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"You can't find classic beat 'em ups like this these days.."

Ah...the good old days of gaming. Back when classing brawler games where you go around killing everything in sight were everywhere. Final Fight, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, etc. But there is one classic little gem that goes unnoticed. Alien Storm, a game that I spent many, many hours on a long time ago. A great game, however it seems that very few people have ever heard of it. Which is a shame really as out of all brawler/beat 'em ups this is one of the best ever. Combining the sidescrolling action, with first person view wild blasting action! Ah..mindless violence. But enough reminiscing about the old days, it's time for *pauses for dramatic effect* the REVIEW!! *dramatic music plays in the background*

Plot- It's a side scrolling brawler. There doesn't NEED to be a plot. Your a hero. They're enemies. You kill them.

Plot: 2 of 10

Gameplay- You choose from one of the different characters (Generic Guy, Generic Girl, or Generic Robot Friend of theirs. If they had names I don't know them..)and then go around killing everything in sight. If you've ever played Final Fight or Golden Axe you know what to expect. Not much variety you just go around killing everything. In addition to your standard attacks each character has a special move, that serves the same purpose as the magic spells did in Golden Axe. Which brings to mind one other bad point of this game, it is for all intents and purposes, a Golden Axe clone. Too much of it is far too similar to that and if they claimed this was the futuristic sequel to it no one would ever notice. However (Thankfully) this game does one thing to set itself off from the pack and make it unique in it's own special way. At times you go inside buildings and the camera shifts to a first person view mode with a cross hair on screen. You move the cross hair with the joystick and push the button to shoot at ANYTHING, yes nearly everything in this game is destroyable and you can destroy televisions and well basically anything you can find. While nowadays that's not such a great accomplishment it was back when this game was brand new. Sure the game is repetitive, but it's a great way to just kick back, have some fun, and remember the time back when games didn't need a plot or a complex control scheme. All you needed was a character and lots of enemies to kill for fun. However this category gets a point or two knock off for being TOO close to Golden Axe. Of course why mess with the classics, huh?

Gameplay: 7 out of 10.

Graphics- The graphics are pretty good for their time. These days they wouldn't rate that high, but they're colorful and pretty well detailed. The aliens are decently varied and you can tell most of them apart, and the destruction of everything in sight in the shooting levels looks pretty cool too. And the bosses are (for the most part) REALLY well done, not perfect, but good.

Graphics: 7 out of 10

Sounds and Music- Like most games music the stuff here is rather forgetable, but it does fit the game well and you'll probably be too busy murdering everyone in sight to really notice the music that much. The sound effects are great and like the music fit in perfectly and are a great asset to the game though they probably won't stand out all that much.

Sounds and Music: 7 out of 10

Controls- The controls are very basic without much beyond your basic Jump, Attack, Special Attack moves being available. Of course that's not neccesarily a bad thing as in this type of game you want things to be kept simple. If you had lots of different moves to pull off then it just wouldn't be fun and if they made things TOO complex then, well..look at recent 3-D brawlers and you'll get the idea. The characters all respond quickly and you shouldn't have any problems with the controls. You'll be bashing the brains out of alien scum in no time!

Controls: 9 of 10

Replayability- Well the replay value depends on how much you enjoyed the game. If you had fun with it, then it can be fun to just throw in a few quarters and blast everything in sight for a while. True, their isn't a plot or depth to the game to keep you coming back for more, but it is FUN. And when you get right down to it..isn't that what's most important?

Replayability: Varies from person to person. 6 of 10

And that's basically all there is to the game. You go around, kill enemies, blow up everything in sight. Kinda hard to do a long review on such a simple game, but I hope this review helps someone, sometime, somewhere. And by now your probably asking, why does THIS game get a 9? What? You don't care? Tough I'm telling ya anyway..I chose to give this game a 9 because the fun of just going around destroying everything outweighs the rest of the parts combined. This is, simply, a fun old game to play from time to time. Too bad most people haven't even HEARD of the game...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/01, Updated 04/24/01

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