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    Please view Chapter IX for Copyright information and important stuff, By
    reading and saving/using/printing this document, you must follow my rules:
    1) Do NOT sell this guide to people, it is meant to be free!
    2) Do NOT sue me over this guide, if I have facts wrong or my techniques
    have made you lose instead of win, I am SORRY!
    3) Do NOT change my name to your name and take credit for this guide, you
    have my full permission to use this guide for personal use, and if you want
    to have stuff in it in your own published document, you have my FULL permission 
    to do so... just please give me credit!
    Okay, here it is the wonderful Joust II Guide!
     ***** *****            ______
         * *  _      __ ___  |  |
         * * | | | | |_  |   |  |
        _* * | | | |   | |   |  |   
       * * * |_| |_| __| |  _|__|_  
       * * * 
       ***** Joust II - Survival of the Fittest
                [FAQ] V: 0.6 (Not yet complete...)
    Written by Arcade Zombie
    *Note: This game was written from memory on many parts, some facts and
    such may be distorted. Also this is version 0.6, it does not yet have
    all of the information, tips, and level guides that I would like for this
    guide to have. Since there was not already a Joust II guide, I decided to
    quickly throw one together to please the public!
    Table of Contents
    Introduction (Joust II)
    Chapter I (Basics)
    Chap. II (Controls)
    Chap. III (Jousting Strategy)
    Chap. IV (Monster Guide)
    Chap. V (Scoring Chart)
    Chap. VI (Level Guide)
    Chap. VII (Hints and Tips)
    Chap. VIII (FAQs)
    Chap. IX (Copyright Information)
    Conclusion (More About Joust)
    O  Introduction ==
    |\ _______________________________________ 
    | |                                      / 
    | | Joust II - Survival of the Fittest  /  
    | |____________________________________/ 
    This document is a tribute to the classic arcade game,
    Joust II - Survival of the Fittest. I wrote this guide to help Joust players 
    with Joust II. 
    Thoughout this document, you will find different things like tips, secrets, in 
    depth strategies, information on Joust II and much more! 
    Now please allow me to sink your mind into the bizzare and dangerous world of 
    JOUST II - Survival of the Fittest...
    O  Chapter I ==
    |\ ____________________ 
    | |                   / 
    | | Joust II Basics  /  
    | |_________________/ 
    Joust II has plenty of basics that you should know before jumping into the 
    The object of the game is to make it as far as you can through each level
    (which are called waves in the game) jousting opponents from your mount.
    As levels (waves) progress, the game gets harder and harder. Attached is
    a skill level chart from the game itself. It's highly recomended to watch
    the preview video from the game to learn how to play the game.
    Skill Level     Starting wave     Points awarded at completion of wave
    ===========     =============     ====================================
    Serf                   1                              0
    Page                   6                           50,000
    Squire                11                          125,000 
    Knight                16                          200,000
    Lord                  21                          275,000
    King                  26                          350,000
    Points are useful for gaining extra lives as long as getting a high score.
    O  Chapter II ==        
    |\ ___________________________ 
    | |                          / 
    | | Controling thy Animals  /  
    | |________________________/ 
    MOVEMENT, FLAP and TRANSFORM are the different controls for the game. the
    movement button moves your character left or right. As you start to move,
    your osterich will start to walk and then pick up speed until it runs, if
    you try to turn around while running, your osterich will slide. You must
    learn how your animal moves before you expect to become good at Joust.
    The FLAP button allows your osterich to fly, press the flap button rapidly
    to start to pick off from the ground and start flying, most of your jousting 
    will be in the air.
    The TRANSFORM button allows you to transform from an osterich, to a pegasus. 
    The osterich is much faster (which can make it hard to control sometimes) and
    can fly quite well. The pegasus has poor flap power and can not fly well at 
    all, though the pegusus is good for ground combat, and can be slower and 
    easier to control in certain situations. It is recomended to use the pegusus
    for hatched warriors so you don't have to worry about them easily killing 
    *NOTE: For rookies, it's a good idea to use the first level to get used to
    controling your animals. Just don't go straight for the kills and practice
    running around and flying with your osterich and your pegusus! :)
    O  Chapter III ==        
    |\ ____________________________ 
    | |                           /   
    | | Jousting thy Opposition  /  
    | |_________________________/ 
    Jousting is a where you use your lance to hit other riders and such in the
    right spot to have them knocked off of their mount. When you joust a buzzard
    rider, you will want to aim for their upper front area or their upper back area
    with your lance. A cool technique that I like to use is drop on opponents'
    heads! So your osterich's feet touch the buzzard rider's heads, that way makes
    it much less likely for them to attack your upper area with their lances!
