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    Roll by Sir 0rion

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    Sir "O" Presents: The REAL ultimate Roll FAQ (sorry, CMA, I couldn't resist 
    by Sir0rion@aol.com 
    If or when you e-mail me with questions or comments
    about this FAQ, make the subject Roll, or
    I'll delete it. By the way, if you want
    to IM me, (assuming you have AIM,) it's just
    Sir 0rion. Both are spelled with a zero,
    not an O. My e-mail address has no space in
    it. Feel free to e-mail me anytime and I'll
    try my best to respond quickly.
    Copyright info:
    Let's make this simple. Anything Marvel is copyrighted
    Marvel, anything Capcom is copyrighted Capcom and I
    have no affiliation with either of them. I take credit only
    for the effort I put into this FAQ. I PERSONALLY own
    the sole legal rights to usage of the name "Sir 0rion",
    meaning noone but me is allowed to publish ANYTHING under
    this name without my expressed consent (but then again,
    that goes with any FAQ, so it doesn't really matter).
    This FAQ assumes you have at least a general knowledge of
    this game. If you have a hard time grasping some of the concepts
    listed here, please refer to CJayC's guide near the top of this FAQ 
    7/25/00 – 1.0: First version
    10/12/00 – 3.0: MASSIVE update! I altered around 90% of this FAQ, editted my 
    errors, and even added a "Vs" section, combos (something I rarely do), and 
    several other things.
    2/14/01 – 6.0: Even BIGGER update. I went through every single nuance I could 
    think of, changed every single chapter in some way, added/omitted chapters, 
    and gave the entire FAQ a completely different feel. I'm still not really 
    happy with my "Vs" section, but it's a lot better than it used to be. If 
    you've seen any of the previous versions, forget them. This is quite a bit 
    (1: From the Mouth of Sir 0rion
    (2: Who is Roll?
    (3: Abbvs.
    (4: Roll in-depth
    (5: Roll's moves
    (6: Recommended Partners
    (7: General Strategies
    (8: Intelligent Fighting
    (9: Vs. Strategies
    (10: Other Cool Stuff
    (11: Thanks
    Chapter 1: From the Mouth of Sir 0rion
    There's a little bit of pride to be gained for choosing a character widely 
    known as worthless. Such is the case with this character. Before I go on, I 
    should caution you about a few things. First, if you're not already an EXPERT 
    at this game, close this FAQ now. If you still actually lose to the computer, 
    or don't know how to do advanced air combos, you will NOT stand a chance with 
    Roll. There's a reason people say she's worthless. If you expect to use Roll, 
    you've got to have skill, and even more importantly, you've got to have guts. 
    If you don't think that you're quite ready for Roll, but want to use her, 
    forget her at the moment and instead use Megaman. He's quite similar to Roll 
    at first glance, and he has a lot of techniques that are MUCH easier to 
    execute. Learn him, learn this game, and once you feel confident about your 
    ability, re-open this FAQ.
    Chapter 2: Who is Roll?
    Here's the short story:
    Roll is Megaman's little sister.
    Now for the long one (if you don't like reading a whole lot of pointless 
    stuff, you might as well skip to the next chapter):
    Roll, Megaman's little sister, is a very odd girl. For one thing, like 
    Megaman, she's a robot, but she doesn't look ANYTHING like a robot. Roll is a 
    kind person (I say person because like Megaman, she has an advanced AI, making 
    her a life form in that manner), who typically wants to resort to non-violent 
    measures. She's a pacifist, and takes care of Beat and Rush when they're not 
    in use. She also cleans up the lab where they live. In Marvel vs. Capcom 1, 
    Roll took it into her head to try to prove her worth to her creator, Dr. 
    Light, by going after the ultimate force known as Onslaught, but she soon 
    realized that she was in way over her head… she was often scared to tears, and 
    constantly embarrassed by her older brother, showing off by making her cry. 
    She struggled and fought, though, and actually beat the evil man known as 
    Onslaught before Megaman even made it to the scene! Dr. Light gave her a power 
    enhancement, making her a more formidable fighter (to make this a little 
    easier of a conversion, just forget about her changing into Hyper Roll at the 
    end), although it was taxing on her vitality, due to the fact that she still 
    wasn't made to fight. Roll matured a lot from that incident, and instead of 
    hiding in the shadows and secretly going after this new menace, Abyss, she 
    stepped up and is now officially in the tournament, ready, willing, and 
    possibly even able to show up Megaman again!
    Chapter 3: Abbvs.
    C = turn 
    AC = Air Combo 
    S-Jump = Super (high) jump 
    MvC1 = Marvel vs Capcom 1
    MvC2 = "        "      "    2
    MM or Mega = Mega Man 
    FB = Flower Bomb
    RBu= Roll Buster 
    TK= Sliding Trip Kick 
    RD = Rush Drill 
    BP= Beat Plane 
    HyR= Hyper Roll
    Q = 1/4
    H = 1/2
    1/4 & 1/2 = well, what do YOU think? 
    WS= Weapon Switch 
    TH RB LSh= Tornado hold, Rock Ball, and Leaf Shield 
    Fwd, Bck, DBck, DFwd = Forward, Back, Diagonal Back and Forth 
    DPM = Dragon punch Motion
    a-o = air only
    g-o = ground only
    g/a = ground or air 
    The Buttons- 
    Picture the arcade pad. 
    O    O    O
    1P  2P  A1 
    O    O    O
    1K 2K  A2
    P = Either punch button
    K = Either kick button
    PP = both punch buttons
    KK = "    kick   "
    1PK/2PK = the switch outs, 1P+1K/2P+2K
    Chapter 4: Roll in-depth
    +She's very small. Sometimes she can simply duck under moves, and human 
    players tend to have a bit of trouble hitting a well-played Roll.
    +She has a double-jump.
    +She's not the weakest character anymore (although she's close…)
    Cons (you better get comfortable):
    -Her defense is absolutely terrible. It's the absolute lowest defense in the 
    game, tied with Servbot and Bone-clawed Wolverine.
    -She's still incredibly weak. It's not easy to tack on a lot of damage at once 
    with Roll.
    -Her supers are nearly useless outside of a DHC. They have a massive lag and 
    -She's not the fastest thing on two legs.
    -She doesn't have a heck of a lot of anti-keep away.
    -She has some of the most ackward combos in the game.  Her punches and kicks 
    tend to actually push you away from your opponent unless you're creative.
    -A couple of her moves can be tough as hell to pull off if you're not used to 
    -She doesn't have that much range to work with.
    +/-: Rush Drill and Beat Plane now have a timer. It's good if 
          you're not good at backing off on time, but you can't fake 
          backing off to punish any would-be reprisals.
