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    FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    By strawhat
    Version 1.2
    Last Update: 4/20/06
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    Table of Contents
    {1.0} Introduction
    {2.0} Basics
    {3.0} Tips
    {4.0} Walkthrough
    {5.0} Items
    {6.0} Passwords
    {7.0} Conclusion
    Version 1.2: Finished the walkthrough.
    Version 1.1: Did bosses up to level 7.
    Version 1.0: Version release.
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    |*****                       {1.0} Introduction                         *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    Thanks for choosing this FAQ to help you with the classic, side scrolling
    shooting game of 1943. This FAQ was written for the sake of gamers worldwide,
    and for the NES Completion project of GameFAQs.com. Although lacking a full
    FAQ, this really is a good game, ESPECIALLY for the time period in which it
    was released. If you're interested in these old arcade games, I greatly
    recommend that you pick this up or try it somewhere.
    Please enjoy this FAQ, but most of all, enjoy the game. Classics these days
    can never be the same as these games.
    |*****                          {2.0} Basics                            *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    | Button    | Effect                |
    | A         | Special attack        |
    | B         | Normal Attack         |
    | Start     | Pause game            |
    | Select    | Nothing               |
    | D-Pad     | Move fighter          |
    This game is a normal side scrolling shooter. Try to get the most points by
    shooting down all of the planes with your normal attack(B). At the end of each
    level, there will be a boss. Defeat the boss ship to move on to the next
    Effect of Weapons
    There are two different weapons that you can use to shoot down planes. The
    normal weapon will be able to take down most of the small planes down with a
    hit. The special attack will destroy all planes that are seen on the screen.
    However, it takes up a lot more energy and for boss ships, will only
    temporarily freeze it. There's also a third weapons you can use. If you hold
    B until you hear a noise, release to let out a stronger shot. This can
    destroy the larger planes.
    When you run out of energy, you can still use the lightning attack, but only
    three times. You'll do a loop before executing the attack, so it'll also be
    Energy is an important thing in the game. On the bottom right of the screen,
    you'll see the amount of energy you possess. This number will slowly decrease
    as you play. It does not drop when you use your regular weapon. Your
    special attack will make it drop a lot, as well as getting hit by enemy fire
    or an enemy plane. When your energy goes down to zero, you will still be
    alive. However, your shots will be much slower and the next time you take a
    hit, it'll be Game Over.
    At the end of every level, there will be a boss. You must defeat this boss in
    order to move on to the next level. Usually, the boss ship will have a large
    arrangement of guns and some powerful weapons. Defeating the ship generally
    means to take down all of the guns. Make sure to avoid all of the enemy
    gunfire. The special weapons can be helpful here to freeze up the boss ship,
    allowing you several hits at it before it begins to fire again.
    Usually, the boss will be a ship. But at times, you will have to take down a
    fleet of planes or a large plane in order to continue. If you do well
    defeating the boss, you will get a large energy bonus to start the next level.
    Hidden Items
    In each level, you might find some hidden items. If you shoot at a spot that
    flashes, but there's nothing there, then that means there's a hidden item
    there! Keep shooting at it and the item will soon reveal itself. This item
    can be energy or levels up a stat. Either way, it's very useful. The hidden
    spots do not change if you restart on the level.
    Point Distribution
    At the beginning of the game, you can select where you want to distribute your
    three points. This will make your stats stronger. As you progress through the
    game, you may find hidden items that can increase your stats. Here's a list of
    all the stats and what they do:
    Offense Pwr: Strengthens your shots.
    Defense Pwr: Lowers the amount of Energy depleted when you take a hit.
    Energy Level: Increases max amount of energy.
    Special Weapon: Increases the amount of special weapons that you can get from
                    the red figher planes.
    SW Time Limit: Increases the amount of time that you can use a special weapon.
    Red Fighters
    You will see at least a couple of red planes in a formation in every level.
    If you shoot down all of them, the last will will drop an item. This will be
    a P, the pow symbol. Keep shooting it for the item to change. Depending on
    your special weapon stat, you can get different weapons from it. The weapons
    will keep cycling as you keep shooting it, the last being a small energy
    |*****                           {3.0} Tips                             *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    Here's some tips for when you're playing the game:
    1. Energy is important, but you must think about what you need in the future.
    Sometimes, it's better to have a spread shot which will defend you from a
    boss's attack than energy, in which you will still lose. You can still survive
    without energy and with a powerful weapon, but it's harder vice-versa.
    2. According to a kind contributor, he reccommends that you put one point in
    defensive power, one in energy level, and one in special weapon at the
    beginning of the game.
