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    Yamazaki by Stalin Man of Steel

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    King of Fighters 2002:
    The Challenge to Ultimate Battle
    Arcade Version
    Ryuji Yamazaki Guide
    FAQ created 03/08/03
    By Zafersan Toksoz
    E-mail: Zafersan_Kubilay_Toksoz@hotmail.com
    Version 0.0 (03/08/03)
    Version 0.1 (05/03/03) fixed a lot of spelling mistakes, added more strategies,
    added Move Quotes and fixed some translations, added KoF Comic issues 7-8-9, added
    17.5 bytes of info.
    1. Copyright
    2. Introduction
    3. Why Ryuji Yamazaki FAQ?
    4. Games Including Yamazaki
    5. Biography
    6. Yamazaki History
    7. Yamazaki Stories, Funfacts, Entrances, Costumes, Taunts, Move Quotes, Winning
       Stances, Time Loss and Winning Quotes
    8. Yamazaki in KoF Comics
    9. Button Configuration
    10. Move List, Grades, Descrition and Cancelable Moves
    11. Combos and Damage %
    12. Strategy
    13. Credits
    1. Copyright
    This FAQ is the property of Zafersan Toksoz and can only be used at GameFAQs. This FAQ
    cannot be used for your own profit. If I find out you did, you'll be in big trouble.
    Remember, contact me and ask for approval. This is protected by International Law. I
    mean you can change parts of this FAQ which would make it legal but change it enough so
    it doesn't look like mine. If you want to use my FAQ any where like on sites, let me
    know. This game is copyright of Playmore/SNK.
    2. Introduction
    This is my first FAQ. I love fighting games especially in the arcade in Vancouver,
    Canada where the competition is tough. I started playing KoF2k2 in February 2003. I am
    fairly new to KoF2k2 but I started in KoF'97. KoF2k2 has got to be the best of its
    version. Just wish they added Heavy D! and the Sports Team.
    3. Why Ryuji Yamazaki?
    Yamazaki has got to be the craziest character in KoF. He is of Orochi blood which would
    make him very strong (I'll get into that later). Yamazaki can counter pretty much any
    move in the game, not all but most. Fireballs are no problem for him. He has the most
    class in his cloths and dresses like me. One of the reasons why he is my favorite
    character. He also fights with one hand in his pocket, how cool is that?
    On a scale of 10/10, 10 being a Yamazaki know-it-all, I would place my self 8/10.
    Maybe even a 9/10. I for sure don't know everything about him but I am trying to
    become a Yamazaki guru.
    4. Games Including Yamazaki
    Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory 	(1995)
    Real Bout: Fatal Fury 				(1995)
    Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special 			(1996)
    The King of Fighters '97 			(1997)
    Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special Dominated Mind 	(1997)
    Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2 "The New Comers" 	(1998)
    The King of Fighters '98 			(1998)
    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition 			(1998)
    The King of Fighters: Kyo 			(1998)
    Fatal Fury: First Contact 			(1999)
    Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition 			(1999)
    Fatal Fury 1st contact 				(1999)
    The King of Fighters '99 Evolution 		(2000)
    The King of Fighters 2000 			(2000)
    Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 		(2000)
    Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro 	(2000)
    Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 	(2001)
    The King of Fighters 2002 			(2002)
    5. Biography
    	"The Sadistic Maniac of Pain..."
    	"Two Dragons beyond the Mountain"
    Birthplace:                     Japan
    Birth date:  			August 8, 1964 (37 years old)
    Fighting style:    		Self-taught brawling skills
    Height: 			1.92 m (6'3")
    Weight: 			96 kg (209 lbs)
    Blood type:   			A + Orochi
    Hobbies:    			Collecting knives, thrashing dojos
    Favorite food:  		Basashi (sliced horsemeat)
    Favorite sport:  		None
    Most valuable:   		Anything that financially benefits him
    Hates the most:   		Manual labor, Geese Howard and anyone who
    				screws him over from gaining more money
    6. Yamazaki History
    Ryuji Yamazaki is a man with a tormented past. Nobody knows where he came from, or who
    his parents were. Born in the streets of Okinawa Japan. Ever since he was young,
    Yamazaki had no parents to look up to, so he became a dweller in the streets of Hong
    Kong, trying to survive in the harsh life of the streets, escaping from the dangers of
    crime and weather. That is at the age of 13, until Yamazaki met a very powerful that
    was one of the most important crime lords in all Hong Kong. This man who adopted him
    worked for a mob (probably the same mob that took over Southtown after Geese vanished).
    Respected in the criminal circles of Hong Kong. Seeing a spirit and determination in
    Yamazaki's eyes, this man takes the little boy with him, and soon, Yamazaki becomes
    acquainted with the criminal activities that happen in Hong Kong.
    Yamazaki soon became aware of the dirty work behind the criminal scene, and grew to
    admire his adoptive father very much. Yamazaki was becoming an expert criminal himself,
    always in the middle of dishonorable feats, backstabbing allies, and conspirating
    against other crime lords. The crime lord who had adopted Yamazaki had began to trust
    him so much, that he resolved to keep him by his side during his deals with other
    gangs. Yamazaki quickly became the right hand man of this mysterious fellow. Yamazaki
    felt honored to help in any way. He certainly was not wrong about him: Yamazaki sported
    a cunning sense of crime, and was also very skilled in using his trusty knife, his
    eternal partner. Yamazaki also likes to dress with class, and have the highest
    The gang of Yamazaki was about to strike a deal with a rival criminal group, which
    seemed practically normal, but Yamazaki had a bad feeling about the meeting. The man
    who had once saved Yamazaki had gained a pretty bad reputation lately, if not thanks to
    the lowly actions of Yamazaki. But the man settled Yamazaki down, as no one would be as
    foolish as to attack a very important crime lord during a simple deal meeting. But when
    the time came, Yamazaki was proven right when the rival gang began to open fire on
    Yamazaki and company! Many lives were lost in the crossfire, but Yamazaki's benefactor
    got the worst end of the deal, and was shot to death at cold blood. Yamazaki had to
    witness the shooting of the man who had saved his life first-hand. Suddenly, something
    snapped within Yamazaki's head. Yamazaki was impervious to reason, and almost heard no
    excuses. He just slowly stood up to face their assailants, and all of a sudden, with
    maniacal laughter, took out the knife within his pocket, and slashed through the other
    gang like a hot knife through butter! It was a grotesque scene, but no one was left
    standing. Covered in blood, Yamazaki claims his rightful position as the new leader of
    the gang!
    Everything changed for Yamazaki that day. Ever since, Yamazaki earned a name for himself
    in the criminal circles of Hong Kong as a man who would not stop at anything to gain
    easy money and slaughter victims in the process. He almost seemed to enjoy watching
    other people suffer and die. He didn't even seem human at this point. Someone with a
    passion for torture and killing could not feel anything in his heart, nor feel
    compassion. Any fellow criminal or police officer who dared stand up to Yamazaki would
    most likely suffer the worst of deaths. Even those who were a part of Yamazaki's gang
    would fear possible reprisals if Yamazaki ever got mad at them! Yamazaki has also worked
    as an assassin for hire. He has worked for many powerful crime leaders, and they have
    been more than satisfied with Yamazaki's work...even more than they expect to. That is
    because Yamazaki takes pleasure in killing people and making them suffer, and his salary
    is not bad, either.
    One day, Yamazaki was summoned to a reunion by a couple of mysterious people. Yamazaki
    assisted to the meeting, not without his usual suspicions. In the designated location,
    two children face up to Yamazaki. Yamazaki laughs at the fact that he was summoned by
    mere kids, but is soon proven otherwise when he feels the incredible energy emanating
    from the souls of the children. They have an offer to make to Yamazaki: they were the Jin
    twins, Chonrei and Chonshu, heirs to a cursed legacy. They possess the Scrolls of
    Immortality, and are ready to do away with all those who may be strong enough to oppose
    their plans of eternal life, and want Yamazaki to be their personal bodyguard. Yamazaki
    claims that nothing is for free, but the Jins have no problem with the money, they just
    want to know if Yamazaki is up to the task of traveling to Southtown to accomplish his
    job. But as long as there is money, Yamazaki could travel to the end of the world!
    During the trip and stance in Southtown, Yamazaki realizes that the Jins want to offer
    the scrolls as a prize to all those who might defeat them, and thus, triggering an
    all-out battle between the strongest fighters in Southtown. The same fighters would seal
    their own destiny, and the Jins would have the open path to accomplish their plans.
    Yamazaki felt right at home in Southtown, a place where criminal activities plagued the
    streets, and blood ran high. It seemed like finally, money AND pleasure could combine for
    some interesting results.
    The Jin twins ordered Yamazaki to stay guard at the entrance of their hideout to avoid
    any outsiders from coming in while they go at work to activate the Scrolls of
    Immortality. Yamazaki starts to become a bit bored, when all of a sudden, four people
    rush up to the temple. It's no other than the famous "Lonely Wolves", and their
    detective friend, Blue Mary. Yamazaki gloats at the group, and motions them to come
    closely, and to witness death at the front row! Andy, Joe, and Mary all stand up to
    Yamazaki, but Yamazaki takes them by surprise with his insanely quick motions. The trio
    is caught off-guard, and are thrusted to the floor by Yamazaki's brutal assault. Now,
    Yamazaki wants Terry to test his legendary might against him! But before Terry and
    Yamazaki could engage in a serious fight, a flaming nunchaku swings at Yamazaki.
    Yamazaki avoids it, and he finds out it is Hon-Fu, that snoopy detective who had been
    following his tracks since Hong Kong. Hon-Fu rushes Terry to stop the Jins before they
    realize their idealistic ambition. Terry agrees, and dashes to the inner chambers,
    while Yamazaki cackles, and vows that he will seal Hon-Fu's fate there and now!
    Even though he was on a roll, Yamazaki could not pass the defenses of the vigorous
    Hon-Fu, who fought bravely and didn't give in to Yamazaki's dirty tricks. Suddenly,
    Yamazaki senses another evil presence (Geese) in the chamber where the Jins are
    located, but which are not the Jin twins....Yamazaki sports an evil grin, and tells
    the exhausted Hon-Fu that the fun has just barely started. Yamazaki manages to escape
    capture from Hon-Fu, and retires into seclusion.
    Two years later, Yamazaki shows up at a local dojo, out of sheer boredom from his
    newfound criminal activities in Southtown. He wants the disciples in the dojo to provide
    some morbid entertainment to him by dying slowly! The whole dojo goes up against
    Yamazaki, but soon they realize their fatal mistake when they get their hides trashed by
    the ruthless Yamazaki. Blood covers everywhere, and splatters against the floor and
    wall. Ever since last year, Yamazaki has been feeling a wild rush in his blood that has
    made him even more wild than before! It's almost like if something was calling for him,
    and reviving the killer instinct within his body. Then, in the middle of his "fun
    session", a man enters the dojo, and salutes Yamazaki.
