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    FAQ by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    LadyBug FAQ(Arcade)
    version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However, 
    if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then 
    I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about 
    answering e-mail. Sorry.
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      2. WHO DOES WHAT
        2-1. YOUR CONTROLS
      3. BASICS
        3-1. SCORECARD
        3-2. BONUSES
        3-3. THE BOARD
        4-1. POINTS
        4-2. SURVIVAL
      5. VERSIONS
      6. CREDITS
      LadyBug is a frustrating little chomp-game that provides a brief spurt of 
    challenge. Playing it too much in one sitting leads to a frustration at its 
    randomness and arbitrary movements. It's definitely a game designed to suck 
    down quarters and although you can pick up power pills to gain point 
    multiplier(blue hearts,) a life(yellow EXTRA) or even another game(SPECIAL) 
    you can't attack your enemies. You need to use doors to shut them off. On 
    later levels they're fast and precise enough that you need to make sure you 
    can wall things off quickly. Unfortunately the controls aren't ideal, and the 
    randomizer for the EXTRA seems to cheat against you a bit.
      Fortunately the graphics are goofy and cute, but given the deceptively easy 
    start you can get wrapped up in a late night session like a bad drinking binge 
    all because of cognitive dissonance. There are a lot of nice ideas but it 
    doesn't come together. Mr. Do, a later game by Universal, did a better job of 
    this, though the big archetype game it imitated was Dig Dug and not Pac-Man.
      2. WHO DOES WHAT
        2-1. YOUR CONTROLS
      Ladybug moves four directions. This is easy enough. She can't run into 
    walls, either, and in fact she can stop before she reaches an intersection, 
    and if you try to turn then you'll just run into any available walls. This is 
    a critical part of the game's challenge and I always seem to lose my last few 
    guys because of this. You do need to establish a feeling and flow for when to 
    turn, or else.
      Ladybug can also turn doors--the green things, two walls connected by a 
    pivot. These prevent bad guys--sort of--from coming in. If a bad guy is 
    closing in towards you anyway from the side, he'll get you. If he's just 
    behind you and almost catching you, he will. Otherwise the maze will shift, 
    and the monster will lose the trail. Often you'll want to wait for the right 
    moment to flip a door, or you can even barricade yourself behind a poison dot 
    to be utterly safe for a while. You can also trap a monster against a poison 
      The slightest tap will push a door open, and this can be good(push a door to 
    the side while a monster chases you down a corridor) or bad(monster turns 
    direction and you didn't expect it, but you tap the door.) Fortunately it's 
    easy to undo this sort of thing, but the main thing to remember is that you 
    can't wait until the last minute.
      If you step on a skull(poison) you die and all the other poison squares 
    disappear. Stepping on a letter or a heart will pause game play to register 
    your points(time for a quick strategy session,) but it won't give you any 
    other advantages.
      Four monsters start off in the 'pen.' A green line slowly forms around the 
    edge, after which a monster pops out from the center and starts chasing you 
    around. Through subsequent levels monsters get 1) faster and 2) more keen to 
    where you are. Often they'll bounce back and forth on the other side of the 
    door, which is annoying, and you'll have to find some way to circle them. Also 
    if all four monsters leave the pen, a vegetable will appear. It'll take longer 
    for the fifth monster to pop out, and in the meantime if you can get to the 
    vegetable you'll get lots of points--and freeze the monsters for six seconds. 
    Now they can still kill you if you touch them, but it's a great chance to take 
    out a huge chunk of dots that you previously couldn't.
      One annoyance to all this is that if a monster eats poison with the 
    vegetable visible, the monster goes back to the pen. If the timer's about to 
    run out, and you're going for the vegetable...tough luck for you.
      If you wait too long to finish the level monsters seem to get even faster.
      3. BASICS
        3-1. SCORECARD
    Eating a heart when it's blue increases your multiplier--from x1 to x2 to x3 
    to x5, although it is reset at the next level.
    Eating a vegetable in the center once the four monsters have vacated it gets 
    you 500*(1+level number) up to a maximum of 9500.
    Note that you get about 7 1/2 seconds with blue, 1/2 second with red, and 2 
    with yellow.
    Eating a heart/vegetable/letter gets you 100/300/800 points depending on if 
    the item was blue, yellow or red. Standard multipliers apply.
    All other dots are worth ten points. Poison gets you nothing. There are no 
    point bonuses for a SPECIAL or an EXTRA.
    All high scores are 10000 by LADY BUG on default mode. You have eight spaces 
    to write your name.
    There are 121 dots total on the screen, minus 3 each for hearts and letters, 
    minus 2 through 6 for poison. Total left: 109-113. This makes for 1000+ points 
    that can be multiplied.
