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"I used to play this game a lot before my arcade got rid of it"

Rygar is one of the coolest games I have ever played. While I love the NES version, the Arcade version is almost as good. It's just .. different. I say this game is definetly worth playing if you can still find it. My Arcade got rid of it a year or two ago... but up in New York I used to play this game all the time.

GRAPHICS (9.2/10)
The graphics were awesome. The backgrounds of the game were marvelous, and I stil remember the first screen you saw in Rygar, with the sunset and stuff. Talk about amazing. The character and enemy designs are great, as well. If I had to lodge one complaint, it would be the same background repeating ocasionally, only with different colors. Regardless, a fantastic graphical game.

MUSIC/SOUND (9.8/10)
My favorite part of Rygar is the music featured in the game. I am really a big fan of it, especially the music that plays when you first start off the game. The Game Over music is also well done, in my opinion. Sound effect wise, Rygar for Arcade is great because all the sound effects sound great and very realistic. Overall, Rygar for Arcade has great music and sound effects.

CONTROL (9.7/10)
Basically you have this grappling hook which you can use to either swing up a level or use to hurt/possibly kill an enemy. It was very easy to use the grappling hook, although ocassionally it got frustarting for me when the charcater wouldn't jump. Maybe it was just me...

GAMEPLAY (9.3/10)
Again, you basically have a grappling hook. You can use the grappling hook in all sorts of different ways. Eventually you will get special items such as special armor and a grappling hook which will allow you to fly across a ledge, leading towards new areas. There are two gameplay views (remisncent of Blaster Master): Side Scrolling (Walking) and Overhead (uhh..walking in the overworld) There are a few differences from the NES version. One there is a time limit. It seems to go faster in certain places. At the end of every stage you get a bonus points for how much time you have left. Basically, unlike the NES version, you can't really build your levels up too much. Overall, Rygar for Arcade has great gameplay.

Challenge (Medium)
The game was pretty difficult for its time, but it is relatively easy to beat nowadays.

Replay Value (High)
Like I said, I used to play this game a lot until my arcade got rid of it.

FUN FACTOR (9.2/10)
Wow, I love this game. If you can find this game at an arcade, make sure to play it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/03/00, Updated 07/16/01

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