    It's no other than Geese Howard's right-hand man, Billy Kane, who has come to make
    Yamazaki an offer by his boss' petition. Yamazaki wonders what Geese wanted with him,
    now that he had the Scrolls of Immortality. Billy wants Yamazaki to enter the new "King
    of Fighters" tournament being held this year, and if they win, Geese will offer him
    twice the amount of the prize money! After beating up some more students of the dojo,
    Yamazaki thinks it would be interesting, and accepts the offer. Yamazaki thinks it's
    rather odd to team up along with Billy, and even with Blue Mary. Yamazaki fights in the
    tournament, and both Billy and Blue Mary notice how Yamazaki goes more and more berserk.
    His thirst for blood becomes more and more uncontrollable. He is seemed to be lured by
    something, and when the Orochi New Face Team finally appears, they reveal that Yamazaki
    is of Orochi blood! That surely explains his violent attitude and pleasure in killing.
    However, Yamazaki refuses to obey the Orochi as he does not like to follow other
    Person’s orders. However, after the tournament, the Orochi blood in Yamazaki's veins
    finally awakens. Billy Kane managed to barely escape the Orochi threat, but he lost
    sight of Yamazaki in the action. He reported to Geese, and both heard a knock at the door.
    It was Yamazaki...and demanding his pay! Yamazaki had a scuffle with Geese and Billy, and
    Geese seeing no point in the fighting agreed to pay Yamazaki. He then leaves Geese Tower.
    But, someone has been waiting for him outside. It's Hon-Fu again, who now has the clear
    intention of arresting Yamazaki this time. Yamazaki just had enough with these "justice
    fighters" (now that he has gained a new rival in Kim Kaphwan, the Tae Kwon Do champion),
    and is sure that Hon-Fu will not interfere in his plans again. Yamazaki summons the
    newfound Orochi power deep within his body, and his eyes are tainted with blood. His fury
    is now aimed towards Hon-Fu, as in blind rage, Yamazaki totally stomps Hon-Fu all over,
    leaving him near-death. With his newfound power, Yamazaki returns to Hong Kong, where he
    will surely exploit the power within his blood to impose his own mark of fear in the
    criminal circles of Hong Kong.
    Yamazaki is a man who naturally gravitates towards violence, and loves to kill his
    opponents with sadism. He even doesn't care if he takes a hit or two to make the opponent
    suffer! He loves to use dirty tricks such as wielding his sharp knife and kicking
    sand/dirt in the opponent's eyes. He also works only for those who can reach his price.
    However, far beyond the money, Yamazaki loves the smell of blood and the sound of broken
    bones! Another disturbing thought is that Yamazaki has not yet truly awoken to his full
    (Blood Riot) Orochi powers.... if and when he does, heaven help anyone who gets in his
    7. Yamazaki Stories, Funfacts, Entrances, Costumes,
       Taunts, Move Quotes, Winning Stances, Time Loss
       and Winning Quotes
    This is taken from the storyline:
    Team up with Ryuji Yamazaki and Blue Mary. I have some interests in Yamazaki as well....
    I've arranged for one of my counterfeit companies to hire Blue Mary to do the
    investigations on him already, so that's taken care of. Your orders are strictly to look
    over Iori.
    But Boss, why can you possibly be interested in Yamazaki?
    You'll know as soon as you meet him. Now go and negotiate the two into the tournament!
    In a Dojo, wasteful's of karate fighters lye on the ground as a man slaughters them with
    nothing but one arm. After his last victim, the man known as Yamazaki realizes Billy's
    Eh, Geese's dog. What the hell do you want with me?
    I'm here on business. Enter the KoF tournament with me and win, that's our contract.
    You think that actually interests me? Try finding someone else.. . ......!!???
    One of the Dojo men grasps hold of Yamazaki's feet with his last breath of air.
    Yamazaki's coolness suddenly disappears and gets replaced by a malicious grin which
    Billy has never seen before.
    Hehehe.... .. . . Excellent, that's more like it!!!!
    A second later, the Dojo is stained by the fighter's blood everywhere and in the middle
    is Yamazaki, shrieking out a scream which sounds of pure madness. As Billy watches the
    massacre, his spine chills to a deep freeze and the words of Geese crosses his mind.
    On second thought, sounds interesting! How much for the tournament?
    Double that of the Victory Prize once we win it.
    You've got yourself a deal! Well, I'm outta here....
    This is when Yamazaki was protecting the Jin brothers:
    Later, a man named Ryuji Yamazaki from Hong Kong comes looking for Geese. Yamazaki has
    the last copy of the Sacred Scroll and is looking for the other 2 copies which will
    complete the manual and reveal the secret of some unspeakable power. Geese fights
    Yamazaki and this time, even the man himself is hard pressed, for Yamazaki has already
    mastered some of the arts contained within the Sacred Scroll. However, Yamazaki proves
    to be no match once again, and is finally defeated and all the scrolls come to the
    possession of Geese.
    Fun Facts
    *Fun fact = Yamazaki, after KOF '97, does not seem to adopt a Riot of Blood form like
    Iori and Leona do. Maybe it is because he is so familiar to violence that he has
    already adopted his Orochi blood as part of himself?
    *Fun fact = Yamazaki, it has been said that Yamazaki and Goenitz look very much like
    each other. It is not confirmed but they could be related, even brothers. I believe
    they are but that's just me.
    *Fun fact = Yamazaki appears in the Hero's team background in The King of Fighters '95
    (Neo Geo Land), standing aside Blue Mary in the farther background.
    *Fun fact = Yamazaki's Machete is the only thing he has/had left of his father figure.
    In the Fatal Fury series, Yamazaki had a battle with Terry and Terry broke his Machete.
    Now I am not sure if it was his father figure's Machete but Yamazaki has held a bad
    grudge against Terry ever since.
    Yamazaki is wearing a fur coat and standing right in front of his opponent showing no
    fear. He stands there for a while and throws off his coat saying "Kono zako ga" which
    translates to "You guppy!".
    Yamazaki, Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Orochi: Yashiro, Shermie, Chris
    Yamazaki has his left hand over his face like he is embarrassed to see Orochi blood.
    Yamazaki then starts laughing back and forward like it's a joke.
    Yamazaki wears a dark gray, tight sweater with long sleeves, a small black vest over
    his shirt, a nice looking expensive leather belt, long black pants with nice, shinny,
    black leather boots. Yamazaki wears what looks like fighting gloves.
    Pick Yamazaki at character screen with A:
    Top half hair blond. Normal cloths wearing all black.
    Pick Yamazaki at character screen with B:
    Top half hair white. Cloths all purple and dark purple.
    Pick Yamazaki at character screen with C:
    Top half hair light brown. Cloths all blue and dark blue.
    Pick Yamazaki at character screen with D:
    Top half hair light yellow. Cloths all green and dark green.
    Press Start while in battle:
    Yamazaki grabs his right shoulder with his left hand cracking his neck while rotating
    his head saying "Mono tari ne na!" which translates to "You ain't enough for me!"
    While in battle stand still without pressing any buttons for about 10 second:
    Yamazaki raises up his left hand and shakes it off downwards causing some wind to hit
    the floor like a bullet.
    Move Quotes
    When holding Snake Tamer, Yamazaki says "Iku zo..." 3 times which translates to "I'm
    coming ta' get ya'...I'M coming ta' get ya'...I'M COMING TA' GET YA' AND NOW I GOT
    While performing Double Return (Absorb), Yamazaki says "Hore!" which translates to
    While performing Double Return (Reflect), Yamazaki says "KAESU ZE!" which translates to
    "Now TAKE IT BACK!"
    While performing Sadomazo, Yamazaki says "Kakatte koi yo...Itidaro ga yo!" which
    translates to "C'mon and hit me...THAT HURT!"
    When performing Bomb Headbutt, Yamazaki says "Keshi tobi na!" which translates to
    While performing La Guillotine, Yamazaki says "SHARAKUSE...KONO AMATERU GA!!!" which
    translates to "Shut your face! YOU AMATEUR!!!"
    While performing Yodan Drill, Yamazaki says "IPPEN SHINU DE KOI!!!" which translates to
    Winning Stances
    Yamazaki takes out his Machete and throws it on the floor and says "Hyakkunen haiyen
    dai yo!" which translates to "You have come 100 years early punk/You're outta your
    league!" He then turns his face around and says "Chi..." which translates to "Damn..."
    Yamazaki turns around, facing you with his back with both his hands in his pocket, then
    looks at the defeated opponent and says "Chi! Kudarane!" which translates to "Damn! You
    ain't funny/sh*t!"
    Time Loss
    Yamazaki bends down, puts his left arm on his left leg. He then covers his face with
    his right hand, shaking his head left and right like he is humiliated to have lost.
    Winning Quotes
    "You look like a splattered pomegranate, pinhead!"
    "I'll skin you and feed you to the sharks!"
    "Even if I fillet you, it won't do diddley for me!"
    "Enough "KoF" crud! I'm gonna tenderize you!"
    "Man you're a pain! Act like a parking meter and expire!"
    "You're busted. Literally!"
    8. Yamazaki in KoF Comics
    I know that the KoF comics are not the official storyline but are fun to read. Here I
    will add Yamazaki in the KoF comics, the ones I can actually find. Only Yamazaki parts
    I will add. If you want to whole story, go read the comics. Enjoy!
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 3: The Hell
    < Geese Tower, New York City >
    "Damn it, these brats!" Geese cursed as he knew he was no match against Terry and Andy
    in his injured state.
    He could not even move at all since the 'Riot's Blood' was still in the process of
    incorporating with his own blood. If he was to exert his strength, his efforts would
    have been futile. The energy from the blood would be lost from him. Besides, he had not
    an ounce a strength left.
    Someone stepped into the room.
    "Who's that?!" Geese snapped. He did not need another enemy now.
    "Hello, Geese! Long time no see. Remember me?"
    Yamazaki Ryuji grinned. He was also a person that worked for evil gains but he
    preferred doing things alone. For money, he would kill anyone and was even more
    ruthless than Geese Howard.
    "Heh! You seem to be in big trouble! Your face doesn't look good too. Are you sick,
    "What do you want, Yamazaki Ryuji?"
    "Ha!" Yamazaki laughed coldly. He already had plans to exploit Geese at his weakest
    "I want half of your entire fortune and territory. In exchange, I will send you away
    "What a big appetite you have! Yamazaki!" Geese said furiously.
