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    Spiral by Gotenks2000

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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Super Heroes
    Spiral Faq by Gotenks2000(aka JinSaotome)
    Version 4.0
    email address: gotenks2000@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2000 Gotenks2000
    Disclaimer: This character faq may ONLY be found (as of now) at gamefaqs.com 
    at my site which is located at http://gotenks2000.hypermart.net(which also
    contains original mvc2 movies). If you found this faq at any site, please 
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    chances are
    I won't change my mind.
    If you wish to use small parts of this faq for your faq, please give credit
    where it's due. It's that simple. My name is Gotenks2000(aka JinSaotome),
    so please mention my name somewhere in your faq.
    The Capcom characters are copyright 2000 Capcom Co., Ltd.
    The Marvel characters are copyright 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.
    Strider Hiryuu is copyright Moto Kikaku. All rights reserved.
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    care of business.
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a crazy wild fighting game. But it's probably the 
    fighting game ever made. X-Men:COTA was the start of the versus series.
    I think most of you never even played that game before. After that, X-Men
    vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Street Figher was created(a bad versus 
    and characters such as the Hulk, Ryu, Ken, Blackheart made their appearance
    to a versus game. Marvel vs. Capcom was next and Megaman, Strider, Jin, and
    Captain Commando were new additions. And now-it's Marvel vs. Capcom 2 with 
    characters. A rumor I've heard is that there's 60 characters in the game
    and Capcom is not going to release them until after a period of time. 
    There's a 75%
    chance this rumor could be true. They could be the 4 former bosses, but I 
    they're not. I'm still hoping Zero(from Megaman X series)is in the game. 
    Only time
    will tell.
    I. Legend
    II. Special Moves and Hyper Combos
    III. Spiral's Combos
    IV. Assists, Team Supers, and SnapBacks
    V. Strategy
    VI. Assists are the Key!
    VII. Things To Keep in Mind in the Arcade
    VIII. Who Uses Who?
    IX. You Know You've Been Playing Too Much MvsC2 when...
    X. Updates
    XI. Conclusion
    XII. Thanks To
    I. Legend
    I. Legend
    F = Joystick pushing toward your opponent
    B = Joystick pushing away from your opponent
    U = Joystick pushing up
    D = Joystick pushing down
    qcf = Quarter circle forward
    qcb = Quarter circle back
    hcf = Half circle forward
    hcb = Half circle back
    Button layout:
    (Jab)   (Fierce)  (Assist 1)
      O         O         O
      O         O         O
    (Short) (Roundhouse) (Assist 2)
    P = Tap any punch button
    PP = Tap both punch buttons
    K = Tap any kick button
    KK = Tap both kick buttons
    A1 = Tap the Assist 1 button
    A2 = Tap the Assist 2 button]
    XX=Cancel to
    /\ =super jump
    \/= land
    c.* = Specifies Ducking state during a button press (For example: c.fierce)
    s.* = Specifies Standing state during a button press
    j.* = Specifies Jumping state during a button press
    sj.* = Specifies Super Jumping state during a button press
    II. Special Moves and Hyper Combos
    a. Dancing Sword                  hcb + P, throw swords with LP / MP  (air)
    Use this move a lot. This should be one of your main weapons and should be 
    used for various
    purposes(See my Strategy Section)
    b. Tsurugi Tobashi:
    Forward:   QCF + LP after Dancing Sword  (air)
    Upward:     QCF + HP after Dancing Sword  (air)
    Circular:    QCF+ LK after Dancing Sword  (air)
    Six-Way:    QCF + HK / LK + HP after Dancing Sword  (air)
    c. Teleport Dance                 QCB + Short  then....
    Spiral's teleport is one of her main weapons and it's very deceptive. She 
    will teleport anywhere
    on the screen, depending on what motion you do next.
    QCB + Short                               Spiral appears over her opponent's 
    QCB + hold Short                       Spiral appears in the the lower-left.
