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Reviewed: 05/03/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

A rather unique and fun shooter/puzzle hybrid from Capcom

I love this arcade game from Capcom, released before the incredible NES version. This was an innovative shooter that should have taken the world by storm when it was released. Why am I such a big fan of the game? Well, the title really does say it all. Its not just another ho hum vertical shooter, but instead is also a game that involves mapping skills because you have to choose your own path throughout the game. Very fun game.

GRAPHICS (6.3/10)
The graphics were surprisingly good, especially for a first generation game. There is lots of graphical breakup and slowdown. This is a problem because it really decreases the fun factor of the game. Otherwise, the graphics are pretty good. The enemy and character designs were great. The background designs were well done. Overall, the graphics were decent.

MUSIC/SOUND (9.2/10)
Section Z for the Arcade also had great music and sound effects. The music had a hip beat to it that fit in the feel of the game perfectly, and I was, and still am, a pretty big fan of the music in the game. Sound effect wise, Section Z for the Arcade could have been better, but no complaints here. Overall, Section Z for the Arcade has great music and decent sound effects.

CONTROL (9.1/10)
The control was great. One button was used for shooting left, the other for shooting right. The Directional Pad moved your guy around. The control was great overall, but the ''shoot left, shoot right'' buttons quickly get frustrating and tiresome.

GAMEPLAY (8.2/10)
The gameplay was classic shooter action all the way, with a few new inovations thrown in, making it a welcome change from the endless vertical shooters out there. While there was plenty of action, there was also a strategic elemnt to the game as well, with the addition of puzzles. After completing a section, you have a choice between two exits. Taking the right exit will move you foward, and taking the wrong exit will move you back a few sections. This is innovative indeed. Not only does this game require dexterity, it also involves concentration and mapping skills. What innovation! Overall, innovative and great gameplay.

The replay value of Section Z is still decent, even today, mainly because of the realtive uniqueness of the game.

It will take a long time to beat the game probably, because of the many wrong paths you can take. The shooting part isn't exactly a piece of cake, either.

OVERALL (8.3/10)
Section Z is one of the most original and innovative games ever, and does the arcade version justice. You should try to play this game if you're a fan of shooters and are pining for a little something different than the average shooter, because Section Z for the Arcade is certainly more than your average shooter.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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