also c. fierce),
           cancel into this super, and have a much better window to pull off the
           Gamma Crush in.  This does decent daamge as well.
           Out: Cancel into SS as the rock hits.
           *Shinkuu Hurricane*
           In: Cancel as super hits.
           Out: Cancel as rock hits.
            *Arctic Attack (ground)*
            In, Out: See Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken.
            *Arctic Attack (air)*
            In, Out: See Akuma's Air Shinkuu Hadoken.
           *Goodnight, Sugar*
           In: Cancel into Crush anytime while Rogue's super hits.  This includes
           the finishing aerial kiss.
           Out: Cancel as rock hits.
           *Shinkuu Hadoken*
           In, Out: See Ryu.
           Air Shinkuu Hadoken:
           In: Cancel into Crush while fireballs are hitting.  Can only be done
           if Akuma is up-close.
           Out: Not applicable.
           In: If not in corner, cancel as the last (or next-to-last) hit of the
           Shoryureppa occurs.  Otherwise, cancel whenever.
           Out: Cancel as rock hits.
           Shinkuu Hurricane:
           In: Cancel into Crush as super hits.
           Out: Cancel as rock hits.
    (Note: Hmm.  From here on end, for all aerial beam supers, see Akuma's Air
    Shinkuu Hadoken, mm'kay? ^_^  Same goes for ground beams and Ryu's ground
    Shinkuu Hadoken. Unless noted otherwise, of course.) 
            *Hyper Megaman*
            In: Doesn't work unless  a) Megaman is in the corner and  b) He hits
            with the setup.  Even then, it's pitiful for damage.
            Out: To make sure this works, cancel into the Hyper MM only as the
            last hit of the rock occurs.
            *Beat Plane*
            In, Out:  Think about it.  Is this even POSSIBLE? :)
            *Rush Drill*
            In: Cancel into Crush as the Drill hits.  Works only in corner.
            Out: Not worth it. Juggles for one or two hits, then often goes in
            the other direction, freeing the opponent.
            *Hyper Roll*
            In, Out: See Hyper Megaman, except that she seems to do more damage
            than her big brother here with Hulk's help.
            *Beat Plane*
            In, Out: See Megaman.
            *Rush Drill*
            In, Out: See Megaman.
    11-Iron Man
            *Proton Cannon*
            In: If done in the corner, the Crush will hit the opponent while he'
            s on the ground after the Cannon gets canceled out of.  Strange,
            but true.
            Out: Cancel as rock hits.
    12-War Machine 
            *Proton Cannon*
            In, Out: See Iron Man.
            *War Destroyer*
            In: Cancel as missles are hitting.  Works only if WM is up close.
            Out: Cancel as rock hits.  Corner only.
            *Magnetic Shockwave*
            In: Doesn't seem to work.  Once the shockwaves hit, you can't cancel.
            Out: Cancel as rock hits.
            *Magnetic Tempest*
            In: Cancel as the super hits.
            Out: Doesn't work.  The MT's startup is too slow.
    14-Ken Masters
            In, Out: See Akuma's Shoryureppa.
            In, Out: See Akuma's Shinkuu Hurricane.
            *Shippu Jinrai Kyaku*
            In: Cancel into the Crush while the SJK hits.
            Out: For maximum hits, cancel out of the Crush at any time *before* 
            the last hit.
    15-Sakura Kasugano
            *Midaire Zakura*
            In: Cancel as super hits.
            Out: Cancel as rock hits.
            *Shinkuu Hadoken*
            In: The setup will juggle, but for some reason, the rock seems not
            Out: Cancel as rock hits.
            *Haru Ichiban*
            In, Out: See Akuma's Shinkuu Hirricane.
            *Shinkuu Hadoken (Dark Sakura only)*
            In, Out: See Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken.
    16-Strider Hiryu
            In:  Cancel into Crush as the last hits of this super takes
            place. (sent by Justus Balentine)
    17-Dr. Doom
            *Photon Array(air)*
            In: Cancel into the Crush at will, but make sure the opponent takes
            most of the super first. (sent by Mike Charlton) An ideal time to do
            this, of course, would be to follow up an aircombo that ended in a
    18-Captain America
            *Final Justice*
            In: Cancel into Crush after the last hit.  (sent by Mike Charlton)
    19-M. Bison
            *Psycho Crusher (air)*
            Out: See Doom's air Photon Array. (sent by Mike Charlton)
            *Weapon X*
            Out: Cancel after the last hit of the Crush. (sent by Mike Charlton)
    II. Gamma Quaking with the Hulk.
    Gamma Quake: QCF+both kick buttons.
