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Reviewed: 08/16/00 | Updated: 08/16/00

My 100th review is for this? Oh well, I certainly liked it...


Graphics: 7/10
Sound Effects: 7/10
Music: 5/10
Originality: 10/10
Play Control: 10/10
Group Enjoyment: 5/10
Individual Enjoyment: 7/10
Challenge: 10/10
Ending: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

Tron is the video game based off of the Disney movie of the same name (or is it the movie was based off of the game? Or did the movie REALLY take place inside a Tron arcade console? Hmm…). You play the part of the “Programmer”, who has to defeat the evil CPU to return to the real world. In order to defeat the CPU, you have to beat it at 4 games: Light Bikes, Tanks, Spider Attack, and CPU Destruction. So, does the programmer save himself and get out of the video game, or is he forever doomed to play the same game the rest of his life, just like so many Pokemon gamer?

Good Points:
This game had diversity. Each game had it’s own rules and ways to win, which was neat to deal with. Then you had the fact that you had to work your way through the various levels of programming language (Challenge Levels), with the final one being absolutely maddening! 3 Light Bikes on 1, and they’re all twice as fast as you? How’s THAT for challenging?

Bad Points:
Ok, I wanted more games to play. Maybe if there had been a game where you flew the gigantic flying machines from the movie, or you had to take on other users in a Light Disk fight. Oh well…

General Ratings:

The graphics, for the time, were pretty good. They weren’t absolutely spectacular, but they were colorful, non-detracting, and melancholy, all at the same time. Wow, way to go folks! Take the Tank Battles...please? Seriously, the Tanks had good detail on each of them, plus the terrain you fought had a technological feel to it. You were meant to feel like you were in a video game, and this game does it. Lots of wireframe animation and generally wierd graphics make this graphically great.

While not horrible, these were actually pretty good. They are meant to sound as if they were made rather cheaply (like an ancient game), yet they have an odd quality to them that gives you the impression that you’re in the game, too. Yes, you can say ''These sounds suck!'' And you'd be right, if this game were, say, Final Fantasy VIII. This is Tron, folks. The premise is that you are stuck in a video game and you're battling your way out. The sound effects sound like they you are hearing them from the other side of a speaker - they're tinny and haunting at the same time. I enjoy them, darn it.

Ok, there’s, like, 3 pieces of music. They’re really “technological” sounding, meaning that instead of sounding dramatic and realistic, they’re meant to sound like they’re from a game of yore. Oh well…while there isn’t that much in the way of music, but you get the feeling there’s more to it than what you hear. Meaning, folks! These songs carry meaning! They embody the struggles of man vs. machine, and what happens when a man somehow enters the video game he created, and has to battle his way out of the video game...ok, this has nothing to do with the music. I liked the music, though.

This game IS really original. I mean, where are you going to find little games like this? And just how many games were made after this Disney movie? You have the Laser-Light bikes, where you have to destroy your opponent by getting them to crash into either a wall or the light trail left behind one of your bikes. You have the Tank battle, where you pilot a tank and must take out several tanks while maneuvering down the tiny corridors of the maze. You have the Spider Attack game, where you (as the Programmer) must ''step into the light'' to get in contact with someone from the outside world, with the hopes of them being able to get you out. Avoid the spiders and make your way up. Finally, there's the REALLY odd CPU destruction game, where you have to enter the CPU cone by blasting the energy wall around it out of the way. Neat!

Play Control:
It’s based off of the various games, but for crying out loud, how many games have you seen (other than Arkanoid) that actually used the “Disk” controller? It’s always neat to see this innovative arcade tool in use. This game combined that neat disk controller with the turbo joystick, a feat I don't believe has ever been done since. During the games you used both, it required great mental dexterity to use both effectively. So the play control, while a little muddled, is based more off of you than the actual game. Good luck, User.

Place some bets with your friends on who will get where, or who quickly, or what-have-you. I liked this game. Just see how many people you know of can beat The Basic Level Light Bikes, let ALONE the Basic Tanks. (By the way, Basic is the highest difficulty level).

Well, the game starts out pretty easy, then steadily gets harder, until you’re hurting yourself! The different difficulty levels are named after programming languages, with the hardest being Basic (which is FAR from Basic, let me tell you). It’s paced well, it’s enacted well, and it’s, well...swell!

The ending is just what you’d expect out of this game. Yeah, you can guess what it is. Bleep bleep bloop!

Overall, Tron was and still is one of this reviewer’s favorite games. I don’t really know why, but something about it appealed to me. Maybe the increasing challenge in the deceptively simple games. Maybe the cheesy sounds and soundtrack. Maybe it was because it was based off of a movie with Davie Warner (naw, probably not). Oh well…this is my 100th review, folks! Greetings, Program!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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