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"This game can be best described with one word: Classic"

I remember, a long time ago, I used to go to arcades and actually have fun. Now it seems like the only reason that I go to the arcade is to empty my pockets of extra change. Back when arcades were actually fun, Double Dragon was one of my favorite games. Now before I bore you with memories (I can literally go on for days just talking about the great times I've had with this game), lets go on with the review.

Gameplay - Amazing. With Punch, Kick, and Jump, the games controls are simple, yet you can combine moves to do special moves. If you and a friend (or someone who is not a friend o_o) got to an arcade and see this game, play it. The basic gameplay is this: Walk, attack, walk, attack, walk, attack, but it works! The simple gameplay is fun to play, especially with a friend, where you can surround an enemy and beat the crap out of them, while working with your friend. It is one of the few arcade games that I can spend more than 5 bucks on. It is really that great!

Story - It is a very simple story, but that is fine, the gameplay more than makes up for it. Two weird dudes have to fight to get to the last bad dude to save the main character's girlfriend. At the end, there is a special surprise, to.

Audio/Video - Okay, I have something to admit. The reason why I first played this game was because in the intro, they nock the main character's girlfriend out and you can see her panties, but hey, I was a teenager, I couldn't help it. :D It's graphics and sound may seem really cheesy these days compared to the newer games lout there with 7578796798886 polygons per second, and no gameplay, but the graphics were pretty amazing when the game first came out.

Replayability - I've played this game thousands of times, it is still as great as I remember when it first came out. It might bore someone after a long times, though, since it is so simple, but it the game sort of flows, and you can never stop once you start playing it.

Buy or to rent? - Well, umm... Let me put it this way, if you see it at the arcade, play it. You can always ask to buy the machine, but they are usually pretty expensive.

All in all, here is the basic ratings:

Gameplay - 10/10 I would put 11, but that goes against the reviewers code.
Story - 4/10 There was a story, but it really didn't matter that much.
Audio/Video - 10/10 Back when the game came out, the graphics were revolutionary. The sound was also really cool, I still um some of the music (Although the music and sound does get annoying after a few hours)
Replayability - 10/10 You can play this game for a long time before it gets boring.
Buy or to rent? - Well, it is an arcade machine, so I guess I will just say, if you see it at the arcade, play it.
Overall - 10/10 This game is a classic. It has amazing gameplay and it is all around just plain fun to play, and in the end, that is all that matters.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/14/02, Updated 09/14/02

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