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"A pretender to the name..."

There are some titles gamers will never forget. Games that bring back great memories with the very mention of their name. And Double Dragon is one of them. Who can forget the joy of smashing armies of street thugs with your bare fists. Or the hilarious opening where they beat-up and kidnap your skanky girlfriend. The original was a classic. But most never saw the sequel, and almost no one played the third installment. Which is GOOD. Cuz this thing is so bad I refuse to consider it a part of the DD series.

GRAPHICS: The problems start right here. Instead of the cartoony sprites we all know and love we get Mortal Kombat. Yes I said MORTAL KOMBAT. Crap digitization. Everyone and everything is digitized, and badly so. The frame rate is *terrible*. I've never seen an arcade game look this bad, ever. And the choppyness is only second to the total lack of color or details. DUD

SOUND: Turn it off. I mean it. If your unlucky enough to be in an arcade that isn't loud, you'll be condemned to soundtrack hell. I've yet to make out a single WORD these guys are saying. And the background music is nonexistent. Negative **

CONTROL: This ain't bad. But the moves you control are boring and *very* limited. You've got a punch, kick, and a running jump kick. That's it. Plus some weak looking throws. *

OPTIONS: Oh baby, don't get me started! This is what really got me miffed. You see along the way you encounter "stores". And in each "store" you can select options like power-ups, more life, etc. But to get them you've got BUY them. As in insert coin. WHAT? These are OPTIONS? Negative ***

REPLAY: Replay? Don't even play.

As you can tell this thing is a dud from every angle. And I vow to never talk about this sprawling horror again. They missed the mark on this, totally. So if you urge for Double Dragon action, go for the original. There's no substitute.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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