    REMEMBER, if you fly into a buzzard rider and their joust is HIGHER than yours
    when you two collide, you will DIE! Even if the buzzard rider is NOT facing
    The pterodactyl is much different than the buzzard riders, don't try the old
    THE HIGHEST LANCE WINS trick on this beast, you'll end up dead! Also don't
    try dropping on him, that could be fatal for you! Here is a trick I found
    that works for me, though I usually avoid the pterodactyl since I usually end
    up dying on encounters with it (It can be difficult to master the trick)
    "The easiest way to lance these guys is to be on flat ground and have a
    pterodactyl chasing you, then transform into the pegusus, and turn and face 
    the pterodactyl, because your joust is lower, you will hit it in it's soft
    spot; killing the mighty beast! (This is repeated under Chap. IV)
    O  Chapter IV ==        
    |\ ________________________ 
    | |                       /   
    | | Beasts and Buzzards  /  
    | |_____________________/ 
    This is an advanced beastery which will include all the *official* names for 
    each opponent, and their description, and also tips and such to defeat them.
    (In parenthesis after creature name is the POINTS awarded upon creature death)
    I. Bounder (500) Red knight on buzzard. (See *)
    II. Hunter (750) Grey knight on buzzard. (See *)
    III. Shadow Lord (1500) Blue knight on buzzard. (See *)
    **Strategy for I-III is same, higher levels are harder to defeat and are
    much more aggressive in combat. Each one drops eggs when they are killed.
    Usually refered to as buzzard riders, to defeat, you must joust them either
    in their backs or above their lances**
    IV. Pterodactyl - Flying dinosaur, swift and deadly. They are much harder
    to lance than all of the buzzard riders and other creatures. The easiest
    way to lance these guys is to be on flat ground and have a pterodactyl
    chasing you, then transform into the pegusus, and turn and face the
    pterodactyl, because your joust is lower, you will hit it in it's soft
    spot; killing the mighty beast! It seems that the pterodactyl is much easier
    to kill in Joust 2 than in Joust 1!
    V. Knight (5000)- Giant robotic creature. Stands still, buzzard riders come 
    out of chest. You must lance the 4 red pins on the knight to defeat it.
    Knights also have the ability to release red lightning from their head,
    which is easily avoided. The top left and right pins are easy to lance,
    while the bottom left and right pins are much harder to lance. You will
    be rewarded with a whopping 5000 points when you defeat the knight!
    VI. Mutant (500) - Creature which forms when an egg goes into the lava.
    They form shortly after the eggs falls into the lava (or water) and will
    come up and fly around at very fast speeds. They are like the normal
    buzzards in apperance except a few minor changes and a much longer tail.
    VII. Deceptus, The Mechanical Buzzard - The mech buzzard will fly in at a
    slow speed and can drop objects that create lance-nosed crystal bats! Fly
    on top of the mechanical buzzard (landing on him) to kill it!
    VIII. Lance-nosed Crystal Bat - Fast moving deadly creature. Simmilar to
    the buzzard riders, but do not drop anything and are very fast. Jousting
    these guys are quite simple, unless if they are in large groups (which often
    happens) and they all come at you at once! Keep your lance slighly above
    their lance-noses to get them.
    IX. Hatched Warrior (250)- Walking knight on ground, carries a long lance. 
    Hatches from eggs laying on ground for certain period of time. Lance is so
    short that he can kill you by running strait to him on the ground. Kill them 
    by running into their backs, or by usin the pegasus. NOTE: In the original 
    Joust they were not deadly, they now are VERY deadly if you don't know how to 
    deal with them!
    X. Lava Troll - A giant troll that lives in the lava, you will only see
    it's hand, as it will come up and grab riders that come to close to the
    lava, this can be used as an advantage as it may grab buzzard riders and
    make them easy targets for you to lance! The lava troll is unkillable!
    XI. Sea Monster - Simmilar to the lava troll, comes out of water and grabs
    you and pulls you under. Also, you will want to stay away from the water since
    sea monsters are UNKILLABLE!
    O  Chapter V ==        
    |\ ___________________ 
    | |                  /   
    | | Scoring Points  /  
    | |________________/ 
    Here is a basic chart with scoring information for Joust II:
    (Every 25,000 points, you recieve an extra life)
    OBJECT COLLETED/KILLED                               POINT TOTAL
    ======================                               ===========
    Shadow Lord-------------------------------------------------1500
    *Golden Egg--------------------------------------------------500
    Hatched Warrior----------------------------------------------250
    *When you collect the golden egg, a bonus button will appear, you can rush
    to hit the button in time and recieve an award (Either lots of points or
    even an extra life!)