        3-2. BONUSES
    Note that you get about 7 1/2 seconds with blue, 1/2 second with red, and 2 
    with yellow.
    Making S-P-E-C-I-A-L makes a wedding scene(between two humans) and gives an 
    extra game. E-X-T-R-A gives you an extra life. Both kick you to the next 
    level. The way bonuses are given is as follows:
    You have three letters per level. One of them is chosen from XTR. The second 
    is chosen from SPCIL. The third is chosen from EA. Therefore if things were 
    random, and assuming you always got the letters right, you could expect to get 
    the XTR completed in
    1 + 3/2 + 3 = 4.5 levels, using expected values. In reality it seems to take 
    MUCH longer, so I suspect that Universal may be fudging the random values 
    against you, especially if you have several lives left. I can't look at the 
    assembly code to be sure, though.
    EA is expected to be completed in 1 + 2 = 3 levels.
    SPCIL would take
    1 + 5/4 + 5/3 + 5/2 + 5 = 137/12 = 11.58333 levels. This is assuming you get 
    the timing right(very tricky) and you get the EA's(much easier.)
    Getting the extra game is close to impossible because you need to get the 
    letters when they turn red. To get the EXTRA you just need to get letters when 
    they're yellow, which has a wider window--you can make a run when you're seven 
    dots away from the letter. SPCIL requires anticipation on the faster levels.
        3-3. THE BOARD
    |. . . . . . . . . . .|
    | #-o-# ### ### #-o-# |
    |.#. .#.|.#.#.|.#. .#.|
    | ### # o # # o # ### |
    |.|. . .|. . .|. . .|.|
    | o #-o-### ###-o-# o |
    |.|. . . .#.#. . . .|.|
    | ### #-o-# #-o-# ### |
    |. . .#. . . . .#. . .|
    | ### # # # # # # ### |
    |. .#.|.#.# #.#.|.#. .|
    | # # o # ### # o # # |
    |.#.|.|.|. . .|.|.|.#.|
    | # o # o # # o # o # |
    | ### # ### ### # ### |
    |. . . . . . . . . . .|
    | #####-o-# #-o-##### |
    |.#. . . .#.#. . . .#.|
    | #-o-### # # ###-o-# |
    |. . . . . . . . . . .|
    . = where skulls/hearts/letters may show up. This is all random, and you don't 
    even get a break to see where to go after the first level. This creates a 
    problem as otherwise you could more easily go after a letter you need.
    Nothing tricky here but in case you're wondering about the vegetables that pop 
    (o=orange, y=yellow)
                   |POI |POI|
    Veggie         |NTS |SON|COLORS           |SEC|SPEED
    Cucumber       |1000|  2|lavender         |12 |SSLOW
    Eggplant       |1500|  3|red/green stripe |6  |as fast
    Carrot         |2000|  3|green 4 legged   |4  |as fast
    Radish         |2500|  3|o/y bug eyed     |3.5|a bit faster
    PArsley        |3000|  4|white, o shell   |3  |a bit faster
    Tomato         |3500|  4|o/y bee-like     |2.7|faster
    Pumpkin        |4000|  4|o/y stripe/pincer|2.3|faster
    Bamboo Shoot   |4500|  4|                 |2  |faster
    Japanese Radish|5000|  4|mixed            |2  |way faster
    Mushroom       |5500|  5|same as level 9
    Potato         |6000|  5|all the way down
    Onion          |6500|  5|
    Chinese Cabbage|7000|  5|
    Turnip         |7500|  5|
    Red Pepper     |8000|  5|
    Cherry         |8500|  5|
    Sweet Potato   |9000|  5|
    Horseradish    |9500|  6|
    Levels past 18 are all the same as level 18. I didn't see anything with seven 
    skulls, and I cheated past level 35. So I am pretty sure it repeats(unless it 
    all blended together during my observations.)
        4-1. POINTS
      If you are playing for points, then don't go for the shiny letters first. 
    The blue hearts are the first as they give nice multipliers. The letters are 
    your big ones, so save them if possible. I don't recommend playing for points 
    unless you're very comfortable with a level, so if you see a letter you don't 
    have yet(especially X-T-R) go right for it when it's yellow.
      Getting an extra guy may not give as many points as you think; the problem 
    is that you'll get an extra life on a nasty level, and that won't last too 
    long. But it may help improve your skills long-term.
      Trying to time a red is not in your interests. I generally settle for a 
    yellow if no-one is chasing me. I also find it's easier to keep moving and 
    just chewing up dots and deciding what to do with the biggies later.