    QCB + hold Jab                          Spiral appears in the center.
    QCB + hold Roundhouse            Spiral appears in the lower-right.
    QCB + hold Fierce                      Spiral appears in the upper-right.
    QCB + hold d + Short                  Like (hold short), but she's closer to 
    her enemy.
    QCB + hold d + Roundhouse       Like (hold roundhouse), but she's closer to 
    her enemy.
    QCB + hold d + Jab                     Like (hold jab), but she's closer to 
    her enemy.
    QCB + hold d + Fierce                 Like (hold fierce), but she's closer 
    to her enemy
    d. Kyuukouka Dance                In air only, QCB + HK
    Hyper Combos:
    a. Stampede Sword                 QCF + PP
    b. Power Dance                    QCF + KK  (air)
    c. Speed Dance                    QCB + KK  (air)
    Well, this super doesn't do damage, but it gives Spiral lots of speed! This 
    is like Wolverine's
    Berserker Rage. With this much improved speed, Spiral can do longer combos 
    with more hits.
    Not a bad super to use
    d. Metamorphosis               QCB + PP, press punches to grab  (Level 3 
    Heh..the only reason I played with nasty looking Spiral in the 1st place was 
    because of this
    cool super...she warps into each of the Marvel characters and does a hit 
    with each of them because
    she turns into another Marvel character! As you can tell, this super is very 
    damaging, and stylish!
    e. Hyper Metamorphosis          (Done during triple/double team super)
    Same as Metamorphosis except is does not do as much damage, but still highly 
    and stylish!
    III. Spiral Combos
    I will list Spiral's basic combos. Spiral's magic series is weak to strong. 
    That means, she can link
    the 3 different punches in a row, or her three kicks in a row, or a S.Short, 
    a S.Strong, and a S.Roundhouse.
    She can't go back, only forward. These are not her only combos, I encourage 
    you to find
    and make up your own combos. If you have any combos, please email them to 
    and I will give proper credit to you.
    *You can start a combo for Spiral with J.Roundhouse or J.Short. You could 
    also teleport, or dash in.
    1. Speed Dance(Spiral gains speed), J.Roundhouse, S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, 
    S.Forward, S.Fierce
    2. C.Roundhouse /\ Sj. Jab, Sj.Short, Sj.Strong, Sj.Forward, Sj.Fierce
    3. C.Roundhouse /\ Sj.Jab, Sj.Short, Sj.Strong, Sj.Forward, Sj.Roundhouse
    4. C.Roundhouse /\ Sj.Jab, Sj.Short, Sj.Strong, Sj.Forward, D+ Fierce
    5. Speed Dance, J. Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, 
    C.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab,
    SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.Fierce
    6. Power Dance, J.Roundhouse, S.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce, XX Hyper 
    7. J.Roundhouse \/ ,S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce, XX hyper 
    metamorphasis (2 assist buttons)
    8. (with dancing swords) J.Short \/, C.Short, C.Roundhouse /\ ,SJ. Jab, 
    SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, and
    while falling down Jab, Jab, Jab, jump back up and Jab, Short, Forward, 
    This is a very hard combo and works best in the corner. Her swords will keep 
    them up in the air.
    Timing is everything.
    9. (w/speed up): J.Roundhouse\/ Dashing S.Short, Dash Roundhouse, Dash 
    Short, Dash Roundhouse,
    Dash Short....
    This is her infinite with speed up.  it can be hella cheesy.
    10. (w/speed up + dancing swords): J.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, S.Short, 
    S.Forward, S,Fierce,Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab,
    teleport behind oponent, C.Short, C.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
    Sj,Forward, XX  six hand grapple (f,d,df + p).
    control the throw with up or down. this is also hard to do but i think it is 
    throw those knives as fast as you can!
    11. (in corner w/ speed up): J.Short \/ C.Short, C.Roundhouse /\ Sj.Jab, 
    Sj.Short, Sj.Strong, Sj.Forward, SJ.Short,
    SJ.Forward, SJ.Roundhouse
    you can OTG them later and do what you please.
