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    Kilik by tunder000xj

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    SSSS      OOO   OOO  UUU    UUU  LLL
        SSSS  OOO   OOO  UUU    UUU  LLL
    CCCCCCC  AAAAAA  LL     IIIIII  BBBBB   UUU  UUU  RRRRRR     22222222222222
    CCCCCCC  AAAAAA  LL     IIIIII  BB  BB  UUU  UUU  RRR   RR   22222222222222
    CCC      AA  AA  LL       II    BB  BB  UUU  UUU  RRR   RR      222  222
    CCC      AAAAAA  LL       II    BBBB    UUU  UUU  RRRRRR        222  222
    CCC      AAAAAA  LL       II    BB  BB  UUU  UUU  RRR  RR       222  222
    CCCCCCC  AA  AA  LLLLL  IIIIII  BB  BB  UUUUUUUU  RRR   RR   22222222222222
    CCCCCCC  AA  AA  LLLLL  IIIIII  BBBB    UUUUUUUU  RRR    RR  22222222222222
    Character Guide
    Character Kilik
    1 Leagal Stuff
    2 Introduction
    3 Basic stuff
    4 Move list
    5 Advanced stuff
    6 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    7 Special thanks
    *Leagal Stuff*
    Warning! This FAQ is copyright to me,Joseph Tan and is used exclusively on
    www.gamefaqs.com. I'm real sorry but I won't allow anyone to display this FAQ
    on any other site. If you see this FAQ on any other site except
    www.gamefaqs.com, please E-mail me IMMIDIATELY! My email adress is
    doomweapon5000xxx@hotmail.com. I know the email sounds stupid, just email if
    you have a question. Note that I only check my email once a week. You may use
    this FAQ for your own personnel self and dristribute it, BUT you CANNOT sell
    this FAQ, claim that it is yours or place this on your website. Okay enough
    leagal stuff. Now for the Walkthrough!
    My very first FAQ! Keep in mind that this is still version 1.00. So if I find
    anything else, I'll let you know A.S.A.P.
    Character info
    Kilik uses a rod called Kali Yuga and has very long range only equalled to
    Nightmare's Souledge. Most of his moves are uncancellable and You'll need to
    know when and where to use them. He's a bit slow though. But only a teeny tiny
    bit. That's why I'm here for, to teach you how to use Kilik. And if you are a
    good Soul Calibur fan, you should have realized that Kilik fights just like
    Shung Mina, but some moves are different.
    1P: Red shirt with black pants. Has a pendant on him. Kali Yuga is red.
    2P: Yellow shirt with fur. Black pants. Does not a pendant. Kali Yuga is black.
    Arcade and conquest
    Arcade mode stuff(assumming the diffuclty level is VERY HARD): 1st to 3rd
    battle is very easy. Button mashers can win easily. 4th to 6th battle is a
    great leap of difficulty and the opponents use guard impact and combos. The 7th
    batle is the Destined Battle. Which means that the opponent will always be the
    same, unlike the 1st to 6th random battles. Kilik's destined battle is Xianghua
    and vice versa. Mind you she's tough! But most experts breeze through it. Final
    battle is INFERNO. Very tough. He/She/It "bleeds" fire with every hit so it
    will be hard to see him/her/it and inferno changes weapons two times! First
    weapon is always the same as yours, the Kali Yuga.
    Conquest mode stuff: This is a list on how the AI Kilik reacts based on his
    rank. Note that this is just a rough estimation if the stats are a bit above
    Newcomer---> Hardly does anything
    Phesent---> Attacks, but seldom gaurds
    Apprentice---> Attacks different parts of the body.
    Squire---> Stronger that Apprentince but not much different.
    Infantryman---> Stronger that Squire but not much different.
    Soldier---> Uses combos effectively, gaurds often.
    Knight---> Cordinates attacks well, starts to GI.
    Lieutenant---> Becomes a killer of newbies and less-than-normal players. GI
    some attacks
    Captain---> Uses effective and good attacks and combos. GI some attacks
    Colonal---> Improved fighting style. Better than Captain at fighting. GI often.
    General---> GI often. Fights alot.
    Champion---> Stronger than General, a bit of difference.
    Lord---> A killer of most players.
    Overlord---> Quite strong, much better than Lord.
    King---> Only abit worse than Edgemaster.