    "There isn't much time left. Make your decision quickly, friend!"
    All of a sudden, somebody dropped through the ceiling, in front of Geese and Yamazaki.
    He was Billy and he was terribly injured as he splurt out large amount of blood. He
    could no longer contained the 'Riot's Blood' in his body.
    "Are you still counting on him to save you? I do not think it's possible anymore!"
    "Choose between your fortune and your life! Which do you think is more precious?"
    Yamazaki continued.
    Geese was furious but he could do nothing. Taking away half of his fortune and
    territory was akin to taking away half of his life. However, what could he do besides
    relying on Yamazaki at this moment?
    Terry and Andy reached the room where Geese was. They glanced around but they could see
    no trace of Geese. Yamazaki Ryuji was the only person left in the room. What was he
    doing here?
    "Hi, Terry and Andy, you two have arrived too late!"
    "Yamazaki Ryuji, where is Geese?" Terry said.
    "I have already sent him away!"
    Terry was filled with rage. "Since you helped him get away, you shall die on his
    Andy could no longer wait. He finally had the opportunity to kill Geese but it was
    now spoiled by Yamazaki Ryuji.
    "Yamazaki Ryuji! You shall pay for this!!" Andy shouted as he ran towards Yamazaki.
    "Andy, I've only promised Geese to stall for time. If you two are able to defeat me
    within three moves, you might still have a chance to get to Geese."
    Andy lashed out at him with the highest level of his 'Ultimate State Power', having
    lost the strength to execute the 'New Zenith Power'.
    Yamazaki lifted his right hand coolly. He did not think much of Andy's power. With
    little strength exerted, he executed his Hebi Tsukai move.
    Andy was amazed at his demonstration of powers.
    Yamazaki's fist was so fast that he had gotten several heavy blows before he even had a
    chance to reach Yamazaki.
    On the other hand, Terry managed to fend off some of the blows when he was charging at
    Yamazaki with his younger brother.
    "You two really disappoint me. You can only execute the 'New Zenith Power' once?"
    "We can kill you with just the 'Ultimate State Power'!" Terry growled.
    "Hah! I'll let you kill me then!" Yamazaki said as he lowered himself to receive
    Terry's Power Dunk.
    Terry was astonished. He had landed the blow successfully on his opponent but Yamazaki
    showed no sign of injuries.
    "You've already executed your second move!" Yamazaki said triumphantly.
    Terry could not react in time.
    Yamazaki then executed his whirlwind move at twice the 'Ultimate State Power'.
    When Terry hit him just now, he had use a new technique called the 'Black Hole
    Suction'. He used his head to absorb Terry's power, just like the 'black hole' in the
    universe where it absorbs energy around it.
    He then stored it in his body. When it is needed, he can unleash it together with his
    own power, causing his move to be forged with twice the amount of energy.
    Terry was thrown back heavily by the power. It was almost as if two people had hit him
    at the same time.
    Yamazaki reached Andy in a blink of an eye. "It's your turn now, Andy!"
    He grabbed Andy by his clothes and prepared to execute his third and final blow.
    "Bakudan Pachiki!"
    The blow threw Andy to the ground heavily. He was no match for the enormous strength
    and wildness of Yamazaki!
    "I had executed three moves. Goodbye, brats!"
    "Don't run, Yamazaki Ryuji!"
    "Ha! Ha! Still want to fight?" Yamazaki said, as he backed out through the window,
    using an extraordinary power to suspend himself in mid-air.
    "Too bad, I don't have the mood to play anymore. If you want to find me and Geese,
    accept this gift!"
    Yamazaki threw something at Terry. Terry caught it neatly as Yamazaki shouted his
    goodbye to him.
    "What did he give you, brother?"
    Terry looked at the envelope in his hands. The seal with a big letter 'K' stared back
    at him.
    "K.O.F.97 invitation card!"
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 5: The Return
    "How have you been, Iori Yagami?"
    Iori looked up. Yamazaki Ryuji was standing in front of him with a snarling grin on his
    "Hey, you don't seem too happy. Will you be interested in what I have to offer?"
    "Stop bullsh*tting! What do you want with me?" Iori growled. He was extremely
    irritable now, especially with people who would take the opportunity to laugh at his
    weakened state.
    "Heh! I'm serious about giving you this. The KOF`97 invitation card!" Yamazaki
    flicked out a card from his pockets.
    "I have no interest in these childish games!" Iori said. "Since you come and bother me,
    you will pay for it!" He stood rigidly, poised for battle.
    "Don't get so uptight! I have not finished. Something will make you willing to
    participate in the tournament."
    "What?!" Iori glared at him.
    Yamazaki grinned again. "You will not need to fight your way up. I am going to place
    you as a 'seed' player and arrange for you to be fighting your nemesis, Kyo Kusanagi!"
    Iori flared up on hearing the mere mention of that name. "Kyo... ku.. sa.. NA...
    He executed his powers, overturning every stone in his path.
    Yamazaki was happy with his reaction. He knew that Iori Yagami will surely appear at
    the tournament.
    "I shall take my leave. Seems that you had accepted my invitation. My task is
    He turned to walk away.
    "You are not allowed to leave! Who do you think you are to come and go as you like?!"
    Iori snarled.
    He was determined to teach the arrogant Yamazaki a lesson. He could not stand the way
    he seemed to treat him as if he was an ordinary fighter.
    The purple flames started licking their way towards Yamazaki.
    "Ha! Such minor strength to grace my departure? I will play with you then. But do
    promise that you will regain your strength during the tournament!"
    With that, Yamazaki met Iori's flames and lifted them in his fists. Executing his Bai
    Gaeshi, he then returned them all to Iori coupled with his own power.
    Iori had to use all his strength to dissipate the power that was twice as huge. He had
    no more strength left to fight Yamazaki.
    By the time the smoke cleared, Yamazaki was gone.
    Iori stared into space. The King of Fighters Tournament will be Kusanagi's (deathdate).
    He would make sure that Kyo dies in his hands!
    Yamazaki thought seriously on his way to the next destination. His expression turned
    rigid when he recalled something.
    "Brother, I will avenge you," he muttered to himself.
    Yamazaki faced the three people. Two of them were staring daggers at him, wondering
    his motives for being here. He was not feeling arrogant though, his face shows mixed
    feelings of nervousness and rage.
    "What do you want with us, Yamazaki Ryuji?"
    "Shingo, step aside. This is not your business!" Kyo tapped him on the shoulder.
    He stepped in front of Shingo and Yuki, facing Yamazaki in a formidable stance that
    showed his confidence.
    "Why are you looking for me, Yamazaki Ryuji? I do not want anybody to disturb me. If
    you are looking for trouble, I will not be merciful to you. Get lost now!"
    Yamazaki was furious. His face scrunched up in anger to Kyo's words. How dare he spoke
    to him like that!
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 6: Shingo's Debut
    The only thing he hoped was that Kyo would quickly teach him other moves so he can deal
    with bad guys like Yamazaki Ryuji who had arrived suddenly and was standing in front of
    them now.
    Yamazaki Ryuji was told by Kyo to get lost. His emotions raged but he suppressed his
    anger. This was not the time to let Kyo know about it. He must control his emotions. He
    gave a reluctant smile as he faced Kyo. Kyo saw his change of expressions. What was
    Yamazaki trying to hide?
    "Kyo Kusanagi, I believe you have heard of the KOF`97 tournament. You must have guessed
    by now my intention in coming here. Give me an answer that I would like to hear and I
    will leave right away. How about it?"
    "Please go. I do not wish to participate in any tournament." Kyo fumed. He hated seeing
    fighters from the real world disturbing his peace now. He turned his back on Yamazaki.
    "Don't make me use violence on you!" Kyo said.
    "Ha! You have overestimated yourself. Or you do not wish to reveal your real strength?
    Let me be the one to unveil it!"
    "You don't have the capability!"
    "Ha! Let me try it out for myself!" Yamazaki said as he unleash his powerful move, Hebi
    Tsukai. The move came fast at Kyo's back.
    Kyo was furious. In split seconds, he disappeared from view. The move never reached him.
    Both Yamazaki and Shingo was shocked at Kyo's speed. He was so fast!
    By the time Yamazaki recovered and sensed Kyo's presence, Kyo had reached his back.
    When he turned around, he was deeply affected by Kyo's penetrating look. He had such a
    furious look in his eyes that Yamazaki lost his confidence momentarily. It made him
    thought of Kyo's words. Was he really not capable enough to fight Kyo?
    He finally settled his emotions, but when he looked at the ground he was standing on,
    he was shocked once again!
    Kyo's pressure on him had caused him to lose his control over his own strength. He had
    unconsciously lost his power to the ground, causing cracks to appear and stones to be
    upturned. Was he afraid of unleashing his power on Kyo?
    Kyo turned away from him again, dismissing him from his presence. This made him very
    angry. He wasn't a nobody! Kyo then said something that made his blood boil even more.
    "Get LOST!"
    This time Yamazaki could no longer take it. The fire inside him re-ignited. He would
    make Kyo Kusanagi pay for his attitude!
    "Shingo, seems that this mad dog is not going away. I will let you deal with him!"
    "Ah! Master, be careful!" Shingo shouted as he watched Yamazaki lurching at them,
    behind Kyo.
    Kyo did not bother with the impending danger. He placed his right hand on Shingo's
    "Shingo, do not bother. Concentrate your energy."
    Shingo immediately felt a warm rush of energy seeping into his body from Kyo's hand.
    It felt strong and powerful.
    "Listen, Shingo. I am giving you the highest energy level of the 'Ultimate State
    Power', something that some fighters would not even achieve in their lifetime. This is
    not enough to deal with Yamazaki Ryuji however. To defeat him, you must achieve the
    'New Zenith Power'. In your new state, you would need more than 10 times of endurance
    in order to bring it out. I believe that you can achieve it."
    By this time, Yamazaki Ryuji's foot had reached Kyo's head. Kyo stood aside quickly and
    let Shingo make his move.
    Shingo used all the power he had gotten from Kyo to make his only known move, 114 Shiki
    Ara Kami. His fist met Yamazaki's foot and both of them were alarmed at each other's
    Kyo went back to protect Yuki from the tremendous damage the two of them would make.
    "Kyo, you have great confidence in him. What an opportunity." Yuki said.
    "Don't worry! I will keep an eye on him."
    Yamazaki landed back some distance from Shingo. He was even more furious now. Kyo's
    glance had caused him to be afraid and now a nobody managed to defend Kyo.
    Shingo on the other hand, was in a state of confusion. He looked at his own fist. He
    had acquired a power that people dreamed of, he himself could not believe it for real.