    12. ***Spiral's Infinite Combo***
    C.Roundhouse /\ SJ. Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, Leg Throw
    Note: You land befor your opponent, so you can launch them afterwards. It 
    can't be rolled out of, but I think it is escapable.
    ***I give credit to ShadowLady for some of these Spiral combos.***
    IV. Assists, Team Supers, and SnapBacks
               A-Projectile Type: Jab Sword Toss / Stampede Swords
               B-Variety Type: Fierce Sword Toss / Stampede Swords
               C-Ground Type: S.Fierce / Metamorphosis
    SnapBack: C.Fierce
       Here's an assist that works beautifully with Spiral: Silver Samurai's 
    ground assist . Here's how I use it . The opponents at my arcade are too 
    good to be jumped in on with slow-ass Spiral . So I usually teleport in and 
    do a dashing  standing light kick , standing medium kick , standing heavy 
    punch cancel into Silver's assist . As Spiral is pounding the opponent with 
    her six arms , Silver rushes in and cuts them to ribbons . The cool thing is 
    that Silver's assist leaves them on the ground and stunnned , so you can 
    follow it up with a variety of things .
       I sometimes follow the assist combo with a Stampede Sword if I feel lazy 
    . You have to cancel the heavy punch into the assist and then immediately do 
    a Stampede Sword if you want it to connect . This is the easiest follow up .
       If I feel ambitious , I cancel the heavy punch into the assist then 
    immediately do the Speed Dance and immediately dash in and hit the opponent 
    with the very tip of a standing heavy kick . Then , of course you can do a " 
    cheesy " dash light kick , heavy kick infinity until they are in the corner 
    , where you can unleash a Hyper Metamorphosis on them . Although this combo 
    hits 50 -60 times and  99 % of the players couldn't do it , I suppose it's  
    still cheesy to you . Just kidding .
       You can also follow up with a dashing heavy punch if your absolutely 
    perfect with your timing . Something I like to do is start this assist combo 
    with some dancing swords equipped , then dash in with the heavy punch and 
    tap the light punch button to send the swords flying  as Spiral's six arms 
    are punching them in the face .Ouch . Despite all of her moves , tho , 
    Spiral is kind of ...I don't know . Boring I guess . I don't know why . 
    People tend to block alot when I use her . I mean a real lot . If I'm using 
    T.Bonne I like to equip her throw assist and then do the speed up with 
    Spiral . EVEYONE blocks as soon as they see me use the speed up , then I 
    dash into them with the light kick heavy kick routine . Of course they are 
    all turtled up , and there is not much you can do , as Spiral cannot throw 
    in speed up mode . So I usually send in T to throw them instead . Then you 
    can whack them on the way down from the throw . Stampede Swords also work 
    well here , if your fast .
    V. Strategy
    Spiral is not an easy character to use. True-she has a lot of weapons, but 
    she does require some
    strategy to play. She also requires a lot of memorizing since she has so 
    much moves.
    Spiral is a very good offensive character with damaging specials, combos, 
    and hyper combos.
    Your main offensive weapons should be your Dancing Swords. Use them often, 
    and press
    the jab button as fast as you can. If you do this, there won't be any delay 
    between the swords,
    and it takes off a lot of chipping damage also. Spiral can teleport almost 
    anywhere on the screen,
    so use it as much as possible to get close to your opponent. It can get 
    pretty confusing for your
    opponent. A great tactic I like to use is to use an assist(I listed some 
    very good assists in the
    "Assists are the key" section.), and then teleport near my opponent 
    afterwards and combo
    away my opponent. Your opponent will get crossed up, and most likely get 
    punished. Speed Dances
    should also be used. Although it doesn't give you the "Flash" Metamorphosis 
    gives you, it can
    be an extremely good weapon in your arsenal. The same can be said of the 
    Power Dance. These
    two supers are overlooked, but they're pretty useful in your offensive game.