    3. When you collect the same type of weapon twice from the red plane drops,
    the weapon will become powered up and the special weapon timer will go up.
    4. An upgraded spreadshot is the only weapon that can destroy enemy fire. Once
    you have higher max energy levels and is more skilled, try to get these
    upgraded spreadshots. It'll make the game a lot easier since you're don't have
    to be flying everywhere dodging shots.
    5. In the first level, the enemies will NOT shoot at you until right before
    the boss. Use this to your advantage to rack up points and get what you want
    from the red fighters.
    6. You can only have six points in a stat after you have at least 3 in
    7. Avoid the debris from ships after destroying them! It really sucks to
    destroy a ship then get a game over because you didn't move out of the way.
    8. Later in the game, you will often find yourselves in boss battles without
    any energy. Use your lightning attack! You're only allowed a limited usage
    of lightning attacks when you have no energy left, so save them for the
    boss! The lightning attack will freeze boss ships in place so you can give
    them a quick beating without worrying about taking a hit.
    |*****                        {4.0} Walkthrough                         *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    Level 1: Rikaku
    Pretty easy. There are two guns in the front, three in the back, and two on
    each side. The guns to the front and rear are stronger, so make sure to take
    them out first. They are all right on a line. The Rikaku's attacks are very
    linear and slow, so put dodging as your first priorety.
    Level 2: Kaku
    Harder than Rikaku, but that's not saying much. Kaku has guns all alongside
    the ship and two platforms at the front and back where green fighters can
    come out to attack you. As soon as you see Kaku appear, take out the front
    platform. Although green fighters don't do that much damage, it can really
    add up especially if you are trying to dodge Kaku's lasers at the same time.
    After taking out the front platform, proceed to destroy the guns. Just stay
    in one line and fire away. When you see the second platform, feel free to
    destroy that. I found that just destroying one platform was enough for me,
    Level 3: Ayako
    Level three is very short, so you should meet up with Ayako shortly. Ayako
    is a large, green plane. It's not too hard to take down. Ayako fires five
    shots that spread towards you. Individually, the shots don't do a lot of
    damage. However, they fire quickly. If you have the level 2 spread weapon,
    then you should easily beat this boss taking minimal damage as the spread
    weapon destroys enemy fire. However, the spread shot WILL have a little bit
    of trouble dealing damage. Aim for the engines of the plane and keep firing!
    Double Laser also works exceptionally well here, considering 
    Level 4: Kakushi
    The Kukashi is similar to the Rikaku, except it has bigger, stronger guns.
    Not much to say here except to dodge those damn things. However, if you have
    a Double Laser, you should pierce through each gun with relative ease.
    Level 5: Kyoshu
    The Kyoshu is like a mix of all the other bosses. It has three platforms
    where green fighters come out, many guns on the sides, and two powerful
    lasers at the end. The spread weapon is your best bet here because the guns
    fire pretty damn fast. Spread should take out all of the direct attacks,
    although it'll be a bit slower to destroy the ship. If you have any weapon
    other than the spread or double laser, it would be wise to take out the
    platforms yielding green fighters.
    Level 6: Ganryo
    Level 6 is really short and doesn't have an actual boss. The boss is a large
    unit of large green bombers. Take them down with anything. Double Laser is
    undoubtably the easiest way out. There are plenty of red planes that can
    give you more SW time or health if you need it. Dodging should be your main
    priorety, but there really isn't all that much to dodge. The worst thing that
    can happen is if you crash into one of the planes. That'll take a big chunk
    of energy off.
    Level 7: Choko
    This level introduces a new technique by the opposing planes. They'll circle
    around you, so be sure not to stick too close to one side. Not too hard once
    you learn to stay close to the middle.
    The boss consists of two ships. On the deck, there will be green fighters
    ready to take off. As soon as you see them, shoot them down and work on the
    cannons. If you have the Double Laser, they will(as usual) take down the
    lasers quick and without worry. Spread Shot is an excellent alternative as
    it'll pretty much eat up anything that comes your way. The two ships don't
    have just green fighters. There are some cannons at the back. Shoot them
    out. These cannons are moderate in strength.
    Level 8: Roshuku
    During the level, you will meet missles! Mr. Missles come in groups and move
    slightly from side to side, and fall quickly. It's difficult to shoot them all
    down, so just take out some and quickly dodge them. As usual, don't stick too
    close to one side(especially the bottom) because you never know where a big
    green plane might appear or a bunch off little ones just swarm coming from
    one side.