    The run-down:
    # of command moves: 4
    # of special moves: 8
    # of supers: 3
    Air combo finishers: RBu, 2P, 2K, LSh 
    Attack Power (overall): 3.5 
    We're not talking Sentinel here, folks. Roll's not going to be dishing out 1/2 
    of a life bar in one move.
    Defense power: 1 
    She simply can't take any hits. It takes little more than a couple supers to 
    wipe her off the mat.  
    Speed: 7.25 
    Roll's fairly quick in terms of normal and some special moves, but falters in 
    dash and super move speeds.
    Comboability: 7.75 
    Unfortunately, many of Roll's normal attacks will actually knock the enemy out 
    of her tiny reach, and her supers are nearly impossible to combo into. 
    However, she has a couple of special combo tricks.
    Roll's Conversion Chart:
    This is for those of you who played as and liked Roll in Marvel vs. Capcom 1, 
    and want to compare and contrast her to this version.
    -What she's gained-
    1: A bit more attack power (on normal damage settings)
    2: A good deal of speed
    3: A double jump
    4: Time meters for Rush Drill and Beat Plane
    -What she's lost-
    1: Her incredible defense from MvC1, she takes almost 4 TIMES      
      as much damage as she used to.
    2: The aerial Beat Plane. You heard right.
    Other changes:
    1: Several of her special move control pad motions
    2: Her starting special weapon
    3: Some of her in-match quotes
    Chapter 7: Roll's Moves
    This a is a list and description of her specials, supers, and command moves, 
    along with their control pad/arcade stick motions.
    Slide: D + 2K
    This is nothing more than a crouching roundhouse as far as the motion's 
    concerned, but this move is very good. Roll slides forward quickly, and will 
    trip an opponent that's not blocking low. Why use this move? First, use it 
    repeatedly (but not all the time) as a dash move. It brings her in pretty 
    quickly. Second, she can actually SLIDE UNDER some moves, even War Machine's 
    Shoulder Cannon! Third, it recovers pretty darn quickly. Fourth, she can use 
    several of her OTG specials after hitting the slide. Fifth, it combos pretty 
    Max Throw (what else should I call it?): FwD + P (Throw)
    Roll's throw is a good thing to use at close quarters. It's not exactly the 
    most flashy move, but it's kind of interesting to see Roll pick up and slam 
    her large opponents with one hand. As far as throws go, this has some pretty 
    decent range and priority. If someone's turtling, and/or you simply can't turn 
    up the pressure, this is your move.
    Double Jump: Up after a jump or super jump (no damage)
    This is a pretty important move for Roll. It helps her air-to-ground game as 
    well as her air-to-air game. It's a combo extender, it's an anti-air and 
    launcher dodger. This is the move you use when you need to buy yourself some 
    time, or need to extend your game.
    Knock Down Kick: After jump, double jump or super jump 
    Up + 2K
    She throws out an overhead kick that sends the opponent to the ground. It's an 
    interesting move, as it… uh… *ahem* gives you a nice view; and it extends your 
    range and priority a tiny bit, but it's not all that useful. If you absolutely 
    NEED a non-combo air-to-ground attack at close quarters, this is what you'll 
    probably use.
    Roll Buster: QCF + P
    Unlike in MvC1, this move shoots an orange blast now. Strange, no? Outside of 
    OTG purposes (which it is VERY useful for) and keeping the few without 
    projectiles at bay, you probably won't want to use this move too much.
    Flower Bomb: QCF, QCF + P
    Don't listen to the many FAQs and sites that tell you this move is a dragon 
    punch motion. It's damn near impossible to do this using a DPM. Try it if you 
    don't believe me. This simply works much better. Anyway, Roll takes out a 
    bouquet of flowers and lobs them in two general directions: 1P tosses them out 
    right in front of her, 2P throws them about 2/3 of the screen away. If you can 
    get the rhythm of this difficult move down and you're not fighting someone 
    with a good air-to-air game, it's a really good idea to super-jump up and toss 
    out a whole bunch of these in the general direction of your opponent. It 
    builds some meter and gives you a chance to breathe. 
    Weapon Switch – Leaf Shield: QCB + K
    She calls out Eddie to deliver the Leaf Shield icon, which she must pick up 
    [walk on] to activate.
    Weapon Switch – Tornado Hold: DPM (OR QCF, QCF) + K
    Same as Above, only with Tornado Hold.
    Weapon Switch – Rock Ball: QCF + K
    This is her default weapon now, unlike MvC1, which was the tornado hold. 
    Again, Eddie comes out and delivers her the icon, etc, etc.
    Item Attack (use equipped weapon): QCB + P
    Whether she has LSh, RB, or TH, this is the motion to use whichever she has.
    Leaf Shield (can be used twice, first to activate, second to fire)
    I don't see why CMA knocks this weapon. Okay, in a way I do. The start-up for 
    this move is the absolute worst when she's activating the shield. The 
    solution? Send out one of your partners for distraction (preferably one with a 
    lot of range), then activate the shield. Okay, here's how it works: When (if) 
    Roll activates this, 8 leaves surround her body, negating any damage and 
    acting like super armor for one hit. This is fairly good against attacks that 
    put all of their force behind a single attack, but don't rely on it solely for 
    that. Instead, by performing the motion again, she uses the gun again (with 
    half the start-up time, mind you), FIRING the leaves at an opponent, acting 
    like a compressed beam attack (which I sometimes refer to as "Leaf Shot"). 
    Megaman lovers who want to play as Roll can sometimes even use this as a 
    substitute for a charged 'buster. One note: She must be on the ground 
    activating this, but she can fire it in the air if she wants to. Also, it's 
    one of her best OTG moves after a slide attack.
    Tornado Hold
    I like this move as much as the next Roll player, but I don't love this move, 
    or even use it that much. Regardless this is pretty good for slide follow-ups 
    or simply a wake-up call. Using this with 1K drops a propeller to the ground 
    directly in front of her, making a tornado pop out from nowhere (well, it 
    comes from the propeller, but you know what I mean), doing pretty good damage. 
    Oddly, though, the tornado travels up about half as high as it used to on 
    MvC1, all but killing it's powerful anti-air purposes. With 2K it does the 
    same thing and the same amount of damage, but it instead shoots the propeller 
    two thirds of the screen away from Roll. Decent start-up and recovery time, 
    but DON'T fire it off farther than it's supposed to go!!! If you do, and 
    you're not playing against your dolly, then you WILL get hit back… hard. The 
    only exception is if you're near the end of the screen. She won't shoot it 
    past the end of the level. The 1P version is pretty decent as an OTG after a 
    slide. It also goes through people, making it pretty good against assist 
    Rock Ball
    Roll shoots (read: drops) a soccer ball on the floor. This ball can be kicked. 