    Another thing-Always use Spiral's gamma assist, that way you can use the 
    Hyper Metamorphosis
    for one super level. It doesn't does as much damage as the level 3 super, 
    but it still does great
    damage, and is all flash! It's very pretty to watch(even prettier than 
    watching Mike Piazza hit a
    grand slam). Rarely, should you use the Stampede Sword hyper combo. It 
    doesn't do a lot of damage,
    use Hyper Metamorphosis as much as possible! If you want to use Spiral, you 
    should generally
    mix between pressuring, and mid range.
    Spiral should always teleport when under extreme pressure. Always mix your 
    teleports to confuse
    your opponent. Speed Dance also helps to get out of corner traps, or jams. 
    Spiral's launcher is a
    mediocre anti-air defense, but you should always have an anti-air assist to 
    help you. That
    brings me to my last point. Assists should also be used to get out of tough 
    jams! Jin's Beta assist,
    cable's psimitar assist, and Juggernaut's Beta assist are good assists to 
    get out of pressure.
    VI. Assists are the Key!
    Assists are the key to success in Marvel vs. Capcom 2! They are to be used 
    very often during a course
    of a game. Several of the uses are for combos, keepaway, anti-air and 
    anti-dash defense, and countering.
    Use an assist at every opportunity you get. But be careful, if your opponent 
    finds a chance to pull
    off a super, your assist character takes extra damage from his/her super. 
    But at the same tone, assists
    can win the game for you as well. I have listed some examples of good 
    assists below and their usefulness.
    a. Ryu's Beta assist  Hadoken
    It's good for chipping damage, and for long range support. Pretty slow 
    fireball...not one of the best.
    b. Spiderman's alpha assist Web Ball
    It sets up some supers and combos fairly easily. While, it's not damaging, 
    it sets up huge damage.
    c. Jin's beta assist Saotome Dynamite
    It would take me a whole page to tell you how good this assist is! It's good 
    for keepaway, anti-air, anti-
    dash, chipping, damage...it's arguably the best and most abuseable assist in 
    the game. just try it and
    you'll see what I mean(and use it when you see your opponent using an 
    attack, or you're under
    extreme pressure)
    d. Juggernaut's Beta assist Juggernaut Punch
    Another dominant assist. It just eats fireballs alive! See a Hadoken? Call 
    out Jug. See a Yoga Flame? Send
    out Juggernaut. In addition, Juggernaut takes 80% damage even as an assis 
    character. Mix that with
    the possibility of 30% damage(Glitched Juggy), and you got one heck of an 
    e. Cable's Alpha Assist Viper Beam
    Cable's Viper Beam is very fast, and it does good damage, sets your main 
    character up for any combo,
    and super. Good chipper, rather safe as long as you protect Cable. Much more 
    better than Ryu's assist.
    f. Dr. Doom's Beta Assist Molecular Shield
    This is a rather good assist. It does a lot of chipping damage, and it 
    pushes your opponent all the way
    to the corner(even if you block). You can keep doing these all day long(but 
    that's too cheap). That's how
    abuseable this assist is.
    g. Hulk's Beta Assist Horizontal Gamma Charge
    It's fast, negates fireballs, and does a lot of damage. This can also set up 
    some nasty, damaging combos.
    It's almost as good as the Juggernaut Punch, and maybe even better, because 
    you have a better chance of
    comboing after this.
    I'm sure there are other good assists in this game. If I've missed some, 
    please email them to me at gotenks2000
    @hotmail.com and I will give you credit for it. Tell me why the assist is so 
    VII. Things to Keep in Mind While In the Arcade
    While, you're playing MvsC2, you may overreact to something, and get 
    frustrated because you're losing,
    but there are several things you should keep in mind while you're in the 
    1. It's only a game. It's not life or death(although some people still think 
    it is). Your whole purpose
    of playing this game is to have fun. It's healthy to be competitive, but the 
    most important thing is to
    have fun.