      Sneaking in for the vegetable is a good idea if the bad guys have gotten 
    separated from the center. You can just wait 1 right and 2 up of the monsters' 
    pit, then move in. Beware on very tough levels that they'll guard the pit 
    directly or will be able to zoom in. They can in fact obstruct you from 
    getting out if they're close enough.
      You also don't want to wait to pick up the vegetable--if the monsters start 
    wavering around that last dot, then they will eventually get faster and your 
    attempt to get cute will backfire. I suggest just letting things fall as they 
    may--this also generally only happens when you get through a level without 
    losing a life. If you lose a life, then just try to clean everything up 
    without too much more of a problem.
      Another bad finesse is to try to pick up points on one level before getting 
    that final letter for EXTRA and SPECIAL. The rationale would be "I don't want 
    to get just 1000 points on a level" but given that it's best to take the 
    letters as you find them, and that a longer wait from a point-hunt means more 
    monsters, focus on that final letter for your first task.
      Even if you play for points on the early levels I find it's bad practice as 
    you may try to over-finesse on the later ones. I'm usually happy just getting 
    the x5 multiplier for the hearts. If I get it early enough those other dots 
    tend to add up too.
        4-2. SURVIVAL
      This will involve much more long-range planning. The first thing you need to 
    note is that you can *never* block off any part of the board so that you are 
    completely safe. You can often make it so that you are protected by poison 
    until a monster runs into one, but that is temporary.
      You can also block off a monster so that he will eventually run into a 
    poison, and in fact it is a good idea to taunt them by moving so there's a 
    poison between you. On later levels they'll see you.
      Time is a key factor in the later levels, and you'll want to waste as little 
    as possible as you run around. One simple maneuver will help cut out a good 
    deal of backtracking.
    x x
    x x  --->
      Here you could just go right along the bottom, But why not swing up, right 
    and down through the door? That will pick off two dots without any undue 
    exertions. They'll often be ones you'd have to come back for later anyway. An 
    extended example of this concept might be in the upper right:
      7 8 1 2
      6 9 0 3
      5   5 4
    3 4   6 7
    2 1
      The way the board is set up, some back tracking is necessary, but certain 
    areas are ripe for this sort of thing: for instance, at the start, go
      Or in the lower corner, you can go N-E-S around the bottom doors. That 
    conclusively avoids a backtrack.
      If there aren't any good letters in your current level, you might be best 
    off running to get the dot in front of the center. You always get at least two 
    seconds, and it's easier to hide out on the sides, so you'll want to get the 
    tough bits first.
      If there's a letter you want to get, it's best to get it first, but 
    otherwise try to make sure the bad guys are sealed off before you get it. 
    That's because often you may need to wait for a yellow letter, and if someone 
    might be honing in on you, you'll have to jump too soon. Also note that any 
    one ofthe X-T-R is rarer to get than the E-A, so you can be a bit more 
    cavalier picking off a vowel.
      Whatever you do, don't run into poison. It's one of your greatest assets, 
    and if you touch it, all the other shields will disappear. They also buy you 
    time if enemies crash into them by mistake.
      Turn doors behind you. If someone's chasing from a distance, that'll teach 
      In the bottom corner, you don't have as many doors nearby but you can create 
    a natural bunker.
      I've found that creating zigzagging passages is better than creating a long 
    passage. True, you'll be able to see things easier, but enemies also bounce 
    around a lot. For instance(hypothetically) if a passage bends back around 
    enough there could be an enemy on one side of the wall trying to bash through 
    it to the left, when he really needs to backtrack right. The mechanism to get 
    out of this seems random but even if the enemies show blazing speed, they will 
    bounce around for a while, so they won't be up to much.
      When waiting to pick up a vegetable in the pocket 1L/R and 2N, be sure to 
    flip the doors behind you if bad guys are zooming in. If the one bad guy waits 
    too long, move back and push down while he's headed towards the vegetable so 
    you can find another way to do things. Note that the vegetable isn't just a 
    cheap way to get points; it's a way to pick up the last few dots.
      Hemming yourself in an upper corner with poison near you gives the 
    satisfaction of killing an enemy, but you may have to wait long enough that 
    the net effect won't be favorable.
    End of FAQ proper
      5. VERSIONS
    1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 11/10/2003. Complete with the usual detailed strategy 
    missing--if anyone can do better I'd love to hear it.
      6. CREDITS
    The usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, too, because 
    they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, daremo, 
    falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and others I forgot.
    War Doc for pushing me by example to look for that one more game that 
    needs/would like coverage.
    CJayC for creating GameFAQs.com so that I could post cute little time wasting 
    guides like this.
    mame.net and the cheats section for helping me replay this--and get somewhere 
    in it.
    My new cat Otto who provided an even better distraction than the Internet 
    while I was typing this up.

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