    [I am planning on fully updating this list in the next FAQ update! Right
    now it just has basic scoring guide of things that are common.]
    O  Chapter VI ==        
    |\ ____________________
    | |                   /
    | | Levels and Such  /  
    | |_________________/ 
    This is a simple level guide. It will provide you with descriptions of the
    different levels, along with tips and other stuff. Depending on the skill
    level, you may start on a different wave. (see I - Joust II Basics)
    Wave 1 - The Ruins
      This level starts you out in an area with a bunch of collums and two
      islands in the sky. There are four buzzard riders riding about, which are
      all bounders. Try to get up on the top islands and get height advantage
      on the other riders and swoop down and joust above their lances. A trick
      I like to do is to drop down on their heads and 'stomp' them, this is an
      easy technique to use against bounders. (See Jousing, III)
    Wave 2 - Survival Wave
      This level is a bluish color, and has parts near the bottom where you
      can fall into lava. Again try to stick to the island and be careful of
      eggs falling down into the lava! It starts out with 5 bounders. Also
      because of the lava, some eggs may fall near it and make it hard to
      collect the eggs before they hatch without falling into the lava.
    Wave 3 - Altar
      This level has three levels, which are all islands in the middle, there
      is lava near the bottom on both sides, there are 4 bounders, 1 hunter,
      and a mechanical buzzard at the begining (which can swoop in at the
      begining and take you by suprise!) Make sure you jump up on top of the
      mech. buzzard and stop him with your osterich's feet! Careful, hatched
      warriors may mount back on buzzards as shadow lords!
    Wave 4 - Crystal Bat Attack
      This Level has multiple islands on it, and does not have anywhere you can   
      fall into lava. At the begining tons of crystal bats who will fly at you
      pretty fast at the begining! Just make sure your lance is facing the bats
      and you will be just fine. Then after a little while, two bounders will
      show up. Kill a few crystal bats and then make your way up to the top
      and kill the bounders, while still watching the surviving crystal bats.
    Wave 5 - Egg Wave
      This level has some funky shapes such as a weird island in the middle
      and a strange tree that might be slightly tough to maneuver around if
      you're not that good at flying. The good news is you can't fall into the
      lava in this level. At the begining there are a ton of eggs, so try to
      collect as many as you can to avoid having them get on buzzards! The
      more you collect, the less buzzard riders you have to fight!
    Wave 6- Lair of the Vultures
      This is a tricky level, you start out on a bottom island with lava all
      around it that is easy to fall in (CAREFUL!) and there are other riders
      out around the level, in the upper level, there is an island with two
      bird heads on each side, from the birds are two buzzard (or I guess
      vulture..) generators which are also on knights. Fight off the vultures
      and because there is soo much lava, be prepaired to fight mutants!
    Wave 7 - Arena Survival Wave
      This level has an immediate danger in front of you, lava, also there are
      plenty of islands in the air, which can be a problem if you are flying 
      fast and bump into one. The pterodactyl also comes at the begining, which
      makes things complicated. Go lance the bounders and hunters, while trying
      to collect the eggs for points and try not to let them hatch or go into
      the lava. I'ld try focusing on the hunters first, since they are tougher
      than the bounders. Another potential danger is getting grabbed by a lava
      troll when trying to fly across the lava under the island. Also, the
      pterodactyl that is at the beginning STAYS around unless if you kill it,
      and after time another one will come!
    Wave 8 - Sir Magix, The Pulverizer
      This wave introduces the boss like creature, the knight. This level has
      it's share of traps, it has lava, buzzard riders, and a mechanism under
      the knight that will go down and crush who ever is under it. Most of the
      buzzards will be hunters, and there is aslo a bounder at the begining.
      A mechanical buzzard will come early on in the level. Also,  the buzzard
      riders will sometimes go into the lava trying to get on the lower island.
      (See chapter IV on information about the knight and how to defeat) Also,
      because of the lava, the lava troll may grab a buzzard rider and hold on
      to them. making them vulnerable. Sir Magix also seems to not release any
      buzzards, which is VERY nice! =D
    Wave 9
      This wave looks like a big open, cyber pyramid. There are lots of crystal
      bats at the begining which immediately swoop towards you to attack. After
      a short period of time, some hunters will come into the level and start
      to attack you. There is also plenty of lava, and because of the pyramid
      shape, eggs are likely to fall into the lava and produce mutants. The
      total of starting hunters are 4.