    This level is really hard, so I hope that you have some health by the boss.
    During the level, focus more on having plenty of SW time with the spread
    shot. I got lucky and beat this stage with 0 energy and 0 SW limit by the
    end, but the spread shot saved me A LOT of trouble. Ryushuku has cannons on
    the sides and two at the back. These cannons fire decent shots, shaving off
    8-10 per hit. The two at the back are slightly stronger. There are also
    platforms allowing small green fighters to just come out and strike you.
    Quickly destroy the lasers one the sides as they appear on the screen. The
    Ryushuku attacks very quickly. If you don't have the spread shot to absorb
    the attacks, you might want to consider using the lightning attack, especially
    if you have 0 energy. This will freeze the ship and its rapid-firing cannons
    for a short while, giving you a chance to inflict some damage without taking
    a hit.
    Level 9: Ayako II
    You'll see more of the same during this level. Never stay too close to the
    bottom of the screen. Large green fighters like to appear there.
    Ayako II is just like Ayako, a large plane except that this one is yellow
    with much more endurance. It will also move around much more, but that
    shouldn't affect you. You want to take it down the same way as before. Use
    the second spread shot so absorb the shots that come out of the tail and
    sides of Ayako II. Hit the sides of the plane, not the tail and make sure to
    stay towards the bottom of the screen giving you more time to take out the
    shots or dodge it. If you run out of SW power, use your lightning attack.
    It's EXTREMELY difficult to dodge the Ayako. Once it stops attacking from
    the lightning, quickly bombard the wings. Stay to the sides of the screen
    since as Ayako's spread shot is fired, the shots move further apart. This
    makes it easier to dodge.
    Level 10: Kayu
    The level itself is much harder than Kayu. Kayu is made up of two large guns
    at the front and rear and tons of little guns in the middle. The spread shot
    should take care of the small guns really quickly while absorbing hits from
    the big guns. Use the lightning attack if the green planes bother you, or
    if you just need some extra time to tear down the Kayu.
    Level 11: Bunshu
    Really easy level. Be thankful for the quick break. Bunshu is another unit of
    bombers. They are the large green planes. As soon as the screen notifies you
    that the bombers have been found, start shooting them up! Double Laser is
    indeed the best weapon for this level, but anything other than the basic
    weapon is helpful. You should find tons of hidden items here and red planes
    so you don't have to worry much about losing life or SW. Just don't get too
    Level 12: Chojin
    It's difficult not to get hit against Chojin. Chojin is actually two ships,
    not one. The first ship has green fighters in the front, then some large
    guns. You must attack it quick because the screen will move up very fast. If
    you need to, use the lightning attack to stop the movement and quickly gun
    the first ship down. Use the same strategy on the second ship. It is
    virtually the same except larger and with more guns. The shots still come at
    the same speed. The level has many red planes and hidden items to restore
    your health, so if you expect to survive here, you MUST get them.
    Level 13: Riju
    Riju is a ship with many small guns on the sides and three platforms in the
    middle. The platforms will yield green fighters. The guns on the sides are
    don't fire very strong shots, but they don't go down easily. I find that the
    screen also moves very quickly and doesn't give you too much time to shoot
    down the guns. Use lightning attacks if you need to, whether it's because
    the green fighters surrounded you in a corner or if you need extra time to
    shoot down the boss guns. Spread shot is your best bet here. With so many
    guns, you will absolutely need to take very limited hits to win. If you a
    great dodger, then go ahead and use a double laser.
    Level 14: Ayako III
    During the stage, stay closer to the middle. Planes like to circle from
    behind, then going around. Stay in the middle, then move back and shoot them
    down. Shoot down all the red planes because one group will drop something
    restoring all of your life, which you will definitely need.(Or if you don't,
    will help anyway.) Focus on getting spread shot and keeping the SW time high,
    especially near the end.
    Yes, we fight Ayako again! This time, it returns in a sleek silver color.
    Once again, take it down the exact same way. Use your spread shot near the
    bottom of the screen to destroy Ayako's shot and aim at the wings of the
    plane. They'll catch fire as you deplete its health. You can't destroy the
    small guns on the plane.
    Level 15: Ryofu
    During the level, you'll find many large green bombers blocking your way. It's
    very difficult to destroy all of them, especially with those green fighters
    buzzing around like flies. Just focus on the small, quick planes rather than
    the big clumsy ones that you can easily dodge.
    Ryofu is very similar to one of the previous bosses. There are two large guns
    on the front and back of the ship and tons of little guns in the middle.
