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    Crowd Pleasers Guide by JChristopher

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/30/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ                                       _//
      ÛÛÛ°°°°°ÛÛÛ \o__ __o                             _//
     ÛÛÛ     °°°   |     |>          >=>      >=>      _//
    °ÛÛÛ          / \   < >  d8888b   >=>  >  >=>  _// _//
    °ÛÛÛ          \o/       d8P' ?88  >=> >>  >=> _/   _//
    °°ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ  |        88b  d88  >=>>  >=>=> _/   _//
     °°ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  / \       `?8888P' >==>    >==>  _// _//
     ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ   /\\
    °°ÛÛÛ°°°°°ÛÛÛ  /\\
     °ÛÛÛ    °ÛÛÛ  /\\    O))      8888b.  ________    O))    >< ><<< ________
     °ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ   /\\  O)   O))      "88b __  ___/  O)   O))  ><<    __  ___/
     °ÛÛÛ°°°°°°    /\\ O))))) O)) .d888888 _(__  )  O))))) O)) ><<    _(__  )
     °ÛÛÛ          /\\ O)         888  888 /____/   O)         ><<    /____/
     ÛÛÛÛÛ        /\\\   O))))    "Y888888            O))))   ><<<
    by Joseph Christopher <sirlordjoseph@icqmail.com>
    version 1.2
    Nov. 30, 2000
    this faq is copyright 2000-2001 Joseph Christopher
    I didn't believe there will come a time when I'll have to write something          
    like this just to remind some people of what they all should be knowing            
    by heart :( Anyway, here goes...                                                   
    By gaining access to this faq you agree to the following terms:                    
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    ||     Examples of this harm include physical ones, such as getting mauled       ||
    ||     by someone who lost to you via a technique found in this faq, and         ||
    ||     emotional ones, such as experiencing humiliation upon the use or          ||
    ||     most likely misuse of yet another technique found in this faq.            ||
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    ||     legal actions will be taken. If at any point you disagree to this         ||
    ||     or any of the above statements, delete this faq immediately and discard   ||
    ||     any help it has done for you.                                             ||
    ||                                                                               ||
    * This society does not care if you're the dumbest vegetable on earth,             
      if you do something wrong, someone will make you pay the price! ;)               
    * There are many primary reasons for striving to be the best in arcade---
      specifically fighting---games. Many do it to be able to make time fly
      by without having to spend a lot and without having to get bored. Others
      just love to experience the excitement that is being challenged by a
      worthy opponent. And still others do it for a living ;) But whatever
      our main reasons are, we must admit that we all have, at least as a minor
      reason, this urge to please the crowd. Yup, that's right! And this FAQ
      just aims to give you some tips on how to gain the admiration of newbies
      and veterans alike.
    Why read this guide:
       I. Legend
      II. General Moves
     III. Back Stage
      IV. Insert Coin
       V. Ready.....Fight!
      VI. K.O. - You Win
     VII. Suggestions
    VIII. Credits
      IX. Revision History
       X. Final Words
     ____      __    ____   ___  ____  _  _  ____
    (_  _)    (  )  ( ___) / __)( ___)( \( )(  _ \
     _)(_      )(__  )__) ( (_-. )__)  )  (  )(_) )
    (____)()  (____)(____) \___/(____)(_)\_)(____/
    U - up
    D - down
    B - back
    F - forward
    N - neutral
    + - at the same time
    P - any punch
    K - any kick
    L - low
    M - medium
    H - high
    A - partner A
    B - partner B
    / - or
     ____  ____       ___  ____  _  _  ____  ____    __    __
    (_  _)(_  _)     / __)( ___)( \( )( ___)(  _ \  /__\  (  )
     _)(_  _)(_     ( (_-. )__)  )  (  )__)  )   / /(__)\  )(__
    (____)(____)()   \___/(____)(_)\_)(____)(_)\_)(__)(__)(____)
                     __  __  _____  _  _  ____  ___
                    (  \/  )(  _  )( \/ )( ___)/ __)
                     )    (  )(_)(  \  /  )__) \__ \
                    (_/\/\_)(_____)  \/  (____)(___/
    dash           - F,F / B,B (goes in direction you choose)
    super jump     - D,U / D,UF / D,UB (goes in direction you choose)
    guard push     - LP+HP (while blocking)
    taunt          - press start
    call partner A - A
    call partner B - B
    tag partner A  - LP+LK
    tag partner B  - HP+HK
    snapback       - D,DF,F+A/B
    tag super      - A+B
    * let me explain a few things about some of the general moves:
    call partner - Depending on which partner you called he/she will basically
                   just enter the screen, do an attack, and leave. Each fighter
                   has three kinds of help to offer, and you'll have to select
                   and see each of these helps to believe them.
    tag partner - your partner will enter the screen, attacking anything in
                  front of him or her, but you probably already know that by
                  now, don't you?
    snapback  - what looks like SFEX's guard crush is actually a move that's
                new to us fighting game lovers. What does it do? Knock the
                current opponent out of the game preventing him from re-entering
                for a span of a few seconds---sounds cool, but I don't use it
                much mostly cause it's blockable.
    tag super - common to crossover fans, this move no longer needs at least
                two levels of super charged up. Also unlike in previous crossover
                games, this super does not leave you with a new character
                under your control, rather, you still end up in control of
                the character that started the super.
    * one last note : supers can now be cancelled into yet another one! Don't
                      get it? Think: Ryu does a Shinkuu Hadouken, and while
                      the opponent is getting the brunt of it, Ryu stops, out
                      comes Akuma, and continues the torture with his Messatsu
                      Gou Shoryuu---cool! This makes combos a lot more rewarding,
                      but damage buffering should still be taken under consideration.
     ____  ____  ____      ____    __     ___  _  _  ___  ____    __     ___  ____
    (_  _)(_  _)(_  _)    (  _ \  /__\   / __)( )/ )/ __)(_  _)  /__\   / __)( ___)
     _)(_  _)(_  _)(_      ) _ < /(__)\ ( (__  )  ( \__ \  )(   /(__)\ ( (_-. )__)
    (____)(____)(____)()  (____/(__)(__) \___)(_)\_)(___/ (__) (__)(__) \___/(____)
    First of all you gotta prepare yourself for your visit to whatever arcade
    you have in mind. There ain't nothing to it if yer already quite a personality
    at yer local arcade, but if ya plan on venturing somewhere new, you can
    take the first step towards crowd pleasing via the attitude you take with
    you. Here are a few suggestions:
    The M.I.B. Agent: Yup, wear a black suit, black everything, and shades.
                      Walk with your head held up high, chest out, stomach
                      in. Look everyone in the eye, be as stiff as you can
                      be, but look very comfortable once you sit on the MvC2
                      stool (don't slouch!). Show no emotion whatsoever, 'cept
                      maybe for an eyebrow raise once in a while, when he
                      lets you eat a super. Make no unnecessary and abrupt
                      actions. Stay calm, and never show any signs of surprise
                      or frustration when the opponent pulls off something
                      big. Be careful with your hands. Don't let them reveal
                      your true feelings of excitement.
    The Nerd: The entire opposite of the M.I.B. agent. Wear clothes that don't
              match, thick eyeglasses, and DON'T comb your hair. Don't even
              shave if you usually do. Bring some school supplies, especially
              those ultra-thick Math and Science books, or even an encyclopedia
              if you really wanna dig in to the act. Now give a couple o'
              shy, very shy, smiles to some of the people before you play.
              Slouch a lot and keep your face very close to those buttons.
              Make sure you look more at those buttons than at the screen
              itself. When playing, be as oblivous as you can be from the
              world around you.
    The Politician: Give everyone you see a nice, warm smile and welcome them
                    with a handshake or even a hug. When you are challenged,
                    comment on how cool his style is, and try giving him an
                    optimistic speech even as he is already losing the match.
                    Be very willing to give some advices as to how certain
                    moves and combos can or should be used, but don't forget
                    to tell him that his combos and style of play has potential.
                    As for the audience, always talk to one or two or even
                    all of them as if you're trying to convince them that
                    the other guy is a very good player (only you are better,
    The Loudmouth: Well obviously the only thing you'll have to remember to
                   successfully portray the Loudmouth is to never stop talking
                   (correction: yelling) on just about everything that is
                   happening in the game. Like when you've just been thrown,
                   yell, "WTF WAS I THINKING!? WHY DID I FALL FOR THAT?" and
                   when you get a super to connect, "IN YOUR FACE!! HOW DOES
                   THAT FEEL!!??". Get the point? As for clothing, just wear
                   something comfortable, or something really loose, and I
                   mean really. Be as proud of yourself as you can be, but
                   refrain from spilling any comments not related to the game.
                   If you do your act right, even your opponent might laugh
                   a bit. Try it, it feels good =p
    The Professional: Wear the typical office-worker type of attire (coat
                      and tie, pressed everything, etc.) and greet everyone
                      with a quick nod. Bring some folders and binders with
                      lotsa files falling out---intentionally. An almost
                      useless pair of eyeglasses will also help improve your
                      image. Formally introduce yourself as someone who'll
                      either head an MVC2 Official Strategy Guide, an MVC2
                      website, or a reseach on the psychological effects
                      and/or epileptic tendencies of prolonged exposure to
                      video games. Now in the middle of the match cry, "Wait,
                      wait!" and proceed with taking down some notes. Ask
                      some personal info from your opponent like familylike,
                      working life, lovelife, etc.
    The Pokemon Trainer: A scrubby red-and-white cap, a scrubby black shirt
    [inspired by         and blue vest, scrubby jeans, and scrubby rubby
     Miguel Raya]        shoes and you're ready to go. Now choose some really
                         wacky characters like Amingo and Sonson or even some
                         serious yet out-of-this-world ones like Shuma Gorath
                         and Anakaris. And here's the fun part: let's take
                         Amingo for example: whenever you plan to do a super
                         or a special move, yell something like, "AMINGO,
                         RUSH ATTACK!" and proceed with the rush. If you're
                         gonna ask for Sonson's help, then yell first, "GO,
                         SONSON!" and if you're gonna switch to Shuma Gorath
                         then yell, "SHUMA GORATH, I CHOOSE YOU!" or "AWW,
                         AMINGO, R U HURT? RETURN! SHUMA GORATH, GO!" You
                         know you could even bring a Gameboy of some sort
                         and try to "analyze" your opponent's characters
                         or even your opponent! ;)
    The Fanatic: Dress as your favorite arcade character. 'Nuff said.
    You enter the arcade and humbly look around. What do you see? (besides
    the games, dammit!) Yup, people. There simply are many types, and by
    deciding which type consistutes the majority of your future audience,
    you should be able to decide what kinda strategy you'll pull off to please
    most, if not all of them.
    Types of players/audience: (these are just my opinion, ok?)
    1) regular loner       - would probably range from the above average to
                             expert player. These are the types of people
                             who just play all day or whenever they have the
                             free time. They do not need to socialize, for
                             arcade games are their only lives. Easily impressed
                             by big, nasty combos, fairly impressed by flashiness,
                             but not impressed at all by someone who picks
                             the more uncommon characters in the game.
    2) underage w/ parent  - knows abosulutely nothing about Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
                             in particular, and views all arcade games as one
                             and the same. And their parents usually know
                             even less. They'll just sit near you and mash
                             the buttons of the other player's side if it is
                             unoccupied. Easily impressed by loud moves and
                             supers, fairly impressed by bright moves and supers,
                             but definitely not impressed at all by the more
                             technical OTGs, Aerial Raves, etc.
    3) scrub w/ girlfriend - thinks he's the greatest, and won't easily be
                             impressed by anything you throw at him. He can,
                             however, be highly pissed (AKA scared) by big,
                             nasty combos that end in supers, fairly pissed
                             by flashiness, and fortunately not pissed at all
                             with cheap, low quality beammers (because he
                             probably would be one himself). As for the cute
                             girlfriend, she'll probably know just one thing
                             that the underage won't: that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
                             is a combination of people from Marvel Comics
                             and Capcom games! Easily impressed by colorful
                             and/or wacky supers, fairly impressed by an all-
                             girl's team, and unfortunately not impressed at
                             all by the more demonic characters.
    4) worker              - is almost always an average player. There will
                             be some who are below average and some who are
                             above, but those are always rare occasions in
                             any arcade. Being an average player, he would
                             know of everything about the game, 'cept maybe
                             for those winning tactics only gained through
                             experience. Easily impressed by high-flying moves,
                             aerial raves, and Shinryuken type supers, fairly
                             impressed by the all-or-miss type of supers that
                             combo the opponent upon successful execution,
                             but, like the loner, will not be impressed at
                             all by someone who picks the more uncommon characters
                             in the game.
    5) group of friends    - my favorite type of audience, this will be usually
                             composed of above average players, though one
                             or two of them could be either a newbie or a
                             toughie =p Either way, one of them is bound to
                             be highly impressed by any something you pull-off,
                             and when that happens his friends get fairly
                             impressed as well, thus you have already pleased
                             an entire crowd. Easily impressed by any Super
                             that drowns the opponent in energy (eg. Beam
                             Supers and Vacuum Supers), fairly impressed
                             by flashiness and Delayed Supers, still fairly
                             impressed by someone who uses joke characters,
                             and of course still fairly impressed by choosing
                             teams whose members have some sort of theme.
                             (eg. clothing colors) Not impressed at all by
                             those "prejudiced" characters like Cable, Akuma,
                             and Strider Hiryu.
    6) first timer         - would know a thing or two on the other, older
                             games, but wouldn't know anything about Marvel
                             Vs. Capcom 2 in particular. He's the type that
                             actually still brings a mag or two in the arcades
                             for quick reference on moveslists and stuff like
                             that. Easily impressed by someone who choses
                             another game's boss (eg. Thanos from MSH), fairly
                             impressed by big, flashy combos, but not impressed
                             at all by someone who choses the joke characters
                             (mostly because he doesn't even know that they're
                             jokes, yet).
    7) passerby            - THE hardest to please of them all, since, besides
                             the very short amount of time he'll allow you
                             to show-off before he continues towards his planned
                             destination, he also is, at this point, neither
                             interested in you nor in the arcade itself. He
                             is just, as his type suggests, a passerby. Your
                             best bets on impressing him would be limited
                             to three-man supers involving characters executing
                             wide-spread projectile supers. And if you ain't
                             charged up for that, any wacky super would do.
