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"Defiantly not for the weak."

I never played Arm Champs 1 only the sequel but then again the first Arm Champs is probably beyond obscure and as of now I still haven't found any pictures or info on the first game but anyway let's get to the sequel which I will talk about. In the world where this game comes from arm wrestling is a popular sport with many people watching in a packed stadium to see who will come out as the strongest arm wrestler. Now I bet you are already scratching your head at the premise but then agian I would too since after all this is a game based on arm wrestling and that really the first thing to come to mind when you think about video games but the whole thing with crowds of people watching these battles just leaves you asking more questions like why do so many people in the audience of this game care about arm wrestling which is kind of a boring sport compared to something like football but that's enough ot that. When you first insert your coins it looks like you are given a choice of who to play as but what you are really doing is selecting who you want to fight first(You don't pick who you want to play as since you're playing as yourself here). The opponents that you will fight against include some woman that looks like Elivia Newton John from the Let's Get Physical music video,a Chinese stereotype along the lines of Lee from SF1 and Martial Champion's Hoi,some Captain America wannabe named Atlas,a Zangief lookalike,a French bodybuilder,a guy that looks like an American Gladiator reject,Turk the retired Egyptian soldier(At first I thought he was Italian judging by the way he looks especially with that moustache),an E Honda type sumo wrestler,and a robot named Specks. Well as you can see the cast ranges from average SF clones(The sumo comes to mind)to just plain whacked out comic book type characters(Specks and Atlas). Now once you pick the guy you want to fight first you would think that you are going to fight almost everyone else after this well in truth no you don't because for some odd reason you don't go through the cast here but I'll explain the rest of this soon enough.

Most of your opponents in this game look like Saturday morning cartoon characters and the only one that didn't go by this rule was the woman but everyone else looked a little too silly especially that Chinese dude. Most of the time all you see is the close up of your opponent's face and there is also a crowd of people cheering in the background(Why they are there I don't know)like if it was the Super Bowl or some rock concert. There was also a referee at hand and he was just regular one and not some Mils Lane type guy even though I think the referee here did have a bad case of baldness.

Well you pick who you want to arm wrestle with first and when you defeat that person you face off against the next in line(Like for example if you fight the woman first you go up to the Chinese guy next). After that you go wrestle a gold version of Specks and well that's more of a bonus stage since it tests your strength. And after the game is pretty much over unless you insert more coins so that you could continue onwards but C'mon now I think it would have been a better idea if you just faced off everyone until you lost and of course the bonus stage in between and besides its kind of a dumb thing to stop after 3 matches. The game works just like real arm wrestling where you have to keep your elbow down but when you get your opponent's hand down there is the count of three and then you win. At points some of the opponent's were way to strong like Specks and the sumo(well then agiain they are the last two opponents)and I felt like my arm was about to tear off any second(Wrestling Specks is almost like trying to arm wrestle Superman because he is so friggin strong)but the game does let you cheat by using both your hands but where's the fun in that?

I don't remember if there was any music but then again I probably did hear any since I wasn't paying attention to that. The opponents would taunt with such hokey dialect like ''Never underestimate the power of a woman'' or ''I'am going to crush you''. Strange thing is that a lot of the characters here spoke actual English and they did it in an English voice too like the woman is from Russia yet she doesn't sound one bit like a Russian. I absolutely hated Specks' voice because when he kept winning(Like almost all the time)he would keep saying ''no way'' in an annoying robotic voice and that just ticked me off.

The game controls include the arm that this sticking out of the cabinet,the two buttons used to select your opponent,and a little joystick type thing used to keep your balance. There was also a little cushion to rest your elbow on and the joystick went unnoticed for a while until I figured out what it does but it only came in handy for those tough to beat guys like the sumo. The hand you would grip felt alright when you faced an easy guy but when you go up against those strong people it feels like your arm is about to come off any second.

Well this game is kind of short and will only take about 5 minutes if not less of your time if you don't want to go up against anyone else after your current game is over. I don't know if I would play this game again since it was easy with some people while at other points it is sheer torture for your arm while you struggle to gain victory. I'd say it is below average.

Final Word
If you have weak arms then don't bother with Arm Champs because you will get inhilated but for those with strong arms then try it but even with some strong hands it's still no walk in the park and that robot Specks was just plain impossible to beat unless you used both hands but I wouldn't stoop down to cheating even if Specks was just plain annoying. Would I?

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/05/01, Updated 08/05/01

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