    This is a very useful move, too, depending on your opponent. It has the least 
    lag and recovery of all her weapons when she's dropping the ball, she can kick 
    it in many directions at any time she wants, it can be kicked twice (very 
    hard, but possible), it negates projectiles, and she can move around after you 
    kick it, making for several pressure and anti-pressure abilities. 
    Hyper Roll: QCF + PP !HYPER!
    Shouting her customary "Makanai wa!", Roll summons all her support and 
    transforms into a comparably giant robot! This is an odd move. First of all, 
    if the lightening from this move (located at her head's level) doesn't 
    connect, then they'll only get a jab's worth of damage if they're not blocking 
    and NO DAMAGE AT ALL if they are! To combat this, ONLY do it against jump-ins, 
    run-ins, or big characters, because the transformation part will hit the into 
    the lightening (big characters can be hurt if they can see eye-to-eye with 
    Hyper Roll). Button mashing is highly recommended on this one. Oh yes. I want 
    to clear up a major argument that's been plaguing Roll users for quite some 
    time now. You CAN air combo into Hyper Roll, and I'll explain how later.
    Beat Plane: QCB + KK !HYPER!
    Children, please don't read the following sentence. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON 
    HERE!?!? Why the heck can Roll only activate this move on the ground!? She 
    calls Beat, (saying "Beat-o!" in that cute little way of hers) who transforms 
    into a plane, and she can fly around and shoot. P's and A1 shoot fireballs, Ks 
    and A2 drop missiles. This move also has THREE TIMES the start-up(!!!), and 
    can be easily seen and blocked. However, when used as a counter, it can be 
    effective. This is because when she turns white after the Hyper combo "flash", 
    she's COMPLETELY invulnerable. Don't abuse this, because people AND the 
    computer learn their lessons quick. The final use is that beginner to average 
    players won't know what to do if you fly behind you, and might block the wrong 
    way, letting you hit them with the rest of the move. Experts and the computer, 
    however, will rarely fall for this maneuver. Fortunately, they don't often 
    have an enlarged window of opportunity to counter if you screw it up. Still, 
    this super is essentially worthless. If you insist on using it, remember that 
    button mashing is an absolute MUST for full damage.
    Rush Drill: QCF + KK !HYPER!
    This is a little (not much, but a little) less worthless. Roll summons Rush, 
    (saying "Rushy!" again in that cute little way) who becomes a drill car. All 
    the buttons make the drill spin faster for more damage AND activate the 
    rockets that speed up the car. Again, the move has about THREE TIMES the 
    start-up time, but since this was primarily a chipping move to start with, 
    this move is still pretty good. Roll is invincible while in the car, and 
    anyone who attack the car is yours. For this and all her hypers (supers), 
    button mashing is greatly encouraged.
    Chapter 6: Recommended Partners
    Roll has a lot of weaknesses, so with her, more than anyone else, picking her 
    partners will require some deep thought. To save you a headache, here's a list 
    of the characters that seem to go best with her.
    Blackheart (Beta): I personally think that this is the best partner for her. 
    If you can use Blackheart, he's a must-have partner for Roll. His anti-air 
    assist will get you out of more situations than you can count, and it'll give 
    you a chance to set up a lot of moves (Leaf Shield, Rock Ball, Flower Bomb). 
    Plus, it gives you the anti-air she so DESPERATELY needs. As a character, he's 
    very useful, and a good unbalancing switch (first your dealing with a little 
    girl, now you're dealing with a giant). If you can use Blackheart, he's an 
    unbelievable asset to Roll.
    Spiral (Gamma): Teleports, swords upon swords, pressure, meter-building 
    abilities, supers, combos, and chipping power. Do I honestly need to say more?
    Captain Commando (Beta I think): Another fantastic anti-air assist to help 
    Roll and a fairly balanced character to boot.
    Cable (Beta): The easiest character to use. Instant start-up super and keep-
    away ability. Just be sure that you make your third parter a character with 
    great super-building skills and/or a good anti-air assist. 
    Chapter 7: General Strategies
    As you may have guessed already, winning with Roll is a MONUMENTAL task; 
    probably one of the most difficult in a Capcom fighting game. Winning with her 
    takes a cool head, cunning, and the ability to know what your doing at all 
    times. The best way to do this is by taking the "intelligent approach" (next 
    Alright, so you know her moves and what makes her tick. That's good. Still, 
    let's clarify a couple things: if you think that you can just walk in and 
    smash any character with Roll, you're wrong. Even if you've mastered her, 
    there will still be a couple characters that you'll be very vulnerable to and 
    can only be beaten if you're a lot better than your opponent (due to lousy 
    programming on Capcom's part). These characters are:
    -Dr. Doom
    All of these characters have some technique that's very easy to pull off and 
    is pretty much impossible to reverse. If you insist you can take them on with 
    Roll, be my guest, but you've been warned, and my conscience is clear.
    Roll should be played evasively, meaning you should spend more time avoiding 
    getting hit and less time throwing out hits of your own. Abuse her double jump 
    and slide when trying to get in, and her Rock Ball when trying to get away.
    Roll has a lot of OTG moves. Any time you link that slide of hers, use 
    whichever you have at your disposal at the moment. Here's the order from worst 
    to best: Roll Buster->Tornado Hold->Leaf Shield
    Obviously, Roll Buster's probably going to be your most common OTG follow-up.
    Roll, even more than Megaman (actually, a LOT more then Megaman) needs to make 
    stern use of all of her special weapons. Learn the right weapon for the right 
    The best way to land her launcher is comboed from a standing 1K. If you 
    connect her standing 1K, her launcher should be directly behind it.
    Okay, I'm not really sure how to do this, because I don't like writing combos 
    very much. This section is up by popular request, and I'd appreciate any help 
    you'd like to give. They're in no particular order, except they're each in 
    individual difficulty sections. Keep in mind that combos that involve double-
    jumping (combos that have the command "tap up" in it) can only be performed on 
    someone larger than Ryu The sole exception is Amingo. Double-jump ACs work on 
    1: Activate LSh, Leaf Shot, Roll Buster
    Does 9 hits
    2: [Crouching] 1K, 1K, 2K xx Rbu/LSh/Th
    Does 4-11 hits
    3: Activate Leaf Shield, 1K, 2K (launcher), [super-jump] 1P, 1K, 1P, 1K, Leaf 
    Does 6-13 hits
    4: Jump-in 1P, 1K [land] 1P, 2K (launcher), [super-jump] 1P, 1K, 1P, 1K, Roll 
    Does 9 hits
    5: 1K, 2K, [super-jump], 1P, 1K, tap up, 1P, 1P xx Roll Buster
    Does 7 hits, but must be done on a large opponent
    6: *Hyper Roll Air Combo* (In corner) Activate LSh, 1K, 2K, [super jump] 1P, 
    1K xx Leaf Shot xx Hyper Roll
    Does around 16 hits
    7: [In air] Flower Bomb (make sure the flowers are going to fall on the 
    opponent), 1P, [land] 1K, (flowers should hit at this time), 2K, [super jump], 
    1P, 1K, 1P, 1K xx Roll Buster
    Does 9 hits
    8: Activate Leaf Shield, 1K, 2K, [super-jump], 1P, 1K, 1P, tap up, 1P, 1K, 1P, 
    1K xx Leaf Shield
    Does about 15 hits, but must be performed on a large opponent
    That's all for now. I'll have more later. Suggestions would be nice.