     ____  _  _      ____  _  _  ___  ____  ____  ____     ___  _____  ____  _  _
    (_  _)( \/ )    (_  _)( \( )/ __)( ___)(  _ \(_  _)   / __)(  _  )(_  _)( \( )
     _)(_  \  /      _)(_  )  ( \__ \ )__)  )   /  )(    ( (__  )(_)(  _)(_  )  (
    (____)  \/  ()  (____)(_)\_)(___/(____)(_)\_) (__)    \___)(_____)(____)(_)\_)
    Let's assume you have now inserted your coin/s and pressed the infamous
    Start button. The screen brightens, and you are given a total of 56 (or
    less, depending on your arcade) characters to choose from. Are you sure
    you still wanna please the crowd? Then read on: The first thing you can
    do is pick someone that is an attention-grabber. He/she should either be
    a joke character, someone awkward, someone hard to learn, or just simply
    someone not normally chosen in your local arcade.
    Choice Picks for Crowd Pleasing: (according to rank)
    1) Dan        - Well who else would get first place but THE joker himself,
                    Dan!! Everyone, even SF newbies, at least have heard
                    about Dan's advanced weaknesses, and if they don't then
                    all you have to do is launch a Gadouken early in the
                    game. Now THERE'S your weakness!!
    2) Roll       - And yet another addition to Capcom's arsenal of jokes,
                    this little cute girl made her debut in the first Marvel
                    Vs. Capcom, and at least there she had throws that deal
                    damage like those of Ryu. Now, however, she has become
                    a full-blown joke: Her attacks are weaker than ever, and
                    now she even takes damage like a baby.
    3) Kobun      - He's a LEGO man for Pete's sake, ain't you at least forming
                    an evil/perplexed/amused grin by now? Also takes (and
                    deals) damage like a baby, but is at least just about as
                    cute as Roll, and with the ability to summon even more
                    cuteness via his helpers (all of which, of course, also
                    look like him). Plus the King Kobun super is one of the
                    most insulting things to get caught in. Heh...
    4) Amingo     - And since the three above are all characters that require
                    unlocking, you'll have to have someone who's already there
                    since the availability of the game in the arcades, namely
                    Amingo. He already has the potential to be a cool fighter,
                    but that doesn't remove the fact that he has a LOT of
                    wacky, awkward moves that'd keep your opponent at bay
                    and simultaneously keep your audience rolling with laughter.
                    The sight of him already makes me chuckle :D
    5) Tron Bonne - No, definitely NOT a joke character, but the fact that
                    she is quite awkward to use, the fact that she is quite
                    an uncommon choice, AND of course the fact that she utilizes
                    a LOT of Kobuns makes her a sound choice if all ya wanna
                    do is have some fun by pleasing the crowd. Use those gun
                    moves a lot, since it really is funny to see that Kobun
                    pair holding on to the opponent with all their weak might!
    6) Anakaris   - And again, NOT a joke character, but also again an awkward
                    one to use. Well at least his attacks come out of nowhere
                    and can easily confuse your opponent. Just hope that you
                    don't get confused first, or you're dust. Try using those
                    supers of his that require button tapping to execute (eg.
                    the Shun Goku Satsu types), since it's these that overflow
                    with flashiness. Oh and, don't forget, if you really are
                    devoted to pleasing the crowd, try to nail each challenger
                    at least twice with his morpher move (Kneel before your
                    master! Heheheh)
    7) Ruby Heart - Blonde babes never fail to please a crowd, don't they?
                    Ok, she ain't no joke, and she ain't even awkward to use.
                    So why chose her? Well for one thing, she is new, and almost
                    everyone is just dying to see what she can do. And another
                    thing is her supers, which is either flashy or wacky.
                    The charging super and the boat ones spell the flash,
                    while the barrel and ghost ones can give the laughs. Did
                    you know those Ghosts will stay on your opponent and
                    almost always cover his face even after the super? For
                    a considerable amount of time? Totally embarassing!
    8) Sonson     - Now we even move on the more formidable opponents. Why
                    Sonson? Well, for one thing she's not a very common choice
                    in the arcades, for another thing her taunt is one of
                    the cuter/more annoying ones, and lastly because of her
                    POW super. Ever got caught in that? How did it feel?
                    Funny? Amusing? Embarrasing? Annoying? Either way, it
                    still is a cool super to pull off, and definitely makes 
                    Sonson one of the better crowd pleasers.
    Of course, there also are those "prejudiced" characters that'd make you
    look cheap no matter how you play. Only the most expert of experts will
    applaud you for your work if you try your best not to use these guys
    cheaply, but by that time many a player would have already considered
    himself of greater skill level than you.
    Definite no-nos for Crowd Pleasing: (according to rank)
    1) Cable         - (sound of bullets)x4, Viper Beam, (sound of energy
                       building up), Hyper Viper Beam, (sound of bullets)x4,
                       Viper Beam, (sound of energy building up), Hyper Viper
                       Beam, (sound of bullets)x4, Viper Beam, (sound of energy
                       building up), Hyper Viper Beam, (sound of bullets)x4,
                       Viper Beam, (sound of energy building up), Hyper Viper
                       Beam, (sound of bullets)x4, Viper Beam, (sound of energy
                       building up), Hyper Viper Beam,.....SO WHAT ELSE IS
                       NEW, DAMMIT!???
    2) Megaman       - ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...
                       ey!...Hyper Megaman!............ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...
                       ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...Hyper Megaman!......
                       ey!...ey!...Hyper Megaman!............ey!...ey!...ey!...
                       ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...ey!...Hyper Megaman!......
                       ey!...ey!...Hyper Megaman!............HOLY SH*T, EVEN
                       MORE REDUNDANCIES!!!
    3) Strider Hiryu - this ninja, and specifically his former main weapon,
                       the Ouroboros, has been weakened, a lot. First of
                       all, it lasts in so short a period of time that a simple
                       super jump-> double jump tactic can keep you from it.
                       Supers are now forbidden while in Ouroboros mode, and
                       so are Delayed ones. But think: there are millions
                       and millions of Strider users out there, and each one
                       has wiped the MvC1 floor with the asses of tons of other
                       players. Get the idea of how many anti-Strider people
                       there are in our world today?.....
    4) Akuma         - Capcom has been trying their best to balance this
                       character out by making him take damage like a baby,
                       and while it seldom works in non-Vs. games like SF3,
                       it does here. Actually the shotos in general never
                       were too advantaged in the Vs. series, so why does
                       everyone still think an Akuma user in MvC2 is cheap?
                       Stereotypical tendencies, I guess. Plus the fact that
                       he and Ken now has a bug that enables them to deal a
                       super's damage without even using up a single energy
                       bar. Awww, shucks!
    5) Iceman        - Many people complain about the awesome chip damage his
                       Ice Beam deals, many complain about the zero damage
                       dealt by energy attacks (and a few others) on him when
                       they are blocked, and still many more complain of both.
                       So why doesn't anyone notice the fact that he has only
                       ONE super in his arsenal? that he can die by a single
                       Juggernaut Headcrush? that most, if not all the other
                       supers in the game take more than half his life away?
                       And that his "no block damage" feature only works well
                       against the cheapest of the cheap? WHY!? I used to use
                       Iceman ONLY as a helper (thus never getting to use his
                       "no block damage" feature), but still lots of people
                       think I'm cheap. WHY!? Ow, wells...
    6) Wolverine     - hit you once, whether while jumping, standing or crouching,
                       and a highly experienced Wolverine user could find
                       his way to a Berserker Barrage X or even a Fatal Claw.
                       Such is the "cheapness" of Wolverine, even if there
                       really is no cheap tactic when using him. The only
                       prob with Wolvie then was he was way too advantaged
                       to lose even against above average players. Now, however,
                       he has been totally weakend. But still, it will take
                       quite some time (maybe even longer) for the common
                       audience to realize that.
    7) Wolverine II  - Well, who else do you think would follow Wolvie's footsteps
                       in any form of ranking but this guy?
    8) Cyclops       - is slowly but surely gaining the reputation of being
                       a cheap keep-awayer. I mean, a Mega Optic Blast in
                       mid-air? Puh-leeze! His combo skills have also been
                       increased, and so is his optic blasts' speed, range,
                       and damage. His normal attacking priority has never
                       lost any luster at all, and he can still very well
                       incorporate a confuser's strategy during gameplay.
                       He wasn't really an underdog in any of his previous
                       appearances in fighting games, was he? So why is he
                       being further enhanced? I can only assume...
    And since there are times when you really can't help but include at least
    one of your favorite characters in your crowd-pleaser team, I've come
    up with alternative ways to please the audience without using joke characters
    and avoiding the prejudiced ones. One of these alternatives is to pick
    a team whose general color scheme can easily be identified.
    Uni-colored Teams: (1=LP, 2=LK, 3=HP, 4=HK, 5=A, 6=B)
    Common Color______|_Common Theme______________|_Members/Button Used__|
                      |                           |                      |
    Pink (Hair)       | Cute Females              | Morrigan       / 5   |
                      |                           | Roll           / 6   |
                      |                           | Ruby Heart     / 3   |
                      |                           |                      |
    Pink (Overall)    | Capcom's Femme Fatales    | Cammy          / 4   |
                      |                           | Chunli         / 2   |
                      |                           | Jill           / 2   |
                      |                           |                      |
                      | Abnormal(mutant) Chicks   | Felicia        / 4   |
                      |                           | Psylocke       / 3   |
                      |                           | Sonson         / 5   |
                      |                           |                      |
                      | Males (you damn right)    | Dan            / 1   |
                      |                           | Zangief        / 3   |
                      |                           | Jin            / 5   |
                      |                           |                      |
    White             | Male Shotokans            | Akuma          / 3   |
                      |                           | Ken            / 3   |
                      |                           | Ryu            / 1   |
                      |                           |                      |
    Black (Overall)   | Size Does Matter          | Blackheart     / 3   |
                      |                           | Sentinel       / 4   |
                      |                           | Juggernaut     / 2   |
                      |                           |                      |
                      | Small but Terrible        | Kobun          / 2   |
                      |                           | Roll           / 2   |
                      |                           | B.B. Hood      / 6   |
                      |                           |                      |
    Black (Outfit) w/ | none (colors are enough)  | Akuma          / 1   |
    Red Hair and Dark |                           | Cammy          / 6   |
    Skin Tone         |                           | Felicia        / 6   |
                      |                           |                      |
                      |                           |                      |
    (more to come, I still have to research on this. I don't have a Dreamcast,
     so if someone is kind enough to send me some color theming suggestions,
     I'd appreciate it very much, and give you full credit, of course)
    The second alternative is to give your team a theme. Most of the ones
    listed below have titles and themes that are quite obvious, but some
    require a little explanation, thus will only have the potential to please
    those who know you personally.
    Themed Teams:
    1) Shotokan Karate Team          - Ryu, Akuma, Ken
    2) Bad-ass Bosses Team           - Bison, Magneto Thanos
    3) Play n' Learn Team            - Megaman, Roll, Tron Bonne
    4) Tough Chicks' Team            - Psylocke, Marrow, Ruby Heart
    5) Glow, Grow, and Go Team       - Megaman, Roll, Sonson
    6) All-American Team             - Guile, Charlie, Capt. America
    7) WTF!? Team                    - Amingo, Kobun, Shuma Gorath
    8) Awesome Eye Wear Team         - Cyclops, Capt. Commando, Charlie
    9) Team Tekken (iron fist)       - Ironman, War Machine, Sentinel
    10) Team Die Hard                - Akuma, Blackheart, Anakaris
    11) Team House of the Undead     - Ruby Heart, Jill, Blackheart
    12) Team of the Rising Sun       - Ryu, Silver Samurai, Jin
    13) The Original Green Team      - Shuma Gorath, Hulk, Amingo
    14) The Original Blue Team       - Megaman, Capt. America, Venom
    15) The Original White Team      - Ryu, Jin, Iceman
    16) The Original Red Team        - Ken, Omega Red, Bison
    17) The Original Yellow Team     - Wolverine, Wolverine II, Anakaris
    18) The Hover Team               - Bison, Magneto, Storm
    19) The Beam Team                - Cyclops, Iceman, Magneto
    20) The Assisted                 - Sabretooth, Capt. Commando, Morrigan
    21) The Legionnaires             - Strider Hiryu, Megaman, Roll
    22) The Captains                 - Capt. America, Capt. Commando, Ruby Heart
    23) The Swordsmen                - Strider Hiryu, Silver Samurai, Hayato
    24) The Big Oxen                 - Zangief, Hulk, Juggernaut
    25) The Elementals               - Magneto, Storm, Iceman
    26) The Men with the Iron Masks  - Ironman, War Machine, Dr. Doom
    27) The Men (!)                  - Ironman, Iceman, Spiderman
    28) The Taunters                 - Dan, Spiderman, Venom
    29) The Hookers                  - Morrigan, Rogue, Ruby Heart
    30) The Communists               - Zangief, Colossus, Omega Red
    31) The Naked Truth              - Felicia, Blackheart, Venom
    32) The Power Puff Girls         - Roll, B.B. Hood, Sonson
    33) MSH Shoryuken Fan Club       - Capt. America, Cyclops, Spiderman
    34) SF Veterans                  - Ryu, Chunli, Zangief
    35) SF Justice Seekers           - Chunli, Guile, Charlie
    36) SF Awesome Hairstyle Team    - Akuma, Guile, Charlie
    37) White-eyed SFs               - Akuma, Dhalsim, Bison
    38) White-eyed Marvels           - Omega Red, Storm, Spiral
    39) Women of Darkstalkers        - Morrigan, Felicia, B.B. Hood
    40) Women of Street Fighter      - Chunli, Cammy, Sakura
    41) X-Women                      - Rogue, Storm, Psylocke
    42) Capcom's Old Schoolers       - Strider Hiryu, Megaman, Capt. Commando
    43) MSH Veterans                 - Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk
    44) MVC Helpers                  - Cyclops, Colossus, Iceman
    45) Capcom's Wide Smilers        - Bison, Zangief, B.B. Hood
    46) Marvel's Wide Smilers        - Omega Red, Sabretooth, Hulk
    47) Armed and Dangerous          - Cable, B.B. Hood, Jill
    48) Multi-armed and Dangerous    - Shuma Gorath, Spiral, Omega Red
    49) Stretchy-armed and Dangerous - Dhalsim, Anakaris, Sentinel
    50) Well-equiped and Dangerous ;)- Morrigan, Psylocke, Rogue
    51) Weapon X'ers                 - Wolverine, Sabretooth, Omega Red
    52) Mega-morphers                - Sakura, Zangief, Spiral
    53) Teleporters                  - Dhalsim, Bison, Spiral
    54) Refillers                    - Jill, Amingo, Sonson
    55) Robotics Facilitators        - Sentinel, Jin, Strider Hiryu
    56) Feudal Warriors              - Silver Samurai, Strider Hiryu, Psylocke
    57) Exhibitionists               - Morrigan, Jin, Roll
    58) Lords of the Underwear       - Chunli, Sakura, Zangief
    59) Fashion Models               - Morrigan, Rogue, Hayato
    60) Leadership Awardees          - Capt. America, Cyclops, Capt. Commando
    61) Micromachines                - Megaman, Roll, Kobun
    62) Human Animals                - Sonson, Spiderman, Felicia
    63) Wolvie and the Pussy Cats    - Wolverine, Sabretooth, Felicia
    64) Death from Above             - Dr. Doom, Psylocke, Morrigan
    65) Sister Act                   - Morrigan, Roll, Felicia
    66) Puppy Love                   - Jill, B.B. Hood, Strider Hiryu
    67) Burn Baby Burn               - Dhalsim, Capt. Commando, Zangief
    68) Wolvie Must Die              - Silver Samurai, Omega Red, Sabretooth
    69) Charlie's Angels             - Cammy, Jill, Psylocke
    70) Crouch Potatoes              - Spiderman, Marrow, Wolverine
    * Remember to always pick your characters casually, so as to make it
      look like you're just playing for the sake of playing. Try to take
      quite a awhile to complete your every team member, and act as if you're
      even trying to FIND that freakin character's face. Don't take too long
      though, since MvC2 has a Character Select timer which will assign your
      team members and their assist types for you if you're as slow as a snail
      going uphill.
