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    Gambit by Z-Force

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/06/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gambit FAQ for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 V1.0
    FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com
    Table of contents
    I.	Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer
    II. Version History
    III. Places to Get this FAQ
    IV. Character Introduction
    V. Legend
    VI. Colors
    VII. Assist Types
    VIII. Basic Moves
    IX. Special Attacks
    X. Super Combos
    XI. Strategies
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Z-Force.  I don't mind if you want to take this 
    FAQ and put it on your website, as long as you e-mail me first, mainly so I can 
    list you under my list of places to get the FAQ.  Do not try selling it or 
    otherwise using it to make a profit.  Also, I want to thank all of the people 
    who e-mail me with info and stuff, for this and my other FAQs as well.
    Version History
    V1.0  The Very first version
    Places to get this FAQ
    www.geocities.com/~z-force (my homepage)
    Gambit Introduction
    I don't read comics much, but I know that Gambit is a former thief, now member 
    of the X-Men.  He can charge objects with kinetic energy and use them as 
    weapons.  He made his first appearance in X-Men vs Street Fighter, and has also 
    appeared in both Marvel vs Capcom games.  He's a powerful fighter and has a 
    certain style about him, that makes him lots of fun to play.
    Legend (all moves assume character is facing right)  Throughout this FAQ, I'm 
    going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with this game and that 
    you now the basics.  If not, I recommend Kmegura's FAQ at gamefaqs.com, as it 
    will tell you everything that you would want to know.
    f = Forward
    b = Back
    u = up
    d = down
    df = Down forward
    db = Down Back
    uf = Up forward
    ub = Up Back
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Heavy Kick
    PP = 2 Punches
    KK = 2 Kicks
    A1 = Assist 1
    A2 = Assist 2
    LP = Tan coat, Blue Boots, Red Hair
    HP = Light Blue Coat, Blue Boots, Magenta Hair
    A1 =  Purple  Coat, Blue Boots, Orange Hair
    LK = Black Coat, Grey Boots, Red Hair
    HK = Brown Coat, Green Boots, Red Hair
    A2 =  Cyan Coat, Blue Boots, Red Hair
    Assist Types  For all 3 assist types, Gambit uses the Royal Flush as a Super 
    Assist.  This is a powerful super, useful in tandem with other beam supers.
    Alpha:  Gambit's Assist and Variable Counter is the Kinetic Card.  A helpful 
    long range attack, use it anytime.
    Beta:  Gambit's Assist and Variable Counter is a Weak Cajun Slash.  Useful as a 
    close range surprise move.
    Gamma:  Gambit's Assist and Variable Counter is a Crouching HP.  Though this can 
    launch the enemy, this isn't very useful due to its range.
    I'd recommend using the Alpha Assist Type
    Basic Moves Coming Soon!
    LP Standing
    LP Ducking
    LP Jumping
    HP Standing
    HP Ducking
    HP Jumping
    LK Standing
    LK Ducking
    LK Jumping
    HK Standing
    HK Ducking
    HK Jumping
    Special Attacks
    Kinetic Card: d, df, f, P
    Gambit Charges up some cards and tosses them at the foe.  Like a fireball, but 
    with a twist.  If the opponent is not blocking, they are instantly hit with the 
    attack.  You can also do the move in midair, to throw cards downward.
    Trick Card d, db, b, P
    Gambit Charges up the cards and throws them upward.  This is useful as an anti 
    air move, though it can be hard to hit with.  You may want to stick with a 
    crouching HP instead.
    Cajun Slash: f, d, df, P
    Gambit will strike the foe with his staff.  LP produces a short quick strike.  
    It has good speed and range, making is a useful surprise move.  HP does a 3 hit 
    attack, starting with a quick hopping attack.  This variation is best used as a 
    combo ender, since it has a slightly longer start up time.
    Cajun Escape:  Charge d, u (or uf or ub) then P followed by P or K
    Gambit leaps high into the air.  This is useful to get out of a corner or other 
    tough predicaments.
    Cajun Strike:  Charge d, u (or uf or ub) then K
    Same as the Escape, but Gambit will drop down and strike his foe.  Used in 
    conjunction with the Cajun Escape, you can create a tricky pattern to mess up 
    your foe.
    Super Combos
    Royal Flush: d, df, f, PP
    Gambit throws his staff up in the air and throws a ton of cards at the enemy.  
    Useful as a beam type super.  If you connect, you can do a lot of damage.  The 
    staff can hit the foe if they are directly above you.  In general, Gambit's best 
    Cajun Explosion d, df, f, (or d, db, b,) KK
    Gambit leaps toward the wall.  If he reaches it, he blasts the foe with some big 
    cards.  This move is less versatile than the Flush, but does good damage if you 
    get it to work.  Remember, you must hit the wall before the move will come out.
    Strategies Coming Soon!

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