    Edgemaster---> AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!(super tough)GI most attacks. Takes advantage
    of his attacks.
    *Basic stuff*
    The symbols (these symbol are of my version. Sorry, I'm not too sure of the
    standard one)
    You will difinately need to know the symbols as this is not the standard
    Imagine the top view of the joystick:
    7  8  9
    4  5  6
    1  2  3
    1 is down left.
    2 is down.
    3 is down right.
    4 is left.
    5 is original position.
    6 is right.
    7 is up left.
    8 is up.
    9 is up right.
    A is horrizontal attack.
    B is vertical attack.
    K is kick.
    G is guard.
    * is set joystick to original position.
    + is push TOGETHER!!
    () is hold.
    Guard impact
    Actually, guard impact is not quite basic but is is very useful, so newbie
    players, learn to use GI and be a good player! Gaurd impact reverses your
    opponent's attacks. To perform, use 6G for upper and mid attacks, 4G for mid
    and lower attacks. Needs exact timming. If you are sucessful, your opponent is
    helpless for 40 to 50 frames! That's about 0.5 seconds. Enough time to perform
    a powerful move like 4(B)B or B+K or whatever that you have in stall.
    Evading and sidestepping
    Obviously this is one of the most basic of all basic stuff. You don't get hit
    if you properly evade. No hits mean less damage and less damage means no KO.
    Use 2 of 8 to sidestep. Very important if an opponent uses a move that allows
    continous attacking sequence!! Sidesteping can lead to great attack.If an
    opponent rushes foreward to attack and you sidestep, There's your chance to
    perform something QUICK!! like 6 A+B, 3A+B, 6B+K.(this is dodging, not GI so
    the chance and time for you to attack would be much less.)
    Throws are stunning moves and can cause great ringouts and can be great
    tactics. Get close to the enemy and press G+A or G+B. Press while near
    different sides of the opponent to get different results. To escape a throw
    press A or B within frames 1 to 13 of the throws. It depends on what button you
    have to press to escape a throw. If it is a G+B, press B, if it is a G+A, press
    A. Got it? Somes throws cannot be evaded.(near the back of opponent he is 100%
    damaged when you throw him unless your opponent is Astroth or Voldo) But
    Astroth and Voldo can escape ALL throws.
    The most immportant basic stuff. Press A+B+K to soulcharge(power up). It will
    dissapear after you hit your opponent, get hit or guard againest an attack. To
    get level 1 soulcharge press (A+B+K)+G within frames 1 to 35. Frames 36 to 74
    for level 2 and frames 74+ for level 3. These soulcharges will last for a
    limited time.(the weapon should be green after sucessful level 1,2,3
    I'm not sure what lv.1 and 2 soulcharges do, but lv. 3 mill make some moves
    Now fot the part everyone is waiting for! I won't include names of moves. If it
    is cancellable I will put a % beside it. If it is a stance I will put a $
    beside it. If it is an unblockable I will put a !! beside it. All moves a
    explained if Kilik is facing RIGHT. Simple moves like BB and A will not be
    placed down.(you should know these moves already!!!). U means hits upper body.
    M means hits mid body. L means hit lower body. The UML are estimations. I'm
    very sorry if I did not state it correctly. The mumber of U,M,L tells of how
    much times it hits. 5 letters mean 5 hits. Comments about the moves are in the
    A_B UM
    A_A MM
    6AAA % cancel:6AA+B+K(I think) MMM
    (8)AAA MMM
    (2)AAA MLL
    6AAB ULL
    6AAB8 UML
    6AAB2 ULL
    4B (good move, but don't abuse it) M
    4(B) then B !! (Dosen't really matter, it's UNBLOCKABLE but I'll just say it.)
    3B L
    3BB MM
    44B M
    3A L
    3AB ML
    6A+B MMMMM
    3A+B LLLLL
    1A+B LLLLL
    2A+B LLLLL
    B+K % cancel:B+KG M
    6B+K HML (although this move can hits all parts, Once the first move is guarded
    the next two won't hit.)