    * As for the Assist Types, assigning yourself a set of these also has
      some kind of crowd pleasing aspect to it. Just remember to either choose
      an alpha, a beta, and a gamma type of assist or just choose three alphas,
      three betas, or three gammas. Choosing two assists of the same type
      and one of another won't catch as much attention (minor as it may be)
      as doing what I have just suggested above.
    * And finally for added effect, try to warm up by stretching your arms,
      neck, and fingers. Try some button tapping now and then and make it
      look like you're actually practicing a major combo or somethin. Now
      look around you, then somewhere far away, and finally at your opponent,
      and smile. Do the "dance" (quickly: left-right-left-right-left...) with
      your character before the match starts, and then get ready for one hell
      of a show! ;)
     _  _      ____  ____    __    ____   _  _
    ( \/ )    (  _ \( ___)  /__\  (  _ \ ( \/ )
     \  /      )   / )__)  /(__)\  )(_) ) \  /
      \/  ()  (_)\_)(____)(__)(__)(____/  (__) ()()()()()()()()()()
               ____  ____   ___  _   _  ____   /\ /\ /\
              ( ___)(_  _) / __)( )_( )(_  _)  )( )( )(
               )__)  _)(_ ( (_-. ) _ (   )(    \/ \/ \/
              (__)  (____) \___/(_) (_) (__)   () () ()
    You were peacefully showing-off when suddenly some scrub decides to ask
    first-hand proof of your skill. Will he really do that or is he just
    another opportunity to show-off even more? Here's how you'll know (or
    at least guess inteligently):
    1) Immediately chooses Dan - WOW! He must be freakin sure of himself,
                                 or maybe he's just tryin to freak you out.
                                 Beware these rare occasions...
    2) Immediately chooses Megaman - #%@$&n cheap@$$!! Though there are a
                                     few whose best bet is Megaman because
                                     of his combos, so watch out for that.
    3) Takes too long to decide - an average player not able to choose the
                                  last character in his team because he doesn't
                                  know anyone well anymore, OR, is trying
                                  to analyze which characters best suit your
    4) Holds the joystick at the top - knows little about playing video games.
                                       Probably is a masher and will eventually
                                       ruin the joystick itself if you get
                                       him too excited.
    5) Holds the joystick from below - knows even less about playing video
                                       games and would probably even suck
                                       at mashing. At least he won't be as
                                       destructive (on the joysticks) as the
    6) Does some button-tapping - is probably already practicing something
                                  like a Shun Goku Satsu. Beware, that particular
                                  super may be a little too easy to avoid,
                                  but it will connect on overconfident beings.
    7) First move is a dash-in - an average combo-freak. Will usually attack
                                 low after that dash-in and when successful,
                                 will instantly whip out a super-linked
                                 aerial rave. Poof! Half your life is gone.
                                 Fortunately a simple partner call will
                                 stuff his attacks.
    8) First move is a dash-out - an average turtler. Will usually throw
                                  a beam move or summon a helper after that
                                  dash-out. Do an instant super and both his
                                  men will surely suffer!
    9) Sticks to you before round starts - an above-average to expert opponent.
                                           He can follow-up with just about
                                           anything that comes to mind, but
                                           if he ALWAYS follows up with the
                                           same moves over and over, then
                                           maybe he's just an average player
                                           who learned that technique from
                                           someone else.
    10) Walks - below average! There is but one instance when you would like
                to walk: to throw. And if you are pitted against someone
                who actually walks instead of dashing or jumping in, then
                you know you can show-off with that guy ^_^
    The round starts, so what's your first move gonna be? Think about it.
    Going defensive doesn't please the crowd at all, since you're being a
    turtle and nobody wants to watch a turtle do its thing. On the other
    hand, going offensive might lead you into eating a super very early in
    the game, and that just makes you even more laughable. It really is your
    choice. Try to guess what the opponent has in mind and attack with your
    own appropriate moves.
    Sadly, (but fortunately for others), the first move of the game, may it
    be an ultra success or not, DOES NOT determine anybody's skill in playing,
    or, as I'd prefer, crowd pleasing. This game features many, many things,
    and it's up to you to figure them out and use them well.
    We now move on to the real mayhem that is MVC2. Here are a few of the
    many in-game techniques you can utilize to keep yourself standing above
    the rest:
    Aerial Raves - combos that are done in mid-air. Usually starts with a
                   launcher, and everyone has one. Should be second nature
                   to average players and no longer impress anyone but the
                   ultra newbies. There are, however, a number of air combos
                   that can still be considered flashy and can bring out that
                   hidden smile from a couple of your viewers: (a jump-in
                   you MAY add while a dash-in you MUST add to any of these
                   combos, just to make sure)
                   B.B. Hood     - D+LK-> MK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> U->
                                   LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> (HK)Cheer and Fire
                   Cammy         - LK-> HK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> N-> LP-> LK->
                                   MP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> (HK)Cannon
                                   Drill-> Killer Bee Assault
                   Capt. America - D+LK-> D+HP-> U-> LP-> LP-> LP-> U-> LP->
                                   LK-> MP-> MK-> HP
                   Chunli        - LK-> HK-> U-> LP-> LK-> N-> LP-> LK-> U->
                                   LP-> LK-> N-> LP-> LK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP->
                                   MK-> (LK)Lightning K
                   Cyclops       - LP-> MP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> N-> LP-> LK->
                                   MP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> FP-> FK
                   Psylocke      - D+LK-> D+HP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> UF+HK->
                                   UF-> UF+HK-> UF-> UF+HK-> (LK)Psi-Blade->
                                   Kochou Gakure
                   Strider Hiryu - D+LK-> D+HP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> N->
                                   LK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> (LP)Ame No
    Other Combos - below is a list of all (as far as I can remember) the other
                   combos that I (and lot of other people in the arcades)
                   consider flashy and thus you should master for the "benefit
                   of the general public" ;) Here goes:
                 - Cable: Time Flip-> HP [repeatedly til "time" runs out]->
                          (LP)Scimitar [supposed to miss]-> Hyper Viper Beam
                          [you land on the ground]-> U-> Hyper Viper Beam
                          [you land on the ground]-> U-> Hyper Viper Beam
                          [you land on the ground]-> U-> Hyper Viper Beam
                 - Cyclops: LP-> LK-> MK-> HK-> (LP)Optic Sweep-> Mega Optic
                 - Jill (w/ Juggernaut and Capt. A using a "dashing" gamma assist):
                    [call Capt. A]-> LK-> HP-> Kinsetsu Sentou A-> Kinsetsu
                    Sentou A+-> Juggernaut Headcrush [by Juggernaut]-> Hyper
                    Charging Star [by Capt. A, cornering the opponent]->
                    [using Capt. A]D+HP-> U-> LP-> LP-> LP-> U-> LP-> LK->
                    MP-> MK-> HP-> HK
                 - Magneto: J-> HK-> D-> LK-> HP-> U-> HK-> (DF)Air Dash->
                            LK-> MK [you land on the ground]-> HK-> Hyper
                            Grav-> D+HP-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav->
                            Magnetic Tempest-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> Hyper
                            Grav-> Magnetic Tempest-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK->
                            Hyper Grav-> Magnetic Tempest-> LP-> LK-> MP->
                            MK-> (UF)Air Dash-> LP-> LK-> MP-> N-> LP-> LK->
                            MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav-> Magnetic Tempest-> LP->
                            LK-> MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav-> Magnetic Tempest->
                            LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> EM Disruptor
                 - Rogue: Taunt-> Good Night Sugar
                 - Roll: [activate Leaf Shield] LK-> HK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP->
                         MK-> N-> LP-> LK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> Release
                         Leaf Shield-> Hyper Roll
                 - Ryu: LK-> MK-> (HK)Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku-> Shinkuu Hadouken
                 - Spiderman: LP-> MP-> U-> LK-> MP-> MK-> (LP)Web Throw->
                              LP-> LK-> MK [you land on the ground]-> [super
                              jump] LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> (LK)Web Swing
                 - Thanos (w/ Hulk and Dr. Doom using an "anti-air" beta assist):
                    [Dash towards and very near the opponent]-> [call Dr. Doom]->
                    [Jump behind and very near the opponent]-> LP-> LK-> MP->
                    MK-> Gauntlet Space-> Gamma Wave [by Hulk]
                 - Venom (w/ Spiderman using a "projectile" alpha assist):
                    [call Spiderman]-> Venom Web-> Ultimate Web Throw [by
                 - Wolverine (w/ Wolverine II using a "variety" gamma assist): 
                    LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> [call Wolverine II]-> DF+HP-> Berserker
                    Barrage X-> Berserker Barrage X [by Wolverine II]
    Supers - are of course yet another of those parts of the game that should
             already be second nature to average (and even below average)
             players and of course no longer impress anyone but the ultra
             newbies. But, as with the Aerial Raves, there are a number of
             supers that can still be considered flashy and can bring out
             that hidden smile from a couple of your viewers. 
             Level 3 Supers - Akuma        : Shun Goku Satsu (LP,LP,F,LK,HP)
                            - Dan          : Otoko Michi     (HP,LK,B,LP,LP)
                            - Hayato       : B. Hayato       (LP,HP,B,LK,HK)
                            - Ryu          : Shin Shoryuken  (F,D,DF+2P)
                            - Sakura       : Shun Goku Satsu (LP,LP,F,LK,HP)
                            - Shuma Gorath : Chaos Dimension (D,DF,F+2P)
                            - Spiral       : Metamorphosis   (D,DF,F+2P)
                            - Zangief      : Ultra F.A.B.    (360drotation+2K)
             Wacky Supers - Amingo     : Shokubutsu No Okite (D,DB,B+2P)
                          - B.B. Hood  : Beautiful Memory    (D,DF,F+2K)
                                       : Hyper Apple for You (D,DB,B+2K)
                          - Dan        : Super Taunt         ([D,DF,F]x2+START)
                                       : Shinkuu Gadoken     (D,DF,F+2P)
                          - Jin        : Saotome Cyclone     (D,DB,B+2K)
                          - Kobun      : King Kobun          (D,DF,F+2K)
                                       : Lunch Rush          (D,DF,F+2P)
                          - Sonson     : POW                 (D,DF,F+2K)
                          - Tron Bonne : King Kobun          (D,DB,B+2P)
                                       : Lunch Rush          (D,DF,F+2P)
             Triggered Supers - Cable          : Time Flip          (D,DF,F+2K)
                              - Cammy          : Killer Bee Assault (D,DB,B+2P)
                              - Capt. America  : Final Justice      (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Capt. Commando : Captain Storm      (D,DB,B+2K)
                              - Charlie        : Crossfire Blitz    (D,DF,F+2K)
                              - Felicia        : Please Help Me     (D,DB,B+2K)
                                               : Dancing Flash      (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Guile          : Crossfire Assault  (J,D,DF,F+2K)
                              - Jill           : Code: T-002        (D,DB,B+2K)
                              - Morrigan       : Darkness Illusion  (D,DF,F+2K)
                              - Omega Red      : Carbonadium Smasher(J,D,DB,B+2P)
                              - Rogue          : Good Night Sugar   (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Sabretooth     : Weapon X           (F,D,DF+2P)
                                               : Berserker Claw X   (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Sakura         : Midare Zakura      (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Silver Samurai : Hyougaken          (D,DF,F+2K)
                              - Spiderman      : Maximum Spider     (D,DF,F+2P)
                                               : Ultimate Web Throw (D,DB,B+2P)
                              - Strider Hiryu  : Ragnarok           (F,D,DF+2P)
                              - Thanos         : Gauntlet Reality   (D,DB,B+2P)
                              - Venom          : Venom Web          (D,DF,F+2P)
                              - Wolverine      : Weapon X           (F,D,DF+2P)
                              - Wolverine II   : Weapon X           (F,D,DF+2P)
    Tag Supers - a.k.a. the two/three-man supers, these enable you to whip
                 out up to three (all) of your characters in the screen and
                 make them do their things. What each character does depends
                 on the Assist type you chose for him/her, so better choose
                 wisely. Poorly planned tag supers can take even less damage
                 than a level 1 super, whereas the opposite can take even
                 All of the opponents life away in certain situations. BUT,
                 which are the flashiest? Well, for me, any combination of
                 characters with...