    Wave 10 - Egg Wave
      This level starts you out in a level with big islands, which make going
      around easier than some of the earlier levels. At the begining, there
      will be plenty of eggs, some which automatically hatch at the begining!
      Try and collect as many as you can to avoid fighting less buzzards, and
      you won't have to worry too much about the lava, it's easily avoided in
      this level! The odd reddish plant near the bottom can zap you, so be
      careful around there. I tend to stay to the area right of the red plant.
      as it is kinda boxed in and has a good amount of space to manuever.
    Wave 11 - The Sentree
      This level has a a big island with columns and stuff in the middle and
      flat islands at the top. At the bottom, there is water (not lava) be
      careful to keep away from the water because you will sink or become
      grabbed by the sea monster (see chap. IV) Six buzzard riders will come
      into play, being mostly hunters, though there is a bounder. Also look
      out for the crystal bats that come, At the begining, I usually fly to
      the top and kill a few buzzard riders as they come, then I sink down,
      and as they come down to get me I get a few, then go back to the top
      again. (Also note: The crystal bats come from the RED gems on the top
      islands, so avoid being by them near the begining.) Using the pegusus in
      ground combat is a very good technique for this level!
    Wave 12 - Enter. The Knight Lord Survival Wave
      This level has two tiny islands at the top, one medum island in the
      middle, and two medum islands at the bottom. On the middle island, there
      is a knight and two red gems. The knight's armor will produce a couple
      buzzards, and the gems will produce crystal bats. Also, other buzzard
      riders will be out and about. Keep away from the water and the sea
      monster! For this level, I kept in the middle, fairly close to the knight
      so that I could lance all his pins. To lance the bottom two pins easily,
      just stand on the ledge by the pin and walk towards it with the osterich.
      Be warned, a mechanical buzzard may appear! Also remember, you only need
      to defeat the Knight Lord to beat the level!
    Wave 13 - The Magistree
      This level has a floating island with a big tree on it in the middle
      area, and it has other islands near the bottom, which makes it so you
      shouldn't have any problem accidently falling into the water. There are
      three red gems at the beginning a few buzzard riders, and a pterodactyl,
      start off by attacking you. The hunters are not that though, and can
      easily be jousted. I stayed in the upper left area to defeat the riders.
      At one point I went back down to the ground, and used my pegusus to kill
      a hatched warrior before he got a mount. This level should go by pretty
    Wave 14 - Branches of Terror
      This wave is pretty simple, there is plenty of flying room, and there
      are 10 crystal bats hanging down by their feet at the beginning! Look
      out for the sea monster near the bottom, and early on in the level some
      buzzard riders come out to suprise you. I flew near the water early on in
      the game, and when the hunters followed me, they fell into the water and
      and sank! All the while, I was still lancing some crystal bats. I also
      did not use the transform button at all this level.
    Wave 15 - Egg Wave
      This level contains, several eggs, like the other egg waves, hurry and
      collect as many eggs as you can! Though, most of the ground is flat in
      this level, there is a tree top in it that will make it possible for you
      to slip and fall into the water if you're going fast. I collected the
      eggs on the top island first, before dropping down to the middle area and
      transforming into the pegasus to defeat the hatched warriors before they
      became mounted. Also the level flashes, which can make you loose focus,
      So be prepaired to focus!
    Wave 16 - Pyramid of Power
      This level doesn't have many good places to land, though, in the tunnels,
      the pegusus can prove to be handy! Be VERY careful when you are flying,
      to not slip on the edge of the pyramid and slide down towards the lava.
      The pyramid slopes also make it great for eggs to slip right down into
      the lava. Look out for the traps in the pyramid hall ways, they will
      easily come down and crush you. At the begining there are some buzzard
      riders, a mixture of bounders, hunters, and shadow lords, also a
      pterodactyl stalks you from the begining! Try your best to avoid the
      bottom halls, because you can get trapped!
    Wave 17 - Survival Wave
      This wave is pretty basic, you'll have some steep sloped islands near
      the top that you will want to be careful of. The buzzard riders should
      not be to much of a threat for you, keep your eye on the pterodactyl,
      and your character out of the lava! Most spots in this level are good
      spots to stay while knocking out the buzzard riders. This level also
      uses the flashing lights to distract you.
    Wave 18
      This level is very nice if you tend to fall into lava sometimes, because
      there is only a small pool of lava that is easily avoided! This level
      flashes like previous ones do, but, it flashes slowly, making it not that
      big of a distraction. Also if you try to go across the lava under the
      lower island, the lava troll WILL grab you! And between the two mid
      islands, there is a trap, so AVOID it! Keep your eye out for the buzzard
      riders, which are all hunters, except one shadow lord, the two crystal
      bats, and the pterodactyl.