    Chapter 8: Intelligent Fighting
    This is indeed a fast-paced game, even when using Roll. Roll can sometimes 
    slow the action down (which is something you should practice doing), but it'll 
    still generally be action-reaction throughout the match, so this chapter 
    should help you add some method to the madness. I guess the basic thing you 
    should keep in mind is to think before you do, but let your opponent feel that 
    you're doing everything at random. This is a situational tutorial of sorts.
    -Roll, with the Rock Ball-
    The Rock Ball is specifically for pressure and anti-pressure. When pressuring 
    the opponent, shoot the Rock Ball and duck-block. If they take to the air, do 
    a standing 1K or 2K. It will send the ball up at a 3/4 angle. Follow by 
    performing an anti-air assist (if you have one, which you should with Roll) 
    and jump up a with some aerial attacks. They'll have a hard time fighting both 
    you, the assist, and the Ball if you do this. If they stay on the ground, do a 
    crouching 1K. The Ball will go at a much lower angle and  they'll be forced to 
    block. As you kick the ball start rushing your opponent with jumping and 
    crouching attacks until you land a hit, then follow up with a combo. For anti-
    pressure, take every breather you get to shoot the Ball in front of you. When 
    they try to rush you, do a crouching kick on the ball, then attack them. 
    Repeat. If your opponent's directly between you and the ball and you want to 
    kick it, use your slide. It will push the opponent away and launch the ball. 
    If you find yourself completely separated from the ball with no hope of 
    getting it, never fear. Simply do another QCB P, and the ball's position will 
    be reset in front of you.
    -Roll, with Leaf Shield-
    If you're determined to use this weapon (the hardest to handle), you should 
    use it on bigger guys. That way, if you DO get hit while using it, you're less 
    likely to get whacked with a combo follow-up. Only use the 1P version at all 
    times. That way, you can use it in air combos, and it'll take less time to 
    activate. Anyway, once again, you should have that anti-air assist with you to 
    buy you some time to activate it (Blackheart's works quite nicely) . This is 
    her best air combo and OTG finisher if you can buy enough time to use it.
    -Roll, with Tornado Hold-
    Consult CAlexandre's (brilliant) Roll FAQ. I rarely use this weapon, so any 
    advice I give on it would be poor.
    -Doing a double-jump to get out of jams-
    Okay, so Roll's innocently coming in for a landing from a super jump. But 
    wait! They called Captain Commando's anti-air assist! It's going to hit that 
    sweet little girl! Not likely. Press either diagonal up-forward or diagonal 
    up-back to avoid various anti-airs and launchers. 
    -Roll, on double-jump air combos-
    These are fairly difficult to pull off at first, but eventually become second-
    nature. Once again, they can only be done on large opponents. When doing them, 
    don't look for her to actually do a second jump, because it's nearly 
    imperceptible. Instead, a properly placed double-jump air combo would look at 
    first like a normal air combo, then a pause, then another air combo. You 
    really can't see Roll do the second jump unless you whiff the  next move (at 
    least, I never could). This might help some of you, especially if you keep 
    looking for that jump. Once you get them down, they're actually quite easy. 
    Just perform a normal three-hit air combo (1P, 1K, 1P), then instead of the 
    next 1K, press up when you'd normally press that 1K, then start your air combo 
    all over again as you would normally have done it. There's no real involved 
    mechanics, just decent timing. Don't get nervous – that's the most important 
    -Roll as the evasion type-
    "Evasion" playing is something Roll needs to do to survive – literally. This 
    style is a combination of turtling (staying in a crouching block position 
    throughout a combo assault), pressure (via the Rock Ball), defensive combos 
    (via the Leaf Shield), air dodging with her double jump, and ground dodging 
    with her slide. Using Roll effectively is mastering this style.
    -The Flower Battery-
    In MvC1, this was a very popular Roll tactic. It was also much quicker and 
    easier back then. Essentially, super jump and throw out a ton of Flower Bombs 
    to build super meter and slow the action down. This obviously requires a very 
    fast joystick/pad hand. Fortunately, Roll can toss these out much faster in 
    this game, so it compensates for the lessened super-building power of the 
    move. If someone starts coming toward you, start changing the 1P:2P ratio 
    towards 1P, and if they back off, switch it to 2P, so they're more likely to 
    jump right into a bouquet if they try to jump and get you out of the air. If 
    you find yourself starting to fall, double jump and throw some more. 
    -Roll's supers-
    They're a joke. Forget them. Unless you're playing a beginner, Rush Drill and 
    Beat Plane are essentially worthless outside of certain DHCs. Hyper Roll is 
    *okay*, but only when you get that (slim) window of opportunity opened up. So 
    basically, forget you have a super meter when Roll's up to bat.
    -Mind games-
    Yes, they exist. There are always people that like to talk big at the arcades. 
    It's human nature. So, you should do the opposite with Roll. It'll add to the 
    fun of the game, and embarrass scrubs. Some really good situations that I've 
    seen are:
    -Roll does a decent combo and/or a throw on some big guy:
    "Tsk, tsk… getting beat up by a little girl?"
    -Roll beats Megaman:
    "Whoa… getting beat up by your little sister's got to be humiliating."
    -Opponent lays down some smack of their own on Roll:
    "Hey, hey, hey! Stop picking on that sweet little girl."
    -You switch to Roll:
    "Okay, NOW you've got it! Come on! You can get her, she's easy to beat! Come 
    on!" [Keep shouting these encouragements. It'll drive them nuts, trust me]
    -You switch away from Roll after you've layed down some heavy-duty booty:
    "Whew… I'm glad THAT'S over. Now, I can actually be effective!"
    -You get a chance to taunt:
    [Just DRIPPING with sweetness] "Awwwww… isn't that cuu-uuute?" [Works 
    especially well if you're some big, tough guy normally]
    Just don't rub it in. (^_^)
    Chapter 9: Vs. Strategies
    This is, for all intents and purposes, what a match between Roll and specific 
    characters would look like. It does  not take into account the opponent's 
    assists or infinity combos. It's also not a play-by-play guide, or even close. 
    Usually, it just explains some of the things to look out for. There's also a 
    difficulty rating for each match which is relative to the player using the 
    character in question. In essence, it assumes that your opponent is the exact 
    same skill as you, and you're both above average. Here's the scale:
    10: This match is almost guaranteed to end in your defeat. This character 
    towers over you in every possible way, and/or has tactics that are pretty much 
    impossible to reverse. This is rarely given out, even to Roll, although she 
    sees this the most.