                 Scattered Tag Supers
                 Dr. Doom       : Photon Array (alpha assist)
                 Iceman         : Arctic Attack (any assist type)
                 Magneto        : Magnetic Tempest (beta/gamma assist)
                 Shuma Gorath   : Hyper Mystic Smash (any assist type)
                 Silver Samurai : Raimeiken (gamma assist)
                 Storm          : Lightning Storm (alpha/beta assist)
                 Strider Hiryu  : Legion (any assist type)
                 Thanos         : Gauntlet Space (gamma assist)
                 Beam Tag Supers
                 Akuma    : Messatsu Gou Hadou (alpha assist)
                 Cable    : Hyper Viper Beam (any assist type)
                 Cyclops  : Mega Optic Blast (any assist type)
                 Ironman  : Proton Cannon (any assist type)
                 Morrigan : Soul Eraser (beta assist)
                 Ryu      : Shinkuu Hadouken (alpha/beta assist)
                 H.Sakura : Shinkuu Hadouken (beta assist)
                 Ramming Tag Supers
                 Bison         : Psycho Crusher (alpha/beat assist)
                 Capt. America : Hyper Charging Star (alpha/gamma assist)
                 Jill          : Kinsetsu Sentou A+ (beta assist)
                 Juggernaut    : Juggernaut Headcrush (any assist type)
                 Psylocke      : Psi-Thrust (gamma assist)
                 Ruby Heart    : Flan Mer (gamma assist)
                 Dashing Combo Tag Supers
                 Akuma          : Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (beta assist)
                 Bison          : Knee Press Nightmare (gamma assist)
                 Capt. America  : Hyper Stars and Stripes (beta assist)
                 Charlie        : Somersault Justice (beta assist)
                 Chunli         : Senretsu Kyaku (gamma assist)
                 Guile          : Somersault Strike (alpha assist)
                 Hayato         : Rasetsu Zan (alpha assist)
                 Ken            : Shoryureppa (beta/gamma assist)
                 Kobun          : King Kobun (beta assist)
                 Rogue          : Hyper Repeating Punch (any assist type)
                 Sabretooth     : Berserker Claw X (alpha assist)
                 Silver Samurai : Hyper Hundred Slash (alpha assist)
                 Spiderman      : Crawler Assault (any assist type)
                 Tron Bonne     : King Kobun (beta/gamma assist)
                 Wolverine      : Berserker Barrage X (alpha assist)
                 Wolverine II   : Berserker Barrage X (any assist type)
                 Zangief        : Hyper Clothesline (any assist type)
                 Rising Tag Supers
                 Akuma       : Messatsu Gou Rasen (gamma assist)
                 Amingo      : Taiyou No Megumi (any assist type)
                 Blackheart  : Heart of Darkness (beta assist)
                 Chunli      : Hazantenshou Kyaku (beta assist)
                 Dr. Doom    : Sphere Flame (beta assist)
                 Ken         : Shinryuken (alpha assist)
                 Psylocke    : Psi-Maelstorm (alpha assist)
                 Sakura      : Haru Ichiban (alpha assist)
               * And as a side note, there also are supers from certain
                 characters which are only available as "taggers" and won't
                 have any other access code than "A+B". These can still impress
                 the average player (and of course the newbies) if included
                 in the flashiest of combos. Here are some examples:
                 Rogue          - Hyper Repeating Punch (any assist type)
                                - to connect: LK-> MK-> A+B
                 Silver Samurai - Hyper Hundred Slashes (alpha assist type)
                                - to connect: LP-> MP-> A+B
                 Zangief        - Hyper Clothesline (any assist type)
                                - to connect: LP-> MP-> Clothesline-> A+B
    Delayed Supers - Supers from a certain member of the team that are done
                     to interrupt the super being executed by one of his/her
                     teammates. These are the types of moves that spell Flash
                     (and as you can see with the capital "F") and thus should
                     always be a part of anyone's game, especially during
                     the final moments. With Delayed Supers all you have to
                     remember is which super connects to which. Sometimes
                     you don't even have to remember, and just let common
                     sense take over. I mean would you even try doing a Kinsetsu
                     Sentou A+ AFTER a Haru Ichiban!? I don't think so. Normally,
                     any Delayed Super will catch the eye even of the passerby,
                     and Delayed Supers that involve some variety (eg. Rogue's
                     Good Night Sugar -> Capt. Commando's Captain Sword ->
                     Juggernaut's Juggernaut Headcrush) will already be considered
                     flashy and worthy of an audience. BUT, to make it even
                     more flashy, you oughta have a "theme" for your delayed
                     supers. Here are a few of my own:
                     1) theme - keeping the opponent airborne as long as possible
                        steps - Strider Hiryu : Ragnarok
                                Spiderman     : Maximum Spider
                                Cammy         : Killer Bee Assault
                     2) theme - diversity of attacks
                        steps - Spiral         : Metamorphosis
                                Felicia        : Please Help Me
                                Capt. Commando : Capt. Storm
                     3) theme - trapping the opponent in great balls of energy
                        steps - Bison    : Psycho Explosion
                                Dr. Doom : Electric Cage
                                Sentinel : Plasma Storm
                     4) theme - keeping the opponent in the middle of a hurricane
                        steps - Ryu   : Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
                                Guile : Sonic Hurricane
                                Jin   : Saotome Cyclone
                     5) theme - the awesome power of an enhanced Shoryuken
                        steps - Akuma : Messatsu Gou Shoryuu
                                Ken   : Shoryureppa
                                Ryu   : Shin Shoryuken
                     6) theme - to rip an opponent's body in shreds
                        steps - Sabretooth   : Berserker Claw X
                                Wolverine    : Berserker Barrage X
                                Wolverine    : Berserker Barrage X
                     7) theme - keeping the opponent at sub-zero temperatures
                        steps - Silver Samurai : Hyougaken
                                Iceman         : Arctic Attack
                                Storm          : Ice Storm
                     8) theme - to beam the living crap out of the opponent
                        steps - Ryu     : Shinkuu Hadouken
                                Cable   : Hyper Viper Beam
                                Cyclops : Mega Optic Blast
                     9) theme - pushing an opponent to the edge of the screen
                        steps - Jill          : Kinsetsu Sentou A+
                                Capt. America : Hyper Charging Star
                                Juggernaut    : Juggernaut Headcrush
                     10) theme - to juggle an opponent with energy blasts
                         steps - Magneto : Magnetic Shockwave
                                 Gambit  : Cajun Explosion
                                 Hayato  : Engetsu
                     11) theme - doppelganger's galore
                         steps - Bison         : Knee Press Nightmare
                                 Morrigan      : Darkness Illusion
                                 Strider Hiryu : Ragnarok
                     12) theme - making it rain like hell on the opponent
                         steps - War Machine : War Destroyer
                                 Blackheart  : Armageddon
                                 Storm       : Ice Storm
                     13) theme - the smell of the Shotokan foot
                         steps - Ryu   : Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
                                 Ken   : Shipuujinrai Kyaku
                                 Akuma : Messatsu Gou Rasen
                     14) theme - to show how SF Alpha veterans combo the opponent
                         steps - Dan     : Hisshou Buraiken
                                 Charlie : Crossfire Blitz
                                 Sakura  : Midare Zakura
                     15) theme - to show how Darkstalker babes combo the opponent
                         steps - B.B. Hood : Beautiful Memory
                                 Felicia   : Dancing Flash
                                 Morrigan  : Darkness Illusion
                     16) theme - to show how the X-men wield their chi
                         steps - Cyclops : Mega Optic Blast
                                 Gambit  : Cajun Explosion
                                 Storm   : Lighting Storm
    Lockdowns - considered a rather advanced aspect of the game, lockdowns
                can also be commonly known as "those cheap traps". But, contrary
                to my expectations, these cheesy tactics actually please
                lotsa peeps! A lockdown is defined as something that aims
                to limit an opponent's sensible options to no more than blocking.
                It's primary goal is to win via chip damage, although at times
                it can be used for the sake of stalling or gaining super
                meter. There is no such thing as a perfect lockdown for any
                one character, but with the help of the right assists we
                can get as close as possible to the next best thing. Here
                are a few ideas:
                1) Bison-Doom(B): Release Psycho Field, move in closer and
                                  call Doom at the last second of it, repeat.
                   Alternatives : Ruby Heart(a) & Silver Samurai(a)
                2) Blackheart-Doom(B): Jump back, HP, repeat. If the opponent
                                       dashes in and gets hit from behind,
                                       call Doom and repeat. If the opponent
                                       super jumps, super jump HK, dash back,
                                       and repeat.
                   Alternatives      : Akuma(y) & Silver Samurai(a)
                3) Cable-Spiral(a): Throw Grenade, fire Viper Beam to chip,
                                    and then chip some more with Spiral's
                                    knives. Throw the next Grenade as Spiral's
                                    projectile does its job.
                   Alternatives   : Bison(B), Doom(B), & Sentinel(y)
                4) Doom-Blackheart(B): Jump back, HP, repeat. Whenever the
                                       opponent jumps, call Blackheart.
                   Alternative       : Call Blackheart. Super jump and hurl
                                       Photon Shots repeatedly. Re-call
                                       Blackheart as soon as you land.
                5) Sentinel-Blackheart(B): HP(laser), call Blackheart, LK
                                           Sentinel Force(guide them upwards
                                           then drop), repeat.
                   Alternatives          : Juggernaut(B) & Storm(y)
                6) Spiral-Sabretooth(B): Activate Swords, throw them in a
                                         high-mid-low-low-mid-high pattern
                                         and call Sabretooth simultaneously
                                         as the last sword is thrown. Re-
                                         activate Swords as the opponent is
                                         block stunned by Sabretooth's bullets.
                   Alternatives        : Bison(a), Blackheart(B), & Doom(B)
                7) Strider-Doom(B): Call Doom, activate Ouroboros, combo the
                                    opponent like hell, and then call Doom
                                    once more at the very last second of it.
                                    Summon a couple of dogs to keep the opponent
                                    in block stun, and then a bird to keep
                                    him pinned. Cancel to and re-activate
                                    the Ouros, repeat.
                   Alternatives   : Akuma(y), Bison(B), & Silver Samurai(a)
     _  _  ____      _  _    _____             _  _  _____  __  __
    ( \/ )(_  _)    ( )/ )  (  _  )     ___   ( \/ )(  _  )(  )(  )
     \  /  _)(_      )  (    )(_)(     (___)   \  /  )(_)(  )(__)(
      \/  (____)()  (_)\_)()(_____)()          (__) (_____)(______)
                     _    _  ____  _  _
                    ( \/\/ )(_  _)( \( )
                     )    (  _)(_  )  (
    Of course, if you lose, then this section does not apply. Hit the "Back
    Button" on your screen, click on my Ryu FAQ, read it, be serious, and
    finally take sweet revenge on your now proud opponent!
    But, if you win, then you must understand that pleasing the crowd doesn't
    stop there. Every single character has his/her own way of adding insult
    to injury, so here's a list:
    Akuma            - [jump towards opponent] Tenma Gou Zankuu
    Amingo           - Shokubutsu No Okite
    Anakaris         - Pharaoh Coffin Drop
    B.B. Hood        - [walk towards opponent] HK, [repeat indefinitely]
    Blackheart       - Heart of Darkness
    Bison            - Head Stomp, [repeat indefinitely]
    Cable            - Hyper Viper Beam [aim downward]
    Cammy            - Killer Bee Assault
    Captain America  - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Captain Commando - Capt. Corridor, [repeat indefinitely]
    Charlie          - allow him to go into his winning pose
    Chunli           - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Colossus         - Super Dive
    Cyclops          - Super Optic Blast [rotate the joytick]
    Dan              - Super Taunt
    Dhalsim          - Yoga Inferno [aim downward]
    Dr. Doom         - [jump towards opponent] Photon Array
    Felicia          - allow her to go into her winning pose
    Gambit           - Cajun Explosion
    Guile            - D+HK-> Sonic Hurricane
    Hayato           - allow him to go into his winning pose
    Hulk             - [walk towards opponent] Gamma Quake
    Iceman           - Ice Avalanche
    Ironman          - Flight-> [hover above the opponent] D+HK, [repeat]
    Jill             - [walk towards opponent] D+HK-> Kinsetsu Sentou A+
    Jin              - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Juggernaut       - Juggernaut Punch
    Ken              - Shinryuken
    Kobun            - King Kobun
    Magneto          - [walk towards opponent] Magnetic Shockwave
    Marrow           - [walk towards opponent] D+HK-> Stinger Bones
    Megaman          - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Morrigan         - allow her to go into her winning pose
    Omega Red        - D+HK [repeat indefinitely]
    Psylocke         - Psi-Maelstorm
    Rogue            - allow her to go into her winning pose
    Roll             - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Ruby Heart       - [walk towards opponent] Flan Mer, [low attack]
    Ryu              - J-> HP [you land on the ground]-> UF-> LP-> HP-> Shinkuu H.
    Sabretooth       - Armed Birdie-> Berserker Claw X
    Sakura           - allow her to go into her winning pose
    Sentinel         - Flight-> [hover above the opponent] LP, [repeat]
    Shuma Gorath     - [walk towards opponent] Chaos Dimension, [low hold]
    Silver Samurai   - [walk towards opponent] HK, [repeat indefinitely]
    Sonson           - Wall Climb, [repeat indefinitely]
    Spiderman        - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    Spiral           - allow her to go into her winning pose
    Storm            - HP, [repeat indefinitely to make her scream alot]
    Strider Hiryu    - Wall Grab
    Thanos           - Gauntlet Reality
    Tron Bonne       - King Kobun
    Venom            - Taunt, [repeat indefinitely]
    War Machine      - War Destroyer
    Wolverine        - Taunt-> DF+HP-> Berserker Barrage X
    Wolverine II     - Taunt-> DF+HP-> Berserker Barrage X
    Zangief          - [The people's elbow] B+LP
    Depending on the crowd---and the opponent---you're facing, it sometimes
    is possible to do things OUTSIDE of the game that can make them roll with
    laughter, for instance trash talking. Note that if you say them trash
    words in the right manner, you can be fun without hurting other's feelings,
    although this seldom happens. But again once you've learned to show that
    "I-ain't-serious,-it's-just-a-game" attitude, then you won't hurt any
    feelings no matter how much you trash talk. Here are a few of the more
    popular quotes (inspired by Kaelib's Tekken Taunting guide):
    "Why don't you go back to X-men vs. Streetfighter?"
    "Why don't you go back to Street Fighter 2 World Warrior?"
    "Why don't you go back to Pong?"
    "Cable! How bout some wine with that cheese?"
    "I can even beat you with Dan!"
    "Don't worry, if you keep putting money in there, eventually you'll get
      around on me."
    "Yeh, keep doing the same move, maybe you'll hit me with it."
    "Man, my little sister plays better than you!"
    "Man, my grandmother is better than you, and she has no arms!"
