Review by evilashxero

Reviewed: 07/05/07

Capcom's final contribution to series

19xx is the fourth game in the shooter series by Capcom(1942, 1943, and 1941 proceeding it). It's also the the last game in the series that Capcom themselves made. After that the series was taken over by Raizing, and they made the ridiculously long and boring 1944(in their defence, it seemed like they were taking the series 'back to it's roots').


This game plays like the others, basically. However, this time when you charge up a shot, you shoot a homing missle that can hook onto larger enemies. This allows you to go about blowing stuff up as usual, while shooting a green laser at the target you attatched the missle to. The missle dissolves after a while, so sometimes the enemy is still together even after the missle fades away. This was a very cool addition to the series, which was sadly missing from 1944. It's very fun to lock onto enemies and take offf blowing everything away while you chip away at the bigger guys. The game's level design isn't bad either, with a lot of sections scrolling backwards and sideways. Keeps things interesting. I'm not quite sure though if I like the design quite as much as 1941's though.


Late '90s Capcom sprites. Not overly animated, like Street Fighter Alpha though. More like the later Mega Man games on Playstation. Really colorful, detailed, and overall looks quite good. I particulaly like all the shrapnel that goes flying around, and the look of the explosions. Of course, I think any shooter fan would appreciate that. Still looks attractive to this day, in my opinion.


All the explosions have a nice sound to them, and the music isn't half bad this time around. Still, it's not giving Thunderforce III a run for it's money.


A solid shooter overall, with enough graphical finesse and gameplay tweaks to possibly edge out 1941 as the best in series. If not, it's certainly even. Hopefully this will come out on a home system at some point, so more people can see where the series went. For years, I thought it ended with 1943 Kai.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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