    The strange thing was, if he had the power, why couldn't he bring out the fire in his
    fist?! He had always thought that the 114 Shiki Ara Kami would be accompanied by
    flames. When he was practising the move, he accepted that he did not have the power.
    But now that he had the power, shouldn't flames come out from his fist?
    "Master! Why was there no fire?" Shingo shouted to Kyo far away.
    "This is because you are not a Kusanagi. I will tell you the reason later. Concentrate
    on your match now!"
    "Yes!" Shingo shouted back. In his heart however, he was deeply disappointed that he
    couldn't have flames with his move.
    "Shingo! Watch your back!!" Yuki suddenly shouted.
    That alerted Shingo but it was too late as Yamazaki grabbed his shirt and smashed his
    head down on Shingo's.
    Shingo's head was in splitting pain immediately. He let out a groan as he collapsed on
    his knees.
    "Yuki, don't alert him anymore. He needs to have some experience in order to be able to
    participate in the tournament. Let him go through the fight himself."
    Yamazaki rushed at him again. "Brat! Kyo Kusanagi is not helping you. You will be
    Shingo heard him coming. He tried to calm down. This is the first time Kyo had asked
    his help and he was not going to let him down.
    He stood up fast and made his 114 Shiki Ara Kami move.
    "Hm! Ara Kami again?!" Yamazaki said. "Kyo Kusanagi only taught you one move? Ha!!"
    Yamazaki dodged the move easily. Shingo did not give up. He continued to use his only
    move hoping to land his fist on Yamazaki. However, Yamazaki was too fast for him.
    Yamazaki unleashed his Hebi Tsukai move when he noticed a loophole in Shingo's attacks.
    Shingo was not hurt due to his power but the force retreated him a few distance.
    "Die now! It will be Kyo Kusanagi's turn later!"
    "Then you will have to kill me first!" Shingo shouted as he prepared to make another
    "HA! Another Ara Kami again?!"
    His words were out when he noticed that Shingo was not making that same move. His back
    was facing him. What was this fellow doing, exposing his most vulnerable part?
    "I do not only know Ara Kami! This is my own creation, Shingo Kick!" Shingo said as he
    landed his foot on Yamazaki's neck.
    This peculiar move took Yamazaki by surprise. He was at a loss to how to deal with
    Shingo took the opportunity to make his 114 Shiki Ara Kami move again. This time, he
    hit Yamazaki continuously, using the simple and direct move with the highest level of
    power. As Kyo has said, to be a real fighter, he would have to work harder than the
    With his endurance, his move landed continuously on Yamazaki. Yamazaki also managed to
    get in a few of his blows but only minor ones compared to Shingo's fists on him.
    In a distance, Kyo was watching the battle. He could not understand Yamazaki. With his
    power, he would not have gotten so many of Shingo's blows. What was he trying to do?
    It had been over a hundred rounds. Shingo's body was beginning to be in condition. His
    strongest power was going to come out.
    With a swing of his fist, he managed to bring out the 'New Zenith Power'!
    "Heh! I am waiting for this chance!"
    Yamazaki did not dodge at all. He seemed to be wanting Shingo to hit him with the
    Shingo's fists landed on his chest, his chin, continuously. His last move landed onto
    Kyo sensed something. He shouted to Shingo, "Leave him quickly, Shingo! There's
    Yamazaki smiled wickedly at Shingo. "Brat, have you not woken up to your senses?"
    Shingo was astonished that he did not hurt Yamazaki with his blows. He was still
    standing fine with not a spot of blood!
    Yamazaki said smugly, "Now it is too late! But, before you die, I will let you know
    what was the power that killed you! This is called the 'Black Hole Reaction'!"
    Yamazaki had planned right from the beginning to absorb Shingo's strength. The last
    move Sadomazo where he was hit in the abdomen was the time to unleash all the power he
    had absorbed, including the 'New Zenith Power'.
    Kyo leaped from his place to Shingo's rescue.
    "It's no use, Kyo. No matter how fast you are, you will never be able to save your
    disciple!" Yamazaki said with relish, as he lifted his hand and brought it on Shingo's
    "Shingo!!!" Kyo shouted. He was too late to stop. He could only watch as the power from
    Yamazaki cascaded in waves from his fist to inflict serious injuries on Shingo's body.
    Shingo spurted out blood in torrents. Was his first match destined to be his last?
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 7: Blue Mary
    Yamazaki arrived outside the IGC building. His face was glum and filled with anger.
    His clothes were slightly torn and he looked injured.
    He did not seem to have gained the upper hand in his battle with Shingo. Right now, he
    was furious, very furious indeed.
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 8: Shingo's Victory
    "I'm Shingo Kabuki. I'm actually sent by Kyo Kusanagi to find all of you. I'm his
    As he said those words, he was remembering how he came to be here.
    Just a few days ago, he had been engaged in his first battle with an accomplished
    fighter, Yamazaki Ryuji.
    The last blow which had caused Kyo to run to his rescue was stopped short because he
    had developed a second surge of 'New Zenith Power'. He was surprised at himself, that
    he was able to execute a second 'New Zenith Power'.
    Even more surprised was Yamazaki Ryuji. He had the most incredulous look on his face,
    disbelieving what he saw and felt.
    The 'New Zenith Power' was countering his fist and both of them were stuck in the
    position for a moment.
    Kyo, who were running to Shingo's rescue, stopped in the process when he noticed Shingo
    countering Yamazaki.
    He gave Shingo the first burst of 'New Zenith Power' but Shingo himself managed to
    activate his own 'New Zenith Power'.
    It could only be Shingo's own talent and ability which did that. Shingo's hard work and
    determination had helped him created his own power.
    Kyo was pleased with him and thus, he stopped. Execute them, Shingo, he thought. It
    will be Shingo's own power which will defeat Yamazaki!
    Shingo let out a shout and unleashed his power. The power hit Yamazaki hard and blew
    him away. The blast injured his skin and his left hand.
    "How can it be possible?! How can he execute a second 'New Zenith Power'? No!!! It's
    impossible! I cannot lose to such a youngster!!" Yamazaki shouted in anguish.
    Next, Shingo made his move using the power that was unleashed. He hit Yamazaki in his
    chest with his damaging move.
    Yamazaki was heavily hit as he could not anticipate the speed and the strength of the
    move. He could not fend the blow off in time!
    Yamazaki spurted blood as the power went through his chest. To protect himself from
    further injury, he reached behind his back for his knife. It was a despicable move but
    he would do anything to save himself.
    He threw the knife at Shingo who did nothing to fend it off.
    The knife could not penetrate Shingo's body! His power had not left him and thus, his
    body was still as hard as steel.
    Yamazaki was also weakened in his injured state and thus, the knife was not thrown with
    great strength.
    With the attempt failed, Shingo grabbed Yamazaki and threw him far to the mountain
    side. Yamazaki quickly took the opportunity to run off.
    Shingo himself sank to the ground on his knees, exhausted by the battle.
    Kyo and Yuki rushed to him. They discovered him fainted on his knees. The strain of
    executing two 'New Zenith Power' had taken its toil on him.
    "Shingo, you are talented indeed. Far exceeding my expectations!" Kyo said as he stood
    in front of the fainted Shingo.
    It was night time.
    Shingo awoke shouting Yamazaki's name. He found himself on a comfortable bed.
    Kyo and Yuki were sitting in the living room in front of him.
    "Ah, Shingo!"
    "Why am I in your house, Master?"
    "Ever since you defeated Yamazaki Ryuji, you had slept for one day and one night."
    Shingo gasped. "I... I defeated Yamazaki Ryuji? How come I cannot remember anything?"
    Dead soldiers littered the floor of the entrance. They were the ones who had their arms
    broken by Blue Mary. Now they were dead.
    They had unfortunately encountered a fuming Yamazaki Ryuji when they came out of the
    building and he had went on a killing spree, leaving only an injured Eiji Kisaragi now.
    "I'm very furious now. Only blood will calm my rage! DIE!" He shouted as he jumped on
    Eiji could only watch helplessly since he had been injured earlier on in a battle with
    Blue Mary and his strength was only a fraction of Yamazaki's.
    Yamazaki halted in his attack. He turned around and found Gilton and Blue Mary standing
    at the entrance.
    "I was the one who let him off. Do not kill him!"
    "I kill as I pleased. So what if you let him off?" Yamazaki retorted as he grabbed Eiji
    by his neck.
    The moment of distraction was enough. Eiji quickly executed his Ninja Skills and
    disappeared in a puff of smoke. He was gone all of a sudden in front of all of them.
    "Damn it! I will let you off for now!"
    Gilton asked. "Yamazaki, have the business with Kyo been settled yet?"
    Yamazaki refused to answer him. He looked extremely guilty. He had promised Gilton not
    to fight anyone while issuing invitations but he had broke his promise.
    Gilton noticed his expression and from his torn clothes guessed that he had ended up
    defeated at the hands of Kyo.
    "Forget it then. We'll leave the Kyo matter to another day. Right now, we have more
    important things to do. We would be going to Japan to meet the Emperor!"
    Gilton thought as he told them. Yes, he would be finding out what it was that the
    Japan's Emperor wanted from him.
    The King of Fighters '97: Issue 9: An Ultimate
    mean you can change parts of this FAQ which would make it legal but change it enough so
    Japanese troops gathered at the helicopter landing area outside the Emperor's building.
    He stood in front of them with his son, Dark. They were preparing to welcome someone.
    A helicopter landed. Gilton stepped out of it. Blue Mary and Yamazaki Ryuji followed
    "My pleasure to meet you, Emperor! Are you so interested in the tournament that you
    have to send your men to abduct me? Let me know your motive." Gilton said, straight to
    the point.
    "Well, since you are so frank. I just wanted to tell you that you do not have the
    ability to organise the KOF`97 tournament! Go back and be your 'computer genius'!
    Gilton could feel anger rising in him. The Emperor was too arrogant.
    "Do you think I do not know your true reason for organising the tournament? It is to
    lure the 'Heavenly Clan'!" The Emperor continued.
    "Gilton, you think you would be able to defeat the 'Heavenly Clan' monsters with these
    two trash by your side? You are too naive! You do not know them or seen their true
    powers. How can you hope to find their secret without knowing them well?"
    The Emperor grinned. "I will let all of you witness the real strength, the power that
    can challenge the 'Heavenly Clan' beings."
    Dark immediately radiated a ring of power from behind the Emperor, to justify his
    Blue Mary was astonished at the evil aura. It was a tremendous power. Who was the guy?
    Was he from the Hades?