    9: You CAN win, but only if you go all-out and not make a single mistake. This 
    one has many advantages over you, but there's just one or two little things 
    you can capitalize on when you see them so you can beat the character.
    8: A very powerful opponent, but arguably so. S/he has enough weaknesses to 
    keep you from getting the "I have to try harder than my opponent" too often, 
    but you won't ever, even for a second, feel like you have any advantage over 
    your opponent.
    7: Basically, an even fight. No particular advantages on either side.
    6: You have a tiny bit of an advantage, but nothing to gloat about. This is 
    close to being an even match, but your opponent will, more often than not, 
    have to struggle a tiny bit to keep up with you.
    5-1: You're facing a pathetic opponent. From here down, it's just a matter of 
    how much of a failure your opponent is against you. Little more than 
    remembering the basics is required to conquer your opponent. Thus, Roll 
    doesn't see this very often.
    Akuma- Akuma has a very powerful, non-super air combo that  can be started 
    with a crouching 1K and can do as much as 3/4 of a lifebar damage on you. Be 
    very careful of this. Fortunately, his defense sucks pretty badly (though not 
    as bad as yours), and his Shun Goku Satsu (the level three super) is SO easy 
    to counter (a simple jab will do) if they're actually dumb enough to try it. 
    Not too difficult of a fight. 
    DR - 7
    Amingo- Don't let his looks fool you. This can be one heck of a fight if the 
    user of Amingo knows what he's doing. The best thing Amingo has going for him 
    is his jump-in roundhouse. This can be a problem for Roll if she doesn't have 
    any really decent anti-air assists to respond with. If she doesn't, try to 
    block it and make a fast counter. His supers aren't TOO dangerous, but they're 
    still something to look out for.
    DR - 8
    Anakaris- The computer is a deceptively simple fight. The rare human Anakaris 
    user, however, can be a REAL pain. His "Idle Hands" attack is UNBLOCKABLE. 
    Fortunately, though, you can duck under it. Keep that in mind, because a 
    favorite pastime of avid Anakaris users is to intentionally let a couple jabs 
    get blocked, then cancel into Idle Hands. Don't let him do that. Anakaris 
    users also seem to be vulnerable when landing from a jump, because they're 
    very slow coming down. This is a great moment to capitalize on.
    DR - 6
    Blackheart- He's a fairly easy fight, just watch out for his ice pillar attack 
    (I REFUSE to call it "Inferno" anymore!) and his powerful supers. Also, don't 
    let him take to the air and harrass you with his demons. This is what a great 
    anti-air assist is for.
    DR - 6
    BB Hood- Show her how a REAL girl fights! BB Hood has some of the same 
    maneuvers you have, and is stronger, but can be toppled. Don't block her super 
    where she trips, because you can't. Other than that, there isn't too much to 
    worry about. Also, when supers aren't involved, you can beat her out in 
    projectile wars, but don't rely on the buster of yours to get you out of every 
    DR - 5
    Cable- This is one of the impossible fights, but here's what's gonna happen if 
    you HAVE to fight him. You can STAND under his normal shotgun attacks 
    (standing 2P), so he'll probably not use it (unless he's a beginner, in which 
    case, you shouldn't have any problems taking him down). Instead, he'll use 
    what is commonly referred to as "AHVB", or "Air Hyper Viper Beam", a super 
    with no lag OR recovery. If you get hit with it, kiss your ass good bye. The 
    really irritating part about it is, if you make even a single mistake (even a 
    missed *jab* will do), he can whack you with this move. If (read: when) he has 
    a decent anti-air assist, STAY OUT OF THE AIR because jumping in during that 
    situation is almost certainly suicide (again, with that damned AHVB). Try to 
    stay close, but when you do, look out for the anti-air assist. He's almost 
    always got one.
    DR - 10
    Cammy- Whatever you do, DON'T get launched! Try to stay back and play her 
    defense game. Protect your head and stay low. This isn't exactly in-depth, but 
    if she can't hit you outside of a block, she can't hurt you. The problem is 
    finding a time to counter-attack. Use Roll's anti-pressure game at every 
    DR - 9
    Captain America- Like Amingo, he has a really good jump-in. Be careful of 
    that. A lot of Cap users love to play around with his cartwheel. Whenever he 
    does it, go for your throw right away and catch him as he comes out of it. 
    Your slide will beat out both his normal AND Hyper Charging Star. Don't go 
    over offensive, though, because a well timed Hyper Stars & Stripes will make 
    you learn your lesson QUICK.
    DR - 8
    Captain Commando- Ah, the other Captain. If you didn't know already, don't 
    bother jumping in on hi, because that anti-air of his is a pain. Double-jump 
    dodging works VERY well, though. He doesn't have TOO much else, so you should 
    be okay.
    DR - 6
    Charlie- I'm sorry for always saying this, but I still think that this guy is 
    a poor man's Guile. He has good combos, but he's slow and has no decent aerial 
    abilties. If you happen to find a really good Charlie player, though (I 
    haven't), bump the DR score up a few points.
    DR - 4
    Chun Li- Ah… at least Chun Li users can sympathize with Roll users, since 
    she's been toned down as well. Chun Li can really beat you out in an aerial 
    game (her triple jump and wall bounce seal THAT fate), but her ground game 
    suffers a bit. No longer can she do a couple kicks into Senretsu Kyaku, and 
    her kikoken can be ducked or slid under. If she goes into kikosho, perform 
    Rush Drill. You'll both be invulnerable, but yours lasts longer.
    DR - 7
    Colossus-If there was ever a character to use Leaf Shield against, you're 
    looking at him. Just about everything he's got packs all of it's punch into a 
    single hit. Wait his darned super armor out. When doing so, build some meter 
    with the flower bombs.
    DR - 5
    Cyclops- Nowadays, people usually use Cykes for his near-unstoppable anti-air 
    assist. Fortunately, because of this, they often don't have a clue what 
    they're doing once you finally weed him out. If they do, they'll most-likely 
    come at you like a combo-happy shoto. In which case, use the Rock ball for 
    anti-pressure. If they don't, and they stay back and beam, harass him with 
    Leaf Shield and Flower Bombs.
    DR - 6
    Dan- Yes, the other "joke" guy. If you haven't noticed already, a lot of 
    "experts" have recently taken to Dan, because he packs a lot of surprises. The 
    most important thing against Dan to remember is DO NOT GET TRAPPED IN THE 
    CORNER! Dan's relatively useless outside of a corner, but he can pretty much 
    destroy you once he gets you there. Instead, use a heavy pressure game and the 
    occasional Flower Battery (in case he does manage to whack you) before he gets 
    a chance to push you around. Dan is often paired with Bison, using Bison's 
    Psycho Field assist to help force you there. Make sure you don't allow him to 
    do that.