    The larger guns fire stronger shots, and take more time to destroy than the
    smaller ones. But I'm sure you could've figured that out on your own. There's
    really nothing too difficult about this boss. If you find that you're moving
    too quickly, use a lightning attack to slow it down. That's all. Much easier
    than bosses like Chojin.
    Level 16: Totaku
    A difficult boss, to say the least. Totaku has two HUGE guns on the top and
    bottom with a bunch of smaller ones in the middle. The big guns will take A
    LOT and I mean A LOT of damage off you. A lot as in 40, so be sure to have
    tons of life, or to not get hit. Spread shot is definitely the best weapon to
    use here as you can't afford getting hit. There are no green planes to bother
    you, so concentrate your attacks right along the center line. Use lightning
    attacks if you can't destroy the guns fast enough. You WILL need it, trust
    me. Don't be afraid to use it; 10 energy off is much less than 40.
    After this, you'll get a fake congratulatory screen! You'll be restored to
    full health, but there's more to come.
    Level 17: Kaku
    Remember Kaku? It's from level 2. Insanely easy compared with the previous
    level. Kaku is still the same; take it down the same way. There are small guns
    on the sides and three platforms in the middle yielding small green fighters.
    You don't need to destroy the platforms to beat Kaku, just the guns. We move
    a bit faster this time and that's the only difference. Double Laser or Spread
    Shot should take it down easy.
    Level 18: Ayako I
    Considering that this is the fourth time that you face off with an Ayako, you
    should know how to deal with this. Get the spread shot, stand behind the butt
    of the plane and shoot the wings. It's exactly the same as level three.
    Level 19: Choko
    That's right, another repeat. Choko is the same old. Two ships, each with a
    bunch of small guns and 2-4 big guns. Use Spread Shot to defend against its
    attacks and lightning if needed to stop time and kill those annoying green
    fighters. You already know how this works; read level seven if you need to
    be reminded.
    Level 20: Ayako II
    The fifth time you fight Ayako. I must sound like a broken record now. Make
    sure you have a lot of SW time on your spread shot, then aim at the wings
    until it goes down.
    Level 21: Chojin
    Same Chojin as before. It's still difficult to take down the ship even with
    tons of energy because of the quick-moving screen and green fighters flying
    around everywhere. I used lightning attacks a lot here, and used up pretty
    much all of my energy. Just keep firing constantly if you have the spread
    shot, and if you don't, use your lightning attacks wisely to get as many hits
    as you can without taking damage. Not much else you can do. Dodge swiftly and
    Level 22: Ryofu
    Ryofu's back! Get your spread shot ready and fire away! You knwo how to deal
    with this. Get a spread shot and have enough SW to outlast the ship. Use
    lightning attacks to stop the ship if needed and fire.
    Level 23: Ayako I II III
    If you can't guess, we must fight three bosses in a row. Ayako I, II, and III
    one after another. This would be easy, except that there absolutely NO WAY
    your SW will last throughout all three planes. It's still useful and can
    outlast Ayako I and part of II, so be sure to try and have as high SW time
    with spread shot when you meet up with it. Ayako I is a piece of cake, using
    the same strategy the other times that you fought Ayako.
    Your SW will soon die around Ayako II. From here, it's all dodging. It's
    VERY difficult to avoid all of Ayako's shots. What I did was, while
    continously firing, dodge left, right, up, then back down and restart. Ayako's
    far spreading shot will be the only major problem. If you find yourself in a
    tight spot, use the lightning attack to eliminate all of its shots and
    quickly shoot down the plane so you can make it to the next Ayako, in which
    you will use the same strategy. You'd need quite a bit of luck to make it to
    Ayako III, admittedly.
    Level 24: Totaku
    This stage is just as difficult as the last, so along with your skills, you
    will need some luck to get past this level. As you progress through the level,
    you will see many of the previous boss ships that you have faced off with
    before. Don't be fooled by them though! You will only need to destroy the
    Totaku, although you do get a big bonus for destorying those ships as well.
    I myself found them a bit of a hassle; I destroyed what I could but didn't
    waste any valuable energy using lightning to destroy the ships. They're not
    hard to dodge. Go in semi-circles along the top of the ship. The guns will
    be too slow to catch you. Just make sure you don't crash into anything and
    you'll be fine.