    Gilton felt him too. He could hear the sound of 'machine and computer chips'. Was he
    "You three seem to be very uptight! Let me introduce. He is my son, Dark!" The Emperor
    smiled proudly."My son, let them see your ability."
    The signal seem to be those very words as Dark pointed his gaze to the two fighters
    beside Gilton. It was a silent challenge.
    Blue Mary shouted," Yamazaki! Find a further place for battle so we do not hurt Mr
    With that, they both jumped away with Dark coming at them.
    From the beginning, Yamazaki was already using the highest level of his power to attack
    Dark. He knew that Dark was a formidable opponent and thus, did not dare to
    underestimate him.
    He hit Dark on his arm but surprisingly, it generated no hurting response from Dark.
    At the same time, Blue Mary had her hands on Dark's left arm, in a spot that would
    guarantee a lock of his movements.
    Blue Mary would then be able to break his arm effortlessly.
    She quickly threw him to the ground, pressing his face to it and forcing his arm back
    in an attempt to break it.
    At that moment, Blue Mary saw his right hand coming at her.
    His right hand? How could it be possible when he is bend in such a position? She lost
    her concentration for a moment and Dark took the opportunity to wrestle his arm from
    her and deal her a blow at the same time.
    Blue Mary sprung off.
    She could not believe her eyes when she saw Dark's arm twisted to his back at an odd
    angle. His joints were twisted but there was not an ounce of pain in him.
    "Damn, Monster, die now!" Yamazaki shouted as he came from behind Dark.
    He inflicted his strongest blow into Dark's body. He was irritated at Dark and was bent
    on destroying him.
    His arm sliced through Dark's skin and went through his body instead!
    Yamazaki thought he had Dark now, since a hole in the body would surely mean death.
    However, he was astounded again as he felt an eerie, tingling sensation around his arm.
    The flesh in Dark's body was churning around, as if they wanted to swallow his arm!
    Yamazaki was terrified by the scenario. He did not know what Dark would do to his arm.
    In a frantic move, he quickly took out his hand.
    Trails of metallic fluid were left dripping in his palm. Yamazaki was utterly disgusted
    and had to exert a little strength to blow the fluid away.
    Within a moment, the hole in his body had already disappeared. His body's miraculous
    healing ability was a great power that even Goenitz failed to possess.
    "My God! What monster is he?" Blue Mary uttered.
    "Did you see that, Gilton? This is the real power. The power that can defeat the
    Heavenly Clan beings! An ultimate warrior, my son! Son, you can stop now." The Emperor
    "Yes, Dad!"
    Gilton thought about the matter. With Japan's technology, there was no way that Dark, a
    machine, could be produced. How was he possible then? Unless...
    "Have you discovered it, Gilton?" The Emperor said, after noting the change of
    expressions on his face.
    Gilton look at the Emperor loathingly. "Six months ago, the American Defence
    authorities and NASA reported a loss of half of their scientists. They had disappeared
    mysteriously. Were they 'invited' by you to build Dark?"
    "Ha! You are smart indeed. Yes, they are all here in Japan."
    9. Button Configuration
    	    u/b   u   u/f
    	      \   |   /
    	       \  |  /
    		\ | /
              b ----- o ----- f
    		/ | \
    	       /  |  \
    	      /   |   \
    	    d/b   d   d/f
    u - up			f - forward
    d - down		b - back
    u/b - up/back		u/f - up/forward
    d/b - down/back		d/f - down/forward
    A - small punch		B - small kick
    C - strong punch	D - strong kick
    qcf  - quarter circle forward		(d, d/f, f)
    qcb  - quarter circle back		(d, d/b, b)
    hcf  - half circle forward		(b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
    hcb  - half circle back			(f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
    dp   - dragon punch			(f, d, d/f)
    rdp  - reverse dragon punch		(b, d, d/b)
    j    - jump				(u)
    BC   - Max Mode
    DM   - Desperation Move			(need 1 Super Bar)
    SDM  - Super Desperation Move		(need Max Mode and 1 Super Bar)
    HSDM - Hidden Super Desperation Move	(need 1/4 life, Max Mode and 1 Super Bar)
    CD   - Heavy Attack
    (C)  - Cancel move
    Dash - f, f          			(you run forward)
    10. Move List, Grades and Description
    These moves are all done from 1st player view. On the left side.
    Grading system:
    (*) being the lowest and (*****) being the highest.
    Normal Moves
    Standing A
    (*) A small jab with decent range, good for combos.
    Yamazaki stretches out his left arm to hit the opponent.
    Close Standing A
    (*) A small jab with decent range, good for combos.
    Yamazaki gives a small left hand jab to his opponent.
    Low A
    (*) A small jab with decent range, good for Snake Tamer B.
    Yamazaki hits his opponent with a left jab. This move does not hit low. What I mean is
    an opponent can block up and still block the jab.
    Jump A
    (*) Useless and low damage. Better off with C or D.
    Yamazaki jumps and gives a quick left hand.
    Standing B
    (****) A great pocking move. Abuse it when opponent rolls. It had good range as well
    and is very quick.
    Yamazaki gives a left kick to the stomach area.
    Close Standing B
    (***) Great for pocking and starting combos. Opponent must block low to block it.
    Yamazaki hits the opponent in the shin area.
    Low B
    (*) Decent range, good for comboing.
    Yamazaki gives a little left kick to the opponents feet.
    Jump B
    (*) Use it to pock opponent.
    Yamazaki jumps and gives a short left kick pointing downwards.
    Jump Forward/Back B
    (**) Use it to pock the opponent. Good range.
    Yamazaki jumps and gives a short right kick to the opponents head.
    Stading C
    (*) Slow and useless, don't use it.
    Yamazaki lounges forward and punches the opponent in the stomach area with a left hand.
    Close Standing C
    (***) Use it to start combos.
    Yamazaki punches the opponents head with a left hand.
    Low C
    (**) Use it as an anti-air or to start combos
    Yamazaki swings his left hand upwards in an arc.
    Jump C
    (**) Use it for air-air.
    Yamazaki jumps, puts his left hand on his right shoulder and punches downwards. Almost
    like a pimp slap.
    Jump Forward/Back C
    (****) Great to start combos.
    Yamazaki jumps and punches up with his left hand. His body is all stretched up but he
    uses all of his arm to hit the opponent.
    Standing D
    (****) Great range, use it like Snake Tamer B. Keeps opponent away.
    Yamazaki turns around and gives a strait right kick. Like a donkey kick.
    Close Standing D
    (*) Does 2 hits and can cancel first hit into combos. I rather use C.
    Yamazaki knees the opponent with his right leg in the mid section with the first hit
    then kicks the opponent in the face with the second.
    Low D
    (**) Basic trip. Great range but slow recovery time. Don't abuse it.
    Yamazaki turns around and give a trip with his right leg.
    Jump D
    (**) Good range to stop aeriel attack.
    Yamazaki jumps up and gives a strait left kick with lots of range.
    Jump Forward/Back D
    (*****) Main jump attack move. Should be used to start combos since it attacks
    Yamazaki jumps and gives a strait left kick going downwards.
    (**) Knocks opponent down. He throws a headbutt to the opponent. If
    hit with a Counter, can be fallowed to another hit.
    Yamazaki takes a step back and then a step forward while throwing a huge headbutt.
    Jump CD
    (****) Abuse it. Easily knocks opponents away. Has good priority as
    well. Great for air-air battles.
    Yamazaki jumps and swings from left to his right while palming his right hand into his
    Choke Lift   	     		- b or f   + C when close
    (**) Use it if you can't combo or do anything else.
    Yamazaki picks up the opponent off the ground with his left hand, lifting them 1 foot
    over his head then slams the opponent on the floor face first.
    Throw Behind 	     		- b or f   + D when close
    (**) Use it if you can't combo or do anything else.
    Yamazaki picks the opponent off the ground with his left hand. He then throws his
    opponent behind him so now Yamazaki in on the right side of the screen.
    Command Moves
    Stabbing Attack  (2 hits)    	- f        + A
    (*) Pretty useless. Can be fallowed after a Standing C.
    Yamazaki plows his left hand right in the opponent pointing downwards. First he hits
    the opponents head then he hits the opponents thigh.
    Special Moves
    Snake Tamer (High)   		- qcb      + A
    (**) Use to stop jumping opponents.
    Yamazaki hits high in the air with his left arm. His hand almost looks like a snake
    because it is going so fast. Snake Tamer can be held and Yamazaki will start getting
    Snake Tamer (Middle) 		- qcb      + B
    (*****) Main offensive in Yamazaki's strategy. Use it and abuse it.
    Yamazaki hits right in front of him with his left arm. His hand almost looks like a
    snake because it is going so fast. Snake Tamer can be held and Yamazaki will start
    getting angry.
    Snake Tamer (Low)    		- qcb      + C
    (*) Used on short characters (Choi, Chin).
    Yamazaki hits the floor with his left arm. His hand almost looks like a snake because
    it is going so fast. Snake Tamer can be held and Yamazaki will start getting angry.
    Snake Deceit			- qcb      + A/B/C, D
    (**) Great to play mind games against Human opponents.
    Yamazaki leaves his left arm hanging down while taunting the opponent. Then he deceives
    the opponents with canceling his Snake Arm.
    Double Return (Absorb)		- qcf      + A
    (*) Use to absorb projectiles if you need a some super bar. Can even absorb DM, SDM
    and HSDM.
    Yamazaki takes his right hand out of his pocket and swings his right arm over his head
    in a circular motion.
    Double Return (Reflect) 	- qcf      + C
    (***) Returns projectile to owner with added power. Great for projectile scrubs. Can
    even reflect DM, SDM and HSDM.
    Yamazaki takes his right hand out of his pocket and swings his right arm over his head
    in a circular motion. He then throws back the projectile with more power which almost
    looks like blood.
    Dagger of Judgment (2 hits)	- dp       + A
    (**) Easier to use for comboing Guillotine than dp + C version.
    Yamazaki takes his right hand out of his pocket with a nice surprise. He pulls a
    Machete out and starts hacking at the opponent left and right.
    Dagger of Judgment (4 hits)	- dp       + C
    (****) Great damage. Abuse it with standing C then dp + C.
    Yamazaki takes his right hand out of his pocket with a nice surprise. He pulls a
    Machete out and starts hacking at the opponent left and right.
    Foot Crush/Tempering		- dp       + B
    (**) Overhead and works great on opponents who block down all the time.
    Yamazaki kicks forward two feet over his head with his left foot. Then he brings down
    his foot, stomping on the opponents head for the 2nd hit.
    Sand Kick			- dp       + D
    (**) Looks cool, used to combo Snake Tamer B/C.