    DR - 8
    Dhalsim- This isn't TOO hard of a fight. You can slide under his Yoga Fire, 
    and at close range, even his Yoga Flame. If he teleports behind you get ready 
    to either AC him or throw him when he lands. The better Dhalsim users will go 
    for extensive combos, but most of them have to start with his puny launcher of 
    his. Be careful, but not overly defensive.
    DR - 6
    Dr. Doom- The second "impossible" opponent to beat. This guy plays mean air-
    to-ground keep-away. If he takes to the air, your first step will be to get 
    directly under him or directly in front of him. His air attacks go at an 
    angle, so he'll be helpless if (I emphasize "if" severely) you actually manage 
    to get under him. When you see a break in his pattern, super jump and give him 
    a beat-down. You might even consider super jumping and doing Hyper Roll. Anti-
    air assists are also highly recommended. Some Doom users like to go in and do 
    some of his combos. If so, anti-pressure like mad and toss some aerial Flower 
    Bombs. Any time you can manage to pull out a Rock Ball on him is a good time, 
    no matter how he plays.
    DR - 10
    Felicia- The combo queen. Pick either Leaf Shield or Rock Ball and follow them 
    through to the end of the fight, unless it's completely obvious that the 
    weapon isn't working for you. If you're using Leaf Shield, always have it on 
    and have your fingers by the 2K and anti-air assistant's button. When she 
    starts to rush you, call an anti-air assist and slide her or launch her. 
    Follow with whatever, then repeat. If you use the Rock Ball, pressure her. 
    Don't even bother using anti-pressure, because pressuring a Felicia user is a 
    really great mind game, and, despite her massive pressure/combo game, she 
    doesn't really have much to REVERSE pressure.
    DR - 7
    Gambit-  He's really not to much more than a shoto with more interesting 
    supers. He's got a couple of dangerous combos to look out for, and his supers 
    hit at some pretty odd angles, but other than that, he's pretty much a cake-
    DR - 4 
    Guile- Just like Amingo and Cap, his jump-in attack (2P) is high priority. 
    Don't let him turtle on you, because Guile users LOVE that duck-blocking 
    position when they're not rushing in to combo you. If they take to the duck-
    block, keep throwing him until he stops. If he rushes in (more common for 
    Guile users than turtling, usually), whip out that Rock Ball and keep him at 
    bay. You can attempt to use some Flower Bombs once and awhile, but if he jumps 
    and does a Flash Kick, you'll probably be vulnerable.
    DR - 8
    Hayato- If he seems to like his Plasma combo, stay low. He can't start a 
    plasma combo if you duck, because the first slash won't hit. This shouldn't be 
    too hard of a fight, but then again, I don't know many Hayato users, so this 
    might not be accurate.
    DR - 5
    Hulk- This guy can be a pain for Roll if you actually let him get to you, but 
    he's nothing all that dangerous if you get to him first. Rock Ball pressuring, 
    Leaf Shield protection/combos, air comboing, and throwing like mad are all 
    great ideas. Don't, as he'd expect you to do, turtle and/or play keep-away 
    (with what?). Hulk users tend to be able to reverse that, but never seem to be 
    able to take a taste of their own medicine, especially from a little girl! 
    DR - 3
    Iceman- Second to Doom and Cable (by far), keep-away is this guy's specialty. 
    Pressure him with the Rock Ball like crazy, and once you get in, throw him. A 
    lot. Once you get past that dangerous, powerful, evil keep-away game (I'm 
    being sarcastic here), he's nothing but an ice-cold little baby.
    DR - 6
    Iron Man- Decent Iron Man players know that Iron Man isn't about keep-away at 
    ALL, so they'll most-likely rush you. The Rock Ball is a Godsend in this 
    fight. Use it against his pressure games, and if he takes to the skies, bring 
    his arse down to earth with the Rock Ball (using a standing 1K).
    DR - 7
    Jill- All of her helpers can be taken down with a simple Roll buster shot, and 
    if you have a Leaf Shield handy, Leaf Shot can take out a whole swarm of them. 
    Up close, she's a standard comboer. Watch your feet, and counter-attack at 
    intervals. She doesn't really have anything to worry about. She's more like 
    Guile with no attack power.
    DR - 5
    Jin- This guy is basically like the Hulk. He's one tough SOB that will send 
    you packing with just a couple of punches. Play a little bit of pressure, and 
    if he takes to duck-blocking (a general sign that he's going to try to Saotome 
    Dynamite you), throw him until he quits. Aerial Flower Bombs are a great way 
    to throw their timing off, so keep that in mind. All in all, this one won't be 
    too bad.
    DR - 6
    Juggernaut- You absolutely HAVE to turtle in this match. That Juggernaut 
    Headcrush of his CAN kill you instantly on higher damage settings. Force him 
    to attack you [air] combo him in his massive recovery time. Repeat. Don't use 
    Rock Ball or Leaf Shield AT ALL. If you block his Headcrush, you CAN counter 
    with Hyper Roll. This is a pretty good thing.
    DR - 9
    Ken- The speediest of the shotos, but if your opponent tries any special moves 
    at ALL (outside of combos), he's yours, because 9 out of 10 times his 
    hurricane kick and dragon punch will fly right over you, and his fireball 
    dissipates at about 2/3 of the screen away. As a comboer, you should have a 
    Leaf Shield, Rock Ball, and/or a good assist handy, and watch your feet. Like 
    Akuma, he has a hurricane kick air combo can do (I'm serious) about 40-80% 
    damage on you.
    DR - 7
    M. Bison- He's been toned down since his previous appearance, Marvel vs. 
    Street Fighter, but he still has some really powerful combos and supers. Other 
    than that, his teleport and his Psycho Field attack, this isn't too hard of a 
    fight. Push-block his Psycho Field, and throw him/combo him when he lands from 
    a teleport. Either special weapon works okay against him.
    DR - 8
    Megaman- Oh boy. Your older brother outdoes you in every possible aspect 
    EXCEPT these two: aerial games, and Rush Drill. Monopolize on your double jump 
    to force him into the air, and hit him out of HIS Rush Drill activation (since 
    he CAN be hit out of it). DON'T get into a fireball war with him. You WILL 
    lose! Special note: you can steal each other's weapons when you call them out! 
    Steal his GOOD weapons and give him something crummy like the Rock Ball. 
    Megaman, unlike Roll, can't really capitalize on the 'Ball, because barely any 
    of his kicks actually shoot the ball off, and they have nasty recovery.