    2. Never show your frustrations. No matter how frustrating the game is, 
    never curse out loud,
    never yell. Never punch on the buttons, and destroy the joystick.
    And another thing-NEVER kill your opponent, folks. NEVER! I can't stress 
    that enough. Keep
    yourself under control even if they're cheesing you to death.
    3. If you're losing by a wide margin, don't just walk away from the machine, 
    and spit at your
    opponent, and curse at him. You're being a bad sport. Just keep playing. 
    Practice some combos
    you've been trying to experiment, practice any specials you never tried out 
    4. Always say good things if your opponent is frustrated by his/her loss. 
    Even if he/she is your
    worst enemy. I know it's tempting to say "Ha, ha..I beated you! ", it's bad 
    Instead say "Great game, it could have gone either way", or "You played 
    rather good considering
    you had Kobun,..and so and so on your team."
    5. NEVER let things get into your head, and mess up your playing. Play every 
    opponent seriously.
    Play the same whether you're playing your friend, a big fat bully surrounded 
    by his gang, or a guy
    with a sharp knife in his backpocket(I've talked from experience..heh), take 
    them all seriously
    and play them the same way. If something does not go your way, like if you 
    miss a combo,
    messed up the timing of a super, don't be discouraged! If you do, you will 
    continue playing worse.
    Even the best of players are frustrated because they messed something up, or 
    got unlucky. What
    seperates the "average and good player" from the "elite" player is that the 
    elite player puts
    any unlucky move, or mistake he makes and continues to play hard, and 
    concentrate on the match.
    6. Do not try to play harder if you're facing a tougher opponent. Just play 
    your usual style of play.
    Usually if you pressure yourself to play harder, you end up making mistakes.
    7. Do not be discouraged and stop using a new character that you started 
    using. I was discouraged
    because I lost several games with Jin in my team, but once I got the hang of 
    him, I became an expert
    with him.
    VIII. Who Uses Who?
    Go to any ordinary arcade, and you'll see most players(50% or more) using 
    the ordinary characters:
    Cable, Iceman, Megaman, Magneto, Jill, Cyclops..the list goes on and on. But 
    I observed that there
    are some similarities between the users of Jill, etc.
    Users of Cable
    The man in between the age of 18-up usually uses Cable. Usually all he knows 
    is the S.Fierce, but
    he does the occasional air combo, and always combos the Hyper Viper Beam in 
    the ground.
    Decent player, some are experts. Rarely do you see kids playing with Cable, 
    although I play him.
    Users of Morrigan
    Usually people who just love to look at her. They're usually with their 
    young girlfriends, who usually
    have a nice body. They never know how to use Morrigan. In fact, they always 
    lose. They use one hand to
    tap on the buttons and the other hand to touch their girlfriend's ass, 
    and/or waist behind him.
    His girlfriend is probably urging him to impress her and win the match for 
    her. If you want, you can
    use one of your hands to feel the girl's ass. Rarely, does she find out. But 
    be careful if your opponent
    finds out! Heh..
    Users of Megaman
    Usually some small kid who just knows his megabuster. They're somewhere 
    between 10-14 years
    old. They never charge up his megabuster, they never use Beat Plane and Rush 
    They never use his air combos. They almost always are the ones that chose 
    Easy Mode
    in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and chose Psylocke as a 3rd helper. They never use 
    mad nice ground
    and air combos. They never use Tornado Hold, or Leaf Shield. They think 
    they're all cool, but
    they never realize their cheesiness(Yes, there's such a word-look it up).
    Users of Magneto
    Usually some expert who can combo his Magnetic Tempest in an air combo and 
    can beat
    the crap out of you. He's between the age of 15-up, and he usually chooses 
    Iceman, Cable,
    or Cyclops also. Rarely does a kid use Magneto although I've seen some in my 
    Users of Ryu
    Probably some old school folk! He probably knows some decent combos for Ryu 
    I doubt it! Varies from some kid who knows nothing to the guy who can beat 
    the heck
    out of you.