    Yamazaki kicks sand with his right foot to the opponent, stunning them in the process.
    Sadomasochism/Sadomazo		- hcf      + B/D
    (*****) ABUSE IT. It counters almost all physical attacks in the game, including
    DM, SDM and HSDM. It does not however counter low attacks and overhead attacks.
    Yamazaki bends down, sticks his tongue out while taunting the opponent. When he
    counters the opponent, Yamazaki throws a huge right hand to the opponent creating a
    sort of tornado in the process which knocks down the opponent.
    Bomb Headbutt (when close)	- hcb, f   + A/C
    (***) Good damage. Use it when on the floor and getting back up while opponent is near
    you. They will get sucked in. Also combos in with standing A/B/C/D or low A/B/C.
    Yamazaki grabs the opponent with his left hand, takes a step back and then a step
    forward while throwing a huge headbutt that explodes on the opponent.
    Desperation Moves
    Nightmare... and Madness 	- qcf 	   + ABCD
    (***) Very good DM for when the opponent is getting up, it looks cool and is
    Yamazaki runs at the opponent, pulls out his Machete with his right hand and gives one
    slice to the opponent which knocks them down. He then throws his Machede on the
    opponent. Yamazaki then grabs his head with both his hands, then puts them down while
    laughing sadistically. His eyes are all white and he has foam coming out of his mouth.
    Then he proceeds to stomping on the opponent with his left foot 11 times. He then
    give's one last kick with his right foot making the opponent fly up in the air. He then
    puts his left hand on his stomach while having a nice laugh.
    La Guillotine			- qcf, qcf + A/C
    (*****) Nice damage but best part is that is can combo from so many different moves.
    Yamazaki leaps forward and does an uppercut with his left hand point upwards. He hits
    the opponent with 2 hits. Yamazaki then pulls out his right arm and grabs the opponents
    head in mid air. He then smashes the opponents head on the ground. Yamazaki then runs
    while holding the opponents head on the floor, face up. He runs for a while with the
    opponent then gives them a huge right kick making the opponent fly high up in the air.
    Yondan Drill (when close)	- hcb, hcb + A/C
    (*****) The more you mash A + C, the more damage it does maxed at about 35% of
    opponents life.
    Punch Ranbu
    (0-4 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent and punches them into the air with his
    left hand giving them 2 hits. The opponents falls to the ground. Yamazaki then jabs
    his left hand in the opponent, then uppercuts the opponent in the air with 2 hits, then
    gives a right kick in the air for 2 hits, then ends it off with a huge right hand
    creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 4 hits and sends the opponent
    Kick Ranbu
    (5-7 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent and punches them into the air with his
    left hand giving them 2 hits. The opponents falls to the ground. Yamazaki then kicks
    the opponent on the floor with his left foot, the opponent raises a little bit off the
    ground. He then gives another left kick while the opponent raises a little bit more
    off the ground. Then does a jump left kick, then throws a headbutt, then steps on the
    opponent with his left foot, then give's a right donkey kick, then ends it off with a
    huge right hand creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 4 hits and sends
    the opponent flying.
    Rapid Pachiki
    (8-12 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent and punches them into the air with his
    left hand giving them 2 hits. The opponents falls to the ground. Yamazaki then picks
    them up with his left hand, he then give's the opponent a barrage of 8 Bomb Headbutts,
    then ends it off with a huge right hand creating a sort of tornado in the process which
    does 4 hits and sends the opponent flying.
    Repeated Hebi Tsukai
    (13 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent and punches them into the air with his
    left hand giving them 2 hits. The opponents falls to the ground. Yamazaki then throws a
    barrage or 21 Snake Tamers levitating the opponent off the ground, then ends it off
    with a huge right hand creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 4 hits and
    sends the opponent flying.
    Tap A/C when Yamazaki hits his Drill move, the one that ends his DM and does 4 hits.
    Yamazaki puts his left hand on his stomach while having a nice laugh.
    Super Desperation Moves
    La Guillotine			- qcf, qcf + A/C
    (*****) Nice damage but best part is that is can combo from so many different moves.
    Yamazaki leaps forward and does an uppercut with his left hand point upwards. He hits
    the opponent with 2 hits. Yamazaki then pulls out his right arm and grabs the
    opponent's head in mid air. He then smashes the opponents head on the ground. Yamazaki
    then runs while holding the opponents head on the floor, face up. He runs for a while
    with the opponent. Yamazaki stops and starts stomping on the opponent with his left
    foot causing 6 hits, he then give's them a huge right kick making the opponent fly
    high up in the air.
    Yondan Drill (when close)	- hcb, hcb + A/C
    (*****) The more you mash A + C, the more damage it does maxed at about 50% of
    opponents life.
    Rapid Stomps
    (0-7 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent by the neck with his left hand, chokes
    them for a bit then punches them into the air with his left hand giving them 2 hits.
    The opponent falls to the ground. Yamazaki then stomps the opponent with his left foot
    giving 7 hits. He then kicks the opponents off the ground with his left foot. Then
    kicks the opponent with another left kick making them go higher off the ground. Then
    Yamazaki kicks the opponents higher with a right kick, then ends it off with a huge
    right hand creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 8 hits and sends the
    opponent flying.
    Rapid Aikuchi
    (8-10 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent by the neck with his left hand,
    chokes them for a bit then punches them into the air with his left hand giving them 2
    hits. The opponent falls to the ground. Yamazaki then kick's the opponent off the
    ground with his right foot. He then pull's out his Machete with his right hand and
    goes wild at hacking on the opponent with a total of 12 hit, then ends it off with a
    huge right hand creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 8 hits and sends
    the opponent flying.
    Rapid Shime Age
    (11-14 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent by the neck with his left hand,
    chokes them for a bit then punches them into the air with his left hand giving them 2
    hits. The opponent falls to the ground. Yamazaki then picks the opponent off the ground
    with his left hand while it is flaming. Yamazaki then repeatedly slams the opponent on
    the floor doing 14 hits while flames are bursting out. Yamazaki then gives a Bomb
    Headbutt, then ends it off with a huge right hand creating a sort of tornado in the
    process which does 8 hits and sends the opponent flying.
    Chou Repeated Hebi Tsukai
    (15 hits on A + C) Yamazaki grabs the opponent by the neck with his left hand, chokes
    them for a bit then punches them into the air with his left hand giving them 2 hits.
    The opponent falls to the ground. Yamazaki then throws a barrage or 33 Snake Tamers
    levitating the opponent off the ground, then ends it off with a huge right hand
    creating a sort of tornado in the process which does 8 hits and sends the opponent
    Tap A/C when Yamazaki hits his Drill move, the one that ends his DM and does 8 hits.
    Yamazaki puts his left hand on his stomach while having a nice laugh.
    Hidden Super Desperation Move
    ...!! (when close)		- hcb, hcb, + BD
    (*****) Best looking HSDM in the game. Around 55% damage but has a slight lag delay in
    beginning so it can't be comboed.
    The screen turns blue. Yamazaki grabs the opponent's head with both his hands, then
    puts them down. Yamazaki then grabs the opponent with his left hand and throws them to
    the floor while having his tongue hanging out. Then while the opponent in on the floor
    he just Snake Tamers the heck out of the opponent with BOTH his arms like a machine
    while having his mouth wide open and tongue out giving a total of 38 hits. Yamazaki
    then leans over and bites the opponents on the neck. While still biting them, Yamazaki
    throws the opponent to the other side of the screen.
    Cancelable Normal Moves
    Standing A	Standing B	Standing C	Standing D (1 hit)
    Low A		Low C
    Cancelable Command Moves
    Stabbing Attack A (can be cancelled on 1st and 2nd hit)
    Cancelable Special Moves with Max Mode
    Snake Tamer A/B/C
    Double Return A/C
    Dagger of Judgment A (can be cancelled after 1st hit)
    Dagger of Judgment C (can be cancelled after 1st, 2nd and 3rd hit)
    Foot Crush/Tempering (can be cancelled after 1st hit)
    Sand Kick
    11. Combos and Damage %
    Here I will try to post combos. Flashy combos, high hit combos, high damage combos,
    Max Mode combos...you name it. The damage percentage will be in brackets under the
    combo. I will name the DM and SDM by their name so get use to them.
    Normal Combos with and without DM and SDM
    -low A, low A, low A, qcb + B
    (25% Damage)
    Nice combo, decent damage. Do it to confuse opponent.
    -jump + C/D, C, dp + C
    (41% Damage)
    My favorite combo since it's so easy to do and does great damage.
    -jump + C/D, C, hcb, f + C
    (40% Damage)
    This combo adds variety to Yamazaki and looks flashy.
    -jump + C/D, C, f + A, qcb + B/C
    (30% Damage)
    Again, a different combo but not as effective as the dp + C one.
    -jump + C/D, C, dp + D, qcb + B/C
    (37% Damage)
    This combo adds variety to Yamazaki and looks flashy.
    -jump + C/D, B, A, qcb + B/C
    (32% Damage)
    Hard to do combo, just looks flashy.
    -jump + C/D, C, dp + D, Snake Arm Cancel, Dash C, dp + D, Snake Arm Cancel, Dash + C,
    qcb + B
    (Damage % not confirmed yet since I am not able to do this combo. If you can do this
    combo, send me an e-mail saying Damage % and I will add your name to the Credits)
    I am not good enough yet to do Snake Arm Cancels in combos. When I get good enough,
    hopefully I can add more combos.
    -jump + C/D, C, dp + A(1 hit), Guillotine DM
    (55% Damage)
    Simple combo, practice it and you will never regret it. Remember to cancel into
    Guillotine after the first hit of dp + A.
    -jump + C/D, C, Drill DM
    (55% Damage)
    Easy to do combo with very nice damage.
    Even though I haven't done it, I am pretty sure that you can use Snake Arm Cancel in
    between the Drill combos to add extra hits. If it's possible, e-mail me. I will add
    your name to the credits.
    Max Mode Combos with and without DM and SDM
    -BC(Max Mode), jump + C/D, C, dp + A(1 hit), Guillotine SDM
    (60% Damage)
    The Max Mode really reduces damage done by C/D. I rather just do the Guillotine DM
    instead of the SDM for combos.
    -BC(Max Mode), jump + C/D, C, Drill SDM
    (60% Damage)
    The Max Mode really reduces damage done by C/D. I rather just do the Drill DM instead
    of the SDM for combos.
    -BC(Max Mode), jump + C/D, C, dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D,
    (C)dp + C
    (50% damage)
    Easy to do with practice. Just get the timing right.
