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"Horrendously shrill audio really mars an otherwise decent little old-school shooter."

1942 an early 2-D top-view shooter game made by Capcom in 1984. Released not too long after Capcom's ''Maiden Voyage'' into the VG Industry which is Vulgus this somewhat more known title is not quite as good. The premise of the game is a awfully silly one (even by 1980's Video Game standards) its a WWII military game made by a Japanese company in which you play as a American war-plane shooting down the Japanese army. Now I know it wouldn't be good to have this game about taking out the US Army and I'm aware of how the Japanese feel about WWII. But still its awfully strange to see something like this. (And mind you this is coming from the same decade that gave us Bad Dudes which asks you ''Are you a Bad Enough dude to rescue the President?''.)

Though fortunately its gameplay is genuinely competent, and the graphics are actually above average. So time has not been utterly cruel to it. This game was made by a former Konami game designer by the name of Yoshiki Okamoto whom beforehand has given us ''Time Pilot'' and ''Gyruss''. This man is also behind this game's sequel along with the Final Fight and Street Fighter series'. This is not a terrible game, but lets just say it was a good idea on Okamuto-san's behalf to mainly stick with Street Fighter and Final Fight. Basically the bad news is that Yoshiki Okamuto has done better games, the good news is that this was a decent start for him on Capcom.

The biggest problem for this game is none other than its Audio of course mainly its SFX. The SFX in Capcom's previous and initial title ''Vulgus'' wasn't all that particularly good but this went many MANY times worse. Lets not beat around the bush shall we? Okay, quite possibly has some of the worst SFX work EVER in the whole VG industry. When you shoot your foes the SFX were incredibly high-pitched, shrill and just simply annoying. If your expecting me to give that old ''Nails on a Chalkboard'' cliched description then I'm actually not going to do so. To be honest this makes nails on a chalkboard sound like a wonderfully smooth instrumental in comparison.

Though fortunately its not a terribly difficult game, its pretty easy to get into and the control is perfectly alright. Its a decent way to please fans of the genre however its certainly not one of the best games in its genre even for arcades. But its a pretty uncommon game to find, even though its not a total rarity but there are better old-school games out there that're not only easier to find but genuinely better games as well. Its no Galaga but its never a total disgrace either.

Overall its just simply a decent-at-best little early 1980's shooter with nicely simple gameplay with a awkward premise yet horrible SFX. Its a decent but disposable ''classic'' early 1980's shooter thats not truly classic.

+ It has a simplistically solid gameplay that suits its genre well
+ It has very good graphics for its time
+ Fans of its Genre in arcades will probably still be pleased.
+ Its not a terribly difficult game
- The SFX is absolutely horrendous
- Its premise might seem a bit too silly (even back then)
- The maker of this game has... done better
- Its one of the weaker games of the genre
- Its another rarity of a arcade game

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/25/04, Updated 02/02/04

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