            Hulk will pound the ground, causing huge chunks of rock to fall from
    the sky.  This is Hulk's least damaging super.  But... it's the Hulk.  It
    will still HURT. :)
    1) The Gamma Quake's "setup"
            The "setup" for the Gamma Quake is actually the same as Hulk's
    crouching Jab attack, complete with lack of execution time. :)  If this hits
    the opponent, the entire super will as well.  Which means that any normal
    attack that can combo into a c. jab will combo into a Gamma Quake.  Again,
    practice and see what you can find.
    2) Off the Launch
            Much simpler than getting the Gamma Crush off his launcher these days.
    Not as damaging, but definitely not useless.  C. Fierce, Gamma Quake, call it
    a day.
    3) After Specials:
            The Gamma Charge and Gamma Rip (the bit where Hulk rips up a piece of
    the ground) can both cancel into this Super.  
    III.  Gamma Waving with the Hulk.
    Gamma Wave: QCF+both punch buttons.  Hulk will rip at the ground, causing
    several chunks of rock to emerge from the ground and pummel the opponent,
    1) After a Gamma Rip
            Do this with Fierce Punch, and once the first or second hit connects,
    immediately cancel into the GW.  Incredibly easy, incredibly effective.
    2) After a Gamma Charge
            Once again, a Gamma Charge can cancel into this super.  A word of
    note however:  Just make sure that you wait a second or two after the Gamma
    Charge before cancelling so that the opponent can get into position on the
    other side of you.  Otherwise, you'll whiff.
    3) Off of Normal Attacks
            S(standing). jab and C. Jab will both cancel into this super.
            C. Fierce will also cancel into it, but it's not worth doing so--the
    damage and # of hits (8) is mediocre, plus you need to even faster in
    cancelling it than with the Gamma Crush off of a straight launch.
    Things to do:
    -Finish DHC Strategeies.  This will take a while yet...
    - Write other HCL guides, most likely starting with Tron Bonne, Roll,
    Ken, and Sakura (yeah, I've dumped SonSon) as these four plus Hulk are the
    characters I play almost exclusively. :)
    Eh.  Me.  I wrote this (mostly) by myself after testing this stuff out.
    I haven't copied off of anyone.  Really.  I'm probably (and will continue to
    be) rendered obsolote by agsf2 and shoryuken.com, but I don't care all too
    much.  I noticed a lack of Hulk FAQS out there, so here it is.  I hope to do
    HCL Guides for other characters soon.
    Thanks go to Jumpy for prereading, and Burghy for giving me the inspiration
    to even start this FAQ. ^_^
    Thanks go out to:
    Justus Balentine (captain_america3@yahoo.com)
    Michael Charlton (mikecharlton@hotmail.com)
    Chen Guojun (guojun83@hotmail.com)
    for their contributions and feedback.
    Thanks go to Capcom for creating this game, and creating Roll, one of the
    most awesome fighting game characters ever.  Long live Roll-chan! 
    Props go to all my fellow Rollers out there ^_^
    Thanks also go to CJayC for thinking enough of this guide to host it on
    GameFAQS.  (He must get tired of zillions of people saying that... ^^)
    I can be reached at ghatch@panix.com
    (And if you go to NY's Chinatown Fair arcade, look for the characters I
    mentioned up in the Afterword, and you've most likely found me. :) )
    Am I missing something?  Got a cool new supercancel (not a big combo, just a
    supercancel) or DHC?  Is something wrong in the FAQ?  Let me know!
    You'll receive credit, of course.
    Legal Thingies:
    All characters featured in this guide are copyrighted by their respective
    This guide is copyright Racewing (Geson Hatchett), 2000.  This may be
    distributed in any form you wish, but never sold.  The material herein may
    not be used for any profit-gaining resource (i.e. a magazine).  If you wish
    to use any of this info in your guide, ask me first.  I'm a pretty nice person
    so long as credit's given.
    Shameless Plug:
    Read and vote in the Fiction Fighters' Clash, the (sorta) popular vote-based
    fighting game crossover tournament fanfic, at
    It's loads of fun.  Really.  I wouldn't kid you.  Stop looking at me like

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