    -BC(Max Mode), dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, (C)dp + A(1 hit),
    Guillotine DM
    (55%+ damage)
    Simple to do with practice. Remember to cancel into Guillotine after the first hit of
    dp + A.
    -BC(Max Mode), jump + D, C, dp + C (3 hits), (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + C(3 hits),
    (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + A(1 hit), Guillotine DM
    (75% damage)
    Very complicated combo to do. Very effective since you only need 1 super bar.
    -BC(Max Mode), dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, (C)dp + A(1 hit),
    Guillotine SDM
    (75% damage)
    Simple to do with practice. Remember to cancel into Guillotine after the first hit of
    dp + A.
    Normal Combo with Max Mode
    -jump + C, C, BC(Max Mode), dash + C, dp + B, (C)dp + D, (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + C (2 hits),
    (C)dp + B(1 hit), (C)dp + D, Guillotine DM
    (95% damage)
    12. Strategy
    Yamazaki's strategy involves keeping your opponent at half screen. From this distance,
    you can abuse Snake Tamer B. A Yamazaki player should feel comfortable at this range.
    Don't do the same thing over and over again though. Use Snake Deceit to confuse your
    opponent. If your opponent knows what move you will do, he can easily get in and
    punish you.
    As you should know or are starting to figure out, is that Yamazaki is not a combo
    maniac. He has decent combos but his game does not involve comboing people to death.
    Just countering them to death.
    Yamazaki takes incredible amount of skill to play since you have to anticipate what
    your opponent is going to throw at you. I have been playing him since KoF'97 and I do
    improve every year but it still takes a lot of time.
    When an opponent jumps, use Snake Tamer A, Sadomazo or Low C to counter them.
    Preferably Snake Tamer A.
    For projectile characters or fireball scrubs, use Double Return. If you need some
    super bars, use the absorb version. If you don't, just send it back at them. This
    often confuses people. I love seeing peoples faces when I send their projectile back,
    usually they don't know what happened and repeat the process. When they get smart,
    change your tactics.
    There are characters in the game who's strategies involve trapping you in the corner.
    For these character, it is not wise to try to keep them at far range. These character
    most likely are not good when under pressure so you should pass onto attack.
    Jump + C/D, dash or roll to them and do little combos that do good damage. Pock them
    and confuse them.
    Yamazaki can also be used offensively, kind of like a rush down character. Although I
    do not advise this, like I said above, on characters like Chris...play rush down.
    Yamazaki's Nightmare... and Madness DM IS ******* INCREDIBLE. You are wondering, is this
    guy serious? Well yes and I will explain how to abuse it...WAHHAHAHAH. As you know,
    Nightmare... and Madness is unblockable. This means that where ever the opponent is, if
    you hit them with it, they will be sucked in the DM. This is where the abuse comes. So
    I told you about Yamazaki's C, dp + A (1 hit), qcf x 2 + A/C combo right. After you hit
    with this or Yamazaki's Guillotine (qcf x 2 A/C) at any time, the opponent will be stuck
    in the corner. When he/she is getting up, just do qcf + ABCD and they will get hit. There
    is basically no way to avoid this if it is timed perfectly. You get a free 15% damage on
    the opponent. It does wonders. Oh and after the DM is over, Yamazaki will be stuck in
    laughing animation and the opponent will try to get a hit on you when he gets up. Don't
    fear friends, just do dp + C and you will do nice chip damage and be out of range for
    attacks. HAHAHHAHAH. Oh and do Nightmare... and Madness any time the opponent is getting
    up from a fall. The way I see it, it's a free 15% damage.
    USE C, DP + C combo A LOT. This is your main combo. Even if they block it, you will get
    enough room to recover after the 4th hit of dp + C. It does good chip damage.
    These strategies are based on people I have played in Jonny Zee's arcade in, Vancouver
    (Station Square), BC, Canada.
    Kyo Kusanagi
    Kyo's game and what he's good at is close range. He can dish out some high
    combos and nice damage so he should be kept far away at all costs. When he
    gets close Bomb Headbutt him, throw him, trip, Snake Tamer B or anything
    to keep him away. He can't do much from far distance. Some of his moves have auto-guard
    so watch out for this.
    Benimaru Nikaido
    Main problem I see with Benimaru is that you can see his moves coming a mile away. He
    also seems to jump a lot. Use Snake Tamer A to counter his jumping. Sadomazo also
    works wonders since he has long reach and you can see the moves coming. He isn't as
    hard as other characters but he is a poking character. He has immense crossover
    capability so he can easily switch sides and mess around.
    Goro Daimon
    Goro can be a huge problem if he gets in grabbing range. He can do monster damage and
    should be kept away at all cost. Never jump at him since he has a strong anti-air.
    When he is far range, watch out for his Earthquake, duck or jump when he does this. As
    long as you keep him half the screen away, you have the advantage. Remember that Goro
    is not like his KoF'98 GODLY self, but still watch out.
    Terry Bogard
    Terry has fireballs, you should love fireballs since you can return them with added
    damage. But does not rely on fireballs. He has to get close, so keep him away. Watch
    out for his Rising Tackle and his fist move, it's pretty fast. Just block it and combo
    him. Terry is a rushdown character. Even though Terry is a small character, he seems
    to dish out high damage. Watch your life bar with him. Keep him at half screen and
    things should be good.
    Andy Bogard
    Grrrr, you can't return Andy's fireballs. So just Snake Tamer and Sadomazo him. Andy
    isn't very strong but has high combos. Andy likes to just appear out of no where in
    your face. Watch out for his speed moves. Andy is an air fighter, he will jump a lot
    and when he does, punish him. He shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Joe Higashi
    I don't think Joe's projectiles can be reflected. He is like Benimaru but strong, use
    Snake Tamer and Sadomazo to keep him away. A good Joe player can be a major pain in the
    ass. When Joe get's close, he can do is A/Cx3, qcf A/C move which is really annoying.
    Just be careful against him if the guy is good. If he gets close, give him a Bomb
    Ryo Sakazaki
    Ryo's projectiles cannot be reflected or absorbed. Ryo's game is at close range. We
    hate close range, keep him away. He likes to jump so Snake Tamer A and Sadomazo him.
    If he rolls, Bomb Headbutt him or hop backwards to keep range.
    Robert Garcia
    Robert has fireballs but they aren't that good. If he throws one at you, reflect it.
    Robert also loves to jump since he has a kind of super jump like Choi. Use Snake Tamer
    A and Sadomazo to keep him at bay. If he rolls, hop back or Bomb Headbutt him.
    Takuma Sakazaki
    Takuma has a new weird, invisible projectile that hits from 1/2 of the screen, watch
    out for it. Takuma is a "in your face" fighter. He will do counters as well as some
    bread-butter combos but he needs to be up close for that. Other than that, keep him
    away since his game involves close range. Takuma is nothing like his KoF'98 version.
    Remember, we hate close range fighters.
    WATCH OUT FOR HER TRIANGLE JUMP KICKS. She is the queen of pocking. She likes it at
    kicking range, so do we but the problem is that she has higher priority with he kicks.
    Sadomazo her and Snake Tamer. Even jump in some times and try to combo her.
    Ralf Jones
    Like Benimaru, you can easily see what's coming. Use Sadomazo more on him. Watch out
    for his grab move. If he Galactical Phantoms you, Sadomazo it...you better time it
    right or get some hurting. He is strong so keep him at half screen away.
    Clark Steele
    Aye aye aye, he is strong, high priority in moves and cheap. Most people have to have
    Clark in their team...one of the reasons I stopped using him. Clark can't do **** when
    he is far away. Keep him far away no matter what. He can punish you to death if you let
    him close.
    Athena Asamiya
    She is a projectile character. For some reason, she keeps getting stronger every year.
    Remember what I said about projectile characters, WE LOVE THEM. She is also good at
    the close range game. Her uppercut has extreme priority. Watch out for it. After a
    fireball she will usually teleport forward, plan a strategy for that. Make her feel
    sorry for doing fireball + teleport at you. Return her fireballs. Make her angry. She
    has very high jumps so she could be harder to hit with Snake Tamer A. She loves to
    jump around and play in the air. Her move where she turns into a ball of fire in the
    air can be annoying. My strategy against this is dash back then Snake Tamer her.
    Sie Kensou
    He has annoying fireballs, reflect them. His moves a like Benimaru's and have high
    priority so use Sadomazo and Snake Tamer B a lot. You should be fine with just that.
    Chin Gentsai
    Too bad Chin has become weaker from KoF'98 and on. He was godly in KoF'97, now he is
    really weakened. No projectiles and slow. I would suggest going rush down on him since
    staying far away on a short character like him is very hard. Don't jump, just dash and
    roll. Abuse Adomazo on him, just watch out for his bottle move. Don't underestimate him
    Yuri Sakazaki
    Good Yuri players are hard to beat. She has lots of variety in her moves so watch out.
    She has a charge fireball which is good for us. If she uses it, send it back. But use
    Snake Tamer B, Sadomazo and Standing D to keep her away.
    Mai Shiranui
    She has projectiles, return them back if she uses them. She likes to be at kicking
    range and can dish out some nasty combos. She likes to jump so Snake Tamer A, Sadomazo
    her. I hate her priority, you have to deal with it.
    May Lee
    Very few people know how to use her. She is good at close range so is fairly easy to
    keep away. Use Snake Tamer B and Standing D to keep away. If she jumps, Snake Tamer A
    and Sadomazo her.
    Kim Kaphwan
    He is changed so much since Playmore bought KoF. I think they want to make him the
    main guy since Playmore is a Korean company and Kim is Korean, heh heh. His moves look
    like real Tae Kwon Do moves. Pretty neat. The animation on him is outdone. I think
    they spent a little too much time on him. Kim likes to fly around, never in one spot.
    Make him stay in one spot. Snake Tamer him, it works really well. Use Sadomazo. Just
    watch out for his aeriel move since he has good recovery after it.
    Chang Koehan
    Man, anyone who knows how to play this guy can terrorize arcades. I play him myself
    but haven't seen anyone play him. From my experience, I like to charge his ball so
    Yamazaki should use Sadomazo to counter that. Don't get close to Chang, if you do all
    he has to do is mash A/C and you'll fly off. Stay at some what half screen and Snake
    Tamer him, watch out for his charge ball move because it does so much damage. He has
    an earthquake move now so duck or jump when he does it. Don't jump at him. If you stand
    near him as he gets up, he will do his grab move, it does a lot of damage. He is really
    annoying with his hop jump + C/D. Man, when he abuses it use Sadomazo.
