Review by KFHEWUI

"Great and underrated gem"

Jungle Hunt is a beautiful story full of action and romance in which an explorer tries to save his girlfriend from a bunch of cannibals that have kidnapped her.

The game starts up with the explorer doing a dance on a tree limb which does not seem like a good idea since he could easily fall. After wards the explorer must jump to grab a swinging vine, and the first screen of the game is jumping from vine to vine until the explorer reaches a lake. The controls are tight and responsive and a single button is used for jumping. Graphically Jungle Hunt is decent, and the sky background, treetop, and bushes on the ground like nice however the tree at the beginning of the game looks terrible with its purple bark and teal and puke green leaves. Overall the graphics are a mix bag, and there are parts of the game that look good like the tree tops, vines, water, and crocs but the rest leave a lot to desire.

The music sounds nice, but there is only one track that plays throughout the entire game. It is a nice tune that pumped me up. After reach the water, screen two starts, and the player must swim across a lake while dodging or punch crocodiles. At the top of the screen is a bar that measures air, and the explorer must surface to refill the meter every once in a while. The third screen features an uphill run while dodging rocks, and there are two types of rocks. Smaller rocks can be jumped over however jumping to late or earlier usually results in hitting them, and the larger rocks must be ducked. Once the explorer reaches the top of the hill, the final screen is at hand, and the explorer must jump over two cannibals that are green (apparently cannibalism turns your skin green) then he must jump and catch his girlfriend. It all boils down to timing, and once the explorer has saved his lover, the game restarts with different graphics and higher difficulty. Personally I thought the second playthrough looked much better than the first playthrough, and it also features monkeys hanging from the vines that cry when the player get near.

Jungle Hunt starts the player off with five lives and a time of 5,000 seconds, and 10 seconds tick off each second. Once all the lives are gone it is game over, and the player must start all the way over from the beginning because there is no continue system. Jungle Hunt is not too difficult, and eventually I was able to play through to the last screen with no lives lost. The only major problem I had with the game was the controls during screen three when the player has the ability to duck under rocks by pressing down. Several times I would accidentally duck when I was trying to jump over a rock which led to a few cheap deaths.

Overall Jungle Hunt is an excellent game that is not too difficult and easy to jump right in and play.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/12, Updated 04/24/13

Game Release: Jungle Hunt (US, 12/31/82)

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