    "Do you want me to call my sister?  She might be more your skill..."
    "Are you gonna play or what?"
    "You want me to start playing?"
    "I was just getting warm."
    "You know I helped in the research of the MVC2 strategy guide."
    "So I was at the MVC2 district tournament..."
    "So I was at the Capcom sponsored, MVC2 world tournament..."
    "So I was talking to the designer of MVC2 and..."
    "I used that move to win the last tournament I was at."
    "So I was playing MVC3..."
    *From a guy to a girl: "So what do you say we go out after this?"
                         : "[points on any MVC2 babe or to Zangief] I have
                             that outfit at home if you wanna to try it on..."
    *From a girl to a guy: "Will you quit rubbing against me!?"
                         : "You wouldn't really hit a girl, would you? [and
                             then plays again]"
    When all is finally over, there will always be those who'd love to stick
    around and watch you duke it out with the computer. Now if you still wanna
    please the crowd, then you must first know the types of patterns an AI
    opponent will execute, and how to still look flashy while letting the
    audience get an idea of how powerful the computer opponent can be.
    Remember that nothing's worse than garnering 100+ wins and finally losing
    to the computer. All that work, and you'll STILL look dumb =p So you have
    to be prepared for a little "cheese" if things get too dicey. First off,
    you must know that the AI is a complete sucker for projectiles of any
    sort. Sure, it will try to evade and counter projectiles once in awhile,
    but in the end they'll still end up blocking more than 80% of what you
    throw at them. Hell, Cable can be your only man left with three of your
    opponents still breathing and there's still a 75% chance of you taking
    home the trophy! With that in mind, and with one eye fixed on the timer,
    you can never lose to the AI opponent.
    As for AI patterns, I can think of quite a handful. First and most common
    of all is the launcher pattern. Basically the computer just tries and
    tries (until he dies) to launch and do an aerial rave on you. This type
    of pattern is more evident on characters with a double jump since it's
    they who can truly maximize an aerial rave's damage. Examples of these
    characters are Cammy, Capt. America, and Chunli. To deal with them? Just
    block, guard push, dash in, and combo them yourself!
    The second pattern is the all-specials pattern. In this state the AI will
    try to screw your game by whipping out special moves, mostly projectiles,
    like crazy. This pattern is most likely to be witnessed on characters
    with projectiles that are not as common as the infamous Hadouken and have
    some strategy in them. Projectiles that cover good range and come out
    fast are also prone to being used in this pattern. Examples of these
    characters include Amingo, Blackheart, Capt. Commando, Cyclops, and Iceman.
    Be careful not to dash in like crazy, since it would most likely result
    in you eating a special move. Just evade or stay out of range and fire
    away with your helpers and available supers.
    Pattern number three is the cheezy pattern. This almost always happens
    when the computer is desperate since it has only one man left standing
    while you still have three. Notice that sometimes the computer doesn't
    use even a single super bar during the entire match? That's cause he's
    saving it for "cheese" mode! In this mode AI just stands there, waits
    for an opportunity, then nails you with super that can both deal great
    damage and chip well when blocked. He will then continue wasting all his
    supers on one of your men so as to chip him/her to death. This pattern
    is VEEEEERRRRY evident with Ironman, but can also be seen frequently
    when up against War Machine and Cable. To beat these cheap@$$es all you
    have to do is time it so that you can super jump as they execute their
    super. Now land behind, throw out a useless taunt, and proceed with beating
    the living crap out of your opponent.
    The fourth, final, and in my honest opinion the deadliest pattern is
    the aerial high-low mix-up pattern. This is the only pattern that cannot
    be replicated by human hands, since it requires an insane amount of speed,
    accuracy, and presence of mind. In this pattern (actually there is no
    pattern at all), the computer jumps toward you, does some confusing air
    move (like an air dash) and lands either in front or behind you, ready
    to attack. Now besides the fact that you'll have to guess whether to block
    left or right because of the possibilities involved, you'll be facing
    yet another problem: will the AI hit you on the way down, or low after
    landing? Ha! Now you have to think whether to block left, down-left, right,
    or down-right! Pretty confusing, plus the fact that if ever you are successful
    in blocking the first attack, the AI can repeat the entire process in
    less than a second, HOLY SH*T, how the hell do you counter that!? Simple:
    A+B!!! Yup, since the AI is on the offensive, it will never expect a super
    come it's way, and since executing a half-circle motion takes too long,
    A+B will do, or rather, will prove even better.
    We move on to fighting one of the cheesiest YET easiest boss in the
    history of the fighting, namely, Abyss. He comes in three forms, and there
    are more than just one way of dealing with each so as to better please
    your audience. The first form, the horny "armored" form, can be dealt
    with in three ways: One, stick to him even before the round starts and
    pour out your most devastating super the moment you get the chance. He
    CAN die instantly at the hands of people with Scattered supers like Iceman
    and Magneto, but all the other characters will have at least one that
    can deal more than 50%, which is impressive enough. Technique number two
    is the opposite of technique number one, and concentrates on winning by
    "Time Over" instead of by instant KO. To do this, stay as far away as
    possible before the round starts, nail him with a couple o projectiles
    and/or projectile supers, and then start taunting. Abyss' first form pretty
    much gives you clues on what he'll do next, so as long as it isn't that
    shower super, you should be able to super jump from it, land behind him,
    and again start taunting. Remember that as long as you block everything
    he throws at you, he will only deal recoverable damage. Just pull-off 
    a Delayed Super to switch out if this strat proves fatal. The third and
    final strategy would be to make him look like an oversized slug, by sticking
    to him before the round starts, jumping toward him as soon as you get
    the opportunity, and execute an aerial rave so as to try to land behind
    him afterwards. He's too dumb he'll do a super with his back turned on
    you, so just taunt and repeat the process when he comes to his senses.
    For the second form, the green "gas" form, the principles are the same,
    thus this form can also be dealt in three ways: One, stick to him before
    the round starts, jump and land behind him as soon as you get the opportunity,
    and then whip out your most devastating super! The Vacuum types, namely
    those of Ryu and Guile work best here, but as with the first form there
    are many alternatives. The second technique is identical to that of the
    first form: it is the opposite of technique number one, and concentrates
    on winning by "Time Over" instead of by instant KO. To do this, stay as
    far away as possible before the round starts, nail him with a couple o
    projectiles and/or projectile supers, and then start taunting. Abyss'
    second form also pretty much gives you clues on what he'll do next, so
    as long as it isn't that scattered super, you should be able to super
    jump from it, land behind him, and again start taunting. Remember that
    as long as you block everything he throws at you (except for those bubbles
    of course), he will only deal recoverable damage. Just pull-off a Delayed
    Super to switch out if this strat proves fatal. And lastly, three is a
    bit different. Engage him in a projectile war and launch your best projectiles
    along with those helpers of yours that are using the "projectile" assist
    type. He won't be able to survive, and your team shall rule!
    Whew! Finally for the third form, there are only two ways to do it: via
    instant KO, where you'll follow the instructions written for the first
    and second form, but this time with characters like Silver Samurai and
    Storm (who can really instantly KILL Abyss), and via "Time Over", where
    you'll keep his face in the screen before the round starts, jump and nail
    him with a projectile and/or projectile super as soon as you get the
    opportunity, then dash out and start taunting as long as he's out of the
    screen. He will sometimes be able to surprise you with a couple o blasts
    if yer not careful, but that won't be enough to kill your entire team
    now, would it? So just do the "A+B" thingy when you think time's almost
    over. You win!
    And as a final advice, remember that all these crowd pleasing tactics
    will go to waste if you smell like hell =D So go take a shower before
    that trip to stardom ;)
     _  _  ____  ____      ___  __  __   ___   ___  ____  ___  ____
    ( \/ )(_  _)(_  _)    / __)(  )(  ) / __) / __)( ___)/ __)(_  _) ___
     \  /  _)(_  _)(_     \__ \ )(__)( ( (_-.( (_-. )__) \__ \  )(  (___)
      \/  (____)(____)()  (___/(______) \___/ \___/(____)(___/ (__)
                           ____  _____  _  _  ___
                          (_  _)(  _  )( \( )/ __)
                           _)(_  )(_)(  )  ( \__ \
    In this section goes all the mail sent to me by my readers out there.
    Tell me what you do to please the crowds that gather whenever you play,
    what you do during the game to show-off without being called a "show-off",
    what you do to impress a group of friends or even your significant other
    in the arcades, what you do to get everybody else to laugh at someone
    after the game, etc, etc, etc, and I'll put it in this section or maybe
    even somewhere else in the FAQ. Here goes:
    "Try this DHC: Final Justice, delay on the 5th hit of the auto combo with
    Hayato's rushing sword super and when in the middle of the super delay
    with Dan's Otoko Michi (Remember to keep swirling the joystick and pounding
    the buttons so you inflict more damage and lower your opponent's chances
    of tech hitting). If you do it right it will take all of your opponent's
    life away."
                 -by Juan Rodriguez Rivera(jey316@coqui.net)-              
    "My team was Iron Man, War Machine and Jin (Which I shall now affectionately
    refer to as the Powered Armor Squad). This expert challenged me to a
    match (I was unable to see his face since I was playing those type of
    machines in which you cannot see your opponent). There seemed to be a
    few others around him which I assumed to be his friends. He was comboing
    me like crazy, and I swore I heard one of them ask him to give me a 
    break. Soon Iron and War were down, and I was only left with a critical
    Jin (hey, I'm only at amatuer level here, so sue me). He still had 3
    characters.....Cable, Ryu and Charlie. So that guy retreated, and I tried
    a last ditch Brodia Vulcan, but before I finished inputting the move,
    the screen suddenly showed that he was doing a triple character super.
    I thought I was dead already, but right after that, Jin triggered the
    Brodia Vulcan, and jumped off-screen, just as the beams and bolts reached
    where he was. I didn't expect the Vulcan to last so long, but last it
    did, longer than the triple combination super and managing to catch all
    3 characters for 12 hits (killing Ryu in the process). From across the
    machine, I heard cries of "HUNH?!" "WTF?!""WOW!!!!" Too bad I couldn't
    see their faces. Unfortunately, my glory didn't last long, for at the
    very next moment, Cable Hyper Viper Beamed Jin to death. Oh well, it
    was the one and only game in which I was glad to lose....
    Well, for a great crowd pleaser, you can try beating Abyss (Form 1) with
    just the LP button. Shades of MSHvsSF 'bonus stage' Apocalypse here. To
    do this, pay attention to everything he does, his moves have a LOOOONG
    startup delay. Then jump behind him and poke him all the way. You'd be
    suprised just how much damage you can cause, and how many times you can
    hit him, while he's doing something! The only thing you'd need to worry
    about is the 'Rain' super, which he doesn't use often. Nothing beats
    getting a 19-23 hit LP combo everytime he does his beam super (characters
    like Wolverine can get more hits!) :). Don't get too overconfident, tho:
    getting hit by one of his supers makes this entire strategy unviable and
    could get you killed."
                    -by Larry Leow(chickenno1@hotmail.com)-                
    "The military trio: Guile-press assist a, Charlie-press assist a, and
     Jill, which is any color really b/c she is in S.T.A.R.S. Here's two of
     my eye openers that please the peeps that watch and play:
     1) Guile 4 hit ground cancel into sonic hurricane, cancel into jill's
        hyper rushing super, cancel into pyslocke's butterfly super, pop up
        into aerial rave ending with butterfly super, then cancel into guile's
        sonic hurricane, in which your opponent falls into. 73 hits...ton
        o damage, and people go "wow".
     2) Guile same thing as above, but cancel into jill's tyrant(it can be
        done if timed right), after last it, jump up and rush in to aerial
        rave ending with hyper rushing super in air, then cancel into jin's
        tornado super. As they fall, do a jin explosion. they should be dead
        by then, and if so or not, throw in jin's taunt. Super insulting."
                   -by John Fountain Jr.(Residentrage@aol.com)-            
    "A huge long 100+ hit combo that kills a character from full or almost
     full life. Especially the combos that take a lot of skill to pull off,
     not something like like Cable's air Hyper Viper Beam four times."
                         -by Genji(genji27@yahoo.com)-                     
    "I like to mash on the other player's start button so they keep on taunting.
    Yeah, I'm risking personal injury with that one, but the look on opponent's
    faces is priceless."
                   -by Ian Vaflor(Karoshi@wallpaper-boy.com)-              
    "Now, this is simply my opinion, but I feel that another thing you should
    have added was a quick little snippet about arcade courtesy. Maybe its
    just me, but it gets a little old when I'm playing MVC2, and I'm playing
    the computer, when all of a sudden, against Abyss, some genius decides
    to jump in. Now, for some off the wall reason that escapes me, he doesn't
    wait for me to win or lose, he just decides that it is his turn to screw
    up my chance to play to win. Subsequently, this random person would fall
    under the loner category, spending hours, dollars, and what not practicing
    these endless chains of combos and how to perfect them. Upon my hasty
    defeat, I sulk away, annoyed that they didn't have the decency to allow
    me to at least finish my game.
    Point 2: You neglected Jin in the cheap characters. Jin is by far the
    cheapest character, for reasons too lengthy to mention (unblockable gatling 
    gun super against a super-jumping opponent).
    Third and lastly, a surprisingly good, (and humorous) name for the Zangief,
    Hulk, & Juggernaut team is dum da da da... "Muscle Beach".
                   -by Steve Gibson(zenakuma@hotmail.com)-                 
    "The "it" team: Kobun, Sentinel, Shuma-Gorath
    (these three don't remind me of anything male or female)
    One team that I'm not too sure about:
    The Female Dash team: Jill, Ruby Heart, Psylocke
    And this team is used by one of my friends a lot. . .
    Most hits with a delayed Hyper Combo (not on the Abyss): Cable, War Machine,
    Ironman (Most hits I've seen: 120. If you catch two people with this,
    the number of hits goes up to 205)
    Lastly, a team which one of my friends pointed out:
    The "get the crap beaten out of you" team (after the match):
    Guile, Akuma, Cable (and someone nearly did get the crap beaten out of
    them because they used this team cheaply)"
                   -by Tracy Smith(cherriebomber@yahoo.com)-               
    "An infinte, or a 100+ hit combo. That's some cool stuff. A cround pleaser
    combo you can have with my team of, Strider, Storm, and Thanos is...with
    the characters in that order...