    B_K L
    6B_K L
    3B+K L
    BB*2 M
    BB*8 M
    66KKB MMM
    A+K M
    214 $ Tribute stance
    236 $ Monument stance
    214A L
    214B M
    214K M
    236A+B % cancel:236A+BK H (very cool move)
    236B M
    236K M
    236A M
    *Advanced stuff*
    Very good moves
    Okay time for advanced stuff. Fighting againest slow characters like Nightmare,
    one should use fast moves. The best combination againest slow players are:
    4B/6B, 6B+K/1A+B/3A+B,214A. This should knock out about 30 to 50% of the
    opponent's life bar assuming all moves hit. The 4B is a good move, espically if
    you fight againest short ranged characters. That move is great for starting.
    Remember, Kilik is long ranged. And if they can't hit you, you probally can!
    Other great moves: 6A+K(good because fast but it is uncancellable) Another good
    set of  moves that gets me lots of perfect to near perfect wins. This is what I
    use, and if it does not suit you, use something else. First perform (2)AAA then
    214A then 6B+K then BB or 3A+B or 1A+B. Repeat. A fine example of continous
    attacking sequence. This can Knock out half your opponent's life assuming all
    moves hit. Okay, short ranged characters..........since they are fast and would
    always get close to you, try 214A. It knocks the opponent down and gives you a
    chance to attack. Againest the average player: knock him/her down and I believe
    he/she won't get up so soon, so use 4(B)B immidiately after he/she is down and
    by the time he/she gets up, he/she gets hit. Or, try 4B soulcharge 4B
    soulcharge etc..........^_^
    When downed or hit into the air
    When downed, it is obvious to all human beings that they will try to hit you.
    When downed, use 2 and 8 to roll sideways. 4 and 6 will allow you to roll away
    or towards your opponent. you should NEVER roll towards your opponent unless
    you really need to. Also if you press G when downed, you get up. Also hit A or
    B to attack while getting up. BUT if you press G at the instant of landing, you
    will roll towards your opponent! Roll sideways instead. Not recomended unless
    your opponent is performming a slow move or a soulcarge. Getting hit into the
    air is a totally different story and YOU ARE 99% HELPLESS IN THE AIR!!! Okay,
    when hit into the air, you can use the joystick to shift your landing position
    to adviod juggling combos like Kilik's A+B.
    Vice versa
    If your opponent is downed, do either two things: option one attack with simple
    BB or get a soulcharge and prepare for 4B or something else. If your abit more
    darring, use 4(B) then B, an UNBLOCKABLE move. Knocking an opponent up into the
    air is good tactics. Use 3BB a it knocks oppenents to the air. Next hit him/her
    with A+B(most commonly used). You may use other moves. It's your chioce.
    Change tactics
    This is something that even the best can forget. Change your tactics. Take this
    situation: One fine day while playing soul calibur II, some small brat comes up
    and challenges you. Time after time he beats you, but with each victory, he
    gets tougher and tougher and after battle after battles, he beats you. Okay
    back to the present. What you should do is change stratagy, like interchanging
    with 4B/6B and A+B+K and 214A and 6B+K.(just some sugestions)
    *Frequently asked questions (FAQ)*
    Please note that this is only a small section. If you have any other question,
    Email me. The return of your answer might tke quite a while.
    Q: When you say I have to perform 214/236 for the tribute/monument stance, do I
    swing the joystick 90 degrees without letting the joystick go back to the
    normal position?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Is kilik the just male version of Shung Mina?
    A: No. Most fo the moves are the same but some different. Eg:Kilik's BB hits
    the ground twice. Shung mina's BB hits the ground ONCE and then foreward.
    Q: Any special tactics to use when facing button mushers?
    A: Use attacks that his the lower body. Chances are they won't know how to
    guard. Use 214A or (2)AAA or 3A+B. Button mushers die.
    Q: what about the names of the moves?
    A: I don't have a complete list of the names, only a few. Besides it's the
    moves you want, not the move name.
    Q: I know something that you do not know.
    A: Email me. I'll give you proper credit.
    Q: If the 4(B)B is unblockable, can it be dodged?
    A: Yes, by sidestepping. It can also be guard impacted.
    *Special Thanks*
    Firstly to God.
    To Namco for programming this great game.
    To my parents for letting me type this FAQ.
    To Darren for being the first person to belive that I was typing a FAQ and for
    disscussing Soul Calibur II strategy and tactics.
    To my arcade friends for help with some movelists and General Soul Calibur II
    disscussion. Congratulations on becoming Edgemasters on such short notice!
    T H E   E N D ! ! ! ! !  ^_^

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