    Wave 19
      This level has several islands, with a pterodactyl, SEVERAL crystal bats,
      and a couple buzzard riders, including a bounder and a shadow lord. There 
      arn't many places to hide in this level, so you'll want to stick towards
      the middle, or some place where you are more comfortable of and prick off
      the bats and buzzards, occasionally moving away from the pterodactyl if
      you have problems with them. You can go on the BAT BLASTER island with
      the pegusus to pick off some monsters, but don't stay too long on it.
    Wave 20 - Egg Wave
      [End of level strategies for now... there are still many more to come!]
      ** I have gotten farther than wave 20, though I haven't written about them
      yet, I will be sure to update this section as soon as I can!**
    O  Chapter VII ==        
    |\ ___________________ 
    | |                  /   
    | | Hints and Tips  /  
    | |________________/ 
    Here is an assortment of basic hints and tips (Note: Some may have already 
    been mentioned in earlier chapters.)
    *Knowing the monsters' capabilities before fighting them will keep you
    prepaired of what to do, preventing you from dying as easily!
    *When you lance buzzard riders, try droping down from top of them and
    STOMPING them to get the kill, it's a much safer practice than hitting them
    face on! (Basically drop on them and stomp on their heads!)
    *Try finding areas that are easy to defend and let the riders come to you,
    sometimes it's easier for rookies to have a wall on one side, and be in
    flight, prepaired for buzzard riders to come attacking from one side!
    *Use the pegusus for ground combat, if you become good at knowing when to
    change your animal, you will become that much better at Joust II overall!
    *Try not to take very long beating levels, after a while a pterodactyl will
    appear, and pterodactyls are hard to beat, ecspecially if you're a rookie!
    *When fighting knights, try not to focus too much on hitting the red pins
    for a long period of time, if you keep your guard off of the buzzard riders
    for a while, you are DEAD MEAT!
    [More tips will be added in FAQ update...]
    O  Chapter VIII ==        
    |\ _______________________________ 
    | |                              /  
    | | Frequently Asked Questions  /
    | |____________________________/ 
    Here I've included questions that people have quite frequently asked me about 
    Joust and Joust II:
    Q: How do I kill the pterodactyl?
    A: I have found a way that is easy for me to remember and works great! Look
    at the beastery section (IV) And go under pterodactyl to read.
    Q: How many levels does Joust II have?
    A: I believe (I think I read this from an advertisement for the game) there
    are 99 or 100 levels, I personally haven't gotten that far... YET! ;)
    Q: What is the difference between Joust and Joust II?
    A: The gameplay is basically the same, though Joust II has more monsters,
    different level designs, a TRANSFORM option, and many sugnificent changes!
    Q: Where can I get Joust II?
    A: You can either play it at an arcade (very few carry it though...) buy
    a Joust II arcade machine from somewhere, and if you have a PlayStation,
    you can get the Midway's Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection,
    Vol. 2 for PlayStation... this port is a VERY good arcade port, but has a
    few graphical glitches! I would stick with the PSX version, since it is
    reasonably easier to get, and can save money on quarters if you're a Joust
    fanatic! The best option I would prefer is to get the Midway Arcade 
    Treasures. (that version runs better!)
    Q: What is the animal that the character is riding?
    A: That is an osterich! If you have two players, the second player rides
    a stork! =D Also, there are no differences in gameplay between the two
    animals! The pegusus however is very different from the osterich/stork.
    [More questions will be added later in FAQ update!]
    O  Chapter IX ==        
    |\ _________________________ 
    | |                        /  
    | | Copyright Properties  /
    | |______________________/ 
    Joust and Joust II - Survival of the Fittest are copyrighted by Williams, 
    Though now is Midway Games =) This Joust II guide was written by Arcade
    Zombie, and you have his full permission to copy this guide for personal
    use. If you wish to copy portions of my guide for your personal guide that
    you wish to publish, you have my FULL permission, as long as you credit me
    with the parts that you copied! :) THANK YOU!
    O  Conclusion ==        
    |\ _______________ 
    | |              /  
    | | Thy Legend  /  
    | |____________/ 
    You may want to check out the ultra-cool Joust and Joust II ports on
    Midway Arcade Treasures 1 for PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC! =) The 1st Joust
    can be found on Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play for PSP.
    Information on the Joust series can be found on the internet, or from any
    Joust experts or Joust fanatics (me!).
    Thank you for reading this document!
    --Arcade Zombie

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