    JI FP, Storm alpha assist lp, lk, lp Ragnarok, cancel into icestorm, dash
    down(now storm), c. lk s. fk, sj lp, sj lk, sj lp, sj lk, lightning attack,
    Lightning storm, cancel into Power Gauntlet (but I think they're gems...
    at least from MSH they were) Soul Gauntlet. Not really 100+ hits, but
    it's a 100% combo, which are also quite impressive."
                -by Justus Balentine(captain_america3@yahoo.com)-          
    "A truly flashy 3-man Super, themed too. Guile- Sonic Hurricane -> Charlie-
    Dance of Death-> Captain America- Final Justice. Not only is this painful,
    it's the All-American Team of Justice, and hits for an ungodly amount of
                 -by Dana Chrysalis(daniel.fitzgerald@qr.com)-             
    "Captain Commandos Captain stowm to Cap Sword combo. Do a captain storm
    and you can OTG them before they recover into a Cap sword. Cap Storm D+LK>HK>
    Cap Sword. Take practice though. Also (*arcade only*....i think) Mega
    optic Blast> Striders Legion> Spidy's Maximum Spider. This looks hells
    ass cool cause they stay in a lying down position threw the Legion and
    Max Spider. Also Mega optic blast> Spider Asault> Legion. Keep their ass
    in the air!"
                              -by Dnide@aol.com-                           
    "1) For dressing the part---
    Generic blue jeans, t-shirt/t-shirt_open button down shirt over it, top
    of the line sneakers, sunglasses worn indoors, ussually a baseball cap
    or something like that, sometimes worn backwards.  Very laid back attitude,
    act like your the king of all videogames, eventhough usually your not.
    Before a match fold your arms and look around.  Use the most overused
    onliners youve heard. Try your hardest to impress all your freinds...
    especially the ladies.
    Incredibly flashy neon-colored clothes, dress and act like the godfather
    of gaming...nough said right there
    Hair down to shoulders, sometimes in a ponytail, fan or tiedie shirts,
    flipflops or sandals, rare occasions a headband.  Act even more laid
    back than the overly cool one. Say that no matter how bad or good a gamer
    is, they all are still gamers and thats what counts. Preach world peice
    and complain like the evil chars are real and ask why are they doing that.
    Then say they arent bad just misunderstood.
    Dress like the mib agent, but no sunglasses, and not a white shirt and
    black tie, usually a blue or maroon shirt. Threaten to kill in real life
    if your killed in the game. Be intimidating, and reach for a plastic
    squirt gun in your inside pocket when you lose.
    Wear videogam tshirts, carry videogam backpack, wear videogame hat, wear
    videogame pants put videogame stickers on your shoes and clothes and
    everything, videogame wallet, hell even gloves if you take it to the next 
    Wear black, many earings and other peircings, never talk, nough said
    2) For the types of players/audencies---
    THE GAME-SHARK(pun intended):
    Acts like hes really new, takes forever to choose his team.  Lures players 
    that are moderate experience to play with him.  Whifs almost every move
    in the begining...uses one move over and over again.  Picks characters
    sparaticly with no trend.  Then halfway to 3 quarters through the match
    he starts hitting the unsuspecting opponent with 21 hit aircombos, and
    triple delay hyper combos, killing him before you can say Hinkle-Finkle-
    Dinkle-WHAT THE F***. A very diabolical character indeed. Impressed with....
    well anyone who can see through his ruse.
    1 guy 3+ girls. Always surrounded by the girls and acts all that. The
    girls are like his own personal cheerleading squad, cheering him on in
    all of his matches, and distracting anyone else playing him. The guy is
    impressed by good matches with people up to his skill level. The fanclub
    is impressed by anything flashy and responds with oooooooo and aaaaaaaaaah.
    impressed by well, everything."
                          -by AngMan3000@aol.com-                          
    "Some impressive combos that I like to do or have eaten in the past:
    1. B.B. Hood, Juggernaut, Cable:
    Have at least 3 levels of super; dash into your opponent or do a very
    close fierce jump in before dash in, jab, jab, -> fierce immediately
    cancel into Variable Combination super..depending on the arcade machines
    settings, this could blow their whole life bar away when it's full!
    Impresses the newbies, no doubt and some of the veterans too. The starting
    character among these 3 is also interchangable
    2. Juggernaut:
    A personal favorite, but not very flashy :) , dash, jab , jab , fierce 
    Earthquake Punch, hyper cancel into Headcrush as the move is ending; yes not 
    very flashy but never seen anyone else do it!
    3. Magneto
    My friend does this and i love it.  I THINK this is how it goes:
    Jump in fierce (optional), dash, c. short, c. fierce, push up, jab, short,
    jab, short, roundhouse hyper gravitron (capture thing, assume its roundhouse) 
    IMMEDIATELY cancel into Magnetic Tempest, right after the super is finished, 
    push jab, short, jab, short, down back 2 k (to float), and finish with
    a regular air combo
    4. Storm
    Ddash, c. short, c. fierce, up, jab, short, jab, short, the lightstream
    attack thing (short + fierce) pushing up or diagonal up, cancel into her
    lightning super"
                           -by AzNgUy119@aol.com-                          
    "Agaisnt some1 who almost depends on a character jes for assist or uses
    their assist alot: use the snapback in a combo of course and bring out
    that character and beat tha shit out of him which he'll be forced to eat
    a super if he tries to tag out or use up some super bars. Another one
    is if you're playing a turtle u do a little combo with ken that is blocked
    and dash up to him and roll behind him and whack him with a super, works
    alot once u get behind him. but kinda hard when u playing regular people
    cause they counter with a combo or attack of there own. But a good idea
    is let them blaock a combo and dont finish it then roll behind him. 2
    advantages of that is u dont have to dash towrd him because u dont push
    them as far away as if u do a full combo and you dont have to dash afterwards."
                  -by Michael Bertumen(mikeb119@hotmail.com)-              
    "SonSon, Tron, Roll. And as a crowd pleaser, I select them all red (lp,
    lk,lp), all blue (hk,hp,hk), all dark (a2,a1,lk) or (more of a crowd
    pleaser) all pink (a1,a2,a1)"
                        -by XenoMog(ltaox@home.com)-                       
    "When I manage to pull of Amingo's onion drill move -cancel to shokobutsu
    no okite, I'll drop everything I'm doing and do a little jig while Amingo's
    rockin' out with his maracas. That gets a few laughs, but is pretty
    unimpressive to a newbie."
                     -by Earl Gertwagen(earl@vcnet.com)-                   
    "Do some combo with Charlie that ends up with the Somersault Justice,
    then Cancel it out before he does his rising part of the move. Then have
    Guile do the Somersault Strike, and cancel that out into Dan's Otoko Michi
    when you're fighting your opponent's last character. This will end up 
    killing him /her by chance and all the people watching would be impressed
                         -by OtakuDude007@aol.com-                            
    "Pull off any known glitches at random times...the biggest crowd pleaser
    is Venom Memory. Venom + B.B. Hood: venom does venom web and before venom
    gets the first hit after webbing the enmy cancel to bb hood's Beautiful
    Memory when she does it she and the opponent will fly all over the screen
    and 1 of 6 things will happen:
    1. The enemy will come from above the screen and free before he hits the
       floor he can be hit and cant move untill hit (i call this Frozen in
    2. same as above except enemy cant hit nor cant move you can push him
       around all you want but you better be ahead when this one happens or
       you lose via time
    3. same as above except enemy doesnt freeze during the super if you dont
       hear the enemy doing a special move then they wont freeze instead
       they'll dash around really fast then do a special move in the air
       that can olny be done on the ground (case in point my pal derrick
       did it on akuma and akuma kept doing gou shoryuken's)
    4. opponent will tag out in the middle of the super but combo counter
       wont dissapear(this is a true crowd pleaser if they are impressed by
       numbers the combo counter will continue to rise(you can do throws and
       they count too) until the one who tagged out tags back in
    5a. enemy dies during bb hood's super...BUT WAIT HE'S GETTING UP...HE'S
        STILL FIGHTING HIS LIFEBAR IS EMPTY! yup its Life After Death
    5b. Lad takes effect and he tags out he dies off screen but the space
        for his lifebar remains...so he has possessed the match
    6. enemy freezes like in 1 but Game goes into slow motion...this one
       lookes really sweet when it happens and is GARUNTEED TO GET A REACTION"
                     -by Akuma Hokoru(Akuma@j-fan.com)-                    
    "Iron Man/War Macine:
    D+LK-> D+MP-> HK-> U-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> U+HK-> UF Air Dash ->LP-> U+HP->
    Flight Mode LP-> MP-> U+HP-> 	Unibeam/Shoulder Cannon/Smart Bombs
    1. D+LK-> D+HP-> LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav-> DF Air Dash-> LP-> LK->
    MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav-> Magnetic Tempest
    2. (In Corner) D+LK-> D+HP-> LP-> LK-> MP-> N-> LP-> LK-> Flight Mode->
    LP-> LK-> MP-> MK-> Hyper Grav-> Magnetic Tempest"
                        -by Dan Finch(dan@finch.com)-                      
    "Abyss strategy:
    Part one: Use your most combo-prone character here, and jump over his
    head whenever he does a move, pretty much. You'll hafta block the little
    sphere things, and be wary of doing a real reaching move when you nail
    his backside when he fires off his huge beam attack. Using Spider-Man
    has the added bonus of being able to web-swing through him instead of
    jumping, but is weak against water-type Pokémon. Oh yes, and tag out on
    the last hit if you remember, just so you don't get nailed tagging in
    part two.
    Part two: having not used any supers with part one, stand as far back
    as possible and jump all 4 or 5 bars on a beam or projectile supers.
    You seriously don't need them for part three, do ya?
    Part three: If you happen to use Blackheart's type B assist, he can hit
    Abyss here with every hit, regardless of whether or not you see 'em.
    Abyss fires up that column-critter attack pretty much every time he sinks
    into the ground and leaves the sphere behind; that's really the only thing
    to be weary of."
                   -by Ty Shughart(codeguyty@hotmail.com)-                  
    "I call it the non-schalant(sp?)
    Go in wearing usual jeans, off color shirt (red, green, orange) with cd 
    player in tow, earphones up, cd goin. Walk in like you just wanna look 
    around, going to no particular area, walking like your wandering aimlessly. 
    Go to the game, take your time picking your characters, even make weird 
    faces, acting as if you don't know who half of these are, to give your 
    opponent the illusion of the advantage. Then, totally postal ojn their 
    characters, even saying after the match, for effect : "What games are
    these guys in? I gotta check em out" like you don't know who they are.
    And a taunt: when you do a super that does a huge combo(50+ hits) say:
    "Can't get enough of that sugar crisp!!" (Simpsons fans would know what
    I'm referring to) just to confuse them."
                -by Alex Tejeda(drmalpractice69@hotmail.com)-              
    "Well, around here, it's wackyness. The most fun is when people bring
    in unusual tactics to play. A team such as Anakaris, Shuma-Gorath, and
    Tron Bonne comes to mind. Themes are popular too, but they're more with
    style of play than looks. For example, one of my friends has his Swords
    and Shield team, aka Hayato, Strider, and Cap. America. Another has his
    "Shadow Team": Shuma-Gorath in black, Magneto in black, and Guile in dark
    camo. Mine is the "Supreme Beam, aka Big Men (and one psychotic bounty
    hunting Red Riding Hood wannabe) With Guns". Cool looking Supers are a
    must (Shuma-Gorath has Chaos Dimension, Guile has Crossfire Assault,
    Magneto has Magnetic Tempest, B.B. Hood has...well, all of them, Strider
    has Ragnarok, and so on). All in all, just the ability to play pleases
    a crowd around here (also, frustrates to no end, cause everyone here
    plays cheap in their own way, such as the same Aerial Rave over and over,
    the same ground combo->air combo, so on and so forth). Here, the most
    popular characters seem to be Cable, Magneto, Guile, Strider, Tron Bonne,
    Iceman, Jill, Shuma-Gorath, Jin, Storm, and Psylocke. My personal favs
    are B.B. Hood, Cable, Iron Man, Spiderman, Morrigan, and Sakura. If you'll
    notice, I tend to stick to my own prejudices when selecting characters."
                            -by Trash13X@aol.com-                          
    "GUARDIAN FORCE (Megaman, Strider, Captain Commando) -- When you think
    about it, all three of these aren't just oldschool Capcom characters, but
    oldschool Capcom characters with similar goals and motives: to show up
    when there's a global threat and stop it.  (Megaman's debatable on that
    issue, but I think Dr. Wily can be considered a global threat).  Plus,
    their normal colors are all blue, so they match well =)
    POLICE SQUAD (Jill, Captain Commando, Cable) -- These three seem the most
    like they're "in uniform".  Jill is obviously police, and Commando wears
    that badge.  Cable just has that police officer "feel" to him.  What's
    really neat is if you beat Abyss with Captain Commando, you often get
    Commando standing in the center, with Jill and Cable on each side holding
    up their guns.  It's a neat pose.
    TYRANTS (Bison, Dr. Doom, Magneto) -- I know Magneto's not a "tyrant", but
    he's close enough.  In any event, all three of them have capes (Bison just
    takes his off, that's all), all three fly, and all three have really mean
    "destined to rule" dispositions, I think.  Plus, if you win, you're
    allowed to laugh maniacally if you want =)
    That's about it.  By the way, theres a DHC that I like to do using Guile,
    Omega Red, and Captain Commando.  I don't know why, it doesn't always do a
    whole lot, but I just think it looks cool.  Go from Sonic Hurricaine into
    Omega Detroyer, lifting your opponent into the air; then use Captain Sword
    to slam them back to the ground.  =)
    One last thing, I disagree with what you say about Megaman not being a
    crowd pleaser.  He's my /best/ crowd pleaser!  The thing with Megaman is,
    he's actually a decent hand-to-hand fighter, so I like to doggedly stick
    right next to my opponents.  They don't seem to know how to handle him up
    close.  Plus, there's no crowd pleaser better, than coming down from a
    Super Jump, your opponent decides to whip out Proton Cannon or some
    similar super, and you do Beat Plane in the air, flying behind them and
    wasting them.  The crowd shakes with laughter everytime I do that (and
    you'd think the players would have gotten wise to it by now...)  Plus, he
    has that taunt going for him =)"
                    -by mjhadley(mjhadley@Oakland.edu)-                    
    "Do an instant kill on 3rd form Abyss by the following.
    Chars:  Guile (anti-air assist), Cable, Juggernaut.
    When fighting 3rd form, have @ least level 3 super, and Cable must be the 
    one initiating the fight with Abyss3.