    Choi Bounge
    Choi back in KoF'99 was easily the best character with his guard crush move. Now, his
    moves seem to tie in a lot slower. Choi's game is to fly around the screen and he is
    one tough motha to keep away since he has a massive super jump. I am certain that it is
    impossible to keep him away. RUSHDOWN ON CHOI. You can't keep him away and he is weak
    on the defensive. Corner the s.o.b. and beat him. I would not suggest using Snake Tamer
    A since he is hard to hit. Use Sadomazo to counter him. Watch out for his Tornado DM,
    it hurts.
    Iori Yagami
    Iori is good to fight. Since we have seen him for so long, we know what to expect from
    him. Fireball, dash and attack. If he tries to fireball, return it back. He will dash
    and get hit by hit. So he will stop using fireballs. If he jumps, Snake Tamer A or
    Sadomazo him. If he rolls in, hop back or headbutt him. Also poke him with Snake Tamer.
    Pros with Iori are rare but they are the hardest to beat. Iori is just powerful (grrr
    I hate him so much). His is extremely fast and is extremely good at crossovers. His jump
    + D in air-to-air combat is impossible to stop with Yamazaki so don't do air battles with
    him. Watch out for these, stay cool and calm. Only way to beat the experts is being calm,
    like you're in a sauna.
    She is very weak but capable of high combos and chipping to death. Sadomozo won't work
    on her moves so use Snake Tamer + B. I might even suggest jump + C/D, standing C,
    dp + C. Keep pressure on her and don't let her move. Do not jump on her. Use your
    strategies by dashing at her. Rolling might be a bad idea since he can low A/B + combo
    Vice has gotten more priority than she had in KoF'98 but she also got weaker. Her
    jump + D can cause havoc. Her hcf + A/C grab is viscious as well. Her standing close + D
    + anything is just too strong. The strategy I can give you on this would be to use
    Snake Tamer + B a lot. Don't use Sadomazo as much since she can easily grab. Basically
    poke her to death. Standing + B is good. When she jumps as she some times does, Snake
    Tamer + A her or if it's not fast enough, use dp + B. Play mind games, it's very
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    Oo oh, clone match. Use weird strategies and confuse your opponent. Don't do what is
    expected of you. The better Yamazaki player will triumph (DUH!!). I never have to worry
    about these, still haven't seen a Yamazaki user of my skill ^_^
    Blue Mary
    Too bad they made her weak as the years went on. She was so much better in KoF'98.
    She is less of a grappler in KoF2k2 and more of a counter character. I call characters
    like Seth and Yamazaki counter characters because they like it when you do the first
    move. She is still a grappler though just not as good as before. She isn't very strong
    so you have an advantage right there. Use Snake Tamer + B to keep her away and you
    might want to go on the offensive since she isn't very good in the air. Use jump +CD
    to keep her down and cornered. Then just simple stand at kicking range and Snake
    Tamer, Sadomazo, dp + B her to death. Blue Mary likes to appear in your face so watch
    out her speed moves.
    Billy Kane
    Ah man, he is better than his KoF'98 version. He lost his dp + A/C but can still own
    badly. Billy is ANTI-YAMAZAKI. He will give you an ass of a time, that's if the user is
    good with him. Don't do Snake Tamer + B since all he has to do is make you miss and poke
    you with his stick. I suggest going full out offensive. Use Sadomazo and dp + C. Corner
    him and don't let him get the range he needs. Don't stay back, attack, attack and more
    Yashiro Nanakase
    He is an offensive rush down character. Don't attack him head on. Use Snake Tamer + A
    and B. If he tries to corner you, use Bomb Headbutt to get some range. Make sure you
    have range on him and watch out for his dp + A/C his it has Auto-Guard. Watch out for
    his little 50% damage combo. Don't try air-to-air battles with Yashiro since his jump
    + D will stop anything you throw at him. Stay cool and on the floor. Let him come to you
    and you will have the control.
    Orochi Yashiro Nanakase
    He isn't as good as normal Yashiro but still watch out for his leap move, it's
    unblockable. People will try to abuse his leaping move but just jump up + D and they will
    regret it. He can do some nasty combos but isn't very strong. He's game is pressure the
    opponent into a corner. Make sure to have distance on him and Snake Tamer him. If he has
    you knocked down and getting up, do a Bomb Headbutt. It will suck him in and prevent him
    from doing his grappling techniques.
    Even though she has been weakened beyond belief, she has more priority. Her grabs do
    less damage but she has a new tie in kick. Watch out for her Standing B. She can
    pretty much do anything after it, grab move, DM. The game with her is to keep her away
    like most other characters. She does the most damage when close. Just use Snake Tamer
    and standing D to keep her away. Sadomazo might not be as useful since she can grab
    you out of it.
    Orochi Shermie
    Oh man, oh man, oh man. Her game is keep away our ours it too. But if you both stay
    away, she has the advantage so keep her pressured. She has a projectile that can
    appear at four locations on the screen, watch out for it. I don't think they can be
    reflected. Grrr, so angry. Attack her with jump + C/D, Standing C, dp + C. Don't let
    her breath. She may not do monster damage but she can be a huge problem in the hands of
    a good player.
    Chris does more damage than Orochi Chris but not as high combos. His game is to play
    around the opponent, dance around. He is really good at crossovers so watch out for those
    and block low. Once you have your distance, there shouldn't be too much of a problem.
    Keep him away, watch out for his speed moves that throws himself on you. Don't jump on
    him, he has a DM that hits in the air. Not crazy damage but painful enough.
    Orochi Chris
    Man, people abuse this Chris. At my arcade, everyone has him in their team. It gets
    annoying. He can get monster combos and do monster damage. His game is to attack and
    not let you breath. So my best strategy would be to attack him. If he tries to play
    air games, do jump + CD, it has great priority. Once he is close to the corner, you
    can either play mind games or full out assault. Meaning standing + C and dp + C. Use
    this a lot. It does really good damage. If you let Chris have his groove, you're
    pretty much dead.
    He is fairly strong. Does some nice combos. People use his dp a lot so watch out for
    it. He is a character like Iori so he should be kept away. Use Snake Tamer and standing
    D, abuse Sadomazo on him. Return his fireballs as well.
    He is a grappler and does ******* huge damage. Watch out for this guys punch move. It
    has very high priority and will hit you if you try to Snake Tamer him. Besides that,
    he is fairly easy to keep away. He just does high damage but low combos. Don't jump at
    him. Stay on the ground. Play mind games with Snake Deceit so he does his move, when he
    does he is wide open. Attack him.
    People abuse her at my arcade sooooooo badly. I know Yamazaki's Sadomazo works really
    well on her. When she starts swinging that whip around, pull out a Sadomazo. If you
    feel that a Snake Tamer can hit her do it. If you stay 2/3 of the screen away, she can
    get you badly so stay around 1/2 of the screen away from her. Don't jump at her a lot,
    do it sometimes. She'll be wide open. Yamazaki seems to work extremely well on her.
    Heavy D! was the ultimate Boxer. Her jab is too slow but she looks more like a brawler
    than a Boxer. Her moves are very fast and can perform high combos but at low damage.
    She like to play around and needs to be close to play her game. Even if you try to
    keep her away with Snake Tamer, she can easily avoid it with her moves. The strategy I
    have adapted to her is attack her, jump + C/D, roll, dash. Never stay back because he
    is very fast and can out maneuver you're normal strategy.
    Not many people use him but he is good.. I know he is from KoF2000 but I don't know if
    he is really good. He reminds me of Dudley from Street Fighter 3. Never seen the
    computer do good with him. From what I know, he is a counter character. He has a few low
    attacks so DO NOT USE SADOMAZO. Use Snake Tamer or if you want play air games with him,
    jump + CD. Don't get close to him though.
    This guy is weird. He is a grappler but has some weird moves. Reminds me of Shingo. Ok
    so he is a grappler, what do we know about grapplers... they like to get close. If you
    keep him away, you have him by the balls. So Snake Tamer, standing + D him and I
    wouldn't suggest abusing Sadomazo on him since he can grapple you out of it.
    Kula Diamond
    Kula's uppercut has a lot of priority. People like to use it so fool them into using it,
    block and they're right open for a nice combo. She has high combos that does high damage
    so watch out for them, easy bread-butter. What I found works good on her is let her do
    the first move and you'll prevail. Watch out her fireball.
    Same as Kula, I don't know him very well...just that he is one ugly mofo. I have seen
    people abuse his hop jump + C so watch out for that. It can be easily countered with
    Snake Tamer + A and use Snake Tamer A whenever you see him in the air. K9999 does do
    incredibly high combos but they are low damage.
    Angel is a bread-butter combo character. She does good damage with easy combos.
    Apply the same strategy as you would apply to May Lee. Just watch her 4-5 hit mega
    damage combo. She has unblockable moves so learn what they are. Block low when fighting
    This is basically Kyo '95. He has fireballs, uppercuts, and is very similar to Iori.
    Just do what you would do against Iori and you should be fine.
    Omega Rugal
    Man, he is worst than he was in KoF'98. He has 1 projectile and 1 charge projectile
    and you can only reflect the ground one. The big projectile is absorb no matter what
    you use qcf + A/C. His charge, gray ball projectile from what I know cannot be
    reflected. Unless you're a God at returning fireballs (I know I'm not), use this
    strategy instead. The problem with Rugal CPU is that if he is doing fireballs and you
    roll behind him, he is wide open. Lay some nice combos on him or trip him. When he
    does his rush move on you, block because Genocide Cutter (dp + B/D) is coming
    afterwards. He is very open after a Genocide Cutter so punish him when he does it and
    misses you. He is tough, don't be angry if you can't beat him.
    This sums it up for the character strategy, hope it helps.
    13. Credits
    These nice people on KoF2k2 Arcade board have helped me with this FAQ:
    -cyber punk123 for combos and showing me about the Snake Arm cancel in between combos
    -Baronight for contributing a crazy combo
    -Dejavu Boy for combos
    -Lucifer96 for helping with my FAQ, clarifying Yamazaki HSDM and for move grading
    -Alfran for helping with FAQ
    -Dan of 76 for strategy
    -Da Public Enemy for strategy
    -myClint for Yamazaki storyline
    -MGohan for helping with FAQ
    -Alfran for helping organize FAQ
    -Kim Kaphwan for KoF comics information
    -The Cruel Angel for KoF comics information
    -Playmore for doing a kick ass job on this game
    -A thanks to kofonline.com for the translation on the KoF comics
    -To KLantis a special thanks for allowing me to use his work on the Yamazaki story
    -The True Warrior for letting me use his Yamazaki quotes/speeches from his Speech
    Translation FAQ
    -Me for spending the time on this FAQ
    ...And of course CJayC for letting me add this FAQ to www.GameFAQs.com
    Copyrighted (c) March-April 2003

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