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"Bad, Bad, Bad!"

Bad Dudes vs. dragon Ninja features two ''bad dudes'' who are on a major fight with a gang of ninjas. It is really not a bad game, judging in the time it was made.

Gameplay 8/10
Good gameplay. There are two buttons used in this game: hit and jump, as most games have. You can form a spinning kick move if you press them both. Also, you can press and hold the hit button, and you will end up with a charged punch, which is very useful around defensive enemies, or bosses. There are seven stages, each stage ending with a boss. The bosses get harder as you go through the game. Each boss has his own abilities and movements. Also, in the final stage you meet all the previous stage bosses and fight them over again. After you get through them you meet the final boss. You also pick up some weapons and power-ups, such as the Nunchaku and Knife.

Story 2/10
I don't know why they couldn't think up a good story for a good ninja-beating up game. The story is that a lot of crimes have involved Ninjas these days. Now a group of ninjas have kidnapped the President—for no reason at all! Then two of these bad dudes go out to save the president, and you're controlling them.

Graphics 5/10
The graphics disgust me. They're as bad as they can get. But what can you say? It is an old game, so the creators have probably put on a hard work at that time.

Sound 4/10
Atleast you can focus on the music when the boss comes, because it changes. But the background music is not good, so I should give it a F---. However, the characters do make sounds when hitting/jumping.

Replayability 1/10
Depends if you liked the game or not...I just replayed it once more to see if I was wrong in believeing that this game sucked. I just wanted to write a review for it because it sucked big time and I wanted to let you know
how I felt about it.

Buy Or Rent?
Neither. Just go to an arcade and play it there, if you're really sure in wasting your tokens.

Overall - 4/10
Just one more thing left to say. This game is the worst of the worst, it's about as good as Pacman! There's only one thing good about it: Gameplay! The rest is all bad: Story, Graphics, Sound, etc.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/21/02, Updated 08/21/02

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