    Position Cable about 45 degrees below his face...when the announcer says 
    "Fight" slam both assist buttons.
    As that goes on, just walk away....
    *for 100 hits against 3rd form Abyss: Cable, Guile(anti-air), and Strider"
              -by Kent Dela Pena(diamond_dela_pena@hotmail.com)-           
    "Select (in this order): Ryu (b), Captain Commando (b), Iron Man (b)
    Procedure: First off, make sure your super meter is maxed out. By that
    time, however, your opponent will have less than maximum health making
    this combo 100% lethal. With Ryu, Jump-in deep HP -> Shin Shoryuken.
    After the third hit (and before the background changes back), cancel that
    into Captain Commando's Captain Sword, then cancel that into Iron Man's
    Proton Cannon. With the correct timing, it means instant death even if
    your opponent has full health.
    And here're a few teams I like to play with:
    Dark Masters:
    Strider Hiryu (black and red costume [A1 button] )
    Psylocke (any color except light violet)
    Akuma (default color [X button] )
    Metal Militia: Iron Man; War Machine; Mega Man
    MvC1 Champions: Strider Hiryu; Captain Commando; Ryu
    Keep-Away Bastards: Cyclops; Cable; Iron Man
    The "You F***ing Cheap-ass!!" Team (gotta love Akuma's Gamma assist type...)
    Iron Man (a); Cable (a); Akuma (y)"
                     -by Ken Stokes(pariah-00@juno.com)-                   
    "Here's something that both makes you look like an asshole, and "pleases"
    the crowd at the same time!!! (these are my two Joke teams)
    Pick Juggernaut, Megaman, and anyone else (Doom is my personal fav).
    Anyway, when Juggernaut is in, Use your assists to keep your opponent
    back, while you use Juggernaut's Cytorak Power-Up. He will say, "I am
    Juggernaut!!". Do this repeatedly (I thinks it's kinda funny!). With
    Megaman, call in Juggernaut to do his Juggernaut Punch. While Juggernaut
    is on the screen, Taunt. Also, when you beat someone with Juggernaut,
    press start, then do a Body Slam!!!
    Juggernaut is quite large, and when you land on your opponent, you can't
    see them 'cause Juggernaut is so big!!!!! (I love doing this to Cable)
    Juggernaut is also a member of my "Pokemon" team. This team consists of
    Kobun, Juggernaut, and Amingo. Kobun and Amingo look like pokemon, +
    Amingo has the "Defense up'' Assist, and Juggernaut says his name, like
    a pokemon. This time, Kobun should start. Summon Juggernaut to do his
    Juggernaut punch, while Kobun, throws paper airplanes, and calls in some
    of his little buddies, to go accross the screen. Amingo's Defense up
    assist, will help to make up for Kobun's short lifebar, and it makes
    Juggernaut friggin' UNSTOPPABLE!!!!
    Dress Juggernaut in yellow for an even wakier team!!"
               -by alex aguirre jr(a.aguirrejr@worldnet.att.net)-          
    "Have 4 levels of a super bar, and make sure your opponet is almost dead
    (like his last guy has a sliver of health and no superbar left) be akuma,
    and hit him with the Raging Demon, but before it finishes, cancel it out
    with a super that you KNOW WILL NOT HIT HIM (like Kens super vertical
    rising uppercut, or better yet, Dans super taunt) just to let your opponent
    know that you COULD HAVE SNUFFED HIM. (This makes people really angry,
    and if you can pull off tha raging demon, this is amazingly easy to do,
    because the raging demon damage is only done after the move ends. so you
    waste 4 levels and do NO damage- but there is no doubt in your opponents
    mind that you did it on pourpose.)
    Than after that, pretend that all your skill and ability and moter skills
    just went out the window, struggle to do basic moves, grunt, and basicly
    waste your other character. (but look like you are trying to win or do
    something amazing) while really in truth building up your super bar, and
    making your opponent really pissed, (your true goal is to put him/her
    on the complete raging offencive, so he/she will completely forget to
    block, than when your health is almost gone (you should have at least
    2 levels by now) unleash a level 2 (or 3 if you have it) team super,
    when it hits, start snickering. Your opponent will become enraged at
    this, being so close to killing one of your guys only to be denied, and
    plus, realizing that you were holding it back the whole time."
                            -by Vegetto80X@aol.com-                        
    "My favorite crowd pleaser is Jin Saotome. I like to open the match with
    his Saotome Fire taunt (taunt, then mash the butons). I also like yelling
    with him whenever I perform a super with him, and I take advantage of
    some ofthe flash not many people know about. It's possible to link two
     Saotome Cyclones into one combo, or a Saotome Cyclone and a Blodia Punch
    into one combo. In a corner, when you have two levels of super, combo
    into the first saotome cyclone with a weak attack to launch, then when
     they land, hit them with a saotome dynomite, and cancel into the second
    cyclone before the dynomite hits five times. The hard partis the launch,
    cyclone, dynomite part. Timing is difficult. The cyclone, punch comboe
    can be used outside a corner. Combo into cyclone super, saotome dynomite
    (one hit)xx Blodia punch. This is extremely difficult. I never do either
    of these combos twice in a match because i think it would be cheap. Normally,
    i'll just launch into cyclone, or use a s, lk into blodia punch (the stun
    time of the s. lk is actually longer than that of the c. mp in this game).
    And all those flames goin around in his fights adds some flash, and so
    do his air combos, if you know how to connect the five button chain."
               -by J to da K Ildefonzo(mr_bombastic9@hotmail.com)-         
    "Disco Infeno: White pants, white unbuttoned jacket over white shirt,
    all sorts of jewelry on it. carries a small boombox that has disco music
    on the CD player. Must know at least alittle disco. Before the match,
    do a realt tiny disco jig to get the crowd watching. In the actual match,
    move with a very efficient and fast strategy. The more skill the beter.
    If you lose, fall over like the wrestler Disco Inferno knocked you down,
    unless someone's behind you, then just day "Drat," Get to a safe spot,
    THEN fall over. If you win, guess what you do? Turn that CD player up
    and DANCE! This style will likely get you kicked out after the match,
    but it wil certainly get a crowd. You should be impressed by those as
    good as or better than you, or 100%+ or 100-hit+ attacks.
    The Psychologist/Professor style: A lab coat over Black pants, ala Professor 
    Oak from Pokemon. This is only really effective if you're over 21. Think
    for a few seconds, then choose characters quickly. Play with tecnhiques
    that mess with your foe's mind, taunts, fake Hadokens, etc. Win by Time
    Over and a few wellplaced mega combos. My Social Studies teacher actually
    WON a match against a friend using this style. He was wearing a black
    pants, suspenders with a simple design, a white shirt under that, and
    a simple black tie. That's the last time my friend explained all the
    basics to anone at MvC2. This stlye's impressed by truly massive combos,
    especially when they use only the main basics. (I suggest Megaman, Tron
    Bonne, and Cyclops for this style. They have massive combos, and several
    mega-combos, AND two f them can win using only FP sometimes.)
    Drunken Fighting: based on the old Chinese style. Dress casually, like
    you ewould at the nearest bar. If allowed at your arcade, even have a
    beer with you; Budweiser works great. Act like you're a good bit drunk.
    Intentionaly 'slip' on the cahracters a little while choosing. Then,
    still acting drunk, promptly kick butt, showing you're faking. It SERIOUSLY
    turns heads when the drunk deals a perfectly-timed 100+ hit combo. Note:
    Casual: This is an unusual style to play. Dress in sweats and a t-shirt,
    or other clothes that are comfortable, if not high fashion. Something
    and white goes nicely.  While playing, keep a laid-back style of play,
    looking like you dont really care about how the match ends. If you Win
    by a large margin, give the guy a few tips in a kind way. If you win by
    a pretty close margin, ask to challenge the person again, and (if you
    have enough tokens or quarters) even offer to PAY for him to go into a
    second game through. If you lose barely, ask if it'd be okay to play
    against your opponent again. If he says no, politely go to another game.
    If he says yes, pop in the quarters and play again. If you lose by a
    large margin, say "Great Match" and head to anothe machine casually.
    (I suggest a pinball machine; avoid Dance Dance Revolution) This style
    isn't the most crowd-pleaseing by tiself, but it's great as an aspect
    of the next style...
    Crowd Insaneo: This is a very complex style, and requires a LOT of planning. 
    Get together with several friends fbefoe you go. Set up in as many different
    play-styles as possible, except don't have a Pokemon Trainer unless you have
    a Disco Inferno. Even if you're all nder 20, have a psychologist and/or
    professor style. Form a circle, and choose the best layer as 1, and the
    worst as last in the order, slowly going down in skill. Here's how the
    battle goes: Start with the player who has niumber 1. After 30 seconds, call
    "Switch Off!" and jump back from the machine. The next player then jumps in
    and continues the fight for another 30 seconds. Here's one team that worked 
    great, in order:
    One Cool Guy, One Disco Inferno, One Pokemon trainer, One Men in Black
    We used three different teams:
    Megaman (projectile)
    T.Bonne (projectile)
    Servbot (Forget which type, wasn't paying attention)
    Second time:
    Ryu (projectile)
    Gambit (forget again)
    Sonson (Heal)
    Third time:
    Wolerine (Launcher)
    Cyclops (Projectile)
    Megaman (Projectile)
    Use a team that your entire gorup can play efectively, including the 
    lowset-skiled player. If you win, someone shouts "Another challenger?" and 
    another switch-off occurs, still in order.
    Notes on Crowd Insaneo: Practice with the DC version and an arcade stick, 
    this style is HARD. If you can, while swtching off, defeat Abyss on level 8 
    difficulty, then you're ready to play this style. In tournaments, see if you 
    can stay in the crowd insaneo style; If not, try to rig it so your bes 
    player gets matched up with others who will, while puting on a good show, 
    intentionaly lose. My friend actually WON a very small local tournament with 
    this, with Me as the assistant."
                 -by Dogbert volton(ssdogbert22@hotmail.com)-              
    1. megaman - move megaman until rush's tongue is between his legs.
                 (big surprise.)
    2. felicia - after defeating someones last character with a super. dash 
                 towards them until you are at their feet, then taunt. (works
                 best...and is funniest...against sakura.)
    3. storm - superjump and keep pressing lp. (taunt human opponent by saying 
               "cant catch me...cant catch me...") when they superjump after
               you press up and lightning attack. (3 times) float down while
               still pressing lp.  (lots and lots and lots of laughs....plus
               it fills up your super bar.)
    4. capt. comm - dash in-lp-lk-hk XX flying mummy guy(QCF HK.)
                    then you can:
       a. (if the combo hits) dash in and do a fierce captain corridor.
       b. (if the combo hits) dash in behind them and do a fierce captain
       c. (if the combo hits) dash in hehind them. launch them again and
           proceed  into a devasting (well....not really) air combo.
       d. (if the person/comp blocks) dash in and repeat over and over again.
           there is no (or only a millisecond) of lag time.
    COMBOS  (done with characters in the order written)
    1. sakura - storm - strider
    [sakura]fierce dashing punches XX hurricane kick super XX [storm] lightning 
    storm XX [strider] ragnarok.
    2. rogue - felicia - storm
    [rogue] activate speed up - d.lp - d.mp (repeat until speed is almost
    gone) XX goodnight sugar XX [felica] please help me XX [storm] ice storm.
    3. psylocke - dan - jill
    [psylocke] dash in. lp - d.lk - d.hp - sj.lp - lk - mp - mk - U+hk (lk)
    psi-blade XX butterfly super XX [dan] supertaunt XX [jill] tyrant super.
    4. tron bonne - kobun - jill
    opponent near corner [tron] s.lp - s.lk XX lunch rush XX [kobun] lunch rush
    XX [jill] tyrant super.
    5. shuma gorath.
    [shuma] activate chaos dimension. lk - mk - sj.lp - lk - mp - mk - fp
    (chaos grab) - lk (otg) - mk - sj.lp - lk - mp - mk (pause) - F+fk.
    6. guile - sakura - captain commando (level 5)
    [guile] jump in hp - d.lk - d.mk - d.hk XX sonic hurricane XX [sakura]
    dashing super XX [captain C] captain storm - d.lk (otg) d.mk - fp XX
    (fp)captain fire XX captain storm - d.lk (otg) hk XX captain sword.
    7. strider - bison(variety) - ironman (level 5)
    [strider] bison assist XX Ourobourus - dash in d.lp - d.lk - d.mp - d.mk
    (repeat) - bison assist XX ourobourus - dash in d.lp - d.lk - d.mp -d.mk
    (repeat) - bison assist XX A1 + A2.
    8. jill - marrow - psylocke (level 4+)
    [jill]  jump in hp - d.lk - d.mk - d.hk - pause - d.lk - d.hp - sj.lp -
    lk - mp - mk - (lp)shoulder tackle XX tackle super XX [marrow] bone buster
    XX [psylocke]  Kochou Gakure *d.lk (otg) d.hp - sj.lp - lk - mp -mk -
    U+hk - psiblade XX kochou gakure*
    combo notes:
    1. wait until the oppenent is falling...then do the ragnarok.
    2. cancel in to felicia's super before rogue's kick launcher. wait until 
       last hit during please help me.
    3. during dan's super taunt (and if the opponent is not blocking) cancel
       into the tyrant.  dont if oppoent is blocking.
    4. must immediately cancel into kobun's lunch rush right after you see
       tron's first servbot appear.  (80 hits) wait until the 76th hit, then
       do jill's tyrant.
    5. one character killing machine.  press lk as soon as you land. (mash) 
       buttons for increase damage.
    6. you must do the captain storm as soon as the captain fire hits oppoenent.
       any delay will cause in the super to run underneat the oppoenent. also,
       i have only been able to connect it no more then 3 times...after that,
       the opponent lands too far away.
    7. do the ourobourus as soon as soon as you do bisons assist. when time
       is running out dash back still pressing hp and do bisons assist again.
       ourobourus. (opponent is getting hit by bison assit).  press the two
       assist buttons in the middle of the combo.