    DR - 8 (possibly 9)
    Magneto- He's a standard comboer with MEGA priority on his attacks. Don't go 
    hit for hit with him, whatever you do. Do you best at hit-and-run tactics, but 
    keep in mind that he's WAAAAAY faster than you. Every single time you get the 
    chance, anti-pressure with the Rock Ball like MAD! If all else fails, throw 
    DR - 9
    Marrow- There's really nothing special about this fight. I've yet to see I 
    really dangerous Marrow. If she does her wall slash attack, slide under it and 
    DR - 4
    Morrigan- See Ryu. I'm sorry, Morrigan players, but I STILL have yet to see a 
    really significant difference between the two other than Morrigan's higher 
    dash power and lack of a hurricane kick.
    DR - 6
    Omega Red-  A lot of Omega Reds like to abuse his coils, but you can slide 
    under it and cancel into Roll Buster/Leaf Shield, because even if he cancels 
    his coil when he sees it doesn't hit, it'll have enough recovery to be hit by 
    the attack. If you jump in and he counters with Omega Destroyer, double-jump 
    back and block, so as to take the minimum damage possible; but try not to play 
    air-to-ground on him, or at least, not close up. Flower Bombs are pretty 
    effective, though.
    DR - 7
    Psylocke- Many Psylocke users like to abuse her teleport and love to get into 
    combo wars with you. You can usually slide to knock her out of her low-far 
    teleport, Hyper Roll (seriously) her high-close or low-close teleport, and an 
    aerial Roll Buster/Leaf Shot will usually work against her high-far one. The 
    trick is finding out where she's going in time to counter. As a comboer, 
    standard anti-pressure works just fine.
    DR - 8
    Rogue- Hmph… how's this for irony? Rogue gets "Defense up" when she drains 
    [kisses] you! I thought she stole the person's powers?! Oh well. Her kiss 
    attack is unblockable, but comes out fairly slow. Other than that, she's 
    probably going to be a basic in-close kind of gal. You'll probably want to 
    keep a Rock Ball handy; and going air-to-air against her is also pretty 
    DR - 7
    Roll- Ah… the infamous "mirror match". Do your stuff first, call out the best 
    assists, and don't let her do to you what you'd want to do to her. Sounds 
    simple? Yeah right! ^_^
    I wouldn't worry, though. Real Roll players are EXTREMELY rare.
    DR – N/A
    Ruby Heart- You know, I haven't really found any Ruby Heart users. That's not 
    to say that they aren't effective, but I just haven't had the experience yet. 
    One way or another, her most effective attack seems to be her fireball-dash 
    type thing; and that treasure of hers steals your super bar (slowly). From 
    what I've seen, there's nothing really to worry about.
    DR - 7
    Ryu- Doesn't have the super-damaging air combo of Ken and Akuma, but his 
    attacks pack a mean punch. He doesn't really have anything too dangerous to 
    look out for at all. Leaf Shield is particularly effective, because Ryu, not 
    unlike Colossus, generally needs to pack everything into a single hit unless 
    he's got a super bar.
    DR - 5
    Sabretooth- Sabretooth, in many respects, can't decide whether he want's to be 
    Wolverine or a big guy. Many of his moves are clumsy and useless, but he has 
    some powerful ground combo IF you get caught in them. He really doesn't have 
    much of anything to reverse your tactics that I'VE seen, so pretty much 
    anything goes against him.
    DR - 2
    Sakura- Sakura users puzzle me a bit. Generally, they tend to praise her 
    "Dark" mode over her normal one. This is odd because her normal one tends to 
    put up quite a fight, with decent combos and powerful supers. Then they go 
    Dark. At this point, it's like kryptonite to Superman. Their moves become slow 
    as molasses, they tend to throw out supers clumsily, and they have no really 
    good combos to speak of. As normal Sakura, turtling is a smart thing to do, 
    because her most come out fast, but have a terrible recovery. Just let her do 
    something stupid. As Dark Sakura, picture Akuma. Then take away all his speed, 
    combos, and range. 
    DR (normal) - 8
    DR ("Dark") - 4
    Sentinel- This guys is a pain. Generally, they use this character to 
    intimidate you. And, might I say, it works. Here's a few things to keep in 
    mind. If he takes to flying (Sentinel experts love to do this, because he 
    get's REALLY fast when doing so), pull out a Rock Ball. It's a really great 
    anti-flight weapon (with standing 1K). If he's on the ground more often, get 
    next to him and hammer him with throws and combos. Think it's easy? Let's see 
    if you still think so when you keep being harassed by his powerful and quick 
    moves! Even more, when you consider that if he gets ahold of you, it's all 
    DR - 9
    Servbot- This isn't a hard fight at all; just keep in mind that between 
    Servbot's small size and your bad range, air combo assaults on him can be a 
    real pain. Basically, go for whatever you want, and avoid his buddies, 
    particularly his capture and helicopter attacks.
    DR - 2
    Shuma Gorath- Master of the ackward attack, Shuma has been toned down, but is 
    still a bit of trouble. The most dangerous things he has are his energy drain 
    and his Chaos Dimension, so play very defensive against him. Don't rely on 
    Leaf Shield, because he has an easy time grabbing you out of it. Rock Ball 
    isn't particularly effective at any given point on him, either, so even though 
    Roll generally needs her weapons badly, this is the exception that proves the 
    DR - 6
    Silver Samurai- Good Silver Samurai users will use his power-ups. The best 
    ones, well, won't. In essence, Silvy's got one thing going for him: chipping 
    damage. Blocking is not wise against this guy – in fact, it's completely 
    stupid. He can be a bit slow on the draw, but don't interpret that as a sign 
    of weakness, because he has some simple, but deadly combos to lay down on you. 
    Finally, forget doing all that much in the air except trying to get in. His 
    Reimaiken (lightening) super will quickly make you fear the not-so-friendly 
    DR - 7
    Sonson- Except for the wall run (the computer will NEVER use this move) this 
    is a fairly simple fight. Nothing special. I haven't seen any really decent 
    Sonson users, but like Hayato and Ruby Heart, that's not to they don't exist. 
    All the Sonsons I DO see do is wall run, jump off, attack, repeat. If you can 
    find one that does something more effective (they HAVE to be somewhere), bump 
    up the rating a bit, and tell me who she functions.
    DR - 3
    Spider-Man- He's a comboer. Is there anything else to say? Not much. His Web 
    Ball and Web Throw can get you in a, for lack of a better term, sticky 
    situation, but they tend to be easily seen. Duck-blocking is an intelligent 
    thing against him, because he doesn't have all that much at a distance or very 
    many attacks in the air. 