    Users of Kobun, Dan, and Roll
    Probably some drunk dude. You probably don't wanna go near him, he might get 
    angry and
    do something crazy like throw a beer bottle at you. Either beat this guy 
    fast, or get out of the
    arcade as soon as possible. The latter is safer.
    IX. You Know You've Been Playing Too Much MvsC2 when...
    -you punch someone and say "SUCKER!" at the same time. Haha...you don't get 
    it do you?
    -you lose a poker game, and start throwing your cards quickly at your 
    -you sing the select screen song during your sleep.
    -you have dreams of having sex with Morrigan.
    -make "You Know You've been playing too much Mvsc2 when.." jokes all the 
    time. Wait a minute...
    -you slam your head into the arcade machine after a loss.
    -you stab someone in the back when they press your select button during a 
    -you put your 1000th quarter into the arcade machine after 999 unsuccessful 
    attempts to beat Abyss.
    -tell your mom you're watching a movie, when actually, you're watching a 
    short combo movie and
    eating popcorn.
    -hum the Strider theme song while taking a bath.
    -you have to go to the hospital because your hand is broken from playing too 
    -calls people a Communist when they choose Omega Red(he's a Russian 
    -you cry after a close loss to your opponent
    -you cry of joy after a close win.
    -say "MAXIMUS!" before a match.
    -think of Cable the character, when someone says the word "cable".
    -have a superstition about playing MvsC2.
    -after 100 years, you'll still arguing who's cuter between Morrigan and Chun 
    -yell "I'm Unstoppable!" after beating your opponent. (If you're not a 
    Juggernaut fan-just forget it-ok? Don't email me
    asking me what it means)
    -you have reservations to have the game MvsC2 buried with you when you're 
    -after playing, you don't recognize your parents.
    -Even Bill Gates can't pay your electric bill.
    -you get a heart attack when you get killed by a last second hyper combo 
    -blame your losing streak on the black cat you saw in the arcade.
    -you are denying these statements!
    If you have any "You know you've been playing too much mvsc2 when.." jokes, 
    just email them to gotenks2000@hotmail.com. I might even have a contest on 
    who has the best one...
    I will give ALL credit to you!
    I might include them in my homepage at http://gotenks2000.hypermart.net.
    X. Updates
    July 21, 2000-The creation of this Spiral faq, version 1.0
    July 26, 2000-Added a strategy section, updated the combo section, the 
    specials and hyper combos
    section. Added Who uses Who? section. Version 1.5
    July 28, 2000-Added much more combos for Spiral in the combo section. Added 
    "Things to Keep
    in Mind in the arcade" section. Updated Thanks To section. Version 2.0
    August 21, 2000-Added Spiral's infinite, and added some stuff to assists 
    section. Updated Thanks To
    Section. Version 3.0
    September 10, 2000-Added the jokes.. Version 4.0
    XI. Conclusion
    Well, this is the faq. I will be adding much more info in the next week and 
    during the summer of 2000!
    I will be adding normal move analysis, more special and hyper combo 
    analysis, more combos,
    strategy, and perhaps a versus strategy section also. My email address is 
    so email me anything you would like to tell me. I have a dbz/game homepage 
    too. The url is
    http://gotenks2000.hypermart.net. It contains dbz fanfics, original marvel 
    vs. capcom 2 faqs, some marvel
    vs. capcom songs/midis and original marvel vs. capcom 2 combo movies. Please 
    take a look at it.
    XII. Thanks To
    for hosting this faq, and for the best game site ever.
    they have tons of combo movies
    This fighting game site has lots of combo movies, and fighting game info.
    -Everyone that read this faq
    -ShadowLady who contributed some of the Spiral combos to this faq.
    -That guy in Rhode Island. I'm sorry, I forgot your name. He gave me the 
    Spiral infinite, and contributed
    to the Assists section. Email me if you're reading this!!

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