    8. you have to wait a second after the d.hk before u press d.lk. or it
       will miss. you must immediately do psilocks kochou gakure as soon as
       you do marrows bone buster. (the oppenent often lands in it...but
       not alway.) if the oppoenent doesnt roll...you can otg. (works best
       in corner)"
                     -by terry bogard(kobun7o7@hotmail.com)-               
     _  _  ____  ____  ____       ___  ____  ____  ____   ____  ____  ___
    ( \/ )(_  _)(_  _)(_  _)     / __)(  _ \( ___)(  _ \ (_  _)(_  _)/ __)
     \  /  _)(_  _)(_  _)(_     ( (__  )   / )__)  )(_) ) _)(_   )(  \__ \
      \/  (____)(____)(____)()   \___)(_)\_)(____)(____/ (____) (__) (___/
    Catlord (kittylord@hotmail.com) for his Tekken Psychology FAQ from which
                                    I have learned how to prejudge an opponent's
                                    skill level
    Kaelib (Ragallach@msn.com) for his Tekken Taunting FAQ from which I have
                               learned how to trash talk more effectively and
                               for inspiring the "Role Playing" subsection
    James Chen and Shoryuken.com for the awesome (and I do mean awesome) combos
    The KiD (Oodzume@hotmail.com) for even more of those crowd pleasing combos!
                                  Check out his MVC2 Combo FAQ at gamefaqs.com
                                  It saves ya hell lotta time finding and
                                  trying to download all those combo movies
                                  from different sites. Plus, you get loads
                                  of stuff found nowhere else!
    Aya Brea (i_love_aya@hotmail.com) for lotsa team name contributions and
                                      for helping me do some more brainstorming
                                      on even more of them team names!
    Michael Ongsingco(ong5mike@pworld.net.ph) for more team names
    Rikidozan (rikidozan@hotmail.com) for his MvC2 Color/Assist FAQ which
                                      I used to verify lotsa things
    Chris MacDonald (cmd@hooked.net) for his MVC2 Moveslist FAQ which contained
                                     some very nice details like the CORRECT
                                     spelling for Ruby Heart's....well....
                                     Everything!! =p
    John Mayfield(mayfield_john@hotmail.com) for his MVC2 Magneto FAQ which
                                             contained not an infinite but
                                             nevertheless 100% damage combo
    Dan Finch(dan@finch.com) for some color theming, lockdowns, and other
                             useful suggestions
    Gamefaqs.com for paying attention to this faq
    Capcom and all its affiliates for creating such a great game
     ____  _  _      ____  ____  _  _  ____  ___  ____  _____  _  _
    (_  _)( \/ )    (  _ \( ___)( \/ )(_  _)/ __)(_  _)(  _  )( \( )
     _)(_  )  (      )   / )__)  \  /  _)(_ \__ \ _)(_  )(_)(  )  (
    (____)(_/\_)()  (_)\_)(____)  \/  (____)(___/(____)(_____)(_)\_)
                     _   _  ____  ___  ____  _____  ____  _  _
                    ( )_( )(_  _)/ __)(_  _)(  _  )(  _ \( \/ )
                     ) _ (  _)(_ \__ \  )(   )(_)(  )   / \  /
                    (_) (_)(____)(___/ (__) (_____)(_)\_) (__)
    v1.2 - Finally. Added a few things here & there. Added lockdowns
    v1.1 - almost NOTHING from me. Just inflated the suggestions sections
     _  _      ____  ____  _  _    __    __      _    _  _____  ____  ____   ___
    ( \/ )    ( ___)(_  _)( \( )  /__\  (  )    ( \/\/ )(  _  )(  _ \(  _ \ / __)
     )  (      )__)  _)(_  )  (  /(__)\  )(__    )    (  )(_)(  )   / )(_) )\__ \
    (_/\_)()  (__)  (____)(_)\_)(__)(__)(____)  (__/\__)(_____)(_)\_)(____/ (___/
    Please feel free to email me if there's something about crowd pleasing
    I left out (I'm sure there will be as this FAQ deals with a subject so
    vast and diverse) or if you just want to comment on my work. Thank you.
    If ever I revise this faq and add something you feel came from one of
    your emails to me, email me again and remind me bout it so I can give
    you credit. Thanks again. AND IF I FORGET TO INCLUDE WHAT I SAID I WOULD,
    PLEASE REMIND ME BOUT IT, K? I get loads o' suggestions sometimes I forget
    to include every last one in a revision. =p
    So what's YOUR idea of a crowd pleaser?
    Oh and, one last thing: I'll include here a list of all the characters
    in MVC2 and how many people actually use them. My main basis of this is
    my local arcade and handful of others, but I will also accept VOTES via
    email. So start sendin them fav teams now! ^_^ (and if you wanna include
    some comments on why that team was your choice I'd be more than glad
    to post it here)
    Since July 10, 2000 and as of Nov. 30, 2000:
                       no. of votes                                        
    Name               100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700
    Akuma            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Amingo           - >>>>>>
    Anakaris         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    B.B. Hood        - >>>>>>>>>>
    Blackheart       - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Bison            - >>>>>>>>>>>>
    Cable            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Cammy            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Captain America  - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Captain Commando - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Charlie          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Chunli           - >>>>>>>>>
    Colossus         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Cyclops          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Dan              - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Dhalsim          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Dr. Doom         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Felicia          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Gambit           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Guile            - >>>>>>>>>>>
    Hayato           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Hulk             - >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Iceman           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Ironman          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Jill             - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Jin              - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Juggernaut       - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Ken              - >>>>>>>>>
    Kobun            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Magneto          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Marrow           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Megaman          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Morrigan         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Omega Red        - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Psylocke         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Rogue            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Roll             - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Ruby Heart       - >>>>>>>>>
    Ryu              - >>>>
    Sabretooth       - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Sakura           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Sentinel         - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Shuma Gorath     - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Silver Samurai   - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Sonson           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Spiderman        - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Spiral           - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Storm            - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Strider Hiryu    - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Thanos           - >>>>>>>>>
    Tron Bonne       - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Venom            - >>>>>>>>>
    War Machine      - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Wolverine        - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Wolverine II     - >>>>>>>>>>>
    Zangief          - >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Reasons why different people like their respective teams:
    "Jill: I think I enjoy playing as speedy chicks a little TOO much. With
    the pleasure of Chun Li taken away, I needed someone new. That's where
    Jill came into my life. She's a pretty original character, a pixie who
    can summon right up there with Cap'n Commando. There are few greater
    pleasures in life then keeping the preassure right up my opponent's ass,
    then suddenly dropping back to let them deal with my preacious Zombie
    Hoard! Then, when they finally break through and go on the offence, they're
    met with ten odd bullets right to the face! HA!"
    "Iceman: Call me an asshole, but I love to turtle when I can.  The lack
    of block damage can cause the veins in my opponents forheads to pop, as
    they make their futile attempts at breaking through. Also, being the
    annoying bastard that I am, the aformention ability, combined with the
    annoying chip damage he can give, makes him a prime candidate for playing
    the clock. Normally, I don't find turtles fun to play as, but the fact
    that Iceman has some comboability makes me actually enjoy playing as him."
    "Guile: Er....OK, so I don't usually like turtles, but Guile is the second
    exeption and not the rule (Cap'n Commando being the third). I guess I
    could say I like his comboability, and his kick ass supers. I could also
    say his good priority plays a factor, but I wont. Ill be honest. The
    reasons I play him are the same things that made me love him in SF2. His
    double-sweep, his hair, his upside-downy roundhouse, his hair, his air-
    backbreaker, and his hair."
    "Spidey: I like him because he's fun to combo with, and is fast. Not much
    more to say. I was really a late bloomer with him, and never bothered
    to learn to play him until a couple weeks before MvC2 hit the states on
    DC. Therefore he's still kinda new to me. I was always intimidated by
    his unorthadox launcher for some reason."
    "Magneto: OK, last, and probably least, is Magneto. I don't like him as
    much as the other guys, but he's still fun to play. The main reason I
    like Eric is that he's somewhat of the Big Bad Boss type. Therefore, you
    can't help but expect him to be a powerhouse sloth. Boy is he anything
    but that! His deceptive speed has me hooked!"
                   -the above 5 by Justin(AnimeHex@aol.com)-               
    "I'm losing interest in wolverine, but i do like his speed. I'm thinking
    of replacing wolverine with magneto as soon as i learn his combos. They
    look like they can kill somebody."
                          -by Culasice99@aol.com-                          
    "Psylocke - gotta love her lowlag projectile, triple jump, teleport, and
    "Cable - (yeah, ug) I'm not the usual Joe Blow Cable ABuser. I work my
    way in with 4-5hit ground combos that usually end with his Crouching HP->
    HP Viper Beam. I will turtle vs. computer if I'm against a Stage 4+ Wolvie/
    Storm. And I can actually air combo pretty good with Cable."
    "Dan - "YAHOOI!" My inclose meelee fighter. I  rush in with his Dankupyaku
    (speeling incorrect, i know), then I'll AC them or unleash his HBK. Then
    I taunt mercilessly!!"
                 -the above 3 by The Mak(themax4@earthlink.net)-           
    "I personally use Captain Commando, Juggernaut, and Tron Bonne. Tron's
    ability to hold people with Kobun then just walk calmly up and Lunch Rush
    them is sheer fun, with Kobun's everywhere. Captain Commando is my main
    fighter, with versatility his asset. Juggernaut is my BUG SMASH! character,
    used for assisting often, and knockdown dragout fighting if necessary."
                 -by Dana Chrysalis(daniel.fitzgerald@qr.com)-             
    "My favorite MvC2 team I call the Wall.  With Ruby Heart in alpha assist,
    Blackheart with the Beta assist, and Storm in Gamma assist.  Every time
    the assist buttons are used there is a bunch of crap that spirals out
    of the ground and hard to dodge. Another interesting thing with this team
    is that Storm and Blackhearts assist attacks always goes to the target
    making it easy to kill the 2nd and 3rd Abyss forms! Even if he's not on
    the screen these will connect!"
                   -by Curtis Tyler(quepton@netscape.net)-                 
    "Beta Cammy, Gamma Charlie, Beta Jill.
    Cammy's got madd combo skillz.  Low LK, Launcher, crazy Aerial Rave ending
    with a Killer Bee Assault (LOCK ON!). Charlie has great defense and his
    supers are all purpose. Jill's fun for making everything really confusing
    (Assist, a flaming zombie, and a raven all at once. Sweet...). That, and
    the DHC of the Spin Drive Smasher canceled (before the Cannon Spike) into
    the CODE: T-002 canceled into a Sonic Break."
                       -by Ryne(chocobo2000@juno.com)-                     
    "My personal favorite team to use is my "Supreme Beam Team", also known
    as the "Packing Heat Team". It isn't the one you put, but close. It's
    Cable (duh, this guy DEFINES beam moves), Iron Man, and B.B. Hood. Put
    it this way, if you can catch someone in a Hyper Viper Beam/Cool Hunting/
    Proton Cannon Triple Super, it's going to HURT. Plus, it hits for an
    obscene amount, and I've actually killed 2 people at once with this,
    on a whiffed double team super, plus it looks awesome. And, B.B. Hood
    has two of the coolest trigger Supers, Beautiful Memory and Hyper Apple
    for You, which is an added bonus."
                           -by Trash13X@aol.com-                           
    "Felicia. Because seeing one's character have the bejeezus beat out of
    them by a female anime-ish character, and one in a skimpy cat costume
    no less, could be considered an insult to anybody. Plus her combos tend
    to go on and on if one is mean enough to do so.
    "Thanos. Because I thought the movie "Planet of the Apes" was sort of funny."
    "Either Hayato for his flashiness, Magneto for his cheap combos, or Shuma
    Gorath for his sideshow charm. Given the choice, I usually take Shuma."
    "And if I had the patience, I'd use Anakaris simply for his oddball quality."
                     -the above 4 by JadeWEAPN8@aol.com-                   
    "This may semm a little on the cheapish side, but my favorite team is
    Cable with any assisst,  Juggernaut with Dash assisst, and Hulk with Dash
    assisst.  Cable can stand back and shoot his opponent, while Juggy and
    Hulk can knock the opponent back if they get too close.  Unfortunately,
    the Super Tag combo can screw itself over.  Juggernaut will slam the
    opponent back, and Hulk's Gamma crush (the strongest attack) could miss."
                 -by Mitch Underhill(MVC2-Champ@excite.com)-               
    "My crowd pleasing team, which is now also the team I use almost exclusively,
    is Megaman, Roll and Servbot (I prefer to call them the "Mega Busters"
    rather than "Micromachines" :).  Almost anything you do with this team,
    with the exception of the stereotypical Megaman ("ey!...ey!...ey!...ey
    ...Hyper Megaman...repeat") easily passes as crowd pleasing and !*FLASH*!,
    cuz they're so small, so hard to use, and so darned cute! Especially if
    you are really good with Roll and Servbot.
    My flashiest and most damaging combo with this team has to be one starting
    with Megaman, with a super-charged Mega Buster:
    Jump-in LK, MK, land, crouching LK, MK, release charged Mega Buster (then
    hold HP to charge it again), dash-ins (repeat dash-in as necessary to
    push opponent out in front of the Mega Buster shot), activate Leaf Shield,
    more dash-ins, (once opponent is cornered) LP, MP, release Leaf Shield,
    walk in, LP, MP, release Mega Buster (then hold HP to charge), walk in,
    LP, MP, HK, super jump, LP, LK, MP, MK, release Mega Buster XX Hyper Megaman
    XX Servbot Gamma Lunch Rush XX Hyper Roll (when opponent has fallen to
    Obviously it's hard to charge the Mega Buster up that long against good
    opponents, but you can easily just start with the opponent cornered and
    go from there if you have Leaf Shield already activated and the Mega Buster
    partially charged.  Heck, you can just corner the opponent and do the
    launcher into the combo and it will STILL be flashy AND do great damage! :)
    As for what you do after a win... with Roll, I throw out a Flower Bouquet
    Bomb or a Roll Buster at the opponent, then taunt. With Megaman, Leaf
    Shield, Tornado Hold, or a Mega Buster, then taunt. With Servbot, a paper
    airplane, then taunt, or any moves that call out other Servbots, or just
    allow him to go to sleep. :)"
                     -by Mike Ellis(aekimsille@yahoo.com)-                
    "I use Guile,Strider, and spidey. I like this team not because they are
    a theme but because massive damage and playabilty. I use spidey as my
    fun guy cuz his combos are fun and i like to see how long i can make
    them against unsuspecting good gamers. Then Strider becaus i still need
    to practice his doube jumps with combos and Guile because i need to have
    a solid player who takes away way too much. I like the way the sweep
    goes into the special sonic boo and flash kick."
                     -by ademola thomas(nonsenx88@msn.com)-                
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