    Spiral- Spiral is pretty much the premier confuser in the game. The most 
    important thing to look out for is that teleport of hers. If she makes a habit 
    of teleporting above your head, Hyper Roll is a fairly smart move if you have 
    it, as she's a bit vulnerable for a second after teleporting. If likes to 
    teleport directly behind you, throw her as she reappears. More importantly, 
    have a Rock Ball handy at all times, and shoot it off EVERY TIME she 
    teleports. So why is she one of the three that rates the "10" and earns an 
    "impossible" rating against Roll; this seems like a basic fight, right? Heck, 
    no. Simply put, if an "expert" catches you blocking, you'll be doomed. She can 
    keep you in block-stun forever and chip you to death. 
    DR - 10
    Storm- Another Spaz comber. See Magneto. Sorry, but I don't think that there's 
    much more to tell.
    DR- 9
    Strider Hiryu- Another character that's been toned down (unless he's paired 
    with Doc Doom). His jump-in attacks are fairly high in priority, and some 
    Strider users like to teleport behind you. Practice your throw's timing, and 
    this tactic of his will fast become ineffective on you. As for Ouroborus, 
    block high when he's in the the air, and block low when he's on the ground. 
    Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds.
    DR - 6
    Thanos- Thanos' biggest asset is his super moves. You can slide under his 
    capture bubble and block-counter his tackle move (easily), but there's little 
    Roll can do against his supers except A: try to double-jump and avoid it, or 
    B: Block it and take the chipping damage. If you use choice A, keep in mind 
    that the "Power" gem super WILL arc upwards after awhile. Some Thanoses like 
    to rush you with combos. This is actually somewhat effective, so be sure to 
    have a 'Ball, or a 'Shield handy, just in case.
    DR - 8
    Tron Bonne- 1K, 1K xx Drill, repeat. Block that dumb drill and take the 
    chipping damage with fortitude, because you can EASILY respond in her MAJOR 
    recovery time. Even HYPER ROLL can counter it! That is, unless she takes to 
    doing it in the air a lot. If that's the case, her recovery time is 
    practically nil, and she can keep doing it. If she does that (the better Trons 
    will), always keep Rock Ball and a good anti-air handy. Her supers aren't the 
    best but keep an eye out for them just the same. If you super-jump over her 
    "Super Servbot" (where her Servbot gets big) and get between her and her 
    Servbot, she's yours.
    DR - 7
    Venom- The only REAL thing to look for is his Venom fang. Just block and 
    counter it. Other than that, this is pretty much your average fight.
    DR - 7
    War Machine- See Iron Man, but keep his low beam and Shoulder 
    Cannon in mind. Also, WM is slower, but stronger, than Iron Man. He also has 
    the powerful War Destroyer, that can home in on you and does pretty mean 
    DR - 8
    Wolverine (Adamantium Claws)- The ultimate in spaz comboing. Fortunately, most 
    Wolverine users (even experts) don't have a strategy, so it shouldn't be that 
    hard of a fight at all. Rock Ball, once again, is very useful for anti-
    pressure, and it's usually good to have a nice anti-air somewhere to back you 
    DR - 7
    Wolverine (Bone Claws)- Same as the other Wolvie, only easier.
    DR - 5
    Zangief- Gack. This guy can really hurt Roll. I'm not joking. It only takes 
    about 2 SPDs to take Roll out. It's extremely difficult, but the ONLY thing 
    you can do is play completely evasive/anti-pressure. Try your hardest at keep-
    away, and if he gets in, throw out a slide/throw and pray it hits. Using 
    aerial Flower Bombs is sort of fifty-fifty… it could go either way. Beat Plane 
    and Rush Drill are assets against Mech-Zangief ("Iron Body mode"), but try not 
    to get hit in the recovery (or DURING the move, in the case of Beat Plane). 
    DR - 9
    Abyss1- Do a launcher and AC him as you rise up, then land (still comboing) 
    behind him. Repeat.
    DR - 1
    Abyss2- Get right next to him, duck, and hit 2P over and over again. If he 
    does his bubble move, use Rush Drill.
    DR - 1
    Abyss3- Block until there's an opening, then Hyper Roll or combo him.
    DR - 3
    Chapter 10: Other Cool Stuff
    This is some of the cool little nuances about Roll you may or may not know.
    When Roll taunts, she adjusts her hair ribbon (and stares out into space), 
    saying "Yatane!", meaning (I think) "I beat you!"
    Roll has the unique ability to CHOOSE which cheer she does at the end of a 
    match! In order to get a specific cheer, hold down the following buttons once 
    your third opponent is knocked out:
    1P:  Roll does a one-armed cheer and says "Makanai wa!" This cheer is 
    cancelable with the start button.
    2P: Eddie walks up to Roll and gives her Flowers. This cheer is cancelable 
    until Roll receives the flowers.
    1K: Same as 1P, only Rush comes down (kicking wind up her skirt, hehe) and 
    shows a projection of Dr. Light. This cheer is NOT cancelable. 
    2K: Megaman comes down on Beat Plane, kicking wind up her skirt. He smiles, 
    stealing the show. This cheer is NOT cancelable.
    A1: Roll transforms into a schoolgirl and poses with a cute little smile (eat 
    your heart out, Sakura!), saying "Gomen ne!" ("I'm sorry!"). This cheer is 
    A2: Megaman walks up to Roll and taunts her, making her cry (that meanie). 
    This cheer is NOT cancelable (anymore).
    Roll's entrances (still) mock Strider's and her taunt (still) mocks Ryu's!
    Roll's costumes are as follows:
    1P: Default, red dress.
    2P: A pink palette
    1K: A black palette
    2K: A white and blue palette
    A1: Same as 1P, only blue instead of red
    A2: A psychedelic mixture of colors!
    Roll's often made a point to hating the color pink, yet her 2P color; which is 
    my favorite (MAJOR geek alert), is a very pinkish palette. How odd…
    Taunting… worthless? I don't know, but it's an age-old dispute. Here's my 
    opinion: I like taunting. It's a way to say "Hey, this is fun! I'm enjoying 
    this game!" without opening your mouth, or a friendly reminder to your 
    opponent to have him fight harder.
    (Not only that, but it's an actual fghting tactic for Dan! Ü)
    I don't think however, that you should waste you and your opponent's time by 
    excessively taunting and doing nothing else.
    I taunt. I don't annoy. Is that okay with everyone?
    Even if this FAQ goes another 5+ months without updating, I'd still love to 
    hear your thoughts about it at any time. You can also give me advice or ask me 
    questions that weren't covered in the FAQ. You might find that I'm actually 
    quite helpful. My mail address is 4 lines down from the top of the page. You 
    can't miss it. I enjoy seeing what people think so I can make my FAQ better. 
    However, I really don't take kindly to insults and flames, so try to keep it 
    friendly, okay? Thank you.
    Chapter 11: Credits
    Every Roll FAQ writer for all of their very well done Roll FAQs, any REAL Roll 
    user that's not in it just because she's "funny", and anyone who's ever 
    challenged me in a fighting game, win or lose.
    This is for you.
    -Sir "O"
    "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!"

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