    How do you know which ship is Totaku? You've defeated it before; it's the one
    with the three barrel gun in the front and back with smaller guns in the
    middle, guarding a medium sized gun and two more large guns. I hope you saved
    all of your lightning attacks. By now, you probably don't have any SW or
    energy left. If you do, good! Avoid first is they key here. The first cannon
    is easy to take down. Just dodge its attacks slightly left and right. Use
    your lightning attack when you see the smaller guns in the middle because
    although they aren't strong, there are many and it takes a lot of time to
    take them all down. Once the three of them are gone, take care of the last
    three guns. Dodge their attacks to the left and right and attack in the middle
    for a few seconds, then do the same thing until they are destroyed. You have
    a lot of time to destroy the last one, so make sure you get the ones in front
    Congratulations! You beat the game! Watch the ending.
    |*****                           {5.0} Items                            *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    Pow: +8 Energy
    Small Energy Tank: +12 Energy
    Elephant: +16 Energy
    Cow: +32 Energy
    Large Energy Tank: +32 Energy
    Yashichi: Restores all energy
    Barrel: +16 Weapon Energy
    Star: Restores all weapon energy
    Alpha: +32 Energy and Weapon Energy
    Flower: Adds 1 point to a stat
    Dragonfly: Adds a point to all stats
    |*****                         {6.0} Passwords                          *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    There are an infinite amount of passwords that you can enter in the game.
    There's a way to create a password to get whatever you want.
    There are five characters in your password. Here's what each digit means in
    the password:
    1: Level
    2: Offensive and defensive power
    3. Energy and special weapon level
    4: SW time limit
    5: Score(Sort of)
    The first digit is what level you want to be on.
    | Level | Letter |
    |   1   |   0    |
    |   2   |   7    |
    |   3   |   E    |
    |   4   |   L    |
    |   5   |   S    |
    |   6   |   Z    |
    |   7   |   I    |
    |   8   |   P    |
    |   9   |   W    |
    |  10   |   3    |
    |  11   |   A    |
    |  12   |   H    |
    |  13   |   U    |
    |  14   |   5    |
    |  15   |   K    |
    |  16   |   F    |
    |  17   |   1    |
    |  18   |   6    |
    |  19   |   8    |
    |  20   |   D    |
    |  21   |   M    |
    |  22   |   R    |
    |  23   |   T    |
    Follow the chart to get what you want from the second digit:
                  Offensive Level
                  1  2  3  4  5  6
    Defensive  1  3  2  1  0  4  6
    Level      2  A  9  8  7  B  *
               3  H  G  F  E  C  D
               4  I  N  M  L  J  K
               5  P  O  T  S  Q  R
               6  W  V  U  Z  X  Y
    *There's a glitch in the game so that you can't have 6 Offense Pwr and 2
    Defensive Pwr.
    For the third digit, follow this chart:
                  Special Weapon
                  1  2  3  4  5  6
    Energy     1  I  O  V  U  W  H
    Level      2  D  J  Q  P  X  C
               3  8  E  L  K  R  6
               4  3  9  G  F  S  7
               5  Y  4  B  A  M  1
               6  T  Z  0  5  N  2
    Here's the tiny chart for the fourth digit:
    SW Time Level: 1  2  3  4  5  6
    Code:          1  6  0  W  N  9
    For the fifth digit, you will input a code for the total amount of all the
    points your have(offensive pwr, defense, etc.). It will also tell you the
    least level that you can start on. This is to prevent you from being too
    strong on earlier levels.
    | Points | Min. Stage | Letter |
    |    8   |      1     |   1    |
    |    9   |      3     |   3    |
    |   10   |      4     |   A    |
    |   11   |      5     |   N    |
    |   12   |      6     |   X    |
    |   13   |      7     |   P    |
    |   14   |      7     |   D    |
    |   15   |      8     |   8    |
    |   16   |      9     |   G    |
    |   17   |      10    |   S    |
    |   18   |      11    |   Q    |
    |   19   |      11    |   J    |
    |   20   |      12    |   E    |
    |   21   |      13    |   F    |
    |   22   |      14    |   M    |
    |   23   |      15    |   R    |
    |   24   |      16    |   K    |
    |   25   |      17    |   L    |
    |   26   |      17    |   Z    |
    |   27   |      18    |   O    |
    |   28   |      20    |   5    |
    |   29   |      22    |   U    |
    |*****                         {7.0} Conclusion                         *****|
    |~                                                                          ~|
    Thanks for reading the FAQ; I hope that it helps. If not, feel free to E-mail
    me at:
    1. The Chihuahua
    2. magimoogle
    3. BlackwindSamurai
    Pass the potato.
    Copyright 2005-2006 {c} MG(Strawhat)                               END OF FILE

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